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Most Visited Websites

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Shiny Lyni, Oct 15, 2013.

  1. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    Pretty sure we had a topic like this a while back, but I can't seem to find it so I'm guessing it was probably kind of old? Anyways, title says all~ Which websites do you tend to visit a lot? And has this list changed significantly over the years?

    Looking at the list right now, my current eight are Youtube, 'Charms, MSPaintAdventures, deviantART, Facebook, Yahoo, Google, and some manga reading website (seems to shuffle between about 4 different ones since I can never decide which one I want to use XD)~ I know in the past 6 years, 'Charms has always been towards the top, if not at the top of the list, though last year I kinda took a hiatus due to school and began going on Youtube a lot instead. For now, the two websites go back and forth as they vie for the top spot |D

    Also notable ones I've visited in the past include Neopets, Maplestory, and a few school-related websites for when I was in middle/high school and would constantly check on my grades and whatnot. I don't go on them as much, if at all, so they're not on the list anymore~

    Surprisingly, Twitter isn't on there even though I use it a lot as a way to communicate with my Youtube friends. I guess that's because I use my phone and an app on Chrome (Tweetdeck) to check up on them more than the actual website itself, but eh.
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  2. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Generally my most visited websites are the ones sitting in my bookmark bar. So, right now I'd say the sites I spend the most time with are:

    BBC Weather (Gotta know what horrible weather I have to face day to day! :D)
    All The Anime
    WordPress (both for my blog and for any writing I do for WiiUAndMii)
    LiveJournal (I write stuff on and visit this much more than I ever thought I would. xp)

    I'll check MangaReader now and again too, but between buying JUMP weekly and having an iPad app for manga I don't check the site as often as I used to. Facebook and Twitter are kind of in the same boat, I use both a lot on my iPad and Twitter often isn't visited on my laptop these days. I used to visit Radio 1 a lot too, but again having an app to access it kinda killed the need to visit it on my laptop.

    I wouldn't say my habits have changed much over the years, I always visited my Pokémon sites and news sites, the only thing that seems to have changed is how often I'll visit my anime news sites and how much I use Crunchyroll. Everything else seems to be the same as when I answered a question like this two or three years ago. ^^
  3. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Charms is at the top of the list full stop. Serebii, Bulbapedia, Youtube, Manga Fox, Manga Reader, KH Insider, Science Direct, and MSN are also frequent destinations of my interwebbing.
  4. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Aside from 'Charms (Which obviously is high atop the list) and assorted Google-powered websites (that is, the search engine itself, Gmail and Youtube), my top most visited websites are definitely Facebook, deviantART and Tumblr.

    Shout-outs also go to LiveJournal (which I use much more rarely than I used to these days) and Wikipedia (Which I find myself using often). Serebii and Bulbapedia often get checked as a resource for Pokémon information. And then there are the webcomics that I still follow (MSPaint Adventures, Girl Genius and Guilded Age - though I check the latter two more sporadically).
  5. There isn't a ton of websites I regularly visit, but there are some that I visit, like, practically every day. Here's a list of the most common ones:

    Pokemon Database
    Armorgames.com (For Gemcraft. Killing monsters with pretty magic rocks is surprisingly fun >:D )

    The top three certainly get visited on a daily basis, and Google and Pottermore get frequent visits. These are my main hangouts, for various reasons. Facebook for keeping in touch with friends and family, Youtube for entertainment, Pokecharms because it's a fun place to be at, Google for searches and email, and Pottermore for goofing around and finding additional information about the world of Harry Potter.

    Wikipedia is a place I often end up at when searching for information, and has been generally reliable. Dictionary.com is for any definitions I need, very useful.

    Serebii is mostly for Pokemon information, and while this site is good for that, I like to have multiple sources of info. Pokemon Database for the same reason, although I also like getting Pokedex data from that site more than any other Pokemon website.

    Amctv is for keeping up with the The Walking Dead and having discussions in the Comments sections of videos. I enjoy discussions, debates, speculation, and predictions, all of which I heavily contribute to, because it is my unhealthy obsession! Roosterteeth is just for the new RWBY episodes, which I of course enjoy immensely.

    Recently, I have also been frequenting Armorgames to play Gemcraft. It's a lot of fun, I just haven't made too much progress. I've defeated 2 epic bosses, although I'm fast approaching the third. In contrast, I enjoy a website called EpicMafia, but haven't been able to get on very much since school started. Very fun, just be prepared to be very confused. You'll also have to deal with many rude people. However, once you get into it, it can be a very exciting experience!

