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Tenku Region RP: A New Region! (Ask To Join!)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by GokuPT99, Dec 26, 2015.

  1. This Is A New Region! Not New Pokemons But New Gym Leaders, New Areas, New Trainers! New Teams To Fight! New Elite Four! And The New Leader! And A New Story!

    There Are Just 3 Starters, So I'll Accept One Other Person, Because My Friend GeekyFlareon We'll Be Joining This RP!

    In The Tenku Region, Three Kids Are Getting Their First Pokemon! At 7:30 AM. Professor Ruke Is Waiting For The Kids At His Lab! The Starters Are: Snivy, Mudkip And Cyndaquil! If Someone Doesn't Want Those Pokemons, They'll Get An Eeevee, Choosing The Stone They Want! The Town They Start In Is Called "Gold Town".

    The Map Of The Region Is In Process, I'll Make One.

    Pokemons In Route 1:
    Farfetch'd Lv2-5
    Zigzagoons Lv1-4
    Bidoofs Lv1-4
    Starly Lv2-5
    Wurmples Lv1-4
    And A Really Rare Exeggcute Lv3-6

    Natura Town:
    3 Houses With A Pokemon Center And A Pokemon Mart.
    The Pond In Natura Town Has This Pokemons:
    Magikarp Lv3-7
    Corsola Lv3-7
    A Really Rare Tympole Lv4-8

    Natura Forest:
    Wurmples Lv1-5
    Sewaddle Lv1-5
    Cascoon Lv12
    Combee Lv1-4
    Swadloon Lv12
    And 3 Really Rare Panpour, Pansage And Pansear

    Jolty Town:
    5 Really Sall But Modern Houses
    2 Really Big And Modern Houses
    A Pokemon Mart And A Pokemon Center
    And The First Gym Leader:

    3 Pokemons Electric Type

    The Gym Is A Dancing Area. Ray Is A Pale Guy With Yellow Hair With Headphones, He’ s The DJ, And Everyone Else Dances.
    The Puzzle Is The Next, You Have To Move To The Tiles You Need To, And Each Time You Defeat A Trainer, You Have To Have A Dance Battle With Him, Well, The First One Is A Dance Battle, The 2nd One Is A Rap Battle, And The Gym Leader, Gives You A DJ Challenge.

    “Hey! You Ready Man? Ready For The Challenge, Bruh? This Thing Is Goin’ To Start Goin’ Cra-Cra! Ready For The Best DJ Battle? Come At Me Bruh!!!”

    Super Effective:
    "Yo! Yo! Calm! I’m Gonna Go Hard On You!”

    “AW Nah!!! This Is Ending Now!!! You Ain’t Winning!”


    “Came Back For More! Trying To Win Again, Huh? You Goin’ Down Hill This Time, Bruh!!! I Hope You Learn From This Fight! Live It! And Believe It! Ready? This Thing Is Goin’ To Start Goin’ Cra-Cra!!!

    Super Effective:

    “Damn It, Bruh! I’m Gonna Put The Lights ON!”

    “You Little Piece Of… This Time, I’m Goin’ No Easy!!! This Is… My Final Stand!”

    Rematch Team:

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  2. Mikana waled towards gold town, her long black hair shining in the sun, as her porcine skin reflected the glowing orb in the sky. She wore a blue skirt with black socks that went mid thigh, and a white shirt with a fire stone necklace hanging from her neck. As she approached the lab she took a deep breathe and opened the door. "Professor I'm here for my first pokemon." Her voice was small but held dignity and respect.
  3. "Oh, Hello Mikana!" Prof. Ruke Said Looking At His Watch, It Was 7:25. "Wow, You're Early! Come! I'll Give You Your First Pokemon!" Prof. Ruke Said.

