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Open Screams of The Shattered (Steven Universe RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Shiny Blue Gardevoir, Dec 24, 2018.

  1. Name: Clear Quartz

    Nicknames: Clear, Euthanizer

    Pronouns: She, her

    Gem Cut (The shape of your gem. It must be a real gem cut, so look them up, if you don't know what they are): Tapered Baguette

    Gem Location: At the base of her throat

    Appearance: Clear Quartz is tall and muscular, with bright white skin, and hair of a slightly darker shade. Her hair is thick and long, and held up in a high ponytail, with a messy fringe hanging over one side of her face. Her clothing consists of a grey tank top, with a white diamond insignia on the chest, black trousers, and grey combat boots.

    Weapon: Photokinesis

    Powers: Photokinesis. Clear Quartz can create and control light orbs, which can be used to illuminate her surroundings, be thrown in enemies' faces to temporarily blind them, or used like grenades, which explode on contact with the target, with the force to shatter gems.

    Gem Background: Clear quartzes are powerful quartz soldiers, serving as personal bodyguards to White Diamond's higher ranking gems, and some even directly serve White Diamond. Their shattering photokinesis, and great physical strength makes them powerful combatants, and they are made in almost endless supply, to crush those who defy White.

    Alignment: Earth

    Other: Clear Quartz is known as 'Euthanizer', because she makes it her mission to put gem mutants and corrupted gems out of their misery, by shattering them. She is searching for the mutant containing her best friend, Rainbow Topaz, in the hopes of laying her to rest. She has a habit of writing the names of the gems she shatters in a notebook, so that there will always be a part of them left in the world.


    Clear Quartz hissed as a blast of ice hit her shoulder, dangerously close to her gem. The mutant she was facing a strong one; it had ice powers, but it had virtually no control over them, and was firing the blasts in all directions, leaving Clear with no way to anticipate its attacks. Thankfully, it had come unguarded, however, which made shattering it easier. Being a hideous mutant was no life for anyone, which was why it had to die.

    The mutant unleashed an ungodly howl, pounding its fists against the cave walls. It didn't know what it was, or where it was, or why it was in this state, but it knew that it hurt, terribly, and it wanted it to stop. It wanted to form into something else, but it lacked the capacity to recall the bits and bobs of what else it might be.

    Clear threw a light orb, at what might have been its face, but it somehow managed to miss the mutant. The creature howled again, and its physical form begin buzzing, as the gems within it tried to escape the fusion.

    "Rose? Rose, help!"

    "It hurts! It hurts!"

    "Make it stop!"

    Clear rose to her feet, head bowed. "I know, it hurts," she said softly, "But don't worry. It's gonna be over soon."

    The gem conjured a large, blindingly bright orb from her hands, before throwing it at the mutant. The orb flew toward the gem cluster on the mutant's chest, and with a bang, the cluster was shattered into fine dust.

    She gathered up the dust in her hands, bubbling it. The mutant contained three kinds of gem shards, sapphire, hematite, and a bit of yellow topaz.

    The quartz got out a dog-eared notebook, writing down their names. They were the latest in a long line of gems to go in it, and they certainly wouldn't be the last. Clear Quartz, known to traitors of Homeworld as 'The Euthanizer' went around in search of mutant and corrupted gems, just so she could put them out of their misery. It was deplorable of Homeworld to have done this to them, but there was nothing that could be done to save them. All Clear could do was end their suffering.

    She left the cave quietly, heading back to her home, an abandoned beach hut. It was far too small for most humans to live in, since, being sociable creatures, they preferred to live in groups, or so she'd observed, but it was fine for her.

    She sat out on the deck, watching the sun sink behind the ocean. Watching the sunset was a simple, but effective way to distract herself, and keep her from thinking about the gems she'd put down that day. Gems who needed her to end their suffering.
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  2. (Yes, they do have to be fanmade.)

    Clear eventually tired of looking out across the ocean, when it started to get dark, and the sunset was replaced with a blue summer twilight.

    She sighed, and headed inside, getting a pineapple split from the fridge.
  3. Name: Peridot.

    Nicknames: August. ( since Peridot is the birthstone for August. )

    Pronouns: She, Her.

    Gem Cut: Triangle

    Gem Location: Chest.

    Appearance: August looks like pretty much any average Peridot, accept she only has one limb enhancer on her arm.

    Weapon: Limb Enhancer

    Powers: August can shoot beams of light from her gem, as well as shoot things with her L.E ( Limb Enhancer ).

    Alignment: Earth.

    Other: August normally is seen just wandering around, fighting off corrupted gems, but never exactly killing them. She ran away from homeworld, seeking a better way of life.


