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Private/Closed 'Mon Academy!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by kageyama, Mar 23, 2017.

  1. Hello!
    Welcome to 'Mon Academy. Here, Pokémon are trained and friendships (or more, wink wink) can be made! Let's start with your backstory!
    You are a young adult (ages ranging 18-22) attending the college of 'Mon Academy. This school is located in the beautiful region of Kalos, located in lovely Lumiose City. You attend the newly built academy, where you get a roommate in your same grade. You can join clubs and sports! You have 4 Pokémon max.

    Cursing is allowed!
    You have to have a roommate. It can be male or female!
    Dating is allowed!
    Past tense verbs!
    Be literate, write at least two paragraphs!
    Have fun!
    Name: Katie Kukui
    Year: Freshman
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Dirty blonde hair, tied with a black ribbon into a ponytail; icy blue eyes; freckles; fit form.
    Clothing: A loose white tank top with sleeve holes cut to the stomach; a blue sports bra; short bleached jean shorts; white converse.
    Personality: Fiesty, alluring, energetic, quick-witted
    Echo, a female Noivern
    Flint, a male Flareon
    Autumn, A female Furret
    Lyon, a male Houndoom
    It was a sunny day in September. Lumiose City was filled with chattering people and playful Pokémon. One particular girl had traveled from the Alola region to reach out to Lumiose's newest college, 'Mon Academy. Her skin was much tanner than just about everybody's, as she had been living in the sun's rays for her entire life until then. A white limo pulled up in front of the giant brick academy.

    When the car door opened, out stepped Katie in all her pretty glory, stretching her arms and legs out. The reason she was in a limo? She was Professor Kukui's daughter. She knew just about everything there was to Pokémon, and had plenty of experience with every type. People had already started to stare at her darker skin, which flowed in the sun. She grinned, farewelling to her limo driver.

    Skipping through people, she made her way to the front of the building, where an older woman was standing, holding maps and keys. There were several others holding the same things. “Your name, dear?” The woman said to Katie. Katie smiled, taking a map from her. “Katie Kukui.” The woman smiled, rummaging through keys. “Room 102, third floor. You'll see on your map the classes you have.”

    Katie had thanked her before racing into the building. It was Friday, and class started on Monday, so Katie had time to settle in. Immediately when she walked in, she was greeted by a bulletin board of sport sign-up sheets. She made her way to them, picking up the pen attached by string, and writing her name on basketball, volleyball, and swimming. Then, she traveled to the elevator to check out her room.
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  2. Name: Finlay
    Year: 19
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: He is 6"3, brown, medium, curly, messy hair, slim body, has a scar on his eyebrow,
    Clothing: wears a motorbike jacket, jeans, light brown shoes, a black cap, a watch on his left wrist.
    Personality: Sarcastic, light-hearted, witty, sassy, but can take lead,
    Pokémon: Rory the Male Buneary, Ignition (Iggy) The female Charmeleon,

    Finlay leaned on his motorbike to turn the corner and as he did he could finally see the 'Mon School, that he will be attending for the foreseeable future. He parked his bag and put his backpack over his shoulder and carried his luggage to the entrance. There was a person holding a couple of items and they looked at him, seeming interested as to what I was doing. "Name?" They asked. "Uh, Finlay," Finlay replied. They handed me a map and a set of keys for his dorm room. "Room 103 third floor. You can find the classes that ou have on your map also," They woman explained. Finlay smiled and nodded his head. "Cheers," He remarked before entering. He noticed a girl enter the lift. "Wait! Hold it for me!" Finlay yelled as he rushed over to the elevator, hoping to reach it in time.
  3. (Remember, 3rd person! :))
    Katie looked up from her map to see a tall boy who looked about her age rushing over to the elevator. Katie immediately stuck her foot in between the closing doors, putting a hand on each door and pulling it open with a struggle. She then moved for the boy to enter, pressing the third floor button as she peeked at his key. Room 103. He would be straight across from her room.

    She looked up at the tall boy for a moment as the elevator ascended slowly. Her gaze focuse back on the floor. “I'm Katie. Katie Kukui.” She said suddenly. She looked up at him again and smiled prettily.
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  4. (OOC: Well, this should be interesting... I suppose that it's finally time to revisit my first character that I ever had in the PRPs and make him even better for this one!)

    His name is Charles Tangi.
    Year: He is roughly 18 Years old, as he is currently a Freshman.
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Charles has short, blue dyed hair, brown eyes and a light skin tone. He stands at a slightly shorter than average height of about 163 centimeters/5 feet and 4 inches, as he has a skinny build.
    Clothing: Charles wears an Orange Kasaya that is one piece; the Kasaya has a picture of a purplish, bat-like creature on the front that is in the center. The Kasaya also has a hidden cloth layer that allows it to be used like a sling to carry around small Pokémon. He also wears brown leather sandals, and has on a lightly tan shoulder strap bag with a small Pokémon doll attached to the left end by a keychain. The doll has the characteristics of a plesiosaur and vaguely of a dragon, as its body is primarily in the shade of silvery-white.
    Personality: Charles tends to be a hard worker, as he can be seen as the man that is in charge. His temper can be a bit short at times, as he still has it hard with sarcasm and irony. He may be cautious around strangers at first sighting, but he can be more than just a friend when his affinity with others starts to develop more thoroughly.
    • Pippy the Male Piplup
    • Daniel the shiny Ditto
    • Egg (Identity unknown, it is in a portable incubator for the time being.)

    September, the time of the year of which was a beautiful day to go to the recently built academy in the stylish region of Kalos. The building was just a few brief minutes away from the welcoming Avenue in Lumiose City that a boy was now in after a brisk walk with his Pokémon in the route towards the city that was abundant with a diverse range of the fauna and flora that socialized about and rested under the forenoon light. He walked towards the building at a quick pace; keeping a silent guard up in hopes of not getting too much unnecessary attention from others. He kept a modest grip on the Piplup that he always carried around in his sling, as the Piplup hesitantly said to him in a babyish tone, "Pip... Piplup? Piplup..."

