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New Mythical Pokemon Meltan officially revealed

  1. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    After the weekend's drama of uncovering an apparent new Pokemon in the update data for Pokemon Go, followed by said new Pokemon appearing after the Chikorita Community Day for capture (albeit with it immediately turning into a Ditto afterwards), The Pokemon Company International has officially revealed the Pokemon as Meltan.

    Initially teased by the above tweet, shortly before the announcement, Meltan was revealed this afternoon in a video showing Professor Willow from Pokemon Go and Professor Oak discussing the new Pokemon and its mysterious appearance over the weekend:

    Meltan is a new Mythical Pokémon, and its' details are as following:

    Name: Meltan
    Category: Hex Nut Pokémon
    Height: 0'08"
    Weight: 17.6 lbs.
    Type: Steel

    Meltan is confirmed as the new Pokemon that will appear in Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee, via some sort of interaction with Pokémon Go. Presumably it will also feature in next year's movie - as that's how these things normally go. We'll bring you more news about Meltan and how to get it as we go!

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Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Doctor Oak, Sep 25, 2018.

    1. Satokuye
      So it is a mythical after all.. meh, doesn't really look like it. I'm kinda interested in his lore tho... Still not buying the next games btw
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    2. Gio20400
    3. Cloudswift
      I mean, there are definitely other Mythical Pokemon that don't look like they would fall under that category at first glance. When I first saw Shaymin(Land Forme, of course), I had no idea it was actually Mythical. I'm super hyped for this, though! I don't own a Switch, though, so thank God for YouTube! :D
    4. Luke The Riolu
      Luke The Riolu
      Hmmmmmmmmmm, to be honest its just look like a bolt screw that was given miracle soul juice
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    5. Kiraru
      *a Pyravi flies over and hands over a note from its mouth before flying back onto her trainer's shoulder* At first, this did not really seem like a mythical Pokémon to me since like some others have stated earlier, it looks like it has some definite characteristics of Ditto and Unown.
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    6. What Did You Do To Snoke?
      What Did You Do To Snoke?
      And now to evaluate what this all means...

      It said 'episode 1' and 'TO BE CONTINUED...' That means there will be more information coming out about it or new mythical Pokemon from gen 8 or in Let's Go! They probably planned to release it a bit later but the hysteria of the Pokemon community forced them to release it earlier. But you can see that it was all planned, or it seems to have all been planned. The Ditto were changing into Meltan, so they weren't Meltan we were seeing. At some point, the Ditto saw the Meltan and transformed into it. I wonder where it would be if Oak knew about it. Also, Game Theory's theory that Professor Willow is Pryce from the Johto games has been disproved by this conversation between Willow and Oak. Pryce is around the same age as Oak or older in the Johto games. Unless Oak is talking to Willow from the future...which i doubt very very much...you know...that theory has been disproved! And Willow and Oak now share a close connection.

      Wow...talk about extremism...

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    7. Satokuye
      It's still gen 7

      Care to explain?
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    8. What Did You Do To Snoke?
      What Did You Do To Snoke?
      Welcome back, wolf pack and today we've got an exciting debate here in the ring!

      Let's Go will have traits from both Gen 7 and Gen 8. Meltan is not a pokemon found in the main gen 7 games. Gen 7 is technically over. I would consider this to be a gen 7.5 game.

      Care to explain? Explain what? Care to explain what you said? I was just commenting about your extreme negativity. It's a new form of hateful extremism which in my opinion, is responsible for stiring up hate about Let's Go, and I honestly find it worse than actual extremists, i'm sorry! The game isn't even out yet! At least play the game before you judge it! Like, it's fine if you hate it after that. In my opinion, whatever game it is, if it a Pokemon game, you should at least look forward to some part of the game. And Meltan gives us hope more new content will arrive! This is...exactly the kind of toxicity the god emperor was talking about. God emperor is hardly ever wrong, only that he thought Meltan was a placeholder, which it seems it is not. He is a champion against hacking in Pokemon and against the toxicity.

