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Open Pokémon College- “Be whatever you want to be!”

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by waluigipinball, Dec 17, 2017.

  1. Pokémon College- a place where anyone can go, no matter what region they are from, no matter what Pokémon they have. It’s one of the top colleges in the whole world... and you’ve been accepted!

    You’re in your first year... what will ensue? Battles? Conests? Friendship? Romance?

    Regular Pokécharms rules apply.

    Only 3 Pokémon allowed
    No legendaries
    Maximum of one shiny
    Romance allowed (keep it PG!)
    Crushes allowed
    Only one character per person
    You must write a paragraph!




    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Lily has pink-brown hair, pale skin and maroon eyes. She has quite a curvy frame, a small nose, and her eyes are strangely absent of any sparkle- except when she is happy. Her hair comes to a few inches below her shoulders. She wears a black tank top, dark grey ripped jeans, has a glittery backpack, and has a Team Skull pendant which you can hardly see.
    Pokemon: Mimikyu, Drifblim, Chandelure
    Personality: Lily is constantly rather tired, but tries to be as cheery as possible despite her nature. She can be quite snappy and rude sometimes, and is very defensive of those she doesn’t know- though once you get to know her, and if she trusts you, she has the tendency to ramble. She has social anxiety, which makes her very paranoid, but she is nonetheless a good and loyal friend.
    Studying: Gym Leader, Ghost type
    Other: Her father is a retired member of Team Skull, which is why she wears her pendant.


    Lily sat on her own in the lunch hall, her maroon gaze cast down at her lunch, which she wasn’t really eating. She bit her lip and sighed- they’d already been here for a week and everyone was either scared of her or didn’t like her. All she wanted was to be normal, really- but, someone who wanted to be a Ghost-type Gym Leader had to be pretty weird. And weird she was- so much so that she was scared her ghostly Pokémon would be her only friends for the rest of time.
  2. Name:Lance
    Appearance:Lance wears a Blue bracelet,and has blonde hair,Pale skin,A Blue vest with A green shirt.
    Personality:extremely friendly,And he always has a smile on his face.He works great with other people.But he isn't a good listener.Will walk off at times.
    Studying:dragon types,Pokemon moves.
    Other:isn't good in science.

    Lance walked into the school and put his bookbag in his clear locker."I wonder who I might meet"Lance thought.Lance began to walk slowly into the Lunch hall and got out his lunch which was a BBQ sandwich with salad.Lance's eye caught on a girl eating her food.Lance decided to say hi.
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  3. Blinking, Lily looked up, and warily narrowed her eyes at the stranger. “Greetings and salutations,” she murmured, stuffing in a mouthful of food so she didn’t look weird just staring at her lunch. She wished Pokémon were allowed in the cafeteria- Mimikyu always won people over with just how adorable it was. Swallowing her food, Lily began to twiddle her thumbs nervously, fidgeting slightly as she awaited a reply from the stranger.
  4. "Im Lance"Nice to meet you"Lance greeted."What's your name?"Lance asked.Lance got a celery stick out and began to eat it.Lance looked back at the girl and tilted his head a bit.
  5. “Lily.” She replied bluntly, staring at her food and feeling herself seizing up. Ahh, social interaction... what a wonderful thing. She hated it, honestly, and in her frustration about herself, Lily found herself snapping, “What do you want?”
  6. "I just wanted to introduce myself because I like doing it,but by the look of your expression I should just leave"Lance said ,taking his lunch box to a different part of the lunch hall.Lance just stared at his food."Did I upset her or something?"Lance said.Lance frowned and just poked at his food sadly.
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  7. Can i join plss
  8. Dude you need a character bio,Then you can start writing.
  9. (( yeah, you can join! make a charter bio, like evilsceptile said ))

    Ugh... yet again she had just ruined everything. To think, she could have made a friend, but no! She had her sour expression and her snarky comments come back to haunt her yet again. It seemed poor Lily couldn’t catch a break. She gazed after Lance as he left, and facepalmed, muttering to herself, “Agh, I’m so useless!!”

    She snapped her plastic fork.

    Her eyes yet again followed Lance as he sat on his own, and her maroon gaze lingered upon him as she bit her lip in frustration.
  10. Name: Jake Ross
    gender: male
    appearance: sliver hair, pale-ish skin,, yellow eyes, a birthmark on his right hand that looks like a ghost. wears, a white shirt, a thin black jacket, black pants, and a black fedora with a white feather in it.
    Pokémon: Chandelure, Shedinja Honedge(Shiny)
    personality: Very nice, out and open about his feeling, clumsy, always trys to stay Happy.
    Studying: Ghost
    Other: N/A

