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Pokemon Jr. High

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Shauna23, Sep 7, 2015.

  1. Ember said something to Abby, and the Pokemon teleported off. Piku was getting excited. "Okay, I'll let you fight." he said. The electric-type smiled.

    Abby teleported into Niko's room and sent him a mental message. "We're waiting for you in N's class. You're late!"
  2. Winter was pacing around the room waiting for Niko's answer. If I can just learn how he fights my own pokemon could benefit from it. Just need him to say yes. Winter decided to take his Cascoon outside to train before the fight. Winter couldn't talk so he used a variety of signals to tell the Cascoon what to do. Only Cascoon understood his commands, making it harder for a trainer to counter the attacks.
    He put a rather big training doll about the size of a Snorlax across from them.
    Winter waved his hand forward: Tackle
    The Cascoon threw its body onto the doll, knocking it over with a huge burst of strength.
    Shook his hand around wildly: Electroweb
    A wave of electricity shot over to the doll and wrapped itself around it. I "slowed" the doll and caused "paralysis".
    Hopped from foot to foot and clapped crazily: Bug Bite
    The doll was ripped to shreds by the Cascoon's teeth. It bounded away back to Winter and they went back into the school to take a seat. Niko still hadn't answered him after all this time. Maybe he didn't like him, nah, that wasn't it. He was being impatient and decided to wait some more. His eyes closed and he fell into a deep sleep.
  3. Blonde

    Blonde Formerly TrainerNiko

    Niko closed his eyes when he let go of Grovyle. He sensed someone had barged into his room without his permission, so his eyes slowly glared over at the kid and his Cascoon. The kid was new to Niko, so he was sure he didn't understand that this was his room only and not a single soul but his father was allowed in. As the young trainer glared down the kid, he felt his hair slowly fall over his right eye.

    "Why.. are you in my room."

    Niko didn't know the other child was mute, but he didn't care. His space was invaded by someone unknown and he was already irritated from this morning when the girl threw something at his face as he slept comfortably next to his Pokemon. Grovyle and Eevee both knew what happens to people to barge into their master's room. In a hurry, Grovyle stood between Niko and the child, Eevee ran over to the child, he was in a fuss. He moved back in forth as if it was dangerous to come any closer, Eevee pushed the trainer towards the door.
    "Eee, Eee Eee!"
    he shouted with great urgency. As Eevee pushed the child towards the door, another Pokemon appeared in Niko's room. It spoke to him, through telepathy; something Niko knew very well, but it didn't matter. Niko's eye had begun to glow the color of his mother's eyes, a Neon purple, with a symbol in the middle. At the same time, the necklace around his neck glew an bright ember orange, the things around his feet and room begun to float.

    "I'm not.. one of the chosen ones, I don't need to be in class! stop bothering me!"
    Niko yelled out loud towards the Abra that just appeared. Grovyle, frightened by his best friend, tried it's hardest to calm down Niko. It wasn't his first time, nether was Eevee.

    Meanwhile, outside of Niko's room

    Gary had been in his office, when he heard a distance ring in his ear from before. Umbreon, asleep beside Gary, stood up on all fours and looked up at his partner.
    'Bree bree'
    Gary nodded, he knew what had happened, and hopefully he wasn't late to stop his son. Ever since Niko was little and his mom left him for her journey, Gary has had to deal with Niko's constant uncontrollable physic abilities. If he had to say it out loud he probably never would, but he was slightly afraid of his son. He thought maybe bringing him here wasn't a good idea, but he knew his son needed to make friends in order to control his inner rage. He thought giving him eevee and treecko would help, but so far he's only showed little improvement. One foot in front of another, picking up speed as he sprinted down the hall to help his son.
  4. Winter had not noticed that this was Niko's room so he ran out of the room frantically and look back sheepishly. He was sorry for what he'd done, but had no way of saying it. Why is it me who has to be mute, I just wanted to battle him. Darn it, I should have knocked on Niko's door. He walked back to Niko's room and peered in. He left an apology note on his bed and bolted out the door again. His day was ruined.
  5. Abby was so shocked she broke telepathic contact. It wasn't often something surprised the psychic-type. She closed her eyes, and teleported away.

