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Pokecharms- Inner Demons (WIP)

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Nemesis, Jan 12, 2009.

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    Right, something that I very randomly wrote today. I plan on continuing it, if the ideas keep flowing. As with the Chronicles no offence is meant by anything said, but this is a lot tamer in that sense than the Chronicles.

    Pokecharms- Inner Demons.

    Chapter I

    "Mayday! Mayday!" A voice roared, struggling to make his voice heard over the raging gunfire from above. Rolling quickly behind the burnt out shell of a car, the man stopped for a moment, taking a breath. He knew he couldn't stop for long, the hunter would know exactly where he was and it wouldn't take too long for them to find a more suitable vantage point in the building above. The floor was damp beneath his knees, but it was the least of his worries at the moment. Reaching for the small white device attached to his ear, he tried again.

    "I repeat, mayday, mayday! This is Nemesis to Pokecharms command, do you read?"

    The seconds seemed to last forever, the silence was particularly unnerving. It either meant that his pursuer had given up or, more likely, was attempting to draw him out. Nemesis wouldn't be falling for that one though; he was too experienced for that. Well, he was now anyway. It had been a long journey to get here, to have earnt the respect and power he now held but it was worth it. Anything was worth it if it would help stop this war. After what seemed like several minutes, the Earcomm beeped in to life.

    "Nemesis? Nemesis, this is command. We read you, over."
    "Rachel, is that you?" Nemesis whispered back, adjusting the small mic piece of the Earcomm slightly.
    "As we are on official channels," The voice replied, in a tone which Nemesis found heard to differentiate between humour and annoyance, "This is Cinders. What is your status?"

    Nemesis breathed a sigh of relief. If there was anyone he knew he could rely on to get him out of this mess, it was Rachel. The buildings towered above him and he knew that these streets were enclosed for the main part. He knew this all too well, from the years he had spent here before the war had begun. Before everything had changed.

    It wouldn't be worth risking the more open area of what had once been a huge and thriving city, so that meant he was stuck in this rat run of a suburb unless he was sent support.

    "I'm pinned down. Position seems secure for now, but if I get flanked, I don't stand much of a chance." Nemesis grimaced.
    "I'm down to my pistol." He replied, subconsciously feeling for the weapon on his belt holster. "Well, that and my Combat Blade."
    "However skilled you are with a blade," Cinders replied, "I don't think you stand much chance of reflecting automatic weapon fire with it."
    "That sounds like a challenge." Nemesis grinned.
    "I have contacted Ai-Type. Hopefully they will be with you before you attempt suicide with that sword of yours."
    "Well, you know me, Rac- Cinders."
    "Crazy and proud, I know. A Flying-Type unit is en-route to your position. Cinders out."
    "Roger command." Nemesis confirmed, pressing the larger silver button on the side of his Earcomm to terminate the transmition. Now it was just a case of waiting.


    "Incoming mayday call routed from command!" The soldier called out as his computer monitor urgently flashed a message to him. "In The City." Kalseng looked a little anxious and surprised on reading this news. It had been years since air support was required for the area now only known as The City. It had a name once, of course, but names bought back memories.

    Around him, people looked up from their computer screens at the unexpected news. However, the presence of a figure making his way across the room prompted them to quickly turn their attention back to their monitors.

    The man made his way across the dark room, the only light coming from the glow of computer monitors. This served a duel purpose. Not only did it save on much needed power, but the glow made his hair look so good.

    "The City?" Came the voice of the new arrival. "What would They be doing there?"

    Kalseng looked behind him, to see his commanding officer. As usual, he had disregarded ‘recommended' attire, and instead wore tight pink trousers with his standard issue black top, emblazoned with a green symbol, a four leafed clover.

    "No idea Sir." Kalseng replied. "They have Nemesis pinned down. I am receiving his co-ordinates now." The Comms Officer looked back to his superior. "Who can we send Sir? None of our troops have ever had to quickly navigate The City from above before."

    "Not none," The officer replied, arranging his styled blonde hair in the reflection of the monitor. "Just few. Send a reply to Command. I'll sort this one myself."

