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Pokémon X and Y Announced!

  1. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator


    Ladies and gentlemen, Generation 6 is here. In today's Pokémon Direct, Satoru Iwata took the stage and, after a recap of the whole Pokémon series so far, revealed what will probably be heralded as the first games in Generation 6: Pokémon X and Y versions for the Nintendo 3DS. The full presentation is after the jump - but fair warning, this article is image heavy!

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Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Teapot, Jan 8, 2013.

    1. Picnicker Virgil
      Picnicker Virgil
      *buys 3DS*

      Godddd I am so excited for this. Too many things to say so I'm not even gonna bother trying to get them all out until I've composed myself a little more. I love all the starters! I'm leaning towards Froakie I think? But I don't know who I'll pick. Omg I just want to rollerskate around the X-Y region with my Froakie and my giant anime eyesssss ♥
    2. Magpie
      Rather impressed by the 3D, I must say. The battling system looked epic, so I'm really looking forward to finding out more about these games :D

      Also: the Fire Starter is a Fox. Therefore I have to have it. Even though I actually like the look of all three starters, the choice is made (unless of course it evolves into something completely un-fox like) xD
    3. Doubled
      *tries to scream internally...screams externally*

      CHESPIN CHESPIN CHESPIN *calms down* sorry.... this is really exciting. Also, from the trailer I saw, it had the numbers 13 and 10. Does that mean that it'll be available this October? Or am I misreading?
    4. Brendan Savem
      Brendan Savem
      Holy... A worldwide release! This is a big step for the Pokemon series, now we know the starters english names already. I already like the fire type, Fennekin. Froakie though... I don't know, though I'm convinced his evolutions will look much better, a lot like what most people thought of Oshawott was when we first saw him. Speaking of Oshawott, Chespin looks suspiciously a lot like him.

      It still seems too soon since they released Black2/White2, probably because I still haven't finished it.

      And while the entirely 3D world is exciting, I'm actually most enticed by a very minute detail in it. Did you guys see the mirror in the trailer? I did, and I'm calling character customisation. Whether it's as far as changing the character entirely, or as simple as changing hats, I'm calling character customisation.
    5. Teapot
      Don't worry, you'll have until October to play 'em :D

      I sincerely hope so! I didn't want to speculate on that particular detail in the article as the mirror is literally our only evidence, but customisable characters would be win.
    6. Linkachu
      Consider me stoked. I'm so glad that I made a point to get up early and watch the Pokemon Direct live stream. Full 3D environment, the starters revealed with their English names, and the world wide release this year! That's probably the best part of all. I don't want to wish the new year away but that's definitely something great to look forward to shortly after summer ends. ^____^

      Must say that I like Chespin best of the three starters (it's strangely adorable), but bring on the evolutions! I'm looking forward to seeing how much Fennekin's and FwoggieFroakie's final stage evolutions differ from Ninetales and Seismitoad because I'm hopeful that they will.

      All in all I don't have a single complaint. Can't wait until more info regarding new features or game mechanic changes role out, and I'm looking forward to seeing how these games will take advantage of StreetPass and SpotPass. :)
    7. Fumanshu
      A necessary step, but still.
      Rip in peace 2D Pokeman
    8. Dark Soul
      Dark Soul

      Heheh, it's nice to see Nintendo do something nice like this. Although I'm not too impressed with the new legendaries- Especially Y- the starters look pretty alright to me, and I really like the idea of having fully animated combat with 3D models! That, along with the new overworld view and the fact that it's set in Europe will make for a great game, I believe !

      I will be dissapointed if there's not a beachside town based on The Netherlands, though. They've already had a movie there ;D
    9. Moochy
      Ok, so I think I need my Froakie NOW.

      Anyways, I like this. It's a bold move (perhaps bolder than even Gen V was) to try and freshen up the franchise- stepping into full 3D, using dynamic battles, and ditching color-based names. I think it'll work, though. This looks like a great installment in the already great series.
    10. Toastie
      Wow, that was pretty spectacular.

