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Ask to Join Royal Eevees

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Midnight Heart, Oct 1, 2016.

  1. In this Roleplay, you must start out as an Eevee, but you can evolve later. If you are a King/Queen, then you can start out as one of Eevee's evolved forms. You live in a castle, and you are waited on by servants. You can either enjoy the good life as a Prince/Princess or King/Queen, or you can ditch the good life and basically become a rebel! Or you can become a guard and guard the castle, and catch outlaws! Or you can simply become a Servant and wait on the royal family, or become a chef and cook the royal family's supper! Or you can become an outlaw and commit crimes, such as burglary, kidnapping, or burning down houses. (Or you can be a simple resident of one of the villages.) If you are a Prince/Princess, or King/Queen, then you live in a castle and anyone living there can be related to you or someone else there. (Make sure the person is okay with it, first though.) Also, romance is allowed.

    To join, you must simply fill out this form. You can have up to two charectors and you must start out as an eevee, but you can evolve later. Here is the form you must fill out.

    Fur color:
    Eye color:

    By the way, you can create your own castle and village, or you can move into a existing one created by another person. And position means what you are. You can be either a prince/princess, King/queen, a guard, a chef, a villager, or a outlaw.

    Here's my form.

    Name: Moon
    Gender: Female
    Shiny: Yes
    Position: Princess
    Castle: Starlight Castle
    Personality: Shy, calm, and quite, and often talks to herself
    Fur color: Normal
    Eye color: Normal
    Skills: Attacking and is a fast runner
    Extras: Wears a golden tiara with a Sapphire in the middle

    Moon looked out her bedroom window and sighed. It was raining, and she loved playing in the rain, however her parents, the King and Queen, said she could not play in the rain, for she was royalty, and they said royalty was not allowed to play in the rain. Moon did not find it fair. She was allowed to play in the rain when she was little, but now she was not allowed to play in the rain, roll in the mud, and half of the time she wasn't even allowed to star gaze! Moon sighed again. "One day I shall run away from here, and my parents will not rule my life." Moon said to herself, continuing to watch the rain.
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  2. Name: Midnight
    Gender: Male
    Shiny: Yea
    Position: Prince
    Castle/Village: Diamond Gem
    Personality: Upfront, easily bored
    Fur color: Silver
    Eye color: Cyan
    Skills: Master of Assassination
    Extras: Moon Charm

    Midnight bounced upon the roofs of his Kingdom. Diamond Gem. Midnight stopped at a house in particular, it wasn't a house really, it was a bank, and a bank robbery was in place. He placed on a Ski mast, exposing his muzzle, not his eyes. In the Entire Kingdom royals had Cyan eyes unlike the rest of the population. Midnight jumped down busting open the door. He was surprised when their were already two Flareon stealing from it. He growled, using ATTRACT. Most of Diamond Gem's criminals were female, and Midnight knew every one. The two Flareon were attracted, one dropped their bag of POKE. Midnight smiled grabbing the bag. "Thanks Girls." He smiled. The two Flareon smiled, then feinted. Midnight dashed off, his appearance looking like a blur of Silver. He ended up upon the roof. He smirked dashing off.
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  3. Name: Lukas
    Position: Protector of The Princess (Official Royal Guard Of The Princess) (I can change it if you want)
    Castle/Village: Starlight Village, But is mostly in the Castle or wherever the princess is.
    Personality:Happy Go Lucky, Friendly, Loves A Good Laugh, Clever, Honest, Loyal to the Princess and her family
    Fur color: Brown (Normal Eevee Fur)
    Eye color: Pale Blue (Is that Okay?)
    Skills: Quick On His Paws, Cleverness, Pretty Strong for a Eevee

    Lukas stared as the sad princess looked out the window. He wanted to let her go play but his king said she could not. And the King had more authority over him than Princess Moon Did. He hated seeing the princess sad but orders are orders. "My Lady, I hate seeing you sad like this, It breaks my heart just thinking about it. Instead of Just sitting here looking at the rain and mud how about I show you a secret passage that the royal guards use to get into the castle. I know I am not suppose to be doing this but Your sadness pains me My lady." "So what is it going to be? You can stay in the castle and obey your parents or you go have fun in the rain. Your choice. I am fine either way. But it is up to you, My Lady."
  4. (@BluBerrySans your form is completely fine!)

