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Open Nova City (A Superhero RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Mockingchu, Mar 8, 2017.

  1. Before you join, just remember to make sure you've read the RP rules. Anyhow, Nova City is a city that is suddenly becoming full of Alpha Humans- or humans with enhanced abilities. Will you become a hero, a villain, a mercenary, a vigilante, or just keep them hidden? You decide! Just follow the template below and get started! (You can have up to 3 characters)
    Name: Shane Hett
    Alpha Name: Zip
    Age: 16
    Powers: Super speed
    Appearance: Tall; thin; blond hair; bright blue eyes that flash when he runs
    Costume: Bright blue with white lines
    Backstory: Was in an explosion that jarred his particles and gave him super speed

    RP: Shane sat down, and opened the newest edition of EW. It talked about Hugh Jackman and about how he was stepping down from the role of Wolverine after his newest movie, Logan. Suddenly, Shane heard something. A yell. Shane rushed outside, a blue trail of light following him. A second later, he was three blocks away from his house. A large boy in a black t-shirt was bullying a small girl with a pink Dora backpack.
    "What's going on?" Shane demanded.
    "Go away," the boy sneered. It was Adrian Dawes. A Senior at Nova City High- Shane's high school. He was a jerk.
    "What's going on?" Shane repeated.
    "He's trying to steal my money!" the girl cried. Shane glared at Adrian.
    "What'cha gonna do about it Shane?" Adrian mocked.
    "Give it back to her," Shane growled.
    "Make me," Adrian grinned.
    Shane sighed. He couldn't just reveal his powers. He figured it was against some sort of superhero "code".
    "I can't make you," Shane sighed. He walked back home in defeat. He needed some way to disguise himself...
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  2. It couldn't hurt to try this. I'll bite.
    Name: James Anderson
    Alpha Name: The Curator
    Age: 15
    Powers: Increased Strength, Speed, Endurance, and Agility, not to the Super Human level, but more than an average Human. Also has a quick time sensing ability that allows him to depict and predict any moves made (Pretty much like the Spider Sense).
    Costume: Simple Black coverings. Black spandex beneath black shirt, pants, shoes, and mask. Mask has eye holes covered by black goggles.
    Backstory: During a field trip to a local Science Center, James wandered to far and was accidentally injected with chemicals that left him unconscious for almost a year, but when he awoke, he had become more than Human. Loves his Family, Friends, and cares about anybody in general. Has a strong morale code, and only resorts to violence if absolutely necessary. Prefers to talk his enemies down.

    Shane found himself being closely followed by a tall, lean boy with a young, baby face. "You're just gonna... walk away from that...?" He asked in confusion. He'd seen the streak, and put two and two together. "I know you're this 'zippy zappy' guy or whatever, but you can't just let that bully... do that... if you won't do something... I will..." James grinned nervously at Shane.
  3. Shane turned quickly to see the boy, James. His eyes flashed the neon blue color.
    "I don't know what you're talking about," Shane said, cocking his head to the side, "What zippy zappy guy? I walked down this street normally. But you're right. I shouldn't have let the boy steal the girl's money. But there's noting I can do."
    Then Shane realized there WAS something he could do. But he couldn't let the boy see him running at super speed. His arm glowed blue with super speed.
    "Sorry," Shane sighed, "I'm hoping that this will wipe your memory of me. And maybe wipe your memory of the pain that is about to come to you."
    Shane reared back, and threw a super speed punch.
  4. James predicted the move, and dodged. "Hey, Friend! I'm like you! Friendly fire! You're not the only kid with powers." He raises his hands in the air to symbolize surrender.
  5. "What the---?" Shane began, then stopped, "Alright, fine. I know you have powers, you know I have powers. We're even. Now I've got to go do something."
    Shane zipped back to his house, and threw on a black hoodie. He sped back to Adrian, who was walking away from the crying girl. He ran up, plucked the flowery wallet from Adrian's pocket, and rushed over to the girl, dropping the wallet at her feet. He stopped running in front of James.
    "There, happy?"
  6. "Ecstatic." James grins. He's predicted how fast Shane could be, but he didn't think he was that fast. "Name's James. James Anderson." He extends his Hand.
  7. "Shane," Shane shook James's outstretched hand, "Or Zip. It's whatever. Anyway, I gotta go finish up my homework. I'll see you around."
    Shane sped back to his house and did a few dozen projects in two minutes.
  8. Oh shoot, might as well.
    Name: Deshawn Allen
    Alpha Name: Beatdown
    Age: 16
    Powers: Shapeshifting (He can assume either an entire animal's appearance or a certain feature.)
    Appearance: Tall - six feet tall to be precise - and skinny with deep blue eyes. Deshawn has an African American/Native American skin complexion. He has short, curly black hair and a small black beard.
    Costume: He has no costume. To hide his identity, he just changes his face to that of an animal.
    Backstory: Deshawn lived in a more ghetto area of Nova City. A year ago, men in suits came to his house. They offered him and his family a lot of money if he helped with a project. He knew it was dangerous, but Deshawn was willing to risk it for his father and two sisters. Deshawn survived and hos family was compensated. However, recently, Deshawn has been finally experiencing the side effects of said project.