      Really sorry if I offended you.
    9. Satokuye
      And where did you get this info from? There is no such thing as gen 7.5, or 4.5, or 3.5. Fire Red and Leaf Green were not Gen 3.5, HeartGold and SoulSilver were not gen 4.5, and Black and White 2 were not gen 5.5. Generation 8 has nothing to do with these games, the only "new" thing they bring is Meltan and perhaps a couple more pokemon (highly unlikely, but I won't ignore that possibility).
      This has already happened in USUM, and unless you consider USUM to be Gen 7.5 (which would make this.. gen 7.75? Yikes) then this doesn't really make sense. There are no half generations in pokemon.

      First of all, it's not a new form of anything. Being skeptical about new things has always been pretty popular. Second thing, "This game isn't even out yet! At least play the game before you judge it!".
      Yes, this would be true if we actually knew nothing about the games at all. Yet, surprise surprise, we know quite enough (imo) to judge how the games is gonna be. We know that they removed important, crucial I'd say, pokémon mechanics, we know they simplified the game even more, we know it's target audience are very very young children. We know the games really haven't much to offer, and we can understand this from the fact that the trailers, which are supposed to hype a game up in order to make it sell more copies, show nothing but old features. Hey look Mega Evolutions. Well guess what? They've been around for some years now. Hey look, you can BATTLE legendary pokémon! Isn't that great and exciting? Well guess what, in all the other pokémon games you can battle every wild pokémon. Sad times when a mechanic that has been the core of a videogame gets hyped as something you should be excited about.
      Now I don't know who this God Emperor is, nor do I know why you think I am being toxic, but toxicity has nothing to do with being rational, analyzing what the company has been showing us until now to create hype, and realizing it is nothing but old features in new graphics (which also, if you look at others switch titles, kinda suck).
      Don't worry, you didn't.
    10. Retro Master
      Retro Master
      Meltan? Lel I’m staying with Nutto! XD
    11. Fraseandchico
    12. What Did You Do To Snoke?
      What Did You Do To Snoke?
      I mean, USUM was still part of gen 7. That's a fact. What I was saying was merely a suggestion. All in all, it's a side game/a game that is on the road to gen 8, which will have it's main game next year. It has been confirmed that this style of game will not continue for the next game after so regarding all the things you'd normally complain about...it's just for this one game. The dark, steel and fairy type are all in this game, plus this new Pokemon. It's not just a Kanto remake.

      The target audience is most likely going to be Pokemon Go players i.e. casual fans or people who are entering the Pokemon scene for the first time. Despite this, it does have the ability to appeal to old time players, mainly with the fact it's set in Kanto but also, competitively, it will be easier for people to get into. The simplier mechanics and new paid online system with icloud saves will help get rid of hackers.

      You should appreciate the game as it is. Like, we don't need more than 807 Pokemon. Yet, we have gotten one here. And these games, are pretty filler. 2019 Gen 8 was going to happen anyway!

      My attitude is basically 'if you are not hyped for a new Pokemon game then you are not a true fan.'
    13. Fraseandchico
      I mean, Pokémon Quest was a thing, does that count towards it? I don't think ANYONE was excited when it was announced/launched.
    14. What Did You Do To Snoke?
      What Did You Do To Snoke?
      Yet look what it did. Lots of people play it.
    15. Fraseandchico
      fair enough. Imma leave this conversation now.
    16. Satokuye
      @Ratbag the Coward You know, I actually think it's the other way around. People that are hyped just for the sake of it, people that force themselves to like a new pokémon game just because it has pokémon in its name is what's really causing this great franchise to fall apart.
      You say that "true fans" have to get hyped for every new pokémon game? Being a true fan means loving the franchise, wanting it to go on as much as possible, wanting it to improve and get better and better. I love pokémon and I'd love for pokémon to keep being the n.1 franchise in the world for many many years to come, but that also means that I must call out nintendo and gamefreak on their crap when they try to pull this stuff on the fans.
      They know some people, like you, will defend and buy whatever they produce no matter how bad it is, because it has pokémon in its name and you are a "true fan", but that only makes them get lazier and lazier with their games. Why would they try if you're just gonna buy whatever half-assed trash they decide to sell? Protip: They stop trying, and this is the result.

      No, I should not appreciate the game as it is, because this is not a free-to-play game, I am supposed to spend money to play this game, therefore I would like for them to at least put some effort into it. And no, we don't have enough pokémon, there's still lots and lots of type combinations we have literally 0 pokémon of, c'mon, we're far from having enough pokémon.