    The man replied to the Piplup calmly, "Now now, try to not fuss too much about this. I know that you might be a bit scared about going to the new school with me, but just try to relax alright?" The man's ears picked up a soothing chime from his right, as he turned towards the Pokémon that his Ditto had transformed into now. He said to the Pokémon while chuckling, "So umm... I suppose that you really like to change around huh?"

    The Pokémon replied in a quiet, telepathic voice after nodding, "Yes, I have some new tastes from time to time. Oh my, ahh damn it! I got the transformation wrong here... the bell thing is supposed to be yellow not green!" The man gave off a muffled giggle towards the Pokémon that floated along with him, as he kept his right hand on the incubator with a viligant grip.

    After some minutes passed by like the gentle zephyrs, he had gotten near the front of the enormous academy that had a bricked look towards him. Carefully walking by and through the groups of people, he went to the entrance of the building within a straightforward elapse of seconds. He noticed a woman that was holding some maps and keys, as there were also other women nearby that appeared to be having the same role as the woman he first saw.

    The woman glanced over at the man, as she asked the man cautiously, "Your name sir?"

    The man replied to the woman while noticing her shaky legs, "My name is Charles Tangi, I am pleased to meet you."

    The woman gave a sigh of relief; knowing that it was not like the last person that she had to deal with earlier, as she calmly replied back, "Hmm, so you're Charles... the Charles that the Nurse here kept mentioning to me about. Well... before you go to your room, you need to go to the Nurse first since she needs to do a little check up to see how your little Piplup is doing here since his recent records show that he had been very ill lately. The Nurse's office is nearby, she is a couple doors down the hallway. The door is white and it's got a red cross sign on the side, you can't miss it now. Here is your map and keys now; the classes that you have will be on the map. Your room is 113, which is on the third floor on the right hand side when you get out of the elevator; the room is just about some doors down the hall. Please stay safe with your Pokémon and have a wonderful day at this newly built academy!"

    Charles happily nodded at the woman, as he waved to her before entering the building at a leasurely pace. He quickly placed the map and his silvery key into his shoulder bag. He felt some struggling movements in his sling, as he said to the Piplup, "Hey Pippy, don't be so scared here... it's just a simple check up to make sure that you're fine. Now, we wouldn't want you to get more sick now wouldn't we?"

    The Piplup took in rapid breaths while squirming in his sling, as Charles kept him still with his left hand. He thought to himself while sighing, "Tck... why did that lady just mention out about the Nurse?! Now Pippy's scared like hell since he knows about it now! Ugh... let's just go over to the Nurse and get it over with, I better hope to God that this won't go like last time..."

    After he entered the building, he knew that the day after today, there was two more days until class would commense, as he noticed a bulletin board that had sheets that were for sports sign-ups. He glanced over at the variety of sports, some of which had some signatures filled in already. He decided to not sign any of the sheets yet, as he needed some time to think about the sports and if they were worth trying out for. He went into a short hallway that had some doors that were in between its sides, as he noticed the brightly white door and the distinct sign that the woman mentioned to him earlier. He decided to walk into office, as he pulled the door's cold knob and calmly walked inside with some of his fingers crossed.
  5. Name: Zen
    Year: Freshman
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: 5'6"; light skin tone; yellow eyes; decently fit; red dyed, medium-short, ruffled/spiky/messy hair
    Clothing: blank white tee, black jean shorts, forest green duffel bag, teal back pack, maroon running shoes
    Personality: outgoing, determined (most of the time), caring/kind, reckless, more than glad to help out
    Pokémon: Ryu the male Riolu, wears a red scarf (not winter scarf) around his neck; Winter the female Glaceon, wears a dark cloak (like in the profile picture)

    "Come on! We gotta get there before the line really builds up!" Zen shot over to his Pokemon, running by his side as they dashed towards the academy. Zen had quite the record of arriving late to places, so this time he took extra precautionary measures to make sure he would arrive at a reasonable time. "There it is!" Zen gasped, as he pointed to the building in the distance. The 'Mon Academy; the newly built college stood about 2 football field lengths away. As the trio started to slow down upon approaching the building doors, Zen tripped over the seemingly-invisible curb. As he gasped upon the realization of such an event, his brace for impact was held for longer than he had expected. When he opened his eyes, he realized that he was not falling, but was instead saved by his partner Ryu, who was holding Zen's hand back in a successful attempt to stop his stumbling. Once all the thanks were exchanged, they continued towards the front entrance.

    That was until someone had dashed right past them.

    When Zen looked over, still catching his breath from the sprint towards the school, he saw what he had never seen before; a beauty, that of which he could not describe, despite his best efforts. While Zen looked over at the girl in awe, Ryu and Winter simply looked over at him weirdly. Ryu tugged at his shirt, and Zen snapped back to reality, looking down at his friends. "Heh, sorry about that..." He said, rubbing the back of his head awkwardly. So, they continued into the surprisingly-short line, waiting their turn to get their room key and map.

    As the final person before them continued inside, seemingly in a hurry as they rushed over to an elevator, Zen walked up to a lady with his partners by his side. "Your name, sir?" The lady asked in a somewhat prim tone. This made Zen think he was lower class compared to everyone else. In response to this, not knowing exactly how to respond, he stands up straight and salutes, looking forward. "My name is Zen, ma'am." He tried to say as professionally as he could. The lady looked at him in a weird way, afterwards looking down at his Pokemon; Ryu was face palming, and Winter was looking away in embarrassment, blushing. "I hate to say it, but I feel sorry for you two." The lady mumbled under her breath, before looking back up at Zen, handing him his room key and map. "You're room is 102, on the third floor. The map should take you there, along with all your classes marked on there as well." Zen took the key and map into his hands, and looked back up at the lady, nodding in thanks. "Thanks a bunch." The lady grinned a little as the three continued inside.

