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Ask to Join Pokemon Academy

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Nutraln00b, Feb 2, 2020.

  1. (Sign up link here:https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-academy-sign-up-and-disscusion.22401/)

    As Izuku walked into the academy, his eyes glowed with excitement. His Scorbunny ran around his feet, overwhelmed with the thought of becoming a strong Cinderace soon to take on the Pokemon league.


    "That's the bell, Scorbunny, we should head to class" suggested Izuku. Scorbunny nodded and then hopped onto Izuku's shoulders.

    In class, there were many students. And the teacher came up and asked us to introduce ourselves
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  2. The boy sat nervously in his seat, staring anxiously at the door. His sobble sat on his shoulder, blowing bubbles into the air, which it tried to pop.
    "Um...Hello...my name is Winston and um.... yeah... heh."
    He immediately felt incredibly ashamed. C'mon, seriously? That's the best you can do? He hung his head in shame as the teacher moved on to the next student
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  3. After all of the student introductions, we started to learn about type advantages in battle, to demonstrate type advantages, the teacher had brought us outside

    "Ok class, you must find somebody you'd like to battle, and then send out your pokemon," said the teacher while directing us to the battlefield. "Hey. Winston was your name? well, I'm Izuku. I'd like to battle you" Izuku asked politely, knowing if he was any more determined and loud, it'll scare off Winston.
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  4. "W...well ok then. C'mon sobble, l-lets do this..." Winston muttered
    Sobble bounced excitedly onto the ground, blowing bubbles all the way down. When it landed, it sat waiting for Izuku's pokemon to appear.
    "Le-let's begin." Winston cracked a nervous smile and took on a battle stance.
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  5. "A Sobble, you might have a type advantage over me, but that doesn't mean you'll win!" said Izuku. He threw a Pokeball towards the floor as it burst into flames, and out came his Scorbunny.

    "I'll take the first turn, Scorbunny, use double kick!" shouted Izuku, as Scorbunny ran towards Sobble, ready for a kick.
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  6. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    A blonde girl watched the battle ensue between two boys with a Scorbunny and Sobble. It appeared she had blue spots in her hair, until they moved, revealing them to be part of her partner, a Joltik.

    Aine’s battle partner was a boy with an Azumarill. He looked pretty cocky, she thought. She narrowed her eyes. Just because her Joltik hadn’t evolved yet didn’t mean she was easy pickings.

    “Go, Spark,” she said quietly. As her Joltik leaped from her head, her right leg almost gave out under her. “Great Arceus,” she hissed. Her cerebral palsy caused fluctuations in the usefulness of her leg, but Spark helped control it. Unfortunately, his help only worked when he was touching her.

    The kid with the Azumarill took it as an opening, sending a Water Gun her way. “Spark, use String Shot,” Aine said calmly. The Azumarill jumped, but the Joltik wasn’t aiming for it. Spark pulled himself out of the way of the Water Gun and sent an Electroweb at the Azumarill. Just like that, the battle was done.

    “Not so cocky now, are you?” Aine muttered. The kid looked crestfallen, like he couldn’t believe he’d lost, as he returned his Pokémon. “Get over it, kid,” she called to him. “Maybe you should train instead of flexing in front of the mirror.”

    Spark attached himself to her wrist with another String Shot and landed on her head. Immediately, her leg was under her control again. Aine took a breath, then turned back to the other battles.
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  7. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    "Pokemon academy?" Schrift said to his mum almost a week ago.
    He never thought he would be coming here. He looked at umbreon and smiled" don't worry we're gonna be better than my brother" he said, as he smiled. He watched the battle between scorbunny and sobble.
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  8. "Sobble! U-use water gun into the sky...!"
    Sobble cocked his head confused, but Winston's face of apparent determination made it understand its trainers confusing command. It let off a powerful water gun into the sky, creating a puddle around it.
    "N-now!" Winston called out in a more confident voice.
    The sobble seemed to dissolve into the puddle around it, turning it into a liquid state, invisible to the naked eye, which made Winston smile and chuckle nervously to himself.
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  9. Scorbunny was confused, he was wondering where his opponent had gone.
    "Scorbunny, use flame kick on the ground!"
    As Scorbunny kicked the ground, it sent heavy vibrations throughout the battlefield. And had caused Sobble to rise out of his liquid state. And now, Sobble was an open target. "Quick attack, Scorbunny!" shouted Izuku, Scorbunny ran towards Sobble and gave him a powerful tackle
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  10. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    Schrift plucked up the courage he had in him and walked up to the blonde girl. "Hi, my names Schrift. I'm kinda new here and would really like to battle." he said he gave a nervous smile as his umbreon sat in front of her. "He's my partner Nisshoku, we've been together since I was little. He shares my battle spirit" He looks Nisshoku in the eyes, as if they were soul gazing. "Anyway you up for a battle?" He said with a smile.
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  11. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    “Hi, Schrift,” Aine said guardedly. People didn’t talk to her much, and she didn’t care; idiots didn’t bother her, and she didn’t bother the idiots. But apparently, this kid was not an idiot. “It’s nice to meet you. I’m Aine, and this is my Joltik, Spark.” Spark scrambled down her neck to settle on her shoulder, where he waved a tiny leg. A pre-battle grin spread across her face. “And a battle sounds great!”

