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Regarding The Recent Sun and Moon Leaks

  1. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    EDIT 7th November: This article has been updated to reflect our stance on leaks from full copies of Pokémon Sun and Moon that have broken street date before release.

    As some of you may know, Pokémon Sun and Moon's demo release was met by the datamining community with interest, and early this morning a large quantity of images were released depicting Pokémon Sun and Moon information that has not yet officially been revealed. Unfortunately, such information has not been sanctioned by Game Freak or Nintendo, and hosting it here would open us up to potential legal difficulties we are keen to avoid.

    The practical effect of this is that we are not able to allow discussion, fanworks, or any other content involving leaked or datamined information, including that drawn from leaked copies of the game, until further notice. This does not include the info available as part of gameplay in the Sun and Moon demo. For example, any drawings of unrevealed Pokémon, mentions of them in the forums or profiles, and so on will be removed.

    For the avoidance of doubt, everything else related to Sun and Moon is still allowed. Please feel free to discuss and post works of anything to do with Sun and Moon revealed officially – if you've seen it on the site before, it's still allowed! If you're worried about your existing content, please contact a member of staff rather than deleting it yourself – we'll let you know whether your content is okay or not, as it's very unlikely you'll have broken this rule for anything posted before today.

    While this rule exists, we will be enforcing it through our warning system - like with all our other rules, we reserve the right to place members in moderation or read-only if they break this rule, or try to get around it.

    The law regarding fansites such as Pokécharms is a bit of a grey area – because we are technically infringing on Nintendo's copyright, we are at their mercy as to whether we are allowed to continue to exist. In our over 13 years of existence, we've never attracted Nintendo's ire, so they've allowed us to continue to operate as long as we play by their rules. We'd like to keep it that way. Unfortunately, as we are a dedicated fansite, we are in far more danger of being served with a takedown notice or otherwise having legal action taken against us than a general community like Reddit or Twitter.

    We are sorry for having to take a hard line with this – it is certainly not our wish to ban this entirely – but too much is at risk to allow it.

    From all of us on the Pokécharms staff, we thank you for your understanding – and we look forward to discussing everything regarding Sun and Moon as soon as we can!
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Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Teapot, Oct 18, 2016.

    1. Alex The Hydreigon
      Alex The Hydreigon
      Wait, so if we can't draw sun and moon stuff anymore, would it still be ok for me to make my own aloha forms still and post them, or no?
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    2. Teapot
      You're more than welcome to draw Sun and Moon Pokémon - provided they've been officially revealed in some way. Anything we've officially reported on is fine, as is anything new in the demo. The only thing not allowed is the data we only know about because it's been datamined.

      You are of course always welcome to post fan-made Pokémon and forms, this rule does not affect that in any way.
    3. Alex The Hydreigon
      Alex The Hydreigon
      Oh, ok. Thank you so much. :)
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    4. DaVioletAce
      Wait, was this sent to every user? I freaked when i found the message..
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    5. Teapot
      Everyone got the floating box, yes :) Sorry for freaking you out – we just needed to make sure everyone saw this! :)
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    6. Frontier Master
      Frontier Master
      Does this include alolan dugtrio seeing as it is in the demo but also in the data mine
    7. DaVioletAce
      Oh, and i just deleted the my work on Sun and Moon. Checked it and it wasn't erased, so..i deleted it! xD Ok, thank you for the reminder!
    8. Teapot
      Alolan Dugtrio is fine, as it's been "officially revealed" by the demo.

      Also, guys, please don't feel the need to delete your Sun and Moon works! If you're worried, shoot me a message and I'm happy to let you know where you stand – I promise I won't warn people for a genuine mistake :)
    9. DaVioletAce
      Too late for me, then! Anyways, i'll stop spamming ya'll emails. Bye!
    10. alexryce
      So, not allowed to talk about unreleased info, but can we still make art about the mid evolution of the starters?
    11. Teapot
      Yes :) They were revealed officially a couple of weeks ago, so they're fair game.
    12. alolatrainer
      Man...the whole pokedex revealed...
    13. Palusokudo
      So we can't talk about leaked information. I know that we can still make fan art, be does this apply to RPs as well?
    14. Teapot
      Palusokudo likes this.
    15. Curtkid
      Sorry if this sounds "smart ass-ish", but what about Alola Dugtrio? I mean, they make an appearance in the demo, so does that technically count as being officially revealed?