    He walked away, towards the equipment store. He was hurrying, but no one would have known from his relaxed gait. However, deep down he was concerned. Not just for the safety of his comrade and friend, but with the reasons for Them being in The City. It had been years, what could they possibly want there now?

    Meanwhile, Kalseng was talking in to his Earcomm.
    "Command, this is Flying-Type control. Mayday call received. Commander Yoshimitsu is on his way, over."


    "What do you mean, They are in the city?" A shocked Irish voice said, rather quietly, as he sat in his office, hand to his Earcomm.

    In contrast to the dark atmosphere of the Flying-Type comms room, this office had a green glow to it, illuminating the desk in the center. Sitting there was a young man, young in age, but old in experience. His hair was a dark, dirty blonde and down to just above his shoulders. He was wearing his white lab coat, a present from the Steel-Type team in the labs, a reference to his call sign. It had become rather beaten and dirtied over the years, but he wore it never the less. Most of the abuse and dirt it had gathered could be cleaned out. It was just the slight splatters of blood that remained to serve of a reminder of the reality that they were all involved in.

    ""We have no further intel." Came the voice of Cinders over the Earcomm. "Elliot is on his way to pick up Dave as we speak."

    Alex smiled, he couldn't remember the last time Elliot had flown. It had taken him a while to feel comfortable with even commanding the Flying-Type squad, but not even his past was enough to make him leave Nemesis in danger.

    "They had better watch out then. It's going to be a bit Top Gun up there."
    "I have to go Alex, incoming transmission. Cinders out."
    "Confirmed. Doctor Oak out."

    Alex went to reach for the button on his Earcomm to close the line, but was stopped by a further transmission.

    "Love you."
    "Love you too. Over."

    Alex smiled, rubbing the fingers of his right hand over the ring he wore on his left, a gold band with one small jewel set in to it. Green, of course. At the start, the colour was just used as a trademark of sorts, but as the years progressed it became a sign of hope and a relic of the past. It had been so long since any of them had ever seen real, natural green.

    His thoughts were interrupted as the mechanical door to his office slid open. Behind them stood a woman in a lab coat, similar to his own. He smiled, it was always nice to see a friendly face these days. Particularly one from before. She limped slightly through the door and he could tell she wasn't just here for a social call.

    "HL!" He smiled, abbreviating her name as everyone seemed to do. Baratron, Helen-Louise, HL. Everyone knew who she was.

    "Morning Doctor." She smiled back, walking slowly towards his desk and taking a seat. She knew he wouldn't offer, he just expected her to sit. "I have some news." She continued.
    "I thought you might. Is it about the Project?"
    "Yes. I think I have made a breakthrough."
    "How much of a breakthrough?" Alex said, intrigued, leaning across his desk.
    "A large one. We have not attempted live research as yet, but all projections show that the formula should act as expected. It may take a few tries to pin down exactly which additives we need to increase to create the exact desired results, but before we can do that we must conduct tests."
    "Go ahead." Alex nodded. "But do you have subjects? I don't think we can use the prisoners. We want to remain the good guys in this war."
    "I know." Baratron nodded. "And we will be. We have a subject. A volunteer."
    "Really?" Alex replied, surprised. He knew HL's research could result in some amazing breakthroughs, but he wouldn't want to be the one to test it. After a moment however, he realised who it was.

    It was the figure now standing at the door to his office.

    "Are you sure about this?" He said, knowing what the reply would be.
    "Alex, we need to do this. If not me, then who else?" He looked up form the floor, straight at his leader. " Afterall, I have little left to lose."
    "I have informed Gad of the risks." Baratron added, "Although there are few."
    "If you're sure." Alex responded, looking from HL to the other person in the room, one of his oldest friends. One of his most loyal supporters, one of the few he would trust with his life unconditionally.
    "I'm sure."
    "In that case, good luck, StellarWind."


    It was still completely silent as Nemesis remained in his position. It seemed so strange, this had probably been the longest amount of time he had spent in The City for a long time. It was always so noisy then, bustling with life, with people working, having fun.