    Moon turned at the sound Of Lukas's voice. "Hello, Lukas." Moon said calmly, nodding her head. "That sounds nice!" Moon said with a smile, agreeing to go see the secret passage. She loved secrets and secret things, such as secret doors and passages.
  5. "This way My Lady." The two of them snuck past the Throne room to the Guard headquarters. There was a hidden lever underneath a painting to get inside the long hallway that leads to the village. "Follow Me, My Lady." The princess followed Lukas till they were at a secret part of the village onlyLukas knew about . The rain felt amazing on Lukas's Fur. He was having a great time splashing around in the mud and rain. Though he was a royal guard, he sometimes had the maturity of a Five Year old. He loved to laugh and have fun, but he knew when to be serious. "Are you having fun My Lady?"
  6. "Of course!" Moon laughed, jumping around and splashing in the mud, knowing the rain would rinse it off. Moon accidentally splashed Lukas in the face with mud. "Sorry Lukas!" Moon said sorry before dancing in the rain, another one of her favorite things to do.
  7. Midnight jumped through the window of his castle, taking his mask off, along with hiding the bag under his giant bed. He smiled as the Queen came inside. It was a Majestic Espeon, wearing a crown. "Hello my young prince. How have you been." She smiled. Midnight smiled. "Good, cause Iv'e got good news. Were working out a Truce with the Twilight Star Kingdom, but first we need to see how you'll do with their Princess. Moon. Midnight groaned. "Mom, you know I hate the other kingdoms. Why can't we pronounce war against them?" Midnight sighed. Because, we will loose many people, and one may be you. Please understand this is for our Kingdom." She smiled. Midnight puffed his cheeks. "Fine, for you." HE smiled. She smiled back, hugging him. "We're going over in an hour." She smiled, walking out. Midnight frowned.

    He grabbed the bag from under his bed, then walked toward the window. He tossed the bag outside, it landed on the ground coins flying everywhere. Eevee and Eeveelutions circled around the coins grabbing what they could. "What I'd do to be them." Midnight graoned walking back inside.
  8. OOC:Sorry, I was eating Breakfast, Then I cleaned my room XC

    The Princess Accidentally splashed mud on Lukas's Face, But he didn't mind. "It's Fine My lady, I will just shake it off." He did just that and the remaining mud came off from the rain. He heard the tower bells ring. It must be 4 o'clock. "My Lady, I hate to ruin your fun, but if you and I don't want to get in trouble we should go back to the castle. I don't want your parents getting suspicious of where we are because if we get caught you will never come out here again and I will get fired from my job, probably killing me." Lukas stuttered. "Please My Lady."
  9. "You're right! We should go before anyone starts getting suspicious." Moon shook the rest of the mud off and rinsed as much mud off as possible with rain water. "Besides, I would hate it if you got fired, especially since it would technically be my fault." Moon said calmly.
  10. Midnight frowned. He was dragged outside the castle by his mother. He groaned as she wrapped her tail around his body. He was being lifted. HE frowned his mother carrying them into a carriage strapped by two Rapidash. He groaned. "Ugh, I'm regretting this decision soo much." He groaned, as the carriage started moving. The Espeon frowned. She patted Midnight's head. "Don't worry, I'm sure it's going to be fine, plus you may meet another royal." She smiled.
  11. Name: Noir
    Gender: Male
    Shiny: No
    Position: Servant
    Castle/Village: Starlight Castle
    Personality: Obedient and shy
    Fur color: Chocolate brown
    Eye color: Emerald green
    Skills: Quick to act when something happens.
    Extras: He wears a black bandanna around his neck.

    Noir quickly rushed outside, tripping and falling face-first into a mud puddle. "P-Princess Moon, y-you need to come inside q-quick" He said, cowering over to the princess, ears instantly drooping. He crouched down so she was taller and he looked up at her with pleading eyes.
  12. Midnight frowned. They were halfway to the kingdom and he already felt like jumping out of the carriage into the mud. He groaned, his mother was holding his tail preventing him from doing so. They entered the Kingdom, Midnight regretting to come. They slowly approached the castle before Midnight thought. "Is it a Prince, or Princess?" He asked. The Espeon shot a look at him, smirking. Midnight could already tell, it was a Princess,
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  13. Moon jumped at the sound of Noir's voice. She spun around to face him. "What is it? What's wrong?" Moon quickly asked, fearing something was terribly wrong. "Lukas, come with me, just incase." Moon commanded Lukas, even though she hated commanding anyone.
  14. Name:Zyro
    Position: prince
    Fur color:silver
    Eye color:blue
    Skills:is fast and can jump high
    Extras:have a orange pendant gived by he mom

    zyro was hiding from his mother why she did not like of zyro quit of the castle. zyro was jumped of the window and fall but he was Nifty jumping so he fall without get hurted but he pendant fall in moon neck "w-wait where is my pendant!? oh gosh if my mom know I'm going to stay punished!" talked now with panic
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  15. Name: Vanilla
    Gender: Female
    Shiny: No
    Position: Famous Outlaw
    Castle/Village: Diamond Gem
    Personality: Purswasive
    Fur color: Brown
    Eye color: Cyan
    Skills: Master of Disguise
    Extras: Number One Wanted in DIamond Gem kingdom

