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Shadows of the Colosseum (Open for all)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Eeveechu151, Jan 17, 2015.

  1. The trainer sat down, breathing hard. It had been a tough battle, but his Eevee team had helped him to victory. "Nice job, Voltan. Good work, Glacia. Take a break." he said as he returned his Jolteon and Glaceon to their Pokeballs. In the Orre region, trainers only fight in double battles. Evon fights only using his Eevee team. "All right, the winner of Round 1 of the Grand Colosseum Tourney is Evon and the Eevee Warriors!" The announcer exclamed. Evon looked over at another tent. Looks like another trainer just won their match. Evon headed off to Phenac's Pokemon Center. When he entered, he saw another trainer there. "Hello! Who are you?"
  2. Star was at the Pokemon Center, healing up her team of six Pokemon. She had just won a battle a little bit ago, and her team, despite having won the match, were in pretty bad shape. Her team was of all sorts of different kinds of Pokemon, as she enjoyed all of them, but her favorite were Electric and Fire-type ones. Which was what she had an Electric-type as well as a Fire-type on her team of six. When a voice called out, asking who she was, she turned around to face the voice. It belonged to a boy; no doubt another trainer like herself. She smiled slightly.

    "Hello there. My name is Star. Who might you be?"
  3. "Evon. Say, you don't look familiar. Are you from another region?" he asked as he gave his Pokeballs to Nurse Joy.
  4. "I am," she repiled, nodding. She moved aside, allowing him to give his Pokemon to the nurse. "I'm from the Kanto region. What about you?"
  5. "Oh, I live here. Have you heard of Pyrite Town? That's where I'm from. It's a rough town. Full of trainers, which is how I get experience. Speaking of that, meet Voltan." Evon said, gesturing to his Jolteon who had just been released from it's Pokeball.
  6. "I've heard of it. Havn't been able to get around to it yet. Tough, if it's a place to get strong, count me in! I'm always looking for ways to level my Pokemon up more."

    Star looked down a the Electric-type the boy had with him. She smiled towards the Lightning Pokemon.

    "Hello there Voltan. It's nice to meet you. Do you use all of Eevee's line, or just a few, or Electric-types?"