    Jake walked into the Cafeteria as he Looked around for a Seat. He walked around a bit before Finding a Seat next to a girl. he thought it would be a Good way to get a Friend. he walked over to her as he sat down next to her as he then Said. "Hi their! what's your name?" He said as he gave her a Friendly Smile.
  11. Yet another 'suitor'? It seemed sitting on her own was bringing more attention than if she sat in a group. "Lily. It's a pleasure." she deadpanned, her voice monotonal as she continued to stare down at her lunch. Her gaze shifter to make brief aquaintance with the boy's face- he had yellow eyes. Interesting.
  12. Name: Aurora
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Pale White Skin, Light Blue/Grey Eyes, Silver-Blue (frost-like) long hair worn in a long thin ponytail until the waist with shoulder-length forelocks framing her face, small-ish about 155 cm tall however she does not mind it, she usually wears a white hoodie and a plain sky-blue t-shirt underneath, on the legs she wears a blue skirt and hi-top white sneakers. She will always wear a white scarf, even if it is boiling hot which was given to her by her parents before she left as a good luck charm. She usually carries a small, plain, black backpack.
    Pokemon: Glaceon, Toxicroak, Empoleon
    Personality: Coming from Snowpoint City in Sinnoh, she was constantly surrounded by ice type Pokemon and their trainers, which exerted a constantly cool and calm demeanour, which she carries herself, however, she took it too far and will create an illusion that she does not care about anything, even if she actually does. Hence she would never engage in conversation first, even if she is lonely and wants to. Has very high levels of irony and sarcasm reserved however only to people close to her, otherwise socializes the bare minimum to be respectful. VERY competitive.
    Studying: Evolution and Ice Types (she felt 'forced' to study ice types as she comes from such a cold place)
    Other: Ironically, despite dressing and behaving like ice type people, Aurora, ironically, hates the cold and got the first opportunity to get away to a warm place. Hence, she has a love-hate relationship with Glaceon as she intended to evolve it into Flareon to keep her warm but accidentally evolved it near the ice rock evolving into glaceon, since then they have not been getting along but they still care for each other (they just never show it). Loves spicy food.

    Aurora was kinda excited for her first college year, she was glad to finally get away from the never-ending cold in the north of Sinnoh and find new people and new weather at the college. She always wanted to study evolution as she knew that it is what is needed to become stronger and become the champion, or at least to revert Glaceon's unfortunate evolution. Aurora decided to visit the warmest place at college the cafeteria, so she took off with her white scarf waving behind her. She had small legs but walked fast nonetheless. After finally arriving, she sat down in the first available seat, not really caring where to devour her food as long as it was warm. She ended up at a table with a slightly awkward atmosphere between a pink haired girl and a silver-haired guy. Without a word, she began stuffing down some spicy bread.
  13. Lily narrowed her eyes at the newcomer, feeling herself tighten up yet again. She always got all siezed up when she spoke to people. Though, at least Aurora could sense the tension in the air. The pink-brown haired girl gulped, casting her eyes back down and continuing to just stare at her food.

    Lily attempted to subtly move to a different seat, but ended up shuffling away from the two already present quite loudly and noticeably.

  14. Jake Smiled as he said. "Its a Pleasure to meet you too!" Jake said as he then noticed the Newcomer. he then looked at her and waved as he said "Oh, his Their name? I'm Jake!" he said as he Smiled at her too. Jake then Noticed Lily Move away a Bit as he said. "Why are you Moving away"
  15. "Moving away!?" Lily sputtered, foolishly. "What are you on about?"

    All this time, the girl avoided eye contact and stayed a considerable distance separate from the others. She wasn't trying to be cold; she just wanted it to end, really. Praying to Arceus the bell would go so everyone would stop attempting to befriend her.

    "Jake, huh? Nice name."
  16. "Okay then..." Jake said as The Bell then Rang. "Oh... I guess its Time for Class." Jake said as he stood up and waved bye to the two girls as he then said. "Hope to Battle you guys!" as he then Ran off into the Collage. Jake then went to his First class which was About Battling. Jake got so Excited that he Yelled out Yes and Ran in.
  17. "Whats up with him... so jolly and all for class..." Aurora thought, she was not even able to tell him her name as Jake jolted off, not that she wanted to but it would be rude not to. "Well, whatever, I better get going to mega evolution class, I guess its cool." Aurora mumbled. Aurora noticed how uneasy the pink haired girl was, so she limited interaction to a minimum, just like she intended anyway: "I'm Aurora by the way," she introduced herself respectfully, "see you, I suppose..." Aurora wandered thinking how cringy it must've looked snd how even with her icy coolness she could not pull it off. She left for mega evolution class without muttering another word.
  18. “Mega evolution, huh...?” Lily murmured, her eyes avoiding Aurora. “Fun. I’ve got Type Studies.”
    Her gaze followed Aurora as she got up to leave, and Lily stayed in her seat, unwilling to move or speak to the other.