    Meanwhile In Tyson's House...
    "Mom? What Time Is It?" Tyson Asked, Eating His Cereal. "Almost 7:30, If You Don't Hurry... Prof. Ruke Will Be Mad, You Know Him!" Tyson's Mom Said. Tyson Started Eating As Fast As He Could.
  4. "Sir..." Mikana was hesitant as she looked at the starters. "I don't feel a connection with any of them." She said holding her hand in front of them. Her blind blue eyes were staying in one place. "Are there no others?"
  5. "Of Course!" Prof. Ruke Said. "There's An Eevee! Just In Case!"

    In Tyson's House...
    "7:30... You're Late Tyson" Tyson's Mom Said. "As Always..." She Sighed. Tyson Started Washing His Teeth. "Sorry, Mom!!!"
  6. Mikana held out her hand, and let a smile spred on her face. "Her..." She nodded. "Nice to meet me...Eevee."

    "Eevee Eevee!" it jumped on her head.

    "Thank you for everything Professor." Mikana said moving her blind orbs to the professor.
  7. Cinder was taking a walk out in the town, the sunlight shining bright on his black leather jacket and his crimson red fedora, his Red shirt had an orange flame drawing on it and he was wearing coal black jeans.
    Cinder arrived at the lab and noticed a girl inside, "hi guys, I hope I'm not late".
  8. "Nope! Cinder, You're Just In Time!" Prof. Ruke Said. "Come Here! Choose Your Pokemon!"

    Tyson Ran To The Professors Lab With His White Hair, Looking Crazy. "GAH!!!" Tyson Ran As Fast He Could.
  9. Mikana nodded her greeting and patted her Eevee's head softly, feeling her tender fur. "Professor would you mind telling me her color? I an't really see so I can't tell." She said brushing dome hair out of her face.
  10. "Well then I'll choose cyndaquil!" Said Cinder, he picked up the little creature and said "I'll call you magma" he looked at the pokemon through his sunglasses and then to the sky, "I wonder if I'll ever be the very best".
  11. "Awesome! The Eevee Is... Obviously Light-Brown Colored... Oh... Wait... That Yell..." Prof. Ruke Sighed. "Tyson.."

    "Here I Am!!! Am I Late?" Tyson Said.

    "Its 7:35... What Do You Think?" Prof. Ruke Said.
  12. "Professor, you forget I have never been able to see, so I don't know what an Eevee even looks like." Mikana said as her new pokemon nuzzled her cheek.
  13. "Oh... Sorry, How Rude Of Me" Prof. Ruke Said. "Professors, Can I Choose My Pokemon? Please!!!" Tyson Said, Doing Baby Doll Eyes. "Alright Tyson..." Prof. Ruke Said.
  14. Mikana walked up to Cinder and put her palm on Cinder's head, and the other on his Cyndaquill. "Yes you both fit well togeather." She nodded and moved her hands. "I'm Mikana, nice to meet you."
  15. "YEAH!!" Tyson Ran To Get His New Pokemon. "I Choose... Snivy!!!" Tyson Said. "Sni-Vy? Sni" Snivy Said With A Normal Face, Accepting Tyson. Tyson Started Staring At Him... Like Crazy, Then He Smiled As Hard As He Could And Shouted. "I'VE GOT MY NEW POKEMON!!! Snivy!!!" Tyson Said, Excitedly. "Sni-Vy!" Snivy Smiled A Bit, Hugging Tyson, But Not That Hard.

