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Ask to Join Pokemon DnD

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by EmoKitty21, Aug 3, 2019.

  1. Hello everyone. I had this idea bouncing around in my head for awhile now. This RP is based kind on DnD. The story will be told by a narrator who will be the guide of the party.

    The story will take place in the region of Kalos. It will take place in medieval times. Your characters will be very diverse and have backstories and enemies of their own. As the storyteller of the campaign I will use these to further my own storyline. Characters will have their own goals to accomplish as well. The story will be driven by the choices that you make with your character.

    Each character will have a different role in the party. Wether they be a healer, fighter, mage, or rogue. These will determine how well your character does in task that laid before them. There will be fights against monsters, animals, even other humans.

    Pokemon will play a role in this RP as well. Your character is allowed to have one pokemon be their familiar. A familiar is like a guide to the person they trust.

    On another note your character is allowed to have a companion pokemon as well. As long as it is approved by me beforehand. Be ready for me to question why your character has these pokemon and why they would choose to follow your character.

    I have an idea for the storyline, but I want to get the party set up first. I want to have all I can get to make the RP centralized around the characters. That means once the RP is started I will not be accepting more people. Feel free to ask me any questions regarding the RP. I will gladly answer them.

    • There will be some blood and gore in this RP. There will be a lot of violence so this is unavoidable.
    • No Mary-Sues. No one likes RPing with a character who sloves every problem for them.
    • Follow all Pokecharms rules. They are not a suggestion, so don't go and break them all over the place. I will not hesitate in reporting you.
    • Please be respectful to others. No one likes to deal with someone rude. I can understand if your character is rude, but you as person should be kind to fellow RPers.
    • Romance will be allowed, but it can not go beyond a kiss.
    • Cussing is allowed as long as it does not get out of hand.
    If you can come up with others I will add them to this. These are just a few of the most common ones used.
    1. Human
    2. Halfling
    3. Dawarf
    4. Elf
    Character sheet​
    Weapon of choice:
    Alignment: (Are you a good witch, or are you a bad witch.)
    Pokemon's Backstory: (how your character got this pokemon.)
    Extra info: (anything else that might be important to the RP.)


    I am going to tag a couple of people who have in the past shown interest in this type of RP.
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  2. Ooh! This is interesting! I'll have to review my DnD knowledge since the last time I played was with my friends a few months ago.

    I also freed up my schedule (I had to work pretty long shifts at my part time but I'm free now) so I'd be happy to join lmao.

    Also, how will Pokemon be dealed with? Will they just follow the character around (given they trust their 'trainer') or will they be kept somehow?
  3. I am thinking they will follow their "trainer" around. I am glad you like the idea. Take your time coming up with your character the more detailed the better.
  4. Yeah, I was imagining the trainers had gained their trust enough to follow around and protect their trainer.

    But yeah, I'll get a detailed profile up. I don't know who I'm going to use yet, but I'm leaning towards Clementine. I do have to get a reply up to JoMM (Journey of Mythical Mayhem) and PCJ (Pokemon Contest Journey)
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  5. Sure that is perfectly fine. I am trying to decide on my character as well. I am leaning towards Amra. She is just like one of my favorites to use. I feel she would fit well in this type of RP. This one is going to be very story driven and a slower pace then others.
  6. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Ah, man! I wanted to use an unused DnD character that I made! She is an elven ranger. (Repeating classes will ruin the RP)
  7. Well seeing as it will be my character who will be repeating the class I see no sense in you having the same class as her. I just don't want the whole party to be made up of too many of the same classes. It would be too boring.
  8. Alright, I just had an idea pop into my head... mwa hah hah... I’ll see what I can do.
  9. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Still, to me this is worse than repeating Pokemon. I might have a few back-ups, but they are literally cardboard right now. No personality or anything!
  10. Well I might use Sarah who I see as more of a rogue character. I have not decided on which I will be using just yet.
  11. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Oh, ok, back to my character. Yay. Anyway, are there any groups that I should know about? The 'Enemies' and 'Allignaces' category really has me stumped.
  12. And I would like some information about the country/counties ect we will be in, and what they are like as far as heirarchy. Are there kings? Is this a democracy? Please tell us a bit about the world.
  13. Well that is really just giving you free reign to make that up. Allignaces are more like guilds and such. Enemies are people who have a vendetta against your character. They want revenge at any means possible.
    This is where I want you guys to have input in the story. I want to kind personalize the storyline to fit your guys characters.
  14. Well it will be set in medieval times. Kings and queens rule the land. There are going to be multiple kingdoms around the Kanto regions. There will be small villages as well as bigger almost city like places.
  15. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Ok, do elves have their own kingdom or something? In DnD, they are a bit... to themselves. They don't hate the other races, they just find them to different due to their 'refined' tastes.
  16. That is what I was going to do with Amra so yes I would say they have their own kingdom.
  17. I kind of feel like Kalos would fit better, since most Pokemon from Kalos have Pokedex entries that are like (cited from 'Furfrou'): "Historically, in the Kalos region, these Pokemon were the designated guardians of the king." As well as Aegislash, which in both versions had a Pokedex entry referencing royalty- X: "Generations of Kings were attended by these Pokemon, which used their special spectral power to manipulate and control People and Pokemon." Y: "Apparently, it can detect the innate qualities of leadership. According to legend, whoever it recognizes is destined to become king."

