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Ask to Join Powerless (Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by E.K.A.N.S., Jun 5, 2018.


What should the new name be?

  1. Demonkin

    1 vote(s)
  2. The wicked ones

    1 vote(s)
  3. Calderons

    0 vote(s)
  4. Aberrants

    10 vote(s)
  5. Obscrians

    0 vote(s)
  6. Kotonaru

    1 vote(s)
  7. Deviants

    2 vote(s)
  8. Elementals (keep as is)

    2 vote(s)
  1. Well, why would Sky leg it into the forest? He's trying to keep everyone away from the rest of the group
  2. That's very understandable. If @Sky5372 wants to keep the fight in town, they can.
  3. The shield is supposed to be a tall thick ass vine the size of a bus blocking the road, but I'll reduce its height by a couple feet so Chase still has a clear shot on you and you didn't put your wind shield up for no reason @Sky5372
    And here's me autoing an escape with Easen and Sky, though I'll change this because Sky made it clear he's staying put and fighting Chase in town, not in the forest. Was thinking you'd stop and take him on at the start of the forest while Easen and Neta would flee deeper into it, that way he's in the forest but still keeping Chase away from the others
    Hmm... I wonder why he isn't unconscious

  4. The shield was to stop Sky getting pegged in the back when he turned back to talk to Neta
    And in the same way that Sky excluded his allies from the pulse, he left out Chase so he could beat the shit out of him
    Sky's just trying to let the other two get away, so there wouldn't be a logical reason to move over to the forest. Unless you want me to levitate Sky and Chase over there, but that would kinda be autoing
  5. My shield already does that for you. Whatever, assume that it's not tall enough to protect you from the shots even though I conceived it to be
    No, why didn't the gas knock him out? That's what I'm referring to. @AnimeTail has some explaining to do
  6. Gas? Now you've got some explaining to do.
  8. Um, yeah, about that, I must've skipped it so what do I do now?
  9. Edit the post explaining how Chase remained conscious
  10. Hmm... What kind of gun does Chase has? Up to revolver, we need plenty of time to reload a gun with fresh bullets. 20 shots seems to much.
  11. @AnimeTail Never mind, don't worry about editing your post. My new post offers up possible explanations for why Chase wasn't knocked out by the pink gas.

    It wasn't really a plot inconsistency, just an ambiguity. Kind of like when Chase showed up at the inn at 3 in the morning when it was closed and somehow got in and ate some food (but you fixed that already by editing in an explanation saying that you banged on the door really hard and the innkeeper reluctantly let you in.) Ambiguities are just things that raise questions and create confusion for me as a reader. Like when I read over the RP and notice Chase firing away, I'm like "wait what? Isn't there a cloud of knockout gas around him? How's he still conscious? Please explain!!" It's just better to address these things in your posts than to leave them out or have me write them in for you. The 20 bullets issue that @Spoiled Bread raised is an easy fix if you edit and reduce that number to something more realistic, given how primitive guns are in this time period. Unless you can offer a realistic explanation for why Chase can fire off 20 bullets just like that.

    Another possible explanation for why the gas didn't affect Chase (I didn't mention this in my recent post) is that he was close enough to Sky's shield for the wind to repel the gas away from him.

    @Sky5372 since you're in town can you look at everyone else's bounties for me and tell them later? Neta kinda forgot...
    On average? Do you mean that you've used him in other power RP's that have bounties in them and that's the average across all of them? Interested in these other RP's if this is the case.

    Also you're lucky that you have a "wind shield" to block Chase's bullets and not a windshield or else your blood would be all over it and you'd crash the car
    I squizzed all over your bed ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Was reading over the RP and saw this XD


    #331 E.K.A.N.S., Jul 26, 2018
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  12. Nah, out of RP in this universe. I mean, judging by the number of cities Sky's destroyed in other RPs, I wouldn't doubt it would be similar if that was the case, but whatever
    As for the other RPs, he's headmaster of CoDA and has been in a bunch of other dead RPs
  13. Will we be going back to Arisa's house or?
  14. Sorry guys. I've been busy these past days and can't find good time to write. I'll be likely to be this busy up until 5th august. So I'm taking hiatus now.