    Vanilla smiled, hitching a ride on Diamond Gem's royal carriage. She planned on making great thefts while she was in Twilight, then she could high tail out easily, but she was aiming her eye for the castle's delights. She would blend in as a royal with her Cyan Eyes. She smirked of her plan. SShe ducked down. She was in the cieling of the carraige, taking a glance at Midnight. She smiled. "Hey Handsome." SHe thought.
  16. "Yes My Lady" Noir looked scared for some reason. Was Moon and And Himself in trouble? Lukas hoped not. "Excuse me, Noir?, Are Moon and Myself in trouble? I hope not." Lukas knew he shouldn't have brought the princess outside. They would both get in trouble. "Noir , Why do you look so worried and scared. Is something wrong?"
  17. Name : Zeon
    Gender : Male
    Shiny : No
    Position : Big brother of princes
    Castle/vilage : Virsato Town
    Personality : good, fare and naughty
    fu colour: white
    eye colour : blue
    Skills : expert in cheating
    Extras :aurora stone
    Zeon and sister - his sister was Berain hide and seek. Zeon was looking for a nice place to hide, he said, '' where ya a good place to hide, perhaps in the box. sister does not know where his brother hid Zeon. then his father called '' Zeon where are you, Dad wants to talk to you. Zeon out of the box and went to the father '' father's father what he wanted to talk about '' said Zeon. father then gave the aurora stone. Zeon very pleased and play again with his brother
  18. zyro looked to moon and saw he pendant "my pendant! is in that eevee neck!" zyro go in the moon direction "hello you could give me this pendat on your neck he is mine"
  19. Midnight thought he heard something coming from above, but ignored it. He sighed as he was dragged out of the carriage. He Then sighed. The two walked into the castle. "Now, we must wait for the king or queen to greet us in." She smiled. Midnight groaned. Mom I thin i'd puke if we truce with this kingdom. Its too, how do you say, Shiny." Midnight groaned. "Says the Shiny Himself." The queen smiled. Midnight sighed.
  20. Name: Darkmint
    Gender: Male
    Shiny: No
    Position: Thief
    Castle/Village: EverVill
    Personality: jolly,funny
    Fur color: black
    Eye color: blue
    Skills: Good At Battleing
    Extras: nope
  21. Vanilla smiled. "Ahh, the Dream House. Disgusting as always. It takes some guts." She smiled, jumping out of the carraige. hHe stayed out of sighed, as if even if the Prince saw her she would be executed. She used her speeds wisely, dashing across the castle, leaving behind a Brown Blur.
  22. "There are visitors coming, from the Diamond Gem place, the Queen and prince, to be e-exact, please, y-you n-need to c-come inside and g-get r-ready" He pleaded, backing away as soon as he heard the sound of hooves. "T-They're h-here!" He cried, turning and running back into the castle, stealthily making it to the princess' room and standing at the door.
  23. "What?!" Moon half yelled, slightly worried. "Come on, Lukas!" Moon said before running to her bedroom, running into her bathroom to wash her tiara, then quickly washing her fur and drying it. "Hopefully my father doesn't do anything stupid." Moon mumbled, brushing her fur.

    King Cloud was sitting on his throne, reading the last chapter of his book. One of the Knights rushed in. "King Cloud! We have visitors! A queen and prince to be exact!" The knight quickly said. "Tell them I shall be with them as soon as possible, for I am busy." King Cloud commanded the knight before continuing to read his book. The knight rushed to the queen and prince of Diamond gem. "The king will be with you as soon as possible, for he is busy." The Knight quickly said to the queen of Diamond gem.
  24. Noir stood outside the room, licking his fur clean but cringing at the taste of the mud on his tongue. Thankfully, his paws weren't messed, so his older sister didn't have to clean it up. Noir ran into the changing room and fixed his black bandanna. He walked out of the room and checked himself once more, then scurried back to Moon's door, standing and waiting for her.
  25. Moon noticed a orange pendant around her neck. "Huh? Where did that come from?" Moon said out loud. "Maybe someone dropped it and Lukas or Noir found it and put it on me when I wasn't paying attention. I'm going to leave it here, though, just incase." Moon said, taking the pendant off and putting it on her sink. Moon then got two wash rags wet, giving one to Lukas and one to Noir so they could clean themselves.

