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Open Pokemon Alola High (Reboot, Discussion)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Cryronn the Mudkip, Apr 3, 2018.


Who do you think I should make the plot villain?

Poll closed May 20, 2018.
  1. Team Skull

  2. Aether

  3. External Choice (say in chat)

  1. "Dear Student to whom we have addressed,
    We humbly accept you into this very enhanced academy. This academy is set in Ha'Ouli City on Melemele Island. You will learn skills with the Pokemon that you already have and will gain new ones along the way. We will have feild trips around once every week or two weeks depending on the calendar. Sign this slip and we'll send in the other terms and requirements for entry into this school. Thank you."

    With humblest pleasure, Professer Kukui.
    Welp. Took me this long. I've been wanting to reboot Alola High for a long time, but I'm really... Really... Really lazy. So. Let's do the rules.
    1)PC Roleplaying Rules
    2)No Fakemon
    3)Megas/Exclusive Z-Crystals will be given on Ula Ula
    4)Say; Mashed Potatoes in your bio to be accepted
    5)Have fun, ya fools
    So. Bio, amirite?
    Age(Between 14-15, we're freshmen):
    Pokemon(Up to 3 1st evolutions, I might make exceptions):
    Meh Bio!!!
    Name:Tommy Night
    Personality:Tommy is hotheaded and energetic. He can be flustered and embarrassed, and isn't that great with listening. He makes friends pretty easily and always finds a way to sneak a joke in. But he knows when the stakes are high and to be serious.
    Appearance:Tommy has unkempt brown hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. He wears a black hoodie with one sleeve cut off revealing his red long sleeve. He wears tattered blue jeans and black shoes that seem to be at least one year old. His complexion is wild, and not very concerned about his outer being.
    Backstory:Reciving his first Pokemon fairly quick from Kahuna Hala, he and his partner Blaze began training at a young age and are very skilled. He caught a Shiny Grubbin on Route One and finally a Jangmo-O on a trip to Poni island. He moved to Ha'Ouli City and stays in an apartment alone.
    Blaze (Litten)
    Spark (Grubbin)
    Topaz (Jangmo-O)
    Other:Mashed Potatoes

    Hope y'all will join.

    (Holy crap I sounded Southwestern)
  2. (It's been awhile since I've joined one of these high school RPs)

    Name: Shine Prowler

    Age: 14

    Personality: Shine is pretty hyperactive and it's hard to keep her in check, usually caught acting out of line, leading to trouble. More then half the time.

    Appearance: Shine is fair skinned, and has two longs braids going down to her "bust" area. She will wear something different every day, so no one really pays attention to what she wears one day compared to the other. She is pretty short for her age, but thinks it's cute to speak up to people taller then her.

    Backstory: Living in Hau'Oli City since he was born, Shine has never left the comforts of Melemele Island. Her mother insisted she join the nearby Trainers School. Shine, being the obediant little girl, accepted and now attends the school.

    • Viola (Pikachu)

    Other: Mashed Potatoes.
  3. Name: Damon Howard
    Gender: Male
    Age: 14
    Quite lengthy hair tied up in a small ponytail (something like this but he doesn't have a beard of course :'D)
    • Bright yellow eyes
    • Simple white t-shirt with a light blue jacket
    • Denim shorts
    • Orange trainers
    Personality: Damon is a pretty fun loving character but can be a bit shy. He's quite observant of Pokémon and generally very curious about the world. He is quite a hardy fella and tries to keep positive attitude.
    Backstory: Originally born in Kalos, he got his first Pokémon at the age of 12. After a little bit of travelling in Kalos, he decided to cut his journey short and attend Alola High School to learn more about Pokémon. He first heard of this academy from his brother who had graduated from this school.
    Pokémon Partner(+team):
    Wayne ☆ Froakie ☆ Male
    Aries ☆ Rowlet ☆ Female
    Other: I leik potatoes and I like 'em mashed
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  4. ThatWeirdOne

    ThatWeirdOne Previously ThatOnePerson

    I can join. I’ll edit this post with my bio later. Possibly we could do Rainbow Rocket?

    Name: Marco Kylano

    Age: 14

    Gender: Male

    Personality: He is a adventurous, kind kid who loves Pokémon and people. He loves going on adventures and doesn’t like mashed potatoes that much.

    Appearance: He is a skinny kid who has fair skin and green eyes. His hair color is green and often wears his blue glasses. His normal outfit is a black shirt with a beige vest on it. He also has green shorts and blue flip-flops.