    Then that all stopped. The work, the fun, all replaced by fighting. Fighting and death. It was evident that no one was going to win. Both sides left The City, left behind what they had once had, those that they had lost. Left the past behind.

    Each set up their own communities elsewhere, but never maintained peace. It seemed to most like a fruitless endeavour, if neither side really wanted The City there was no need in fighting, but it continued none the less. Being closest, Pokecharms often sent a one-man patrol in to what was left of The City, to make sure there was no trace of Them. There never had been, apart from today. As far as Nemesis could tell, there were no more than three of Them chasing him, but didn't mean that they hadn't called in for support.

    He knew that they were just waiting for him to make a move, for his rescue to arrive before they made themselves known again.

    At least they won't have to wait long, he thought, as the sound of a small aircraft became audible overhead.

    Recognising the craft, Nemesis reached for his Earcomm.

    "Nemesis called Flying-Type unit. Visual confirmed. Good to see you."
    "Feeling is mutual as always, lovie." Came the reply over the Earcomm.
    "El?" Nemesis said, surprised at the identity of his rescuer.
    "You were expecting someone else? Couldn't have just anyone picking up my Nemmy, could we? You know how jealous I get."

    Nemesis was about to respond, with what he wasn't too sure, when his Earcomm was filled by another voice.

    "This is Command. Think you two can save the flirting till once you get back? Database has reactivated our scanning equipment across The City. We have several positive signals, unidentified as yet. You need to get out of there now. Cinders out."

    "Confirmed. Coming in for pick up."

    As the craft got closer, Nemesis recognised it as Elliot's own personal unit. Essentially it was a small two man fighter jet, with certain upgrades added by the guys, and girl, down at Steel-Type.

    Following tradition, the fighter was painted in the style of a Pokemon. Creatures of the franchise that everyone had spent so much of their time following before this war broke out. As the plane came down to land, vertically, thanks to its jump jet style engines, Nemesis noticed that it had been recently repainted. A surprise, considering how long it had been since Elliot had flown.

    "Pidgey?" Nemesis yelled playfully as the canopy slide back, allowing him to climb on to the wing and in to the seat behind Elliot, who was sporting his black and pink flight helmet. "You came to rescue me in a fucking Pidgey?"
    "Pidgeot, actually." El quickly responded, closing the canopy as Nemesis strapped himself in. "Comfy?"
    "It will do." Nemeis smirked back. He was fairly sure he knew what was coming next.
    "It will do?" Elsaid, mock-offended, as the craft began to take flight once more. "Do you know how many people would love to have the chance to be behind me?"

    Yep, there it was. Nemesis didn't have to make gay jokes when Elliot was around anymore, he was more than capable at making them himself. Nemesis re-accustomed himself with the controls, setting up the radar screen in front of him.


    This wasn't good. However, Nemesis was Nemesis and wasn't going to give up the chance of this one.

    "I think here come some now El, but I don't think it's the type of action you were hoping for."
    "Too right!" El replied, this time though the built in intercom as his systems flashed up images of their pursuers, two black fighter jets, slightly larger than the Pidgeot. "If anyone gets to shoot my in the ass today, it's not going to be Them!"

    Nemesis groaned, before holding on tight in his seat as the Pidgeot suddenly gained speed, darting from side to side, quickly followed by the two mysterious craft.

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  2. Linkachu

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    Heh. Nice intro to the story. Lots of mysteries still left to be explained (I know I'm intrigued by what went down in the past and how this world of yours works). Interesting change from the flow of Chronicles, although I remember you wanting to do something like this for a long time now. Pretty cool. Looking forward to reading more :)
  3. Nemesis

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    Chapter II

    Deep inside the Pokecharms Community lay a complex set of rooms, designed not just for operational use, but as a home for the citizens of Pokecharms. Although by no means comfortable, this was the only home most of the residents had known for years, and in some cases their only home altogether.

