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Ask to Join Power Rangers, Metal Masters

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Stormursa, Oct 31, 2016.

  1. Sign up/ discussion:

    War swept over the planet, an army of monsters and evil doers led by The rouge Bronze and silver rangers. The last of the rangers, the gold ranger ran away to protect the zords from getting into the enemies hands. After finding earth he hid, finding love and peace on the new world. He gave the zords to his children, tasking them to make sure that they never fell into the wrong hands. Now the silver and bronze rangers have found earth, a new ranger team must be assembled. And that's all I was told to say so um, Hi," a British male voice echoed through the hideout. A floating holographic mask was infront of a rat that sat there eating a piece of wiring, the mask sighed and looked out to the door across the room, "let's just hope their the heroes we need".

    Suddenly the Ai's internal alarms blared, and the floating head gave a heavy sigh.
    He looked back to the rat that was chewing onto one of his cords and sent out a beacon, "activating all rangers. This is not a drill, zords. I'm afriad the bronze and silver rangers have found this planet. I hope you all have made a good choice, sending base coordinates now".
    A silver armoured foot tapped impatiently as the person it was attached to reclined in their throne. The blonde haired woman growled impatiently as she glared at of the rusties under her command. A small Cerberus shaped figure floated to rest on her shoulder and the silver ranger glowered when she felt the waves of smugness roll off of it, "you know that if you hadn't betrayed everyone then you could had a good life and be resting eternally with honors"?

    "You realize that I could of melted you down a long time ago but have kept you alive from the kindness of my heart," the silver ranger growled lowly at the small animated object. A rustie slowly crept up to its leader and jumped back when her head snapped over to look at him, "what"!

    "We have reached the planet earth, lady Crystalline," the rustie peeped shrinks back as the woman stood slowly to look out of the large window on the control ship, "would you like me to make contact with our ally on the ground"?

    "Yes and tell them that I will not stand for him being late again," the silver ranger smirked and her helmet formed around her head. The Cerberus zord followed its ranger with a heavy sigh, Crystalline made her way to her courters and grabbed her weapons before making her way to the teleportation pad, "he better not be late again".
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  2. Valmont was hanging around at the local coffee shop drinking some latte, he was bored out of his mind so he decided to walk around, he went down a dark ally way with his finger tips brushing against a brick wall, scrapping off tiny flakes of old paint.

    A tiny metal chariot led by 4 horses and a pegasus flew up to him and landed on his shoulder, "the ship is approaching, we should go if you don't want to be late..." it said to him, "then let's go" Valmont said with a Psychotic smile as he headed to the intended meeting spot
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  3. Crystalline materialized in the abandoned iron works factory, she had set for the meetin place. The silver dresses woman and the small group of rusties stood around as they waited. The small Cerberus figure floated the silver ranger's head spouting words of criticism and doubt. Crystalline grew tired of her zord's words and pulled him into her personal sub space where he wouldn't be able to cause to much of an annoyance, "five minutes to go. Will he be late though"?
  4. The mini horses that pulled the chariot galloped down the factory and came to a halt in front of the woman in Silver, the Pegasus leader bowed to her respectfully and so did the 4 horses behind him who where positioned in a 2 by 2 square, "you highness" they all said in a synchronised way
  5. It's good to see your on time. I was afraid you would have let your ranger fall behind again," Crystalline smiled under her helmet as she looked the zord over. She always had to resist the urge to stand a little taller when someone showed their loyalty, at times resenting it as she knew it could be her downfall. She titled her head to look a little more at the chariot and called, "is are you planning on telling me what you've found it should I look forward to a report"?
  6. the Pegasus looked up at her and said "there are other zords on the planet, i can feel it, that means there are other rangers too and probably a secret base, but my Ranger has sensed something else which i failed to, he went to investigate more which is why he isn't here.....", as the last word echoed in the factory a grey colored Ranger walked in, his helmet on with a purple plume like a spartan helmet would have, "speaking of the devil, matter of time you arrived" the Pegasus said

