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Most annoying Pokemon

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by pokemongod4213, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. I Was just thinking about a Clefairy that kept raising it's defense over and over, and i wondered if anyone else has faced a really annoying Pokemon.. If you could, tell what the Pokemon was and why it was annoying, and include the ability and moves.
  2. I thought of Magikarp you see those things everywhere! It gets old when your fishing and all you catch is Magikarp...
  3. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    I take back anything I've ever said about any annoying pokemon. This tops them all:

    On two occasions, I have battled something from the Rhyhorn family. On these occasions, they have somehow managed to get a move in against either my Milotic or Yanmega. Both times, they used Horn Drill and both times it hit, ruining my training >.>

    So the Rhyhorn line are officially my most annoying pokemon.
  4. I would have to say Bibarel.

    One time I was training in Secret Spring, I got attacked by a level 56 Biberal. At first, I was just going to OHKO with Surf, but for some reason, it survived to use Nasty Plot. It must have had that ability that triples the effects of stat altering moves (instead of 1.5x), because Surf hardly did anything to cut down it's HP. Because it was my Diamond Empoleon (this one has all special moves), I could not easily defeat it, and it ended up pwning my Empoleon.

    Because of this, Biberal has become the most annoying Pokemon ever.
  5. I despise the Grimer line. In FireRed it would just keep minimizing and lowering my speed and defense and then hit me. I couldn't hit it and when it hit me my defense was so low it killed all my pokemon.
  6. The most annoying pokemon is bibarel.

    I didn't battle it in the wild it was a wifi battle.

    It knew Substitute, Focus Punch and was holding leftovers. It was impossible to beat.
  7. Chansey. It minimizes itself to avoid being hit, and it has such a high special defence stat that when I do manage to get a hit in it doesn't do as much damage as I would like. Then just as I'm about to finally KO the sucker it uses Soft Boil, restoring its HP.
  8. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
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    Short, SPAM-like posts that have little to do with the topic at hand are annoying as well...and all-caps are quite annoying too.

    Warned. I suggest you read the rules.
  9. oh,u mean a POKEMON.Wellllll, its Hapiny,its always walking around saying Hapiiiiiny! hapiiiiny!.gets really anoying after awile :-\

    PS.i STILL think dawns really anoying.The pokemon shows were ruined when she came along....
  10. In D/P: Quagsire. Easily.
    It is so annoying when it utters that very irritating cry, then jumps on the spot.

    In Pl: Grotle.
    I battled in a trainer battle in the fog. It kept on using curse and I kept on missing. It was so frustrating
  11. I would have to say Chansey is the most annoying Pokemon. It has really high defense and its softboil always saves it at the last minute. It nearly got my whole team.
  12. For me its mr mime. only reason iis it broke a chain of 38 voltorb. I forgive it now I have a shin y one
  13. I. Want. To. Kill. Tentacool. They show up everywhere if I'm surfing, they have an annoying cry, and they're pretty stupid looking.
  14. Like everyone else who has even suffered through long, non-grassy treks in original Red/Blue, the Zubat-Geodude-Tentacool trio makes me bang my head against a wall. I think I finally broke down and discovered the miracle that is sturdy Repels, but until I was alright with wasting money on such frivolities... "A wild ZUBAT has appeared!" "NOOOO." Bonus points for Mount Moon and not having anything in the party that could reliably one-shot both 'bat and 'dude without brute forcing it.

    Growlithe in original Red also gets honorable mention for only being available at the levels where it knows Roar. Weaken, weaken, caaaarefully weaken... "GROWLITHE used ROAR!" "NOOOO."

    Hands-down: the legendary hampsters of Gold/Silver. Require a ridiculous number of random battles/luck to be able to track? Check. Jump in such irritating patterns between areas that you'll need hours and some pretty spiffy puzzle skills to be able to get a shot at it again? Check. Don't even have the decency to do something besides try to chuck you out of combat when you DO find one? Check. If I ever got one of those things, it was by Master Ball. I am praying, desperately and with a fervor I did not know I possessed, that they won't do that again in Heart Gold/Soul Silver.
  15. the most anoying pokemon tentacrul when i surf in my ruby the only pokemon I seem to find in the water are tentacrul.The worst part is i usauly have a team that is weak agist water or posion type pokemon. So I usauly spend all my money on pokeballs and super repels.
  16. I disagree with ALL of you. Mines tied really. Between Rattata and Bidoof. Their bpth absoolutely pathetic and I'm ashamed to have caught them.
  17. I dislike Dusknoir. I encounter it frequently at the Battle tower. It has these moves: Shadow Sneak, Fire Punch, Will-O-Wisp, and Pain Split with the item Leftovers. I couldn't beat it, which ruined my winning streak, and now it is on my annoying pokemon list. (It's awesome if you have it on your team though)
  18. For me? Rhydon and Graveler. Why? I recently started chaining. So I'm on my sixth Weezing (because I can never manage to get any farther for some reason), and I'm using a whole bunch of repels to repel all the other Pokemon. So I use the Pokeradar and go into a patch, and a Rhydon appears. Sometimes it's Graveler, and I dislike rock and ground types in general.
  19. Wobbeffet is annoying. I hate having to battle Wobbeffet in Colosseum is utterly annoying.
  20. For me its Luvdisc (this pokemon has no point its not creative at all its just stupid), Zubat (damn things pop up in every cave all the time), Geodude (when on mountains in caves or using rock smash it always finds me), and last is Tentacool (I hate these things with a passion, especially if you have to travel on water). I'm sure theres more I can't remember at the moment.
  21. I cant stand salamence for some reason lol. It gets sooo annoying on wifi and in-game it never wants to faint already.
  22. I will still never hate any Pokemon more than Golbats in the Ice Cave in GSC. Confuse Raying bastards. Why did you have to spoil my favorite part of the game? Or at least the part with the best music.
  23. DISCUSS any Pokemon you hate fighting against/ hate trainers who use them.