    But that's just me, probably.
  18. Krisseon

    Krisseon Previously ThatMoodyHipster

    So, if we want to have different classes I found this helpful DnD site that has all of them if anyone wants a reference to look to. I was thinking of going with a Druid or Rogue, if you're okay with that Kitty.

    We could also use the Galar region, sense it's got the whole sword and sheild vibe. Plus it's basically a canon blank slate to play with.
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  19. Well in the rules of the site we are not allowed to use any of the new pokemon or region until a mainstream game is released. I looked before because that was my first thought. Yeah Kalos would probably fit better. I did not take into account of the pokemon entries I was just threw out a random region. Thanks for that Zodiac.
  20. Krisseon

    Krisseon Previously ThatMoodyHipster

    Oh, I didn't know that. Good catch! In that case I agree, Kalos works the best.
  21. Name: Aisa Clairchill
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Race: Human
    Class: None (Has not gotten the chance to train in one yet.)
    Looks: Aisa is a rather small and slim girl, standing at around 4'9 and weighing around 115 lbs. She is really just venturing out into the world for the first time, but her muscles are still relatively well developed.(This will be explained later) She has pale blonde hair which goes down to the middle of her back, blue eyes and pale skin.
    Clothing: She normally wears a very simple blue dress which reaches down to her ankles. She has a pair of work pants underneath this. Her hair is often tied back with a blue ribbon, so as to keep it out of the way while she works.
    Personality: Aisa is still rather new to the outside, and can be very timid. When she is in a comfortable position she will be pretty happy, and makes a good friend. She is prone to panicking in new situations. She is very hard-working and has very good manners when she needs to. At the beginning of the RP, she will be having a rough time and will most likely latch onto the first person who is kind to her. (As usual, this will be fleshed out more in the RP.)
    Alliances: She has a few friends in her old home, but other than that, none currently.
    Enemies: No particular enemies, other than a few minor rivals in her old home.
    Connections: She could potentially contact her old master/employer person, but no other connections of any importance.
    Weapon of choice: She can wield a frying pan or a kitchen knife, if that helps.
    Alignment: LG (Lawful Good)
    Pokemon: None
    Backstory: Aisa has lived her entire life as far back as she can remember in the house of one of the nobles. (I have no name for this person yet, nor do I know where their castle and surrounding town is located.) She was, to all purposes, the Maid-of-all-work. She carried out any and all of the chores given her by any of the other servants or by members of the family. She was treated fairly well by the family and most of the servants, but there were a few, such as the gardener's boy, who were very cruel to her. She has thought she would live there until she was married, but one day the gardener's boy treated her much worse than usual, even spitting at her. She was so upset that she ran away, only bringing some food, a waterskin, and some coins she had been saving, given to her as a Candlenights Present by the family. (Candlenights being the equivalent of Christmas holidays.)
    Pokemon's Backstory: N/A
    Skills: She can do basically anything in the way of manual labor. Well, not lugging around trees like Emma from Pokemon Warcraft, but she can do anything like lighting a fire, cooking a delicious meal, carrying buckets of water, weeding a garden, or basically anything along those lines. She may have the potential to learn magic, but that all depends if there is a party member willing to teach her. Same goes for any other skills.
    Extra info: DERP