    "sorry to keep you waiting your highness, at least i wasnt late though, if im right i still have 1 minute and 30 seconds" he said, his purple short plane cloak fluttering behind him, completely ignoring his zord's remark
  7. "You are correct. What have you found? Your zord tells me you have found something they have not," the silver ranger tucked her arms behind her back in a military stance, head held high as she reguarded the grey and purple wearing ranger. She growled under her breath and let her zord out, Mecury Cerberus growling out insults and empty threats. The silver ranger ignored her zord and the zord slowly gave up, "my apologies for my zord. They don't know when to learn there place".

    "Atleast I didn't kill all of my friends because I was to ambitious," Mecury Cerberus howled zooming around his ranger's head, very upset. The cerberus zord stopped infront of her face, "if I wasn't bonded to you, I would find a new ranger faster then you could say sorry".

    This earned him a smack, the smaller form sent down to bounce off the stone floor. The silver ranger stood over her partner zord hands clenched at her sides and stance rigid.
  8. "At first I thought I got signals of a certain ranger we haven't seen in years, but turned out to be a false alarm your Highness, I have nothing more to say and would not want to waste your precious time with something as pointless as a false alarm, again apologies for not showing up earlier" The Grey ranger replied, he wasn't sure how his mistress would react but he prayed that she wouldn't be mad, he gave a respectful bow hoping it may help
  9. "If that is all, you are dismissed. I am very proud of your progress. Someday I hope to see you sitting at the helm of your own sector. You show great promise," The silver ranger praised, her stance changing back into one of respect and turned on her heel. The respect demanding figure's zord slowly rose up from the ground, waves of anger and hatred towards his bonded ranger rolling off of him in the frequency only zords could sense. Mercury Cerberus followed after but the silver ranger stopped him, "you are to stay here. I want you to scope out potential heirs for me. I don't like challengers".

    "Yes, ranger," the zord answered and in a flash of white light the rusties and silver ranger were gone. The Cerberus looked at the other zord, "how do you deal with your ranger"?
  10. "We tend to work well together and listen to each other..... Most of the time.... He tends to ignore me a lot which is irritating" answered Promethium Chariot as he faced the other zord
  11. "Atleast you aren't seen as a pet. I can't stand her when she's like this. All because Bronze is moving this way and didn't tell her," Mercury Cerberus growled lowly but moved away towards the entrance. He grumbled to himself and stopped when a familiar British sounding voice echoed over the zord frequency but was not able to catch any information from it, blocked out on purpose.
  12. Promethium Chariot also heard the british sounding voice, and just as the other Zord he failed to catch the information in it, he then heard his Ranger say "lets go chariot, we can investigate more around the area", the zord galloped over to his Ranger and the two headed out, the grey ranger looked at the three headed hound figure and asked "you coming?"
  13. "No. I wish to explore on my own. I have no gotten to see much of this planet and I believe I need sometime to cool down after that last argument," Mercury Cerberus sighed and floated further away from the two and out a window. The zord kept away from being seen as much as he could, preferably sitting in the shadows to watch the planet's inhabitants go about their business.
  14. Isaac continued to walk at a gradually increasing pace. He wanted to reach his destination quickly, Pyrite had promised him today would be the day. The pendant around his neck was curled up, like a snake with the face of a dragon. He stopped, looking down at the pendant, and quickly spoke. "Are you completely sure this is the place? This hideout seems pretty dead, and rats are everywhere."

