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Ask to Join Musical Madness and Mystery

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Shadow_Pup, Nov 2, 2019.

  1. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Join Here --> https://pokecharms.com/threads/musical-madness-and-mystery-discussion.21649/#post-809958

    St. Barnabas' School of Musical Education, a place where all species come to learn music of all forms. In the large, ancient looking building, Bellamy Lightwood was already at school, he had come in early to practice some songs, so he sat in the music room, with his guitar, singing Demons by Imagine Dragons. He did this most mornings while he waited for his friend, Shadow to get to school.

    Ariah Lightwood woke up and got dressed, she didn't bother checking if her brother was up, he was probably already at school with her bag, he was kind like that. She ate her breakfast very fast before shifting into her animal form and zooming to the school, she was excited as it was her first day, her brother was almost graduating and had told her great things, he had also mentioned that she should watch out for bullies, particularly Full-Blooded humans, who didn't like half-bloods. She arrived at the front gate of the school and turned back into a human, she walked inside and sat on a nearby bench, not knowing where to go to find her brother.

    Endorsi Gray, yawned as she woke up, she showered and got dressed before floating downstairs to have her breakfast, she stretched her arms out as she went. After her breakfast she grabbed her bag and flew to school gliding on her magnificent white wings. She reached the school, but didn't go in, she liked to wait outside for the school day to begin.

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  2. Marie walked joyfully to school, she finally had a good reason. Her younger brother, Luss, will be going to the same school with her. Sister infected her brother with love to music, she always sang to him when he came back from school. Luss, a young demon with huge crow wings, followed Marie slowly. Their brother, Irae, joked that were it not for the horns that show his demonic origin, someone would mistake him for an angel. Marie turned it into a nickname for Luss, she began to call him a "black angel" ... Well, she did it mainly to piss off Irae, but it seems,that it kinda helped Luss with his mean brother.
    "You're not happy you're going to school with me?" she asked when she saw her brother's face. "That's not the point ... I just ... I don't like walking on the street, I'd rather fly to the school ... But then you couldn't keep up with me." Luss said, if he was flying in the sky he would not have to endure the sight of people ... Full-blooded ...

    An angel stood at the entrance to the school, the girl was short and had a slim figure, her wings looked amazing. Marie came to the angel "Hey, Endorsi ..." she began.
    "This is my chance" Luss thought, and quickly entered through the school gate. "Uhhhh, finally a moment of loneliness," Luss whispered to himself, now he understood why his brother was making fun of his wings. If they were whitewashed, they really wouldn't be different from the angelic ones. Luss looked around, it seems, that some people came really early to school. His eyes stopped for a moment on a girl with blond hair, sitting on the bench. She was probably in the same age as him, after that He wanted to enter to the school... But there was one problem... He remind himself, that Marie had his bag and everything in it... Great.
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  3. She was actually in a private music room rehearsing the song Shadow created for her as a beautiful tone coming from her violin as she played. She had a bit more time before she had to leave for dance which was circus art. Her eyes were shut as she continued to play.

    Shadow had walked into the music room where Bellamy practiced as he saw him playing the guitar or more like practicing it. He could hear his sister playing her violin in another room thanks to him being a shapeshifter that can change into a wolf. "Hey Bellamy what's up?" He asked him holding his guitar behind his back with a strap with a notebook in his hand.

  4. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Off in a graveyard nearby the School, a hand rose from a grave. Then another. Both were put on the ground as a being pushed itself out from its grave, rising from the dead. Terry, once a 5 year old, full-blooded human, had risen from the dead into the land of the living, and.. he was gonna go to school for another day again. He reached back down into his coffin to get out his guitar case and backpack, then begun walking to school, in the fashion of a true undead; slumped over and swaying from left to right. He put a hand on his stomache, feeling quite hungry. Though, he wasn't supposed to eat humans. After all, that would be considered murder... unless he wasnt caught. As he walked on, he could spot a boy look at him and go to the lengths of mocking and insulting terry, thinking Terry was just another idiot drunkard by the way he was walking. Terry dropped his guitar case and backpack, and suddendly got on all fours. The bully's confusion was quickly swapped with panic when Terry began running toward him and leaped onto him, like a predator animal onto their prey. The boy was quickly silenced, and Terry had his breakfast. When he decided enough was enough, he stood up and left the body laying in the grass. He picked up his guitar case and backpack, flung them over his shoulder and soon enough arrived at school, his mouth and upper body stained with fresh blood.
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  5. Blue_Flash4