    Backstory: He used to live in Unova where he got Pansage, his partner. His mom moved him to Alola so her and Marco could have a ‘vacation’. Dylan loved the thought of Alola, where it was sunny with cool water beaches.

    Pokemon: Pansage (M), Eevee (F)

    Other: A Black Z-Ring
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  5. Not a bad idea, @ThatOnePerson . I was planning to use Team Skull, but Team Rainbow Rocket could be nice like;
    Guzma:Wait! We weren't that masterminds!!!
    Tommy:Then who was?
    Giovanni:It was us. *Reveals team R.R*
  6. Name: Dylan Riker
    Age(Between 14-15, we're freshmen): 15
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Dylan is a smart kid who uses strategy over anything. He likes adventures and his pokemon, but is often quite calm and overly relaxed. Dylan is the ultimate procrastinator.
    Appearance: Dylan has shaggy brown hair and bright blue eyes. He wears a light grey coat with a black shirt under it. He has a light backpack used to hold items, with a obsidian Z-ring on his left arm, due to him being lefty.
    Backstory: Dylan was born on Akala island, his father being a strong trainer who completed his trial challenge. When Dylan began his while entering pokemon school, his father gave him a Z-ring as a present. Dylan then moved to Melemele island alone and lives in a solo apartment.
    Pokemon(Up to 3 1st evolutions, I might make exceptions):
    Frost/Alolan Sandshrew, Dan/Deino, Rocky/Rockruff.
    Other: Has a Z-ring, no Z-crystals yet.
  7. @Mr. Glaceon you're accepted, but you need to add on one thing to your bio that's required in the rules.
  8. I'll just say it here. I had mashed potatoes for dinner tonight. I feal ashamed.
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  9. Name: Kira Locke
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Long black hair with blue highlights pulled back in a ponytail, dark blue eyes, fair complexion. She wears a whit shirt underneath a crimson zipper jacket, black jean shorts, and white sneakers.
    Personality: Kira is friendly and caring of her friends and Pokemon. On the flip side, she is very competitive and has a short temper.
    Backstory: Kira was born in Kanto but moved to Alola when she was 10. Her first Pokemon was a Squirtle given to her by her parents
    Pokemon: Squirtle, Beldum, Omanyte
    Other: Dark Blue Z-Ring

  10. Name : Jake
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: purple eyes, blue hair, black pants, grey shirt, and thin black jacket, and black fedora with a feather in it.
    personality: Jake is very nice, caring, Out and open about his thoughts and feelings, friendly, can be competitive in a battle.
    Backstory: Jake lived in kanto for most of his life as his parents got a divorce. his mouth moved to Alola region as his father stayed Kanto region. you can guess which one he went with. (his mother)
    Pokémon: Litwick, Poppilo, inkay
    Other: gets scared very easily, hates the dark

    MASHED POTATOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. @Zman890 "his mouth moved to Alola" >_<
  12. Mo6


    Name: Thomas Hayes

    Age: 14

    Gender: Male

    Personality: His extremely caring for his friends and he sometimes act motherly towards them. His a complete funny, lazy sort of guy. He won't do tasks unless he really have to. His rather blunt which he viewed as a bothersome attribute since he sometimes said things that are quite hurtful. He swears when his extremely irritated.

    Appearance: Slim built but a bit muscular, his not that tall only reaching 5'5", has the messiest medium length blond hair, no matter what you do it just can't be tamed, and a square jaw. He has intimidating red eyes. He wears hoodies at all times even if it's extremely hot, His favorite one is a black, red, and white diamond pattern hoodie. He wears a black shirt underneath, black plain cargo pants, and water shoes (Don't asked him why he get it). He also wears a baseball cap, and a black leather backpack.

    Backstory: His just a boy with an average life, average hobbies and not so average parents. Just kidding his parents are normal people, don't worry. He was born in Poni as one of those Seafolks and pretty much lived in the middle of the ocean, he didn't even know there was land until he was ten and then he was introduce to school and education. His first expression of the thing. Hell. So imagine his distaste when he received the slip.

    Pokémon: Popplio, Riolu, Flabebe (blue flower)

    Other: *insert King Butterfly obnoxiously awesome accent voice here* MASHED POTATOES!!!
  13. Hey, do you mind if I added another character? The brother to Shine?
  14. Hope you guys got room for one more, cause I'm here now.

