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Open The Life Of A Pokemon Trainer!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by The Omega Rayqauza, Aug 29, 2016.

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  1. Welcome to the trainer version of my Wild Pokemon RP! This is more of the same then my wild Pokemon RP. So make sure to check that out, so yeah! Not that much to say.You are a trainer, and you travel to the Cala Region! The Cala Region is a little fan made region I made. I will show you the gym leaders and the elite four once you get to that part. But yeah, you will choose either if you wanna fly in a plain to the Cala Region, or stay in the cala region, where you were born. So fill this thing out.

    "Hello, my name is Professor Julia! I am the Professor of this region we call Cala! This world is inhabited with creatures known as Pokemon! Each have their own special ability, own weakness, and own talent. I just need you to fill out a couple things before we start, Okay? Okay!

    First, Boy or Girl:
    Great! Now what's your name:
    Ok, now how about what you look like:
    Nice, now what about the type of Pokemon you like:

    Okay... Ahh... Interesting! I like your spirit, kid! Now... Your own adventure is about to unfold! You will have many great times! But some challenges that come your way... So remember to be careful... Anyways, you ready? I will be meeting you soon at my lab! Goodbye for now!"

    "Everyone enter gate 24" The speaker said as people entered Gate 24. The plane was heading to the Cala Region, for people to live in or visit. A boy entered with his parents. it took a while for the plane to take off... But the plane finally flew into the air! it took a couple hours... But the plane made it...

    A boy came walking out in the new region. He was filling out his sheet.

    Name: Dylan
    Appearance:Short black hair, blue eyes, wears Ash Ketchum hat backwards, Freckles, Black lether jacket, purple v-neck, jeans with black high tops, belt that holds 6 Pokeballs
    Type of Pokemon you like: A strong Pokemon, I always love

    He then trippeed over someone that was bending over. (That could be you)
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  2. Boy or girl: Girl
    Name: Rosa
    Appearance: long brown hair tied back into a loose ponytail with a grey hair tie, dark brown eyes, wears a sleeveless grey pull on hoodie, green tshirt, black capris, green running shoes, black infinity scarf.
    What type of Pokemon would you like: water type

    Rosa had dropped her book and went to pick it up when someone ran into her. She stumbled a little bit before catching herself and turned toward the person who bumped into her, "hey watch it"!
  3. Gender: Female
    Name: Bluu
    Appearance: Pikachu Hoodie, Blue eyes, Brown hair, has a Bow in her hair.
    Type of Pokemon: Strong, but friendly. The type I like the most is Electric (I want my starter to be Pikachu LMAO)

    Bluu walked out of the plane once everyone was excused. She filled out her sheet. "Yay the Calla region! I can't wait to beat the Gyms here!"
    (Question, can I kinda be like ash with the Pikachu thing? Because Bluu's main Pokemon is Bow, her Pikachu.)
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  4. Shauna looked at the page in front of her, and filled it out cautiously
    Name: Shauna Lightninal
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: brown hair, hazel eyes, teal hoodie, jeans
    Type of Pokemon: Cute Pokemon that can help me win a Pokemon showcase!
    She didn't understand why she came, but hoped that a Pokemon showcase was there. She completely failed her last showcase and needed a fresh start. Her partner, Apollo, stood beside her. She walked up to the boy who appeared to be clumsy. " Hi, I'm Shauna," she said, " what region are you from?"
  5. Name: Daniel
    Gender: male
    Appearance: Dark Brown hair with hazel eyes, black jacket, jeans
    Type of Pokemon: Strong beast Pokemon (such as Arcanine or Luxray) that can help me defeat the champion of this region

    Daniel walks over to the others his partner Champion by his side " Hi my name is Daniel. And I'm from the Sinnoh region" Daniel says to them
  6. Name: Noah Churgire
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Medium length blonde hair, grey eyes, wearing an oversized ice blue jacket with a grey shirt, black jeans and grey sneakers.
    Type of Pokemon: Mature, sophisticated Pokemon such as Empoleon and Dragonair that can help getting through the Pokemon league. (Preferred type: Dark or Water)

    Noah, after filling in his sheet, began to run towards the exit of the airport with his Prinplup, but suddenly got stopped by a red headed girl standing in front of a puddle, which Noah didn't notice. "Be careful! You could've slipped!" She stated.
  7. Rosa dusted herself off and picked up her book. She looked around at everyone around and backed away a little bit. She put her book into her bag, pulled out a map, and started to creep away, trying not to be noticed by any other people, "where is that lab"?
  8. Name:shusouke
    aperearance:short length red blonde hair,dark red eyes,greninja like looking scarf ,black hoodie jacket on a t-shirt,red trunks on black jeans and red and black sneakers.wears a bracelet with a reddish stone.
    type of pokemon:(I don't care for strength)rapid and sharp minded.