    August was wandering around as usual, messing around with the L.E on her arm. It was helpful to have in tough situations, so she kept the one. She heard a loud bang coming from a cave and sighed. " I guess I should check it out .... " She walked off towards that direction.
  4. Clear ate the ice lolly in silence, as she sat by the window. It had been about six months since she'd escaped Homeworld, for no reason other than that White Diamond had made the shattered remains of Rainbow Topaz, her best friend, into a gem mutant. The last thing Rainbow Topaz deserved to be was some hideous monster, a forced fusion between her and another dead gem. She deserved to be laid to rest properly, not forced to live as some monster.

    Clear went through the notebook again. So far, she hadn't found any rainbow topaz mutants, let alone her one.
  5. August saw the beach hut, stopping after seeing some motion inside. She squinted her eyes, trying to see from the distance. She readied her L.E, in case of a fight.
  6. Clear's thoughts were interrupted by the sight of someone, or something, shining a light through the window of her beach hut. A peridot. A rather peculiar peridot, since it only seemed to have one limb enhancer, but still, a peridot nonetheless. If it still had a limb enhancer, it was probably still with Homeworld...

    Clear readied a light orb in her left hand, chomping down some of her ice lolly. "I can see you, y'know," she said coldly, "If you're here to pick a fight, it's gonna be your last. I'm a clear quartz, I'll have you know."
  7. August began to get scared at this point. She barely could control her L.E, so she was freaking out. She had gotten it damaged in a fight with a corrupted gem, so it was pretty much useless. She tried activating it to fly, and she got a couple yards in the air before it shut down, causing her to fall and hit the ground.
  8. Clear shook her head. "Not a very competent peridot, are you?" she remarked, "If Homeworld wants to shatter me, I'd have thought they'd send a gem better suited to the job than this."

    The quartz brandished a light orb, eyes narrowing. "They don't call me Euthanizer for nothing," she added, "Since your gem is cracked already, it won't be hard for me to put you down like I do all the gem mutants here."
  9. August looked at Clear Quartz with fear, backing up a bit. " I d-didn't come to shatter anyone! I ran away from homeworld because of the corruption experiment they were doing! I swear I'll tell you everything just don't shatter me! "
  10. The light died on Clear's fingers. "Everything, you say?" she remarked, "If you know that much about the corrupted gems, then I suppose I'll have to let you talk. Can't waste valuable information like that."

    Clear chomped down the rest of her ice lolly. "Any information about the gem mutants would be better, though. I don't suppose you know what happened to Rainbow Topaz, Cut 5XQ?"
  11. She thought for a moment. " Well, I did see a Rainbow Topaz with some guards when I was taking the escape pods.... I'm supposing she was turned into a mutant, or is being used as a guard. "
  12. "They shattered her," Clear Quartz said coldly, "They shattered her, thousands of years ago, when she refused to go and fight against the Crystal Gems. They turned her remains into a mutant."

    She sighed deeply. "I can't do anything for her now, except put her out of her misery. I need to find her mutant, and shatter it."
  13. August looked at Clear, almost feeling sorry for her. She powered her L.E back up, and started looking through the logs about gem mutants.
  14. "I dunno what, if anything, happens to us gems when we die, but whatever it is, it's gotta be better than what's happening to her now," Clear continued, "I've seen those mutants before. Can't think straight, or form into their normal shapes, or do anything, except writhe around in agony. It's disgusting."
  15. August looked up at you again. " Well, it depends on what gem shards are in your body at the time. I learned that during the experiment I took apart in about making gem mutants. "
  16. Clear's mouth dropped open. "You mean, you made gem mutants?" she said shakily, "You...You stood by, and you let the diamonds make hideous monsters out of shattered gems..."
  17. August looked at you. " N-No! I....I didnt....I tried stopping them.... that led to disaster.... and if I tell you what happened after, you'll probably just shatter me! "
  18. Clear clenched her jaw. "And what did you do that would make me want to shatter you?" she said threateningly, "Unless...No...You weren't the one who shattered her, were you?"
  19. August growled at you saying that. " No! You said you shattered gem mutants! Well guess what! I'm half gem mutant! I ran away since they used me as a useless expieriment! I didn't ask for all of this to happen! I didn't ask for anything, accept for them to stop! And that, is what led to disaster... " She looked away from you.
  20. "You're right. I do shatter mutants," Clear said coldly, "I shatter the hideous beasts the diamonds have made by defiling the deaths of my fellow gems. I put them down, to end their suffering. That's what made the Crystal Gems start calling me, 'Euthanizer'."

