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Pokemon Jr. High

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Shauna23, Sep 7, 2015.

  1. Rocky laughed a bit, patting out the flames and standing up. "Sounds cool! When do I get to punch someone?" He asked excitedly with a smile.
  2. "Prisoners.....??"
    Teal thought for a moment before she smiled.
    "Like I'm gonna lose. They can try all they want. In fact, if we went there now and ambushed them we'd be a huge step ahead right from the start."
  3. "Teal, it's not that simple. They have better trained people,because they go there starting at 8. And ember, what are the odds that all of us fit these people? I mean, a compassion less person? Trouble Pokemon? Rival school with advanced Pokemon? I mean, I can fit all of you into characters except me. The last ones the Leader, and no way am I a leader," she stated.
  4. "I dunno..." Ember said. "Calling us all here, getting us to believe this... you seem like leadership material to me."
  5. Rocky was petting Inferno, laughing. "Umm.... What was each person again?" He asked. His phone buzzed. He picked it up, looked at it, then threw it.
  6. "What the hell!?"
    Teal dodged the phone just in time.
    "What was that for!?"
    Libra poked her head through the door.
    Teal turned.
    "When did you get here? I thought you were asleep."
    The Cosplay Pikachu climbed up onto Teals' shoulder slowly.
  7. Rocky crossed his arms, laying off the side of the bed upside down. "I didn't throw it at you on purpose. I hope it broke though....," he mumbled.
  8. "Why, what? What did it do?" Teal asked.
    "You might've needed that to communicate you know."
  9. Grace was currently sitting on the floor. Her face was troubled and a weird look was in her eyes. "If....If there are such things as prisoners.... and this is dead serious.... I'm not sure if I'll be with you guys much longer." She murmured. Her mind continued to race and the look seemingly worsened.

    Flash and Cinder, who were currently in Grace's room, dashed out and into the open door of Tara's room. Their eyes were wide, picking up on their trainer's feelings. Cinder curled up on a wonderstruck Grace and tried to warm up the cold Trainer. Flash put his two front paws on her shoulder and gave a small whine. Grace remained in her spaced out state, not even acknowledging the fact that her pokemon were there.

    "I'm not strong, I wont be able to fight anyone. There is nothing to it, I'm just weak. I was made for humor, to be laughed at in good fun as I try to settle my spark filled hair- or pat down a burning shirt. So, I'm so very sorry, but I may have to leave if these are the conditions for being here." She finally said louder, just now realizing that her pokemon were with her, and her hair was gradually turning a color similar to Teal's.

    ((Pokelover, you still up for that?))
  10. Rocky sighed. "I'm not angry at you. I'm angry at my phone."
  11. (Yep!)
    ".....Grace?? W--what are you...?? Your hair!!"
    Teal found herself staring at her with a confused look. Libra had a worried look and was trying to snap her Trainer out of it.
  12. (Am I the only one who has no clue on what's going on?)
    "You dropped this." Ember said, giving the undamaged phone back to Rocky. Then he saw the change in Grace.'"W-what the...?
  13. (Hahahaha..... you'll find out soon enough...)
    Teal suddenly looked as if she were remembering something that had happened a long time ago.
    "W-wait a second.... you said... your mother... was Diantha?" She asked, her eyes a little wide.
    "Like the Champion? ....."
    Libra gave Teal a confused look as if to say 'what does that have to do with anything?'
  14. "Um, I can't see myself as a leader. Either way I'll give you the short explanation of each kid. One has never felt compassion, one is independent, one is an expert battler, ones the leader, ones an enthusiastic but strong person, and I can't remember the oThers," she told them. "Wait! I remember more! One has psychic powers and all of them can temporarily have a types Power!" She stated. As she did this, a fairy wind ball appeared in her hand. Tara looked down at it. "Embrace, I think this is enough prof."
  15. Blonde

    Blonde Formerly TrainerNiko

    Niko stood in the back of the group and listened in on the conversation, one of his eyes glowed purple. He hide it away with his hair as he held his eevee. he sighed , he didn't want to be around the kids, he was very anti-social.
    ".. psychic powers huh?.." he whispered to himself.
    "Whatever.. they aren't strong enough anyway."
    Niko gazed over at Shauna then turned around and begun to open the door.
  16. "Yes my mom is Diantha. She's the champion of Kalos." Grace replied, her hands running through her hair in awe. "I swear that I didn't dye it. How would I even get dye into my bag without it being spilled?" She eyed Cinder and Flash, who both had a mischievous grin.

