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Open RWBY: Legends of Humanity Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Generation Sect, Feb 14, 2019.


Which Kingdom, and Academy, should the rp take place in?

Poll closed Feb 21, 2019.
  1. Vale - Beacon Academy

    1 vote(s)
  2. Mistral - Haven Academy

    4 vote(s)
  3. Vacuo - Shade Academy

    0 vote(s)
  4. Atlas - Atlas Academy

    1 vote(s)
  1. So, since my last attempt at creating a roleplay with a thought out and pretty long lasting potential plot didn’t work-
    I decided to try this idea that’s been dangling around in my head for a while. I’m a fan of RWBY, despite the many flaws I take issue with in the series
    So i’ve been rather interested in making this. My plan is for this to take place in the exact same canon as the RWBY series, however it starts 2 years before the start of Volume 1. Thus, since it takes place in the past we have more freedom. I already have a ton of plot ideas- however, that’s not what matters at this exact moment. It won’t be mattering until we get into the nitty gritty of things, so first i’d like to get the obvious thing out of the way- a cast of main characters.
    This is gonna need to make up the two (at the least) main huntsman teams. Which Huntsman Academy this rp will take place at is the main thing i’m undecided on, so I think i’ll put up a vote. This could majorly effect the plot.
    Remember that uhh, we’re gonna need to make good anagrams out of these names, so no pressure on the co-ordination when making your characters XD
    I tried my best to follow the Colour rule when making the characters i’m gonna use for this, however, i’ll try not to be too strict about this. However, i’d like every character to at least have some sort of theme- be it a mythological character, or historical figure, or... Ice cream or something. Yeah, the standards in RWBY as to what characters can be based on do tend to get pretty weird in the actual show itself, so I guess there’s a lot of liberty here too.
    I’ll provide a basic character profile outline.

    Age: (pretty much just 17, considering we most likely won’t be having any Ruby special requests to join.)
    Strengths and Weaknesses: (Will be useful to know for certain combat situations and deciding things etc)
    Backstory: (Can be brief, but the more fleshed out the better, right?)

    One final thing to note is, as for the plot, I DO have a special role reserved for ONE Silver-Eyed Warrior character. Importance comes with that, yada yada, you know the drill, I’ll try to make it so they aren’t too much of a main protagonist. If nobody wants to come forward, then i’ll be fine with just making that student myself, but if anyone else wants to do it, they can just contact me so they can get the lowdown.
    Other than that, happy hunting!

    Current Teams:
    Team TARO- (Tarot)
    Topaz Stone @Eeveechu151
    Aryle Winthrop @Godjacob
    Ryan Green @Grand Master Koop
    Olive Ulysses @Generation Sect

    Team JCDS- (Jackdaws)
    Josh Whitman @Mr Fishykarp
    Chartreuse Garnet @SailorInSpace
    Dia Mond @Stormursa
    Sterling Lycan @Red Gallade
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  2. As a guy who likes RWBY, I like what you've got going on.