    Inside a room designated for use by the citizens for casual use, sat a group of young girls. Despite their ages, all of them had been through a lot, no less than many of the other members of the Pokecharms army. Although the main purpose of the complex since its creation had been war, Doctor Oak and the others knew it was important to keep a sense of community, particularly for the younger members, those who needed to enjoy life while they still had the chance. This room had been decorated just for them, lined with various seats, equipped with games consoles and televisions. Not that anything was new, it was all from before.

    "So, what are you up to today?" Said a young girl, her hair decorated with sparkly bows, in contrast to the rather bland dark top that she, and everyone else, wore.
    "I have training with Rachel later today." An older girl replied, noting the sudden look of jealousy on the other girls face. "You can do it too, when your older Shiny." Carmen smiled, She knew what the young girl was feeling, it had been torture just living in the complex, helping keep the place in order, but not actually allowed to be involved. Her training had just started, but Carmen was getting the hang of operating parts of the huge command desk that was mainly operated by Rachel, better known as Cinders.

    "At least you will get to know what's going on, as it happens!" Another girl added, looking rather sad. Her hair, blond with two deep red stripes flowed over her shoulders. She sighed, picking up a cola from the table before sipping it and placing it back down, reaching to the bag of sweets laying on the table next to the glass. "I just hate not knowing."

    "He'll be fine." Carmen smiled again, placing her arm around her friend. She may not have an official job yet, but she liked to think that looking after the others counted just as much.

    "Yeah, don't worry Rain!" Lyn, or ShinyEevee, added. "Nem will be fine, just like he always is!"
    "But what if something happens?" Rain said quietly, looking at the floor.
    "Then he will do what he always does!" Lyn replied cheerfully, "Kick them!"

    Rain let out a smile as she looked up, and knew that her friend was right. However, her sudden hope was quickly dashed as the base wide communications system blared open.

    "Emergency. Urgent Flying-Type deployment required. I repeat all members of Flying-Type report to action stations immediately. This is not a drill. Urgent deployment required. Dog fight in progress above The City."

    "The City?" Rain cried out in horror as she jumped to her feet. "Nem!"

    "Wait!" Carmen and Lyn both called out together as Rain ran out of the room, followed closely by her two friends.


    The claxon did not reach the depths of the Steel-Type tech lab, where Baratron sat running over a set of figures displayed on her screen.
    "I'm certain I have pinpointed every possible cause for concern I had." She said to Gad, who was sat next to her, attempting to understand the complex mathematics and chemical symbols that scrolled past. He understood some, but not all of it. Years ago he may have done, but that was before. His in depth knowledge was just something else that he had lost in the war. "Even still," Baratron's voice interrupted his thoughts, "I understand if you do want to change your mind."

    "No." StellarWind shook his head. "I need to do this, Helen-Louise. We need someway to break out of this stalemate. We can't attempt to retake The City because we will be attacked as soon as They discover what we are doing. We can't attack Them because we have no intel on what weapons or equipment they now have. The only way is to give ourselves an advantage."
    "But we don't know what that advantage might be, not yet." Baratron replied quietly. She had faith in her formula, but also had fear for her friend.
    "From what I understand the formula is designed to enhance physical traits such as defensive mechanisms and stamina."
    "Yes, but.."
    "Sounds like just what we need. What are we waiting for?" Gad said impatiently, standing from his seat and walking towards a large silver chamber, the door currently open, with a large computer console on the exterior. "Let's do it."


    "And they all said it had been too long since I've flown!" El yelled, as the Pidgeot span through a 360 degree turn, narrowly scraping out of the path of bullets propelled from the jet behind them.

    "I still say you need to retake your test!" Nemesis replied, pushing at a set of button to his right. "And why didn't you set up the rear cannons before coming to get me? Did you think you could just charm any hostiles in to not shooting you?"
    "Wouldn't be the first time." Elliot winked, unseen to Nemesis, who was watching the computer readout in front of him. It seemed like minutes before the computer eventually confirmed that the rear cannons were operational.

    "Nemesis, this is Database. We are still only getting two readings matching those of the aircraft. As far as we can tell they have ground support, but no further air units are in the area."
    "Thanks Data." Nemesis responded, rubbing his palms together before grabbing the joystick like control in front of him. "Line me up El!"
    "Will do. I've had a lot of practice."