    King Cloud got off his throne to go meet the Queen and Prince of Diamond gem. He walked up to the queen and prince, picking the queen's paw up and kissing it. "Hello, Madam!" He said to the queen. "What brings you and your son here today?" He asked, his Leaf tail whipping behind him.
  26. "Ahh, No worries, please, tell him to take his time." She smiled, waiting patiently. Midnight yawned. "Well, I'm already bored." He groaned, looking around. He saw a brown blur around as his vision was keen, yet he was able to see the figure, assuming it was a Royal Guard he ignored it.
  27. "my pendant! grrr that eevee take my pendant ok let me same pick!" so zyro jumped in the castle window and saw moon "maybe her know where is my pendant" zyro jumped inside of the castle and asked to moon "hey you saw a orange pendant?"
  28. "Ahh, thank you. As for the reason we're here we want to truce with your kingdom, and hopefully get our Prince a Friend." She smiled, looking toward Midnight. Midnight frowned, Midnight rubbed his paw against his face, then narrowing his eyes. "Yea, Sure." He groaned.
  29. "Orange pendant? Hang on, I'll go get it!" Moon said and grabbed the pendant off her sink and handed it to the eevee. "It somehow ended up around my neck, and I didn't notice it. Sorry about that! I'm really not sure how it got around my neck though." Moon explained, hoping the eevee wasn't mad.
  30. "thanks.maybe fall of my neck when........well you no want know,and before you ask I'm the eclipse prince zyro maybe my parents are coming here later so.....until later" zyro jump from the castle window and jump in a ceiling and continue jumping to reach he kingdom
  31. "He was kinda odd." Moon mumbled. "I guess I should go see my Father." Moon said before running to where her father was. She noticed the Queen and Prince. "Very well. We shall truce." King Cloud said, then noticed his daughter standing beside him. "This is my daughter, Princess Moon. I think she and your son will get along very well." King Cloud introduced Moon. "What is going on?" Moon wondered.
  32. Noir stood behind Midnight and the Queen, but very far away from them. "Who am I kidding? Princess Moon will never like me, I'm just another servant that works for her...." He muttered, ears drooping and his body slumping to the ground and out of sight.
  33. "Midnight sighed. "I beg to differ." He sighed, looking over. He saw another Eevee. It was a male to his vision, which was better than hanging out with a female. HE waved, hoping he would notice. The queen smiled. "Ahh, Thank you. For our truce would you like to come over for some tea?" She smiled. Midnight sighed, looking at Moon. His ear tritched once, then twice, then three times, before he turned away.
  34. Moon noticed Noir. "I wonder what's wrong with him." Moon wondered. "That sounds lovely! Princess Moon likes Tea, so I'm sure she would enjoy it as well." King Cloud said. "Noir looks kinda sad. I'll try to cheer him up later, as it looks like Father is making plans." Moon thought to herself.
  35. Noir blinked with astonishment as Midnight waved at him, but then backed away, getting a bit scared. 'Crab! I got noticed! I'm only the Princess' servant, nothing more, remember that Noir, your only here to do what she says' He thought, standing up, ears still droopy, but his posture turned from disgusting to perfect. Sadness still glimmered in his eyes, but he pushed the thought away and waited for Moon's orders.
  36. Midnight sighed. HE then turned back to his mother. "OK, when do we leave?" HE asked, quite annoyed. "We'll we will see you at our kingdom." She smiled, dragging Midnight out.
  37. King Cloud waved before going back to his throne room and sitting on his throne. Moon walked over to Noir. "Hey Noir! What's wrong? You seemed kinda sad." Moon asked, hoping he would tell her so she could find a way to cheer him up. "Maybe Father will let me bring him along." Moon thought to herself.
  38. "Oh, just thinking about my parents...who are ten feet underground right now" He lied, smiling sadly at Moon. "I just want to wish you luck with Prince Midnight, you know what happens when a prince and princess of different kingdoms meet forcefully, right? They are in for a marriage" Noir said, all his sadness getting poured into the word 'marriage'.

    (Noir's parents really are dead, but that's not the reason that he's sad)
  39. (Hey guys! I've created a discussion thread for this role play, and I also changed it to where you can have up to three charectors. I also mentioned two things I forgot to mention when I started the role play.)

    "Oh. Wait, marriage?! I don't want to get married to him! I don't even know his name!" Moon said, now a bit mad that she may have to marry someone she doesn't even know. "If my Father makes me get married to him, I'll run away, because my father can't control my life! Besides, there is someone I really like!" Moon said, then blushed after she said the last part, realising what she just said. "Uh oh." She thought to herself.
  40. (I saw!)

    Noir backed away slightly "M'lady, it is none of my business to know who you like and also, the marriage thing is normally only in fairytales" He chirped out, then blushed when he realised that he wasn't stuttering.

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