    Zen decided to take the elevator up, since he did just run a few miles to the school, and was still pretty tired. But when he looked up at the only available elevator, it was just closing, so he had to either wait for it to come back down, or use... the stairs. Defeated by his thoughts, he decided to take the stairs. The stuff he had to bring with him in his bag; all of it was pretty heavy, not to mention the bag was huge, considering the fact that it held his clothes and school supplies. So, it's obvious why he wanted to avoid the stairs. "So, you guys wanna climb some stairs?!" Zen asked his partners, trying to make it sound fun and exciting. There was a hesitant pause between the two Pokemon, before Ryu stepped up and nodded, letting out a, "Rio!" Winter stepped back, and held her head low, slowly shaking her head in defeat. She was too tired for any more exercise, but Ryu, on the other hand, figured that if Zen was doing it, then he must do it too; besides, he likes doing things together with Zen. So, with Winter resting on Zen's shoulders - she didn't want to be returned to her Pokeball, nor does Zen like returning them to their Pokeballs - trying to hold on, Zen and Ryu ran up the stairs; all the way up to the third floor.

    Each flight of stairs were longer than you'd expect.
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  6. (These replies are so good, keep it up! :D)
    Katie was ecstatic to be in the school. Despite being in an elevator for a long time, she was absolutely ready to start learning at this academy. Katie was intently watching the number at the top of the elevator; as soon as it dinged, she turned to the boy next to her. “Nice meeting you,” she smiled, then traveling to her dorm room. 100, 101, ...102! Excitedly, she stuck the key in the lock, turning it and twisting the doorknob. When she opened the door, she was instantly greeted by what smelled like lilac. She breathed it in, taking her shoes off and setting them next to the door, so her roommate wouldn't trip on them like she always would.

    Katie examined the room. It had polished wooden floors, cream colored walls, and it was incredibly clean. A blue couch was against one of the walls, and a small tv on a table was in front of it. A picture of a group of Pokémon hung on the wall. She smiled. An end table was by the couch, where there was a large bunch of lilacs. Katie figured to check out her room, as her bag was already in it from her guardian touring the school. Opening the room door, Katie saw two white beds, one on either side of the room. By each bed was a tall white black dresser. She saw her bag by the left bed and walked to it.

    There was a note on the bag. She began to read it, seeing it was a 'We love you!' not from her parents. She smiled. Then, opening the suitcase, she pulled out her bed sheets and comforter. She replaced the white sheets with light purple ones that had white Pokéballs patterned on them. Then, she put her comforter over, which was the same purple, only there was one large Pokéball in the middle. Katie grabbed her pillow case, which was dark purple, and slipped it over her own pillow. Then, she decided to sort her clothes.

    It had been a little bit since she finished her side of the room. A board of Polaroids and photographs of her, her Pokémon, and her friends together. A few posters of bands were hung above her bed, and a black rug was put in front of her bed. She had also set her laptop on her bed, but decided she would need a shower after all of her traveling. So, she left the room and went to the only other available room: the bathroom. She hoped when her roommate arrived, they wouldn't mind her showering. Katie had grabbed clothes for when she was finished showering, which she tossed on the bathroom floor, then closing the door and undressing, turning the water on, and getting in.
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  7. Finlay sprinted into the lift and stumbled slightly as he entered. He was breathing a bit heavily as he leaned on the railing. He looked over at the girl, who was looking at the floor. "Thank...you," he said breathing heavily. When the girl looked up at him introduced herself. Finlay felt compelled to stand up straight and make himself look welcoming. "It's nice to meet you, Katie. I'm Finlay," Finlay said smiling. He tried to make conversation but couldn't think of anything to say as he was always struggled to talk to girls he found pretty.

    When Katie said her goodbyes and left the lift, Finlay sighed and thought, "well, you blew that already," Finlay thought to himself. He just had to take it on the chin and move one. He made his way to his room and jingle the keys in his hand for a brief moment before finding the correct one and unlocking the door.

    He entered his room and dumped his luggage to the side and inspected the room. There was a bed either side of the dorm and a desk either side as well. "I guess I'm going to have a roommate, please don't let them be annoying," he said to himself. He didn't really have anything to unpack to add to his room that was urgent so he just put it off for now. He sent out his partner Rory the Buneary frombus pokeball.

    "Bun!" Rory cheered as he got sent out. "Sorry you had to be in your Pokeball for so long, it was a long drive," Finlay explained. "Should we go explore?" Finlay asked as he looked at the map. "Bun!" Rory agreed and climbed up Finlay and sat on top of Finlay's black cap on his head. "Let's go!" Finlay declared as he opened his door again and exited his room again. As he left his dorm, he could suddenly not feel Rory on his head anymore and cry "Bun!" Finlay swivelled around and saw Rory on the floor, lying on his back. Finlay noticed the door frame was too low for both him and Rory on his head, so he fell off.

    "Oh, jeez Rory. I'm sorry, I didn't realise," Finlay apologised and picked him up. "Bun..." Rory said in a pissed off tone as he sat in Finlay's arms. Rory climbed back on to his head and they continued down the hallway, deciding on where to go next.
  8. After what felt like 10 minutes, the three had finally arrived at the top floor. Zen crawled up the last few steps, and collapsed onto the floor, trying desperately to catch his breath. Despite his best efforts to keep going, however, Ryu fell as well, only a few paces farther than Zen. It was a good five minutes before Winter decided to jump off Zen's shoulders, and motivate Ryu to get up. Upon seeing it, Zen thought it was about time to do the same, so he did. Picking Ryu up, Zen continued down the hall, counting the rooms. "100... 101... here we are, 102!" Zen announced to no one in particular. "Now watch this, guys. This is how you should enter a new home." Zen told Ryu and Winter, preparing for his grand entrance.

    Zen pushed the door open, stepped inside, and took a fresh breath of the new home smell, later exhaling. "Welcome home, everyone." He said with a smile on his face, the nostalgic scent of lilac triggering some happy memories. "Yeah... I could get used to this." He said, relaxed and happy to finally be in 'Mon Academy. "Feel free to roam around and get accustomed to the place, you two." Zen told Ryu and Winter. The two cheered, before Zen headed into the bedroom. Ryu walked into the lounge area and looked around, noticing a couch against the wall, and a TV on a table. The first thing he wanted to do was watch TV, but when he looked over at Winter, who was stretching and getting comfy as she lied down to rest, his eyes suddenly grew heavy at the thought of resting. It was already a long day, and frankly he was dog-tired from all the running, both physically and mentally. Giving in, he climbed up onto the couch and got comfortable on it, relaxing with the well-earned option to do so.