    Spark raced down Aine’s now-outstretched arm and leaped off her wrist to land on the ground in front of her, electricity dancing around his small body. Aine kept her weight off her right leg, so she didn’t fall over. Her bangs still obscured half her face, hiding the deep red birthmark that blemished the skin around her eye.

    “Bring it!”
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  12. "S...sobble, you know w-what to do..."
    The sobble took the hits head on, which even though it caused it pain, it knew what to do. Just as the scorbunny dealt another strike, he created and popped a water bubble right in front of it, stunning and dousing the scorbunny. It then let out a powerful water gun straight in the face of the scorbunny.
    "There we are...." Winston called out.
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  13. Scorbunny stood up...And then fell over.

    "Scorbunny, are you alright!" shouted Izuku while holding Scorbunny in his arms. "Well, Winston. I guess you won." Said Izuku while giving Scorbunny a max revive.


    "Oh, that's the bell. We should head to lunch." said Izuku
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  14. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    "Nisshoku get ready!" As he said this, Nisshoku ran past him and got ready to battle. "This is how it works, first pokemon to faint loses. I'll take first move." Schrift looked at Spark, then back at Nisshoku. "Use dark pulse" he called and instantly Nisshoku jumped in the air and shot a stream of shadows at spark. A cloud of dust followed after.
    - RING RING-
    "What all ready?" His disappointed voice was drowned out by the bell. "Wanna carry on the battle or go to lunch?" He asked
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  15. "N-nice match Izuku. We s-should get lunch, huh?"
    Walking into the lunch hall, Winston and sobble grabbed a plate of some sort of spiced torchic meat and went to sit at a table in the corner, as per usual. Tucking into the food, Winston shared his food with sobble, who happened to love spicy food, particularly curry.

    "Cheers, sobble!" Winston chuckled nervously, handing a piece of the food to the Sobble.
  16. Scorbunny ran towards Winston, with Izuku following behind.

    "Scorbunny normally gets really energetic when it's lunchtime..." said Izuku while feeding Scorbunny a slice of spicy curry.

    "Oh, and I've been meaning to ask, Would you wanna be friends, Winston?" asked Izuku.
  17. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    Aine was about to give a heated response, something along the lines of, “Duh, battle!” when her leg gave out completely, and she gasped out a curse. She hopped a few steps, looking down at her dragging leg, dismayed. Spark looked back at her, unsure.

    “Let’s... let’s go to lunch,” Aine suggested, swearing to Arceus inwardly at her palsied leg. “Spark...”

    The Joltik didn’t hesitate, and latched back onto his Trainer’s wrist. Immediately, Aine could stand again. Aine smiled down at the little spider-like Pokémon. “Thanks, buddy,” she whispered to him. She made her way over to the lunch area, a barely noticeable limp in her step.

    Aine turned back to face Schrift. “We can battle after lunch, if you want,” she offered. Hopefully by then my leg will work was what she meant. “You coming?”

    (OOC: For the background on this character, I made a written work in the Creative Corner called Aine’s Story)
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  18. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Excuse me, but no, Nutraln00b. Read the rules.
    Forcing a hit on another person's character is autoing and is a vast no-no. You can take an action and state what you hope it'll do but it isn't up to you to decide if it worked, that's up to the other person. You should also remember that posts must be third person, past tense, story format - you seem to have slipped into first person at least once.

    Watch your posts from now on, please.
  19. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    Schrift looked at her, then grinned. "Sure, but be ready I'm not gonna hold back." He was gonna go train, however his stomach gave out a loud rumble. "Actually I'm gonna go get lunch" Nisshoku followed his side, as they went to get lunch.
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  20. After lunch had finished, the class was to go outside to catch their newest member of the team. And we're only able to go in groups of four in case a strong pokemon appears.
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  21. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    Aine sighed. Pokémon battles? She’s down. Pokémon catching? Less so.