    The pendant seemed to glow softly as it spoke, in a calm, smooth voice. "Yes, trust me, this is where we need to be. Don't make too much noise though. We don't want to alert him." Suddenly, a voice sounded through the pendant, a voice Pyrite instantly recognised without hearing it before. He quickly blocked it out from Isaac, reducing it to static. Isaac cocked his head to the side impatiently. "Can you hear that? It might be important and it's loud, maybe that means we're near the source?" Pyrite quickly cut in, trying to cover it up. "No, that doesn't matter. Just be quiet and don't move. If we are noticed let me do the talking."
  15. "Seriously Nick! When do you think everyone will show up? Maybe they didn't get the invitation, should I send it out again. Nick, listen to me and stopping eating the wiring. It's not nice," a British voice echoed through out the halls of the building. He talked about maybe cleaning get the place up before the Rangers arrived, light flooded the halls and machines whirled to life as he set rooms up and sent out cleaning. Robots to shoo away vermin and clear rubble, "see everything is going to plan! Now maybe I should make cookies? Do you think they'll like cookies, I'm not sure what I'll make them out of but I'll make cookies".
  16. Barry watched as the Cobalt Pheonix led him to the Base. It was many years ago that the Pheonix first appeared to him, but until a few days before, Barry had never known why.

    Barry looked around, there it was, the same cold streak of blue, but what was it?
    The Cobalt Pheonix slowed down, and appeared before him. "I" it had said "am the Cobalt Pheonix"
    "Who?" Barry asked
    "I am a zord, I'll explain what that is later" the Pheonix said "for now, all you need to know is that the world is in danger. I, and the other Zords, are assembling a team to take down the threat"

    (Flashback End)

    Barry had arrived at the base, and the Cobalt Pheonix led him inside, to the main room where there was a giant floating head
  17. "Hmmmmm, what is a good cookie recipe? I don't have much so copper allow and slag cookies it is! What do you think nick," the floating head asked as it turned around, the rat it had been talking to scurrying away when the new person walked in. The mask froze when it saw Barry and noticed phoenix. Immediately the lights became brighter showing off the entire room, "oh! The first ranger has arrived, I'm afraid I have made any cookies yet so if you wait a moment some will be made. My name is skywatcher, Ai companion to the last gold ranger. Helped him find and hide this planet, well uh until now that is. That's why I've called everyone in! Would you like a seat or tea? Im sure I can find something you may like"!
  18. "No thanks" Barry said politely "I'll just wait here for the other Rangers", he felt the Cobalt Pheonix sitting on his shoulder, its ice-cold body rubbing against his Neck. "So do you know who the other rangers will be?" he asked
  19. "No idea! Every zord decides and picks their ranger and Pheonix chose you. Now take a seat and relax as I finish repairs to the base," Skywatcher bowed and flickered a bit before stopping. Nick the rat now gone, "have to get rid of that rodent problem. Being around for a couple centuries does that to an Ai program am I right? So has Pheonix filled you in in our little situation"?
  20. "All I know is that the world is in danger and I have been chosen to help stop it, although I don't know why Cobalt chose me" Barry said as he sat down "But whatever the reason was, I am ready to help"
  21. "Good to here! Once people show up we can watch a movie. I've seen it a million times before so I'll try not to spoil it. Or should we watch it now," skywatcher spun around floating at his main terminal. He looked about and the screen that was on the floor was picked up by two large metal claws and fixed, "what do you think of the base by the way? Any suggestions on decorations"?

    Crystalline sat on her thrown again. She watched the planet through the window and laughed gently. A doll like grandmother strode over to her, holding a plate of freshly made cookies, "want one dear"?
    "Would love one, Grandma Smush. Tell me do you want to see the earth still," the silver ranger took one and bit into it. She hummed at the taste and patted the monster's head. Grandma smush nodded and giggled, almost dropping the plate. Crystalline smiled and motioned to the transporter, "then go and take some rusties. I'll notify the grey ranger and he can show you around".
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  22. Valmont was walking around humming to himself as he looked around the streets, passing by many shops on his way to his usual hangout spot which is the donut store

    "I don't understand why do you keep going to that store" Chariot stated, following his partner from the shadows

    "You don't eat, I wouldn't expect you to know what great treats your missing out on like custard filled Donuts!" Valmont replied with a chuckle, he was inches away from the donut store entrance before Chariot said something that irritated him

    "We are required to head back to the empress.... now..."