      I'm going to guess that the Version Mascots stand for chaos and order, and that this generation will contain a lot of evos/pre-evos of older Pokemon.

      X and Y? Interesting.
    11. Sir Red
      Sir Red
      Wow. I've long been one of the most vocal people against wanting a full 3-D Pokemon game, but I must admit that I am impressed with what I see in this video. It will certainly take some getting used to though, after playing Pokemon top-down my entire life.

      This seems so unusual of a reveal for them, though. Usually they barely give us any information in tiny bits over many weeks. Instead, they threw the fact that there was a new Gen, on the new(er) system and five of the mascot Pokemon for the games. As well as giving us a full trailer showing the games off. For some reason getting this much makes me want to declare it a ruse! xP
    12. ShinyZekrom009
      Wow...I'm almost speechless. Almost.

      I very much like the starters, and right now I'm favoring Chespin as my favorite. I did not expect them to make a full 3D game this early, but the fact that they did makes me considerably excited, though it will take some getting used to.

      I'm only skeptical of the legendaries, they look a little odd to me, and I wonder where they got the idea for the game titles as well.

      Still, I am very much looking forward to this new step in Pokemon gaming.
    13. Rockspet
      OK so first of all, hi, I'm Rockspet, I've been on the site for a while but I just made an account. Now...

      The Starters are all right. Fenekin looks like something from Monster Galaxy (pkmn clone), and that's not exactly good. The 2nd move it uses in the trailer makes me think it will get psychic.

      Chespin is not very interesting to me, especially after Oshawott.

      Froakie... is a frog!!! It's a starter!!!! That makes it a frog starter!!! :love: my life is complete.

      At least, until I saw that deer with "x"s for eyes. :down: The bird is cool, kind of dark looking. :up:

      Things look to be going well for Nintendo, especially as now people have a legitimate reason to buy the 3DS.
    14. michael95
      This announcement was the final factor on whether or not I would buy a 3DS, and I think its safe to assume I shall be getting one very shortly :D

      The 3D is amazing, sprites are now officially a thing of the past :) (Rest assured sprites, you will not be missed :p )

      Like someone else on my facebook said...its almost hard to go back to B2/W2 without it looking old and out of date now XD
    15. ShinyZekrom009
      I'll be getting a 3DS soon. If I was doubtful about it before, there's not any know. I'm using all my money to buy you, 3DS, in honor of this game.
    16. Carmen Lopez
      Carmen Lopez
      Aside from the fact that these games LOOK very impressive, I'm glad to see all five generations represented in the trailer. As much as I enjoyed the Gen V only run in Unova pre-E4, it'll be good to see a full return to a mix of all generations. It's interesting because it feels like I've just gotten used to Unova, but I'm not complaining at all ♥

      I'm really loving the base forms of all three starters this time around, but Fennekin takes the case. It might be my favorite starter design of all time. Unless it gets absolutely ruined by horrid stats/movepool or ugly evolutions, it's going to be my starter for sure.
    17. Coreysawrus
      I was going to say there were no Gen 2 Pokemon, then I saw Pikachu, Weavile and Eevee
    18. Psycho Monkey
      Psycho Monkey
      Does that include them being Fire/Fighting? <.>

      But yeah, today has been rather interesting to say the least. I knew since before this year started that 2013 was going to be a good year and this just adds to the awesome. :D
    19. Carmen Lopez
      Carmen Lopez
      I would be majorly disappointed if they were, but if the design and movepool are good, I'd still pick it.
    20. Blazi
      From the announcement, I personally think that the combinations are going to be something along the lines of: Grass/Dark(Or Ghost), Fire/Psychic, and not so sure about Froakie. Maybe Water/Fighting?

      Just by looking at the secondary moves they showed, so it's not really a professional opinion.

      That, or there's going to be a major plot twist and they will all become Fire-Fightings.

