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Ask to Join Royal Eevees

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Midnight Heart, Oct 1, 2016.

  1. Freddie stopped and raised an eyebrow, anger instantly vanishing. "Wow, you really need to up your game with lookin charming son, here, let me show you how the master does it" She said, taking the top hat and sitting down, curling her silver tail around her paws and tipping her hat slightly forward. She used attract, but not in the same way most pokèmon use it. She summoned small red hearts around her and used baby-doll eyes, winking at Midnight. Hey, if it worked for a FEMALE then it should work for Midnight, too.
  2. Midnight smiled. He closed his eyes confidently. "OK, Ill open my eyes when your ready, but I still think I look beautifull." He teased. er a few seconds he opened his eyes to realized that hearts were circling around him. "Wha!" He yelled. He tr tried dashing out of the way, but it was too late. He turned to Freddie, his eyes turning to hearts. HE smiled, walking over. "Uh, Hey there, I'm sure we both know this, but. I want to be more than friends." He smiled romantically, kissing Freddie's paw.
  3. Freddie smirked "Well, looks like I still got the charm" She said victoriously, nodding at Midnight. 'Oh~ your information a surprise when I take the spell away~' She thought, then nodded at Midnight "Alright, we can be more than friends" She said, her smirk growing wider.
  4. "mom something is wrong to me in the castle I can investigate?" the zyro mom said"okay son" zyro climb in one ladder have near there and entered where freddie and midnight are "gosh you use attract on him right?"
  5. Midnight smiled. "Then we will be married today." HE smiled, dashing off. He then came back in. "We will marry each other tommorow." He sighed, then smiling. He walked beside Freddie, then pushing her. He stoof over her. "Heh, I thought you were stronger than that." HE smiled.
  6. Freddie blushed a deep red "M-Midnight!" She whined, wriggling around under him. 'Gosh, how long will this attract take to wear-oh yeah- a day....gosh dang it!' She thought, her blush intensifying by the second.
  7. "wait one anditode of attrack quiting right now!" use iron tail on midnight "maybe this will work for a short time your welcome! and you are more red than a groundon!"
  8. "U-um, I can't really tell you. I will tell you one thing, though. I wouldn't marry the prince here or any other prince!" Moon said, blushing. "I really can't tell him, because he might hate me!" Moon thought to herself sadly. "Hey Noir, why do you want to know who I would marry?" Moon asked Noir.

    Sunny put the gems back in Moon's room, and put the others where they belong. "I wonder when Uncle Cloud and cousin Moon will be back." Sunny wondered. He only called King Cloud uncle Cloud when no one was around.
  9. "Yes, My sweet Pr-" He was ct off b something.Midnight felt something like Metal hit the back on his head. He frowned, fainting on top of Freddie.
  10. Noir nodded "Yes, tell me, please m'lady" He said gently, smiling at her assuringly. 'Well, if it's not a prince, then who is it?' He thought, then tilted his head at Moon, waiting for her answer.

    Freddie gasped and pulled Midnight to her chest, turning and glaring at the Eevee that knocked him out cold. "You know, it does wear off" She hissed, then dragged Midnight back to his room and set him on his bed.
  11. Name: Ivy
    Gender: Female
    Shiny: Yes
    Position: Outlaw
    Castle/Village: They steal from any!
    Personality: Mischievous and Lovely
    Fur color: (would it be alright if these outlaws were already evolved or no? if so a Leafeon.. Tan, and Green.)
    Eye color: Brown
    Skills: Quick, Quiet, Sunny Day, Grass Whistle, Leaf Blade, X Scissor
    Extras: has a satchel and a partner.

    Name: Livre
    Gender: Male
    Shiny: No
    Position: Outlaw
    Castle/Village: Steal from any
    Personality: Smart, Clever, and Frail.
    Fur color: Blue, Vaporeon
    Eye color: Red
    Skills: Rain Dance, Scald, Hail, Icy Wind
    Extras: is a supporter of Ivy. has a scarf.