      I don't know how much competitive pokémon you've played, but no, Let's Go will not in any way be beneficial to the online competitive community. Also sorry to disappoint you, but hacking will still be a thing, and it's actually quite accepted by fans all over to world. No-one is mad about that.

      And finally, while I do know very well that this is not a main-series game, I already know that for every little thing that I will dislike about the Gen 8 games, I will think "perhaps if they didn't waste months and months onto Let's Go they could've fixed this issue" and I'll stay mad. Is it a bit childish? Perhaps, but it's also not wrong.
    17. norii
      Maybe Meltan is like Cosmog, and it'll evolve into something more... mythical? Even if it doesn't, I guess it's kinda cute.
    18. What Did You Do To Snoke?
      What Did You Do To Snoke?
      Then you are nothing more than a hater. A terrorist. There has to be something you like. Or have you been fully converted to the cause? I can find comments sections and comments sections of people who dispise everything to do with this game. There needs to be one thing you like the look of. And just because you dont like the look of the game doesnt mean you dont buy it. If we stopped buying games, the franchise would end. I'm sure there would be a reverse psychology thing where the developers would make more of that type of game and alienate themselves from the rest of the Pokemon fanbase.

      With the argument about not having enough pokemon, i am literally forgetting many Pokemon right now there are so many. It probably should have stopped in generation 4 when we had 493 Pokemon and it ended with the 'GOD' of all Pokemon.

      GF finally give us following Pokemon, a feature people have LITERALLY BEEN SCREAMING about since HGSS, and this is how they are treated? We get much better 3d graphics and Pokemon that we can actually see in the overworld like in the wild and this is how they are treated? Man, you must want some super out of this world extordinary game...i wonder what a perfect world looks like?

      No-one is mad about hacking? Hang on a minute, we've got people on youtube complaining about that! In the tournaments, actual real life money is given out as a first place reward...and people are still hacking! It was confirmed that even those dating back to the time with the guy with the Pachirisu who won the Video game tournament years ago was a hacker! If we remove hacking we even the playing field, we make the environment less toxic, we make Pokemon fun again! By saying it doesnt matter, you are allying yourself with fraudsters, bullies and people who literally do not care about other people. News flash, hacking is illegal in Pokemon.

      Do you have any evidence to support your argument that the competitive scene will be worse? It will certainly be better with no rng based IV and EVs. So it will be more about the players and their unique strategies. We also have the alola forms to add to the scene, new types and certain other new things which we did not have in generation 1.

      You may be right about the game if we didnt know that this was a one off. But this is not the future. Think of it as an experimentation, to test the waters and see what it would be like. Just play it. Then do your little judgement. That is all i ask. Being stubborn will get you nowhere.

      Making a Pokemon game is hard. My challenge to you Satokuye, is to make your own Pokemon game.
    19. GalacticDeg
      I didn't like Meltan when we didn't know what it was, but it's grown on me. Now it's officially revealed, I love it! It's so cute.... I hate it when I like a mythical or legendary. It disables me from using a favourite Pokemon, since I don't use mythicals or legendaries in my teams, I don't like using them. I'm also unable to use it until a certain point in roleplay.

      @norii if it evolved I'd love it even more. It's already one of my favourites and I barely know it.
    20. Satokuye
      Ok extremist I can tolerate it, but don't call me terrorist, that's stupid and rude. It's very sad that you claim that I'm toxic and a hater when I'm the only one here trying to prove my point without calling you names. You should learn to be a bit more respectful towards people you don't know.

      Now let's get into this mess of a reply you made. First of all, I never said I don't like ANYTHING about Let's Go. For example I love the following pokémon being back (even though, once again, it's nothing new, just an old feature returning). Of course if we stopped buying the franchise would end. Hello? That's literally the only thing that motivates people in the videogame business to make good games.
      If your game is not good enough people don't buy it, you don't make money, your franchise dies, no money for you! So listen to the fans and get working! But what happens with pokémon? Do pokémon fan actually motivate GameFreak to do better games? Of course not! There will be people like you that will buy the game even if it's trash. That's called being naive, blind, or whatever you prefer. It's a very very bad thing, not only because you (as in: anyone who buys the game) are wasting money on a bad product, but because the company that produces the game will get progressively worse.

