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Ask to Join Power Rangers, Metal Masters

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Stormursa, Oct 31, 2016.

  1. Suddenly a big "BOOM" was heard, shaking the theater house. Ustice was battling the gigantic MM. Ustice had the antelope as the torso. Ustice was hitting MM with the axe and kicking MM in the groin. Ustice finally managed to get another hot block of iron, and threw it on MM.
  2. "Those are some very convinent hot blocks of iron" Barry commented from the ground.
    "I'm melting! I'm melting!" MM shouted, terrified, "you'll never take me alive!"
    MagnetMan's melted body trickled away into the sewers "This isn't the last you'll here of me" he shouted "eewww! Why couldn't there have been a cleaner escape route?"

    Barry and CP turned to Ustice and his Zords.
    "Hi Antalope, Hi Ox, long time no see" Cobalt said "Skywatcher is probably worried, we should go back"
    Barry turned to Ustice "Skywatcher is some robot thing" he whispered "i don't quite understand but apparently it's meant to help us save the world"
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  3. Skywatcher was talking with nick. They were chatting about random things and of course nick the rat wasn't talking back. He spoke about the Rangers of old for about the seven billionth time and reminisced about the peaceful times before the reign of the silver and bronze Rangers.

    Rosa gasped and steadied herself. She grabbed her stuff and ran outside, seeing the Rangers and catch mm melt away into the sewer.
  4. Valmont chuckled as he saw Magnet Man escaping through the sewers, he stepped into view with his Scythe in hand, "greetings rangers, i see you have humiliated one of our lower class minions"
  5. Rosa watched from around the corner at the strange people. She felt a shuffling in her bag but didn't take any notice. Mecury Cerberus poked his heads out to see what all the commotion was about and froze when he saw Valmont. He ducked back into the bag and hoped he wouldn't find him and hurt the human he was with.
  6. (I'm assuming skywatcher has met Jake once and that skywatcher is a shared character and that we are all able to use him, if not them let me know)

    Jake heard the commotion and came racing around the corner
    "Come on jake looks like we have some new rangers to meet and work with" said Scorpius as he clipped himself onto Jakes left wrist
    "I'll help them but that doesn't mean I'm going to be friends with them" replied Jake as he pressed a button on Scorpius' back and became enveloped in dark energy before emerging in a jet black suit with silver, gold and purple details
    "Black Scorpion Ranger!" Yelled Jake as he ran past the other rangers and begun to swing his staff at Valmont
    "You lot of newbies had no chance against this guy, he is a general in the metal legion. Run! Find sky watcher I'll hold him off for now, when you find the base give sky watcher this coin, he'll know it's from me and to prepare the rest of the gunmetal cords" yelled Jake toward Barry and Ustice as he tossed them a silver coin with a scorpion, lion and mantis on one side and strange insignia on the other.
  7. (He is indeed a free to use character)
    Rosa ran over to her bike and put her helmet on. She started the engine up and rocketed off in the opposite direction of where everything was happening. Cerberus poking out of the bag.
    Grandma Mush sat beside a counter with a terrified baker. Ordering batch after batch of cookies.
  8. Valmont summoned his scythe and blocked the attack from Jake, "you'll have to do better than that black ranger, as you said I'm a general in the metal legion" he said as he twisted his Scythe downwards and attempted to kick Jake in the chest
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  9. Jake shifted his body weight in an attempt to avoid the attack however not fast enough as the kick hit his lower left rib cage throwing Jake back a couple metres
    "Fine, two can play at that game, Black ranger staff Scorpion mode!" Yelled Jake as his staff transformed into a bident and he swung the newly transformed weapon before gesturing toward Valmont
  10. Cerberus peaked out of the bag he was in as they zoomed off down the road. The zord kept a close watch to make sure they weren't followed but fell back in when Rosa suddenly stopped at a light and turned a corner, the next stop being to turn into a driveway.
    Crystalline sat in her throne, growing threats at monsters and demanding to know where the triplets were incase Valmont need back up.
  11. Valmont chuckled at the Black ranger who was challenging him, "you want a battle ill give you one Black Ranger, please dont hold back unless you want to lose faster than if you do so" he said as he ran at Jake with his scythe.

    Chariot Zord made an escape while everyone where busy whether it was the Grey Ranger vs the Black Ranger or magnet man vs the zords, he eventually found the Bakery grandma Mush was in and headed in, "Grandma Mush? you here?"
  12. "Why hello dear! Would you like a cookie," the monster offered. The baker she had been terrorizing now turned into a China like doll thing with a snap of her fingers. She looked at the zord then the human, "don't worry about him! We were just exchanging cookie recipes".
  13. "um im really sorry but im afraid that we will soon have to go back, Magnet Man and Valmont are engaged in a battle with rangers" Chariot said as he galloped closer to her.
  14. "Aww! So soon but I guess it can't be help," The monster poured before shrugging and throwing the try of cookies she held over her shoulder. She stepped out into the streets with the rusties she had and looked at the zord, "go find Cerberus or our lady will be uspset with your ranger".
    She then teleported back onto the ship.
  15. Using the dual prongs of his bident Jake caught the scythe blade before forcing the blade downward into the ground and using the butt of his staff to attack Valmonts head and chest
    "You may be a metal legion general but I am still a master of three animal techniques and the strongest of the Metal master Rangers
    Face it Valmont you can't beat me, we're evenly matched so you better run back to your Crystalline and tell her you lost the Cerberus, also you might want to adjust your transmission frequency, just about anyone in the universe can tap into them" said Jake as he continued to attack Valmont
  16. Crystalline listened to everything and slammed her fist into the arm of her throne. The silver ranger marching out of the room in her anger. She made it to her private library and mediation room only to start throwing things around. She made a mess of the place and punched a wall leaving a good sized dent. Crystalline sat down in the middle of the room, in a space not covered in debris and started to mediate. Trying and failing to calm herself, sending rusties scattering at the sound of her enraged roar.
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  17. Valmont was taken back by the force of the attack, he was starting to get mad.
    He leaped over the black ranger and swung his scythe hoping to get him from behind.