    "Aw seriously?! So close! Yet so far!" Valmont complained as he turned and headed back, taking shortcuts he knows he can transform in without being spotted

    Soon Valmont was in full ranger outfit with his zord next to him, kneeling respectfully in front of Crystalline who was on her throne, "you asked for me your highness?" He asked
  23. "I wish you to show dear Grandma Smush here around. It will be her first time on earth do I expect you to be nice," crystalline grinned and looked down at him. Grandma Smush offered the grey ranger a cookie and giggled. She had a few rusties behind her to help get around and maybe defend her. The silver ranger crossed her legs and lifted Valmont's chin, "if you see my zord tell him it's time to come home. I don't want to go down there to look for him".
  24. (Crystalline and Valmont are in outspace on a ship)
    "So Valmont. Are you willing to do our dearest grandmother around," crystalline smiled and looked at her underling. Her face was soft and looked like she wouldn't hurt a fly. A few rusties dropped something and her smile twisted into a snarl, "idiots! Be careful with that or I'll rip you apart"!
  25. Valmont knew that her true face was hidden behind that soft smile, she smiles only when its dead serious and that he better not mess up.
    "yes my Empress, its an honor to do so" he said as he accepted the cookie Grandma Smush offered him earlier, "im ready to show her around as soon as she is ready"
  26. "Thank you dearest," Grandma Smush giggled and pulled on his arm towards the transporter. The rusties followed her and crystalline waved as she watch them go with a smirk. She turned her attention and looked at a rustie, "where are the chrome clones"?
    Grandma Smush teleported down to the surface and immediately started to look around, offering some of her special cookies to those she found, "I do hope they like my cookies. They will make great dolls in my collection"!
  27. Ustice looked around in full ranger outfit, seeing if any Rusted Metals would come and fight him. None came. Ustice finally rode on Mini Ox and looked for any. He stopped at a tree. "Hmmmm..." Ustice looked at a coin of iron. Ustice looked at it very closely. "A zord coin....I can summon a zord with this. I wonder what zord it i-" Unlucky for Ustice, he was flung foward by a blast of lightning. Ustice looked back to see who it was. Just want he wanted, a Rusted Metal.
    (Sorry if I changed it a little bit, I tend to get so much in the RP)
  28. (If you could put plot ideas in the discussion thread would be best so everyone could agree on them and know what they were)
    Crystalline watched from her throne. She grumbled when the bronze ranger called and excused herself to take the call.
    Cerberus flew around the town and accidentally was hit by frisbee. He fell to the ground and a figure ran over. The person leaned down and gently picked him up, cradling the zord in her hands. Cerberus was taken with the frisbee, off on a bike and further away from the meeting place.
  29. "Uh" Barry said, surprised by the casualness of the robot "Maybe later? Don't want to have to watch it twice?"
    Meanwhile, the Cobalt Pheonix felt something in the back of its head. "Rusties, and one of your future Teammates has met his Zord" he whispered "We must head out now, come on and put on this costume, there is time for an overly dramatic transformation later!"
    Running to the scene of the fight, Barry pulled out a sword and ran towards the Rustie, chopping it in half.

    "Two of them!" someone laughed from behind him, and Barry turned to see a person with two magnets in hand "Obviously Skywatcher has discovered the threat of the Bronze and Silver Rangers, but it wasn't counting on me, Magnetman's Intervention yes... finally they may finally see my for the awesome guy I am!"

    "Wait who? What? When? And who the heck are you?" Barry asked, his sword in hand
    "You haven't heard of me?" Magnetman asked "I'm the fearsome MagnetMan, and I am here to destroy you!"