    Blue_Flash4 Previously Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

    Nick woke up and threw on his leather jacket he pulled a hood over his head and walked to school. As he got to the gate he waited for his friend Cooper to meet him.

    Cooper woke up and got breakfast. He then walked off to school and met Nick at the front gate.
  6. She looked at the time as it was almost time for her next class which was circus art. She clean up the bow to play the violin before placing her violin inside her case along with her bow. She closed it and locked it shut up gathering her things which she placed in her bag before closing it shut and put a small lock on it to prevent anyone from opening it. She picked up her violin case before walking out of the private music room as she shut the door locking itself. She walked down the hall as she pulled out her white wolf mask that was blue-streaked before placing it on her face that way she won't have to worry about once she got into the auditorium for circus art practice. She walked outside to be able to get to it as she passed by a male with wings that looked like an angels but black. She took the moment to compliment them. "Nice wings, the black color of them brings out the shine to them when hit with sunlight. Don't let anybody judge you just because you have them there a pretty sight to see" she finished not daring to touch them only looking in eye view. She finished there before continuing to walk into another building to the auditorium.

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  7. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Bellamy wasn't paying attention to anything but his music, so when Shadow said hi, he shot off his chair changing into his fox form and hitting the ground hard, now lying upside down, he popped back to human "God Shadow, you scared the life out of me" he got up dusting himself off, "so ready for our final year" he asked glancing down, spotting his sisters bag "oh damn, I forgot, I have Ariah's bag, I gotta give this to her, you coming with" he asked as he strapped his guitar to his back and put his sheet music away and started to walk from the music rooms.

    Endorsi turned to see Marie, "hey Marie, was that Luss, I saw sneaking off just there, is he starting this year" she asked the girl as her wings rustled in the slight breeze, she glanced over Marie's shoulder "oh for crying out loud, the zombie kids come to school covered in blood again, he kept doing that last year, I thought he wasn't supposed to eat people" as she spoke a full-blooded kid pushed past her and Marie to get into the building saying "out of the word bird breath" Endorsi grabbed him by the shirt and held him up by his collar, floating up a bit she said "if I drop you from here, you will shatter your spine, but I guess you already have you spineless jerk" she lowered him down pushing him away, as he walked off, he muttered something about how that wasn't very angelic.
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  8. Del chilled in the corner of the schoolyard, waiting for school to start. So this was that infamous music education school place? Seemed pretty dumb. What the heck could Del learn here that she couldn't learn on her own? The Banshee adjusted her Bass Guitar before glancing around the yard. She watched as a couple students walked into the yard. It looked like a lot of people at this school weren't human. That would be a nice shift in pace. She watched as a girl suddenly appeared, transforming from what looked like a small bird, before sitting down on a bench. Shortly after that, a girl with white wings soared down into the yard as well. One by one, students began to come into the yard. Del kept an eye on every one of them, leaning against the wall and making small adjustments to her Bass.