    Name: Sterling Lycan
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Stands at 5'8" with near Pale skin, Orange eyes and a decently athletic build. His most noticeable feature is his Medium smooth Silver hair along with wolf ears of the same color as his hair and his Orange eye pupils can be seen in the dark. He wears a dark Gray hoodie with fur along the hood under a Black open trench coat that reaches his knees, above that is a diagonal strap with a right Silver shoulder pad which has his symbol on it (A burning crescent moon around what looks like a wolf's head), Dark olive baggy pants tucked into Brown boots. He also wears dog tags around his neck.
    Personality: Very laid back and never afraid to talk back to anyone regardless of the consequences. As someone born in Vacuo, it would come as no surprise as to why Sterling would behave in such an informal manner, he is however a very friendly person as long as people are friendly to him, otherwise the bad people will be seeing the extremely sarcastic side of him. In combat, he may seem to battle aggressively, but he does think on his actions first and mainly fights aggressively in order to see how they defend and in turn, how to counter it and find their weakness, he is also extremely adaptive and loathes losing above all else. He is also known to be very cruel when angry, the fact that he growls very much like an angered wolf is a clear sign as well. He also has a soft side for cute things.
    Strengths and Weaknesses: His strength is... his strength; able to lift seemingly heavy stuff with relative ease. His downside is that he can let his emotions get the better of him and make seemingly reckless decisions, he is aware of this however and is training to control his rage. Thanks to being part wolf, his hearing and sense of smell are a lot better than the average human’s.
    Weapon: A Silver Kanabo named 'Da Huai Lang' where the rows of spikes can horizontally spin and emit elemental energy depending on the dust used. It's second form is a Bazooka, capable of shooting many varieties of elemental shots, the rockets can also home in on a target, but it would take a while for them to lock on and the missiles don't always turn very sharp. In it's sheathed form, it's Kanabo form looks more like a baseball bat as the spikes are hidden until unsheathed.
    Semblance: His Semblance isn't used very often as he can't control it like Qrow's. His Semblance is greatly enhanced strength and reflexes at night time and gets stronger depending on how full the moon is, he is at his strongest on the night of a full moon with enough strength to rival a Beringel. Although this comes with a weakness; while powerful, Sterling can become more violent, if he got angry under a full moon, he would attack the first living thing he sees unless that person is very close to him.
    Backstory: Born in Vacuo between two wolf Faunas, Sterling didn't have the easiest childhood given what Vacuo was like, but he adapted to it very quickly. The day he heard about huntsmen and huntresses, Sterling wished to become a huntsman himself and in turn began to train hard with his father. Sterling showed promising potential as he trained, even after his father stopped training him once his younger twin sisters were born. Sterling made sure to teach his sisters everything they needed to know to 'live' in Vacuo. Eventually, Sterling decided that he wanted to train at one of the academies and become a proper huntsman, it took a bit of time to convince his parents, but they let him in the end. The main reason he wanted to become strong was mainly to protect his family from Vacuo's rough lifestyle, especially is precious little sisters.
    Other: He speaks in a British cockney accent, he has a sweet tooth and carries a photo of him and his little sisters.
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  3. Perrrrrfect
    This is the kinda thing I wanted, it’s a good example
    Also, considering how finding people can be hard, feel free to tag anyone you think might be interested!
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  4. I dunno if anyone I know is a RWBY fan, should I tag them anyway? (Also, the weapon name is Chinese for 'Big Bad Wolf' :p)
  5. Hah that’s perfect
    Well, i’d say just uhh... hmm... do whatever you think is best
    See I don’t wanna be annoying but then again I do kinda need options
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  6. Either way, i’ll give it a day or so before I post anything further and see if we get any activity. If not, i’ll get to working up my bios as fast as I can.
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  7. Here’s a quick bio for an important plot character, a huntress.

    Name: Napier Cissus
    Age: 31
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Around her neck she wears a yellow scarf. Her hair is white with pink stripes. She wears a green bodypiece, that ties together at the back. That bodypiece spreads out into a flower budding-style dress, that is also green with pink and white petal-like parts at the bottom. She also wears white gloves, and has yellow eyes.
    Personality: Napier is an extremely self-centred and vain person. Despite her veil of false confidence and bravado, and playful attitude, her main concern in life is her own self image. Even in battle, she tends to act playfully and flirtatiously- when she’s not busy flattering herself, of course. She has a habit of speaking too much, and often repeating herself. Her tendency to focus only on herself can make her oblivious to certain things happening around her.
    Strengths and Weaknesses: Napier is an extremely fast, agile and skilled technical fighter, and is extremely good at dodging attacks and co-ordinating her own moves. However, she struggles to keep track of more than one variable at once, and lacks pure power and endurance.
    Weapons: Her weapon of choice is a Cup-Hilt Rapier named “Ichor”. The cup-hilt, made of reflective, cyan-coloured Hard Light Dust crystals, can fold out upwards from its cup shape, spreading out into a flat, circular shield around the hilt, almost flower-like in design. This shield-form can absorb Dust based attacks and other supernatural attacks, shown by a more solid cyan glow when these attacks make contact with the glass. These then can be be reflected back from the Shield in an elemental blast relating to what was absorbed. The rest of the weapon is made of a silver metal, with a yellow circle around the start of the blade after the cup hilt.
    Semblance: Echo - Napier’s Semblance allows her to project doubles of herself from and through reflective surfaces, complete with their own copy of whatever she’s holding, such as a weapon. These Echoes have a glass-like texture, and can only mimic Napier’s own actions, although after she has already done them. They don’t last very long, quickly melting away into pools of water.
    Backstory: Napier was part of a legendary Huntsman team, Team HMAN. After graduating from **Insert whichever Academy is chosen by vote** Academy at 21 years old, great things were expected for the group- only for the three other members of the group to suddenly go missing for a few months. A few months later, it was Napier who announced to the world that they had agreed to break up the team. However, Napier didn’t seem taken aback by this in the slightest; in fact, the vain girl continued her work on her own, soaking up the glory as she became a Huntsman that would be far more comparable to a celebrity rather than a soldier.
    Other: https://pokecharms.com/works/rwby-huntress-napier-cissus.51869/
  8. Cool, do you know any other RWBY fans?
  9. Oh, I'm definitely in! If you don't mind I'll just use that old sheet from a previous RWBY RP, edited a bit to remove that RP's team~
    Name: Topaz Stone
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Height: 6'3

    Emblem: Two blades crossed through an orange moon.
    Outfit Desc: Wears an imperial topaz shirt and black jacket with black track pants. Also wears black headband, black shoes and black fingerless gloves. Before bonding with his team, he wears a large black cloak with an imperial topaz trim.
    Physical Appearance: Has brown hair and imperial topaz eyes. His sandy skin is scarred by a gash next to his right eye.