    The wire frame image of the jet behind them drifted around the targeting monitor, flitting around the center, but not close enough for a clear shot.

    "What are those things anyway?" Elliot asked, as he threw the plane upwards, attempting to both line Nemesis up for a shot and avoid the incoming gunfire.

    "Not had time to ask." The young man snapped back, pulling down on the trigger a split second too late, only to watch as his target veered to the left. "Fuck it!"

    "I would, but I'm a little busy!" Elliot gritted his teeth. "Where the hell is Flying-Type? We need back up!"
    "I wouldn't be so sure!" Nemesis shouted back, as on of his targets hesitated a little too long, long enough for the Pidgeot's cannons to blast it with a hail of bullets. "Got one!" He shouted, watching the screen with pleasure as the jet plummeted to The City below.

    "Well done Kid! Don't get cocky!" Elliot shouted back, as the jet banked to the right.
    "Is now really the time to be quoting Star Wars at me?" Dave replied, as a line of gun fire from the other enemy shot past the left wing. Suddenly, a voice crackled in to life on the Comm system.

    "Blue Avenger standing by!"
    "Shiny Swellow standing by!"

    Nemesis smiled a little as two more objects appeared on his radar screen, flanking the black jet behind the Pidgeot.

    "TBA, Jet, am I pleased to see you!" He said in to his Earcomm, "Care to do the honours?"

    The two smaller planes, one painted in a metallic green, with red highlights, and the other a simple blue, in the design of an old fashioned bi-plane, took position behind the sleek black craft. From this position they noted the strange tower like structure built behind the cockpit. Almost like a hat of some kind. A witches hat perhaps?

    Both pilots took aim and fired at the same time, the blast of bullets sending their prey plummeting towards the ground below in a ball of flame.

    "Goodness gracious!" El yelled from inside the cockpit, prompting a groan from Nemesis.
    "Don't even think about saying it."

    "Another one down thanks to the Blue Avenger!"
    "As swift as a Swellow!" Jet yelled across the Comm system.
    "Good timing." Elliot sighed, levelling out the Pidgeot. "Any idea what they were?"
    "I've not seen anything like that before." Jet replied.
    "They had a golden nose cone, like a beak." The Blue Avenger added. "And that strange tower structure made it look like it was wearing a hat."
    "Like a Murkrow?" Jet asked, puzzled slightly.
    "Er, Elliot?" Nemesis interrupted, his eyes on the radar screen. "If they were the Murkrow, I think we can expect a visit from the Honchkrow."

    All three pilots looked to their camera outputs to see that behind them, approaching at a tremendous speed was a huge black aircraft, its shape not dissimilar to a B-2 Stealth bomber, but with a hat like tower on top near the front. It had red decoration on its huge wings, with a golden front point.

    "Data, this is Yoshimitsu. Are you getting this?"
    "We have it on radar Elliot. And it isn't alone."
    "I'm only getting one reading!" Nemesis yelled back.
    "I'm not sure what it is," Came the reply, "But I think that Honchkrow is blocking your radar."
    "Why, what's out there?"
    "Now, don't panic."
    "Data, what the hell is out there?" Elliot screamed back, his voice becoming rather high.
    "According to our scans, there are around fifty of the smaller craft surrounding your position."

    "Well, fuck."


    The silver chamber closed with a hiss as StellarWind stepped inside, never once looking back. He had decided long ago that his destiny lay here, doing what he could for Pokecharms and he would do what ever he could to fulfil it. He looked around momentarily, before closing his eyes as the various mechanical arms slowly moved towards him. The ones built to constrain him weren't too bad, it was the large needles on the end of various others that unnerved him a little. Atleast the procedure didn't involve him watching as they injected him with whatever the desu Baratron had cooked up in her lab.

    Gad winced a little as the metal arm clamped around his upper arms, the cold bothering him more than the pressure they were applying. The pain did come, however, as the manipulator arms began to inject to concoction of chemicals and proteins in to his body. Given his prior knowledge on the subject, StellarWind had presumed that it would take a while for any affects to become apparent.

