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Open Splatoon RP!!

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Ali_The_Raichu, Jul 30, 2017.

  1. Hi! Welcome to Inkopolis, where you can Battle it up, be the Freshest on the block, or just explore the plaza! Luckily, Inkopolis is completely safe, since the Octarians agreed to live with Inklings in peace.
    Well, most of them.
    Many are still out there, trying to break the agreement. Will they succeed?

    • All of Pokecharms rules apply.
    • No mature content.
    • *long sigh* Romance is allowed. Just don't make it too mushy gushy.
    • You can have at the most, one Octarian (Octoling) and two Inklings.
    • Write STAY FRESH! In the other so I know you read the rules.
    Here is the character template:

    Fresh level (Not for Octolings):

    Here is mine:
    Name: Azi
    Age: 14
    Fresh level: N/A
    Inkling/Octoling: Octoling
    Appearance: She wears a black hoodie over her Octoling clothes. She has green eyes and tan skin.
    Personality: Shy, hates when people get in her way, kinda competitive.

    Azi sat down in one of the alleyways, her hood covering her eyes. She looked up and saw an inkling playing Squid Beatz. She smirked and stood, walking out of the alleyway and into the plaza. She wrote a note and placed it on the boy who was playing Squid Beatz back. The note said, Meet me at Port Mackerel tonight.
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  2. Stay Fresh
    Name: Red
    Fresh level :15
    Inkling/Octoling: Inkling
    Appearance:light tan skin with blue eyes on the right and green on the left. His hair is red obviously. He wears a blue sneakers and a motorcyclist helmet.
    Personalities: he is an open mind inkling and he loves to compete, but he can get cocky if he wins to much.(just to let you know imma start the rp tommorow because my time zone is 3 hours behind)

    Red got out of lobby smiling because he finally got his rank to A+. "Will I should take a break battling and play game in the arcade machine." thought to himself. He walk to the arcade machine that is next to the suspicious inkling. "Hm maybe I should play squid beatz.", he thought to himself.

    Red felt something weird on his back. He turned around to see if someone is behind him, but no one was there. He a note on his back, and the said, Meet me at Port Mackerel tonight. "Hmm. This looks fishy", he silently mumbles. "It look like I need to get my best gears", he mumbles as he walks to his house.
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  3. (Male Octolings aren't in the game yet, usually they're fan made. Lemme think about that for a second...)
    Stay fresh...
    Name: Azure
    Age: 14
    Fresh level (Not for Octolings): N/A
    Inkling/Octoling: Octoling
    Appearance: He wears a black and white jacket and black and white pants over his Octoling clothes. He has pink eyes. He wears a mask, sometimes.
    Personality: Heartless, serious, and competitive. He's chaotic neutral unless you mess with him.
    But he will open up for his closest friends.
    Azure walked around the plaza, suspiciously. All he wanted to do was go back home to the place he knew best: Octo Valley. He had always despised battling in Turf Wars. It just didn't feel right to be battling for no apparent reason, other than prize money. He sat down at a bench next to an arcade machine, and thought of a possible way for him to get home, while looking at his watch.

