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Private/Closed Pokemon Rangers/Pokemon Trainers RP?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by NemoX542, Mar 22, 2016.

  1. Sorry If I stepped on any toes by Lumping the forest walk in with the arrival at HQ - I wanted to get the description of HQ out there for everyone =) If Everyone wants to do the same thing I did, walk through the forest then arrival at HQ feel free =)
  2. who wants to post next? =) I didnt want to keep my post going through to the meeting I was going to give someone else a chance to post....
  3. I'm waiting for Omega :p
  4. ohhh ok haha =)
  5. I am waiting on Cpt I believe.
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  6. Yeah I'm working on my post. Need to get wifi tho as data nearly dead. Im out right now so it'll be later.
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  7. Sounds good to me =)
  8. Whenever you guys finish admiring the walk to the HQ, I'll get us all in with Ranger Lola ^.^
  9. I will either have Lin already there or show up late depending on when I catch up to the post.
  10. I'll post one more time before/After Kennedy about the Inside of the building =)

    Also Lin whenever you get a chance is fine =)
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  11. ok so whats going on with posting? are we still waiting on Omega? :p
  12. Someone message them
  13. i guess that will be me since im running this thing
  14. Ok I messaged them
  15. Alright everything is moving again HAHA =) ill wait for everyone who wants to post to post and then ill post about the inside of the building and we can get to the meeting! yay haha =)
  16. Is this rp to far along to join now? This seems like a very intriguing setup.
  17. Nah never too late =) especially if you want to be a ranger since we can always add one haha trainer might be tricky but im sure i could swing it somehow and get you in :p
  18. To be honest, I'd be more comfortable being a trainer as I am still uncertain as to how a ranger would actually act. (Never played the game and seen them only a few times in rps) however, I could easily create a ranger character and be IC a pretty new, fairly poor trained ranger. Might make for a different dimension to the story.
  19. Oh! In fact my character and that new Ranger could be friends! Marina is quite new too, so they could've joined the same day and since the both of them were a bit lost they bonded!

    --of course, all of this if you feel like it--
  20. That sounds great! I'll get working on a bio now. Should be up here soon. Just one quick questions, I see except for one or two, all the rangers have one pokefollower. Is that a standard? Or is two acceptable?
  21. Rangers have a single partner Pokemon - there is one single exception and thats the supervisor Ranger - Id say that because he is such a high ranking Ranger he is able to have two Partners - but being a new Ranger yes you would have a single Partner Pokemon =)

    Also I LOVE LOVE your idea of two new rangers bonding over being new and that would give Head Ranger Lola a good reason to put you two together with the same trainer since your both fairly new it would take two of you to watch one experienced trainer haha =)

    Please Follow the guidelines on Page one of this discussion for your bio and make you sure you catch up on what has happened so far in the RP! This will give you a good idea about how Rangers in this world act and how they feel about Trainers! Just take what they do and make it your own kinda thing haha Also check the partnerships I have made for the up coming meeting that is in this thread on the previous page - the names on there are the active posters and id recommend reading over their bios as well to get a sense of who is in the RP =)