    So, these are currently my favorite websites. They have changed, but I'm glad to see a few that have stuck, none the least of which is 'Charms!
  6. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    ~ 'Charms
    ~ Rooster Teeth / Achievement Hunter
    ~ eBay
    ~ Amazon
    ~ Pokevault
    ~ Gmail
    ~ Serebii
    ~ Google
    ~ YouTube

    Those all spring to mind as easily being my most visited websites. I frequent places for specific things, like ShopTo for games, but I only go to those sort of sites when there's something specific I'm after, so I wouldn't say they're my most visited on a day-by-day basis. Most of my online time is probably spent between here and Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter content.
  7. Tumblr

    I also visit sites like Blogger, Ebay, and Amazon but more recently i've been too busy to blog and compare prices of things i'm looking for... :'|
  8. -'Charms (of course. It's also the only online community I'm a regular participant in)
    -Pokesho (has excellent Pokemon-related images. Unfortunately, it hardly ever updates anymore...)
    -GameFAQs (only as a spectator. Strongly considering changing my homepage to something else, since that community constantly rubs me the wrong way)
    -Hardcore Gaming 101 (a site dedicated to obscure games. I wrote the articles for RosenKreuzStillete and Aselia the Eternal there)
    -TVtropes (for better or worse)
    -That Guy With The Glasses
  9. baratron

    baratron Moderator of Elder Scrolls
    Staff Member Moderator

    Apart from Livejournal, Wikipedia, Gmail, and the BBC News site, my most visited sites are webcomics or daily humour sites:
    - Questionable Content
    - Freefall
    - PhD Comics
    - Others that are NSFW
    - Passive-Aggressive Notes
    - Not Always * (Right, Working, Related, Romantic, and Learning)
    Also Archive of Our Own and deviantArt.

    I used to spend a lot of time on Sims sites, but haven't played any of The Sims series in longer than I can remember. I used to spend time on the GameFAQs forums, but gave up because the site simply has no respect for women. I pretty much always have the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages Wiki open, sometimes on both my laptop and phone, and UESP is the only web forum I go to regularly apart from Pokecharms.

    Also, I've pretty much given up with eBay. I have no spare money, so why get sad looking at items I want and can't afford?
  10. AzureEdge

    AzureEdge ✧luzrov rulay✧

    It'd have to be charms, Facebook (chatting purposes and more forums like these), Mangahere (manga fox liscenses everything), Google, gmail, fanfic.net (I gotta publish my fanfiction!)YouTube (for random video searches), and plug.dj (I'm running my own plug.dj group.)
  11. youtube, google, here (obviously), terraria online (remember its my original forum) and too many more to name
  12. Hmm……. This is a bit tough actually since I visit so many websites. These would have to be the ones that I visit the most though.

    Pokecharms - Obviously
    Reddit - WTF, MinionHate, Askreddit, CringeAnarchy and CringePics are the subreddits I visit the most.
    Ebay - Where I buy or my plushies from and stuff.
    Serebii - Visit everyday for any important news.
    Listverse - ♥ List sites. Listverse hasn't been as great lately though.
    PKMNCollectors LiveJournal - Because I collect Pokemon plush ^^
    Imgur - Where I store a lot of pics.
    Cracked - One of my fave sites to visit when I am bored.
    Oddee - Another list site ♥ Not as good as Listverse, but still.
    Paranormal.about - I read Ghost stories on here.
    Bulbapedia - For Pokemon info.
    Facebook - Don't visit as often as I used to, but still check it about 4 times a week or so.
    Tvtropes - I like to read stuff on here for some reason.
    Creepypasta Wikia - To read Creepastas obviously
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  13. I keep the most-used sites in Chrome's handy favorites bar, which I'm sure has no feedback loop at all concerning which sites I visit most.
    Gmail - my e-mail client; perpetually open if my computer is on
    Youtube - for when I don't want to do anything productive
    Deviantart - for my creative endeavors
    Kotaku - For some reason this site is controversial, but it's still good for checking up on gaming news at a glance
    MS Paint Adventures Forums - where my current comic/adventure dealie is running
    Tumblr - so I can reblog every bad pun that comes my way; @StellarWind Elsydeon can vouch for this
    Facebook - because I have to keep up with my family somehow :T
  14. Bulbagardens (forums) - and YouTube are my most visited sites. 90% of my internet time I'm there.
  15. Pokecharms, youtube, Meez, pixar wiki, disney wiki, bully wiki, fnaf wiki, dorkly
  16. FalChromiforme

    FalChromiforme Formerly Aurora Beam

    1. Pokecharms obviously tops the list.
    2. deviantART -not usually to post, but to look
    3. Google Drive/Youtube/google websites in general
    4. Fanfiction.net -also not usually to post.
    5. Serebii -I don't know WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING, Serebii can help with all of my pokemon info usually. If not resort to #1.

    So there they are. I think pokecharms is my home. Nowhere else have I ever been forum-active, or at least not as much. THIS PLACE IS MY INTERWEBS HOME!!!!!!! :D
  17. Im Bored. So What About A Long Boring Top 10?!
    2: Youtube. I Freaking Do It. And I Do It Every Time. *Got Back From School* "Gotta watch youtube for 5 hours!" Is Usually My Quote When I Come Back From School.

    3: Any No Download Free Pokemon Website To Date. Yeah. UnovaRPG, HeilosRPG, Pokemon Lake. You Name It. When I only had a computer And Im Somewhere Thats Not Home. GET READY TO SEARCH MILLIONS OF POKEMON WEBSITES!

    4: Pokecharms. I Know. Im Quite New. Although When Im Making A Story. Its Kinda Stressful To Make So Much Of These In A Hour. Because Plot Is Hard. Thats Most Of My Precious Time On Pokecharms. Yeah.