    Azure saw an walking to their home, so, out of curiosity, he followed him. He spotted the note he was holding, which said "Meet me at Port Mackerel. He silently sneaked away, and took a shortcut to Port Mackerel. Unfortunately, on the way there, he ended up almost getting attacked by a ton of Inklings playing Turf War. Once he got to Port Mackerel, he put on some of his random armor, and the pieces he had chosen made him look like some sort of ninja warrior. He then waited for the person that wrote the note to arrive.
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  4. Red waited till the sun fall and thinking he send that note. The sun was finally gone, and he geared up with his best equipments. He walked his way to Port Mackerel, and waited for the mysterious person to arrive. "The night is still young", he said to himself. "I'm still curious who send me this note" he continue.
  5. Azi had arrived early, far before the sun had set. "So, you came." She came out of the shadows and in front of the boy. Her hood was covering her eyes. A red octopus tentacle was hanging out of the hood. "I need your help. I spotted some Octarians spying on a Turf War around here. Can you make them leave? I can't even bear to see an Inkling get hurt for no reason." She asked, noticing the tentacle and pulling the loose tentacle back into the hood.
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  6. Red notice the red tentacle on the girl and say "Why should I trust you" he said. "Aren't you an octarian yourself" he said. He still can't trust her because she easily expose herself.
  7. Azure walked around in Port Mackerel, stealthy and not making a sound. He jumped from container to container in the night, holding his weapon--an E-liter 3K Scope, that he had stolen from another Octoling years ago, long after the Inklings won the Great Turf War. He aimed at an Octarian in the background, with his scope, jumped up to get a better shot, but his timing was off and he missed, failing to shoot ink at that Octarian that was watching. Since Azure was in midair, he ended up dropping his weapon, and landing face-first on the pavement. He got up with a bruise on his face, and took off his headgear and put on a Samurai helmet. "The bad octarians. Not the Octolings that are currently living in peace with the Inklings. I think? I don't like it when I have to fight, anyhow. Anywho, we should get down to business." explained Azure, the lesser-spotted male Octoling. He scratched his head. A red octopus tentacle stuck out of the bottom of the Samurai helmet. He didn't care about it, anyway.
  8. She blinked, staring at the inkling. "Does it really matter if I'm an Octarian?" She hissed. "I'm worried for the safety of Inklings. If I told you, dontcha think I would be helping you?" She pulled her hoodie off. "Hey you!" Someone called. She turned to see an Octoling. And by the looks on her face, she wasn't here for a talk.
  9. Red turned around and saw another octoling. "Is he one of your friend" he said pointing at the male octoling. "Or is he an enemy", he said pulling out his luna blaster.
  10. She shot a look at the male Octoling. "He's good." She softly hit his arm before whispering, "You're welcome." She took out her octoshot and hit the enemy Octoling, who had moved closer, armed.
  11. "Thank, but I think we should move." he said. "Hey octoboy your coming or not" He said. As he was moving he spots a campsite where octarian stay." Hey I think i found their hideout" , he whisper. "So what the plan" he whisper silently.
  12. She looked at the camp then nodded. "Inko, you go around the side and take out that watchtower." She pointed to an Octoling on a tower. "Then go in and take the rest out. I will start attacking once we roll with this plan." She whispered
  13. "Alright", he whisper. Red was moving stealthily to the watch tower. As he was about to reach the tower there was an octorian guarding the ladder. "Carp. What should I do." he thought to himself. He figure out what he can do but it's a fifty-fifty risk. He got a seeker and modified to make no noise. He activate the seeker and hit the octarian that guard the tower. "Phew no one else notice" he whisper to himself. He climbed up and silently walk toward the octoling. He got his luna blaster, and shot the octoling down. He gave the female octoling the symbol that he took over the watch tower.( sorry for the late reply because I was busy)
  14. Stay fresh! :D
    Name: Roxie
    Age: 16
    Fresh level: 17
    Inkling/Octoling: Inkling
    Appearance: She has purple hair and yellow eyes, along with fair skin and a couple freckles. She wears a short, black, ruffled dress with purple designs and a purple belt, along with black tights and purple heels with black polka-dots. She also wears a small black bow clip in her hair.
    Personality: Being a pop star, she's not what you call "spoiled" or "bratty". She's actually very fun, enthusiastic, and laid back, flashing a friendly smile to those who pass by. She's ready to have fun with anyone, wherever she is and loves having turf battles.