    For me; Blissey trainers, Blissey teams, Blisseys I'vee had to endure through, evil Blissey movesets, etc. Personally, I've fought this one guy who uses Blissey with the move Healing Wish (or something like that). It KO's their Pokemon instantly, but fully heals the next Pokemon thrown out. Try having your team suffer through Tyranitar, then him switching to Blissey, that KOing a couple of yours then it KOs itself, to bring back Tyranitar AGAIN!
  24. I hate Stimmi's (Styrmir15) Dragonite He is my 1st enemy!!! >:( >:( >:(
  25. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Biggi the whatever, warning one for smiley abuse. That was not a valid response to the question, as well.
  26. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    As a note: I merged Trop003's topic with this one because they're pretty well the same subject, and Trop's was technically posted on the wrong board anyways.
  27. sheesheesh

    sheesheesh Guest

    Once, my sister encountered a Wobuffet (not in the wild) and the first Pokemon in her party was a Wobuffet. Yeah... They both had the Shadow Tag ability, and they only knew their typical moveset.
  28. WOBUFFET! How could I forget that thing? Makes Chancy seem pleasant by comparison.
  29. Two words: Bertha's Hippowdon. My lead Pokemon for the Elite Four was my Infernape, which made even damaging the thing nearly impossible. Not to mention getting buffered by flying sand every turn. Then, when it looked like I was finally going to take it down, Full Restore. Agh. In order to actually beat it, I had to run out to the ocean, catch a Tentacruel, train it like crazy, and then use hydro pump as fast as physically possible.
  30. What generation was this in, because as of Gen IV this is no longer a problem. If both have Shadow Tag then either is allowed to switch out.

    I really just hated Bronzongs in game. With ridiculous defense, only two weaknesses, and each possible ability covering one of the weaknesses, I was not enjoying them.
  31. The #1 MOST ANNOYING POKEMON EVER is Tentacool/Tentacruel. It is so annoying. I'm surfing surfing surfing. I have my Platinum Torterra. It knows Leech Seed, Giga Drain, Crunch, and Earthquake. My Earthquake and Crunch PP is gone. I am forced to absorb the HP and ends up I absorb its poison. My un-defeated Torterra faints so I reset and use like all of my repels. >:(
  32. ... Bibarel are a pain in the rear.

    Especially when you are trying to chain.
  33. I HATE TENTACOOL! Every single time I surf it pops up, I do not have an Electric type Pokemon nor a Psychic at the front, and it just wraps me so I can't switch!
  34. I HATE Zubat. I hate their cry, they appear every couple of steps, and they nearly drown out all the other Pokemon. I hate Tentacool for the same reason.

    Bronzor/Bronzong is annoying too, because of it's few weaknesses.
  35. I have to say though, in Gen IV (or maybe just Platinum) the number of constant Zubat/Tentacool encounters seem down compared to Gen I and III.
  36. Oh, no.

    You have all named the innocent ones.

    Innocent compared to... [glow=black,2,000]DARKRAI!!![/glow] I always find them on Wi-Fi, and I use Trick Roomers. My guys are slow, and Darkrai are fast. They get off Dark Void, then whittle away my HP.

    They suck when you go against them. Using them, however, is beyond satisfying. :evileyes:

  37. baratron

    baratron Moderator of Elder Scrolls
    Staff Member Moderator

    Only in Red and Blue? I seem to recall an astonishingly large number of Zubat and Geodude in Diamond, Pearl and Platinum too ;D. What I really don't understand is how you can come across Geodude in a grassy field. I mean, wouldn't you notice that there was a large, alive boulder thing before you fell over it?

    So far on my Platinum re-run, the most annoying Pokemon I've come across was the Lucario in Maylene's gym. I had a team of 5 Pokemon of level 32-35, but no one could defeat him. It was like 1) Hit Lucario, 2) Drink health potion, repeat. That's not a good way to battle, especially when Lucario has Drain Punch. I had to catch a Rotom and hastily level it up.

    [quote author=Aristotle, the lawyer Pokemon. link=topic=6220.msg109659#msg109659 date=1245902000]
    Once, my sister encountered a Wobuffet (not in the wild) and the first Pokemon in her party was a Wobuffet. Yeah... They both had the Shadow Tag ability, and they only knew their typical moveset.

    *dead of laughing*.
  38. The most annoying pokemon: well i got to say that there is 3 of them, although they are the same kind. 3x Chingling's. This is from the Anime, not the games. Season 11, Episode 18. They "sang" about enough times throughout the episode to make me want to rip my ears off. Check it out yourself.
  39. well specifically bertha's pokemon (in my oppinion are the hardest to beat) in platinum only because of the excessive rate they heal their Pokemon then they TKO me by a fluke. >:(

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