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Pokemon Jr. High

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Shauna23, Sep 7, 2015.

  1. ( This role play is about a junior high not far from Santalune City, located remotely in the woods. There is a legend about the children of 9 famous trainers, but will they fulfill it? Everyone has the same schedule, same classes, same grade. This starts out everyone as 6th graders, and is a private school. Only 8 are usually accepted, but 9 were excepted this term. The legend will be explained later in the role play. Everyone can only have up to 3 Pokemon, but 6 pokeballs. Will everyone fulfill their destiny? Or fall out of line? You have to start by opening your Letter, packing, and getting on the bus. You can only get there by going on the bus. Have fun!
    Edit: Active Students:
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    2. Espeonthebest
    3. Pokelover
    4. Twilight Nova
    5. Eeveechu151
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    7. Pineco 1790
    Tara opened the letter, and squealed. It was an acceptance letter to Pokemon Jr. high!!! The private school only accepts 8 kids from Kalos per year. And she was one of them! Tara immediately found chespin. " Chespin! We're going to Pokemon Jr. High!" She exclaimed.
    " Ches, Chespin, pin! " He said happily. They started packing because the bus would be at their house in 20 minutes. The bus arrived before they knew it.
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  2. "Grace! You have mail! Come downstairs!" Her mom called as she jumped down the stairs. Grace quickly threw on her favorite outfit, white jeans with a black sleeveless shirt. Don't forget her black boots! The 6th grade quickly ran down the stairs. "Mom, who is it from?" She asked. "Pokemon Junior High!" Her mom squealed with pride. "Oh I'm so proud of you dear, go up stairs and pack please!" Grace didn't need to be told twice. The most Prestigious school in the region accepted her? No way! Flash and Cinder were wrestling with each other playfully upstairs, like they always do. "Cinder! Please grab your belongings! You too Flash!" The happy trainer told her Vulpix and Shinx as the two quickly dispersed to grab everything.

    Once she was done, Cinder had her head poking out of Grace's bag and Flash was walking next to her. Grace lived in Snowbelle city and had put her black overcoat on before walking outside to the frigid city. Her suitcase trailed behind her, leaving wheel marks in the snow. Cinder had a gold band around her front right leg, displaying pretty swirls. In the center was a four sided star. Flash had the same one, but it was on his Left leg. The snow-born girl boarded the bus as soon as it arrived. Grace immediately noticed one other person and sat next to her. "Hey! I'm Grace from Snowbelle! You are?" She asked, wrapping up her coat to fit it in the bag. She doesn't need a coat in bus. Instead, Cinder leaped onto her lap, cuddling with Grace as Flash took Cidnder's spot in the bag.
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  3. "Hi! I'm Tara, from Anistar City. How many Pokemon do you have? " She asked. The bus rolled past mounts of snow, creating chilling air. Thank goodness the bus had heating. The bus was a small one, with only 3 seats on either side. It looked like a regular school bus on the outside, but on the inside, it was luxury. Though the seats were like a regular buses, they also had seat warmers and a TV built into the seats. She wondered if that was what it was like at the boarding school.
  4. "I have two Pokemon, Flash and Cinder." Grace responded looking at the two Pokemon. Flash was having fun putting static in her hairbrush and cinder was curled up on the Trainer's lap. "So Cinder and Flash lived in Snowpoint in the sinnoh region. But when I went up there to visit my family, I found them and now we live in Snowbelle. I swear, I lost count of the times when I had to put my toothbrush in a tub of water to keep it from burning too much when Cinder got to excited. And Flash loved to fill my bed with static so in the morning my hair was halfway to the moon!" Grace laughed, looking at the trouble making pair. "What about you?"
  5. Zach woke up to the sound of his mother's yelling.
    Zach didn't even have to ask, it was obvious who it was from. It was quite obvious.
    He jumped out of his bed, tripping over his pre-packed back pack (he didn't have a doubt in his mind that he would make it), and ran down stairs, nearly toppling over his mom.
    "Pokemon Jr. High?" Zach asked.
    His mom nodded and handed him the letter, a huge smile across her face. It was already opened, his mom was impatient like that. Zach quickly skimmed through the letter before running back upstairs.
    "IMA GRAB MY BAG!" He yelled, before tripping over a froakie. He jumped back to his feet, before turning around and picking it up. "Dang it froakie!" He said, before carrying it with him into his room.

