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Ask to Join Power Rangers, Metal Masters

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Stormursa, Oct 31, 2016.

  1. Eric walked over to where he wanted him to stand, and then picked up some rocks and started throwing rocks at him eric would say "i dont really have a range attack"
  2. As the first rock flew past Jake he remained perfectly still until all of a sudden two huge spectral pincers appeared and began to snap at and smash the rocks, though the two pincers were making great progress at destroying the flying projectile one rather large rock had slipped through and begun to fly directly at Jake mere moments from impact the rock suddenly shattered and in its place rose a huge spectral Scorpion tail. With this new spectral tail Jake made quick work of turning the rest of the rocks into fine dust
    "And that is how you use a spectral projection"
  3. Valmont dodged attack after attack but never got chance to make a strike of his own, he failed to dodge an attack of the white gold clone and was knocked back only to be sent crashing through trees by the black gold clone.
    "This is bad..... ah ha!" Valmont got an idea, he got up and ran towards Chrome who comanded his clones to stand between them, Valmont's helmet switched from Spartan mode to Samurai mode and his Scythe turned into a Guan Dao.
    Valmont jumped, landing onto the shoulders of the red clone and propelling himself off, doing a flip and landing behind Chrome himself.
    Chrome turned around to block an attack but was too slow, he got blasted with an energy slash sending him into the clones causing all 4 to fall over, before he can get up he was hit in the head with a big rock knocking him unconscious, without him being conscious his clones disappeared, Valmont tried to communicate with Crystalline through the contact device in his helmet.
  4. Crystalline answered his call. She still wasn't the happiest about bronze's visit but was tolerating it, "Valmont? What have you found? I do hope that it's something interesting and not a waste of my time".
    She moved around ok her throne, getting comfortable and relaxing in the presence of her fellow ruler.
  5. "Called to tell that were gonna be having a guest, it's a miracle I managed to knock him out since it was a 4 vs 1 battle" Valmont said as he picked Chrome up and placed him on his shoulder.
  6. "Notified," crystalline hummed and stood up. She called for all of her underlings attention, "we have a guest coming to visit us so I would like a nice warm cell readied".
    She looked at Damascus and forge, nodding her head as she walked out. She ran a hand through her hair and held herself tall.
  7. "A guest? I wonder who it could be" Damascus said as he looked a Forge, who looked back.

    Valmont teleported back to the ship in a flash, Chrome with him, he marched all the way to the throne room with the chariot Zord in front of him.
    "Empress Crystalline, Emperor Damascus, I bring in our guest, Chrome" Valmont said as he tossed Chrome onto the ground and bowed to the two leaders.
  8. Crystalline grinned down at chrome then at Damascus. She folded her arms and nodded to Valmont, "good job. Where did you find him? Was he alone"?
    She crouched down to get a better look at him and chuckled, "Damascus dear? Does he seem fimular or is it just me? A friend to the gold ranger if I'm not correct".
  9. "In a matter of fact he is, I can't belive it, your general has beaten him!" Damascus exclaimed