    Drake made his way towards the school, hands in his pockets and whistling cheerfully. A new day, and so far it was going pretty well. The human had woken up feeling refreshed and ready. He had a filling breakfast. All his gear for school was ready. And the day was nice. But as Drake approached the school, he noticed something that, well... it alarmed him, a little. A student was walking in covered in blood. On further examination, Drake realized that it was Terry, one of the half-blood Juniors. Drake remembered him seeing Terry a couple times last year, a zombie. Drake, well, had tried to keep his distance. I mean, the guy stank to high heaven. And sure, there had been a few rumors. But Drake had always dismissed them as just that. Rumors.
    Hold on, Drake. Let's just think for a moment. Drake paused, closing his eyes for a second before continuing towards the school. We don't know if that's human blood. It's probably something like pig's blood, after all. I mean, they wouldn't let MURDERERS to this school. Right? Feeling comforted by his logic, Drake made his way into the schoolyard. It looked like it was already starting to fill up. Drake looked around for a minute before finding a seat that looked relatively open.
    "Hey." Drake said to Ariah as he approached where she was sitting. He offered the freshman a smile and pointed to the seat next to her. "Is that seat open?"
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  9. Before Luss could say "Thanks" to the Girl, that complimented him. She already headed somewhere... "beautiful wings..." In his previous school, he wanted to cut them off... Well, he was the only half-blooded in his previous school.

    Marie smiled to Endorsi "Yeah, He couldn't wait to finally go to this school. Well, I hope he will get along with everyone" She said. As Marie heard word zombie, she kinda hid herself behind Endorsi's back. "Endorsi, everything is alright now?"
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  10. She had quickly changed to her acrobatic outfit before going on stage to practice with the baton swing as she had a circus show coming up soon so she was rather busy rehearsing her music and her performance but what she didn't realize was that her music book slipped out of her bag when she was complimenting the male with the black wings but luckily her name was in the front so if someone found it they could return it to her. She went up high on the ladder before jumping off the edge and grasping the swing with her hands as she moved herself in many directions as her partner grabbed her hands from time to time to flip her.

    Shadow has just remembered that he needed to drop the music sheet to his own sister he made for her. "Actually, yes I am, I have to drop these music sheets to my own sister, if I were to guess she is probably in the auditorium right now for her circus art practice" he said. "Oh and by the way sorry dor scaring you" he chuckled a bit before following Bellamy out.

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  11. Blue_Flash4

    Blue_Flash4 Previously Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

    Nick and Cooper headed off to their guitar practices. They were in separate parts of the school so they’d have to separate eventually. When they reached the area where they had to split up they both waved farewell to eachother. Nick was walking down the hallway when a human shoved him. “Watch it freak” the human said. Nick just stared him down and then pinned him to a wall and said “You should watch it any second now I can suck the blood out of ya.” He then let go of the guy and continued to his lesson.
  12. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    As Terry approached the school, he looked around at everyone else. Then, he noticed something drip from his jaw. He put a finger to the liquid to inspect it. Blood. Probably from his earlier feast. Terry used his sleeve to wipe the blood off his face and flicked the sleeve a bit, shaking the blood off. He saw someone hiding behind someone else, apparent by the scent of fear coming from them, since Terry had a heightened sense of smell from being an undead. He approached them, with a look of confusion on his face. He looked behind the girl, to the one who was hiding behind her. " ..why are you so scared..? There.. something happening..? " Terry spoke, quite slowly as his brain was working out the words at a slower pace.
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  13. Marie heard a voice and looked at him, saying "No ... It's all right ... Just ..." and she saw the zombie in front of her. She hardly screamed, as she saw Terry. Well, she knew him before, by sight, but she was a little afraid of him. Although in the past she was afraid of demons, who could eat the souls of other living beings. Of course, Demons can't do this (It is similar to murder),but she still was scared... Well, Luss never ate anyone's soul. Zombies ... They still scared her a little, but maybe Terry is okay? "Luss ... Help ..."
    "Nah, don't worry. I just remind myself something bad"


    Luss saw a book lying on the floor. Music book ... JC was written on the front. "It's possible that this book for this girl from before. Well, the fact that 'JC' is written on the front, doesn't help me ... maybe my sister knows, where I could find her," Luss thought, and went in the direction he believed, he would find his sister.
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  14. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Endorsi moved one of her wings in between Terry and Marie, "Terry not to be rude, but I don't think she is entirely accustomed to you being a zombie, also was that what I think it was that you were covered in, your not killing again are you, I thought you'd stopped, you know the school are definitely gonna find out" she said to Terry.