    Back to Zen, who was in the bedroom, setting up his own stuff on and around his bed. He had already noticed all the other decor on the other side of the room, so he figured that he had a roommate. It was difficult to tell if they were male or female judging by their room decor, though. He then took into account a humming noise coming from not very far away. He looked around, and noticed some light coming from under a door, which could be assumed is the restroom. Wanting to investigate further, he turned the door knob and slowly opened the door. It was certainly where the noise was coming from. There was steam in the room. It was then that he realized that he made a mistake of going in there, because someone was taking a shower. As he backed away, he noticed one more thing; something that seemed slightly out of the ordinary. He saw some clothes strewn about on the floor, those of which seemed a bit... feminine.

    His face turning a bright red, he closed the door just as slowly as he opened it, careful not to make any noise. He then sat on his bed for a moment, trying to comprehend what had just happened. Once a certain thought popped into his head, however, he had to cease operation and do something else. He headed back into the lounge, and saw Winter and Ryu resting, but not sleeping. He smiled, and headed over towards Winter and picked her up, afterwards heading over to Ryu, sitting beside him and placing Winter by his other side. "We have to spend more time together like this." Zen told them, really happy to be there with them. Ryu agreed with a happy nod, as Winter cuddled up next to Zen, getting comfortable again. Ryu saw this and decided to do the same, laying his head on Zen's lap. Zen smiled and put his hands on them, starting to pet them. "Yeah... we earned this." Zen calmly said, closing his eyes and relaxing.
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  9. Finlay sat down on a bench that was in the dorm hallways and decided to inspect the map a bit more closely before exploring around anymore. "So...it seems that the third floor is the dorms, the second floor is the classrooms and the ground floor is the facilities," Finlay said aloud. "Bun?" Rory said as he pointed at the cafeteria. "Are you hungry?" Finlay asked and Rory nodded. "I guess that decides where we're going then. Let's go," Finlay said standing up. He made his way to the lift whilst looking at the map, to see if he could memorise the route to the cafeteria it was something he will be visiting a lot.
  10. Charles was now inside the Nurse's office with his other Pokémon, as the Piplup continued to struggle and put up a fight with Charles in an attempt to break free from his unbeatable grip. He gave off a quiet sigh at the Piplup, as he whispered to him, "Come on, if ya don't struggle... then it'll be over for you more faster."

    The Piplup replied in disobedience, "Piplup... Piplup..." He was not going to give in to Charles's orders, since he knew that he was now in the dreaded office. He thought to himself while Charles walked up to the counter, "Come on Charles... can't you just let a little penguin go? I'm not going to be that sick- ow! Okay, okay... fine! You win this round, but I'll surely prove you wrong next time!"

    Charles said to the Nurse while keeping a tighter grip on the Piplup, "Well hello, I'm here for the check up on the little Piplup, please don't mind him... he's been a bit fussy lately."

    The Nurse replied while a Wigglytuff came out of another door ahead, "Hmm, well you're quite early here, but I suppose that we should get the check up on now that you're here. Also, I'm sure that it'll be fine for Piplup... I've always had some Pokémon that are scared just to come here. The little Pokémon in that room to the right is asleep right now, and let me just say that he did put up quite a fight when I tried to give him the shot of medicine he needed. I don't know who he is though, my Pokédex couldn't seem to get any readings... though he does have these scales that make some sounds when he hits them."

    The Nurse continued on after a brief pause, "Well, I shouldn't get too much into that little Pokémon, I'll let you all see what he is like when you get the chance to see him. Anyway, follow me to the other room where the Wigglytuff just got out of."

    She said to the Piplup in a calm tone after noticing his unease, "It's going to be okay, it's just going to be a check up and then just a little something else if you're still sick. It'll be all over before you know it." She went into the treatment room with Charles and the other Pokémon, as she said to Charles, "Okay, I just need you to place Piplup here on the cushioned table, so that I can get him checked out alright? If you want, you could wait outside or sit on the chair with your other Pokémon and the egg there." Charles nodded at the Nurse and went over to the metallic chair that had a soft cushion on it, as he sat down with his other Pokémon and placed his incubator down next to his left leg.

    He handed the Piplup over to the Nurse before he went over to the chair, as the Piplup kicked the Nurse at her chest! The Nurse firmly held the Piplup in her arms, as she said to the Piplup in response, "Now now, let's not get into any violence okay? I see that you might be a bit upset, but it's just going to be a normal check up and a little treatment if you still need it." The Nurse walked over to the table and gently placed the Piplup down, as she said to the Wigglytuff, "Wiggly, get me the tools... I'm going to start the check up now." The Wigglytuff nodded at her and grabbed a grayish, metallic box that glimmered under the fluorescent lighting, as she placed the box on a stool that was adjoining the table's left side.

    She opened the box, as there were some medicinal tools and items that rested with inert. One particular tool got the Piplup's attention, as he nervously scanned over at the mysterious tool that he was familiar with for some time now. The apparatus appeared to be a thin, glossy barrel that was partially filled with some dormant liquid that relaxed gracefully, as there was a plunger on the top that had a rubber tip at the end where it met with the liquid. There was also a thin, metallic piece at the end that reflected the Piplup's trepidation.

    The Nurse said to the Piplup while getting out a stethoscope, "Okay Piplup, I'm just going to get your heart and stomach checked out alright? This is going to be easy here, no pain involved buddy."