    Deshawn watched the scene from the corner of the street. Someone just stopped that Adrien kid from mugging that little girl. He smirked, before looking at the now-confused bully. It wouldn't take him long to try and steal it back, so Deshawn sides it was time to intervene. After making sure no-one could see him, he transformed entirely in to a panther. Smirking to himself, Deshawn walked in front of the bully, and snarled at him. Adrien ran, and Deshawn followed him down a couple blocks, before turning down an alley.
  9. Shane headed downtown to check out what was happening. It was a thirty minute drive but a two minute run. If you had super speed. He zoomed downtown. When he arrived, he saw arrived parade. Across the road Shane saw a tall man in a black suit grin at him. Shane smiled back, confused.
    Then, all hell broke loose. Gunfire filled the air. People screamed. Shane worked furiously to get everyone to safety, but only managed to get one hundred and two people away before the bullets hit the citizens. The man walked over to Shane, clapping.
    "What a show Mr. Hett," the man said cooly, "But this is just the beginning of the chaos. I think we'll be seeing a lot of each other in the near future."
    Shane sped towards the man, and threw a speed punch. It went right through him. The hologram that was the man faded.
  10. With his enhanced hearing due to his Panther form, Deshawn easily heard the gunshots. He transformed in to a cheetah and dashed to where he heard the shots ring from. By the time he got there, he noticed Shane. Deciding he seemed the most emotionally in tact, and alive, Deshawn prowled up to him, before changing back in to a panther. "What happened here?"
  11. "I- I don't know," Shane admitted, "When did you get here?"
    Shane glanced around. Everyone else had fled.
  12. ArmedBlue

    ArmedBlue Previously Manu456Alola

    Looks nice.
    Name: Manuel Stone
    Alpha Name: Zen Zach
    Powers: Controling energy known as Zen.
    Appeareance: Not very tall. Light blue shirt with some symbols on it, black eyes. Short, pointy black hair.
    Costume: Some light armor, with a triangle on the chestplate.
    Backstory: A few years ago, Manuel made a Science Fair project, which consisted in two gloves that could somehow manipulate light. However, somebody started messing with it, and Manuel tried to stop the person. The gloves started glowing orange, and the person threw the gloves at Manuel, and then they exploted. Manuel woke up a few days later, in the hospital. When he got home, he discovered that the explosion gave him the power to manipulate energy known as Zen.

    Manuel was doing his homework, and then heard the gunshots. He quickly gathered some Zen and ran over to where they came from. It didn´t take long, but when he arrived, nobody was there- except for two people- and looked around. "What just happened?" He asked curiosly.
  13. "I could ask the same..." A voice says from a shady corner, and James steps out, a goofy grin on his face, but his eyes portray that of curiosity, alertness, and concern. "I mean, It's not like I've been tracking down any of you heroes for a while now... but uh... hey! We're all together! Woot woot!" Adam puts his hands in the air, but quickly brings them back down. "Sorry... um... hi. I'm James." He says slowly.
  14. "Just now." Deshawn replied, staying in his panther form, but laying down, his chin on his forepaws. In all honesty, Deshawn was getting a little tense. He didn't like the situation he was in. "By the time I got here, everyone was gone. Except you." He flicked his tail to Shane. "Surely, you must've seen something?" He asked.
  15. "I came here for the parade. Then the gunshots started. I got people out of here as soon as I could. Then some weird guy in a black suit came up and said that we'd be seeing a lot of each other in the future. He had the weirdest tattoo on his arm though. It looked the Greek letter Omega."
    Shane glanced around at the two boys and the panther, looking for any sign of recognition.
  16. "Odd. Well, until I get a confirmed name, I'm going to call this individual 'Omega.'" Deshawn stated, now sitting up and wrapping his tails around his paws. "I think his reasoning was to lure us out, though. But why? And, you." He flicks his tail to James. "What do you mean, you've been tracking us down?"
  17. James shrugs. "I've been keeping an eye on 'special individuals'. Actually, just the three of you, but still. I used to read a lot of comics... um... I might still do that... so uh... I find this little meeting we're having rather intriguing. It's like... the Avengers, or the Justice League, except cooler because it's real, but also not cool for the lack of Batman."
  18. ArmedBlue