    Ariah turned to the guy, "oh uh no, I was just waiting for my brother, he has my things and came to school early, so I'm going to just wait here, I'm Ariah Lightwood by the way, what's your name?"
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  15. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Clara brushed out her long black hair and admired herself in the mirror. She had to admit, today she looked pretty good. And it wasn't as if she was putting in more effort in her appearance today. No she dressed as she did normally. It must be the air, or the excirment.

    She ran down the stairs and bid her parents, both shapeshifters themselves, goodbye. Once she left her house, she changed into a long haired, black wolf. She ran to the school, knowing that she was slightly late, for it being the first day. When she got there, she saw a zombie and two girls. She could tell o w was a zombie due to the putrid smell that was enhanced due to the fact she was a wolf at that moment. Her ears perked with silent curiosity as her nose scrunched up from the smell. What were they talking about? She edged closer, wanting to know what was going on. One of the girls had wings. Half-blood, like her. She shook her head, pushing all the labels out of her mind. This was the mindset that was driving everyone apart.
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  16. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    " Oh comeon, I ain't that scary, am I? " Terry laughed. " And.. well, yeah, it is but.. I mean, what's the school gonna do about it? Kicking me out isn't gonna solve anything. Scolding isn't gonna work either. I mean hey, it ain't my fault they're not giving me enough food to distract myself from my zombie instincts. " He laughed coldly. " I do try to stop myself but just... sometimes.. they look too delicious to.. just.. pass up.. " He slowly trailed off, but shook his head to snap himself back to reality. " But well, I'm gonna go wash that off now. Seeya. " He said, waving to Endorsi and Marie, walking off into the school, to the boy's bathroom.
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  17. "Forgive me, Terry.But, you can't blame me for being a little scared of you ... See you later" Marie said, hiding behind Endorsi's wings, she clung to them without thinking. "Hey, sister, I need you for a while," shouted Luss. He saw Marie, who was behind the Angel, she was also with zombies. Zombie, however, went somewhere after a while. "Yyy, Sister, you may know who owns this Music Book." asked the demon. "Next time, maybe you'll come to me of your own free will and you won't need me for anything then ... It belongs to JC, but I don't know where she can be now" Marie said a little nervous. To relax, she Rubbed her brother's hair. "Stop!"
    "It's a punishment for going somewhere without my knowledge ... Endoris, maybe you know where JC might be now?"
    When Marie was asking Endoris, Luss noticed that some kind of black wolf is watching them... It could not be something strange, if this wolf stopped for a while watching them and did something else."Do this Wolf needs something from us"
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  18. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Clara realised that she was being weird. She flattened her ears in embarrassment then changed into her human form. "Sorry, I got curious." She gulped. How much attention did she gather? Not much she hoped. She gave a nervous smile and walked to Luss. "Name's Clara Wolfborn. And this is my first year."
  19. Shadow had to go to a different direction to deliver the music notes to JC his sister. As he was walking he spotted a group with two females, one that looked to appear to be a shapeshifter while the other one had angels and a long haired wolf who shifted back to be a going girl as for the male with black wings he saw him holding a familar music book in his hand. He approached to speak with the group. "Excuse me but why do you have JC's music book in your hand?" He asked as he probably could guess that it slipped out of his sister's bag as she was going to the auditorium for circus art practice.

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  20. Luss escaped from Marie's hand. "Luss Regensintu, this is also my first year. This completely carefree person behind me is my sister, Marie." said Luss.
    "Hey, you sounded like it was a bad thing!! Nice to meet you, Clara" Marie said and smiled at the new schoolgirl, who was about to attend her school.
    A boy approached Luss and he recognized the book Luss was holding. "Ummm, I found it on the floor, I thought someone dropped that Music book... So I thought I'd give it back. Do you know where I can find the owner of this book?" asked Luss.
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  21. Drake smiled at the blonde girl. She seemed quite cute, and had a very nice sounding name.
    "It's nice to meet you, Ariah. My name's Drake." Drake said. He took off his backpack, setting it in front of him as he sat next to Ariah. "I don't recognize you. You're a Freshman, right? You excited for your first day?"
    Some movement caught the corner of Drake's eye, and he looked over and watched as a black wolf transformed into a girl. Said girl began talking to another boy, this one with horns and large, black, feathery wings. Eh. A pretty normal day for St. Barnabas.


