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Ask to Join Royal Eevees

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Midnight Heart, Oct 1, 2016.

  1. Midnight frowned. "Oh, Noir." Midnight frowned. Midnight always felt like he was getting in the way of Freddie and Noir, although he had never met the eevee till earlier that day, he was the last person he expected to be Freddie's Noir too.
  2. "Sure!" Moon said, and Sunny jumped up and down. "I've never been to another castle before! This will be fun!" Sunny yelled, continuing to jump. "Sunny, would you calm down?" Moon said to Sunny. "But I'm excited!" Sunny whined.
  3. Freddie sighed "Oh well, better luck next time, if there IS a next time..." Freddie muttered, then plucked the biscuit that Midnight held from his hand and ate it. "Yum!" Freddie exclaimed, mood changing drastically.

    Fay smiled and threw Noir (Literally) on her back, then stood up. "Let's get going!" Fay bellowed, then started walking.

    Noir whined "Why are you doing this to me!?" He cried over dramatically, face-pawing.
  4. Moon laughed a little. "Here, go put this on my bed." Moon said to Sunny, giving her tiara to him. Moon then followed after Fay and Noir, while Sunny took Moon's tiara to her room. Sunny ran back to Moon after putting her tiara on her bed. "So why are we going to Diamond gem?" Sunny asked, jumping up and down excitedly.
  5. Fay smiled "There's something there that I left, a long time ago actually, it's buried somewhere safe, just incase something like this happened" She answered, tail wagging happily behind her with Noir still clutching onto her like a baby Kleceon.
  6. "Okay." Sunny said, still jumping up and down. Suddenly Sunny wasn't looking where he was going and ran into a piller. "Ow!" Sunny yelped, holding his muzzle. "That's what you get for not looking where you're going." Moon said to Sunny, who whined.
  7. Name: Cinevee
    Gender: Female
    Shiny: No
    Position: Servant
    Village/Castle: Starlight Castle
    Personality: Nerdy, Shy, calm, and quiet,
    Fur color: Yellow
    Eye color: Pink
    Skills: Cleaning and is a fast runner
    Extras: Wears a ragged dress tied up with a rope

    Cinevee was cleaning the castle while the Princess Moon and Noir were going to Diamond gem. Cinevee would always be shy and quiet while cleaning, but was always singing her mother's lullaby that she used to sing to her when she was a little evee. Halfway she decided to take a nap, Cinevee would sleep on a pillow and rag. That afternoon, Cinevee tossed and turned, not having a good rest. When she woke up, she panted and realised she had to go back to cleaning.
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