    The Piplup replied while he had teary eyes towards the Nurse, "Pip- Piplup..." He gave off a frightened coo towards the Nurse while she placed the eartips on each of her respective ears, as the Nurse gave off a slight smile at him.
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  11. Name: Mist Charm
    Year: 18(Freshman)
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Mist have long black hair so are until her waist, she have deep blue eyes and it's wearing heart shape necklace on her neck.
    Clothing: https://carnalfuzeddrone.files.wordpress.com/2013/10/20131014_042400.jpg
    Personality: Kind, Caring, smart and hotblooded.
    Pokémon: Pikachu, Eevee, Dedenne and Goldeen

    Mist Charm was new student at Mon Academy and she have just arrive at school, together with her partner Pokemon Pikachu.
    Her other 3 Pokemon was in their Pokeball, she walked inside school entrance and was not sure where to go next, since the school was bigger than her last school.
  12. The lift went to the ground floor and Finlay walked out, having memorized the route to the Cafeteria. The map was put away in his bag. Rory's stomach growled and Finlay could hear it crystal clear since it was no too far from his ears. "Haha, we're almost there Rory, hang in there," Finlay chuckled. "Buneary," Rory replied as he grew ever more excited about being able to eat soon.
  13. Mist continue walking inside school for to find somebody so can show her around school, after walked for 10 min she stopped for to catch her breath and looked at her Pokemon Partner/Friend Pikachu, with confused look and start talking to Pikachu''Pikachu I can't find anybody to talk too, what I'm going to do now?'' she asked and Pikachu just looked back to his trainer.
  14. Name: Cassiopeia Scarlet
    Year: she's 20 (sorry not from America so I don't know what year that would be)
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Cassie has dark red hair that reaches her bum, she normally keeps it up in a ponytail or braid. Her eyes are silver with green flecks. She has a few freckles over the bridge of her nose, and her skin is very pale. She is fairly tall, with long legs and shapely figure.
    Clothing: She normally wears a dark blue top with a white jack, along with a skirt that just about reaches her knees, in white. Her shoes are normally a dark shade of red, and almost reach her knees, she has her pokeballs on her left hip and has a light purple and gold backpack. When participating in an important battle she wears a dark purple beanie that she carries everywhere.
    Personality: She's slightly snippy, sarcastic and cheeky. She cares for all pokemon and loves learning about them.
    Pokémon: Infernape, female, called Akiko. Bronzong, genderless, called Sloane. Drapion, male, called Visha and an Egg she got recently she keeps it incubated in her bag.

    Cassie wandered about, completely lost. She'd never had the best sense of direction, and could get lost in her own house if she wasn't paying enough attention. She breathed out a sigh and gripped onto Akiko's ball, toying with it slightly. Her closest and most trusted friend, her starter. As much as she desperately wanted her out her with her, she knew she shouldn't just yet, she needed to figure her way around on her own for once. She sighed once more and turned another corner, and came face to back with a trainer and a Pikachu, "Uh..hello?" She called curiously, wondering who they were.
  15. Mist slight blush when she come face with another trainer and answer back with smile on her face'' hello my name it's Mist and who are you?''she was quit curious about this trainer and her Pokemon.
    Pikachu looked at the trainer before her.
  16. Finlay turned the corner and noticed two trainers conversing. Assuming they were new to the Academy also, he thought he'll introduce himself. "Hey guys, are you guys new students as well?" Finlay asked. "I'm Finlay and this is my buddy, Rory," "Bun!" Rory cheered waving his arm to the two trainers and their Pokemon.
  17. "I'm Cassiopeia." She replied with a grin, a thick braid of red hair swinging over her shoulder. "You can call me Cassie." She winked. Cassie looked between Finlay and Mist. Seeing them with their friends out, made her want to call one of her own, but she was worried they'd be too big for the corridor, her smallest was still bigger than both the Pikachu and the Buneary, Rory. "Relatively new, yeah." She gri
  18. Mist notice Finlay and answer back with cheerful voice''Yes we are new student, my name it's Mist and this are my friend Pika'' ''Pikachu'' she pointed to yellow mouse Pokemon so was standing beside her.
  19. Finlay automatically thought these two girls were rather interesting characters. "So what rooms are you guys in then? I'm in 103," Finlay then opened his eyes wide as he realized that this was a rather weird questioned that he had just asked two girls that he just met. WHERE THEIR ROOMS ARE! Rory gently kicked the back of his head, showing that Rory thought the same thing. Finlay chuckled nervously. "I didn't mean it to sound weird I swear, just making conversation,"
  20. ((@Charm25, please write at least two full paragraphs, and make sure you're spelling and using grammar correctly.))
    Katie had been humming quietly whilst cleaning herself up, oblivious to her roommate who had entered just previously. She had finished taking her shower, which lasted about ten minutes, and stepped out. She squeezed her hair of water into the shower, then grabbing her towel and drying her hair and the rest of her body. When she finished, she tossed the towel aside, grabbing her undergarments and a white sports bra. She slipped into them, then picking up her short black nike shorts, a loose cut-sleeve tank top, and ankle socks. She looked over at her Pokéballs, grabbing Flint's.

    Opening it, the hyper fire-dog spun around when released. Katie put her head down, and Flint casually began to heat up, drying off her hair. When it was dried, he used scratch to comb through it gently. When he was done, Katie smiled, scratching under his chin and rubbing his face. Then grabbing her black ribbon, she tied her long hair into her signature high-ponytail. Flint barked, pressing his nose against his Pokéball and leaving.

    Katie turned the doorknob and exited into the living room. She's saw that a boy who looked about her age was sitting with his Pokémon. Male and female dorm mixtures. Neat, she thought. Attempting to grab the boy's attention, she cleared her throat, then putting a pretty smile on her face. “I'm Katie. Katie Kukui. Pleasure to meet ya, roomie.”
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  21. Mist giggled of Finlay conversation and smiled''it's okay Finlay you asked that question and I'm in rooms 103, same rooms as you'' she winked at him and Pikachu jumped on her shoulder so she always do when she want to be close to her trainer and friend.
    Mist start to pat Pikachu head
  22. Cassie shrugged it off, in her family weirdness wasn't the right word for their daily conversations. She felt like her dad's Steelix was more her mother than her biological one was. "That's fine, my room is 105." She replied. She honestly didn't have a clue who her roommate was going to be, but she was more worried she wouldn't be able to find the room itself anyway. Cassie rolled Akiko's ball between her hands before sighing and tossing it just slightly into the air. The ball burst open and out came Akiko, the flames on her head glowing a bright orange red, flickering out behind her. She slammed down onto the floor, and completely disregarding any situation that may be going down around her, she span around, screeching with happiness as she tackled her for a hug, gripping hold of her tightly and chattering away.