    Personality: Quiet and focused, but merciless in combat.
    Backstory: Topaz grew up in Vacuo for most of his life. His father, Zinc Stone, is a legendary hunter there, and Topaz and two of his friends decided to follow in his footsteps. Team TOP was essentially a group of freedom fighters, helping out the good people of Vacuo and punishing the bad. Topaz eventually left Vacuo, as his father wanted him to attend a school away from them to flesh out his limited social interaction abilities.

    Weapon Name: Vim and Vigor
    Weapon Desc: Two short swords that can transform into machine guns.

    Semblance Name: Warrior Focus
    Semblance Desc: Allows Topaz to forget about everything but the battle. The enemy and surrounding terrain become all Topaz can see, and he forgets about all pain. He can still be hurt - he just doesn't flinch. Pain received when semblance is deactivated.

    Team: Team TOP (Leader, Formerly)
    Teammates: Olivia Marigold, Percival Periwinkle (Team TOP, Formerly)

    Hometown: Vacuo
    Transfer School: Haven Academy

    Strengths: Fast and strong with an almost unbreakable focus. Is a master at swordplay.
    Weaknesses: Often throws himself headfirst into situations without thinking, quite headstrong and brazen.
    Likes: Swords, books, training, battle, his dog Sandy
    Dislikes: Conversation (for the most part), Grimm, being told to do something he doesn't like

    Allusion: Boromir, from Lord of the Rings
    Color: Imperial Topaz
    He's a character I've been working on for a while, but the Backstory is kind of unfinished and the Transfer School isn't filled out due to not knowing where we're headed. I'm putting a vote in for Haven, though! I want to see Leo in his prime as a Headmaster.
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  10. @Eeveechu151 Do you think our chars could know each other a bit given how they're both from Vacuo? Also, what are his thoughts on Faunus?
  11. It's possible, though more likely that Topaz would be known by Sterling because of Team TOP and Topaz wouldn't have met Sterling. And one of his friends is a Faunas, so he's cool with them. He treats all people the same, save friends and family.
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  12. Fair enough, although I'm gonna make his knowledge about you be all. 'Huh, I've heard a bit about you.' rather than major celebrity knowledge.
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  13. Yeah of course, wouldn't expect any celebrity treatment or anything - hell I can totally see Topaz discouraging that type of stuff xD
  14. Accepted! The few characters we have seem to be going pretty well so far.

    I already know who the first antagonist for the whole first plot arc is gonna be, and I figure i’ll make a trainee too to round things out.

    Let's just say some Hoods are about to be Robbin'
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  15. Name: Ryan Green
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Wears a green t-shirt with a black jacket over it, wears grey pants and black shoes with green stripes. Has wavy gray hair, fit physique, retractable snake fangs and a snake tail being a Python Faunus.
    Personality: He is a laid back and a bit lazy person, but he is very capable in a fight and get really exited while doing it. He is very loyal to his friends. Doesn't care what others think of him.
    Strengths and Weaknesses: Ryan is pretty agile and flexible due to him being a snake, he's also pretty strong but has a weakness against cold due to him being a snake, often gets frustrated
    Weapons: Great Volts: A wide claymore with a small cannon extending from the guard in the middle of the blade, has a gold colored guard and a black handle. The blade can split from the middle and retract allowing the use of the cannon. Dust can be inserted through the bottom of the hilt which has a coin keychain attached to it.
    Semblance: Pendulum: he can put his targets into a hypnotic trance using anything that can swing and using said object to swing it in front of the target.
    Backstory: Ryan spent most of his childhood in the prairies near Vacuo with his parents. His mother was a huntress that Ryan looked up to, one day, a pack of Grimm attacked his house and his mom died protecting him and his dad, now he want to learn to be a hunter so he can protect the ones he cares for.
    Other: Prefers using Lightning Dust, the Cannon fires like a shotgun
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  16. wow we have a lot of vacuans
  17. That's almost ironic
    because the major main plot arc i actually made this rp for takes place in Vacuo
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  18. I only chose Vale due to the fact that thanks to the series we've seen thus far, we've got a lot of knowledge on the layout alongside a portion of Mistral as well.
  19. Well then. If we do do stuff in Vacuo, then I guess we'd be meeting Olivia, Percival and Topaz's dad :p
    But honestly? I still think Mistral's the best choice. We didn't get to see Haven in operation, an incredible shame due to how interesting of a school it is. And Leo Lionheart could be a very interesting character and good teacher before encountering Salem. So... I vote Haven.
  20. And Sterling's adorable little sisters.
  21. Basically, the uhh plot kind of kicks off pretty loosely at the start, before gradually unraveling as we set off on a journey to solve what is essentially just the 10 year old beef of a broken legendary Huntsman team.
  22. Do you think we might be able to talk about the plot a bit, Sect? I've got a few ideas of my own I want to propose.
  23. Oh totally. You can just PM me.
  24. I’ve been summoned? Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been super busy
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  25. Name: Dia Mond
    Age: 17
    Gender: female
    Appearance: dark skin with long white hair that is shaved along the left side and usually covered the right eye, light coffee brown eyes. She wears a black hoody crop top with white fur on the edge of the hood, underneath she has a grey blue leotard with a slightly visible diamond pattern on them and black shorts, dark grey thighs high socks and black knee high boots with white fur along the top. She also wears black gloves. She stands about 5’4