    Spark scurried down her shoulder blade, down her back, and around her side, to end up on her stomach, little legs gripping her shirt. He turned to look up at her, and she smiled.

    “At least one person gets me,” she said to him as she stroked his tufty fur with one finger. “C’mon, let’s go find a group.”

    Aine glanced sideways at people, determining what she thought of them at first glance. Idiot, idiot, moron, jerk, more idiots, Goth, battler, rebel, shy kid, more idiots than I can count... She didn’t know anyone other than Schrift, so that was who she approached first.

    “Hey, Schrift!” she called to him, weaving her way between bodies of people congregating into groups. “You wanna be in a group?”
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  22. After the bell rang, Winston decided that he, for the first time, wanted to join somebodies group. He decided that, since he was the only Winston considered a friend of sorts, he wanted to work with Izuku. Searching through the crowd of people grouping he eventually came across him.
    "H..hey Izuku, wanna t-team up?" He asked him nervously.
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  23. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    "Sure, to be honest I don't think the others trust me. Like with my brother and stuff." For once today his smile fell. He bit his lip, hard, blood started to spill out. "God all this blood" He said with his usual smile back. He walked up to Winston. "Excuse me can I have like a tissue or something, I kinda bit myself" His smile showed blood stained teeth.
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  24. Looking over at Schrift, Winston nervously rummaged through his pockets for tissues, eventually coming across a packet of them.
    "Um.. here you g-go..." He anxiously said, passing him a tissue from the packet.
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  25. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    "Thanks my name's Schrift by the way". He patted Winston on the back, before he wiped of the remaining drops of blood and walked back to Aine. "sorry about that, I just d-d-d-don't like to talk about my brother." he gulped. A tear ran down his cheek. "So are we gonna look for pokemon, or what?" he was back to his cheery self. His personalities kept switching like a light bulb in moments like this, it was something beyond his control. He hated it, just the thought of it hurts him. "Actually do you want to join the guy who gave me the tissue? I think they would be great." He asked her.
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  26. Sobble started blowing bubbles erratically, a sure-fire of telling something had upset it. Winston had always presumed that the bubbles were a coping method, but he couldn't be quite sure. Winston coaxed the water lizard Pokémon on to his palm to comfort.

    "Shhh… h-hey sobble, what's the m-matter? Is there something wrong?" Winston soothingly yet nervously asked sobble, which stared around it nervously, trying to show Winston the problem. Finally, it was able to point out the issue.
    A Pokémon with some sort of power. It wasn't legendary, that Winston could tell, but still it seemed to have some greater strength. Winston seemed to recognize it, even though it was somewhat shrouded in darkness. Dragapult! Dragapult? Here? But why? Winston thought to himself.
    Suddenly, the ghoulish dragon dashed away in an instant, disappearing into the shadows. A crowd of trainers soon ran to the window to try and see it once more, which they would be unable to.
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  27. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    “Yeah, sure,” Aine said, surprised. Schrift’s response had perplexed her, now piquing her curiosity about his brother. But she was good at reading people, so didn’t press the point. “Um... yeah.”

    Spark gave her a comforting shock of electricity as he scrambled back onto her head, burying himself in her hair so only his blue eyes peeked out. Aine looked up where she knew he was and grinned, shaking her head in an expression of amusement.

    She limped over to the other two boys whom Schrift has suggested joining. One of them was the one Aine had branded ‘shy kid’ and the other was the ‘rebel.’ Not a bad group, she thought. This might not be as bad as I thought. She opened her mouth to speak, hesitated, then came in, theoretical guns blazing.

    “So...” she said, unsure of how to start. “What’s up? I’m Aine, this is Spark, and from the looks of it, you’ve already met Schrift. Can we join your group?”

    Aine had decided that bold, but not too bold, was the way to go. She didn’t want to be pushed around, but she didn’t want to appear as pushy, either.
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  28. Izuku looked over, "Yeah of course, Im Izuku. And this is my partner, Scor-"

    Before izuku could even finish his sentence. Scorbunny had gotten up and was running around Aine, leaving a slight firey trail behind him. Izuku picked Scorbunny up and put him back into his pokeball. "Im sorry, Scorbunny gets really energetic when he mets people he considers friends"
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  29. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    “Great,” Aine said, and laughed when the Scorbunny raced around her legs. “He’s cute!”

    Spark crawled down her neck to her shoulder, looking wounded. “I didn’t mean cuter than you, silly!” Aine laughed softly. It seemed like the Joltik breathed a tiny sigh of relief as he scurried back to the top of her head.