    The purple-haired girl stepped off her tour bus and smile brightly, Inkopolis right there before her. She inhaled deeply and grinned, "Hello, Inkopolis!" She said to no one in particular and made her way to the plaza, eager to see the fresh, colorful place.
  15. Red got down and said, " Tower is taken. Should I use seeker to distract the octarian" He got seeker and starts modifying. "Let me know if they get close to us." he said while tinkering the modify seeker.
  16. She leapt out of hiding and shot an Octoling with her octoshot. They exploded into ink as Azi threw a bomb at a group of them, splatting them. She smiled before hitting one more. "Oh yeah!" Azi cheered.
  17. As Azi finish her all out attack and her cheering. "Hey get back imma trigger super seeker." he said. "Oh also go thirty feet away from this location" he said before activating the super seeker.
  18. Stay fresh.
    Name: Jason
    Age: 15
    Fresh Level: 16
    Inkling/Octoling: Inkling
    Appearance: Jason looks like the main male character haircut from Splatoon 2, and has a white T-Shirt. In his right pocket is an ink tablet, a stone that holds incredible information for the octolings, and his mom entrusted him to take care of it.
    Personality: Jason was always super nervous around girls, and he's not the kind of person you want to make mad. He uses the charger in battle, because he's scared of going out into the field and risking his life. And when he's defeated, he'll always have the will to keep fighting. He's also decided to patrol Inkopolis atop buildings with his charger.
    Jason looked at the gap between one building and the other. He walked back, then ran and jumped,only to realize he would fall down, and right in front of some bullies. "Well, well, well, look who the carp dragged in!" Said one of them, cracking his knuckles. "L-leave me alone!" He said, taking his charger off his back. "Oh, well what do we have here? A T-29 Class X Splat Charger..." one of them grabbed the gun. "Hey! Give it back!" Said Jason. Jason ran towards the guy who grabbed his weapon. "Don't you know that rules, kid? Weapons aren't allowed." Smirked the guy who grabbed the gun. Three bullies grabbed Jason. "Hey! Let me go!" Said Jason, squirming.
  19. Name: Dante Edge
    Age: 16
    Fresh level: 18
    Inkling/Octoling: Inkling
    Appearance: (hair style of the main male character in Splatoon 2) 2" taller than the average inkling male, has white kicks shoes, white anchor tee, studio headphones.
    Weapon (just in case) : .52 Gal with the killer wail special, and the splash wall sub
    Personality: Tough personality but he has a soft spot for his loved ones and he is a great battler, he prefers battles that require skill, such as tower control, rainmaker, or splat zones. He is protective of his friends and plays offense during battles
    Other: Stay fresh