    Cassie laughed breathlessly from her place on the floor, "This-," She gasped, trying to wrestle her starter off of her. "This is Akiko." She managed to formulate, struggling to her feet, still out of breath. "What have I told you, you cheeky monkey, about doing that!" She scolded lightly, flicking the ape in the head.
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  23. The Nurse lifted up her stethoscope and placed the diaphragm on the Piplup's chest, as the Piplup felt the colder edge being slightly pressed onto some areas of his torso. The Nurse examined his stomach soon after, as she said to the Piplup after taking the diaphragm off of his body, "Hmm, it seems like you're still a bit sick here... though your stomach seems to be fine now. All I need to do is just to give you a little bit of medicine and you'll be all better by the time you go to class with your trainer."

    The Nurse saw the Wigglytuff coming back with a tray after she had unknowingly walked out of the room earlier, as she gasped and said to her in shock, "My oh my... you're a bit ahead of me aren't you now? Well, I suppose that it's time to give the little baby his medicine then." She saw the Wigglytuff placing the tray on the stool, as she picked up the same tool that the Piplup saw earlier in the box. He did not seem to know that the one in the box was merely a dud that was designed to scare off any unsuspecting Pokémon should they ever attempt to tamper with things.

    The Nurse grabbed the syringe from the tray, as she thanked the Wigglytuff for filling the it with the appropriate amount of medicine. The Piplup's eyes teared up when he saw the whitish medicine that lied dormant in the syringe, as he exclaimed towards Nurse while attempting to get off of the table, "Pip- Piplup!"

    The Nurse replied to him while giving a hand signal towards the Wigglytuff, "Hey, don't be fussing about now, it's just going to be a little pinch and it'll all be over. Just think of nice thoughts and you won't feel a thing."

    The Piplup retorted while he felt a tight grip around his body, "Piplup, Pip... lup!" He struggled to break free of the Wigglytuff's resilient grip that she kept on him, as he attempted to peck at her arms in a desperate, yet feeble effort. The Wigglytuff gave off a giggle at the Piplup, as his weakened pecks felt like little pinches to her stubby arms.

    The Nurse approached towards the Piplup and said in a calm tone, "Come on baby, just hold still for a little second, I just need to give you this medicine. You wouldn't want to be sick again would you?"

    The Piplup replied in a louder tone while he sobbed at her, "Piplup, Piplup!" The Nurse quickly pricked the tip of the syringe into the Piplup's left arm, as she swiftly injected the medicine. She pulled the tip of the syringe out soon after, as she got the bandages and a jar of greenish gel from the tray after placing the syringe back. She bandaged the Piplup's arms snugly after applying the gel on and around the site of the injection.

    She said to the Piplup while she carried him back to Charles, "Hey come on little guy... relax, it's all over now. It's going to be okay buddy." She gave the Piplup back to Charles, as he noticed him wailing about like a malfunctioning loudspeaker. He gently placed the Piplup back on his sling, as he said to the Nurse with gratitude, "Thank you for helping out the Piplup. Although he may be crying for possibly the next hour or so, he should be fine here."

    He exited out of the Nurse's office after grabbing the incubator, as the egg was as motionless as a sedimentary rock. He stopped outside of the room and briefly placed down the incubator, as he reached into his bag and got out a special bottle of milk that was warm to the touch. He gave the bottle to the Piplup, as he happily drank it at a snail's pace. He got out his map after giving the bottle to the Piplup, as he picked up the incubator and said to his Pokémon, "So, shall we all go to the Cafeteria first before going to our room? I kinda feel like we should eat first."

    The recently transformed Pokémon that rested on his shoulder responded first, "Spin... Spin Spinarak."

    The Piplup was too occupied with drinking his bottle, as Charles gasped and said to the Spinarak, "Eek! Daniel, don't scare me like that! You know that I'm still trying to get over my fear of spiders!" Daniel gave off a chuckling vibration at him, as he continued on and also said, "Well anyway... I suppose that it's time to go to the Cafeteria. According to the map, it says to go straight down this hallway and then there's gonna be a left corner that were gonna have to turn."

    Daniel and the Piplup both nodded at him, as he walked down the hallway with a cautious look across his face. He turned the left corner after some brief minutes of walking, as he noticed several trainers that casually conversed about. He decided to stay silent, as he still made his way towards the Cafeteria while attempting to get by the trainers unnoticed.
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  24. Mist notice another trainer so was walking past them and called out on him with her cheerful voice''Hello you trainer, come talk to us and introduce yourself and your Pokemon'' she waved to him with smile on her face.
    Pikachu was still on her should and looked at the trainer with curious look, wonder who the trainer was.
  25. Finlay gulped as he wasn't sure if that was the truth or just a weird pick-up line that she was trying out. Finlay awkwardly chuckled. "Um...Surely we can't be roommates surely, I'm a guy and you're a girl. Is that how it works is it?" Finlay asked, a bit uncomfortable. He could hear Rory's stomach growling even louder and could sense his impatience. He noticed someone else walking past and heading towards the cafeteria. "Oh, I have to go. I'll talk you guys later, Alright. Okay, bye," Finlay said in kind of a rush. He jogged up to the trainer holding a Piplup. Finlay ran up beside him and said quietly. "Pretend we're mates for a minute, please. Just go along with it," Finlay said quietly. "Oh! Hi, buddy! Haven't seen you in a while," Finlay said obnoxiously loud so that the other trainers could hear. "I'm just trying to find an excuse to get to the cafeteria," Finlay said quietly again.
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  26. Mist could hear her stomach growling and her friend Pikachu stomach was growling as well, she smiled at her friend''I guess we both are hungry so lets head towards cafeteria so we can get ourself some food and drinks'' she walked towards boys but before that she smiled at Cassie''talk to you later and it was nice to meet you'' she continue walking towards boys and was now standing beside Finlay with a smile''I don't know where cafeteria are, so can I walk with there towards cafeteria?'' she asked and hope they would say yes to her question.
  27. Cassie's eyebrows raised themselves so high up on her head they almost reached her hairline, she muffled a laugh with her hand and had to look away from the two poor boys and that girl. She really couldn't take a hint, huh? She shook her head, and grabbed onto one of Akiko's hands, walking alongside the monkey, messing with the flame head as much as possible, she enjoyed being with her pokemon individually, it gave her a chance to really bond with them. Not like she hadn't before, she'd had her pokemon for a while now. She checked her bag was still secure on her back, she didn't want anything happening to her precious egg. Cassie wasn't sure what she'd do if something bad happened to her newest pokemon. She followed the boys and Mist at a sedate pace, she herself didn't have a clue where the cafeteria was, Akiko may be able to help her navigate but her pokemon had never been here before either, so she was stuck following people and asking directions. She just wasn't as abrasive as this girl.
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  29. (I guess Finlay has no roommate now)
    Finlay rushed to the cafeteria as he knew that the hungrier Rory got, the more moodier and grumpy he got. He rushed to the counter and grabbed a dinner plate and looked at the food behind the glass. Rory drooled at the sight of the scrumptious food and a bit of it dropped on to Finlay's cap. Rory gasped and wiped it up again before he realised. "You okay, Rory?" Finlay asked. "Bun, Bun!" Rory said dismissing Finlay. They selected a couple of Toasted Cheese sandwiches and sat down at a table. Rory jumped down from Finlay's head and started to eat his sandwich, without hesitation.