    Prof. Ruke Sighed.
  16. Mikana covered her ears, and her eyes were closed. "Ow please stop yelling." She asked, clutching Eevee to her chest. When it was quite she did the same thing to Tyson, and Snivy than she did with Cinder. "You're a good match." She said.
  17. "What Are You Doing?" Tyson Asked. "And Sorry, I'm Quite Loud Sometimes" Tyson Said Smiling. "A Good Match? What Do You Mean? I'm So Confused" Tyson Said. "Sni-Vy! Vy!!!" Snivy Tried To Explain Something To Tyson. "Anyways, I'm Tyson! Tyson Fuego!!! Nice To Meet Ya!!!" Tyson Gave A Hand To Mikana Smiling.
  18. "Your hearts..." She said in a small voice and shook his hand. "They match up, meaning you make a good team. I can't see but I can read emotions, and heart beats"
  19. "How Cool!!! Wait... Y-Y" Snivy Prepared For Tyson's Shout."YOU ARE BLIND?!?!?! Wow!!! And You Can See Emotions? Awesome!!!" Tyson Yelled Excitedly. Snivy Face-Palmed.
  20. "Ow..." She she whisped covering her ears.

    "Eevee!" Eevee yelled at Tyson.

    "Eevee careful of my stone, you'll evolve." She moved her fire stone away from her pokemon.
  21. "Sni-Sni-Sni..." Snivy Apologized To Eevee And Mikana. "Sorry Again... Anyways! What About A Battle? He! He! He!" Tyson Said Doing A Punch, Covering Middle Of His Face, Preparing To Fight.
  22. "Battle?" Mikana asked moving her head down towards Eevee.

    "Eevee!" Eevee barked, agreeing with the offer.

    "O-okay..." She said and clutched Eevee harder.

  23. "Awesome!!!" Tyson Said Excitedly. "Ready?" "Sni-Vy!" Snivy Said, Ready To Battle. "Nervous Mikana? No Need To Worry!!" Tyson Said, With A Smile On His Face, But His Eyes Showed A Serious Look.
  24. "Eevee...Lets go." Mikana said letting Eevee drop, to the ground so she could battle. "Y-you can go first..." She said. 'This'll be hard...'
  25. "Ok Then," Tyson Moved One Eyebrow Up And One Down. "Snivy, Dash And Tackle As Fast As You Can!!!" Snivy Dashed Real Fast, He Kept Running Around Eevee, He Saw The Moment, And Tackled Eevee.
  26. Eevee dig, multi holes." Mikana said calmly. Eevee dived into the ground over and over filling the battle field with holes. "Swift." Golden stars busted out of all the holes and started hitting Snivy over and over.
  27. "Gah!" Tyson Gasped. "Snivy Jump!!!" Snivy Jumped Real High Dodging The Stars. "Snivy Enter In The Ventilation!!!" Tyson Said. Snivy Entered In The Ventilations. "Hehe! Snivy Attack From The Back!!!" Tyson Said Excitedly. "Sni!!!" Snivy Tackled Eevee From A Ventilation Up Him.
  28. "Eevee..you're fine right?"


    "Good Job...but I believe the battle needs to end soon...if I don't leave soon we wont have time to practice for our Contest. Sand-Attack." Eevee spun in a circle, creating a huge spay of sand and hiding the small normal type. "Shadow Ball." Five Shadow Balls busted out of the sand and headed for the grass type.
  29. "I Can't See!!!" Tyson Said. "Sni... Vy... Sni..." Snivy Tried To See. "Snivy...!" Tyson Said Scared. "SNIVY!!!" Snivy Got Hit By The Shadow Ball. "Snivy? Snivy?" Tyson Asked Him. "Sni? Sni?" Snivy Tried To Find Tyson. "I'll Regret This..." Tyson Started Absorbing The Sand, Then, With A Great Strength, He Blow All The Sand. "Ugh... My Mouth..." Tyson Said. "Snivy! Use Vine Whip! If It Doesn't Hit, Tackle Him!!! If He Dodges It, Use Leer!!!" Tyson Said. Snivy Vine Whipped Eevee With A Lot Of Strength, The Vines Made The Sand Blow Even More.
  30. "Quick Attack...." Mikana said listening to the attack. "Now." Eevee shot out of the Sand-Attack,a mix of tan and silver trailing behind her, in beautiful waves.
  31. "Loool..." Tyson Said Admiring The Eevee. "Sni..." Snivy Tried To Stand Up. "Snivy! Now! Use Tackle!!!" Tyson Said.
  32. "Counter with Shadow Ball." Eevee fired two Shadow Balls, and waited for collision.