    (can i get a fill in for what has happened so far please? <: )
  12. (@Magjia, I'm afraid your charectors have to start out as eevees, however they can evolve later.)

    "O-okay. I'll tell you when we get back to Starlight Castle. But you have to promise you won't be mad or hate me, okay?" Moon said, looking at the ground and blushing. "He'll probably be mad or hate me." Moon thought to herself sadly, continuing to blush.

    Sunny got bored and desided to see what Lukas was doing. "Hey Lukas! What are you doing? How you been?" Sunny said to Lukas while walking up to him. "Do you know when King Cloud or Princess Moon will be back?" Sunny asked.
  13. Noir nodded yet again "I promise, m'lady" He said, smiling gently at her. 'Why would I be mad and ontop of that, hate her? Is it one o those jerk Eevee? If so, I'm gonna slaughter them- no, I'm gonna pulverise them' He thought, then turned his attention back to Moon.
  14. (thats okay then! Ivy has the moveset: Sunny Day, Dig, Attract, Takedown Livre: Rain Dance, Helping Hand, Sand Attack, and Heal bell then. is that okay? <: )
  15. Sunlight smiled as their maid prepared their tea. "I'm soo glad you could join us. It's been awhile since we've had another kingdom visit. Well except for Shadow's kingdom." She smirked, glacing at Shadow. She heard something that sounded like Moon. She frowned at what she said, but continued in a good moon. "Well, looks like the Twilight Kingdom and ours will never unite." She thought.
  16. (Yep! That's fine! Also, why do people keep filling out the form here, when there is one on the discussion thread? XD I find it kinda funny.)

    Moon looked at Noir and smiled. "Hey Noir, want to go look around?" Moon asked, very curious about Diamond gem castle, due to having never been there or any other castle. "Atleast I know he won't hate me, or be mad, since I'll have to tell him." Moon thought to herself.
  17. (i'm kind of a noobie to this site! sorry ;w; but could i get a quick fill on what is happening right now?)
  18. Noir nodded "Sure, m'lady" He said, smiling patiently at Moon, knowing that she wanted to tell him secretly.

    Shadow grinned, but frowned when he heard that Moon would never marry a prince. "Ouch, that means that she's either marrying someone like a guard or even worse, a servant" He said, turning and side-glancing at Noir, then turning back to look at Sunlight with a smile.
  19. zyro go down to where his mother is "mom im bored let'go to home" "no son today we are going to visit all the kingdoms the next one is........ diamond gem" zyro and his mother go to diamond gem and zyro knock in the door "OPEN THE DOOR!!!" "son! "sorry mom is impossible no do"
  20. "Shadow! Rude. We need to respect her decisions, even if some are very farfetched." Dhe sighed, then thinking of Midnight. "Maybe Shadow's daughter?" She questioned. Her concentration was cut off by a loud bang on the door. She sighed, using Psychic opeing the doors. "Ah, Come In!" She yelled.

    Name: Amethyst
    Gender: Female
    Shiny: No
    Position: Bandant
    Castle/Village: Diamond Gem
    Personality: Corageous
    Fur Color: Normal
    Eye Color: Brown
    Skills: Easily takes things.

