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Ask to Join Powerless (Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by E.K.A.N.S., Jun 5, 2018.


What should the new name be?

  1. Demonkin

    1 vote(s)
  2. The wicked ones

    1 vote(s)
  3. Calderons

    0 vote(s)
  4. Aberrants

    10 vote(s)
  5. Obscrians

    0 vote(s)
  6. Kotonaru

    1 vote(s)
  7. Deviants

    2 vote(s)
  8. Elementals (keep as is)

    2 vote(s)
  1. Plot:

    When the first Aberrants appeared in the kingdom of Pless 50 years ago, there was widespread panic. In a medieval world whose people were deeply superstitious, the thought of humans who possessed mysterious powers struck fear into the hearts of Plessians. Those who were discovered to have powers were persecuted and often burned at the stake. Neighbors, coworkers, and even close friends would sell them out to the authorities, who would imprison, experiment on them, enlist their help to capture other Aberrants, or simply hunt and kill them. Their children would meet the same fate for fear that they might inherit their parents' powers or develop them later on. Aberrants and anyone close to them are denied a normal life or any life at all. Maybe you are one of these Aberrants and must survive in this world without being discovered, or hunt fellow powered humans if the kingdom has turned you over to its side. Or you possess no such powers and hunt them with your blades and bows. Are you one of those Aberrants who runs rogue and wreaks havoc wherever he/she goes? Perhaps you're just an ordinary citizen who sympathizes and does not see them as demons and witches.


    1. Follow all Pokécharms rules.
    2. PLEASE spell, capitalize, space, punctuate, and use grammar correctly throughout the RP. If your bio fails at that I can't accept you.
    3. Make posts sufficiently long to give others enough to respond to. No one-liners.
    4. Romance is allowed. No porn or anything like that but if you want to take your relationships to that level find a mature way to say it, like "they consummated their relationship."
    5. READ BELOW for RP-specific rules, and have fun!


    You can be pretty much anyone in this RP, though I would like to see people on both sides. The kinds of weapons you can have include knives, swords, bows, and even guns (primitive ones are ok, more modern ones like machine guns are not). If you have another weapon in mind ask me about it. You can still carry weapons if you're an Aberrant.

    As for powers, keep these reasonable (like Sem says in the General Role Play rules, "destroying a planet with sheer thought is taking it too far.") One power, please, but your power can manifest itself in different ways. That means if you have the power to control fire, for example, don't also give yourself the second power to shapeshift. If you want to shapeshift and your power is fire, the shapeshifting has to be fire-based (has to be achieved through the use of your power).

    This takes place in a mostly medieval setting, so you'll see a lot of horses, castles, cottages, and stone pathways. The socioeconomic disparity in Pless means that some towns and cities can appear more modern than others. Note that medicine is far more developed than any other area, because the kingdom has been actively researching and experimenting on Aberrants and given the bulk of its funding to hospitals for the past 50 years. The government wants to be able to detect traces of powers even in the womb. If you've read everything in this post, type "Stargazer" somewhere in your bio.

    Any questions?


    Name: First and last if you want but first name will suffice.
    Write enough here, but you can also leave some out to give room for character development in the actual RP.
    Appearance: You can have natural blue, red, green, etc. hair in this if you want. It's not that uncommon in Pless.
    Power: If you're not an Aberrant, say N/A.
    Weapons: If you don't carry any, N/A.
    Other: If nothing, N/A.
    Backstory (optional): This can be a general summary of your character's backstory, or you can write it like an RP post with the past events happening here if you want. You can even write it in the present while your character reflects on his/her backstory in a flashback. Whatever you like, if you choose to include this. If not, you can choose to reveal your history as the story progresses. Include when you acquired your powers, if you are an Aberrant, and give us an idea of what side you're on.