    As Ember and Pika were reviewing Battle Strategies for Pikachu; Volume 25 in the Battle Strategies Series, a book made by Professor Oak, Abby teleported in. "No luck, huh?" he asked. Abby nodded. Ember sighed. "Well, then... I don't really have an ideal partner."
  6. Rocky smiled and nodded. "Sure. Your name is...? Sorry, I'm terrible at remembering names." He then bent down to pick Inferno up, who was yawning tiredly.
  7. Tara ran down the hallway. She found winter. " You wanna battle?" She asked. Chespin jumped into her arms. The boy was silent.
  8. He nodded, finally a competitor to go against. His cascoon was really itching to fight after their training. They walked over to the arena.
  9. "It's Teal. I saw you last night, I'm pretty sure. You're Rocky, right?"
    Libra was perched on Teal's shoulder, ready to leap into battle. She was one of two Pokémon in Teal's team who liked battling every now and then. Teal looked to the Cosplay Pikachu.
    "Libra.... won't you get dirty? I won't have time to brush you in between classes."
    Libra looked at her Trainer with a "really" face and Teal sighed.
    "Whatever, I guess...."
  10. Rocky nodded. "Yeah. Nice to meet you. Again," he said with a smile, picking Inferno up. The Fennikin yawned, looking at Libra, coking his head slightly. He was a very social Pokemon.
  11. "Why tent youspeaking? Can't you talk?" She asked the boy at the arena. They had to wait because someone else was battling. The boy was, again, silent.
  12. The boy only shook his head ("No, I can't talk."). He just sat there and said nothing while watching the battle. Curiousity struck his face as he waited. He was a very strange boy.
  13. Realizing they had to wait their turn to battle, Libra looked at Inferno, blinking. Was she going to battle this Fennekin?
    Teal also turned her attention to Inferno.
    "So you have a Fennekin?"
    She patted his head, smiling.
  14. (Um... thing is, Ember's waiting for someone to ask him. Anyone wanna do that, be my guest.)
  15. Rocky smiled, and Inferno leaned towards Teal when she pet him. "Yeah. My second in command and best friend. Also my best fighter," he slightly boasted. Inferno sat up straighter when Rocky spoke, his eyes gleaming with pride.
  16. "He's a little cutie too!"
    Teal scratched Inferno's chin. Libra looked like she was a little jealous and hopped off Teal's shoulder onto Rocky's, sticking her tounge out at her Trainer.
    "Libra!" Teal whined, grabbing her.
    "I've told you so many times not to do that!"
    Libra only giggled.
  17. Inferno rather enjoyed the attention, his tail wagging when Teal pulled away, and he looked up at her. Rocky softly chuckled, petting Libra when she landed on his shoulder. "She's got spunk!"
  18. Teal laughed nervously.
    "She does this all the time... but most people don't like it."
    She sighed, letting her Pikachu climb into her backpack and promptly fall asleep.
  19. Rocky nodded, looking down at Inferno. "He usually burns my pants by this point," he chuckled, picking up the Fennikin. Inferno looked at Teal's backpack, sniffing at it.
  20. Libra popped her head out, smiling and attempting to start a conversation with the Fennekin. Teal laughed.
    "This is going to be an interesting battle-- two troublemakers facing off. It may turn into who can destroy more of the school!"
  21. Rocky let out a laugh of agreement and humor. "Yeah, Inferno tends to burn more than the opponent." Inferno ignored the comments and openly engaged in the conversation with Libra.
  22. Winter stood up and looked for his battle partner. The time had come to battle and see who'd move on in the tournament. Winter was ready for a fight.
  23. Teal looked over at the clock.
    "I think we're next after this battle," she said, looking at the battlefield while Libra babbled on with Inferno.

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