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Ask to Join Royal Eevees

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Midnight Heart, Oct 1, 2016.

  1. "Thank Arceus that's over." Midnight smiled. The queen turned to him. She smiled, then frowned. "Marraige." She sai. Midnight 's eyes narrowed. HE jumped out of the carraige, running away. The queen sighed using Psychic. Midnight groaned. "Just wait until I evolve, you wont be able to use that on me anymmore!" He growled. She smiled. "Look, you dont have to marry that Princess, it could be any other Princess. You want to rule dont you?" She smiled. Midnight's ears perked up. "You lost me at Rule." HE smiled.
    So, I have to marry a princess to rule?" He questioned. "Well first you have to wait until your marriage request if accepted.. If I think she's the right one, Ill let you be married, and then you can rule, but not with an Iron Paw." She smirked. Midnight frowned. "Waste my life being married, but ruling." He pondered.

    "I guess I could get married. But does it have to be with a princess?" He asked. "If you want to wait until I pass away, though with a princess you can start ruling. Ill step aside while you do your work." She smiled. Midnight sihed. "Maybe, her?" He thought.
  2. "I know, but still. Knowing my Father, it could happen." Moon said, glad Noir didn't ask who she liked. "I better start getting ready." Moon said, knowing they would be leaving soon. "Hey Noir, would you like to come too? I'm sure my father would let you if I asked him." Moon asked Noir.
  3. zyro was in he kingdom already her mother are teaching he to reign a kingdom his mother said "first of all you need of a wife" "what?! mom why a wife?" "why all kingdoms need of a queen and a king! so only back to the castle when you already have someone to be your queen!" "more....." "nothing of more!" zyro start to walk sorrowfully to out of the castle "ah man my mom is so...... boring! with that thing of reign a kingdom! maybe some berrys will this make this less stressful"
  4. Noir perked up "If it's fine m'lady, I'll be glad to come along" He said, smiling at her. "I'll wait outside" He added, then ran out of the castle.

    (I'm adding a new character)

    Name: Freddie
    Gender: Female
    Shiny: Yes
    Position: Princess
    Castle/Village: The Royal Nights (Or TRN for short)
    Personality: Brave and daring.
    Fur color: Silver
    Eye color: Ocean Blue
    Skills: Charming males AND females.
    Extras: She wears a top hat (Like Toy Freddy's top hat)

    Freddie peeked out from under the seat and looked at Midnight. "Heya Midnight! Did you forget that me and dad were here?" She asked, knowing that the Eevee and his mother forgot that they were coming over. Said Umbreon peeked out beside her with a smug smile. "G'day" He said simply.
  5. "Okay!" Moon said with a smile, running to her room to get ready. She brushed her fur, cleaned her tiara again, and then ran to her Father. "I'm ready! Also, can Noir come, please?" Moon asked. "Okay. And I reckon Noir can come." King Cloud said, walking outside, Moon following close behind him. A carriage was already in front of the castle. King Cloud climbed in, Moon Climbing in after him. "Come on, Noir!" Moon said to Noir.
  6. Midnight was a bit startled. "Freddie! You were here the whole time!" Midnight asked. HE was a bit offended, now he didn't feel really safe, as his best friend managed to go withdidn'tm without him noticing. Espeon smirked. "Freddie, I'm impressed with your skills, I know that Midnight could pull them off." She teased, then winking at Midnight. She looked under the seat. "Ah, Hello Umbreon. But If I may ask, are you two the only ones here. I'm sue Midnight agrees with this, but I feel violated." She frowned.
  7. zyro was ready to start jumping again "okay....1.....2....3.... go!" zyro start make parkour and one place he jumped was in the carriage and he tried jump on the top of the berries tent but he fall and broke the tent "ouch man........"
  8. Noir nodded and hopped into the carriage. "Wow, this is the first time that I ever left the palace" He said, smiling at Moon.

    "Please, call me Shadow" The Umbreon said, smiling gently at the Espeon.

    Freddie smiled and hopped up beside Midnight "It's only us here" She said, smiling gently at the two.
  9. Name: Zenith
    Position:Outlaw´s Son.
    Castle/Village:Moon Village
    Personality: Kind-Quiet-Rarely Cobard.
    Fur color:White
    Eye color:Blue
    Skills:Sometimes other pokemon cant see him because of his lack of presence.
    Extras:Have a scar on his eye.

    Zenith The Incommon Eevee has finally prepared to start stealing so he decided to go to the Starlight Castle.
    "So this is Starlight Castle..."Zenith looked to the Castle.
    "Iam pretty sure the Princess or the Prince are really useless on tracking someone since they stay all the days in the castle." Zenith made a plan to get in the castle.Zenith looked through the princess´s window ."Hmmm...time to steal something for the rich ones."
  10. The Espeon smiled. "Then Just call me Sunlight." She smiled.

