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Nuotykiu Sinnoh

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Lazuli, Nov 26, 2014.

  1. The sun had nearly set over Jubilife City, and Nacadia was growing impatient. The Pokemart had been getting restocked every week at the same time for several months now. It had become one of her main sources of food. Perhaps they had noticed the missing product and moved the delivery day. She readjusted her position in the grimy ally and strained to see her Duskull. She finally spotted a hazy spot just above the Pokemart. Ghost Pokemon were never completely invisible, so long as you knew what to look for.

    It was nearly dark when the truck finally pulled up. Nacadia cursed under her breath; the darkness would make it much harder to get home. Two workers got out of the truck, opened the back, and started to unload its cargo. Nacadia watched as a crate of berries suddenly became empty. Seconds later, she saw a faint haze drift towards her and the berries spilled out at her feet. "Good job, keep it up," she whispered to the haze. "Skullll..." It replied.

    Nacadia untied the green bandana that held up her long black ponytail and carefully wrapped the berries in it. The Pokeball on her belt rattled, as if it knew it was needed now. When Nacadia was sure that the workers had gone inside, she released Shedinja. The Pokemon hung in midair, not moving an inch. Nacadia tied the bandana filled with berries around its neck. "Take them home." She whispered. Shedinja didn't nod or make any noise, but it must have understood, because it floated down the ally and into the forest.

    "Home" was a makeshift camp in the forest outside of Jubilife City. When she was younger, Nacadia thought she would be attacked by wild Pokemon, but the ghost Pokemon repelled other Pokemon like Nacadia repelled people. Maybe that's why she got along so well with them. She pushed a strand of black hair out of her eyes. It always annoyed her when it was down. She hoped they could get this over with quickly so that she could tie it back with her bandana again. Nacadia stuck her head out of the ally to see if Duskull was coming back yet.
  2. "Pip, pip!" Nacadia heard. She turned around to see a Piplup bounding towards her. She could also hear the sounds of the workers returning to unload more goods. "Duskull, hurry!" She whispered loudly. Duskull got some more food items and dumped them at Nacadia's feet, but Shedinja was slow, and there was no way it would get back before Piplup reached her. "Stupid penguin," Nacadia muttered, trying to hide herself from view as much as possible.
  3. The noisy penguin started pulling at Nacadia's shoes. "Cut it out," She whispered. The workers were starting to seem suspicious and Shedinja still hadn't returned. Suddenly a boy appeared in the ally, calling to Piplup.

    Nacadia went pale. With that Pokemon, the boy was most likely a trainer, and he might try to turn her in. She searched franticly for Duskull, but it was to dark to see a hazy spot. She gathered up all the food she could and stood up. She saw the boy still looking at her and involuntarily blushed. Stop blushing, idiot, she thought, you need to get out of here. She started walking away from the boy.
  4. "No," Nacadia replied. She would usually make up a story to keep people from tracking her down, but she didn't see any reason to lie to the boy.

    Run, idiot, kept thinking to herself. But something made her stay. I'm just waiting for Duskull, she convinced herself. This boy did look familiar though, and she wondered if she had seen him before.
  5. "I... Like the nighttime," Nacadia stuttered. It wasn't completely a lie; she did like the night. It just wasn't the whole truth. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a haze drift towards her. "I have to go," she said. "See you later." She reached out yo touch Duskull and disappeared. Why did I add that last part? She wondered. Invisible thanks to Duskull, Nacadia slipped into the forest unnoticed.
  6. Back at her camp in the forest, Nacadia dug through a pile of berries they'd stolen. She picked out all the pecha and mago berries. She loved sweet things, and Duskull and Shedinja didn't have much of a preference.

    She tried to go to sleep that night, but her thoughts kept drifting to the boy she met in the ally. What was he doing there? Who was he? She eventually just fell asleep.
  7. Nacadia could move around more easily during the day. Hiding in plain sight was her specialty. She had on a oversized baseball cap, a green and brown shirt, and jeans. Her long black ponytail was tucked into her hat. She got into Jubilife though the West Gate without anyone even giving her a second thought. She quickly made it to the Trainer School, just barely missing the bell.