    Name: Kendar Samuels

    Age(Between 14-15, we're freshmen): 14 years

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Appears as a modest pacifist to outsiders, if not a little shy and rarely gets competitive, even when around friends. He aims to make friends with everyone and tends to look to the positive side of things. However he is a bit lazy and does sometimes procrastinate when he shouldn't.

    Appearance: Standing at about 5'11", Kendar wears simple blue jeans with white sport shoes. He often wears a plain black t-shirt with a white unzipped hoodie on top. When traveling, he also has a grey cap and a black and white bag on his shoulders.

    Backstory: Kendar lived in the Unova region for the better part of his life. At the age of 10, he had already developed an interest in Pokemon and had already caught Rexzy the Lillipup, with the help of his father who had some experience with Pokemon already. After about 3 years, the family had decided to move to the Aloha region, where his uncle lived for a more quieter life. His uncle had some Pokemon adventures in the Kanto region and had decided to give Kendar his old Pidgey. After receiving the slip, his parents realized that Kendar's interest in Pokemon can only grow and decided to let him go to the academy.

    Pokemon(Up to 3 1st evolutions, I might make exceptions): Rexzy (Male Lillipup), Auriel (Female Pidgey)

    Other: Mashed Potatoes! Thou I like kinds of them taters.
  15. Alright, I suppose another cup of RPing won’t hurt.

    Name: Her name is Evelyn Styr.
    Age: She is roughly 14 Years old.
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Evelyn is calm, collective and ready to take on almost any situation that presents themselves in front of her. She tends to be the listener in most conversations, before making her move in the exchanging of various dialogues. Although she may spoil her Axew from time to time, she still attempts to encourage her Axew to interact with others instead of having him lie in his crib all day with his plush toys.
    Appearance: Evelyn is roughly about 5’4”, has mild skin tone, blue eyes and a skinny build. Evelyn has on a red beanie, while the pom-pom on top is a light, nightly black. She wears a short-sleeved, gray sweetheart neck shirt and short-sleeved, white Bermuda shorts. She sports powder white converse shoes with short, snow white socks and has on a garnet red duffel bag around her right shoulder. The bag carries various items, ranging from basic necessities to personal items for the use of herself and her Pokémon. A part of the bag can unfold into a sling with minimal effort to allow small Pokémon to be carried around.
    Backstory: Evelyn lived in Unova for most of her childhood, as her Axew wanted her to catch him after caring for him and carefully treating his injuries with the help of his trainer’s mother. Evelyn decided to travel to Aloha at the age of 14 in hopes that she can have her Axew spend more time outside with her and hopefully have him improve on his social skills. Her parents wanted her to enroll in the academy after she expressed interest with learning more about the field of medicine and caring for Pokémon.
    Pokémon: She has an Axew. (See below for more information.)
    Other: She has a special Pokédex from Unova that is modified with the added ability to track a Pokémon's weak points, type affinities and their current condition. (Though the data will initially be vague from the first scan, as multiple scans are required to give more detailed information.)

    Name: His name is Aidan.
    Species: He is an Axew.
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Aside from Aidan looking like your normal, everyday Axew except for being only a little over half the size of a typical Axew, he wears a pearl white, short-sleeved onesie to assist his small body in protection against the elements. He carries around a cloud white rattle, as it has a spherical top with two yellow stars on opposite sides. The somewhat thick handle allows for a comfortable grip for younger Pokémon. He also wears daisy white mittens and socks, while the top area of his head is snugly wrapped in several layers of crepe bandaging. (Though his horn is not covered in the bandaging, as the area around his horn is however.)
    Personality: Aidan is described from his trainer to be a bashful, reticent Pokémon that is easily startled from loud noises or sudden disturbances. He is a huge crybaby, as he detests being even a minute away from his trainer. He has a hard time socializing with others, since the only means of communication he knows is by either crying out to his trainer or attempting to play a round of charades in hopes that his trainer guesses correctly on the first try. It is almost impossible for him to play the simplest social games with others, since memorization of the rules is something he needs to work on, and having his trainer playing peekaboo with him often leads to a good half hour of him flooding the ground with his tears.
    Other: He does not know what mashed potatoes are.
  16. Thanks~

    Name: Nova Prowler

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Unlike his sister, he is much more responsible and less kind hearted. Nova does fine in groups, he just tends to fly solo. He does play an overprotective big brother role, and keeps people who he thinks are unsafe away from Shine. Nova is often refered to as Ace, that being his nickname and enjoying it too.