    Grace looked at Teal's wide eyes, like she was remembering something that was related to Diantha and... wait.... who was Teal's important parent again? She questioned herself in her head. 'Does this, element control thing have to do with my hair?' She quickly dismissed that idea. She didn't know of the element control until after her hair started dying itself.
  17. "Diantha... why... have I seen her before? And repeatedly? And... when I was little..."
    Teal looked down at the ground, thinking.
    "It was.... me and Dad and Diantha.... and someone else. When I was really little. .....When I got Libra."
    Libra blinked, remembering the time she'd been given to her Trainer as a gift and then seemed to be lost in the memory.
  18. Ember looked away. He turned on his phone. "You have 63 new messa-" the phone said. Ember muted it and typed in a message to his sister. Leaf, stop texting me.
  19. Tara looked at Ember, and started to glow a faint pink. "Don't use see guys? We're the legendary team, the type team, the team that will restore peace to kalos. We need to embrace our new powers."
  20. Blonde

    Blonde Formerly TrainerNiko

    Niko already had left the room. He didn't want to hear about this. He's not a hero he was just here to assure that the other kids did what they had to do. His dad didn't even tell him he'd be apart of some random legend he never heard about until today. He walked the halls slightly until he came upon the training room for the trainers. He remembered them building this room when he was here with his dad. When he was actually excited to be here. He walked in and saw they had a machine to required you to use your mind to to solve a puzzle. Niko stared at a spoon that was inside the case, his right eye began to change from hazel to a dark purple and light purple mixture, his eye also moved near the middle. The spoon glowed a purple color and began to levitate inside the case. Niko was very concentrated, maybe to concentrated that he didn't notice if anyone had came up behind him and watched him use his ability.

    "Whatever.. I'm no hero, I'm just some kid who got his Physic ability from his mother. She's also a Physic Pokemon master, what's so great about that.."
  21. Tara walked up behimd Niko. You don't wanna be hear do you? You don't wanna be friends either, do you?" She asked sadly. The rest of the group was inner room and she used the excuse of getting a drink to talk To niko. But it looked like he didn't like her. She started to became even more sad.
  22. Blonde

    Blonde Formerly TrainerNiko

    he dropped the spoon quicky when he heard her voice when he looked back. He saw the girl, she looked sad. He was surprised she came up behind him the way she did. Niko was always honest with peopl, he didnt know how to be sensitive.
    "I don't want to be here.. anymore" he said. Niko looked down at the floor his hair covered his eyes.
    "I'm sorry.. I'm not fit to be friends with you guys."
    Niko ran past Tara before she could see him cry. He dashed off towards his room.
    "I'm not one of you or a hero."
  23. Tara started to get kinda sad to. A fairy wind ball appeared her hand. She threw it towards Niko, then left. Tara went other room and sawing was 9:58. Almost time for curfew. "Guys, we need to all get to our dorms, it's almost curfew and I don't want to getting trouble the first day." As everyone levt, Tara got into bed and went tom sleep with chespin in her hands.
  24. Ember headed back to his dorm. Crazy day. he thought. Abby was asleep easily, and Piku and Vui were playing when he finally joined the dream world.
  25. "Y-yeah... ok.."
    Teal carried Libra to her dorm and lay in bed.
    Diantha..... now that I think about it... isn't she.... related to me??
    She sighed, falling asleep.
  26. Blonde

    Blonde Formerly TrainerNiko

    Niko got to his room and opened the door. He was immediately tackled to the floor by Treecko and Eevee as they welcomed him back. Niko smiled happily to see them.
    "Hey guys are you ready to eat haha" he said.
    Niko always fed his Pokemon late in the evening, he had privileges in and out of the facilities since his father was Gary.
    he held Eevee in his arms and Treecko sat on his head. He knew that the kids had to turn in tonight, so he felt good being alone again during the night.
    he walked around the hall, and walked over towards the kitchen area.
  27. The next day...