    "I wonder who's our roommate," Finlay mentioned but was still rather focused on his sandwich.
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  30. (Congrats. Sorry, busy watching an episode of Fairy Tail)

    Cassie looked around, she had just grabbed a salad, she wasn't particularly hungry, but she had grabbed a bit of meat for Akiko to munch on. She searched for a table and shrugged to herself heading to Finlay's table, not having anywhere else to go and whilst she didn't know him she had at least had introductions. She sat down slightly uncomfortably. "Hey." She said, putting her food down and making sure Akiko got on without setting anything on fire. Sometimes her Infernape could be rather clumsy and dense at times.
  31. "Oh heya!" Finlay chirped before taking another bite and speaking with a mouthful. "Cassie wath it?" Finlay asked, taking another bite. Rory looked at the INfernape and smiled as he gave a respectful nod. Finlay swallowed and turned his attention to the INfernape. "Woah, that's a strong looking Infernape. I bet your good battler to train an Infernape like that," Finlay commented.
  32. Cassie looked up from all the strange greenness. Why was it so green? Its like putting grass on your plate. She grimaced slightly and nodded, a little nervous. "Uh, yeah. I'm Cassie." She looked at Akiko and smiled, passing her some of the meat. "She's pretty strong. Her name's Akiko. My pokemon fight for me, so when I train I make sure I'm an actual part of it, instead of just yelling out what they should do." She turned to look at Finlay again, head cocked to the side. "I'm sure she'd have quite the fight against your Buneary though, despite type advantages." Akiko yammered away, "Fer! Ferna, Fer!" Slamming a hand onto the table. Cassie patted the fighting type. "Yeah I know girl."
  33. Finlay blankly looked at Akiko after slamming her arm on to the table. He then looked at Rory who was also blankly looking at the Infernape. Finlay looked back to Cassie. "I'm not going to lie...I'm pretty intimidated by Akiki. "I do have another Pokemon who I tend to battle with, I only have two Pokemon," Finlay added as he started to eat some of the breadcrumbs of his plate.
  34. Zen's uninterrupted zen moment (no pun intended) was interrupted, however, by the girl he had accidentally walked in on in the restroom not 30 minutes ago. His eyes opened, and he jumped slightly at the sound of the bedroom door opening. When he looked at her, though, his eyes widened with shock. The girl who stood before him was the exact same girl he had seen earlier who had rushed past him. Stuttering, he blushed a brighter red than before. Suddenly, he was greeted with a slap to the face from Ryu, who woke up at about the same time Zen did. Zen came back to his senses, as the girl spoke up, introducing herself. "Katie Kukui... I've got to say, that's a nice name." Zen smiled, complimenting her on her name. "My name is Zen, and these are my partners, Ryu and Winter." He told her, pointing to the respective Pokemon.

    Just then, he heard and felt a rumble come from his stomach. He blushed and rubbed the back of his head. "I guess it's time to go eat." He said, gently pushing Winter away so he could get up. "Ryu, be a pal and wake Winter up, please?" Zen asked Ryu. He nodded in acceptance, yawning and stretching upon getting up. Once Winter was woken up, she did the same, and headed with Ryu over to Zen, who was waiting by the door. Now, however, he was wearing his favorite hat; the only hat he seemed to look good in. He could only look good in it if he wore it backwards, which he was. The cause for it was because of the hair that sticks out through the little opening; some might have even called it cute, but Zen preferred cool.

    "Hey, Katie. Erm, mind if I call you Kat? You gonna head on down to the cafeteria with us?" Zen asked Katie without even thinking.
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  35. Katie had realized that the only thing she had eaten earlier was a salad, so she also realized that she was starving as well. The boy, Zen had introduced himself with a rather red face, which she thought was quite cute, and had then invited her to eat with him and his Pokémon. She smiled again. “Yeah, I'm starving. I've barely eaten all day,” she said, grabbing Lyon's Pokéball and releasing him. The rather angry looking dog sat beside her as she scratched his chin. Then, she headed for the door with Zen, Lyon stricly beside her.

    When they got to the elevator, Katie pressed the button and entered in with the rest of the group. Pressing the 'F1' button, she smiled at Zen. “Is it your first year, too? I came here all the way from the Alola region. Have you heard of Professor Kukui? I'm his daughter!” Katie unknowingly rambled to the boy who she desperately wanted to befriend. However, when she realized she was talking too much, her face turned red and she stopped talking. “Sorry... I'm just nervous to be here. I don't mean to ramble, but I can't stop myself.” She felt a nudge at her hand.

    Lyon was sniffing her hand, which made her smile. She began rubbing his face and chin, the dog obviously pleased with the praise of being her friend.
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  36. The girl accepted his request to join them, and Zen beamed with joy. "Yeah, this will be my first meal of the day. I'm surprised I'm not grumpy from the lack of breakfast. It's probably the presence of my buddies here that keeps me sane." He laughs, crouching down to pet his pals. Just then, Katie released her Pokemon from its Pokeball; a Houndoom appeared from it. "Whoa, that's so cool! How'd you manage to tame one?" Zen excitedly asked Katie as they headed into the elevator down to floor one.