    It appeared, however, that he was wrong.

    Outside the chamber, Baratron was just as surprised. When she had started this research, her expectations had not been high and, as such, had always been a low priority when compared to designing technology essential for Pokecharms to survive the war they had found themselves in. Now, however, it seemed the long lived fantasy of manipulating the physical make up of their soldiers was becoming a reality.

    The containment chamber was humming quietly, only the occasional mechanical whirr of the arms interrupting it. That was, until the screams.

    Helen Louise had lived through this war- Never on the front lines of course, but she had seen more than her fair share of suffering, of pain, yet she had never heard a scream like that one coming from inside the chamber.

    "Abort!" She cried, pressing at buttons at her console. "Abort!" The hum was quickly silenced.

    Baratron cautiously walked towards the door of the chamber. Perhaps she shouldn't have stopped the process; maybe she should have let it finish. But she just could not bare the screaming. Stepping towards the glass panel in the door, she reached for the control to open it.

    She stopped, suddenly, as a hand appeared from inside the chamber, pressing its flesh against the glass. Baratron breathed a sigh of relief; it was still humanoid, at any rate. She blinked slowly. Was that an affect of the glass, or did Stel's have a deep green vein running through it?

    "Gad?" She whispered, her face close to the door. The loud crunch of shattering metal threw her back from the door as a hole was punctured through the side of the chamber. A large blade was sticking through the hole, and was now working at slicing though the wall just like a can opener slicing through a lid.

    Baratron backed towards the corner of her lab as the blade like appendage, like the blade of a Scyther, but longer, sharper, more organic, made short work of the metal.

    From within the chamber, the rest of his body still blocked from view, Baratron heard StellarWind mutter two words.


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    Teh Stel highly approves of armbladeness. XD
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    This story is amazing. Why are you so magnificent Nem?
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    Interesting, keep this up.
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    Great couple of chapters Nem, I'm looking forward to reading more. I've always liked your writing style, and this is no exception. Interesting concept too ^^
  8. I'm loving the twist you put on the whole... everything :p

    Great work Nem! :D
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    ... holy frell, this is epic. I love how you took this forum - and the history behind it, added in all of us as members, and then merged it so well into a wartorn universe. And you showed us how Stel got his armblades, for frell's sake.

    ETA: 100 posts!
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    That part dawned on me as particularly awesome, I'm not sure why.
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  11. Really awesome Nem, so engaging. ^^ Love it so far.
  12. two words Nem: Epic Win!

    This is absolutely fan-freaking-tastic! Can't wait to read more!
  13. I agrees with the Phoenix. Epic Win indeed.

    MOAR I says. MOAR!
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    Chapter III

    He hated his. Stuck in his office. Stuck here whilst his friends were in danger, or if not in danger, probably having fun blowing stuff to shit. He knew that it was his own decision to take charge all those years ago, but that didn't stop him wanting to be able to be out there on the front lines. Deep down though, he knew he couldn't. He was the leader of Pokecharms, the leader of so many people. His decisions affected their lives in so many ways. That was a decision he had taken very lightly at the time; the prospect of leading was an enthralling one, one he scooped up with no hesitation. It was only months later, however, that it dawned on him that he was in fact responsible for the lives of everyone with Pokecharms.

    That meant that he had to be even more responsible for his own life. If he was captured, or worse, there were very few people who could effectively take over from him; and those that could would probably be fighting with him. That was why he had taken the decision very early on to not fight himself unless it was completely necessary. It sounded to some like an easy way out, but Alex knew it wasn't. His friends were out there, without him. He had faith in them, but also wished he could be there.

    Wished he could have been there. If he had, then maybe she would still be here. Alex looked over to a framed photograph on his wall, one from before. The split was starting to form by then, with the four in the photograph already firm friends. Alex stood in the center, his hair much shorter, either side of him were Nemesis and StellarWind, an uncharacteristic smile on his face and on the far right a girl in her late teens. She too was smiling, her long brown hair the straightest Alex had ever seen.