    ArmedBlue Previously Manu456Alola

    "Heh, you're funny. I give you that." Manuel said to James. "Now that everything a little bit clear, what should we do now? I'm kinda new at this..." He said, while sitting down and trying to process all the information. "Weird guy in a black suit? The greek letter Omega? What could that mean?" He thought to himself.
  19. "I think we should go down the James route. Form the Justice League but not Justice League," Shane shrugged, "We'd need a cooler name. But that's just my two cents. Oh shoot- I haven't introduced myself! The name's Shane, but while I'm speeding around, it'd be nice if you called me Zip."
  20. "Perhaps the Guardian Corps, or something along those lines?" Deshawn suggested. "Speaking of names, I should probably introduce myself as well." As he said that, he slowly reverted back to his human form, first going back to standing bipedal, then losing the digitigrade legs, back to human legs. Eventually, all that remained was the panther tail, and even that was gone after a few more moments. "My name's Deshawn. But, when I'm knocking fools out or in one of my animal forms, call me Beatdown."
  21. ArmedBlue

    ArmedBlue Previously Manu456Alola

    "The name´s Manuel, but when I use my Zen powers, I prefer going by Zen Zach." Manuel said. "Guardian Corps sounds cool!" He said, excited about forming a team with the others. He made a little ball of Zen with his hands to test out his abillities, just in case, since they sometimes didn't work properly.
  22. "Dude, I totally have to get a good Spider-Man costume, and be Spidey instead. But, being the 'The Curator' isn't bad. I had to think long and hard about my Super Hero name. And when it comes to naming us, well... we barely know each other. I say we give it some time before we go all out Avengers."
  23. "No doubt about that," Shane agreed, "I didn't mean full on team. I meant we should work together and make sure we don't get killed while this Omega dude is out there."
    Shane's eyes darted around. People were coming over to see what had happened.
    "We should probably split before everyone sees us," Shane said. He sped around the block, destroying all the roadside cameras. Then he zoomed home.
  24. ArmedBlue

    ArmedBlue Previously Manu456Alola

    "Good idea." Manuel said, while quickly gathering Zen and teleporting home, which was three blocks away. " That was a close call... Now what?" He said, while walking to his room. "Oh right! Homework." He said, while grabbing a textbook and reading it. "Man, that sure was weird..." Manuel thought, and looked out the window. He sighed, and looked back at his textbook.
  25. Deshawn gave a nod to his fellow super-powered humans, and quickly changed his face to that of an eagle, before taking on the rest of the bird's form, and flying to his home about five blocks down the road. So, there are others like me, huh? Good to know I'm not alone, I guess. He thought to himself, before landing on the top of his house, going back into human form, and climbing in to his bedroom window.
  26. James quickly leaps to a wall and climbs quickly, keeping his momentum going so he won't fall, as he gets onto the roof, and lies down with a sigh. "HA!" He sighs, then furrows his brow. "I need to stop laughing out loud..."
  27. Shane watched the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy at 1000% speed on YouTube, and understood everything. Then, he took an hour to run to Chicago and grab an authentic Chicago dog. He then sat down at home and thought about what had happened.
  28. Name: Taylor Boulet
    Alpha Name: No Alpha Name
    Age: 15
    Powers: Manipulation of time and space.
    Appearance: Short Pixie Style Blonde Hair, Bright, Sea Green Eyes, Pale Skin, Skinny. 5'7'' in height. 124 lb's.
    Costume: No Costume
    Backstory: Born with her powers (Like an X-Men Mutant), Taylor had always made very strange things occur, and when her Parents abandoned her, she went to the Orphanage. The more she did, the further she was shunned. She currently lives on the streets, doing everything in her power to get a little money, even if that means stealing it.