    Name: Neta Briarwood
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Neta is very soft-spoken, timid, and humble. She has a kind, almost angelic, air about her. Her submissive demeanor sometimes gets her into trouble, however, because people mistake kindness for weakness and try to prey on her. She does not like to resort to violence and passes out if she exerts herself too hard.
    Appearance: 5'8" with green eyes, pale skin, and long, beautiful blonde hair, Neta has a voluptuous figure that draws a lot of unwanted attention to her. So she dresses very conservatively in a light green A-line dress with long and frilly sleeves.
    Power: N/A
    Weapons: She wears a silver ring on her left hand. Instead of a gem, there is a glass encasing of a small patch of dirt on it. "Plant X," a large, sentient vine that is the cross of 15 different plant species, lives in the dirt and shoots out if Neta's life is in danger. Neta exercises a degree of control over the plant, although it sometimes acts on its own. She does not have any powers herself, but her powered ring cannot be removed unless her finger is cut off. Should that happen, Plant X would die because it feeds off of her.
    Other: Stargazer
    Backstory: Neta had been a weak and sickly child for as long as she could remember. She is the daughter of famous botanist Dr. Adrian Briarwood, who created Plant X and had her wear the ring. Until the age of three, she lived with her mother and father on a large property with a greenhouse and a research lab on a hill that overlooked the town below.

    A three-year-old Neta and her father went into town one morning to see the local florist. On the way, they saw a man cornered in an alley by three other men armed with knives. Neta's father snuck up from behind and knocked them unconscious with his power, saving the man.

    The young Neta woke up that night to a loud crash and peered out the window to see her house on fire. Plessian soldiers had broken through the door and stormed the home in search of Neta and her parents. That cornered man had ratted them out! When she witnessed her beaten and bruised father getting dragged out and taken away, she burst into tears and opened her mouth to scream, but a hand covered it in the darkness.

    It was her mother, who led her out a back entrance and into the bushes. They made it to the town below unseen and caught a ride on a cart carrying slaves. When they reached the third town over, her mother told Neta exactly where to go - a restaurant & inn owned by a close friend. That was the last she saw of her as the three-year-old was kicked off the cart and her mother was sold into slavery.
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  2. Looks interesting. Questions though:
    1. What kind of rumour is it that make elemental hated by public? Depends on the region, performing abnormal power can make you a cursed demon or god incarnate. Witch hunt for instance, stem from the fear of Satan, which has been established by the church since their childhood.

    2. Who spread and reinforce the rumour? Medieval age don't have internet yet. So there must be a party who purposefully spread the rumour. Is it the kingdom? The church? A group of Satan worshiper conspirator? Mafia clan? Alien?
  3. Thank you. Good questions, by the way. I hope this clears them up.
    The public's hatred of Elementals is based on its fear of the unknown (human nature), its tendency to associate abnormal powers with the Devil. The Plessian Church is spreading these ideas, but it is merely fanning the flames and aggravating attitudes that already exist: "You're not like us," "you have powers that we don't understand and that can be used to harm us."

    The kingdom arguably does much more to encourage discrimination against Elementals. Also motivated by the fear of the unknown, Pless wants to capture Elementals to find out where their powers come from, which involves dissecting and performing inhumane experiments on them. So science is just as guilty as religion here. The kingdom rewards citizens who provide information on the whereabouts of Elementals that leads to their capture (or those who capture the powered humans themselves). Bounties, wanted posters, and hunters are a very common problem for Elementals.

    Also, I said this in the first post but I should really emphasize this. I use the word "medieval" just to give you a general idea of what the setting is like, but take it with a grain of salt, because:
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  4. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    I'll be making a bio for this when I get home from school for sure, so if nobody could take a shadow element in the next 5-6 hours that would be great!
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  5. Since theyre referred to as 'elementals', does that mean all powers will have to be some kind of kinetic control? So no mutations or transformation style powers as such?

    Credit to @SS-I Never for the artwork of Zander in his base, super saiyan, and super saiyan 2 forms.

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  6. No, I just called them "Elementals" because I couldn't think of a better name. One may have those powers that you mentioned. As long as it's not overpowered, you're fine.
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  7. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    Name: Parker Bell

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Parker is typically cold and quiet. He's a lonely boy with poor social skills, he's also fairly awkward in a conversation. He doesn't trust other people, and other people probably shouldn't trust him. Unless he really likes you and vice versa, he'll most likely end up stabbing you in the back. Calm, collected, and logical unless flustered. Can also be surprisingly dense. He doesn't take bullshit from anyone and isn't afraid to speak his mind if he doesn't like something. Has a rough and rather crass way of speaking.