    shusouke lives in the cala region from birth.he rushes towards the airport to meet his cousin he meets his cousin on the airport with his parents shusouke rushes to hug him,but trips and his 3 pokeball spill the pokemon from them are realeased.it's a greninja,a jolteon and a flygon.aryu(shusouke's cousin)rushes to shusouke and says"wow!you have got amazing pokemon bro."
  9. " Oh, hi!" Exclaimed Shauna. "I'm Shauna," She told the boy named Daniel. Apollo held out his black paw to Champion. His rings glowed a bright gold. "And this is Apollo!"
    Shauna took a minute to observe Champion. She couldn't recognize his Pokemon. "Who is your partner?" She asked curiously.
  10. Name:Jado
    Appearence: Look At My Photo .3.
    Type Of Pokemon:Usually He Captures Pokemon That Think They Have Will To Fight

    Jado,Would Arrive Cala Region By Plane.Jado Would Exit The Airport And Join One Town´s Pokecenter While He Opens His Town Map."So...Where Is That Thing Of Laboratories...?" He Would Talk To The Nurse Joy.She Would Answe Him"Hmm...Its Right Here."She Would Point To The Location On The Town Map."Thanks Nurse Joy Iam Heading There Right Away!"Jado Would Arrive The Laboratory Location And See One Girl And One Boy Joining Them.(The Girl Are Rosa And The Boy Is Daniel)"Hey There!"He Would Shout To Them(One More Thing.My Pokemons Will Be On The Trainer Card On My Photo.So Right Now I Have A Shiny Eevee That I Had From My GrandFather So I Omega Rayquaza Will Choose If I Get A Starter Pokemon Or I Can Just Keep Eevee Which Is What I Wish xD)
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  11. Gender: Male
    Name: David
    Appearance: My hair is dyed a bright shade of lilac to match with my partner Drifloon. I guess I'm kind of disheveled (There are circles under my eyes and stuff, but I think I look decent enough). I wear a loose grey dress shirt with golden hemming. Other than that, I wear a pair of dark grey jeans and a black belt to accompany a pair of frayed black hightops. Both my ears are pierced if that helps.
    ((DISCLAIMER: Though Drifloon is his partner he doesn't usually use it in battle. David was born paralyzed from the waist down; Drifloon just uses Psychic to help him walk.))
    Preferred Pokémon: If it's undead, I'll catch it. I can't say I like Ghost-type Pokémon, but they sure like me.

    David's descent into the Cala Region was spent in discomfort. He greatly disliked travelling, and he greatly disliked new experiences, but mother had very different plans for him (His own plans being staying walled inside his room with the latest Ariados-Man comics). He filled the sheet out sardonically, making a point of looping his words in hopes that it would spite whoever would be reading it in the foreseeable future.
    He silently trudged along his foreign surroundings, sheet in hand, squinting at each manmade structure in hopes that it might be the laboratory.
  12. Gender: Female
    Name: Elizabeth McQuorcadale
    Appearance: Very long white hair, wrinkles. Wearing a very long black coat and a small black hat. Very slender, and wears eyeliner, Elizabeth wears black heels and also has a black cane which is gold topped.
    Type of Pokemon you like: A graceful Pokémon.