    Appearance: Ace, unlike Shine wears more black and white clothing compared to Shine who wears rainbows of colors. He has fair skin and brown eyes, along with classic brown, short hair.

    Backstory: Ace didn't need to go to school, but chose to after his sister who desperately wanted to join. He wanted to make sure she was making friends and not enemies, and didn't get in trouble.

    • Quote the Shiny Zorua
    • Midnight the Shiny Umbreon (I hope you'll count this as an acception)
    Other: Mashed Potatoes. Midnight hasn't been caught by Nova, and only sticks around cause of Quote, his son. Midnight will keep Quote safe.
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  17. Your appearance and personality says Ace, not Nova
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  18. Sorry, whenever using my own character, I mix up Nova and Ace, but they are the same person, Nova being his real name and Ace being a nickname he and friends refer to him as. I should add that...
  19. Name: Evangeline Midford
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Stubborn, sarcastic, mysterious, cunning, has trouble opening up to others and making friends.
    Appearance:Short dark red hair, dark brown eyes, has a constant frown on her face, wears a short black sleeved dress with white sandals. She also carries her messenger bag and her parasol with her at all times.
    Backstory: Evangeline lived in the Kanto Region for most of her childhood. Her family recently moved to Alola and they enrolled her in the local school. Evangeline does have a twin brother but she rather not talk about him.
    Pokemon: Charmander
    Other: HATES Mashed Potatoes.
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  21. Thanks, I'll do it in my next post.
  22. Name: Kaleb Storm
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Nice, friendly, very rash.
    Appearance: Black hair, red contact lenses, 5”6, wears red shirt and blue pants with black shoes.
    Backstory: Has two younger brothers and lives with his parents on Akala Island.
    Pokémon: Rowlet
    Other: I may not stay for the entirety of the RP. Also, MASHED POTATOES!
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  23. @StormingCobra55 since you might not stay I did overlook one rule, which is that you had to put Mashed Potatoes somewhere in your bio, but other than that you're okay.
  24. Something i did want to point out was that Megas have to be authorized by an admin. Myself and @Mr.Glaceon are the only users i know that actually have one, so we probably wont be getting free mega stones on Ula’Ula unless you talk to an admin, and even then, the admin would have to be really nice to allow it.
  25. I know, I know. I'll ask them when we get there, because I've been allowed mega stones in some other rps. (I got some in the beta of the rp.)
  26. When will the thread be up? If its already up, can you post the link?
  27. Thanks, i will catch up before i post.
  28. Could I have Dylan get Iceium Z instead of Fighting when they do the island trial with Kuhana Hala? Like Keawa did in the anime with fire?
  29. Omg i forgot abput this can someone plz Tell me what is happening roght now so i can reply. Thx.
  30. We are in class, and Nova is going to fight Samson Oak, while Dylan (me) wants next battle.
  31. M'kay thanks. Imma Just say he was in the Class, But alseep. If thats okay?
  32. And that's the third kid asleep today, but I guess it's probably alright.
  33. @Galacta Ace could you please respond to the rp, please.

    Also, for everyone here, if you can, try to send posts to people if they're inactive. It helps me a lot so I don't have to do all the work.
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  34. Trainer OC:
    Name: May Anderson
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Confident at first glance, but very shy and timid when approached. She's a bookworm and a complete nerd when it comes to video games.
    Appearance: Short brown hair, glasses, black sweatshirt, ripped jeans, and black sneakers. She has a light tan.
    Backstory: She grew up not being very social, she didn't seem interested in anything except her studies. To try and open her up a bit, her mother and father got her two Eevee, who have now evolved and became her best friends.
    Pokemon: Lee (Male, Leafeon) Gwen (Glaceon, Female)
    Other: She has social anxiety and depression so she doesn't do well in social situations

    Name: Eli
    Species: Elektrike
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Rowdy and always ready to fight.
    Appearance: Wears bandages on all four of his legs
    Moves: Thunder Fang, Quick Attack, Thunder Wave, Howl

    Name: Gwen
    Species: Glaceon
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Kind and caring, always ready to help
    Appearance: Wears a scarf
    Moves: Wish, Ice Beam, Swift, Ice Shard

    Name: Terro (Will catch in RP)
    Species: Tropius
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Calm and collected, only seems comfortable around May.
    Appearance: No special appearance
    Moves: Magical Leaf, Leaf Tornado, Gust, Fly

    Mashed Potatoes
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