    Appearance: Parker is 5'9'' with a fair build. He has some muscle, but is not overly muscular. His hair is jet black and reaches to his eyes, however he moves it over to stay out of the way. His eyes are dark brown and his eyesight is fairly poor. He wears loose, black, rag-like clothing, a black hooded cloak, and a black mask covering his mouth and nose.

    Power: Shadow Fire - Parker can emit Shadow Fire from his hands, or cover his hands in the flames. He can shoot Shadow Fireballs, Shadow Fire hands to grab things from a distance, Shadow Fire chains to hold things or people down, and can enhance his physical attacks with Shadow Fire. His flames can either be hot enough to burn you or cold enough to make you shiver. He doesn't have full control over his abilities though, and can only emit Shadow Fire from his hands.

    Weapons: As a streetrat, Parker has minimal options when it comes to weaponry. He has a crude sword strapped to his back, and a pair of worn daggers at his waist.

    Backstory: Parker can't remember much of his early childhood. All he can remember is that he grew up alone on the streets, with no family or friends. He stole to survive and on the occasion that he did make a friend, as soon as they found out about his lifestyle they would stop talking to him. His powers didn't help either, nobody wanted to associate with an Elemental. He's extremely lonely, and has some pretty dark and pessimistic thoughts.

    Other: His favorite food to steal was meat pie and ale, sadly they were pretty hard to find as well. Also a surprising romantic, has always dreamt of having a cute girl to steal with.

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  8. Name: Allen Right (Right not family name, family name unknown)
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male
    Allen trusts nobody. His parents were Elementals, leaving him with a bad name at their death. Allen believes he has no power even though he does. Allen also has problems making friends, often rushing off before anything happens. He always acts as if he's not there while staying true to his parents by being kind to others around him in need.
    Appearance: Allen has short black hair put back in a rough manner from the dark grey to olive green colored cloak that covers his head. He has dark green eyes and wears a light, darkish grey tunic under the cloak along with black pants. A knife sheath is positioned to his left side held up by a leather belt. There is a strap used for holding his short sword on his back.
    Power: Allen doesn't know about it yet, but he has the power to cause minds that look at him not to see him. Limitations are if someone is looking directly for him or somehow they make contact with him. This will expand to make mental illusions later on. (This power is normally active most of the time)
    Weapons: Allen carries two weapons. One is a small, one bladed knife used for both combat and throwing. The whole knife itself is a piece of metal with the handle wrapped tight by a piece of rope. The other weapon is a short sword about 2 feet long. The blade is double bladed, the handle quite simple as it is only a basic leather grip.
    Other: Left Handed
    Backstory (optional): Allen grew up as a normal kid, his parents hiding their powers from everyone including him. His parents were killed anyways as Allen learned that they had powers. Unknown to him that he had powers, Allen had to resort to a life of crime to survive. Stealing was easy for him, snagging food and a short sword easily around his home. Over time, he became forgotten. People saw him, never remembered him. Not that he wants to be remembered anyways.
  9. Both accepted! :)

    Also I should go ahead and change the password if y'all don't wanna make a political statement lmao :p
  10. Name: Harmonia Galilei
    Fake name: Arisa Artham
    Age: 10
    Personality: Despite her name, Harmonia is far from harmony. She's stubborn and spoiled, doesn't give much thought about order or rules. Though she's surprisingly obedient to her father.
    Appearance: Harmonia is a short girl with long light brown hair and bright gray eyes, she wears a large yellow ribbon on her head. Her skin is smooth and clean, an indicator of her luxurious lifestyle. She wears white simple dress topped with brown hooded cloak.
    Power: She can shoot a huge light beam that melt things on its path, it also has very long range. She always pass out after using this and wake up with severe headache. She also seems unable to tone it down. Her father call this power Oracion.
    Weapons: a jeweled knife that she can't even use properly, and a slingshot.
    Other: starrgazer
    She came from Galilei family, a noble family with strong ties to both the kingdom and the church. Her power manifested for the first time in the worst possible moment, when Galilei family became a host for an assembly held by the church's elemental-hunting comitees. She blasted a quarter of her house away and sent a light beam high into the sky, panicking everyone in the gathering. Fortunately, Zaryu was able to hide her before anyone found out that she was an elemental.

