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Private/Closed Pokemon Rangers/Pokemon Trainers RP?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by NemoX542, Mar 22, 2016.

  1. Sorry for the delayed response. Gonna read over recent posts and start working on a reply shortly.
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  2. its all good whenever you get to it should be fine =)
  3. Alright, posted :3 I hope you don't mind if I took a little liberty with assuming vague characteristics about Zeke @Titmcdubs . If it's bothersome or incorrect let me know and I'll remove/change it xD
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  4. (I don't know how to do the tags) But that post was great. Im a fan of character assumptions in posts. Gives another dimension to story.
    Also, I'm going to make it so that Ezekiel, where as he's seen the other Rangers and maybe communicated to them in passing, never really introduced himself to them, or had true contact with them. Except for Marina obviously, those two have been with eachother since training. I'm hoping that's ok? I'll probably post with the next round after nemo.
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  5. Haha, I'm so excited to have Marina and Zeke interactions, but I was on a rush in my last post so... that's what happened. Anyways, I'll come up with something better the next time, hope we can get the action started soon.
  6. Me too! I have a few ideas for how this storyline is gonna go but it will be shaped by everyone obviously LOL Should be funnnnn! Ill post sometime today or tommorrow for Head Ranger Lola, giving more people a chance to post if they wish =)
  7. So how was everyone's Labor Day weekend?
  8. Well... I've been spending my last few days between books, notebooks and more books. I have so many tests coming and I don't want to fail a single one.

    How's been yours??
  9. I have school tomorrow and I'm really going to have crack down on revision but it's going okay apart from that I guess :p

    How is one as well :p
  10. Well I didn't have to work for 4 days so I had a great time.
    What tests do you have coming up? I dabbled in college a bit, I remember the life.
  11. I go to college next year, still in high school and got gcse's in Computing, Triple science, Geography and the usual stuff so yeah, sucks for me XD
  12. Guys even though I love to just chat about random and life I feel like we are 'spamming the thread'. Do you feel like starting a conversation (I'd really love to just talk about whatever comes up) and inviting anyone that feels like it to join?
  13. Ah right noted, awfully sorry XD I'll join if someone invites me too one. Sorry again
  14. Haha, it's okay! I get excited while chatting too... and it's awkward sometimes.

    But yeah, do you feel like doing a conversation? I feel like it would b fun.
  15. Lol yea i dont mind a little chatter here but a conversation would be easier for random stuff thanks ♥ and I am going to get my post up today hopefully! it's almost done =)
  16. ok so that post is WAY longer then i intended but its mostly the head ranger explaining whats up so yea there we go! the Conversation between Head Range Lola and her Rangers will take place after everyone has a chance to reply to the last post! ♥
  17. Wasn't Labour day ages ago?
  18. Hi! I know it's a bit late but I would LOVE to join this RP. I'm new to this website (literally just made an account) but I saw this and I was like "oooooh, dat sounds cool" so if you let me in here's my stuff...
    Name: Alex
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Tilt City (from pkmn Rangers GS)
    Age: 14
    Height: 6 feet
    Weight: 103
    Hair: brown and messy
    Eyes: bluish green
    Clothing: usually where's jeans and a dark t-shirt and goggles that were a gift from his parents at age 5
    Identifying Marks: (not sure about this one) Always where's goggles
    Musculature: (this means muscles right? Is this asking about where you are strongest?)
    Skills: Advantages: always takes time to think before acting Downfalls: Is sometimes to slow and has to be reckless
    Past: Alex always wanted to be a trainer until he saw a ranger in his town one day and followed them to see what they did
    Family: Has a mom and dad that live in Pewter City

    Partner Pokemon: Staraptor...Abilities: Intimidate, also very fast reflexes

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  19. Back from vacation although it seems like I didn't miss any posting opportunities with Lin.
  20. @NemoX542

    I need a little clarification. Are the trainers and rangers all in separate dorms?
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  21. Oh yes i was unsure if that would be confusing or not - also I have asked Omega to edit his post a tad so when posting if you could just disregard his for now until he fixes it!

    Ok so the Main building has floors of dorms for the rangers Lola has cleared out one wing (or hallway if you will that goes from the elevator's small lobby room and then dead ends at the outside wall of the building) she has moved the Rangers from their various rooms on other floors since they live in different places, into the rooms closest to the Elevator (acting sort of as a buffer between the trainers and the rest of the building) - I hope that clarifies things a little bit!

    Also @GamingWizard120 I LOVE that you are interested in my RP! unfortunately I think I am going to finally cap this thing at 11! Im sorry you can't join this one but there are lots of other cool RPs running that you can jump in! =)

    Yea lin did not miss too much haha with lots of people going back into school posting can be erratic which is understandable haha
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  22. Oh I was kinda hoping you would let me in but I guess that's ok...also I believe I found you on instagram I was on it and I looked to see who was interested in the games (I didn't expect to find much because it's so old, but it is my favorite and first Pokemon game that I ever got) and then later found this RP and thought it was the same EXACT person, although I could be wrong...but I did follow in case. Please tell me if you make another RP. If you have any minor parts where I could jump in for just a little bit that would be cool as well...if so I try to check in every morning and every hour once I'm out of school (and after sports) sorry I keep editing this I just wanna make sure what I'm saying makes sense and I don't sound stupid. @NemoX542
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  23. Haha i do not have an instagram LOL and your message was perfectly clear =) I will let you know if i make another RP for sure! Thank you for your interest and if we lose one of our players for whatever reason (choose to leave or can no longer participate for some reason) I will tell you first so you have a chance to take their place! =) That is the best I can do for you right now! Sorry again that we dont have the space!
  24. Ok I knew there wasn't much of a chance (millions of ppl in the world) thank you for informing me, look forward to playing in the future @NemoX542
  25. No Problem! =)
  26. I think I'll probably wait on my reply until Lola talks more to the rangers. Or at least until some other folks reply.
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  27. Yea I was giving the Trainers a little time to post about leaving Lola and going to the Dorms - then Lola is going to post again LOL
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  28. Oh my lord...I think I left my Arbok at the docks XD I forgot to write that she was traveling with Diana.
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  29. You know if she was in a pokeball you wouldn't have that problem....

    All jokes aside I'll probably wait until head rangers next speech to reply
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  30. ok so before I post tomorrow do any of the current trainers or rangers wish to post before then?
  31. I'm a try write a post before then but if I don't finish in time just post :p
  32. Alright so my post is up! Adventure time is almost here! =)
  33. Oh boy. I'll probably get a post up tomorrow. Gotta work, and I live in Hawaii so it might be the next day for some
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  34. I'll wait for others to post since I've posted recently
  35. I'll get my post up probably tonight.


    I live in California. Think we can see each other if we stand on our beaches and wave?
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  36. I still dunno how to tag people, but I think if we squint really really hard and make huge waving motions, that we may be able to catch a glimpse...

    Post is up!
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  37. I will wait to see if anyone else posts before i post again!
  38. I'm waiting for the other two trainer Rpers to post
  39. To tag, you just need to put the 'at' sign followed by the user name. So like: @Titmcdubs or @Chrocey
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