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Ask to Join Powerless (Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by E.K.A.N.S., Jun 5, 2018.


What should the new name be?

  1. Demonkin

    1 vote(s)
  2. The wicked ones

    1 vote(s)
  3. Calderons

    0 vote(s)
  4. Aberrants

    10 vote(s)
  5. Obscrians

    0 vote(s)
  6. Kotonaru

    1 vote(s)
  7. Deviants

    2 vote(s)
  8. Elementals (keep as is)

    2 vote(s)
  1. Aye, sure. I still need to get in a reply, but I've been annoyingly busy with various other things and the forum hasn't been top priority
    As soon as it moves to the top of my list I'll be on it
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  2. Allrighty, I'm bacc. For real this time. Sorry for the sudden disappearance and thanks for the patience!

    I'll try to post after I done re-read the RP. My memory is rusty now.
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  3. Allright. So next is we're going to Galilei's house. Ayyy~~

    Do you want to do it the slow way(we RP the trip) or the fast way (skip the trip and jump to destination)?
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  4. Honestly, I've gotta reread this myself, which isn't that hard as it's only 6 pages.

    Anyway, @Spoiled Bread , in response to your question, here's what we ended on:
    I ended off my last post by saying that we should discuss what to do next. That's because you told Mallory, and only Mallory, where we're going:
    Neta and Sky still don't know where we're going, so I recommend you start off your post letting them know. Separate the part where you're letting us know and the part where you're actually getting us there, if you need to.

    I prefer you get us there in one post. But draw it out a bit in that one post. So we're not doing it the slow way with a bunch of replies, but we're not skipping and jumping in 2 seconds either. One good, decently long post from you should do it.
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  5. How many times must I fall for the same trick? If @Spoiled Bread doesn't return within a week from today (Saturday, Nov. 3, 2018 ), please follow up on your months-old promise to post for them now that you're getting back into the swing of things (and yourself if Sky has anything to say) @Sky5372 and they will be written out as planned.

    I understand nobody wants to do these things when an RP hasn't been touched in months and it's not their character, but this is temporary and the show must go on.

  6. Shhhhh I didn't make any promises
    I'll try and do a read-through tomorrow and get something up if I have time, yeah?
  7. That would be awesome
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  8. Ack, no idea what to say for Davina. I'm really not good at 3rd partying characters, what do you want from her in terms of a response?
  9. Nothing. Davina stays silent, assumed to be following, while Easen tells us where to go. That's who we need a response from. As for our unconscious characters, Mallory is carrying Parker and Easen is carrying Arisa.
    Easen said this to Mallory and Mallory only. No one else in the group knows yet. Your post could be as simple as him telling the whole group this, and starting us on the way.

    You can leave finally getting there (plus the description of the Galilei house, who meets us at the door, why Easen and Arisa have returned, etc.) to me, if you'd like.
  10. Probably better to timeskip the getting there to be honest.
  11. Well, it happened. I'd finally lost interest in my own RP. I had part of that post written for months now, but lack of motivation prevented me from finishing it. I'm trying to quit Charms altogether in the spring, but I feel like my role plays will keep me here longer than that. Still, I replied, because I haven't done all I could for this RP yet.

    The torch is in @Top_Smug_ 's hands now, or anyone else's if they've something to say. Smug hasn't been on in a week, but if he wants to wake Parker up anytime or in a few RP hours with Neta at his bedside, now's the time to do it.
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  12. Oh, wow. I don't get the RP notif but still get one from here. I'm sorry for the last time, giving false hope and all. I don't mean to do that. Just RL unexpectedly strike me again.
  13. I think it's best to let this one pass peacefully in its sleep. It lived a good life by RP standards, and you should definitely try making another RP sometime. You seem to have a knack for it, especially considering that this is your first
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  14. Yeah, I agree. This is the second RP in Pokecharm that I really get myself into. You're a good RP host. This is very fun while it last.
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  15. Can I join? :angel:
    Fun fact: I fell asleep after I started making this so its way later than I wanted it to be as I post this.
    Name: Merlin Stargazer
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Doesn't believe the kindest of others or the concept of love. Merlin has a bad habit of pushing others away when he gets upset of emotionally burdened. Outside of his negativity, the man can be quite pleasant to talk to and sort of kind.
    Appearance: 5'9". Long, silky green hair, Caucasian skin, pale pink lips, and a small star shaped birthmark on his neck. Merlin's outfit consists of a pair of beige pants, light blue cotton shirt, an old looking dark green cape with a hood, one light blue glove, one dark green, and a pair of light blue boots with horizontal green wave designs. An out of place, pink, star shaped pendant is worn around his neck.
    Power: N/A
    Weapons: Knives--The handles are painted purple with white splotches.
    Other: Merlin is gay, but somewhat fearful to let someone into his heart for fear it will it break more than what is already broken. Most of his nights are spent stargazing. Merlin wants nothing more than to be cherished and appreciated, even if he is powerless.
    Backstory (optional): Scribble. Dot. Cross the "t". Absolutely hate my life. A sixteen year old Merlin sat in a lonely, mostly empty room atop a brick tower. Only a bed, a table, a candle, and a large window decorated his view. For the 10,000th time in his life, Merlin was being forced by his father to study a knowledge that would never benefit him. Suddenly, a pair of warm, muscular arms were wrapped around his chest. Merlin heard a pendant chain lock as he felt the ornament on his neck. Before the man could speak after looking behind himself, a gentle kiss was planted on his lips. Then, Merlin woke up. A lonely forest beneath a starry sky decorating his view. Funny how memories creep up on us.
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  16. If this is still open to newcomers, I would like to help revive it.