    From her spot in the shade, Del got a pretty good view of everything that was going down in the yard. People freaking out, almost beating each other up... Just another day. Del was just glad no one was seeming to notice her. Finishing making some adjustments to her Bass, she strummed through a few chords before putting down her guitar. The girl watched the students in the yard a bit longer. There were a few interesting people. The demon-looking kid with black, pointed hair looked rather interesting. Then there was that zombie that came in covered in blood. That was pretty metal, but Del took a mental note to stay away from him. You had to be a pretty special kind of messed up to come to school covered in blood. Feeling bored, Del glanced at the tree she was leaning against. She wished she had brought her knife. She could probably have scratched something into the tree. At least that would keep her mind occupied.
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  22. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Bellamy found Ariah sitting next to Drake, "not pestering, my sister a we Drake" he said jokily as he gave Ariah her bag, "I'm fine Bellamy" Ariah said giggling slightly. Bellamy chuckled saying "well alright, well we'll be nice Ariah" he then walked off towards the auditorium, to see if Shadow had found JC yet.

    Endorsi didn't need to answer the question as Shadow turned up, she instead turned to Clara, "Nice to meet you Clara and welcome to the school, my name is Endorsi Gray, and I am an Angel both literally and figuratively" she said smirking slightly.
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  23. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Moving into the boy's bathroom, Terry took off his hoodie and washed the blood out with cold water, squeezed any remaining water out of it, shook the hoodie until it was dry and then put it on again, completely disregarding that it still felt wet, cold and mushy. Not like he could really feel it anyway. Then, he begun making his way to the auditorium. He was planning that while he was at it, he may aswell get some practice in with his playing. And maybe singing, too. Depending of people are present in the building or not. Quietly, he walked out of the building again and snuck past everyone as best he could, moving into the Auditorium.
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  24. Shadow gave a nod. "Yes I do, JC is my sister actually, it probably slipped out of her bag when she was on her way to the auditorium for rehearsal" he said hearing them introduced themselves. "Are you guys new? It looks like you are since I haven't seen you around before and since we are introducing, I'm Shadow, a shapeshifter, and a graduate at this school also the brother to JC" he introduced. "It's a pleasure to meet you all" he added looking to them.

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  25. Drake looked over, a little startled by Bellamy's approach.
    "Sister?" Drake said, looking from Bellamy to Ariah. Lightwood... the last name should have tipped him off. He was surprised to see Bellamy here, in fact. Was he supposed to graduate last here? It seems like the Shapeshifter was sticking around as a Grad Student. Drake was, well, at little nervous in the presence of Bellamy. After all, why shouldn't he? The dude was massive and built like a tank. Not to mention, he was a Shapeshifter. He wasn't anything big, like a wolf or a bear, but a fox could still deal quite a lot of damage to someone. Still, Drake hadn't really heard any horror stories about him. At least, not compared to some of the other students. Drake was a little relieved as he watched Bellamy walk away, and relaxed.
    "Well. So Bellamy's your brother, huh?" Drake said to Ariah.
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  26. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Clara smiled at everyone. "Thank you. As you all know, I'm a wolf-shapeshifter." She fell silent, not knowing what else to say. What did one say after an introduction? She honestly didn't know. She sighed. "So, what are you all coming here? I'm here for writing lyrics." Was that a good topic? She thought so. It wasn't as if it wasn't very personal.
  27. Marie was a little confused now, but this group got big in a really short time ... In addition, she was afraid that Luss would be more rude to others. (Fortunately) Luss was not nice only to her. The young Demon, however, was not used to such a crowd. But everyone seemed to be nice, his eyes turned golden for a moment. "Nice to meet you Shadow. " said Luss. His tone, as usual, sounded a bit cold and uncertain, but he perfectly concealed the nervousness of staying in such a large group. Marie came to Shadow and smiled "Shadow, long time no see. How are you and JC?" Marie asked the boy. Then she noticed that Luss's eyes changed color "Ooo, I see that you are happy to come to this school more than I thought" Marie giggled . "How did you come with that idea!" Luss said, turning around. "Because your eyes are like a dog's tail. It's easy to read how you feel"
    "I will only give JC her Music Book back and I will return here soon" said Luss, expanded his large, black wings to full size and flew toward the auditorium. With his sudden start, the wind from under his wings slightly damaged Maria's hairstyle. "Maybe you would kindly move away before you want to start flying!!!"