    Midnight smiled. "Thank Arceus." He smiled. He then playfully punched Freddie. "Hehe, I like your style." He smirked.
  11. Zenith entered the room and searched for something really expensive.
    "Where is the it..."Zenith found some gems.
    "Maybe this is expensive and get some money to my village..."
    Zenith putted a paper on the table."Thank you for the Gems Princess...Something."Zethind putted the gems on the backpack and ran away to his village.
    "I Think today i got jackpot."Zenith smiled.
  12. zyro saw Zenith and saw his bag full of gems "oh gosh he is a outlaw!" zyro jumped in the Zenith front "hello my friend what have on your bag?"
  13. (I'm Gonna make another charector.)

    Name: Sunny
    Gender: Male
    Shiny: No
    Position: Knight
    Castle/Village: Starlight Castle
    Personality: Hardheaded, Never gives up, and very strict
    Fur Color: Dark gray
    Eye color: Dark blue
    Extras: is Princess Moon's cousin, and King Cloud's favorite Knight

    Sunny looked outside and saw the King and Princess Moon leaving, taking Princess Moon's servant with them. "There are plenty of Knights to guard the King's throne room and bedroom, however there is not any guards to guard the Princess's room, I don't think. I should guard the Princess's room just incase." Sunny said before walking into Moon's room to guard it. He didn't notice someone looking in the window.

    The three arrived at Diamond gem. "Alright, everyone out!" King Cloud said. Moon climbed out, dragging Noir with her. King Cloud climbed out after them. The King began to walk to the castle, Moon following him, dragging Noir with her. "Sorry for dragging you around, Noir. I'm just kinda scared because I haven't been to another Castle before." Moon said nervously, continuing to drag Noir.
  14. "Sure..."Zenith handed him the bag.Zenith prepared himself to launch the move tackle to make the knight drop the gems.
    "But you wont find nothing there..."Zenith was emotionless.

    (you should see my Extra xD)
  15. "Alright then, Sunlight" Shadow said, crawling out from under the chair and sitting upright in front of her. "So, about the marriage, are you seriously gonna follow a fairytale?" He asked, smirking.

    Freddy giggled "Owwww" She playfully whined, dramatically falling into her side and playing dead. She the raised one paw and look up at the ceiling "If only the love of my life would kiss me, then I'll be fine" She said dramatically,her paw falling into her chest and her eyes snapping shut.

    Noir smiled "It's quite alright m'lady, I haven't been to another castle either" He said assuringly, following Moon and her dad, a calm yet nervous smile on his face. He allowed himself to get dragged around by Moon, just because it was Moon, but if it was someone else, excluding his older sister, he would of put up a fight and a-half.
  16. zyro see inside of the bag and see all the gems "you are stealing!" "please no steal my pendant" zyro thought to himself

    (my character is not a knight)
  17. Sunlight closed in on Shadow then whispering in his ear. "This is only for Midnight to be royal, as he will soon rule the day I die. Before the day comes, then I want him to be married, and have a queen to rule with him. Heck, his father left once he was born, or hatched. That jerk, if he comes around here, Ill have the royal guards execute him!" She groaned.

    Midnight sighed. "I'm sorry, but you have a love of your life? I'm sure your someone else. What did you do to Freddie?" Midnight smirked. The carriage slowly made it to the kingdom. He jumped off. "Yes, Castle sweet Castle! Let's go to my room!" He smiled, dashing off. Sunlight smiled,she saw the carraige from the Starlight kingdom. "Ah, they have arrived." She smiled. She walked inside, ready to greet them in.
  18. Zenith lauched his swift at the man making him drop the bag.Zenith quickly got the bag and used quick atack to dash away at full speed.In 3 minutes he wasnt more in the kingdoom."Phew that was close...still that guard was really idiot."Zenith smiled.
    "Tomorrow i need to have more careful."Zenith looked back to make sure no one followed him.
  19. "oh no you are not going to quit so easy!" zyro jumped in 1 minute he was in the zenith front "surprise!" and zyro used iron tail in zenith
  20. Freddie jumped out of the carriage and raced after Midnight. "Wait up you silver ball of fluff!" She screeched, trying to catch up to him.

    Shadow hopped out of the carriage "If I may ask, what type of Eeveelution was Midnight's father?" He asked.
  21. Sunny turned around and saw that Moon's gems were gone. "W-where did they go?! I bet some no good outlaw stole them!" Sunny growled before running over to the window. He saw the eevee that stole the gems, and jumped out the window, running towards it. He used quick attack on the eevee. "Give those gems back! They belong to my cousin!" Sunny yelled, biting the eevee.

    They walked into the castle, Moon still dragging Noir. "I wonder why Noir is just letting me drag him around." Moon wondered. King Cloud saw the queen of Diamond gem and bowed. "Hello again!" King Cloud said, not noticing his daughter drag her servant around.
  22. "!"Zenith rolled to the left.
    "Take that useless guard!"Zenith used sand atack on both and ran away with quick atack once again.
    "Wow!I Never expected that guard have Iron tail!That was really close if I wasnt checking if someone was following me...I think these guards are strong at all!"Zerith was excited.

