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Ask to Join Power Rangers, Metal Masters

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Stormursa, Oct 31, 2016.

  1. "And I'm back" announced Barry as he entered he Ranger Base
    "Met the green ranger" Cobalt Phoenix explained "He was already uniformed by his Zord, and toghether we took down a bunch of Rusties and a guy named MagnetMan"
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  2. Eric turned off the training room he then walked out sweating like a waterfall to the main room he saw barry, and asked "are you a ranger to?"
  3. Barry nodded "Blue" he said "and this is my Zord, the Cobalt Phoenix."
    "And you are?" The Cobalt Phenoix asked
  4. Eric replied "white, and this is my zord aluminum Fox" Fox zord replied "Cobalt phenoix hmm seems you found a better ranger than this hipster"
  5. "It's good to hear you're all getting along! Very good news indeed. Blue ranger? How was it? Was it a smooth transformation or do I need to fix something," Skywatcher looked over at them as he ran calculations, happy that he had added berry now that the defense system was activated. Nick the ram scampered past the two Rangers and started munching on another wire.
  6. The Chariot Zord went back to Valmont, his search for Cerberus fruitless, he galloped to his master who is battling Jake and said "Valmont we got to go"

    "What about Grandma Smush?" Valmont asked

    "She is already back in the space ship" Chariot replied before adding "and I couldn't Find Cerberus anywhere"

    Valmont dodged another attack before jumping back to where his Zord was, "till we meet again black ranger" Valmont said as he and his Zord disappeared in a flash of bright light.
  7. Brass appeared he grabbed cars,and threw them into buildings and people yelling "Perish humans!!!" With roar.
  8. Crystalline marched back to her throne room, taking in reports and speaking with Grandma. The silver ranger looked to the screen and facepalmed when she saw that one of the monsters was on the ground, "do any of us know where the Rangers base is? I want to know if theirs anything we can use against them".
  9. Valmont walked in a bit nervously and and bowed to Crystalline before saying "my empress, I'm afraid Grandma Smush's tour had to have been cut short and we did not find you zord....", he instantly regretted mentioning the last part.
  10. Crystalline froze and started to growl lowly as she turned to face Valmont, "well then find him! Do you the information he could give the Rangers if they found him first! Bring Cerberus back and grandma Smush can go with you! I don't care because I have to ready if Bronze is to arrive"!
  11. "Yes my empress, also a ranger I fought who's skills seemed on par with mine was stupid enough to inform me that our communication frequencies are easy to tap into, I suggest avoiding using it till its fixed so the rangers can't spy" Valmont said as he straightened up and waited for grandma smush before leaving.
  12. "Thank you for notifing me of the breach," crystalline the ordered some rusties to fix it along with some engineers. She sat down in her throne and looked at Valmont boredly, "how do you think we should welcome Bronze to earth? A Rangers head on a plater or a new zord maybe? I just don't want to deal with him right now".
  13. Valmont thought for a moment, "well at first I dismissed it as a false alarm but now I see the more I'm on earth the more I sense some great power, as great as ..... no even stronger than yours your highness, is it possible that you know what could emit such power? If so do you think that bringing it to bronze would be a good welcoming?" He asked.
  14. "It would," crystalline thought it over and nodded to her agent. She leaned back in her throne and looked over her control room. With a feral grin she let out a cackle, "yes. Find that power and bring it in by any means necessary".
  15. "As you wish your highness" valmont said as he headed out, his zord galloping behind him.
    He planned on making a quick stop at Starbucks for coffee before heading to the forest where the force seemed to be coming from.
  16. Crystalline watched for a bit on her throne, watching as her underlings run around. She ran a hand through her hair and Grandma Smush gave her a cookie from one of her normal batches. She ate it and the two spoke.
  17. Jake bowed respectfully as Valmont jumped away
    "Until we meet again" replied Jake as he demorphed and headed in the opposite direction, toward the ranger base