    Dante was hanging around Inkopolis as usual but this time it was different he had just returned from a turf war that he won even though the other members of his team bailed on him mid battle. "Pathetic, what gave those idiots a reason to leave." He thought to himself as he hung his .52 Gal on his back. "I'll wait here until someone shows up for a battle." He said to himself.
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  20. Just then, Roxie heard some commotion around the corner of a building and frowned, going to investigate. She spotted three bullies cornering and picking on a boy about her age and she grit her teeth, marching up to them, "Hey! Who do you three think you are?! Why don't you get lost and leave him alone?!" She pointed a finger at them.
  21. She nodded to Red before running roughly 30 feet away from the camp. She ducked behind a rock in case she was too close. "Ready when you are!" Azi shouted.
  22. "Oh yeah? And what if we don't? What are you gonna do about it?" Asked one of them. Jason slowly started walking towards the guy with his charger while they were being stalled.
  23. Dante heard some commotion around the side of a building and went to go investigate, he found three bullies, and two Inklings he didn't know and heard the question "and what are you going to do about it?" So he walked towards them. "Well maybe she won't do anything." He said as he pulled off his .52 Gal. "But I will." He said to them.
  24. Jason swiftly grabbed his charger from the bully who had it, and held it up. "Me too." He said. "So, two people with weapons, eh? Well, I don't think that's fair..." said one of them. Then they all pulled rollers off their back at the same time. Jason gulped. "W-well, you guys have to t-turf to cover, and y-you'd blow your cover t-to do that..." he sputtered.
  25. Dante saw the three pull out rollers and then heard what the other inkling boy had said and tried to think of an exit plan. "Alright, think. Three rollers, a blaster, and a charger, Mahi Mahi resort, escape plan." Dante thought to himself as he scanned the area for an exit. "It's an alley, no exit, the rollers have priority, special is charged, and sub is a wall." He continued in his head. "Splash wall, prevents enemy attacks, and leaves a little of ink behind." He thought. "Hey kid, you a fast runner?" Dante asked the inkling boy that held the charger.
  26. Jason looked up and nodded. "I patrol the roofs of buildings every day, bro. Running is my specialty." He said. He turned on his scope.
  27. "Yeah, yeah great, I asked a question I didn't tell you to give me your life story." Dante said as he placed a splash wall in front of the three bullies. "If you know what's good for you, you won't engage in battle, you'll leave a mess." Dante said as he walked out of the alley and waited for the other boy.
  28. Red got the signal that Azir is away. "Alright time to activate this seeker.", he said to himself. He activate the seeker, and the seeker was moving steadily at the base camp. When the seeker arrive closely. Red grin and say "Kaboom". The explosion of red ink was huge destroying the base camp.
  29. Jason looked at Dante with his eyes squinted. He leaped to a garbage bin, then to a platform across the alley. He charged his charger, then made one shot that knocked out the three of the bullies. Then he jumped down and followed Dante. He did it quickly, he didn't want the girl to start talking to him.
  30. "So what exactly do you do all day, uh, what's your name again?" Dante asked as he walked back to his spot in Inkopolis.
  31. "My name's Jason, but you can call me Jase. I don't know about her, but I climb walls and patrol roofs of buildings for a living, as mentioned before. You?" Sam asked.
  32. "Names Dante." He replied as he hung his .52 Gal on his back. "I'm I skilled battler, I battle anyone I can to anything, I'm an all around killer, and I'm good with most weapons but I prefer my Gal, my only problem is the Killer wail." He said. "It kills but it gives away four position." He said as he looked back at Jason. "So how about you? That charger of yours, what sub and special do you have?" Dante asked him.
  33. "Oh, I just have a regular Splat Charger, but I know a thing or two about battling. My sub-weapon is on-contact bombs." Sam explained. His pocket vibrated. "Uh, excuse me for a sec." he said. He walked over to the train station. Just as he suspected. There was another octoling with hypno shades. "Oh, my favorite." Sam grabbed his charger off his back. The octoling looked up and readied her gun.
    This'll be a fight to remember! ENGAGE!
    Sam ran over to the octoling and punched her with both fists. Then he ducked to dodge her punch and he circled around her with one leg, launching her into the air. Sam then turned on his scope and sniped her shades.
    Sam put his charger on his back and ran back to Dante. "Sorry, you were saying?" He asked.
  34. "What I was saying is that with that kind of skill you should go do a turf war." Dante said to Jason. "Turf wars need three types of weapons and it's basically game over for the other team if they have them, they need a roller or brush for coverage, a shooter, blaster, or slosher for easy covering of enemy turf, and they need a charger someone for easy kills from a distance." Dante explained.
  35. "If you want me to battle, I'll be glad to, but I'd rather not. I just don't like that feeling of someone shooting you, because respawning is pretty painful..." he said. "Plus, that would take me away from my job." He said.
  36. "Alright if you don't want to I won't force you." Dante said as he stood there. "Anyways, are there any other weapons you're skilled with that aren't chargers?" Dante asked him.
  37. "I'm kind of good with the inkbrush, but I rarely use it." He replied. "Speaking of inkbrush, this guy said he'd offer me a good weapon, but for the right price. Come on, I'll show you where he is." Jason started running to an alley and started climbing the wall.
  38. "Where's this kid taking me?" Dante asked himself as he followed Jason and had to climb a wall. "Oh great, a wall." Dante said as he slowly climbed up.
  39. Once they both reached the top, Jason ran over to an alley and dropped down. "Okay, he said he should be right here." Sam walked into a shady part of an alley. "Uh...hello?" The guy turned around. He had red shades on. "Shoot! Hypno shades!" Sam pulled his Inkbrush out and readied himself. "Ready? If not, too bad."
    Don't blink! FIGHT!
  40. "Excuse me?!" Dante exclaimed as he dropped into the alley and saw another guy with hypnosis shades. "Oh great!" He said as he pulled his .52 Gal off his back and shot once. "I've got a low fire rate and I'll most likely just kill him if I shoot multiple." Dante thought as he reached into his pockets. "Dualies!" He said as he began shooting at the hypnosis shades.

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