    I give everybody right to slightly auto my characters if necessary. Keep going~
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  15. Ok, so Easen and Neta are both going to base camp with Mallory
    Wait, what? Staying where and going where? Back into town? Easen and Neta just fled from there, so that wouldn't make sense. Staying by the tree? I assumed that's what you meant, so that's what I had Neta do. Mallory and Easen can go back to base camp, Neta will meet Sky and Davina near the tree and catch up with you guys later.
    Just Arisa and Parker, I can't think of anything else we're carrying ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Yo @Sky5372 and @AnimeTail , I'm gonna need a response from you guys to keep the RP going on your end
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  16. Fuck, so sorry. I've been really busy, and I'll get to it now
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  17. Good call. And there are ways of interpreting it so that it's not autoing, since you sent him flying into the wall but you haven't explicitly written that he hit it.

    Also @Sky5372 maybe let Davina know everything's fine when Sky flees the scene and passes her by, since she took off into town just to back you up?

    At least she got in a good run ¯\_(ツ)_/¯​
    That's ok because from now on, I'm gonna slow down the rate of my replies to once every 2 days or 1.5 days :-O

    I'm stalling till @Spoiled Bread gets back. The replies will still come, just more slowly

    Don't worry people, we're alive and kicking, just like Arisa and those puppies, we're just going through a slow point ;)
    #337 E.K.A.N.S., Aug 1, 2018
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  18. Oof. I'm gonna have to wait longer
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  19. Sorry, I've been doing other stuff so I have also been busy.
  20. Is cool, don't worry
  21. Neta doesn't know where the base camp Mallory and Easen went to is. So one of two things can happen: Sky flies them into the sky and spots it from above, taking them there and leaving Davina alone in town (she'll make it back on her own because we're dickheads), or you edit your post so that you pass her by and let her know everything's ok, so Davina joins us and leads us to the base camp. However I feel like I'm the only one who willingly edits my posts without hesitation and that no one likes to :/

    Anyway, I can't reply until I get answers @Sky5372 @AssassinGallade
    #341 E.K.A.N.S., Aug 4, 2018
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  22. Ah, gotcha
    I think I'll go and ditch Davina, doing what you suggested and spotting the thing from above
  23. I'm starting to think that Sky isn't a very good listener XD
    Clever :\=|:

    Pivoting away and giving the sweet-nice-girl Neta the responsibility of ditching Davina, while somehow staying in character. :p
    #343 E.K.A.N.S., Aug 5, 2018
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  24. I changed my mind

    And Sky has far too many things on his mind to be a good listener, and I'm too busy watching Youtube to be a good reader
    Oh yeah, and Sky was the one who knocked the bounty hunter out by slamming him into the wall. So what I said was true, although he still didn't know how long the gas lasted, so I guess he still isn't very good at listening either way
    #344 Sky5372, Aug 5, 2018
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2018
  25. In that case we'll go and get Davina or @AssassinGallade can bring her back to us, yes that would work better
  26. [​IMG]
    RP gone since late July, niggas actin like it died​
  27. You have an obsession with Drake
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  28. I pray for you bru.
  29. So, I'm waiting on @AssassinGallade to reply, turning Davina back in the other direction and having her catch up with us just in time to save Neta the awkwardness of ditching her or going back into town where she fled from a second ago. He holds the torch now, though I'll respond if he can't.
    Yeah I know. 10 minutes was referring to the guys knocked out by the gas, not Chase.
    Since it bothers you, and since you told me to in a now-deleted status because the matter is settled, I'll post fewer Drake memes from now on. But I'd appreciate it if you were less patronizing about it here, also talking to me on your profile like I have a clinical disease for posting a meme. Being blunt is one thing, but the added insult of treating me like I'm sick in the head is a different thing entirely. Thank you. :)
  30. Ah, I was meming myself. Didn't actually mean to cause any offence or patronise you, sorry bro :'|
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  31. it's ok

    Gallade's been gone for almost 6 days, Bread for 4, Smug is on standby, Tail's busy, and Semper's been gone for over a month. My people are dropping like flies, you and me now loyal dude. I also saw your grassroots marketing just now, shouting this out to kyuu on his status:up:
  32. No prob, I just thought that Kyuu would like it. But yeah, I still like this RP quite a bit
  33. I'm bacc!!!