      Also I'm thinking that X and Y refer to the X and Y Dimensional planes, which lead to the obvious 'Z'.
    21. Keleri
      SUPER excited for these two. I really like the designs of the legendaries since they seem to be getting away from the digimon/mecha look that's predominated for the last couple of gens. The starters look great and I can't wait to see their final evolutions. There is some wild speculation that the starters are grass/dark, fire/psychic and water/fighting based on the colors of the moves used in the trailer, and that would be ridiculously cool and I hope it pans out. It looks like this region will be based on France due to the shots of an Eiffel Tower-like structure.

      I'm disappointed that following pokemon still haven't returned from HG/SS since that is the best thing ever. I'm also a little leery of full 3D since all of the previous 3D pokemon games (stadiums and colosseums) have been RIDICULOUSLY SLOW and I would often end up putting the controller on the floor and mashing A with my foot to get through battles while playing pokemon on a handheld at the same time. If they can speed up battles and reduce the amount of time spent staring at the pokemon as they slowly wind up their attacks and wait to get hit by their opponents' attacks, the battles would be a lot more bearable.

      I'm also impatient for more trainer customization, so I hope we see that as well as others in the thread have suggested.
    22. Valin
      Looks pretty cool so far, and I don't have too much more to offer, other than some trivia regarding the new starters:

      Chespin: I'm not really sure what Chespin is supposed to be, exactly, but it definitely looks like a mammal, as opposed to Bulbasaur, Treeko, Turtwig, and Snivy, all of which are based off reptiles (I'm not really sure what Chikorita is supposed to be, but since Meganium looks like a brontosaurus...), thereby making it the first grass-type starter not based off a reptile.

      Froakie: Also on the subject of animal classes, the water-type starters so far have been reptiles (Squirtle and Totodile), a fish (Mudkip), a bird (Piplup), a mammal (Oshawott), and now an amphibian, meaning water-type starters have the most diverse set of animal classes.

      Fennekin: The most evolved forms of the fire-type starters have been a dragon (Charizard), a rat (kinda) (Typhlosion), a rooster (Blaziken), a monkey (Infernape), and a pig (Emboar). Since Fennekin is a fox (and assuming its most evolved form is still a fox), this makes it the first fire-type starter not to be based off an animal from the Chinese Zodiac.

      Anyways, it's just some random stuff I noticed. When it comes out, I'll probably go with Fennekin because it's a fox and foxes are cool (though frogs are cool too, so I'm totally cool with Froakie).
    23. Zeo4D
      :@ I dont like these games for one reason: They're on the 3DS. I know nintendo is worried about the sales of the new systems like the 3DS and Wii U, but really nintendo? why can't you have a version for the DS and one for the 3DS? I... I just dont understand. ;_; besides that, I give this game a 7/10 because the 3D aspect and the characters make it cool, but I am dissapointed by the names, and the pokemon design. the only pokemon that I like that has been announced for this game is the Fire type Fox, Kee... uh... something. (Edit-Wow... I was so wrong... It's Fennekin, not Kee____... I suck.) but that's my opinion. I ♥ the worldwide release!
    24. Coreysawrus
      The DS has been out for way too long (8 years) and the 3DS has been out nearly 2 years now, so I wouldn't exactly call it new. Having it on the 3DS makes them more money. The DS is essentially at the end of its lifespan. Gen 5 arguably should have been on the 3DS but it came out a few months early. Not counting Gen 5 we've moved onto the next handheld for each generation. Gen 2 saw us move on to the GBC, Gen 3 onto the GBA, Gen 4 onto the DS. Also having one for the DS and one for the 3DS would make the 3DS superior over the DS version in pretty much any technical aspect.
    25. X_Milotic_X
      Froakie!! <.> Defiantly my favorite by looks for starters. I hope it is special based and not physical based. the legendries look Awesome! I'm getting X so the rainbow deer is gone be mine 8)
    26. Gliscario39
      THIS. GAME. IS. AMAZING. The graphics are great, and oh my god, the Pokemon. Mega Lucario, amirite? Get this game as soon as you can, it's worth the forty dollars.

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