    The quartz turned away from her. "What are you talking about, being half a mutant? You either are one, or you aren't. There's no 'half' about it."
  21. "Well, they didn't attach the shards to my gem, they attached them to my body. I wear this L.E over the shards, since it's helpful in battle, and it helps keep the shards from trying to reform. I still can't find a way to remove them yet though...."
  22. Clear Quartz scoffed. "Well, how does that work, when our bodies are just projections from our gemstones?" she remarked, "Holograms with mass. By that logic, every gem who's ever come into contact with a poofed gem is a mutant."
  23. August sighed. " I guess that means I'm a mutant then. " Her L.E started making a beeping noise, and she checked it. " Great....another mutant rampage.....see you around Clear Quartz! " She used her L.E to fly away, looking back one more time. " Oh, and not that you asked, my name is August! And bye! " She looked away again.
  24. "Mutant rampage?" Clear remarked, "In that case, I have to go with you. I have very little information about mutant gem cells, but I have to find Rainbow Topaz somehow. If she's there, I need to shatter her."
  25. She looked back at you. "Really? You wanna help? I'm more used to fighting these things alone, but ok! I think it'll be done faster that way anyway! I've been using this tracker on my L.E for locating them, so it should be easy!"
  26. "They don't call me Euthaniser for no reason," Clear remarked, "I've done this a million times. My photokinesis allows me to shatter those miserable creatures with ease."

    She reached into her pocket, for a notebook and pen. "See this? It's got the names of every gem I've ever shattered inside."
  27. "That's pretty cool! I never shattered anyone yet. I just use my L.E to stun them, then run away. I'm not really that much of a good fighter, hehe....."
  28. Clear's expression soured, eyes sharpening into slits. "You're being way too casual about this," she spat, "Having to euthanise gems isn't 'cool', and me writing their names down is nothing to laugh about. I do it because I have to end their suffering, because they can't be saved. I do it so I'll remember them, so it'll look like somebody cared, when they were alive."
  29. August tilted her head. " I meant it was cool your doing that for them, so they could be remembered.... It seems every gem keeps jumping to conclusions, even you! I thought you'd at least be a little open-minded..... "
  30. "Forgive me, but trust is hard to foster, when you spent the first thousand years working with gems who talk about killing other gems like it's nothing," she responded, "I was one of White's, y'know."
  31. "I can't really remember which one I worked for.... I t might of been Yellow Diamond, I don't know anymore.... It's been awhile since I've seen anyone but mutants, corrupted gems, and you, of course".
  32. "I haven't seen any of my own kind for months either," Clear remarked, "Not that I'd want to run into another Clear Quartz. They're such thugs. A hiddenite, maybe, though, would be nice. A rebel hiddenite..."
  33. " Well, I'm gonna go see if I can get close enough to stun that mutant, then you can shatter it or whatever. "
  34. "No need. I can shatter gems straight up," Clear responded, "I've done it with more than one difficult target."

    The quartz producer a light orb from the tip of her finger. "My photokinesis is absurdly powerful."
  35. August activated her L.E, flying away. "Good luck! I'm gonna see if any other mutants are nearby!"
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  37. Clear approached the mutant with trepidation, swallowing, as it recoiled. This mutant had a head, but no eyes or ears. Just a mouth, from which the familiar mutant babble and screaming poured. Its cluster was a bright white, but lacked any noticeable sheen. A milky quartz and a pearl.

    Clear mouthed, "I'm sorry," as she shattered it, not allowing it time to finish what it was saying. As normal, she bubbled the dust, and wrote the names of the shattered gems down.
  38. August landed near a cave, seeing her tracker was picking up a mutants location inside. She slowly walked inside, looking around in the darkness the cave brought.She turned her L.E on once more, using the light from it to search the cave. "Woah.... it's bigger on the inside than the outside, that's for sure...."
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  39. Clear sighed, turning to leave, for now. The mutant hadn't lead to any useful information as to the whereabouts of Rainbow Topaz's mutant was. Still, if she'd found this mutant here, there had to be more close by.

    She was just at the exit, when a strange notebook caught her eye. It was written in Homeworld gem runes, probably by one of Pink's gems, when they first tried to colonise Earth.

    She picked it up, flipping it open. It was full of notes about mutants, more specifically, about a mutant site housing topazes. Topazes, combined with small shards of other gems.
  40. August heard a sound similar to growling, as she turned and came face to face with a gem mutant,or, more like three. She stood there, paralyzed with fear a moment, before activating her L.E and shooting the closest mutant. " Great! Just what I needed, three of these things to fight! " She ran out of the cave, continuing to shoot the mutants as they followed behind her.
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