    After the event, Harmonia was told to take a 'tour' because her father feared that the other noble family will use the incident against them. Zaryu got an order to accompany and protect her.

    Name: Zaryu Cormwell
    Fake Name: Easen Artham
    Age: 20
    Personality: Zaryu is calm most of the time, but he easily get into panic mode when things doesn't go as he planned. He's a hardworking and honest fellow.
    Appearance: Zaryu stands at 5'8. He has short dark blue hair and black eyes. His clothes consist of ivory white tunic with black vest and dark-blue pants. He sheathed his sword on his left hips.
    Power: N/A.
    Weapons: A regular sword and a regular dagger.
    Other: N/A.
    Backstory: He was the squire of Sir Maroonel Galilei and obtained his knighthood after Sir Maroonel died in a jousting tournanent. He wasn't ready for it, he didn't think he's good enough to be a knight yet. There's also rumour floating about him killed Sir Maroonel. He decided to lay low and seeks Galilei's family protection under the guise of training. Until the Oracion incident occured and now he must babysit Harmonia while keeping them disguised until Galilei could be declared safe to return.
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  11. Accepted! :)
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  12. I was going to say that I was a Republican. So I would never say that. (True or not)
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  13. Hmmm... Now it had been used. I feel the use of term 'elemental' is weird, by extension it also implies that the public regard the elements(water, fire, etc) as wicked.

    How about we change it to another more sinister term? Like demonkin, the wicked ones, or something latin probably, like mal-(insert suitable word here.). Or something people would said when they first witnessed the very first elemental show their power.
  14. Let's do it. I did think "Elemental" was weird, but when I was making the RP the only other terms I had in mind were "abilities user" and "powered human," which didn't have the right connotations. But I'm literally drawing a blank here and the only thing I can think of to call them after 20 minutes of mulling it over is "Calderons," which sounds like "koldun" (Russian for "sorcerer") and "cauldron" (where witches stir their potions.) I do like demonkin, though. Everyone, why don't you post in the discussion what you think the new name should be and I can put up a poll? "Elemental" will be one of the options if you prefer to keep it as is.
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  15. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    We could call them "Aberrants" which is basically a racial slur but for superhumans
  16. I'm thinking about 'Obscrian', sounds like they are people from the planet obscure. I also like aberrant though.
  17. I'd say go Japanese like most things and call them Kotonaru, or The Different. That makes them seem not like superhumans, but Not-humans. A new species entirely causing a spread of them being outcasts.
  18. Aberrant it is! Sign-up and intro posts edited.
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  19. I feel like I’m missing something if anyone sees anything please notify me.

    Name: Mallory Keaton Seymour
    Fake name: Clayton Foster

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Mallory is a protective and loyal person, he is virtually impossible to read unless he is vulnerable both physically and mentally. He is always examining his enemies fighting patterns in order to break through their defenses and defeat them. He knows what he’s capable of and knows his limits rarely well. If he feels threatened his first instinct will be to try and work things out but if push comes to shove he’s more than able and willing to kill whoever he’s up against. On the inside he’s a sensible and caring person.

    Appearance: Mallory is 6’ 1” easily taller than most people and he’s easy to see in a crowd, if you can ever manage to spot him he’s usually wearing an old ragged cloak that conceals his colorless eyes and silver hair he also has old heavy boots that he always uses.

    Power: To a very minimal extent he can control ice in the sense that if he concentrates enough he can manipulate the atoms in the air to create small amounts of ice and snow (very limited as he relies more on his bow)

    Weapons: He carries his bow at all times with a good supply of arrows and when close combat is necessary he can pull out an old dagger he also carries in a side pocket of his left boot.

    Other: For some reason Mallory is very interested in trees and is very knowledgeable of different types of trees. Because he has no home. Surprisingly he enjoys stargazing!