    Thank you for choosing to join us!!! Im looking forward to reading your Bio =)
  22. Name: Ezekiel "Zeke" Rider
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Pastoria
    Ranger or Trainer?: Ranger
    Age: 18
    Height: 6'
    Weight: 160
    Hair: Dark/ Dirty blonde hair, usually unkempt and unruly. It is short and even where it sticks up doesn't exceed a few inches.
    Eyes: His eyes would generally be seen as normal blue eyes, nothing too extravagant, however when hit in a certain light can leave onlookers gazing into an abyss of blue that would leave the sky jealous.
    Clothing: As a new recruit he sticks strictly to his ranger uniform.
    Identifying Marks: Apart from his oblivious and clueless look he tends to sport, his only determining features are small almost unnoticeable scars up and down his arms and back.
    Musculature: Ezekiel is average sized, he can hold his own in physically demanding scenarios, but he isn't going to show anybody up.
    Personality: Ezekiel is more or less an oblivious air- head, who cares more about helping others than thinking through full scenarios. He would easy be taken advantage of as he believes everyone has good intentions and are true when they say they are his friends. This has gotten him in trouble and injured many times, but he never falters from his personality.
    Skills: He may not be spectacular at any one thing, but he will try anything and keep persistent until he does what he can to help his friends. While some people think he's an idiot for being so oblivious and easily used, he is extremely smart and witty at problem solving.
    Past: Ezekiel's easily exploited kindness has gotten him in many harsh predicaments. This can be observed by his deficit of friends. Though there are a few that stick around him when there is something they need. Upon examining his body, littered with scars, they themselves can tell stories of his past. The positioning on his back and arms showing he has no problem sacrificing his own body to protect those in front of him. Many times this was the case when he and his Buizel would be tricked into harsh predicaments. Many times his older brother and parents would tell him he was being used, or in some instances according to his parents,bullied (his mom was very protective.) This never stopped Zekes big heart and ignorance from the truth.
    Ezekiel's only had a couple real friends, one who left to be a ranger a few years back, and his Buizel, who has never left his side since he walked his egg around.
    His parents each have jobs in the Pokemon feild, teacher and professors assistant, and his brother left to become a trainer when Zeke was but 10 years old. 8 years later, Zeke wants nothing more to help everyone he can, thus he finally applied to be a Pokemon Ranger.
    Family: Mother Sky Rider, father Daemon Rider, and brother Zuriel "Death" Rider.

    Pokémon: Buizel
    Nickname: Jet
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Swift swim
    Hidden Power: Ice
    Special Features: Zeke makes him wear a scarf because he thinks ranger partners have too
    History/Personality: Being found as an egg while Ezekiel was 6 meant these two spent their whole lives together. This created a bond that would be the epitome of partnership. Both give into Zekes need to help, and ignorance to be taken advantage of, and while Jet knows his buddy is being used he knows it would break his heart to not help.
    Move set: Aqua jet, Aqua tail, Dig, Water sport

    If there are any discrepancies let me know, i will be catching up on the previous happening in the rp.
  23. Your profile looks great! Thanks for Joining us! When you have read everything in the RP Ill let you know when you can Post - I will include it in the post when we enter the Meeting with Head Ranger Lola =) Ill introduce you into the RP and then you can post after that haha =)
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  24. Alright, I am all caught up and ready to go!
  25. Awesome! Now for the next person to post! LOL maybe I should post next......hmmmm yep its decided i am posting next :p

    Ok my post feels super long.....It includes the description of the inside of HQ plus Head Ranger Lola since obviously thats where we are going....and the beginning of the conversation with her.....Im trying to figure out if I can like break it into two posts but i am unsure where.....well I am just going to post it and if anyone thinks something is wrong let me know and Ill fix whatever haha :p Also I will be posting more often to control the Head Ranger as well, so in some posts I might just be the Head Ranger with a teeny bit of Alexis, or mostly Alexis and some Head Ranger. So I am sorry the post is sooooooo long I just honestly could not find a stopping point.....LOL
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  26. I apologize. I didn't realize how long that post was. I sectioned it off into 3 parts. The first part is just to get a feel for Ezekiel and Jet's relationship/ personalities. The second part is how he got to where he was, and why he was late and the third and final part is what is pertinent to interaction. If it is too long to read, just read the third part separated by --------.
  27. Finally made a bio! Let me know if it's still ok to join.

    Name:Ethan Celeste
    Hometown:Celestic town, Sinnoh
    Ranger or Trainer?:Trainer
    Height:For this, he's really as tall and weighs as much as a average 14 year old.
    Weight:same as ^^
    Hair:Blond-Brown, but he almost always wears a hat like the protagonist of ORAS does, so it's almost never seen.
    Eyes:Green, but he has glasses that are mainly just for show.
    Clothing:Glasses and Hat, as described^^ but he also has the same outfit as Brendan's outfit in Emerald, plus Fingerless gloves.
    Identifying Marks:A scar he recived from protecting his Mom from a Garchomp.
    Musculature:Ethan doesn't really have any muscles.
    Personality:Seems self-centered, but will risk anything to help someone in need of help, whether they're good or evil.
    Skills:pokémon battling
    Past:He was born in Celestic town, Son of Cynthia and a unknown father. He protected his mother from a rampaging Garchomp when he didn't have any Pokémon, allowing Cynthia enough time to catch it.(hint: it's the Garchomp we all know and love. Or hate) He received his scar from that incident. He later set off on his own journey, and made it to the Pokémon league. He beat Cynthia, but team Luna attacked before he could get into the hall of fame, so he set out to Almia to protect any innocent civilians and Pokémon.
    Family:Cynthia, Unknown Father