    Zenith realized another one was after him but he wasnt able to dodge it.
    "Damn!"Zenith used protetec to make some distance between them.
    "Hey take this gem and be grateful."Zenith throwed the gem and used sand atack.After using sand atack he ran away at full speed mixing quick atack with it.
  23. "Get back here!" Sunny yelled, using quick attack once again, and also biting the eevee again, too. "I won't let you get away!" Sunny growled angrily, baring his fangs. "I'll get you put in jail! Where outlaws like you belong!" Sunny growled angrily.
  24. "argh sand!" zyro runned and used swift on the bag and cuted one part of the bag and the gems fall zyro picked the gems and gived for sunny "here the gems is best you run these outlaw need a lesson"
  25. "While your fighting this outlaw my team is taking the rest of the gems!"Zenith used protetec once again to make the battle that more time.
    "So your still sure you wanna fight me while my team is taking all the gems?"Zenith smiled.
    "Iam still wondering why you cant just give one gem to one person since that person cant live with the taxes the king put on our village.Some part of the village help the king while the other steal him the goods."Zenith never said the name of the village.The gems were all on the ground except the most expensive.
  26. Midnight smiled, making it into his room. He quickly jumped onto his bed, awaiting for Freddie to get up. "Hehe, You're too slow!" He smirked He then looked out of the window. He saw Moon and Noir walk into the castle. "Aww Jeez. Worst timing." He groaned.

    Sunlight frowned. "HE was an Umbreon. Sometimes, you remind me of him. Not in the bad way of course!" She embarrassed herself, then turned to prince Cloud. "Ah, Hello Cloud." Her quickly changed the subject. "It's nice to see you." She smiled.
  27. "Thank you, good sir! These gems belong to my cousin, Princess Moon!" Sunny, said. Sunny then went back to the castle, a little scared the King would be back already and scold him for letting someone steal his daughter's gems. "I wonder if I'll see that eevee again." Sunny mumbled.
  28. Zenith ran to his village outspeeding everyone.
    "No one is able to catch our village sprint...so no one will see our village while iam alive."
    Zenith was excited for fighting such opponents.
    "I Hope one day i can beat that guys..."
  29. zyro jumped in zenith front again"you no need to do this say the name of the village and I can help! I'm a prince I give how many gems you need only stop of stealing!"
  30. Freddie jumped up beside Midnight, her eyes instantly widening. "I-Is that Noir?!" She asked, eyes filling up with hope when she saw the Eevee.

    Shadow smiled "That's good to know, oh, hello Cloud" He greeted, nodding at said Eeveelution.

    Noir paused, thinking that he heard Freddie's voice. 'No, I remember Sis telling me that she was kidnapped and never found' He thought, remembering that she was the first female that he met that was not family.
  31. "There is no need little prince!Every proud village can solve their problems!"Zenith shouted while dissapeared from the prince sight.
    "Wow...i need to run more 65 km... that really sucks!"Zenith wasnt excited.
  32. "Yea, he just walked inside, along with Moon." Midnight sighed. "What, do you want to go down and see him? Ill stay up here thouh." Midnight said.

    Sunshine smiled. "Thank goodness you didn't take that the wrong way." She smiled.
  33. Sunny got back to the castle and saw more outlaws stealing the rest of the gems. "Not on my watch!" Sunny growled. He called the other guards and they started fighting the outlaws, getting most of the gems back. "Hopefully no one will notice the missing ones." Sunny hoped.

    King Cloud kissed Sunlight's paw. "It is nice to see you, as well." King cloud said. "Gross. Why do guys have to do that?" Moon mumbled, looking around. "Hopefully they won't force me to marry the Prince." Moon hoped. "Besides, there is someone I like." Moon thought to herself.
  34. Freddie shook her head "No, I wanna stay with you" She said, but was itching to see if that was her Noir or not.

    Shadow smiled as Cloud kissed Sunlight's paw. "Aren't you forgetting someone else's presence?" He said, looking around and playing dumb.

    Noir sighed "Princess, I really hope they don't too, u-um, but may I ask, i-if you had a choice, w-who would you marry?" He asked quietly, turning to look at Moon with questioning eyes.
  35. "Ah, thank you Clould. You're still best at Chililry as I take it." She smiled. "Follow Me. Ill have our maid prepare some tea. And Moon, Midnight and his friend Freddie is upstairs, if you and your friend would like to join them." She smiled.
  36. zyro jumped and reached to he kingdom him mom said "ok son we are going to visit the starlight castle so is better you get ready and sorry to be so thick with you" "thanks mom" zyro get ready to go and they arrive in the castle the zyro mom said "okay son remember be a gentleman with the princess" "okay mom" "my mom always talk that" zyro thought to himself
  37. "Thanks Freddie, it means alot." He smiled, He walked over to Freddie, arms out, but he faked, snatching her hat instead. "Haha." He grinned, running off.
  38. Freddie screeched and raced after Midnight. "My mom gave that to me as a gift! You better give that back right now before I pulverise you!" She roared, anger blaring in her eyes.
  39. zyro knocked in the door "OPEN THE DOORS!" him mom said "son! why you did that?!" "sorry mom is boring wait open doors"
  40. Midnight smirked. "OK, Fine. But first." HE smiled. He tossed the Top Hat in the air, it landing on his head. "Dont' I look Charming?"He smirked, messing with the hat.

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