    5: Any Wiki. When I Need To Make My Stories. Half Of It Is Research. What About Pokemon Wiki? I Say When I Make A Pokemon Story. Its Part Of My Everyday Life Of Writing. Also This Includes Bulbapedia, Smogon, And Serebii.

    6: Kotaku Because Of Looking At Every Story They Have lol.

    Fanfiction.net Because I Do Fanfiction Thats Why Im Here Right?
  18. Youtube, PokéCharms, Google, GameFaqs(whenever I'm stick on a video game), Bulbapedia, Twitch, and Pokémon Showdown are what I normally use in terms of the Internet.
  19. Pokecharms of course, Tumblr, Youtube, Facebook and Pokefarm are my usual websites. Most of the time I'm on Kik or spriting though.
  20. New!!!! I think..

    clubpenguin.com Because Club Penguin is awesome

    google.com Because That Is How I Search Everything In The World

    pokecharms.com Because I'm Here Right Now

    wikihow.com Because I Patrol Recent Changes Sometimes

    clubpenguin.wikia.com Because I'm Very Active In The Club Penguin Wiki I Think

    youtube.com Because Videos Are Fun

    reddit.com Because I Usually Do Stuff On There End Of Story

    gmail.com Because Emails Are Interesting

    Honorable Mentions That I Use Sometimes!

    gamefaqs.com Because Free Cheats Ye

    pokefarm.com Wait Do I Even Use This?

    undertale.wikia.com Um Maybe This?

    wattpad.com Because FanFics
  21. Since my last post almost a year ago - on early September I joined another forum, so far been having so much fun there that I know visit it every day, it's called 'Furry Forums' - also at times becoming a bit more active in Deviant Art forums, and PokeCommunity
  22. This one... Daily... lol as well as Youtube, Google, various other fourms, Seribii.net, etc
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  23. Reviving cuz I wanna revive

    google.com don't even ask
    twitter.com don't even ask either
    roblox.com cuz I like playing
    wattpad.com stories bruh
    pokefarm.com Use it one every two months xd
    gmail.com everybody goes on gmail right? Right....?

    So yeah thats it bai
  24. Besides the usual suspects (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr), I visit Wrestlezone, Wrestlinginc, ESPN, MMA Junkie and Pokemon.com.
  25. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    So within the 3 years that passed since making this topic, I'm proud to say that my most visited sites have barely changed with one noticeable exception:


    It's easily taken over the top spot since I constantly refresh it to see what's new on my dash, and I enjoy using it as a platform to find gifs and artworks of my favorite shows, and sometimes to get updates on them. As toxic as the community can get, I'm glad the people I follow are on the milder side of SJW-ness (if at all).

    Besides that, yes, Google, Yahoo, Youtube, and Pokecharms are still on my top whatever list. The UT Canvas site is also there since I need to stay on top of my schoolwork somehow. Still shuffling between like 3 or 4 different manga and anime sites. Oh, and recently, Maplestory found its way back to the top. I blame bestie for that.
  26. Deviantart because art is cool
    PokeFarm because it's a cool website
    Pokecharms (obviously)

    and yeah thats it i guess
  27. Well since this thread randomly got revived then I guess I'll add my list

    -Charms is currently at the top because I have epic friends here
    -Pokeheroes is next because a couple epic friends there and it has a great art community
    -Deviantart because art stuff and I am an arteest
    -Facebook for real life stuffs and news
    -Toyhouse is a neat little neat little website I use to keep art of my characters
    -School websites to keep up to date on assignments and grades
    -Several music websites to read CD reviews and things
    -Random virtual pet sites that I visit randomly when I have checked all of the above
    Main two are Chicken Smoothie and Flight Rising
  28. I mostly go on Youtube everyday. But I also go on Pokecharms and Serebii.
  29. Top sites I visit on a daily:
    Specific Twitter pages of my Youtubers
    Pokefarm Q
    ... Yup, that's all, I think XD
  30. -DeviantArt
    -Pokemon Showdown
    -Roblox (yup, I'm a cringelord)
    -Penguin Oasis (a Club Penguin Private Server)
    -Animal Jam used to be on this list, but I recently removed it due to National Geographic leaving, recent false advertising, "all or nothing" updates, scamming, Aparri, ect

    I'm new here, but I'm aiming to add this website to the list!
  31. I will be a bit brief on this matter since I hardly go on any other websites.
    • Pokécharms: Simply the most favorite website of mine I spend quite a bit of my free time on. (And the site that drived me to make a ton of my Fakemon.)
    • Youtube: Either I am relaxing and watching videos or listening to music.
    • Reddit: For discussing matters and hoping that a flame war does not eurpt.
  32. - Lake Valor
    - 4chan - mostly browse /vp/, /a/, /tv/, and occasionally /pol/ if I'm bored.
    - Last.fm
    - Reddit - r/ShingekiNoKyiojin, r/KotakuInAction, r/ShittyCarMods, r/ATBGE, r/Ghosts, and r/TheThruthIsHere are my main subreddits.
    - Pokeshopper
    - YouTube

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