      Onto the next thing; so you don't remember some pokémon? That's great to know, but it just so happens that you as an individual not remembering some pokémon means nothing, considering the sheer amount of people that play these games. I, for example, know all of them, their evolution method, evolution level, catchable areas, movesets and sometimes even their dex number. Am I obsessed over pokémon? I'm not, I'm just a fan, and there are many many more like me. The whole point of this is: it doesn't matter what you, or I, think. It's clear that pokémon fan are not even close to being satisfied with the number of pokémon in the game, and the fact that everytime a new regional pokédex (such as Alola, to clarify what I mean) gets revealed, people complain about the small amount of new pokémon.

      As for the "amazing" 3D graphics you're so thankful about, take a look at Zelda: Breath of the Wild for the Nintendo Switch. That's what the Switch can do, and while Let's Go graphics are no doubt an improvement from the previous games, they still come off as lazy since we already had a chance to see what amazing graphics the Switch can support. Now don't get me wrong, I don't expect GF to make a pokémon game with those amazing Zelda-like visuals, but I'm not going to praise them either for what looks like child-play when compared to other titles for the same console.

      Now, here comes the good part. First of all, I don't think you play competitive pokémon at all. Not only because you clearly have no idea how breeding works, but simply because you don't know what VGC players think about hacking. First of all, hacking in pokémon doesn't give you any advantage. In fact, hacked pokémon are already banned from tournments and you can't even use them for random online fights on the 3DS, since the system already detects that they're illegal pokémon. The only thing you can hack in pokémon are perfectly legal pokémon, without any difference from in-game breeded pokémon, except it takes you 1 minute instead of 30 minutes. Now, if you've ever talked or listened to any real VGC player (and no, your favorite youtuber that makes "epic magikarp sweeps" is not a real VGC player) they would tell you without any worry that they are fine with using hacked pokémon, since they are identic to legal pokémon, and that with all the shifts in the VGC meta that are constantly happening it is impossible to keep up and have dozens of legally breeded competitive pokémon, and unless they want to skip tournments they have to hack them in. It's fine and yes, no-one in the competitive scene cares. (Some guy who won a tournment had a Beast Ball Metagross, which is impossible to obtain in the game. Obviously, he wasn't disqualified, and no-one complained. Why not? Because if you have a pokémon in different colored ball, no-one cares).

      I will be going to overlook the fact that you thought IVs and EVs are RNG, because that's just plain ignorance and I'm not in the mood to laugh at you right now.

      We have alola forms to add to the scene? Wrong, we already added alola forms to the scene in SM. Next? We have new types? Wrong, we actually don't.

      It is a useless and kinda pathetic argument to ask me to make a pokémon game. I know it's difficult. There is a very big team of very talented and competent people behind the pokémon games, with a budget of many millions of dollars and also a very good pay to motivate them. Give me the same team of experts, the same budget of millions of dollars plus the money to pay the developers, and let me handle the ideas. Guess what? I really, honestly and genuinely think that I would come up with a 10x better game than what Let's Go P/E is going to be.

      End of reply reminder: stop calling people names, especially if you don't know what those words mean.

      EDIT: Some spelling mistakes
    21. What Did You Do To Snoke?
      What Did You Do To Snoke?
      It's not that i cant 'remember' them. To quote Star Wars: It's that 'this is getting out of hand, now there are' 808 of them. It's a common opinion. It's almost 1000 Pokemon for god's sake! Am i not insane about criticising that, should i take my own life over that? I am obssessed about Pokemon as you. I can remember pretty much every Pokemon but i find it hard to list them all at the same time. I'm pretty sure most fans would say that. It's hard to admit i know, but they cant just keep adding plethoras of Pokemon each generation. There are some people i know who stopped playing pokemon after Ruby/HGSS and when they ask what theyve missed I literally cannot say anything because the list includes more than double the Pokemon they know. IVS and EVs are to do with rng because when you catch a Pokemon IVs you get them generated along with the nature. EVs you can change but i hate them even more because you have to have battled SPECIFIC Pokemon on your journey.