    Taylor stifled a yawn as she watched the people walk by. Healthy people with Homes and Jobs, Family and Friends. Something that seemed to be an unaffordable luxury to her. She scoffed as she watched a rich man in a snazzy business suit walked by in a harry, clutching a business case. She didn't hate these people, most of them probably got to where they are through hard work, but she couldn't help but feel jealous.
  29. James stopped himself as he felt a little tingle in the back of his Head... this sense was what he felt when he was around somebody with extraordinary powers. He quickly glanced around to see if he could find his new friends, to no avail. Instead, a certain, pretty blonde girl caught his eye. She looked dirty, and tired, but rather beautiful nonetheless. He looked away as he realized he probably looked like a creep, and the tingling in the back of his Head grew stronger. It was possible... that this pretty blonde girl could somehow be yet another 'Special Person', one that he must have over looked. He chuckled to himself. 'Come on, James. You honestly think there'd only be four people with powers around? We may only be a fraction of what's to come... including the girl'. He looked back at her. He never was good at talking to Women, and she looked about his age, which made his nervousness increase. He did need to talk to her though, to learn if she had power, and help her maybe, because by the looks of it, she doesn't exactly look well fed with a Home and a Family to Love her. He took a deep breath as he tried to calm himself, and casually approached.
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  30. Deshawn laid on his bed, and grabbed the remote for his TV in his own room. He flipped through a few channels before giving up, and switching to playing his Xbox One. Luckily for him, the people whom he presumed gave him his superpowers - whether or not it was intentional - kept their promise and paid his family a substantial amount of money. Eventually, Deshawn's dad also got a well-paying job, so their family was well off now.
  31. Taylor singled out a pair of eyes looking at her, but when she looked into the eyes of a boy, but he looked away almost immediately. She rolled her own eyes and crossed her arms as she waited for the right guy to come by. She'd been following him for weeks now. He had money, a lot, and she needed it. Was it stealing if you stole stolen money? This guy kept snatching money from anyone possible, dealing drugs, working as a Cashier, snatching money from that... all she needed to do was wait to see him, bend space to teleport the both of them somewhere private, where she will, well, not kill him, but close to it. She looked back at the boy to find he was walking towards her. She felt both annoyed and curious. He seemed about her age, and not completely ugly. She sighed as she waited for him to do whatever he was gonna do.
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  32. James found himself standing a few feet from her, and was jostled by the busy people around, so he found himself a spot near her on the wall. He cleared his throat, and said; "Erm... Hi there... Uh... Sorry to bother you and all... but do you... uh... have you... you know... like... powers? I mean... I do... and I feel like you do too..." He grinned nervously.
    'I am an Idiot.'
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  33. Taylor looked at James cautiously. "Oh, and what 'Power' do you have? What if you're just pulling a prank on me?" She looks down the alley to her left, and grabs his arm, pulling him to it. "Alright, big boy, if you got power, show me what you got." She shoves him to the wall after pulling him deep into the alley, and crossed her arms, waiting.
  34. "Well, my Powers aren't exactly all that special, but I have increased abilities, and a quick timing sense that allows me to accurately predict a movement, or an attack." James replies. "It's nothing special, but It's what I got."
  35. "Prove it." She smirked as she clenched her fist, and pulled it back. With lightning speed and precision, she launche her fist forward, intending on knocking out the Boy. He had to be pulling her leg.
  36. James predicted the attack before she even did it, and easily dodged to the side. "Nice Punch, but I saw that coming a mile away. Listen, I'm not the best at proving my powers, but, I know three guys who do have way more noticeable powers than me. If you show me your power,,, I'll take you to meet one of them." He offered lightly.
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  37. Taylor raised an eyebrow. The boy had some smooth moves. She shrugged slightly. "Well. I guess I'll trust you... for now. And when it comes to my powers... well, I'll put it bluntly. I can manipulate Space and Time." She crossed her arms and her lip curved in a small smirk as she awaited his reaction.
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  38. "Whoa... Space and Time... That's pretty big... See, the others... their power is dwarfed by this, um... okay, we have a Speedy Zip Dude, A Shapeshifter, an energy manipulator, and a more than average guy." James informed her. "And then we have you... bending Space is big enough already, and bending time as well... but both... wow..." James couldn't allow himself to embarrass himself further, and closed his mouth as a tinge of red crept up to his cheeks.
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  39. Name: Petra (last name unknown)
    Alpha Name: Organis
    Age: Unknown
    Powers: It's difficult to explain. The core concept revolves around unlocking the potential of Cells and controlling them at an individual level, but this also leads to a plethora of other seemingly unrelated traits which may or may not be useful depending on how much Petra has discovered about her abilities. Some are:
    -High stamina
    -Resistance to disease
    -Control of adrenaline
    -Faster healing than a normal person
    -Longer lifespan
    -Slight body manipulation (face, skin, bone structure, size)
    -Can alter her voice
    -Pain Nullification (Or amplification)
    -Could potentially survive injuries that would kill a normal person.
    -Ability to sense living beings nearby
    -Ability to sense the biological innerworkings of other people's bodies upon touch.
    -Can last longer without food or water (but sometimes needs MORE calories than normal depending on her activity)