    He got everything ready before saying one last goodbye to his mom and hopping on the bus that just arrived.
  6. "Hey look! Someone else!" Grace exclaimed happily. "Hi! How are you?" She called to the newcomer. The 6th grader waved happily as Cinder leaped off of her lap and padded up to the new person who boarded the bus. Flash sighed and followed the Vulpix. The Shinx stood right behind the fox Pokemon and flicked his tail on greeting. Cinder sat down, looking up at Zach. However, the bus moved a tad and Cinder fell backwards, right into Flash. Flash gave a playful yelp and leaped on top of the Vulpix. The fire type smiled and rolled, knocking Flash off. "Stop it you two! You're going to break something!" Grace called as she separated the giggling Pokemon. "Sorry..." She apologized as she stood up. "I'm Grace, you are?" Grace asked, putting Cinder down on her bag and held onto Flash for a second.
  7. "I've just got Chespin. But he's the best friend ever!" She said, changing the subject. She turned to the new guy. " And your name is? " she asked. Tara observed him, and saw his froakie. Chespin went over to Froakie.
    " Chespin! " He greeted.
  8. "I'm Zach" He said with a smile. He then glanced down at the girl's pokemon. "Aww, they're so cute!" He said, as he began to set his bag on a seat. Just then the bus took a sharp turn and his bag, flew out of the seat, spilling its content everywhere. 6 pokeballs, a bunch of clothes, a wallet, and a cellphone.
    "Dang it!" Zach frantically bent over and picking up his bag. He reached into it and pulled out an incubator with an egg inside. He inspected it thoroughly.
    "Oh thank GOD its okay." He said, before beginning to pick up the rest of his stuff.
  9. " What's in the egg? " Tara asked curiously. The sharp turn had startled Chespin. Probably black ice. She grabbed the green Pokemon, and hugged him. She hugged him back. Tar gave him a pokepuff. " Pokepuffs, anyone?" She asked to no one in particular.
  10. Cinder took this opportunity to leap up and take a Pokepuff, smiling while she ate it. "Cinder! If I watch one, the other does something!" Grace exclaimed exhausted. "I'm so sorry!" Flash jumped out of her arms and tried to take one to. "No, Flash don't do that. I'll find a way to treat you later. We can't just take them." The Shinx obeyed, but looked overly upset and his tail was down. "Here, Poffin?" Grace asked the Shinx and he immediately looked happier. Cinder padded up, looking like she wanted one to. "Err. You can't have one! You hade a Pokepuff!" She scolded the Vulpix.
  11. After Zach had everything in order, he put his bag back on the bench, incubator in hand. "Im not quite sure what's in the egg." He said. "My dad gave me this a while ago. He's traveled the world, so it could be just about anything..."
    Then froakie jumped on to the seat, then onto Zach's back, causing him to nearly drop then egg. "FROAKIE!" he yelled, before setting the egg down.
  12. The Vulpix looked mad at the Swablu for almost breaking Zachs incubator, for he was Grace's new friend. The small fox Pokemon leaped up and used Extrasensorary on the Swablu. "Cinder!" Grace scolded. Swiftly she turned around to give a warning glare to Flash before picking the Vulpix up. The fox Pokemon had already glared at the Swablu and she smiled at Zach and finally progressed to looked somewhat mad. "Cool it girly." Grace scolded as she put down the Vulpix. Then, Grace used a super potion and a rawdust berry to heal the Swablu. The trainer returned the Pokemon to Alpha. "Hello. I'm Grace! And that was Cinder.... Sorry..." She twisted around to check on the duo of disaster who were calmly staring a on another.