    "Skywatcher? I'm back, did the newbies bring you my zord coins like I asked?" Asked Jake as he entered the base and threw his coins and collapsed staff into a black Bay Area where they flew into place waiting for quick retrieval when needed
    "Why yes Jake, your new mantis and lion zords are now being programmed and summoning coins forged" replied Skywatcher as Jake turned a corner and entered the main base area and zord profiles appeared on screens to Jakes right
    Only just noticing the new rangers that moment Jake turned awkwardly
    "Hi newbies, I'm Jake, the black ranger and these" gesturing to the zord screens and Scorpius who sat on his shoulder "are my gunmetal zords, Scorpius, That will be Leo and Khoi"
    "Hi" said Scorpius waving a claw at the other zords
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  18. Grandma Smush went off into a different part of the ship. After she had crystalline leaned back in her throne and growled at a rustie, "do we have any information on when Broze will be with us? I don't like being caught off guard and would rather know when he plans on arriving".
  19. "No your highness we dont" said a rustie as he shook in fear.

    -on earth-

    Valmont had got a cup of coffee from the cafe before heading to the forest, he was sensing more power the deeper he went in.
    "what could be the source of this power?" he thought, soon an outline of a dojo came in sight. "bingo" Valmont said as he headed in its direction.
  20. Crystalline slammed her hand down on her chair, rising up to walk around the ship. She was very upset, punching a few unlucky rusties and damaging some property in the rage.
  21. Eric replied "cool, 2 zords i wish i could have 2 zords anyway im the white, and this is my fox zord" Fox zord replied to eric "you do have 2 really 3, and so does he" Fox zord then would wave back.
  22. Skywatcher looked around, happy that nobody was hurt from the defense system and that he had remembered to input everyone into it. He turned back to his calculations and pulled up some damaged files, unable to even remember what they were about, "rangers! You know what would be really helpful? Helping clean up the base"!
  23. "Nah I'm good thanks Skywatcher" joked Jake "I'll be in the training room should anyone need me, Scorpius did you manage to scan Valmonts fighting techniques?"
    "Of course Jake what do you think I am, a Tin brain?" Replied scorpius slightly insulted by Jakes lack of faith in his memory capacity
    "Good, load them into the training dummies we have some work to do"
  24. Valmont made it to the dojo, it seemed plain and empty to his disappointment, however what he heard next brightened him up.
    "This is a place that you don't belong in" said a person if full medieval armor, Valmont looked back at him sensing all the power coming from him and smirked under his helmet before asking "and you are?".
    "Chrome, and you shall be dead by the end of our duel" Chrome said as he drew his sword and held up his shield.
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  25. Eric laughed at skywatcher and said "that was a good joke, now i wonder if i can get that ranger guy to train me" he then headed to the training room, and went in he then asked "Excuse me i hope im not interrupting you i just wanted to ask can you train me when your done with your training"
  26. Back on the space ship, a Rustie hesitantly approached Crystalline.
    "Your highness, the Bronze ranger has arrived and is taking his time making his way to your thrown room" he said as he shook in fear.
  27. "What! Why didn't you tell me sooner," Crystalline snapped at her rustie and grabbed it by its neck, moving to press it into a wall in her anger. She took a deep breath and calmed herself slightly, releasing her grip and marching to the throne room. Her shoulders were squared and she held a proud air to herself.
  28. Damascus was marching down the hallway to Crystal line's thrown room, Forge close behind amused by the fear the two's presence is applying to the Rusties.
    Soon they arrived at the throne room, "Crystalline! Why it's been a long time hasn't it?!" Damascus exclamed in a tone full of hope that his partner in ruling the metal legion had a more successful time in her galactic travel than he did.
  29. "It has," Crystalline nodded and looked at him. Her arms were crossed and she looked at him with a gentle smile, "how have your travels been? Also you know I don't like to get dropped in on so why no warning". She stepped closer, grandma Smush behind her like forge was behind him.
  30. "My travels weren't good but weren't bad either, also just lately figured out your location and didn't have time to tell you beforehand" Damascus said before continuing "some of your Rusties like to keep in touch with my Rusties, and naturally that caused rumours to spread, is it true that you have taken a human in as a general for your army?", Damascus asked as he smirked a devious smirk.
  31. "And what if I did? A human could give us valuable information on their planet and are more likely to be trusted by Rangers. Speaking of which, zords and rangers have been spotted and interacted with," crystalline growled lowly and shot a look to her rusties in anger.
  32. @Ultimate Roleplayer
    Jake spun on his toes quickly and swung his staff low to take Eric off his feet before holding his staff mere inches from Erica neck
    "Oh sorry, it's instinct" said Jake helping Eric back onto his feet
    "You're Eric, right? The white ranger? Your zords an arctic fox right?" Asked Jake removing his helmet to greet the teen
    "Anyway moving on you said something about wanting me to train you? I can try but there isn't an animal technique for the fox, I mean I could train you in the artic wolf technique if you want? but first you need to learn the basics of the wolf technique so morph but don't call your weapons the wolf of technique consists solely of kicks, punchs and blocks" insisted Jake as he replaced his helmet and awaited the fellow teen to respond
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  33. "Interesting, a good kind of interaction I hope" Damascus said.
    "A worthless human can barely accomplish half of the things I'm capable of" Forge grumbled lowly to himself, Damascus chuckled and said "Forge I'm aware of your capabilities and I agree that by comparing physical feats you outclass the fragile species but come on now, your insulting your fellow general behind his back and in front of their Empress? That's too low, your better than that!".
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  34. "My general has a implicated much and blends in easier with the human crowds. You would bring to much attention as a spy," crystalline sat on her throne and smirked. She crossed her eyes and motioned for Grandma Smush to contact Valmont, "but perhaps you wish to challenge him? I could ask if he accepts"?
  35. Forge looked at Damascus to see what he thinks, "maybe another time, but where is he?" Damascus asked.