    Backstory: Mallory grew up in a strict household as he wasn’t allowed to leave the house due to his parents realizing that he had the ability to manipulate and create ice. Neither of his parents has or ever did have any sort of elemental or special capabilities so the reason why he has this ability is unknown. His parents refused to give him up and decided to keep his ability a secret for obvious reasons. When he turned 7 his parents let him go outside for the first time, because he knew almost nothing about the outside world he quickly got lost and ran into another bunch of kids who began to beat him up and this caused Mallory to use his Ice ability to hit the kids back with chunks of ice and the fled to their parents. When Mallory got back home he came in through the back door only to see his parents be taken away by authorities, his mother yelled to him to run and he managed to escape to a nearby forest but he never saw or heard of his parents again.
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  20. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    Wasn't really expecting my choice to be picked, but that's cool. I just thought calling them what is the equivalent of a racial slur would add on to the fact that everybody else hates them.
  21. Welcome aboard! :)
  22. I was just reading over Spoiled Bread's post, which mentions "the Blood Knight, the kingdom's secret squad that specialized themself in hunting the aberrants." I have story arcs planned for this but I encourage all of you to work in some of yours and add your own creative spin to this RP. It's a collaborative process after all. Of course too many story arcs at once is nuts, so if there's currently one in progress then develop yours slowly until that one ends so we can smoothly transition into it, if you have something in mind. :)
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  23. I like adding things to the plot. Even of it wouldn't be used at all. It add things to worldbuilding, which is my favorite aspect.
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  24. Hmm... This looks pretty cool. However, I'd like to know how this is going to work in terms of people. Are we going to have two "groups", one of Aberrants and one of them the hunters? Is it going to be more of a widespread thing; say something more of a city scene, with the Aberrants in hiding and widely spaced?

    Also, is there any sort of reasoning behind these people having such powers? I've got a non-human character I'd quite like to adapt to this, but in order to make him fit in I'll need to know the background of these people.
  25. Think of it like people began getting powers. People without powers got scared and saw them as a threat. Now they want them dead. That's what I got from this.
  26. Ah... some of these questions are hard to answer without spoiling the RP.

    I did say in the sign-up post that I'd like to see people on both sides, which means Aberrants/people close to them fighting to survive and those in service of the kingdom who hunt them. However, I'm not forcing anyone to pick the opposite of what they want just because there are not enough people on that side. If all of us want to be Aberrants/their relatives trying to survive, that's fine too, because there's no shortage of antagonists.

    For now, yes. The Aberrants are scattered about all over the towns and cities of Pless in hiding and aren't yet a centralized force. Our characters will mostly be acting within one town/city, because hopping from place to place all over the kingdom would be confusing.

    I can't answer that at this point in time because that would take the suspense out of the RP. That is something that will be revealed towards the end. Even the kingdom is still actively researching why these people have powers. Like @Mr.Glaceon said, people without powers got scared and saw them as a threat. Stick with that for now.
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  27. Ah, gotcha. I'll see if I can make my character sometime soon. Thanks for the clarification!
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  28. Like Neta I work two jobs so I don't have a lot of time to reply, please bear with me.
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  29. My recent post plays around with worldbuilding a lil
  30. Is there anything we should know? A general idea about the what who where and when.
  31. Oh, you're just asking a general question. No, nothing really. Edited.
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  32. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    Children kidnapping an ex-princess with her own powers? Interesting.
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  33. Kidnapped by kids lol
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  34. Hmm, should we stop the kidnapping or not? I feel @E.K.A.N.S. post implies that the kidnapper has fled quite far but @AssassinGallade post made it looks like it is still occuring
  35. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    I honestly don't even know where to go from here, I feel like we're supposed to do something but I don't know what.
  36. You could follow, catch up with, and stop the kidnappers though I will be controlling them so it won't be easy. I edited out "leapt from roof to roof," which does imply that they fled quite far, and made it more consistent with Assassin's post. That way they're close enough for you to catch up. They can't get very far anyway as they are just children.
    What if Parker wakes up on his uncomfortable pile of trash bags and sees Neta being kidnapped as they jump over his alleyway?
  37. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    Well then I guess I'll be doing that lol

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  38. So like with Ice powers and stuff, is it possible for Mallory to freeze the etherflower particles that way they’re either completely useless or just a bit weaker?

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