    LMK if there is anything to add or edit.
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  22. I kind of love her. She kind of reminds in a way of Cinderella though that was probably not your inspiration for her it is just how she sounds when I read it. Also you could add a pokemon for her. A small companion would probably work for her. Though that is just a suggestion. Otherwise she is accepted.
  23. Ralts was on my mind when I was making the rough concept. (Kinda has been all day... Ralts community day, you know.) However, she would not have had a way to get a Pokémon, as she hardly ever left the castle/mansion/palace, and then only to run errands in the town which surrounded the castle.
  24. True. Like I said she just reminded me of Cinderella a bit. You could always let her befriend one in the RP so keep that in mind.
  25. Is she officially accepted? Just wanna make sure. Also, she could potentially befriend a Pokémon, but I kinda don’t want her to, at least yet. (Warning: She will probably begin crying as soon as she has time to during or after the first fight.)
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  26. Yep she is. I don't see anything that needs to be changed. Also you could have her class be something like cook or skilled servent until she has trained in something else.
  27. I’m going to leave it as no class, for now. It’s definitely not any official class. I may edit personality slightly in a minute here. (Washing dishes. I’m Cinderella, not her!)
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  28. I am super interested and the first RP I ever participated was a DnD inspired RP set in the Kalos region. XD

    Question, which classes have been taken. I have a character all set up and ready to go with her Salazzle, but I need to know if I need to change her up.
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  29. I believe Ranger is vouched for by Playful, and Emo has Rogue. I’m not sure what Zodiac is planning on doing.
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  30. I was thinking of going for something Rogue-like, as well. More thief-like and more chaotic neutral than anything else. If that's alright with Emo, then I can keep the style I have now. If not, I'll make a back up character super fast that can be a dwarf cleric :3
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  31. Well my character I see as being more assassin like anyway. The other character I might be using is rogue and ranger multiclass. She is more on the rogue side with her personality and her training. Though I could make her fighter instead and would fit in with her as well. I am undecided on which I will be going with in the end.
  32. Hey, Emo, if you want, we can create our characters at roughly the same time and choose things that could make them polar opposites while still retaining our classes, if you want. :3 Mine will be more about thieving and scoundrels rather than doing anything good.
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  33. Well I can send you a rough idea of Sarah. The looks and clothing will probably stay, along with the personality, but there are a few things I will change about her.
  34. I've decided I'm going with Clementine, and she's going to be a Sorcerer. I was thinking Warlock, but they get their power through deals (and that doesn't fit Clem's personality, like, whatsoever) but I did want a magic-esque thing so I supposed her having her powers by birth is more...fitting, if you will.