    (Unless it's a battle I'll write full paragraphs)
  33. "Heheheh! You Are In My Trap!" Tyson Smiled. Snivy Dodged The Shadow Ball, Jumped Up The Eevee And And With One Vine Whip Destroyed The Shadow Ball, With The Other He Hit Eevee.

    (Paragraphs Are Ok, Just Saying:
    Snivy Used Tackle
    Eevee Use Shadow Ball
    Is Really Boring.)
  34. "You okay?"


    "Into the previous holes." Eevee jumped into a hole and waited for a command. "Swift, and fallow with Sand-Attack." The stars came out just like before, but soon after was fallowed by another Sand-Attack, making it impossible to see.
  35. Snivy Smiled, Using Vine Whip, He Could See The Stars, He Dodge Them, And Using The Sand, He Blocked The Holes. "Snivy Great Job!!!" Tyson Said. "Snivy Use Tackle!!!" Snivy Tackled Eevee, With A Critical Hit.
  36. Mikana re-called Eevee before the attack hit. "There's no point in making my Eevee faint." She said. "You could have countered Sand-Attack with Leaf Storm, and Snivy could have countered Swift with Vine Whip. You need to be one with your pokemon. Just because I said you were a good matches you need to let that grow, into a partnership." Mikana's bind orbs met his.
  37. "Uh... Snivy Doesn't Know Leaf Storm Now... Tch, You Heard That Snivy? We Need To Practice More!!!" Tyson Said Excitedly. "Snivy?" "Sniii..." Snivy Started Ignoring Tyson. "This Is Going To Take A While..." Tyson Sighed. "Sni-Vy-Vy..." Snivy Said Like if He Was Blaming Goku For The Fight. "My Fault? Really?!?" Tyson Became Red And Red. "It Wasn't My Fault!!!! If It Wasn't For ME Taking All The Sand Away, We Wouldn't Have Won!!!" Tyson Said. "Sni!!! Vy-Vy-Vy!!! Sni-Sni-Vy-Vy! Sni-Sni-Sni!!!!" Snivy Was Somewhat Doing A Comeback To Tyson. The Two Of Them Stared At Each Other With An Anger. "Sni-Sni-Sni... Sni..." Snivy Suddenly Fainted. "Snivy? Are You Ok? Snivy? I've Gotta Go To The Next Pokemon Center..." Tyson Said Worried.

    "Hey, Wait A Bit You Two!" Prof. Ruke Interrupt. "Take This 5 Pokeball, They'll Help You!" Prof. Ruke Gave 5 Pokeballs To The 3 Trainers. "Here Are Your Trainer Cards, The Pokedex, Etc." He Started Talking And Talking.
  38. "Thank you sir," Katana said and looked at the boys. "We should travel together..." She said blankly. "I'm not commanding you or anything, but I think if all three new trainers started traveling together it would be easier plus...I could use the help." She moved her blind blue eyes to her hands, and smiled lightly. "Sorry you guys probably have better things to do..."
  39. "Nah! Not At All! I'm Up To Travel With You Guys!!! Definitely! Wyanut Give You A Plusle For That Mikana! Get It? Plus? Plusle?" Tyson Said And Snivy Unconsciously Face-Palmed. "Wow..." Tyson Looked At Snivy. "Anyways! I Have To Go To Say Bye To Mom! She'll Miss Me, And I'll Miss Her Too" Tyson Sniffed, Trying To Stop The Tears Coming Up Ahead. Tyson Took Mikana's Hand And Fist Pumped It. "I'll Be Here In A Bit!" He Said Rushing To His House In Tears.
  40. Mikana raised a brow and moved her Blind Gaze to Cinder. "Interesting being...." She said.

    (We should wait for Lord)

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