      BTW thanks for letting us keep up the art for the starter evo's, I spent a few hours on that Endermaid drawing and would have been bummed to see it deleted.

      Edit: Just realized someone asked this, sorry for the repeat question.
      Last edited: Oct 19, 2016
    16. Palusokudo
      Yea it's fine. It's known information from the demo.
      Last edited: Oct 18, 2016
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    17. SilvallyTamer
      So we can't talk about it in conversations? (Sorry this is probably a stupid question)
    18. Palusokudo
      Yea but I think you can talk about leaked information but not unknown information.
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    19. Teapot
      We wouldn't have any way of knowing if you did. :)
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    20. BurbleBurble
      Game Freak can't catch a break with these leaks.

      -First, the copyright is leaked day before it's revealed.

      -Then, final evolutions for the starters are leaked a few weeks after the starters revealed.

      -They take a metric ton of effort to replace every none demo available Pokemon have Pikachu's stats and sprites...and forgets the shiny sprites.

      It's safe to say Game Freak will likely never do another demo version, at least if they want to keep these surprises...though Australia will just give us in the US the low down night before release :p
      Though, thanks to these leaks, I can plan my team out a lot easier now. This game is hype as all get out.
    21. GamersPlayPokemon
      The floating box said i woulnt be able to post any work, is that true because i wanna continue making more storys and artwork?

      (The artwork is just gonna be pictures of characters in my story, like mysha the lucario)
      Last edited by a moderator: Oct 18, 2016
    22. Teapot
      It didn't at all say that, it just said what this article says - we're not allowing discussion or works involving the datamined Pokémon info from last night. Your works are absolutely fine, and you are more than welcome to post your stories and artwork here :)
    23. GamersPlayPokemon
    24. RLRL
      Damn... I totally see where you're coming from, it's so much safer than to be posting about all kinds of illegal activity, and it wouldn't shock me if all the datamining videos on youtube will be pulled down within a matter of hours.

      I will however be appearing on chat to rant, within the next few hours, provided that isn't going to be against the rules, just please no one ruin this vague moral-grey-area by posting in the chatlog topic....
    25. Onebrickyboi
      i dont have any problem with it
    26. JKShell007
      Can the datamined sprites of confirmed pokemon be used?
    27. Teapot
      Right now, we'd prefer you didn't use them - that will probably change down the line, though. :)
    28. YoltLuigi
      Can I still make my fan fiction I have?
    29. billy ross iii
      billy ross iii
      I have a couple of works related to Pokemon Sun and Moon. They are a poem about an Alolan Raichu and a short story about a boy named, Billy, and his adventure in the Alola region. Please take them down if they are not allowed. I will totally understand if you do. I have another short story planned about Billy's adventure in the Kanto region.
    30. Teapot
      Yes, of course :)

      Both these works are allowed, so no problem. :)
      Last edited: Oct 20, 2016
    31. Airus
      I completely understand the issue. I definitely would hate to see this site go, you guys have put lots of effort and time into it too and it would break many hearts if it had to come to a takedown for copyright infringement. The leaks were cool but it kinda ruined the surprises for everyone :V
    32. BooBerry
      So we can't make artworks of the leaked final evolutions of the starters?
    33. Teapot
      Because they were leaked so long ago, and have been so sidelined circulated, I said in the article that they're fine to discuss and use in works :)

      BooBerry likes this.
    34. BooBerry
      Okay, I understand what you said right now ^^ Thanks for informing us about this ^^
    35. BettySpaghetty
      im confused weren't the only things that were "leaked" anyways <unrevealed Pokémon names removed>
      also no one anywhere has had any issues with the leaks so why the fuss???
      Last edited by a moderator: Oct 23, 2016
    36. Teapot
      @BettySpaghetty None of the leaks have appeared on any of the major fansitee whatsoever, and several of them have made statements like ours. It's not really fair to say that we're the only ones making a fuss.

      Also, given you decided to break the rule this very article introduces, I've edited your post and issued a warning.
    37. seel129
      thank goodness,tbh I was staying away from a few pokemon site in fear of the leaks,thanks for not alowing spoliers
    38. Swaggering Kid
      Swaggering Kid
      Is discussion/fanwork allowed for stuff released publicly in Japan but not released anywhere else?
    39. Teapot
      If it's been revealed by an official source or CoroCoro, it's allowed. If not, no :)
      Swaggering Kid likes this.

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