    I also knew Kalos was a good choice because of all I know about the region (and I spend too much time reading Pokedex entries, but nobody has to know that). Kalos is a personal favorite.
  35. Name: Æthelflæd "Aether" Hyll
    Pronounced as: "EE-thel-FLEED" for Æthelflæd, and "EE-ther" for Aether.
    Age: 23 years
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Race: Human
    Class: Rogue
    Looks: She has white hair in a spiky bob, shiny red/purple eyes, and a very pale skin coloration due to being an albino. She paints her face black to avoid people seeing her easily. She is quite skinny, due to her wearing a corset almost all the time. She has lung problems from this, causing her to have a lowered stamina than what's average for a thief like her. Her voice sounds beautiful, but when she's angry it turns into a more sadistic, raspy tone.
    Clothing: She wears a black, leather corset, which hugs more black, leather cloth on to her frame. This "cloth" resembles a jacket, and has little pads on the shoulders and forearms, with the forearm pads being stronger than the shoulders. She has dark grey gloves covering her hands with just the tips of the fingers cut off, so she can adeptly pick locks or do other actions that require dexterity with the fingers. She has numerous belts wrapped around her shoulder and waist, with a sheath for both her weapons to rest on her hips. She is also wearing pitch-black tights that have pads on her knees, breaking her fall if she ever does fail to roll when landing. Her boots are black and leathery, so they don't make a lot of sound when sneaking around. Every inch of this cloth has engravings she burnt into the leather, giving this sort of mystical vibe when there is none. The engravings are reminiscent to an ancient harems' symbols.
    To disguise herself, she wears a large black trench coat that is buttoned up and will take off the black face paint. She can create more face paints out of her Salazzle's shed scales.
    Personality: Very vain and wishes for all things shiny to be in her possession. Despite this greed and vanity, she can be nice, but only if it helps her in any way possible. The only creature she is very genuinely nice towards is her partner Pokemon, Salazzle, whom she gives trinkets, odds and ends to her and will even kill for her.
    She is very selfish and will only help others if she gets anything out of it. She is very headstrong and stubborn, and uses her body to get what she wants if talking doesn't get her anywhere.
    She is very cunning, and when she doesn't get what she wants she outright attacks them. This causes her to be in a lot of trouble. She is also not afraid to hurt anyone who steals her gems, makes her appearance look bad (even as little as ruffling her hair or cutting just a strand off) or hurts her partner. She'll even maim another person's personal partner Pokemon for doing any of the above.
    Since she's not that strong... This could be pretty bad... For both her and the opponent.
    Alliances: Her Salazzle
    Enemies: Basically everyone who has come into contact with her or has seen her stealing in towns before she runs off.
    Connections: A Theives' Guild, who are uncertain if they want her back because she stole from the leader.
    Weapon of choice: A silver Parrying Dagger and a steel Rapier for duels. She also has four throwing daggers: two sheathed on her hips and one in each boot. She is a good shot with her non-dominant hand (Right hand), but forgets about this and uses her dominant (Left hand) to throw... Ending in hilarious and/or painful results.
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Pokemon: Salazzle - Poison Fire
    Name: Amethyst
    Gender: Female
    Armor: Has a black, shiny helmet engraved with hearts with little wings shaped like they are on fire on the sides of her helmet. She has more black, leathery armor on her body, accentuating her features with more carvings one would see in an ancient harem. The little "ribbons" waving from her back have little leather strips on the end, so she can whip others when she wants attention or to annoy others.
    Ability: Corrosion - Can poison any Pokemon, even if they are Steel-Types or other Poison-Types. This ability is used quite often to get through armor.
    Personality: As vain as her partner, but helps to keep Aether out of trouble whenever her hotheadedness gets them into fights. She is quite greedy and sometimes will use her partner's undying loyalty to get what she wants. It seems like she's the one in control of the duo, and not the human. Because of this and Aether's stubbornness, they do tend to get into fights, which causes them to be in an even bigger pickle than what they had originally been in. They will even fight during a duel or a battle with someone else, if they don't agree with what the other wants them to do.
    Backstory: As a young girl, Aether had always been on the run from the law, dodging and weaving through loaded crowds in marketplaces to then find herself surrounded by guards. The only way she could ever escape was if she threw the money at them and hid somewhere while they were distracted trying to get the items that she stole, or if someone nearby helped her out. Bribing never worked in her favor and she soon began to grow as the naughty girl to be careful of. Purses were kept under tight watch, as Aether was a literal cutpurse, but then she found other treasure to be had in another town somewhere else. She hitched a ride on a merchant's cart and hadn't been seen since in that very same, small town. She arrived in a town she had never recognized, nor remembered the name of to this day, but that was when she began to gain more of her skills as a conniving thief. After about a good month or two, she found a Salandit being auctioned. Everybody wanted the poor, little thing, which led the price to a level where nobles had the funds. She felt kind of bad and wanted a partner of her own. Not wanting to part ways with her money, she freed the little guy with a combination of her parrying knife and several lockpicks (which all broke). After freedom was to be had, the Salandit ran off, leading Aether to chase after the darn thing for 4 hours before finally catching her. After this, they began to go on stealing sprees all over the town before being chased out with arrows being shot at them and guards chasing them down with swords and hammers. After several years of this, Salandit evolved and Aether is now a (slightly) successful thief and scoundrel, who basically works for her Salazzle to give her the gems and goodies she deserves.
    Pokemon's Backstory: Aether found Salazzle as a Salandit when Salandit was being auctioned off in an unknown town in Kalos. She really wanted a Pokemon and saw that there was only one way to get one. After midnight, she sneaked in to find Salandit's cage and lockpicked her way to freedom. After Salandit was freed, she took her chance to run away. Aether then was in a wild goose chase trying to catch this fast and surprisingly agile Salandit.
    After 4 hours of non-stop running around and little intervals for breaks, she finally pounced on top of the rascally Pokemon. She asked Salandit to become her partner in her crazy adventures. Salandit thought for a moment, and since this nonsensical lady was chasing her around for so long, she decided to join her. Ever since, they've been in a number of scams, debauchery, and robberies that made their friendship grow strong. The only real reason as to why the Salazzle "joined" Aether was so she could get almost everything she wanted while secretly wanting a companion to join in on her crazy adventures.
    Salandit has since evolved into a Salazzle, and will use her pheromones to get them out of some heated trouble with the guards. Her pheromones will have no effect if the guards are female, genderless, gay men, or if she is upset or angry.
    • Having the sixth sense, so she can "see" other alive beings around her. This skill only works when she is in the same room, looking into said room, or when they are 2 meters (~6' 5") away from her current location. This will only work if the beings have a heart and a brain. Other Pokemon, like Aegislash and other constructs, are unable to be seen with her ability. She is unable to use this ability when angry, in distress, or is too caught up in her own looks.
    • Her other skills that aren't at all mystical are her flexibility, ability to use her environment to get away, and is good at parkour. Isn't very fast, but can easily dodge and weave in thick bushes to get away from pursuers. Will get caught if she's just running in a straight line with nothing to weave around or jump on.
    • Not that great when it comes to sword play, but is very good at cheap shots with her parrying dagger, and loves to fence. She will even fake an attack to throw one of her daggers at the foe, aiming specifically for the knee. ("I used to be an adventurer like you, until I took an arrow to the knee." XD I'm sorry, I love Skyrim.)
    • Can identify and create poisons and "healing" potions out of her Salazzle's poison that she never drinks for good reason. She is also quite adept at making potions, just not healing ones.
  36. I have already read through it and kind of love her. Accepted.
  37. I like how you say "kind of" love her. XD Almost as if something about her is making you want to cringe or something (which was the whole point of why I made her some 2 years ago).
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  38. Also, will these events be Medieval times based on what is was for our world?
    Because, there's a lot to talk about when it comes to history in the Kalos region. (i.e. The Kalos War happening 3,000 years prior to the events of X and Y / 300 years prior to the games the Parfum Palace was built) If we're mixing both Kalos and our world's history, there would be things like a Lumiose Kingdom, as well as the fact Geosenge Town and Camphrier Town would exist, but things like Coumarine City, Laverre City, and Cyllage City wouldn't.