    "Eileen Armen?" called the teacher. Nacadia raised her hand. Her pseudonym was always first on the roll call. Usually she wouldn't waste her time with something like the trainer school, but recently she had been dedicated to finding out as much as possible about Pokemon. She had been attending for a few weeks, and had so far managed to stay isolated from the other students.
  8. After roll was finished, Nacadia went straight to the battle simulator. She was a master of type effectiveness, but she wasn't very good in any other aspects of battle. She sat down at the computer and waited for it to assign her an opponent.
  9. "Acīāne?" Nacadia wondered aloud. "Like Lacey Annie?" She shrugged and reviewed her team. She had a Nidorina, because it has great poison related moves, a Ferroseed because of its high defense and ability, and a Duskull and a Shedinja in honor of her friends. The Ferroseed also held a Ricky Helmet to further damage the opponent. She didn't know how good this Lacey Annie person was, but she was pretty confident that she would win.
  10. Nacadia chose Nidorina and waited for the Battle to start.
  11. Nacadia but her lip. She hadn't anticipated Staryu having Psychic type moves. Nidorina had taken double damage from the attack. She didn't have any electric or grass types to play on Staryu's weaknesses, but there was another option...

    Nacadia shook her head. Better to have her opponent underestimate her and lower his guard than to pull her trump card right away. Nidorina was her weakest Pokemon in the simulator, possibly because she only got it and Ferroseed through some stranger's Pokemon she had "borrowed" to enter into the simulator. She had returned them, but the simulator had recorded their data and Nacadia enjoyed fighting with them.

    Nacadia had Nidorina use Venoshock. It did double damage because the Star Shape Pokemon was poisoned, but it still wasn't as effective as the Psywave had been. Nacadia sulked, muttering something about stupid Lacey Annie.
  12. The Staryu used Swift, and Nidorina took some damage. Venoshock was Nidorina's best move, so Nacadia had it use Toxic Spikes to conserve PP. Toxic Spikes didn't deal any damage, but it would poison any Pokemon that switched in. Staryu did take some damage from being badly poisoned, and its HP was a little less than halfway down. Nidorina was a little less than halfway, but it had less HP in all.
  13. Ace was nervous, though it was only a program on screen, at the HP of his pokemon. Although he noticed Eileen's Nidirino had a bit less HP, he was worried if the pokemon had any suprise moves in store for Staryu.

    With enough PP left, Ace selected Psywave once more.
  14. Nacadia gritted her teeth as the Nidorina lost the last of its HP. She considered her options. Her Ferroseed would be ineffective against the water type, so that was probably out. So far she hadn't seen it use any physical moves that Duskull would be immune to, but she doubted her opponent would send out his strongest Pokemon first, so she didn't want to use Shedinja.

    Hoping she hadn't made a mistake, Nacadia sent out Duskull. She regretted not teaching it Charge Beam when she had the chance now that she was up against a Staryu. The pixelated Duskull on the screen bobbed up and down slowly. If Nacadia was lucky, Duskull would knock out Staryu in a few hits and the Toxic Spikes would poison the Pokemon that switched in. She waited for Acīāne to make a move.
  15. Ace was pleased too see the opposing pokemon faint, but he knew it wouldn't last. He knew that that was his last time winning a round.

    Ace largely regretted not having a full team, as once again hated having only water type, although he loved all 3 of his pokemon, his types weren't his friends at this time.

    He selected the water type move, Water Gun.
  16. The move hit Duskull and drained a bit of its HP. Nacadia selected Shadow Ball as her counter attack. Blizzard was Duskull's strongest move and its way of dealing with normal types, but water types were resistant to ice. Nacadia gave a small grin. She used to regard Staryu as a weak Pokemon, but this one had been trained well and she was coming to respect it.

    Nacadia wasn't ready to give up the fight yet, though. Even though one of her Pokemon had been knocked out, she still had the same number as Acīāne, and Staryu was steadily taking damage from poison.
  17. Ace bites his bottom lip, realizing how dangerously low Staryus HP was.