    Valmont chuckled, "him and his 3 clones he created" he added to both The Bronze ranger and Forge's shock, "he was in a forest nearby, just him and the clones he made while we battled"
  10. "That's good to hear. You should go relax and have some you time," crystalline looked at the other two and folded her arms. She took a step closer and hummed, "and what were you saying about taking a human for a general? I believe I've made a good choice".
  11. "I say Forge and the other generals are getting a run for their money" Damascus said chuckling as he looked at forge who just grumbled, suddenly the Lead Demon Zord came in, "hello!" He greeted looking around for Cerberus.
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  12. "Cerberus is out at the moment," crystalline informed the zord. She didn't want to give any other information after that. She looked at Valmont, asking silently if he had found him, "probably out somewhere being a fool".
  13. Eric looked at him with a suprised face, and said "That was awesome, but you're probably right i can't learn it this early, is there anything else you can teach me? If not then i'll just practice what you showed me" Eric would practice his starting stance he would mess up the feet position he tryed to remember, but just couldnt he tryed, and tryed to see if he could find a similiar feet position to jog his memory.
  14. Jake moved forward and shifted Eric's forward facing left foot further forward and his back foot to better support his weight and allow for better maneuverability
    "Nearly had it but try to keep your legs slightly bent and your arms relaxed, tensing them will not only alert your opponent to your next attack but also it makes you easier to knock down" said Jake as he adjusted Eric's arms to better defend his core
    "There, now try this, keep your left arm relaxed and ready to deflect an attack, now bring your right fist to your hip then jab forward, being it back and repeat with your left hand punching. These are called your tiger fury punches"
  15. Eric breathed in, and out to try, and relax his left arm he brong his right fist to his hip, and jabbed forward like said he then brong it back, and started punching with his left
  16. "Good, good, harder! Faster!" Yelled Jake slightly taken back by the teens eagerness to train
    "Practice that a couple hundred times and you should be ready to take down a rustie with one punch
  17. Eric Replied "Yes sir, i will train all night everyday Until i have done it a thousand times!" He then repeated those moves, each time he repeated it he would try to go faster.
  18. Cerberus was picked up by the human and decided that he was tired of being quiet, "hey! Be careful! I can feel pain you know"!
    Rosa dropped the small toy like figure and squeaked, "what the hell"!
    "Yeah yeah! I'm an alien and you can deal with it," Cerberus would have rolled his eyes if he could and started to answer the questions that rosa asked him.
  19. Brass appeared in the town yelling "COME OUT RANGERS OR THE TOWN WILL DIE NOW LET ME MAKE A EXAMPLE" Brass then threw a car into a town store, the car then exploded Brass grabbed two civillians, he then yelled "RANGERS COME OUT, AND PLAAAAY!"
  20. "And what the heck is that guy doing" Barry said plainly as he observed Brass "I should probably go out there and help him, shouldn't I?"
    Cobalt Pheonix nodded, and the two sped out to stop Brass
    "Hey" Barry shouted when he arrived "stop or be stopped!"
  21. Brass smirked, and said "You must be a ranger" he then threw the two civillians to the side, and started running towards barry Yelling "DIE" he jumped up into the air, and tryed to smash him with his hands
  22. Barry sidestepped, and pulled out his sword. He ran forwards in an attempt to slice Brass with his sword but stumbled and fell. Cobalt swooped in and caught him before he could hit the ground however.
    "We will give you once chance" Barry threatened "Surrender or face the consequences"
  23. Brass yelled "I will never surrender to a mere ranger" Brass then ran towards barry, he pulled his left fist back, and thrusted it forward in attempt to punch him in the face, and with his right he guarded his chest.
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  24. Crystalline spoke to Grandma smush. She smirked as they discussed what to do with the Rangers that had appeared, smiling happily. The empress moving to her private quarters to have a more private conversation.

    Rosa now sat on her bed as she ran out of questions. She looked at Cerberus and shrugged her shoulders, "well this is very weird".
  25. Chojin woke up from his comma to see he was alone in his tent "where am i" he ask himself while he got up and started to train with his wooden sword and a training dummy was his opponent for the time being.
  26. Crystalline giggled as she and her right hand monster smirked. The two thinking up plans and ways to mess and play with the Rangers, the bordom that looking for the zords had brought making her antsy for some fun.
  27. Chojin began to pack up while his Hawk zord stay close to him "ready when you are" Hawk said as he flew into the air "almost done" Chojin said as he pick up his Cross Changer
  28. Rosa stood up when her mother called her to go out. She put Cerberus in her hood and put on her helmet, zooming off on her motorcycle as she went to go picked up some things from the market.
  29. Chojin then place the Cross Changer on his wrist as he look at Hawk zord "Hawk Zord power up" he call out as Hawk start to grow into a large Zord just as Chojin jump up into the cockpit inside Hawk as the Zord flew away looking for a monster to fight.

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