    Mainly because 1. Coumarine was a resort/built town that was made recently as an 'exclusive resort area' one that would not be made for thousands of years, 2. Laverre City was built amongst a tree that is said to be 1,500 years old, which according to the application of 'Medieval times' would mean that this is about 5,000 years before what we would see in Medieval Kalos- it would've been a lot longer in the real world but we don't really know how time in the Pokemon world works, but based off of the weather 'system' in Unova/Black-White/Black2-White2 tells us that time goes relatively fast- once you enter a building it can be Spring, but once you exit it can be Summer, and 3. Cyllage and Ambrette seemed to be built on rock mountain area, which may have been pure mountain- rocks take a long time to carve (take the Grand Canyon in America for a rough example). I just feel like there would be a lot of locations in Kalos that are changed/altered due to time differences in between the events of the games we see and the world behind it.

    I mean, if we're looking at it Parfum Palace, the Battle Maison, and most mainstream Pokemon Centers wouldn't exist. Heck, potions might not exist either! I might have to scour to get more information, but if there's scientists and all this advanced technology, it probably wouldn't exist in a time where we're assuming there isn't even Pokeballs. AND to add onto that, it is said in some stuff I read from some Pokemon scraps for a game/the Pokemon Anime ITSELF where it's said 'Apricots' were used to make Pokeballs, and I think that method was developed by people from long ago, when most things started being invented.