      I think that being wishful and making a list of things a game must have is a bad way to approach things and people should just naturally appreciate a game for what it has.
    22. Satokuye
      Well good thing that pokémon battles aren't fought 400 vs 400. You don't need to be able to list all 800 of them, you need to remember a pokémon's typing and what can that pokémon do when you are fighting it? Is it hard? I could do that at 9, I don't think it's hard.
      You don't seem to know that pokémon used in tournments aren't wild pokémon that you catch, they're breeded pokémon and they always, ALWAYS, be it because you hacked them in like that or because you breeded them like that, have 6x31 (or 4/5x31 in some specific circumstances) IVs. There really is nothing at all RNG about IVs. As for EVs, again, you don't seem to understand that people that fight at tournments don't use their in-game team. Most times, they use one of the in-game methods for fast EV (like hypertraining in Gen 6 or SOS Chain battles in Gen 7). There's no "specific pokémon on your journey". If you have to defend this game, at least make sure that you know what you're talking about next time.
    23. What Did You Do To Snoke?
      What Did You Do To Snoke?
      I mean, first you have to find the pokemon with the right IVs and EVs and that can take a long time and is why i've never gotten into it. Yeah they produce the offspring fast but if you want something specific that's gonna take longer. And hacking is not on the table. Hacking is illegal. I've been playing Pokemon and getting new Pokemon games since I was 6. I think I know what i'm talking about. There are 'specific Pokemon on your journey' as you have to train your Pokemon against certain Pokemon to get specific EVs and each Pokemon has certain EV values!
    24. Satokuye
      You can play for 20 years, but if you don't get into competitive play, you know nothing about competitive play. That's a fact, isn't it? Again, hacking will always be a part of pokémon wether you like it or not, or the VGC would die. But we're getting off-topic now, and I'm kinda tired now.
      I've been playing pokémon for roughly 10 years now, and while I do have some hope for Gen 8, I can say that this is the lowest Pokémon has been in the last 10 years when it comes to game quality, and Let's Go E/P will most likely only go lower.
      I hope Gen 8 proves me wrong, but you should also begin to realize that being a "true" fan does not mean following blindly every decision that GF makes, or buying every pokémon game. Love pokémon, support it, but don't be afraid of criticizing it or disliking it. Realizing you're going down the wrong path is necessary before you go back up, right? Pokémon really needs that right now imo.
    25. TycoonMaster309
      A random kid's reaction: yay!!!
      My Reaction: illuminati confirmed
    26. Salted_Apples
      I really don't like this design it's just so simple holy shit

      literally took a ditto, recolored it, and put a gear and a marble on it's head

      "NeW mYthIcaL gUys"

      @Ratbag the Coward he doesn't have to buy the game, and he can complain. freedom of the consumer. stop continuing this pointless debate.
      Last edited by a moderator: Sep 25, 2018
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    27. User 243055
      User 243055
      Is that a wire or a tail on the back of Meltan?
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    28. TycoonMaster309
      You could be right
    29. Kaben and Madeleine
      Kaben and Madeleine
      Wow this is a shock to see a new pokemon and its cool.
    30. Shiny Blue Gardevoir
      Shiny Blue Gardevoir
      I'll be honest, I hate the design. It's so stupid and lazy. It looks like an unown with a bolt around its head stuck to a ditto. Game Freak is seriously running out of ideas.
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    31. Salted_Apples
      @Shiny Blue Gardevoir Agreed. When I heard about a new mythical revealed for Let's Go, I was super excited - I really thought that a cool new design could turn my opinions on the remakes and Gen 8 as a whole, but it just ended up being disappointed. I had pretty high hopes after USUM, which I think were debatably some of the best games in the series, and had a myriad of solid Pokemon designs, this just doesn't sit well. I really hope it's just a single occurrence, and there are actually some diamonds in the rough out there, though.
    32. Darkmaster006
    33. Hiro Kagemaru
      Hiro Kagemaru
      my god, with so many cool arts, and game freak creates this crap, what a disappointment I hated this pokemon, the worst ever invented (in my opinion) :(
    34. Skyst
      Okay, in my opinion, this Pokemon should only be used for decoration. It is not very useful in battle. Really, I think it's super adorable, and some of it's moves are alright, but not my first choice in an important battle, you know?

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