    Valmont had been swinging his Scyth left and right, every attack he dispensed was blocked by Chrome's shield, in turn every swing of Chrome's sword was blocked by the pole of the scythe saving Valmont from losing his head
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  36. "Out at the moment. He found something interesting and I let him see what it was," Crystalline waved absentmindedly. She just hoped that the other ruler was still missing the fact that Cerberus wasn't with her. She crossed her arms and leaned back, "it's good to let your generals have some fun".
    "Cookie," Grandma Smush offered, a plate in her hands with freshly made sweets.
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  37. "Thank you" Damascus said as he took one, Forge took one too.
    "I agree about letting your generals have some fun, it helps blow some steam too" he said as he took a bite out of the cookie

    "This ends now" Chrome said as he glowed brightly, soon to valmont's surprise there stood in front of him along with Chrome 3 clones of him, black, white and red, all three with swords but none with shields.
    "Looks like the fun just started!" Valmont chuckled as he ran towards them.
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  38. "Yes," crystalline nodded and a rustie ran over to her and whimpered in her ear. She nodded and stretched, "I have something to attend to so relax until I return".
    Cerberus plopped back down where he had been left. The human that had taken him in had went into another room after exiting from the bathroom, noise following from the room they entered not long after.
  39. Eric replied "i guess i could learn the wolf technique" His zord then told him "He could teach you the tiger technique, dont question why" Eric then said "okay, can you teach me the tiger technique, and will it be hard?"
    @Frontier Master
  40. "The tiger? Ok it's a lot easier than the wolf but it should work well enough for you to take down some rusties, but the tiger technique is purely offensive so I'm going to need to teach you some defensive moves first" replied Jake surprised the aluminum zord had heard of the Pai Zhuq animal techniques
    "Ok so we start with this starting position" Jake demonstrated with his feet shoulder width apart, side on with his left foot facing Eric, his knees slightly bent and his hands relaxed at shoulder height
    "Now you always want to return to this position if when your waiting for your opponents next move, so now we move to blocks and counters" continued Jake
    "High block, fore arms raised then push the attack away and use your other hand to attack"
    "Low block, sweep your arm downward and away, deflect the attack then attack with kicks"
    "Side blocks, use your closet arm to deflect the blow the attack and turn your opponent then attack their now exposed back"
    "Now the final block and counter I'll teach you is your spectral projection it's some pretty high level stuff, so don't be surprised if it takes a while for you to eeven achieve let alone master, but here I'll show you how it works stand over there and fire some ranged attacks at me" stated Jake as he took couple steps back and entered a meditative pose with his eyes closed before nodding in Eric's direction
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