    The Cobalt Pheonix sped forwards towards MagnetMan, "Ill explain later!" it shouted "We need to stop him!", an ice cold blast exited its mouth, but another Rusty blocked the blow, freezing and exploding
    "Attack!" MagnetMan shouted as an army of Rusties attacked the two Rangers
  30. Valmont showed around Grandma Smush in the city while telling the Rusties to split to 3 groups, one to accompany him and Grandma Smush, one to scout out the area around them and one to search for the Mercury Cerberus zord to tell him he has to return

    "And there Grandma Smush, is the Mall, where us humans buy all kinds of stuff, some buy what they need and others are fooled into buying things that they don't need or junk" he said as he introduced her to the last thing in their sight
  31. "Hey, Barry." Ustice said, throwing the coin into the air and catching it. A mini version of his ox zord was behind him. "Time to defeat Magneto here." Ustice chuckled, then said "Ox Horn Axe!" and Mini Ox's horns broke off and turned into a battleaxe. "Didn't want to do this. Oh wait, I DO!" Ustice twirled. "IRON FIST, HYAH!" Suddenly, Ustice's fist turned iron and he charged like an ox at Magnetman, flying him back.
  32. "Argh!" MagnetMan shouted in pain "but you forget that Iron is Magnetic"
    Using his power, MagnetMan called the Iron Battleaxe to him, and commanded both the Cobalt Pheonix and Iron Ox to attack their masters. "Well then..." Barry said.
    He leapt up with his sword, slicing another Rusty only to be hit by CP's ice cold fire breath.
  33. "It's time for you." Ustice said to the coin. He put it in his morpher, then called. "_____ ZORD, GO!" Suddenly a zord came running to him. A bond could not cut the friendship Ustice and the ____ zord had. Ustice suddenly ordered the zord to attack Magnetman, no matter how hard Magnetman tried, it didn't work. The Antelope zord was a great addition.
  34. Willing the Iron Ox and Cobalt Pheonix to engage the Antelope Zord in battle, MagnetMan focused his attention on the half frozen Barry. In a desperate attempt to stop MagnetMan, Barry leapt out of the ice and into the air, chunks of Cobalt flying everywhere and being absorbed into him. "Ranger Blue! Cobalt Form!" He shouted as he ran towards MM
    MM yawned "you know Cobalt is magnetic right" he asked, before reaching out his hand and beginning to control Barry.
    "Must... resist..." Barry growled, but quickly found himself swinging his sword at Ustice in an attempt to kill him
  35. Ustice decided. "Kill me then." Ustice reached out and spread his limbs. "But you know. A ranger wouldn't traitor." Ustice threw a hot block of iron at MM, and it seemed to lose it's control on iron and cobalt. The hot iron stuck to him though, burning him.
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  36. "I'm melting! I'm melting!" MagnetMan shouted dramatically "ha! I've got you now!"
    Growing Giant, MagnetMan laughed evilly as he grabbed a telephone pole with his powers and began swinging it towards the Rangers
  37. Valmont heard a faint commotion occurring somewhere in the city, "um, Excuse me Grandma Smush i need to check on something really quick and ill be back" he said before turning to the Rusties and said "If any harm is done to her ill make sure that the last thing i do before Empress Crystalline kills me is to Chop all your heads off" and then left

    soon he found himself at the fight scene, a Green Ranger, Blue Ranger, a group of rusties, 3 zords and Magnet Man in his giant State, "i see someone has gotten into a fight already" he said as he got closer, Scythe in hand.
    "also already in Giant State? and fighting only 2 rangers? how pathetic, it appears you need help...."
  38. Grandma Smush waved and went back to handing out cookies, looking around. The rusties shivered and nodded, forming a ring around the monster quickly. She just laughed and skipped off toward a bakery, having seen cookies in the window, "come along now rusties! We have cookies to eat"!
  39. "Barry. Call your phoenix zord, we'll make a mega zord." The Iron Ox formed as the arms and legs. Ustice jumped in it, even though the torso wasn't in yet.
  40. Rosa cruised down the road on her motorbike. She made it to the theater house and pulled into her reserved spot. Walking inside she changed into her usual leotard and walked into stage with her bag, stool and radio. She pulled out the little statue thing she had found in the park and looked it over, "what even are you"?
    Shrugging she put it on her radio and turned it on, practicing her solo swing dance.

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