    The super paperwork took much more time than I expected, but I finished it anyway. Gimme time to reactivate my imagination brain.

    Work brain: PAPERWORKKSSS!!

    Imagination brain: hmmph, 5 more minutes...

    Sloth brain: let's just slack off for today. You can also take rest tomorrow and do nothing in the next day after that.

    That's a good idea, sloth brain. And let's spend the entire next 3 days playing games on the bed while ignoring the unfinished leftover works.

    Sloth brain: They said problems only exist in your mind.
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  34. That damn paperwork
    Wonder what Gallade's doing
    Prolly assassinating
    Well when he's done that I hope he stops by

    *Hugs Bread* I MISSED YOU SO MUCH welcome back!!! ;_;;_;;_;
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  35. @AssassinGallade So I brought Davina back because you've been gone a while. Like I said before,
    I've just been busy the past couple days is all. Anyway, after my latest post I don't see how it could continue without @Spoiled Bread , he said he came back but then left for another week like hi-bye :(

    Ekans: Where u goin???
    Bread: I came back just to change my pfp, see ya
    Ekans: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ;_;

    Lol jk I know he's busy im jus bein an ass XD

    To all my people who are still very active on the site (that's you @Top_Smug_ and you @Sky5372 ), this RP isn't dead so don't give up on it please. Smug I know I've been tagging you for no reason in this discussion several times after you took a break but that was only to keep you following along. Hopefully we'll be up and running soon if my guy comes back

    But if not, I'm considering trying something new(?). Having a backup cast. When one of us is away for a bit, anyone who's a fan of this RP and didn't join for whatever reason but still wants to contribute can play our character. When you know you won't be active as much, let me know in advance and PM your "understudy" the necessary details that allow them to play your character effectively in the time you're gone (like secrets, stuff you want to be gradually revealed throughout posts, where the character was planning to take the RP from there, etc.)

    This is just an idea and I'm throwing it out there. I don't know if people outside the RP are still excited enough about it for this understudy thing to work though

    If Spoiled's back and the RP picks up without Gallade, we'll just have to act like Mallory and Davina aren't there, because they're harder to write off than Magnus. Looking back, we could've actually done that with him too and I didn't really need to write Magnus off but doing so provided a sense of closure which is always nice
  36. Not given up on it, don't worry. I've just been silently floating here waiting for a response
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  37. So, sup. What's been happening?
  38. Bita stuff, RP's going pretty slowly right now
  39. Okay, I'm done waiting. @Spoiled Bread has been gone for over 2 weeks. @AssassinGallade for over 3.

    So here's what's gonna happen, @Sky5372 @Mystic Zander @Top_Smug_ . I give all of you full permission and want you to RP Easen, Arisa if needed (she's unconscious), provided that you stay in character when you're stepping into their shoes. Each post is going to move their actions along.

    Right now, Easen and Arisa are too central to the plot to be simply written out. We will be going to their noble house, where we can do a week timeskip as planned, and the villains will find us there. In the confusion that ensues (more burning buildings, perhaps), our characters will be separated, with all active characters going one direction, and all inactive characters going another. Or they could quietly disappear in the chaos with their status unknown. That's how they'll be written out and how the RP will go on.

    But until we get to that point, everyone is gonna have to pitch in and get us there. You all have your own characters to deal with, but add a section to your post anytime the RP requires a response from Easen or Arisa. @Mystic Zander , neither of your characters are in the RP yet but you have every right to post for @Spoiled Bread . @Top_Smug_ , your character is unconscious and on standby, so if you're any less busy and can RP someone else's, you have that same right. @Sky5372 , I know I can count on you. I'll be bouncing back for Easen/Arisa also.

    The next reply should include Easen telling us where to go (Harmonia or Arisa's father is Guinard Galilei so we will be going to the Galilei noble house). Refer to this bit from @Spoiled Bread
    We're a team, and we need to collectively pick up the slack that was left behind. I'm not letting this die so easily, not when what's killing it is simple inactivity rather than the usual loss of interest.
  40. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    Gah, I wish I could help pick up one of the characters but I'm actually more busy now that school has started and I have other things to attend to!

    I'm not planning on leaving though, so don't worry about that.
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