    I would apply this to the Industrial Revolution of our world (1760 to sometime between 1820 and 1840 in our world's year system) but still, I'm not sure. Plus, I think it would be fun for our characters to not have Pokemon Centers- or at least the ones we see nowadays, and the only way you could heal your Pokemon was with berries or maybe with the first Joy in the 'Nurse Joy Family', who will take your Pokemon in a shack in whatever kingdom and use her Audino's Heal Pulse to heal your Pokemon. (or some type of Pokemon with Heal Pulse/used by Nurse Joys in the family now)

    Just some thoughts, we don't have to apply this lol. I'm just rambling-
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  39. Well I was thinking it would be around the 1600's of our time. The apercorn balls would probably be in the very early stages and very expensive, so it would mainly be for the noble class and royalty to have something like that, and it would be very unknown at the time. I will take in the fact of the war starting around that time into consideration. It might come into play with the story I had in mind anyway.
  40. As far as D&D goes, I'm not an expert, but not a newbie either. There's a lot of dice rolling and number-dependent mechanical stuff, so let me know how much you intend to get into that, if at all. Here's my application.

    Please let me know if the backstory is at all in conflict with your plot. A lot can go in D&D, but there's always that fine invisible line.

    Name: Ian
    Age: 22
    Gender: M
    Sexuality: This is not what I roleplay for.
    Race: Human
    Class: Artificer/Wizard (Presume multiclassing for one level dip into Wizard to access Charm, Magic Missile, and Mage's Familiar)
    Looks: Pretty stereotypical mage. Bluish cloak, wizard staff, silly pointed hat that's always blowing off. Think of a beardless young Merlin.
    Clothing: Whoops. I guess I just described it. Look, personality's what everyone will remember.
    Personality: Obsessive, cautious, friendly but distant, impatient, objective-oriented.
    Alliances: On friendly terms with most healer's guilds / churches in civilized societies.
    Enemies: Ivy.
    Connections: Knew a Celestial Sorcerer during his days studying at Arcanum University; this became the friendship that led to alliance with other healing houses. Will expound on this as needed.
    Weapon of choice: Words/Thought detection/Charm spell.
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Pokemon: A Mismagius named "Black Mage."
    Backstory: Formerly a run-of-the-mill enchanter seeking only to become a craftsman of wondrous items, Ian became infatuated with a female classmate who studied magical artifacts. They married shortly after graduating from the Arcanum, and she revealed a magical lamp in her possession. To the best of Ian's knowledge, it contained a genie with limited power to grant lesser wishes. After much hounding from his wife to wish for "the greatest possible power you can give me," Ian wished: "to know the true motivations and desires of those around me." His wish was granted, and his wife became furious with him. She promptly left him, but not before revealing a black secret about the genie and the wish. There are always consequences to ill-gotten wishes from a jinn. Such creatures, and all its kind, are now Ian's enemies, but all come second to his former wife. She is now his enemy, she who is called Ivy. (WILL ADD DETAILS AS NEEDED)
    Pokemon's Backstory: Shortly after making it his mission to traverse the world, ridding it of magical tempters and evildoers who lust for power, Ian realized how relatively weak he was. He thus summoned and made a pact with the most reliable creature he could think of: not necessarily a familiar spirit, but a pokemon. The Misdreavus, Black Mage, answered his call, on condition that he provide the Dusk Stone for its evolution. It now serves as a spy and blaster caster, but like Ian, is very frail.
    Skills: More of a utility caster and magic item craftsman; cannot currently use offensive magic beyond the auto-strike spell "Magic Missile." (WILL ADD DETAILS AS NEEDED)

    Extra info
    : Just to reiterate, here's the TLDR with Ian. His purpose for traveling is to search and destroy all items and principalities that tempt men to evil. He needs a party for protection, 'cause he's squishy. His powers basically allow him to detect alignments, read surface-level thoughts, charm minds, and create lesser magical items- all which will grow with time. His arcanum studies make him knowledgeable about most things that traditionally require an intelligence check. His drawbacks include most things physical, an inability to be stealthy, low wilderness survival skills, and the frailty that most casters typically suffer.

    Also, genies exist, if that's cool. If not, let me know what you want me to do instead.
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