    Name: Kaleb Storm
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Kaleb is a generally kind person. He usually likes to be serious, but he goofs off occasionally. He always puts others first.
    Appearance: Kaleb has jet black hair that covers the top of his head. He wears glasses to help his bad eyesight. He wears a black shirt and blue pants.
    Power: Kaleb has the power to create and manipulate fire.
    Weapons: Kaleb carries a sword and a whip.
    Other: I will probably develop him a lot.
    Backstory (optional): Kaleb was born without powers, but he began to develop them at age 12. When he accidentally burnt his brother’s finger, his parents abandoned him. Now, Kaleb tries to conceal his powers in an attempt to keep himself hidden from the world.
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  17. That's a fair point. If you don't want to continue it at this point, I totally understand. But there's talking of reviving it from new people, and I'm like, what the heck, why not? @SailorInSpace and @StormingCobra55 , you're accepted. Let's see where this goes lmao XD
    Of course it was fun while it lasted. You disappeared for most of it and came back just to say this, as if your opinion about this RP still matters. It's not that hard to come online for 5 seconds and let me know before disappearing 7 months, on the three separate occasions you did that.
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  18. Yeah, no excuse for that :@
    I did it on the first occasion but didn't bother for the next one.
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  19. The first time you said you'd be gone till a certain date, then came back months after that date.
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  20. Ahaha :blush:
    I used the money for something else instead of buying new phone like I planned to...

    Oh, shiet. I just try to make an excuse.
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  21. Oh no, I'd love to continue this RP. In that case, I'll see if I can get a reply up anytime soon
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  22. YAY! I'm happy to be on board!
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  23. What should I do to enter? @.@
  24. Well, the best way to revive an RP is with a time skip, so I went and did that. Anyone that wants to reply next, go ahead
  25. Thanks!
  26. There's a lot of things, we're at a huge mansion and your character has no powers so he could be a servant there...…… he has weapons though, so he could secretly be an assassin who rats out Neta, Sky, etc. to the Blood Knights late at night...…… not tonight in the RP though. I want there to be a week timeskip we're Neta, Sky, etc. are chillin at the mansion, so maybe on the last night.

    ^That's if you want your character to be a bounty hunter, which, considering Neta's enticing bounty of 50,000 gold, most powerless people would be. If you're taking the antagonist route, you could also accompany Claro when he comes after Neta and storms the Galilei mansion in a week. Or you could be an independent bounty hunter who tracks Neta and Sky somehow from far away, leading him to the mansion where he sneaks in the night and tries to take them. We don't have enough bad guys, but if you'd rather be a good guy, then you could develop your character in a way that he sympathizes with the Aberrants, or despises the Blood Knights.

    As for @StormingCobra55 's character, possible ideas of how he'd fit into the story: he has powers, but the ridiculous reward might lead him to hunt a fellow enemy of the government. Or he could also be a servant at the mansion who's cleverly hidden his ability from the owner all this time (because Guinard Galilei hates Aberrants). Or, Guinard already knows about his powers and recently took him in out of a growing sympathy for superhumans, since his own daughter is one. Maybe Kaleb was a starving street kid who crawled to his wealthy doorstep. Whatever you choose.

    Sorry I didn't answer earlier. Inactivity again.
    #386 E.K.A.N.S., Jan 19, 2019
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2019
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  27. I'd be up for being a villain. 50K gold is enticing!
    A teammate would be nice as well cause I could make Merlin a flirt lol. If Claro's rp person is okay with that of course.
  28. My latest post includes several time leaps but if you want to know how you can jump in as a villain, you could approach Claro and the guy he’s talking to right now like you overheard them, offering your help to capture the Seed. You could make your character a seasoned bounty hunter to convince him that you’re useful.

    They’ll strike tomorrow night.
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  29. Woooo! Action!
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  30. Ok! :D
  31. I am 100% okay with letting this RP pass peacefully in its sleep. I simply answered the calls for revival, since I don't disappoint.
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  32. I'm sorry I haven't replied yet. Will do so now. I'm to slow at times....
  33. Huh. That wasn't so hard.
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