    But that was a long time ago. She had gone now, it had hit everyone hard, some harder than others, but this was war. Things needed to move on. People needed to move on. Alex had, in a way. He had Rachel and she meant the world to him, more than anyone ever could, but no one could replace the friendship Katie had given him.


    "Rain!" Carmen yelled again, as she continued running along the dimly lit, narrow corridors, with ShinyEevee lagging slightly behind. "Rain! Where are you going?"

    The young girl turned, eventually answering her friends.
    "The Comms room. I need to find out what's going on!"
    "They won't let you in! You know that!" Carmen cried after her, sighing. She knew that Rain and Nemesis were good friends, he had taken Rain under his wing in a way. She had been one of the so called refugees, taken in by Pokecharms in the aftermath of the war, an innocent victim of the conflict which had affected so many.

    Rain dashed to the door of the Comms room, pressing the button on the intercom.
    "Pheonix, it's me." She said quietly as, to the surprise of her friends behind her, the Comms room door slid open.


    No one could argue that Pokecharms had depended on the various parts of its army to survive, the might of the Fire-Type attack squad, the communication technology of the Electric-Type team, the air and water support of the Air and Flying Type squadrons and the technology created by the Steel-Type science team. However, all of their efforts would have been wasted without the general support provided by the Normal-Type team. Although not skilled in fighting, this team ensured the survival of Pokecharms by collecting and trading supplies from nearby towns and cities, whilst also performing the lighter tasks such as decorating the various rooms throughout the base and designing the Pokemon styled visuals of the vehicles used by Pokecharms. However, there was one further important job that the members of Normal-Type had; with the large population of Pokecharms, it was important that they had a medical team, fully trained in a variety of medical disciplines. The decision to give this job to a non-combat team was made for a very specific reason; If the medics were injured or killed in battle, the rest of the community would no doubt suffer.

    "Snap!" A young man called out, as he loaded an empty crate in to the back of a large transit van shaped vehicle. "Have you seen UC lately? We need to make a move!"

    "'Fraid not, RX." Snapdragon replied. "Sami?"
    "He must be around somewhere." Sami replied. "You know he never misses a trip out."
    "Whose turn is it this time then?" RocketX asked his fellow teammates, looking sheepishly at the ground.
    "You know its yours." Snapdragon replied, glaring at him.
    "He isn't that bad anyway." Sami smiled, watching RocketX frown.

    Moments later, a fourth figure entered the garage area, twitching slightly, as he checked his hair, which was spiked in to two horns, one on either side of his head. He paused, looked around, before twitching once more and looking up to the sky.

    "Hi guys.." The new arrival said to his three comrades, who were all looking at him, apparently bracing themselves for something. "When are we leaving today? MOO!"

    Sami and Snapdragon jumped a little, even though they had been expecting the sudden outburst from Ultracow, it always was a little unnerving.
    "So, MOO! When are we off? Now? Can we go now? MOO!"
    "Sure," RocketX sighed, closing the large back doors of the van, and walking along the side, attempting not to look at, what he considered to be, horrific decoration consisting of black spots on the pink background of the van. All three of them had wished it had been up to them to decorate the van, it was their own transport after all. However, Ultracow had gotten there first and had created the supply vehicle that was now known as The Milktank.

    Glad they were not in Rocket X's position, Sami and Snapdragon watched as The Milktank trundled away from the garage, Ultracow leaning out of the window mooing continuously, as he always did.

    "Shush." Pheonix said, leading Rain, Carmen and Shiny in to the Comms room. "You're not meant to be in here."
    "I know." Rain said, looking up to Pheonix. "I just need to know what's happening to Nem."
    "Oh." Pheonix said quietly, looking away from the trio of girls.
    "What? What is it?" Rain said, rather loudly, prompting Carmen to rest a hand on her shoulder.
    "Calm down, he'll be fine." She whispered.
    "You really shouldn't be in here." Pheonix said awkwardly, looking over at a communications unit. "And you know everything I hear in here is secret anyway."
    "But.." Rain muttered, her fists clenched.
    "He's right." Shiny joined in. "I don't want to get in to anymore trouble!"
    "Rain, we should go." Carmen said softly.
    "Ok," She sighed. "But if you hear anything, please let me know."
    "Er, sure." Pheonix added, biting his lip slightly.