    (Woah, that moment, when you post second later than, PlayfulFox)
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  28. Shadow closed his eyes for the moment as he felt the wind from his wings blow through him as this caused his bang to be lifted showing both eyes his gold one to he exact as it was on his right side as his light blue one was on his left. "We are both doing well. Marie and Claire JC and I are also wolf shapeshifters but not the long haired one that you have as we have the normal wolf fur. Actually why don't you all follow me as you can see what my sister does and you can ask her questions about what she does and in return I'll say what mine is" he said shifting down wolf as he was a pure black wolf with his black cross necklace around his neck as his eyes was the same as his original eye color. "I am going to trout so you guys can keep up since I have to deliever her music note lyrics anyway and I can ask her to give you freshmen a tour around the school if you like" he said as he started to trout away from the group to the auditorium.

    She was in the middle of rehearsing on the acrobatic swing as she jumped from each one. She let it go as she landed on the net below that was already set up. She made her way to a medium sized ball that was striped as she slowly lifted herself to balance on it with both hands before going to one hand as her legs pointed straight out. Her dark long hair that she had pulled up in a high ponytail hung down her shoulder as half of it touched the floor. Once she was ready she was going to shapeshift to finish the trick off with a flip.

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  29. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Terry entered the Auditorium, going backstage to set up some stuff. He could hear someone doing something on the main stage and moved around the curtains, moving onto the stage. He could see a girl practice her acrobatics with all kinds of stuff. Terry didn't really know what to do at this point. He already had his guitar strap flung over his shoulder and was ready to play, but now he really just couldn't do anything but wait. So, he decided to just stand there, half-covered in the shade of the stage curtains, waiting until the girl was done. He had to admit, she was quite athletic. Certainly something he couldn't do, what with how heavy his limbs got post-mortem.
  30. Blue_Flash4

    Blue_Flash4 Previously Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

    Nick had finished his guitar lessons and got bored. He walked to the auditorium. He opened the door and snuck his way to one of the back corners. He watched as a girl was finishing performance. As he was standing there hiding in the darkness unseen he had to admit that the girl performing was definitely skilled.
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  31. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Bellamy had entered the auditorium, and without hesitation had walked to where JC was practicing, he stood leaning against the net and watched, he loved it when she practiced, she was so elegant and skilled, he started to hum to himself, he hoped it wouldn't be a distraction. He checked around the auditorium noticing a kid sitting watching, he ignored him and continued to wait for Shadow, though that wasn't his only reason for coming.

    Ariah sighed "yeah, that's my brother, don't worry he won't bite, well maybe if you steal his lunch or something, anyway this is an awkward question, but are you like me and my brother or are you, human." She asked shifting into humming bird form for a second and back to human again to how what she meant.
  32. Luss was lucky that there were no speeding tickets. He could get them like.. a thousand already. When he finally arrived to auditorium and entered. He saw JC, while she was practicing. The young boy was impressed, how skilled she was. He entered quietly,so no one seemed to notice him. When Luss looked around, he thought the girl must have a huge number of fans admiring her exercises (Hmmm, or they are just peeping on her... ). Luss decided to sit quietly for a moment. He tried to hide his wings and was waiting for JC.