    He actually thanked Staryu, though he knew it was silly and not his real one, for the good battle it put up. Ace saw that Staryu only had about 20 HP left, and the poison wasn't helping.

    As Ace predicted this was his last attack, he selected Water Pulse. It was his strongest move, but he wasnt sure about the damage it would deal to the Duskull.
  18. Water Pulse did a fair amount of damage to Duskull. It was a strong move, but it didn't have any type advantage. Nacadia chose Shadow Ball again. It was Duskull's second strongest move, and she wasn't to worried about PP since she didn't plan on fighting Acīāne's other Pokemon with Duskull.

    If this move didn't get Staryu, the poison would. Nacadia frowned a bit. The Toxic Spikes would poison the Pokemon that switched in, but Staryu was badly poisoned from Toxic. Poison wouldn't help her as much with the next Pokemon.

    Nacadia wiped a bead of sweat from her forehead and grinned. She couldn't remember the last time battle forced her to think like this.
  19. As Staryu sunk in faint, Ace let's out a breathe of relief sort of.

    He was glad Staryu got him this far. Worried about his next pokemon, he sent in Piplup.
  20. "Another water type," Nacadia grumbled. She had been hoping to use her Ferroseed, but depending on its move set she might still be able to. To stay safe, she kept Duskull in and selected Curse. That combined with the poison the Toxic Spikes caused would whiffle down its HP.

    The move did damage Duskull quite a bit, and it probably wouldn't be able to take much more damage.
  21. Ace was relieved when Eileen chose the moves that he did.

    Though Piplup was poisoned, and put on Curse, he knew if he worked wisely he could push through to have Piplup face her final pokemon.

    Curse had drained half of Duskulls HP.
    Ace selected Aqua Jet.
  22. Nacadia nearly punched the screen. Aqua Jet got a critical hit and Duskull fainted. But Piplup did take damage from both Curse and poison. It wasn't a lot, but it would definitely help her take the water type down more quickly. Now they both had two Pokemon and Piplup already had some damage on it.

    Nacadia knew she should send out Shedinja if she wanted to win this as fast as possible, but she opted for the dramatic reveal and chose Ferroseed instead. Piplup was a water type and would be resistant to steel type moves, but if things worked out, it wouldn't need to attack at all. She chose the move Gyro Ball.
  23. Ace cheered in his head when the Duskull fainted, but when he saw the ferroseed, he panicked a bit.

    The gyro ball gives Piplup some damage after the poison and curse did, however, Ace had a plan. He knew Ferroseed was also grass type, so he figured his Piplups moves could kind of help here.

    Ace knew that Ice and Flying type moves were pretty effective against grass type pokemon, so he selected Piplups flying move Peck, hoping the move would do well. Piplups HP was getting dangerously low, and this was one of his last attempts to drain HP from ferroseed.
  24. Piplup used Peck and Navadia grinned. She was counting on Piplup having some contact moves for her plan to work. Ferroseed had the type disadvantage, but also a high defense against Physical attacks, so they kind of counteracted each other and Ferroseed only took slightly more damage than was normal from the attack. Then came the fun part.

    Ferroseed's ability Iron Barbs dealt damage to Piplup, and then so did the Rocky Helmet it was holding. On top of that, the turn ended and Piplup took damage from both poisoning and Curse. "Yes!" Nacadia whispered. She might have been able to win the fight without attacking at all.

    As long as Piplup didn't have any powerful Special Attack moves, it would easily faint before Ferroseed and Acīānce would have only one Pokemon left. "Prepare to loose, Lacey Annie," Nacadia smirked.
  25. Ace winced at each time damage was given to Piplup. His HP was a little les than halfway down.

    As a final last resort, because surely Piplup would faint soon, Ace selected Piplup to use Ice Beam, knowing ice types were also powerful against grass type.
  26. Nacadia gritted her teeth. Ferroseed had excellent normal defense, but it's Special Defense wasn't anything special. (Seeing that typed out I feel the need to add 'no pun intended') Ice Beam was very effective, and Ferroseed's HP got down to less than half. Nacadia let out a slow breath. By now Acīāne obviously knew not to use physical attacks, and with Ice Beam in its move set, Piplup could easily take Ferroseed out in another turn. On top of that, the Curse would probably wear off soon.