    As he finished, the console across the room hissed to life, letting a sinister voice leak in to the room.

    "Pokecharms, we know you can hear us. And don't bother trying to reply, we have limited the channel to one way communication. We have your men. Well, three of your men and whatever this one is."
    "Hun," Came a familiar voice over the intercom, sounding slightly distant when compared to the first voice. ""Hun, I'm more of a man than you'll ever be, and more of a woman than you'll ever get. Come to mention it, more of a man than you would ever get too."

    "Elliot!" Rain cried out, before quickly being silenced by Pheonix and Carmen.
    "This is going straight to Command, we need to keep background noise to a minimum."

    "Silence. Or we will have to tighten your chains." The first voice continued from the comms desk.
    "I thought you wanted me to be quiet?"
    "Enough. We have your so-called soldiers. You have no hope in finding us, so there is little point in you trying. We are taking back the place you call "The City". You will not fight back, or these excuses for men will be killed. I would go for torture first, but I expect at least one of them might enjoy it. We have no other terms. We are taking back, "The City" once and for all. And once we do, it shall be returned to its former glory, along with its former name. Pokeschool will rise again!"
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    This line appealed to me for reasons I can't quite explain.
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  16. Pokeschool? OH NOES!
  17. Ah, I love that line xD
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    Weee, I has bows in my hair! ^^

    But I'm loving this so much, Nem. It's like, sooo awesome.
  19. Magpie

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    More awesomeness Nem, really great chapter as I said in chat.

  20. Yay! I get to be in it! This is epic on soo many levels Nem! Can't wait to read more ^^
  21. Daaaaaaamn Nem.

    Why are you so amazing at writing? This has done nothing but pick me up, spin me around, and throw me back down staring at it. It's awesome. Love how with the revelation of Pokeschool it's \kinda\ like the Chronicles, but a completely different tone. I can't decide wich I like better, Chronicles was more fun, but this is just amazing.
  22. Wow.

    This is really great! Write more! (Please..?)
  23. Sweet Nem. Approve of me being a pilot, though I should be commander of the entire Air squad, but meh. I can live with squad commander if anything. The one who holds the flying-type in highest regard around here should be the commander. But I don't get a say in this now, do I?

    Also note if I do go into ground combat, Reflector and Blaster.

    Anywho, amazing Nem.
  24. Nem, I am stupid for not reading this awesome work earlier! It is hiliarious! Are all the regulars going to be in the story?

    [size=1pt]I will not be happy if you suddenly put pyrokinetic gerbils in the story and then squish them. Pyrokinetic gerbils are all-powerful![/size]
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    Brilliant. Just, brilliant. El's character is utterly hilarious while still being awesome.
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    Yes, it's also shamelessly borrowed from -----

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    Awesome stuff, and shows a massive growth in your standard writing ability from the last stuff I remember you writing too. The setting is quite interesting - if a bit jarring to reconcile with Pokecharms to begin with. I've always regretted never having the opportunity to write a full out-and-out war, but if I had, I'd have loved to have gone the way you've gone here.

    Looking forward to more - hopefully you'll actually get somewhere with it, it'd be quite a shame to see this die. :p
  29. Please tell me there will be awesome mechas based on Pokemon in this one.

    It is a rather interesting setting, to say the least. Although it is a bit difficult to imagine at this point, I just love how strange and awesome the concept is. I'll definitely be wanting to draw up such a cool-sounding world :D Needless to say, it carries all the bite and humour that Chronicles had which I absolutely enjoy. Like many others, I, too am looking forward to seeing this tale develop.
  30. Wow, why haven't I replied here yet? Nem, this is a truly awesome piece of work. I bow to your excelence. And Pokeschool?! HOSNAP!

    *snickers* Pure win.
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