    Amethysst jumped in through Midnight's window. "Hey Midnight, thanks for letting me borrow some, m o n e y." She frowned. She saw an Shiny holding Midnight. "Um, bad timing?" She questioned, then walking back out the window.
  21. "finnaly!" the zyro mom asked"where is the king of diamond gem? im the queen of eclipse I want meet with the diamond gem king" the zyro mom said "mom I can smash all of here?""no" the zyro mom said
  22. sunlight frowned as she asked for Diamond Gem's king. She stuttered a bit. "H-He, Well, There is No King." She managed to say without shedding a tear.
  23. "saw take that mom" "shut up sorry for my son he is a little rebel so where is the queen?" the zyro mom asked "if no have queen here too my mom will explode" zyro tought to himself
  24. Sunlight sighed. She walked over, standing across from the other Queen and her Prince. "Yes, I am the Queen. Is their something you want from our Kingdom? A Truce perhaps?" She asked.
  25. "Then let's go!" Moon said, running upstairs, dragging Noir with her. "Sorry Noir!" Moon said quickly, letting go of Noir. "I kinda have a bad habit of doing that!" Moon said, scratching the back of her head nervously. "Want to spy on my father and the queen?" Moon asked.
  26. Amethyst walked in through the entrance in the middle of a conversation between two queens and a prince. She walked past, rubbing the Prince's cheek with the tip of her tail. She then winked at him walking off. "Oh, don't go upstairs, Midnight and Freddie are having a moment." She smiled, walking off. She walked over to Moon and Noir. "How's it going?" She smiled, cuddling against Noir. "Also, Did I hear the word 'Spy'?" She smirked.
  27. Moon growled due to the eevee cuddling against Noir. She then tilted her head to the side. "Who are you?" Moon asked. "And yes, you heard the word spy." Moon said. "And get away from Noir!" Moon thought about saying, but desided against it. Noir would probably get mad at her if she said that.
  28. "So my ears didn't deceive me." She smiled, then returned to a straight face after being asked a question. "Oh, I'm sorry. The name is Amethyst, Midnight's friend." She smiled. "And whom might you two be exactly?" She asked.
  29. "I'm Princess Moon, from Starlight Castle, and this is my friend, Noir!" Moon introduced herself and Noir. "I'm not sure if I like her or not." Moon thought to herself. "Where are you from?" Moon asked, trying to distract her From Noir.
  30. "Well, nice to meet you Noir. And I'm from Diamond Gem, little house away from this huge hunk of bricks." She smirked.
  31. Moon growled again. "Do you like living there? And have you ever been to Starlight?" Moon asked. Moon desided she did not like Amethyst. "What time is it?" Moon said, walking over to the window. "Hey Noir! Lets go explore!" Moon said, wanting to get away from Amethyst.
  32. "Of course not. That's when I met Midnight and the Queen, and I'm classically family, though I still do go back sometimes. I have y own room in the castle though. Right next to the prince." She smiled. "No, I have not been to Starlight, but I know you're trying to keep Noir to yourself." She smirked. It was really obvious too.
  33. "W-what? N-no I'm not!" Moon stuttered, her face going a very pale pink. She desided she really didn't like Amethyst. Moon growled again. Moon desided to go look around. "I'm going to go look around." Moon said, walking off.
  34. Amethyst sighed. "Look, I was just messing with ya. You can have your dream boat back." She teased, then walking off.
  35. Moon blushed. "W-what does that even mean? Argh, I probably don't want to know." Moon mumbled, still blushing. Moon walked off in the opposite direction to look around. "I swear I hate it when people tease me or mess with me!" Moon growled.
  36. the zyro mom talked "yes I'm trying make a donation of gems to the poors and only my kingdom no is enough and I need help of the others kingdoms you accept?" zyro jump in the trone "I'm the king!" the zyro mom use psycic to take away zyro from the trone "okay mom I will play outside" zyro go to outside and see moon "oh hi! you are that eevee who gave my pendant!"
  37. Sunlight frowned. "That's terrible, of course Ill help. I wouldn't think of a kingdom that wouldn't!" She smiled, accepting.
  38. "thanks"the zyro mom said "wait wich your name?" zyro asked to moon zyro saw a berry tree "wow a berry tree! I will pick some to me!"
  39. Moon spun around to see Zyro. "Oh, hi again! I don't think I got your name earlier, or told you mine. My name is Moon. I'm the Princess of Starlight. What's your name?" Moon asked, slightly surprised to see Zyro there. "And why are you here?" Moon asked.
  40. "well my mom are trying make a alliance to help the poors giving some gems and her is asking to the near kingdoms is this and my name is zyro the prince of eclipse"

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