    Marie answered Clara with a smile. "Well, I mainly sing and dance here. I've always wanted to give people joy in my singing. However, my brother, Luss, he writes songs and also sings himself...Well, he is better in singing songs, than creating his own. You don't even know how difficult it was for me to convince him to go to this school. When I said that if he likes music and has a great voice, why not use it.Of course, I didn't force him to go here. It was his own decision. Clara, what reason did you have to come to this school? " Marie asked Clara.
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  33. "Yeah, I know. I've seen Bellamy around before." Drake said. He watched as Ariah turned into a hummingbird and back. That was a pretty cool trick, and Drake wasn't too surprised. After all, she wasn't the first shapeshifter Drake had ever meant. He hesitated a moment as he considered how to respond. There were quite a few half-bloods out there that weren't very big fans of full blooded humans. Then again, if Drake lied about it that would be far too complicated for him. Plus, pretty much everyone else in the school that had been here for a while could tell Drake was a full-blooded. So Drake decided to stick with the truth.
    "Sorry, no fantastic abilities or mythical traits for me. Just a plain old human here." Drake said, smiling at Ariah. Still, Drake didn't feel to comfortable discussing this topic. So he decided to change the subject.
    "So, what are you hoping to do here at St. Barnabas?" Drake asked Ariah.
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  34. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Ariah looked at Drake "you know I don't care about half-bloods and full-bloods, but sometimes I wish I was human, I'd get picked on less, and I wouldn't have to worry about transforming at inappropriate times, being a Half-Blood can kind of suck sometimes," she stopped while she thought about his question, "to be honest I don't know, probably learn to be a better song writer or something" she said as she shrugged and accidentally nudged Drake slight "sorry" she said.
  35. She felt herself being watched but didn't seem to mind it at this point since she was more focused on practicing as she didn't break a sweat just yet. The wolf mask she was wearing helped her remain calm so her anxiety wasn't as bad as she excepted. She finished the trick off by using her hand to flip into the air and by doing so shapeshifted into her wolf form appearing with a white coat and light blue eyes as the mask wasn't visible in her shapeshifting form. She landed on her two paws but kept her hind legs up high in the air as her tail was curved up like the tail of a husky would to keep it steady. Her instructor was watching this carefully and how she performed. If she had screwed up she would have to do it all over again and that frustrated her a lot sometimes so had to make sure it was right. She walked a couple of more steps before backflipping until she landed on a large circle stand facing a ring that was above water with another path of rings close together finishing with an acrobatic swing as she has to throw herself up to the rope line that she has to balance herself on to get to the other side to finish for the day.

    "Let's go JC no slacking," her instructor said. "I understand sir" she answered without hesitation before she leaped through the ring over the pool of water to the other side before using her strong wolf legs to leap through the five rings that were together as her jaws grasped the swing as with strong force she pushed her body straight up doing a flip while she was in the air. She landed at the beginning of the rope line being high off the ground I mean literally high up and she hated heights. "Do you want me to do this in my wolf form or human?" she asked her instructor. "In your wolf form, you already know how to do this in your human form so I need you to practice this in your wolf form," he said to her. "Right," she said before focusing her attention on the rope line. She closed her eyes taking a breath as she started to place one of her paws on the rope line before having all four paws on the rope. She struggled slightly but managed to keep her balance steady but her instructor made it harder for her. "Now walk on it with two paws, your hind paws!" he told her. She didn't hesitate to listen as she slowly raised her front paws off of the rope line slowly keeping balance. She started to walk forward slowly but suddenly lost her balance on it falling off landing on the net below as she leaped out of it sighing. "Well done JC but because of that, you need to practice more until you get it right ok, work on it on the weekend because the competition is coming up soon" he advised her. "Take a break and see you later with results" he added leaving her alone in the auditorium.

    She sighed before walking over to her bag shifting back as she grabbed her cold bottle of water and started to drink it as she was very thirsty for the moment. "Great...another stressful weekend...as if anything could get any worse..." she said placing her hand on her neck rubbing it while holding her water. She looked into her bag and saw her music book was missing as she sighed. "Great now my music book slipped out my bag without me noticing...another stress I have to deal with to find..." she added taking off her mask and placed it inside her bag revealing her face. Shadow was still in his wolf form heading to the auditorium to deliver the music note lyrics to her.