    (I've got to go for a bit. I'll be back soon.)
  7. (K. Just posting this for when you come back.)
    "Actually, I use all the Eeveelutions, as I call them. I have my Umbreon, Espeon, and Sylveon in the PC. What Pokemon do you use?"
    (BTW, I made a trainer card for Evon. You should see it.)
  8. (OOC: this is my first post so I'm sorry if I mess up)
    "Excuse me, pardon me." Jacob says bumping into a person "Sorry!" Jacob rushes to heal my Pokemon that were ganged up on by many Pokemon.
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  9. (No prob JacobRaze, but you're supposed to use he/she, him/her, or it, not I.)
    Evon stumbled. The person was in a rush. "Sorry!" the boy said as he ran by. His Pokemon must really be hurt. He thought.
  10. Nurse joy healed his pokemon and He moved over went to the computer putting my snorlax in and taking out butterfree. He logged out and sat down at a table.
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  11. "Hello! What's your name?" Evon asked, him and Star sitting down with the boy. Jolteon looked at the Butterfree like it was foreign.
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  12. A tall dark haired young man came into the center. Trailing behind him was a ball of gas known as Ghastly. The man was draped in dark clothes hands in his pockets. A look of disinterest was on his face filing past others walking to the nurse. "I need to heal my team for the Tournament ma'am." "Certainly may I see your Pokemon?" He handed her six balls excluding Ghastly's. "Um regulations say you can only have six Pokemon at a time young man." He held up a finger. "If they are competing then yes however my Ghastly is currently not competing in the League ergo I can have seven. Now if you please." The nurse blinked in shock at what the man said then taking his Pokemon. "Well you don't have to be rude!" He laughed some to himself before going to a couch the Ghastly trailing behind him with a snicker.
  13. A pokeball rattled on Evon's belt. "Fine." Evon threw the Pokeball, and out came an Umbreon. The Umbreon looked suspiciously at the Gastly.
  14. "Oh I'm Jayden, this is butterfree and pikachu." He said "If your wondering I got pikachu from adoption" he said returning them both then he asked " I see you have a lot of eevees, know where I can find one?"
  15. Turning his attention back to Jayden, Evon replied "Well, my Eevee Warriors team is all from the new Resort Poke Spot. It took a while to get them all, but my team is the best Eevee team yet! They are also great friends." The group turned their attention to a poster that said 'Evon and his Eevee Warriors! The greatest tournament competitors from here to Kalos! Catch them in The Grand Coliseum Challenge!' A bell then sounded. "Looks like it's time for my next match. See you at Phenac Coliseum!" Evon took off, Jolteon and Umbreon by his sides.
  16. He watched Econ leave and then he heard a beep on his transever. "Oh, hi Professor sycamore" he said a few seconds later he was out the door
  17. (Evon, JacobRaze. His name is Evon. I'm letting you do what you will for now, but I want to know if you guys are ready to move to Phenac Coliseum.)
    Evon stepped to the registration disc. As soon as he provided ID and Pokemon to verify, the enlister sent him into his second tourney match.
  18. (Sorry my autocorrect was on) He returned with a parcel and went to the counter. " Can I see Evon? " he asked She opens the door but she thought I wanted a battle and I was stuck here.
  19. (So, I guess that means yes, you're ready. What about the rest of you? @Thunder- ? @Drake Tyban ?)
    Stepping in, Evon noticed that Jayden was in front of him. He just got here now, so he didn't participate in the first round. "The viewing area is that way." He said politely, gesturing to stairs on Jayden's right.
  20. He walked over there and saw Evon get ready for his battle. He stayed and remembered the package and quickly got up and ran it to him.
  21. "What's this? The battle begins soon."
    (Are the rest of you ready for a transition?)
  22. Meanwhile, a youth looked in his pokeballs, to make sure both Burner, his Quilava, and Orea, his Riolu, were safe, then went to nurse joy and asked if he could watch Evon. she led him to the spectator area. He saw a package being given to Evon " hey, Evon, over here!" he yelled.
  23. (Sure sorry have work lately)
    The man gave a "Hphm" before receiving his team back. "Come Igor lets see this whelp battle. Then we'll see if he is worth our time." He made towards the spectator section the Ghastly close behind before giving a woman a small scare by appearing in her face with a cackle trailing after his Trainer.
  24. "Hey, bud!" Evon said, turning to his friend. "Come to watch me battle?"
  25. (Well here is my part in this ......)
    *Steps up to platform cockily grinning*
    "Hello" Blaze said to the battle administator
    "Hi how may I help you" the battle administrator said
    "I would like to sign up for the second battle of the collusuim please"
    "Ok, what pokemon will you use "
    "My team is Flame the flame the Typhlosion,
    Aqau the qaugsire, Razor the Gligor,Legend the Dragonit, Ted the usuring and finally Urka the flygon"
    "Thank you your battle will begin shortly"
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  26. Evon turned to see a man enter the field, putting down the box Jayden gave him. "Oh, so will you be my challenger?" Evon asked.
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  27. "Yes my names blaze" he said confidently
    "Meet my ace" *tosses pokeball revealing a red-backed typhlosion* "it took me 3 weeks of EV and IV breeding to get a shiny" "And meet Urka the flygon" *throws pokeball containing a flygon* "I wish you good luck" he said as he rolled his sleeves up* *A loud voice comes from the intercom*
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  28. "Huh, you train EV's and IV's? I just use what I get. The Eevee warriors lost once, but have battle twenty-three hundred times! Have you heard of us?" Evon asked, choosing two Pokeballs.
  29. (
    "Yeah I use EVS and I'VE it maximizes performance in battles"."But,I'm not saying to raise a good pokemon they have to be EV and IV trained it's just my way" "To awser your question yes I have heard of you didn't you win this tournement last year?"
  30. "Actually, yes, but two years ago, that was my dad. He passed down my Jolteon to me. Voltan has helped me in any battle I can think of." Suddenly the intercoms roared, "Quarter final match one, begin!" "You send your team out first." Evon said, waving his finger.
    *hurls pokeball revealing a Flygon And shiny typhlosion*
    "now you"
  32. "Right. Glacia, Vapor, let's do this!" Evon said, revealing his Glaceon and Vaporeon. "Glacia, Ice Beam on Flygon! Vapor, hit Typhlosion with a Surf attack!"
  34. "Charge the attacks and use our Tri-trick strategy!" Evon shouted, causing Glacia and Vapor to hold their attacks. Glacia switched places with Vapor, and she jumped on Flygon's wing. Unleashing a charged Ice Beam, the quad weakness and close range sent Flygon flying, dealing MASSIVE damage. Vapor, on the other hand, rolled under the Flamethrower attack and sent Typhlosion flying with a charged close range Surf attack, dealing half it's health.
  35. " Hmph thier good but not good enough CHARIZARD FIRES PIN SURROUND YOU AND FLYGON LIKE A SHIELD AND BOTH OF YOU USE ROOST "Back to full health"
  36. (That was a Typhlosion, not a Charizard. Let's say Typhlosion used Dig.)
    "Let's give them something else to hit! Glacia, make an Ice Beam shell for Swift, and Vapor, get beside Glacia!" Vapor huddled up close to Glacia, while Glacia formed an cocoon-like barrier around them. After Swift striked harmlessly, Vapor melted the ice with Scald and Glacia froze the air around Flygon, freezing it. After that, Vapor used Hydro Pump down the tunnel that Typhlosion dug, making it so that it would HAVE to come aboveground to avoid being hit. Meanwhile, Glacia used Blizzard to take another advantage on Flygon's quad weakness, making it faint. "Let's see who's next." Evon said, detaching Glacia's empty Pokeball.
  37. (OOC: I don't see how Rayquaza relates to what's going on now, Drageni.)
  38. "There's some talent this year!" Proclaimed the Golden-eye teen. "Wouldn't you say so Exbo?" He asked his Typlohsion, rumpling up the fire-type's hair. Exbo roared his approval of the two trainers who were on the field currently.

    He had been called in by the creator to serve as the last bracket challenge, but currently, he was enjoying the show from the balcony. A few other people who had managed to buy the expensive ticket (he has been given his) were keeping their distance from the teen, but also occasionally looked at him.
  39. (Nice to meet you, Gold! But @Blazing dodo, I think it's your turn.)
    Evon noticed a gold-eyed teen while waiting for Blaze to choose his next Pokemon. Huh, that looks like a tough trainer... wait a sec, that's the guy who demolished the preliminaries with that Typlosion of his!
  40. ""Oh Man!" Detsu exclaimed as his red eyes flashed with excitement. "Awe man Shade do you see those Eeveelutions?" he asked as he stroked his Eevee's silver fur. he stood up and looked around. He could.t help but notice Evon's gaze shift to the patio of the building he was on. "Wow isnt that Gold?" He said shakily. "Man I wish I signed up to be in this!"

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