    Personality: she’s kind of cocky but likes to put her best foot forward when it comes to meeting new people. She’s a thrill seeker and has a bucket list a lot longer then most

    Strengths and Weaknesses: she’s a great front line fighter, able to deal and take damage with her sembalnce. That said she can’t really hit long ranged targets and relies heavily on getting covered or terrain that she can either move quickly over or have cover through. She also has to be actively thinking about where her opponent might attack next if she wants to hope of using her semblance to block that area and can do that quite well but there is always a margin for error

    Weapons: Star smite, a kite shield with a metal pole acting as a base running through it’s center. It’s edges are sharp and the pole in the middle can be extended with a button, turning it into a large halberd

    Semblance: Adamas skin, allows her crystallize her skin in places making a toughened sheild where it forms. Downside to this is she can’t do this to all of her skin a once, only able to make patch work that she actively has to think about to move.

    Backstory: She was born to one, Al Mond and one, Hexia Mond. She’s an only child but was never babied. She grew up in Vacuo, running through sand and chasing around chickens on her parent’s farm. When she went to look to her aunt’s for the summer in a big city she was struck by the glammer it held over the plain life of farming. Though she modeled herself off of the models of the city, she still kept her daredevil attitude, which led to her enrolment in the hunter academy.

    Other: prefers to use fire dust when it comes to her weapons.

    Does this work out?
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  26. Accepted.
    Tbh we could just make an entire team out of the whole Vacuan crew lol

    I might wait a bit, before I make my own Student character and try to accelerate the process of getting things started
  27. And we also need to work out a team name as well.
  28. Tbh, I may be a bit biased here but I think that with the teams we choose Topaz should be the leader of his. He already has experience leading a team, and it’d force him to adapt to a new unit while also dealing with the others. Ideally we can get some non-Vacuans on his team ‘cause if they’re all from the same homeland that makes things awkward :p
  29. ...forgive me for this @Godjacob but I think you'll like this if you can fit it into your schedule
  30. Oh a RWBY thing? Might look into it.

    Also can you respond to my Fiction Roleplay discussion question? Also what members/teams do we have already? For name consideration.
  31. Wait, the question was aimed at me? Gimme a sec.
    Currently we don't have any teams yet, but we have... I believe four or five characters? We're probably going for two teams.
  32. Not specifically you but if you can help with clarification of the situation given X & Y are there (I think X anyway) would be appreciated.

    Alright cool what names have been used? First letter I mean.
  33. One sec.
    We've got;
    Topaz Stone,
    Sterling Lycan,
    Ryan Green,
    Dia Mond,
    and a student Sect said he'll probably make.
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  34. So TSRD so far? Not I feel pressure to decide on a letter to make a good name XD don't know what first initial works best.
  35. i mean we don't have any vowels yet
    We could also pull a Lie Ren and use the last name instead.
  36. Got a decent first name idea for my character. How does A work with our bracket?
  37. Alright I like how literally everyone but Topaz has dust capacity XD
  38. Yeahhhh I felt like giving Topaz Dust capability would be too much when he doesn't need it tbh. Vim and Vigor plus his Semblance already makes him fairly strong, as well as his previous experience with his team. I'll keep it at that.

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