    Tara woke up with a fairy ball in her hands. She immediately ran to Nikos dorm, still mad, and carefully opened the door. She threw her fairy ball into his face, running out the door a second later. She changed into her clothes, and ran off with her chespin to battle strategy class.
  28. Rocky left Tara's room in silence, Inferno following him.

    The next morning, Rocky slept late. Inferno and Chatot tried to wake him, but he didn't seem responsive.
  29. Blonde

    Blonde Formerly TrainerNiko

    Niko was smacked in the face with a fairy ball and immediately woke up, with his face sore and red.
    "Oww.. oww.. nya" he said quietly as he sucked his teeth at how bad his face hurt.
    he looked around and to see where it had come from and noticed his door was slightly open. Someone had snuck into his room to throw the ball at him, but he wondered who, but whoever it was, it just made Niko even more upset for being here.

    He got up and walked over to his door and slammed it shut, and locked it. He proceeded to stay in his room the whole day without interaction with any of the children.
    "I'll just stay in my room and practice my abilities on my moms spoon, screw this place i dont know why dad brought me here I HATE IT!."
    Niko's eye growled with anger, he didn't know how to fully control them yet. the room started to float. Niko looked around and quickly took a deep breath; the items dropped.
    ".. I gotta keep calm"
    Treecko and Eevee looked at him worried, but he smiled at the and assured them that everything will be okay.
    "Okay lets begin practicing calm mind.. guys"

    He stayed in his room for most of the day.
  30. Ember was already at Battle Strategy class. As he saw Tara enter the room, he smiled. "Glad to see someone else is as exited as I am! Battle Strategy is going to be awesome!" The trainer was so exited he almost fell out of his chair.
  31. "I'm gonna be laaaate!!"
    Teal dashed down the hall, carrying Libra. She ran into class and quickly sat at her seat.
    She didn't like battles, but her father made her sign up. Oh well. At least it was only one class...
  32. (There's no way it's just one class!)
    "Hello there, students." Professor N said, entering the classroom. "I see there are some students missing. Where could they be? We need at least one more person for the first class." Ember could hardly wait. Where are you, Niko? he demanded in thought.
  33. (She has only one class involving battles :p)
    Well you can volunteer me to leave, Teal thought to herself. She pressed her face against her desk, looking bored.
  34. Wailmer skoots in to the building lost "what is this" he thinks "it looks like a school".where did archie go? Im lost help please somebody.
  35. Rocky finally gasped awake, haunted by nightmares. He saw the time and rushedly got ready for the day, grabbing Inferno and calling Chatot into his Pokeball, then grabbing Chatot and WigglyBuff's Pokeballs. He ran to class, coming late. "I'm here!" He shouted.
  36. Aw, man... I was going to volunteer to skip class and everything...
    Libra, however, seemed a little excited for a battle. She was sitting on Teal's desk, ears perked. Teal just groaned.
  37. A boy stepped into the class and took the last seat. He had been sick the past week and was unable to make the bus to get to school. The boy's name was Winter and he was a rather strange boy at that. Cloth wraps covered the boy and he carried a strange bundle....possibly a pokemon? He said nothing and sat down. The boy was mute.
  38. Blonde

    Blonde Formerly TrainerNiko

    Niko sat in his room training for the day on his own with his Pokemon. Until a small glow crowded the side of his face. When he turned he realized it was treecko; he was physical training on Sai's mat.
    "Treecko are you evolving?" he said smirking at the Pokemon.

    Treecko stared back at him and smirked. The Pokemon closed his eyes and instances later had evolved into Grovyle.

    "Congrats" he said rushing to him and hugged the grovyle. Eevee followed after, Niko didnt realize that there were a few kids looking for him in the building.
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  39. The teacher told everyone to choose one of their Pokémon and a partner. They were to battle them and take notes.
    "Sounds boring," Teal muttered under her breath. She looked over, seeing Ember. He seemed focused on getting a certain partner, however, and she looked past him. Libra ran through the room and Teal followed her to Rocky.
    "Hey, I know you," she said, grabbing Libra and picking her up.
  40. Winter's bundle shook and a Cascoon popped out! This was his partner, one who'd been with him for a long time. They'd grown up with each other. He walked over to Niko a nodded, he wanted to battle him for the activity. He surely would lose this battle he thought, but he'd give it a shot. Cascoon was jumping with joy at the mention of a battle! Maybe he would evolve after this fight, but only time could tell.

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