    Elizabeth was ecstatic to go travelling again. The last time she had left her village was in 1973. Elizabeth packed her carpet bag for the things she needed. Her 6 Pokémon (Florges, Gardevoir, Ninetales, Jigglypuff and Comfey) had been packed into her bag, along with spare clothes. Elizabeth fixed her hair and put her eyeliner on. She opened the door to her large mansion and walked down to the gate. She inhaled sharply and turned right, but just as she did she walked into a little lilac haired boy.
  13. David stumbled forward, nearly toppling over and relieving his hands of both the sheet and the digital map his mother had loaded onto his Pokégear. Flushing, he whipped around and opened his mouth to tell off the irresponsible trainer whom had jerked him and his unsuspecting partner, but upon seeing the elder perpetrator he fell short of words.
    The juniour straightened his shoulders and tightly clamped his jaw, bowing his head in both respect and apology with a quiet "Sorry."
  14. "That is quite alright, young man!" Elizabeth looked down at the digital map, confused by it. "What on earth is that?" She cried. Elizabeth took out her old dusty map and blew a layer of cobwebs off.
    "They sure have changed since I last saw them!" Elizabeth chuckled.
  15. David laughed hesitantly at that, holding it up for her to see before bringing it back to his own eyes. Drifloon crooned above his head loudly and he wished, not for the first time, that he could return the nonsensical thing into its tiny spherical prison.
    "I bet they have," he agreed with a half-smile which he hoped didn't look too forced. "It's a shame it hardly ever works like its supposed to."
  16. "Hi Shauna" Daniel says to her "and this is my Shinx Champion"
  17. Shusouke takes Aryu to his house."wow,the cala region is awesome."says Aryu.they enter Shusouke's house Aryu checks his room and says"it's comfortable.Shusouke,s mother comes and says there is a"letter for you" she hands the letter to shousouke.he reads the letter.Shusouke you are invited to the tournament to sign up,head to the labrotary.says the letter.Shusouke takes all his pokemon and jumps from aryu's rooom's winndow and rushes towards the lab.when he reacheas the lab he is shocked that the proffeser's assistant telling him that there's no tournament.
  18. Gender:Male
    Name: Jerry
    Appearance: medium slick back brown hair, long red hoodie with the sleeves rolled up, blue jeans, all black skate shoes, black camping pack, blue eyes and a forwards red hat.
    Type of Pokemon you like: Pokemon that are helpful when traveling and pokemon that are powerful.

    "What the heck do you mean, no tournament!?" Jerry yelled as he stomped into the room. I came to this region in hope to be a champion. Jerry exhaled and walked up to everyone and said "Sorry about my bad temper. But seriously, what do you mean there is no tournament?"
  19. "Oh, silly me!" Exclaimed Shauna, " My one of two Pokemon partners is Apollo, my umbreon. Have you heard of Pokemon performing? I'm from the Kalos region." She grabbed her black eeveelut evolution and petted it's back, soothing the umbreon and letting it know the Shinx and the trainer were friendly.
  20. gender: male
    name: lucifer morning star
    apperance: black jacket with a shiny mega rayquaza tshirt underneath black pants and black hair with a red strip in the middle
    type of pokemon: dragon type and dark would like pokemon strong enough to counqure and entire region and dominate everybody with my eyes closed
  21. I walk around looking for the exit and i notice somebody standing there they look like a local
  22. "Well then. If no one is going to answer my questions I am going to battle the first gym... And where is that exactly and does anyone want to come with me?" Jerry said while slowly backing up to the exit.
  23. Daniel kneels down and pets the umbreon "hi Apollo" he says then stands back up and looks at Champion "ready to go see the professor?" He asks Champion. Then he looks at Shauna "Nice meeting you Shauna" he says to her
  24. :/ "umm is anybody here here here here" yelled lucifer "i want to test out my brand new sylveon and houndoon" :nom: [​IMG]
  25. Gender:Boy
    Age 10
    Appearance:blue hair,wear fedora,pokeball shirt, and black and white shorts
    Pokemon:my partner riolu
    Jay arrive cala region from kalos
  26. hey kid what starter did you pick?
  27. A riolu if its okay
  28. Jay and riolu went to nearby pokemon center to ask were is the professor laboratory.
  29. kid want to battle me your riolu vs my shiny sylveion?
    [​IMG] v.s [​IMG]
    lvl: 10
    tail whip
    helping hand
    fairy wind
  30. Jays agree to battle the man(dylan) sylvon. Riolu lvl 10
    Move aura sphere
    Force palm
  31. [​IMG] sylveon use tackle!! (IT WAS SUPER EFFECTIVE riolu is on 50 health) "good job sylvveon we have this battle in the bag (fairy type is super effective against riolu and fighting is not very effective against sylveon >:D)
  32. Riolu are you ok. Dont give up use aura sphere. It hit slyvon
  33. sylvion is on 75 health "sylvion FINISH HIM OFF USE TACK......" a wild emolga apeared and cause sylvion and rioulu faint "WTF??!?!?!?!!?"
  34. Well that was weird. you know what let go to the pokemon center
  35. sure then we can heal our pokemon the INILATE THE EMOLGA INTO OBLIVION CAUSING IT TO BURST OUT IN STREAMS OF BLOOD or we could just continue our journey :/
  36. Woah let just forget about emolga by the way what your name.
  37. (Unsure whether to join or not due to the person that thinks tackle is super effective against anything and their disturbing messages about pokemon death)
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