    Nacadia laughed at herself. She obviously didn't have this as under control as she thought she did. She tried to let it go; she still had Shedinja. She selected Pin Missile as her move and prepared to release her trump card.
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  27. Piplup was inflicted by curse once more, along with poison. It only had about 15 HP left.

    In a hurry, Ace again used Ice beam.

    He was very shocked at himself for getting as far as he did when he sees Ferroseeds Hp trickle down to 0. He was so sure he would lose, but he knew it wasn't smart to try to claim it his win already.

    Ace decided to keep Piplup in, though it would only take one strike to knock it out, and poison was sure to do that for his opponent anyhow.
  28. A second Ice Beam drained the last of Ferroseed's HP. Nacadia tried to stay calm; she had expected this. It would only take one hit from Shedinja to knock out the Pokemon, and as long as Acīāne's next Pokemon didn't have any moves that were super effective to Shedinja, she would be fine.

    She switched Shedinja in and selected X-Scissor. Piplup fainted, and Nacadia held her breath as Acīāne sent out his last Pokemon.

    ((Be careful about staying in past tense. You're doing a lot better, but you occasionally slip back into present))
  29. ((Thanks for the caution, as you can tell 'charms is the first place I've had to so this, and I'm not very good xD I'm very talented to accidentally sticking with habits))

    Ace saw this coming. As he saw Shadinja, he was nervous.

    He sent out Gyarados. The only type of advantage he had was a defense. Since Gyarados was water and flying, he had no offense advantage to bug or ghost, bug type just wasn't very effective against flying.
  30. Gyarados. Nacadia could deal with a Gyarados. She was nervous mainly because she hadn't battled a Gyarados before and it's was a pretty strong Pokemon.

    Nacadia out her nervousness aside and considered her options. Shedinja's bug type moves wouldn't be effective against the partial flying type, so she chose the ghost type Shadow Ball instead.
  31. Gyarados took damage from shadow ball.

    Ace had his Gyrados use Bite, in attempt to counter a dark move for dark
  32. Bite did double damage and Nacadia winced. Thus wasn't going as well as she'd hoped. Nacadia chose Solar Beam. If Shedinja survived the next attack, it would be very effective.
  33. Ace saw the solar beam charge. He knew what he was about to do was a big risk.

    Ace chose the move Dragon Pulse.
  34. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Excuse me for interjecting - but this has been going on for a bit too long in spite of several friendly requests to the effect - and since no change has been noticed, it's time to make the requests more than that.

    What this RP needs, desperately, is description and detail. Our own rules demand it:

    This RP has has been immensely inconsistent on that front - especially in the latest posts. These are not paragraphs, these are two-sentence menu selects - which, while semi-justified by this being a simulator battle, are still not exactly valid. The 'Interaction Scene' argument doesn't really apply here because this isn't really a conversation - and even in conversations, we kind of frown upon nothing but short posts. Give us some insight into what your characters are thinking. The setting they're in. The strategies in their minds. Their emotional responses. SOMETHING. I see the start of this in a few of your posts, but it's really not enough.

    In story format RPing - and honestly, anywhere on 'Charms, an important rule of thumb to remember is Quality over Quantity. The speed an RP moves matters very little if the posts are cheap, quick and dirty mass-production posts. That does not really make for a very compelling story.

    Do yourselves a favor and step up your game, please. I realize that learning the ropes takes a while, but surely you realize that after I've already asked you to add more detail and description to your posts and you apparently haven't, it doesn't particularly reflect well on you? I'd hate to be forced to take steps against actually active RPers because of apparently lack of attention.

    Good luck!
  35. (( @StellarWind Elsydeon

    Thank you, I have been noticing how short our posts are getting, however I do find it much easier to write more descriptive details and longer posts if my character is in physical contact or conversations with somebody.

    I have been trying to drag out my posts a bit, but for me it just seems harder to make more detail since Ace is just sitting at a computer, and battling on a simulator, just looking at a screen and clicking a move.