    And the one that matters most:
    -Surpassing human limits of strength, speed, reflexes, senses, and intelligence (which still isn't saying much compared to other powers. Also, note that she's intelligent, NOT knowledgeable)
    -These are not all of the abilities Petra could potentially learn. They are simply what she owns currently. What she will discover depends on her future experiences.
    -Also, unlike other superpowers, hers are technically not supernatural, all laying within the realm of biologically plausible. This is a key concept and limitation of her vague and versatile abilites. This ensures that they don't stretch into other powers. (For example, someone with super strength is super strong without the need for bulging muscles. Thus, if it would be even possible for Organis to match the same level of strength, her muscle mass and bone durability would need to be FAR greater to compensate, along with other factors)

    Appearance: She is far older than she looks due to her abilities. She can alter her appearance slightly, but traditionally she looks like a young woman in her teenage years, which signifies that she could have obtained her powers at that age, as it would be the most natural for her. However, the complexion of her white skin and symmetry of her thick face and neck are almost unnaturally perfect (although she owns many freckles as well), traits that have attracted many stares from both men and women, whether she intended it or not. In her most natural state, she's short, curvy, stocky and strong at 5'5" and 142 lbs, but she can fluctuate these numbers. Her straight, bright orange hair is so long that it reaches her knees and seems to never dirty. She wears a pair of small, ellipse-shaped glasses over her deep, violet eyes.

    Costume: None. She wears comfortable clothing, usually a hoodie, a loose t-shirt underneath, some sweatpants rolled up to her knees, and long-lasting sneakers. She also wears a tight underarmor tank top under everything, however, in the case she is engaged in any way and might rip up her other clothes if she doesn't take them off.

    Backstory: Some of the older residents of Nova city remember sightings of the girl currently known as Petra decades ago, astonished that she looked exactly the same. In both the present and the past she's been reported to act strangely, such as looking at her hand as if it were the first time she's ever seen it and screaming in agony as doctors fail to provide an explanation. Practically nothing is known of her age, childhood, nor how she achieved her odd traits. Even Petra herself is clueless as to how her abilities originated. Perhaps she will learn more one day...


    An anonymous figure strode along the sidewalk in an oversized grey hoodie, hood over her head, a long stream of orange hair hanging down the front of her body. As she halted to clean her glasses, she heard a brief but powerful WHIFF along the road. She hadn't caught the moment, but she already knew who it was: Shane. In a city becoming famous for miraculoualy spawning an increasing number of people with extraordinary abilites, Shane was adorable in that he seemed oblivious to other Alpha humans--who laid low profiles in general--yet on a daily basis he zipped around everywhere at what seemed to be hundreds of miles per hour before occasionally attempting to hide his speed during social interaction.

    Petra herself had special traits, but like many Nova citizens, they weren't nearly as significant as Shane's along with a few others she had seen and/or heard of. Although, she supposed she could consider herself the first Alpha human if that was anything to go by, as others had only emerged within the last two decades. Along with wondering if she was somehow involved with this recent explosion of superpowers, she also waited for the day that someone would use their powers for malicious intentions...

    Petra was distracted from her train of thought as she overheard an intriguing dialog a couple blocks away, also sensing two life forms in that same location. She wandered over curiously before retaining her casual stroll along the sidewalk once she approached their line of sight to reduce her chances of appearing nosey.

    A quick glimpse revealed a teenage boy and girl, both presumably Alpha humans. The girl had thrown a punch at the boy, but given what he had said before about being able to predict moves, this was no surprise. What WAS surprising was what he said next.

    "Listen, I'm not the best at proving my powers, but, I know three guys who do have way more noticeable powers than me. If you show me your power...I'll take you to meet one of them."

    Oh boy, Petra thought, her violet eyes staring down in anxious contemplation, her glasses reflecting the light of the setting sun. The thought of teenage Alpha humans forming teams worried her, ESPECIALLY given the girl's claim of time space manipulation (although the details were still very vague), but she was unsure what to do about it. So, she simply continued onward, hoping that she was paid no attention.
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  40. Taylor grinned appreciatively at him. "Well, seems like quite the collection. Hey..." Her face dropped a little. "Um... I don't want to come off weird or needy... but uh... I'm homeless... and abandoned... I um... I feel like I could trust you... because you're special, like me..." She blinked sweetly at him. 'I really need a Home..' Her stomach growled. '... And Food...'
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