    “Nice name.” She murmured, biting her lip. “I’m Lily.”

    And with that, she walked off.
  19. Mega evolution class was able to easily penetrate Aurora's seemingly cool self as her eyes widened with excitement which she could barely keep to herself. The professor brought in a Mega Lucario, which looked insanely cool as back in Sinnoh she has never seen one mega evolve, and has seen Lucario itself only once when the fighting type gym leader came to visit Snowpoint City to practice with the Ice Type Gym Leader. The shining light during mega evolution almost entranced Aurora as she thought whether one of her own Pokemon could pull it off. Her eyes lit up as she heard about instances, where mega evolution like occurrences happened with Pokemon not expected to mega evolve or mega evolve without these super rare stones. However, she did not believe that Toxicroak or Empoleon could do it and she did not even want Glaceon to do it, as she expected it to become even colder, and she hated the cold.

    Following mega-evolution class which was part of her evolution studies, she had no more classes. Hence she headed for the lockers to grab her stuff and to head off for coffee. She remembered the name of the pink haired girl, Lily, and the other guy, Jake and wondered what they were doing right now, as, despite her cool and carefree demeanour, she did not want to get through college completely isolated.
  20. In Battling Class, They only talked Moves, Attack, and Strategies. which Jake though was Super Boring, and Fell asleep in the Middle of Class and woke up at the End of Class. Jake Left the Class still A Bit tried as he walked into the Hallway as he soon saw a Girl he Recognized. It was the Other Girl who start Next to him. He went up to Her as he said. "Hi, Again! I never actually got you Name."
  21. Lance sat down in the class...silently.Then for the first time in Lance's entire life,Lance frowned.Lance always had a smile on his face,until now.Lance stood up,all of a sudden."I won't be attending class"Lance said."And why is that?"The Teacher asked.But lance left before he could answer.Lance exited the whole and sat in front of the door with his head down.
  22. Lily was skipping class. She genuinely didn’t feel at all like doing anything right now, so she just didn’t go. She wasn’t particularly interested in Poison-types, anyways- she only cared about her and her ghost types. She then came across a boy, a familiar looking boy (but she couldn’t quite put her finger on it) who looked a bit upset.

    Now, Lily had no idea how to deal with upset people, but she supposed... she had to help.

    “Are you alright?” She asked Lance, concerned for the other, yet unknowing it was the boy she had scared off earlier.
  23. Lance looked to his left."Sort-of"lance said."I just have no idea why you were yelling at me,back at the Lunch hall"Lance said.Lance's hair blew in the slight wind."were you mad at me or something?"Lance said.
  24. "Hello, My name is Aurora," Aurora answered Jake's question which kinda bothered her as she was on her way, but not enough to not show some respect. After all, the guy seemed nice so Aurora whilst continuing her walk out responded with the phrase: "Your name is Jake right?" She just continued walking as she just wanted to satisfy her coffee-lust, wondering whether Jake still followed her, not that it mattered.

    Before exit she noticed some familiar face, it was Lily and some blonde guy she had never seen before. She experienced an intense deja vu moment, and kinda had a feeling that it must be fate, so she unexpectedly for herself asked the two: "Hey, you wanna join me for coffee? I don't have class and you two seem in dire need of motivation." She could not believe that she could break her cool ice-type persona like that, so she attempted to backtrack by continuing her walk out of the college building, however at a much slower pace...
  25. Oh! Now she recognised him... it was Lance, the guy from earlier, in the cafeteria. He seemed upset that she’d had a go at him earlier, and to be honest, Lily felt a tad guilty about it. In fact, more than a tad.

    “Oh,” she hummed absentmindedly, crouching down so her maroon gaze met his. She had to admit he was kind of cute up close- cuter than she’d originally thought, anyway. “Listen, I’m... sorry. Not to go on or anything but I have social anxiety, so... I sometimes act really strange and snappy around people if I get too nervous. There were a lot of people in the lunch hall, so I guess...” Lily trailed off, her eyes befalling the floor.

    “Lance, is it? I’m sorry I got off on the wrong foot.”