    The Chariot Zord searched around all over the city for Cerebrus Zord, "where can he be?" He thought to himself.
  18. Rosa pulled the little statue from her bag and placed it on her desk. The girl the slipped into her bathroom, the sound of a shower running following. Cerberus started to look around, keeping an ear out of anything that could mean bad news. The zord moved around before plopping down on Rosa's bed and hummed at how soft it was.
  19. Jake had expected the attack and jumped forward out of Valmonts reach
    "You seem very fond of that scythe, maybe it's time we even the odds a little, Black Ranger staff Mantis mode!" Yelled Jake as his staff became enveloped in black energy before reappearing as a pair of Kama blades joint end to end
    "I'm only just getting started" Jake twisted the two kama shafts and separated them before swinging them in each hand and moving in to attack Valmont again
  20. "And you seem fond of staying out of reach, hehehe" Valmont said, as he chuckled his helmet glowed, the purple plum that was on it turned into two purple horns on the front changing it's appearance from a helmet similar to a spartan helmet to a samurai helmet.
    The blade of his scythe rotated 90° upwards, "can you stay out of reach of a Guan Dao?" Valmont asked as he swung the Guan Dao at Jake
  21. Erics zord was leading him to some kind of base eric asked "what is this place dude?" His zord replied "This is where you'll find him" eric raised a brow.
  22. Skywatcher was chatting to nick the rat. The Ai talking about different things randomly, switching subjects constantly. He was alerted by the still being cleaning base as a new person came into range.
  23. Eric got to the base his zord then opened the entrance eric walked inside yelling "Hello Is anyone here?" His zord told him "Why are you yelling if no one was here i wounld'nt have brought you"
  24. "In here," skywatcher called, floating back and forward. They spun around and looked at Nick, sounding giddy in the AIs next speech playbacks, "another ranger! This great, getting the gang together to beat the bad guys"!
    The rat was munching on a wire until it electricuted him. The rat squeaked and ran away.
  25. Eric walked towards the voice he then saw skywatcher, and said "Wazzup, so are you a alien or not?"
    His zord jumped on his shoulder, and hit him his zord then said "My apologies, this human was the best one i could find"
  26. "Not a problem! I am a alien Ai here to help the next rangers defeat a threat to all life in this universe and maybe the outer reaching ones," Skywatcher spun around and their mask danced around over their situation point.
  27. Eric scratched his, head and asked"What are rangers, is that the name of your species or a police force in your species? Also i am a ranger?"
  28. "Well your zord chose you so yes! Did you not explain it to him," Skywatcher turned to the zord, tilting to the side in a questioning manor. The mask turned to look at the newly fixed up screen and it turned one, showing the fight that was happening, "that doesn't look good".
  29. Erics Zord replied "Uhh well you see uhh, i kinda got distracted ill explain to him now Rangers are kinda like a police force your one your job is to protect this world, and others now use the coin you grabbed out the trash, to transform into your suit so we can help that ranger fight"
    Eric used his coin to transform he then asked "wheres the battle"
  30. "I don't think it would be best if you do right now. The black ranger has had training so he should be fine. We will have to start training," Skywatcher chuckled and floated up and down, trying not to seemed worried. Slowly the base was rebuilt to the best of the AI's abilities, small rubble and dust littering the place.
  31. Eric replied "alright im ready for training by the way when did you build this place im just curious?"
  32. "We started building the base when we first reached this planet. The gold ranger wished for a personal refuge for the next Rangers and zords. Infact, most of the parts of the gold ranger's ship was used to build this. Of course I was had to switch a few things and infact helped the gold ranger's spouse during the arrival of their son," Skywatcher rambled, nodding and checking different programs to get everything in the base in order.
  33. Eric replied "Wow that explains a lot by the way where is the gold ranger now he doesnt seem to be here."
  34. "No, he's long gone. Died a happy and old man with a large family surrounding him," Skywatcher seemed to deflate as he spoke about his long dead friend. He perked up immediately though and continued to see what could be activated and not activated, "but that's in the past now and we must look to the future"!
  35. Eric yelled with a smile "yea, and with the future you can make more friends, and watch them turn into legends!"
  36. "Exactly," Skywatcher would have smiled if they could. The Ai looked back at the screen where a map of the base showed up. An arrow pointed to the training room from the room they were in, "old training tapes should be in there if you wish to train. I must stay here in the main room to work on the reprogramming of the base. Must get you all checked in so that the base doesn't attack you on entry now that the defense systems are up".
  37. Eric unmorphed he then sat by a wall, and waited for him to check him in while sitting there his zord gave him advice in fighting, and training.
  38. The Ai searched through the programming as they signed the Rangers that he had met in. He nodded to Eric once they had put him into the system and got back to trying to track down the other zords.
  39. Eric got up he then went to the training room he saw the tapes they were all dusty he grabbed a tape, and blew the dust off he then put the tape in a player, and watched it, after watching it he activated the training room he then started training
  40. "Let's find out, Black ranger staff Lion mode!" Exclaimed Jake as his Kama blades transformed into a large two handed saber
    'Deflect, dodge, counter, deflect, dodge, counter' repeated Jake in his head as he struggled to even get an attack in against Valmonts onslaught

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