    I do believe Lazuli is doing much better than I am at adding description, so please if I do make a big mistake on this again in the future, though I will try my best not to, please don't take it as hard on Lazuli if it is my mistake, she is a great Roleplayer and I couldn't deal with myself if we both got banned over my mistake.

    Thank You for your advice,
  36. Yes! Nacadia wanted to scream. Thanks to Shedinja's Wonder Guard ability, Dragon Pulse did nothing. She knew that now she had to act quickly. If she didn't knock Gyarados out soon, Acīāne would probably go back using Bite and the super effective dark type move would finish Shedinja in no time. She searched frantically through her items for anything to enhance Shedinja's power.

    Unfortunately, the best she could come up with was an X Defend. It won't help Shedinja's attack any, she thought, but it might buy me some time. She then selected Attack and let Solar Beam do its work. It was effective against water types and strong anyways, but Gyarados's HP wasn't down very much. If she was lucky, it would only take one more hit to knock it out. Just hang in there a little longer, she thought to the pixelated Shedinja.

    ((We've been trying to make our posts longer, but it is hard to do with a computer battle like this. It's almost over, though, and I'll try to avoid getting into situations like this in the future.
  37. (( Agreed with Lazuli))

    Ace wanted to smack the keyboard. He never thought about the ability Guard. Ace was really relying on the Dragon Type move. He reviewed through his moves. He had Bite, which was pretty effective due to past results, but he had taken out Eileen's last two pokemon by reusing a move over and over.

    A strong Trainer don't spam use the same moves over and over,

    A good Gym Leader doesn't rely on only one move, it's Pokemon's moveset should all be effective,

    Tell me, are you weak, or strong?

    Ace's fathers words came to his mind immediately.
    *Not very helpful at this moment* The boy thought to himself.

    He knew his father's forced advice was true, and the pressure of them compressed against him. He couldn't come to it to use Bite once more.
    Ace figured he would lose, but he was willing to lose that way instead of winning a cheap way.

    Ace selected the move Surf for Gyarados to use.
  38. Nacadia was once again extremely grateful for Wonder Guard. Had Shedinja not had that particular ability, Gyarados would have taken it down in two moves tops. A seed of curiosity wormed its way into the back if her mind. Why hadn't Acīāne used Bite that last turn? If he had, he would have won easily.

    As much as Nacadia tried to let it go, the question kept nagging at her. She wanted to talk to this Lacey Annie person. He was a strong trainer who actually gave her a challenge. And then he basically let her win. That's what bothered her the most, the fact that she hadn't really earned that victory.

    It's not that big if a deal
    , she tried to convince herself. But she had always had a problem with getting over little things that bothered her, and she sat at the computer for a while having a mental argument with herself.
  39. Ace had closed his eyes and let put a breathe after he had lost.
    He still felt pleased that he was able to battle such a challenging opponent. Then, his theories thwacked their way back into his head.


    Ace thought. He had been distracted. He remembered his theory on 'Eilleen'. He all the sudden remembered a fainted view of a Duskull the night before with that girl..along with the Shedinja he and Piplup had saw. How did he not think of it at the moment of the battle?

    Ace stood from the battle simulator. He looked around, searching for the girl who always isolated herself. He looked out for a large cap that blocked a view of the face. After looking for a few minutes, he noticed her. She was at the simulator. Ace had built up the confidence to walk up behind the girl and tap her on her shoulder.
  40. Nacadia nearly jumped out of her chair. She wasn't used to being around people, much less being tapped on the shoulder from behind. She managed to restrain herself somewhat and only jolted a little and let out a small squeak. She turned to see who it was, ready to slap them or at least yell a lot.

    She already had a few insults on the tip of her tongue when she looked up and saw the boy from the previous night. Her mind went blank and her instinct was to run. He had no doubt recognized her. He probably had figured out that she was stealing, too, and would turn her in to the police.

    Nacadia hated feeling so helpless. If she had hidden better, she wouldn't have to worry about this boy and his stupid Piplup- Something clicked in her head. She looked from the computer screen to the boy behind her and tried to find angry words to yell at him for letting her win, but her mouth seemed to have forgotten how to work. "Lacey Annie?" she finally managed to sputter.

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