    Pokémon 1:
    Special Features:he wears one of the harmony scarves from Pokémon Super Mystery dungeon, just like all the other Pokémon on Ethan's team
    History/Personality:Shinobi was given to Cynthia by her friend Augestine Sycamore as a Froakie. After the "Garchomp incident" she decided Ethan was old enough to go on his own journey, and gave him Shinobi. The Froakie evolved to Frogadier in mt.Cornet, and into Greninja at Galactic hq.

    Pokémon 2:
    Special Features:Harmony scarf
    History/Personality:Rouni was given to Ethan as a gift from his great-grandmother, the elder of Celestic town. Rouni evolved at Galactic hq

    Pokémon 3:
    Ability:Marvel scale
    Special Features:Harmony scarf
    History/Personality:Beauregard was one of the 2 Pokémon Ethan caught at mt. Cornet. She evolved during the Beauty contest master rank.

    Pokémon 4:
    Special Features:Harmony scarf.
    History/Personality:Wilson was one of the 2 Pokémon Ethan caught at mt. Cornet. He evolved during the Cool contest master rank.

    Pokémon 5:
    Special Features:Unknown
    History/Personality:One of the 2 eggs given to Ethan when he left for Almia. It was given to him by Gardenia.

    Pokémon 6:
    Special Features:Unknown
    History/Personality:One of the 2 eggs given to Ethan when he left for Almia. It was given to him by Riley.

    If you want me to make a Ranger to go with Ethan, let me know!
  28. Hello! we actually just got another Ranger! so we can add you into that group! Now as far as being late you are just a tad but since we JUST arrived at the Ranger HQ im thinking that I can still add you in this way - maybe you overslept on the ship, you woke up packed and by the time you got onto the dock you saw everyone disappearing into the forest - you caught up to us outside Ranger HQ and tried to pretend you were there all along LOL - i figure this way its not strange that no one noticed you until you step in front of Head Ranger Lola haha

    So Please Read up on what has happened so far in the RP and any profiles of the people who are actively participating in the RP so you know the characters =) ALSO if you have a different idea how you can show up late as a Trainer then please let me know before you post it so i can approve it! thanks!
  29. I was too busy practicing Pokémon contest stuff (Ethan took contests up as a side hobby.)
  30. That also works in place of oversleeping haha just try to make how you show up as realistic as possible, since we are already in the building your entrance will just kind of slide into place =) Thanks for being so understanding! and for being so cooperative haha =)
  31. He's also a bit clumsy so he'll essentially just fall through the door frame. (Heh) could you also provide the link for the rp?
  32. Ok you can play it how you want but keep in mind he has to be with the group when they reach the Entrance gate to the Ranger HQ (Which you will read about in the RP) because i doubt he will be let inside without the groups protection/escort just from the way it has been written - so make sure you catch your character up to the group before then yea? :p

    Here is the link for the RP - read all of it before posting and please if you have any more questions just ask =)

  33. Last question:Which Ranger am I paired with?
  34. Im putting you into the group with the new Ranger - it will be in my next Head Ranger Lola post =)
  35. I'm working ona post! Not sure if I can have it right now, but it'll be posted soon.
  36. Ok so does anyone else wish to post before Head Ranger Lola posts again? I figure just about everyone could post before that point if they wishes too hahaha :p also our new trainer should post too haha :p
  37. So, I actually have a quick question. Do al of the Rangers know eachother already? If so, how did they all meet? The only reason I ask is because there is one ranger specifically that depending on how my character and her met, by what seems to be her usual greeting, would determine how he acted around her
  38. I wont post often because 1: i am banned from all my electronics for like 3 weeks (this week is an exception) 2: IM doing something else.
  39. Yes since rangers work together often, train on the compound and they Live in the Ranger compound in dorms they know each other quite well - so two new rangers came into the rangers together they would have been in the same training class so they could have become close that way seeing each other everyday as they learn to be Rangers haha =)

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