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    Bellamy shifted and made his way over to JC, he stopped for a second when he saw her face, he couldn't remember the last time he had actually seen her face. He reached her and shifted into a human and said "hey JC, your really getting good at this aren't you" as he lent against a wall, he was keeping his sentences short as he usually did around her as his heart would beat hard and fast when around her, he forced himself to chill, "so, Shadow been here yet, I was gonna see if he had heard anything about the talent festival coming up, I was considering entering and wanted to talk to him about it" he said changing the subject to being about anything other than her, to control his heart beat.
  37. Luss began to approach JC, when he saw, that the girl has finished. He paused for a moment, she was talking to someone. Maybe you'd better not disturb them ... No, I will give JC her book quickly, and come back. I have to take my backpack from my sister and probably go to the first class. He thought to himself. Finally he approached JC and Bellamy. "I'm sorry to bother you," he said to them in a calm, almost official tone. He turned to the girl, "You are JC, right. I think this music book belongs to you," Luss said and handed JC her book.
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    '...huh? ..oh, its over... I must've spaced out in the middle of it- wait, where the hell did all these people come from?! I can't practice with all these people around!' Terry thought, once he saw JC's practice end and everyone else suddendly show up. He groaned annoyedly and begun walking backstage to put his guitar away and leave the building. There was no way he was gonna do any sorts of practice with such a crowd around. Not because he was afraid of being bullied by them. But moreover because he was afraid of losing it again when they start to mock and insult him for being such a bad player. Like he did with that other kid earlier. He didn't want to do it, but it just... sort of happened to him, without thinking.
  39. "Hey, it's okay. It'll take more than that to hurt me." Drake said, smiling at Ariah. He looked out at the other students in the yard and paused for a moment before he considered what to say.
    "Yeah. I have a friend that's a half-blood. He goes through a lot of crap, and people can be jerks." Drake said, before turning back to Ariah. "But it's not too bad here. There's a whole lot of half-bloods here, and most of them are pretty chill. They've got a really strong group here, and look after each other. And yeah, there's a few jerks here. But you really have to be a special kind of stupid to be a jerk to a half-blood. I mean, it's not exactly smart to insult a being that could easily rip your throat out with their bare hands, right? So the most people do is usually just throw insults."
    Drake shrugged before continuing.
    "The half-blood presence at this school is really strong, and you shouldn't let what people say to you get to you. After all, it's about the music, right?" Drake smiled at Ariah. "Speaking of music, what type of music do you like?"
  40. Before she had answered Bellamy, she saw the same male she had complimented about his wings handing her the music book that had slipped out of her bag. "Yes I am, but Omg...thank you for picking this up, I was about to panic all over the place if I couldn't find it...that relieves my stress greatly due to me having rehearsal on the same day one in the morning and the other at night...are you new to this school? I haven't seen you around before so I just assumed you were" she said giving a gentle smile to him. "Also, yes I am Bellamy, I practice a lot so I am very experienced at this and use to my instructors tone and about Shadow he is right behind you" she said seeing her brother in his wolf form as instead of a white coat it was black with light blue-gold eyes instead of light blue.

    "Hey Shadow, here to deliver my music lyric notes I presume?" She asked him. She saw him shift back before speaking. "Yes I am sis, here you go" he said handing her a folder with the music notes inside. "Thank you brother," she added as she placed the music book and folder inside her bag making sure it didn't slip out again. "Since your new I'll introduce myself, I'm JC a wolf shapeshifter and also the young sister of Shadow here also a wolf shapeshifter and a senior in this school as my brother is a graduate like my best friend here Bellamy who is also a shapeshifter but a fox. If you have any questions about anything please don't hesitate to ask me since I am an advisor here ok. I want you to be as comfortable as possible no matter the species" she finished taking another sip of her water.

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