    “And it’s good to know your partner considers me a friend,” Aine said, turning back to Izuku. “I wouldn’t want to oppose a Pokémon that will soon grow up into a big, strong, Cinderace.” A genuine smile spread across her face, a rare occurrence for Aine, dissolving back into her I’m-bored-let’s-do-something face in the space of a few seconds.

    “What’s your name?” Aine asked Shy Kid, toning down the bravado a bit. She didn’t want to scare him off. Though, she thought wryly, from what I’ve observed, the kid has some pretty sick battle skills. This Pokémon-catching thing might not actually end up being a waste of time.
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  30. "M-me? Oh … right, my name's Winston." Winson nervously replied whilst soothing he sobble after one of its panics. Slowly the water lizard calmed down and started blowing bubbles normally again.

    "Sorry, my Sobble gets easily worked up when he's nervous..." He nervously chuckled.
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  31. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    "Hey guys let's see our full pokemon team. I think we might as well get the pokemon to know each other, so in battles with wild pokemon they can work together well" He sounded so dumb, get to know each other, that's the dumbest thing he heard of. He gave an awkward smile.
    "Anyway here's my team. A shiny umbreon walked past him jumping onto Aine. "His name is Nisshoku I use him most". A poke ball this time hit the ground and out came a fletchinder " Here's Flare" Flare flew towards Winston and perched on his head." He likes you" Schrift said laughing. As he laughed, he hid a pokeball behind his back.
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  32. "Well, you guys must know my Scorbunny buy now." Chuckled Izuku, as he reached into his pocket. And realized that Scorbunny was his only pokemon. His face turned red with awkwardness, and let out an awkward chuckle.
    A Pokeball in Izuku's back pocket had opened and out came Scorbunny. Wanting to get to know Schrift's Flechender, thinking that it would make sense for two fire types to get along
  33. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    “Don’t be embarrassed, Izuku,” Aine assured. “Spark is my only Pokémon.” Now it was her turn to turn red. “He was given to me when I was thirteen to help my cerebral palsy, so that way I wouldn’t need a crutch.” She chewed her tongue, unwilling to say more about her health. “He’s quite powerful, even though he hasn’t evolved yet.”

    Slowly the blush retreated from Aine’s cheeks, and she grinned. “This is gonna be fun!”
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  34. Hopping from his shoulder to the floor, Sobble ran up to Aine, circling her feet and blowing bubbles.
    "O-oh, hey, Bubble likes you! W...well that suprises me, h-he doesn't usually like new people." Winston said ever so slightly cheerfully.
    He smiled slightly, knowing that he was no longer alone in the world. He was as ready as ever. He didn't even care that was his only pokemon as of now.
  35. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    Hearing what the others said made Schrift think, they may only have one pokemon but that didn't bother them. "Flare why dont you get to know scorbunny a bit" and with that Flare got off Winston's head and sat next to scorbunny. " Let's go catch pokemon" and with that he strolled into the forest, with Nisshoku. He thought to himself, I only have two pokemon that I caught and another that was handed to me. Nisshoku licked Schrift's hand and smiled. "At least you will stick with me." He said with a smile.
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  36. Nodding in agreement, Winston called sobble back onto his shoulder, and he complied. Wandering into the forest, Winston saw a whole host of Pokémon which didn't really catch his eyes. Well that was until he came across a small, red bug with embers on its face. The poor thing seemed bruised, as though it had just been attacked by some stronger Pokémon. Knowing how it felt to picked on, Winston took pity on the insect and took out a Pokeball from his belt and chucked it at the bug.

    Smiling slightly, Winston scooped up the Pokeball and attached it to his belt.
    "G-got it!" He said excitedly, proudly displaying the ball.
  37. As Izuku got overwhelmed by all the pokemon outside, he stumbled upon a Hatenna. He slowly snuck up behind it. And sent Scorbunny out to weaken it. After Scorbunny did a little damage, he threw the Pokeball


    "We did it...We did it!" cried Izuku while running back towards the group
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  38. Still feeling the slight adrenaline rush of catching a new pokemon, Winston, unlike anything he had done before, high fived Izuku on his new Pokémon capture.
    "W-well done, Izuku… your new pokemon is so cute!" Winston said energetically, which surprised him too.
  39. "Thanks, Winston!. It's said to evolve into a Fairy type, which would be awsome against dragon types. What did you catch?" Asked Izuku. Thinking that Winston's pokemon must be way cooler.
  40. "Oh, me? Just this little thing..." Winston replied, the adrenaline slowly calming down.
    Taking the new Pokeball from his belt, he sent out the Sizzlipede he had caught. It seemed to be in much cheerier condition, the bruises settled down.
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