    ((Hey Alpha, I noticed you did a bit of Character controlling in your last post. I think that everyone would be a bit happier if we refrained from doing that. Thanks~))
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  13. (I'm kinda confused)
  14. (Warrior, you didn't start like I said too, you're confusing everyone, and you are not posting very long role plays. So if you don't fix this right now, I'm gonna have to boot you off this role play!)
  15. Grace remained sitting down. Flash and Cinder had finally found a peaceful game; are you smarter than a slowpoke, which was an app on Grace's phone. The two Pokemon would answer questions asked by a Gardevoir on screen and see if the Slowpoke's answer was worse or better than theirs. The occasional cheering or growls of disappointment didn't bother Grace as they continued their bus ride. "So, how many more people are there?" She asked, to no one in particular.
  16. "Well. I know all about Pokemon Jr. High. Only 8 people are excepted per year. Who are your guy's parents?" She asked. Her mom was Vallerie, the amazing gym leader and fashion designer, but their were rumors about the children of ash, Serena, and Diantha. Maybe they were one of them.
  17. "My parents, well, my mom to be specific, is the champion here in Kalos!" Grace exclaimed happily. She lived with her Aunt and Uncle in Snowbelle just for the sake of it, Grace calls them Mom and Dad. "Diantha is my mom. She's busy most of the time so I don't usually get to see her, but she's an amazing trainer and a great mom! I'm always alerted of new movies and I'm in a few of my Mother's! Also, I've taken the spot of PR video princess, as I am overly famous over there. No body knows I live in Snowbelle, so I'm not crowed every day by fans." Grace explained.
  18. "My dad," Zach begun, "has beaten the elite four in 3 regions, Kanto, Jhoto, and Sinoh. (He's currently in Hoenn.) And my mom, Serena is her name.... She was quite the top notch trainer in her day.. He bent over and picked up his froakie, and held him on his lap.
  19. "How about you, Froakie boy?" She asked. They soon stopped at another house. Maybe it was a student. "Wait?! Did you say THE Serena? The famous Pokemon performer and battler?!"
  20. Rocky groaned as his sister, Nadia, kept poking him to wake him up. "He genius! Time to go!" She growled. Her pokes turned into a slap, which woke him up. "I'm up! I'm up!" He snarled a he began to get dressed. "Good. Bus is here," she said with a smirk as she left his room. He shouted in horror and grabbed his stuff, still in his PJs. He grabbed the waffle Nadia handed to him, hugged her a solemn goodbye, then put the waffle in his mouth and ran out the door. He hopped onto the bus just before the doors closed and ran to the back, where the wild childs were. He wore no shirt and plaid Pajama pants.
  21. "Uh- hey!" Zach said, looking at the just arrived trainer. "Welcome!" His froakie just then jumped out of the seat, and began hoping towards the new person.
  22. "What are you wearing?" Grace exclaimed, watching the newcomer board the bus. "You do know that we are going to a highly honorable school where only few are invited, yes?" She scolded, used to telling her siblings off for inappropriate behavior. "I don't see why! Do you have no respect for your family? Or your education?" Grace sighed and pulled her blonde hair from over her shoulder. Cinder bounded after Froakie, excited to say hi. Flash also followed, but this time didn't stand so close to the clumsy Vulpix.
  23. He yawned. "My mom died in a fire and my dad left before I was born. And I had no time to get ready," he said with an amused tone between the waffle in his mouth as he pulled a white tank top out of his bag and put it on, then he put on a flannel shirt over it. He had to wait till they got to the school to change his pants, though. "I'm Rocky. And you gals and guys are?" He said as he messily ruffled his brown hair, his blue eyes fixed on them.
  24. Cinder was in the newcomers hair now, casually laying down. The Vulpix yawned and looked at Flash, who was currently filling the bags with static.

    "Cinder, get down, you're going to burn the poor boy's hair. Flash, that's not the correct behavior, I told you to put static electricity only in my bag, not everyone else's." Grace sighed, defeated after scolding the two Pokemon. Sadly, Grace cannot separate the two, as the duo will immediately pop right back out of their Pokeballs. "Hey, I'm Grace." She said, putting on a weary smile.
  25. Rocky finished fluffing his hair, but it fell back into a neat state, making him sigh. "Nice to meet you Grace. I see you got two little energetic bundles of joy," he chuckled with a smile. "I got one of my own. His is Inferno," he said as he released a Fennikin from it's Pokeball, and it hopped onto his shoulder.
  26. "I'm Zach by the way." He said, smiling at the newcomer. "And THIS.." he said, picking up the froakie, and placing him back on the seat where he belonged, "is froakie."
  27. "Dangit!" Ember said. "Where is that little rat?" Just as he said this, trusty old Piku jumped on his scarlet, poofy hair. "Oh, come on! We have to go, or we're not gonna make it!" Before he could leave, he heard a voice. "Leaving already, my little champion?" Red asked, putting on his hat. "Dad! The bus is gonna be here in twenty minutes!" the boy said. "Yeah, I know. But you should at least take some breakfast." Red said, as Champion, Red's Machamp, brought over a plate of Ember's favorite meal; sausages with salami, mango, rolls and orange juice. Ember quickly devoured the food, as Abby, his Abra, teleported onto the table with a small Eevee in hand. "You rascals." Ember said, Piku jumping over to his friends. Ember grabbed a back-pack and held out his Pokeballs. "Piku, Abby, Vui, return!" Ember dashed off, exited to head to Pokemon Jr. High.

    The luxury bus pulled up into the summer home of the Palette's, and Ember climbed aboad. He was surprised to find five other kids in the posh bus.
  28. "Cinder! Flash, get back here right now! If not then 3...2....1....." The two pokemon dashed to her side in fear. "Ok, here is your game." She laughed.

    "Hey! How are you? I'm Grace, how are you?" She asked the latest arrival.
  29. As he stood at the bustop, Aran took note of how the Santalune City community seemed more welcoming and commonplace than back Rustburo City, which was filled with research-oriented buildings and paleontologists and miners. He attended the trainer's school there for years before graduating a year early and even owning money as a substitute teacher for Ms. Roxanne.

    Therefore, it wasn't much of a suprise that the 12-year old ginger eventually recieved an invitation to arguably the most prestigious private school in the Kalos Region, Pokemon Jr. High. The idea of being in a school with only 7 other students made Aran slightly uneasy but excited as well, although he didn't show it. Either way, he expected the students to carry an air of intimidation as he spotted a luxurious bus turn the corner...