    Lily then looked up to meet Aurora’s eyes. “Coffee? Sure. I’m skipping class at the moment, and I need something to do. You coming with, Lance?”
  26. Ironically, Aurora was happy that her expectations were wrong, she thought Lily would ignore her, that is what Aurora herself would probably do in the same situation, but nonetheless that made her happy. So she stopped marching in the direction of the exit and waited up for the others to get up and ready to go. "Thanks!" Aurora calmly said "you saved me from an awkward situation with your agreement..." Aurora wanted to facepalm herself so hard at that moment but restrained her right arm with her left. "You... Lance right, you coming too?"
  27. Lance's smile returned"Sure!"Lance agreed.Lance quickly stood up and followed Aurora and Lily."So,where are we getting coffee at?"Lance asked.Lance tugged at his vest to prevent his pokeball with bagon to fall out.
  28. "The cafeteria, I assume." Lily murmured. she was glad Lance had let her off, since she had admittedly been a little bit rude to him. At least she had some hope of making some friends now, though. She tapped her chin, thinking, and then her usually dull maroon gaze lit up. "We could get to know eachother a bit... Like, ask questions and all that?"
  29. Lance tilted his head.Then moved it back."Sure,like what"Lance asked.Lance dropped his pokeball with bagon,but quickly picked it back up."What kinda questions should we ask?"Lance said.
  30. "Hm, you know... favourite colour, favourite Pokémon, what we're studying, what we wanna be... just anything you feel like asking- Oh!" She jumped as Lance dropped his Pokéball, her eyes widening slightly, but her shock died down once he had picked it up again.

    "I can start- what job do you guys want to do?"
  31. "Well,we are going out for Coffee,so..."'Well,that's all"Lance said."Oh!"After we get coffee,how about we have a battle!"Lance said.Lance watched as he,Lily,and Aurora got closer to the Cafeteria."We're almost there!"Lance said.
  32. "You don't know what you wanna do when you're older?" Lily asked curiously. Most people had at least an idea, but Lance seemed to be rather nonchalant about having no idea at all. "Hm, oh you're right. We're almost there."

    Thankfully, there was hardly anyone in the cafeteria. With Lance leaving class, Lily skipping and Aurora having no lessons, it was just those three and a few others littered about. Lily let out a very loud sigh of relief as she rushed over to a table to sit down.
  33. "If you are genuinely interested, then I would like to say that my dream is to become Sinnoh champion! However, if we got to be real, then I will actually probably open a spicy food cantine back home in Snowpoint City and make lots of money as it is so cold there... thats the plan at least." Aurora said, not really believing her own words as those were just scenarios which probably would never happen, but whatever, she did not overthink it. "Battle huh? Weren't you just being completely down? And now you want to battle? I will pass, I think, today was a long day for me and I want to relax, but later some day." Aurora declined the offer, she just felt like hot coffee and did not want anything else in the world at that moment.
  34. "I...um...haven't decided what im gonna do when I get older"Lance murmured."But I do know how im gonna accomplish whatever it is."Lance said,pulling out his three pokeballs."Bagon,Charmander,And rockruff"Lance said."Anyways"when are we getting the coffee? "lance asked.
  35. Aurora put her bag onto a free seat, of which there was an abundance of due to the relatively empty cafeteria, and asked Lance and Lily: "So, I am getting a coffee with milk, anything specific you want? Otherwise, I will get you guys the same as myself, I refuse to drink alone!"
  36. "Sinnoh champion, huh?" Lily nodded in approval. "Sounds intense. I just want to become a Ghost type Gym Leader," she continued smiling. At Aurorams mention of spicy food, Lily's face lit up.

    "Spicy food? Aw, man, you gotta make me some one day!" she chirped.

    As for Lances query; "Possibly. Maybe later on. I'm exhausted, for now- I need the caffeine kick."

    "I'll have black coffee, please."
  37. Aurora responded: "Well I shall get it! If you are into spicy food, then I promise you it! It is the only thing I know how to make, but due to the constant cold back home, which I hated, I had lots of practice making it as it was my life saviour, so just ask!" Then, Aurora thought to herself: "Wow, Ghost-type gym leader, that is not just intense, but actually so cool! She must have a strong bond with her Pokemon if she is confident to rely on only one type."
  38. "Ill have a regular coffee with caramel"Lance asked.Lance smoothed his hair and put on hand sanitizer."...."..."..."Lance didn't say a word."..."Lance just blinked intensely.Then he went completely silent.
  39. DoggoKing22

    DoggoKing22 Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing

    Hi. May I join?

    Name: Christian
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Crazy black hair, green sweatshirt, navy blue jeans, Black backpack, black shoes, Brown eyes
    Pokémon: Ambipom (partner Pokémon), Hawlucha, Corpfish
    Personality: Loves playing video games, he is a very shy but nice kid, usually stays away from everybody, loves battling, but hates seeing Pokémon hurt
    Studying: Eliete Four, Z-moves
    Other: Easily sensitive sometimes, doesn’t really like Pokémon getting hurt
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  40. (( yes, of course you can!! your character must be over 18 though because it is college ))

    "Well, I'll be ordering that! Expect some business from me," Lily chimed, a smile adorning her face. And indeed, Aurora was right in her thoughts- Lily herself had an especially strong bond with all three of her current Ghost types, her Mimikyu in particular.

    She noticed Lance had gone strangely silent, so she let her maroon gaze befall him, he brows furrowed concernedly. "Are you ok?"

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