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Open The Life Of A Pokemon Trainer!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by The Omega Rayqauza, Aug 29, 2016.

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  1. Jay came to help zakurai
  2. Faye help im being chased by a Raikou Ahhhhh

    Thanks where we goin

    #83 Zakurai, Sep 4, 2016
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 4, 2016
  3. Riolu use aura sphere. Raiku dodge
  4. Oh o guys let go and run.
  5. Sceptile MEGA EVOLVE !!!!
    Mega Sceptile used Leaf Storm
    Raikou Used Thunder
    Super Effective
  6. Look there a cave let go in.
  7. "Actually," She told Daniel, slightly embarrassed, " I don't know where the professor is, and I left my map on the plane? Can you show me the way?" After a moment, umbreon squirmed out of Shauna's arms and onto the floor, allowing Daniel to pet him. She made a mental note to scold him later.
  8. Wait a minute.jay pull his map. Hey guys there a town nearby
  9. Oh ok which is it
  10. To the town ?
  11. Yeah we should go to the pokemon center
  12. hey guys sorry i was away for a while. whats up?
  13. i caught a new pokemon; its a bagon!
  14. Nice and we just got chased by legendary pokemon
  15. Yup we got chased by a freaking raiku
  16. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

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