    Wearing his long green coat and giant red gogo-goggles and a silver case at his side, the orange-haired boy climbed on to the bus, but he didn't quite get what he expected. Other than boy in his pajamas, however, the other passengers seemed like perfectly normal kids. Most if not all of them appeared to have their Pokemon out of their Pokeballs, likely because there was still so much room on the bus. He walked down the isle as they chatted away to the back of the bus before sitting next to a scarlet haired boy, setting his case down beside him.
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  30. "Oh, uh... hi." Ember said. "Uh... nice to meet you. I'm Ember."
  31. (Does anyone mind if I join?)
    The bus doors opened and Teal raced in, clutching a letter in her hand sighing with relief.
    "Thank goodness, I'm not late!!"
    She had short blue hair (really short like a boy) with a brown British-style hat and green glasses. She wore a black sweatshirt and flare jeans with black Tennis shoes and a green backpack, and next to her was her Cosplay Pikachu (Tough Outfit), Libra.
    She looked around nervously and picked a seat beside Tara.
    "Hey, hate to just barge in and start a conversation, but.... I've seen you somewhere... could you possibly be Valerie's daughter? Like, THE Valerie's daughter?"
    Libra sat on her lap.
  32. (I joined like you are and it was fine, so I'm pretty sure it's okay. After you, though, only two more people can join.)
    Ember felt it uneccesary to involve himself with the other kids' problems, so he pulled out a random magazine from the shelf beside him... and cringed when he saw himself, his father Red and his mother Green on the front page.
  33. "Ya, that's my mom. Hi, I'm Tara. And you are?" She asked. Tara mentally counted everyone on the bus. 7. Only one more kid and there on their way to Pokemon junior high!
  34. Ember quickly placed the magazine in the back of the rack, cover down, and scanned to see if anyone else had one. He cringed as he spotted the magazine in someone's hands.
  35. (Just a little note, she does NOT have the whole 'gijinka ears' thing going on, she's a normal person.)
    Luminose city was full of busy people, going about their jobs, tourism, or just chatting with a long-time friend. There was seemingly only one who had nothing specific to occupy their time; an orange haired 12 year old girl, whose name is unknown to many among the city. She could often be seen around or in Sycamore's Pokemon lab, more often than not doing some task for the professor for the past year. Because of this quite some time ago, Sycamore had gifted the girl with a Noibat, who already had a Gothorita and Drifloon. As of now, she had just received a letter of acceptance from the prestigious school in the region, Pokemon Jr. High! This definitely was the most exciting news she had heard since getting to Kalos from Unova. The girl took no time at all to sprint back to the Pokemon lab to tell the professor the news as well as gather what little belongings she had.

    The girl was impatiently waiting for the school's bus, her sky blue eyes excitedly scanning the horizon until finally, she spotted the bus, excitedly getting on, scanning the interior slowly. She enthusiastically sat down at the only available seat, smiling at everyone already on.
  36. Rocky gave a salut. "Hey! Welcome to the Party Bus," he said jokingly as Inferno jumped off his shoulder and strolled towards Cinder. Rocky looked neat and ready, except for his PJ pants.
  37. The girl couldn't help but to giggle at the sight, nodding in his direction. "Thanks~!" There was a pause. "So, we have our Pokemon out?" she asked, before dropping three Pokeballs, sending out a Noibat, Gothorita, and a Drifloon. The Noibat assumed a perch on it's owner's head, Drifloon greeeted other pokemon cheerfully ("Floon! Drifloon!"), and seeing there were no other available seats, the Gothorita sat on her trainer's lap, silently.
  38. Aran turned toward the other boy who had indroduced himself as Ember and nodded. "Aran," Aran said simply. Ember's action of picking up one of the bus's magazine, however, signaled the end of the brief interaction.

    Suddenly, Ember shoved away the magazine and seemed to cringe. He sure did seem awkward and sensitive, especially since the other kids were reacting normally to the magazine. Just more proof that magazines are full of Trubbish, Aran thought to himself, heeding Ember's warning.

    Two more had arrived on the bus since then. The first was a girl who seemed to have quite the character, wearing a stylish hat over short blue hair and jumping right into a conversation with someone else. The second arrival made Aran smile through his thick red lenses, although he didn't know why. He tried not to look creepy as the orange-haired girl sat down and sent out her pokemon like everyone else. It was a good thing Aran didn't send out any of his; one of them was severely claustrophobic.
  39. The girl saw Aran staring at her, and giggled, giving a playful but satire wink. Drifloon came to him, a confused look on it's... Uh, face. "Driff?" the balloon asked the trainer when it saw none of his team was out.
  40. Wait, she thought. She counted again. Eight! Poke charms here we come! The bus stopped again. Wait, how could that be? All eight were already here. (Aran, I really would like to wait for people to join before we say the bus has done its route)

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