    In a most likely attempt to start some small talk, Katie asked Zen a few questions, and shared some facts. "Yeah this is my first year here." He answered the first question. "Alola? I've never heard of that place. You must tell me all about it sometime!" Zen continued, trying to think of responses. "Professor Kukui? No, I can't say I've heard of him. Are you two related? What does he specialize in? ... Wait, you're the daughter of a professor?! That's so cool! I'll bet you know lots of things like him." Zen was now more interested in her than he was before. That's when he noticed the look on her face. She had then apologized for her 'incessant' talking. "Oh no, it's really quite alright. No need to be nervous. It's all really interesting to me, actually. It's not like there's anything interesting about me for me to share, aside from the fact that these two Pokemon here are my favorite!" He said to her, crouching down to give his Pokemon a hug. "If anything, I encourage it. It gives us something to do while we wait. And to be frank, I could listen to you all day." He said, sounding almost a bit too nice. Realizing what he just said and how he said it, he blushed a cherry red, and looked away, clearing his throat and rubbing the back of his head. "Soo... what does your father specialize in?" He asked her, trying to change the subject to something not as weird.
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  37. Katie was overjoyed when he told her that he didn't mind about her rambling. After everything she said, he would say a nice remark that made her happier each time. “I think your Pokémon are very lovely,” she said, smiling down at him and his Pokémon when he crouched down to them. Then, he had asked her what her dad specialized in, and Katie was happy to share. “He studies cool Pokémon you can find in the Kalos region. I have a few back home, but they wouldn't be able to adjust to city life. He's also the elite four champion that trainers have to beat!” She was now incredibly joyful to have, hopefully, made a new friend.

    “Yknow, I'm really looking forward to sharing a dorm with you! I've never met anybody who intently listens to what I say,” she said, rubbing the back of her head. Suddenly, the elevator dinged, and the doors opened. “Hey, sit with me at lunch?” She said, a hopeful smile on her face as she looked at him. Lyon had already exited the elevator, and Katie shortly followed, facing the direction to the cafeteria.

    She looked back at him over her shoulder. “Are you coming?” She laughed lightly. Lyon was already walking in the direction of the cafeteria, and Katie was trailing behind him.
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  38. Katie had complimented Zen's Pokemon, and he smiled more. "Oh, thank you! The three of us are glad to hear that!" He beamed. Zen listened intently on every word Katie said, as there wasn't one phrase that didn't interest him. She began talking about her father's profession as a professor. "Wow, I would have never known that he's a professor and the Elite Four Champion! It's a shame that I won't get to meet him that way, though." He said in an ever-so-slightly morose tone. "But that's a story to be saved for another time." He said right as the elevator dinged. "Hopefully in the next few minutes." He said slightly quieter than before, leaving the elevator with Katie.

    "Yeah, it'll be really great getting to know you better. And what better way to do that than by being in the same dorm, right?" Zen tried to relate, but wasn't sure if he did or didn't. "Besides, I really can't help but listen to what you say. You're just so interesting, and smart, and... nice, and... pretty..." Zen eventually got lost in his thoughts, before a jab to his leg from Ryu brought him back. As he realized what he said and how he said it, his iconic cherry red blush returned to his face, as he did the signature back-of-the-head rub. "Well, um, er, *cough*, y-yeah, of course I'll sit by you." He said happily, trying to dismiss his embarrassing goof.

    "Well, I don't know about you, but I am pret-ty hungry. I'll meet you there!" He said to her, running ahead of her towards where he thought was the cafeteria. About 30 seconds later, he returned to her, his face red again. "Um... just where, exactly, is the cafeteria, anyway?" He asked her hesitantly.

    EDIT: (OOC: Yes, I realize that the events as I describe them here aren't exactly in chronological order, but ehh, you know, it's something..)
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  39. The first thing Katie was smiling about was his compliments towards her, which turned her face pink and his red. She giggled. “You're not too bad yourself,” she said in a light teasing tone. He had then exclaimed how he was very hungry and ran ahead of her. However, he looked a little lost before he turned to her with a red face again. She laughed. Luckily, she took time to study over the map before her shower so she could know where her classes were. “Follow me and Lyon,” she said, walking in front of him with her obedient dog Pokémon.

    She and Lyon led him and his Pokémon down the hall, making a few turns, and then to a pair of large doors. She opened one, wide enough for Zen and his Pokémon to enter as Lyon waited by her side. The cafeteria was full of fellow young adults, tons of Pokémon, and the sweet smell of different types of food. Immediately, Katie was hoping for buttered biscuits and tapioca pudding, her two favorite snacks. Licking her lips, she shut the door after they had all entered.

    “Standing here is just making me hungrier.” She took a few steps ahead of him before stopping and looking back at him over her shoulder with a smile. Then, she proceeded to make her way towards the buffet tables.
  40. Charles was oblivious to what the other trainer had said to him earlier, as he continued on towards the Cafeteria. He got to the Cafeteria a little later than everyone else, since he had a little trouble navigating around unfamiliar areas. He opened the large pair of greenish doors that had guarded its entryway to the Cafeteria, as the Piplup's anxiety slowly grew from the groups of people and Pokémon that were within the area. He was oblivious to the various aromas that came from the diverse ranges of foods, as his sense of smell was not as great as one would expect with other typical Pokémon. Daniel quickly transformed again into a different Pokémon, as Charles said to him while giving off a slight chuckle, "Ahh, this will never get old... you really like to change a lot do you?"

    Daniel nodded after his hasty transformation, as he did not seem to realize that his constant transformations were starting to take a toll on him now. He quietly panted while attempting to regain his lost power, as he still sat on Charles's shoulders. He replied back to Charles while attempting to not sound like an infant from his babyish tone, "F- Fro- Froakie... Fro- Froakie..."

    Charles's eyebrows rose when he picked up Daniel's odd voice, as he said to him in a concerned tone, "Hey, what's the matter Daniel? You tired all of a sudden? I think that you should probably stop changing forms for a bit, you gotta take it easy there." Daniel nodded at him while covering most of his face with his frubbles, as the frubbles started to expand towards his chest to keep his small body warm.

    Charles went over to the counter, as he carefully scanned around the area like a surveying drone to see what kinds of food rested about on the beautiful, marble counter. While Daniel masked his nose with some of his frubbles from the strange scents that was starting to give him a slight dizziness with thoughts of repungance, Charles carefully thought to himself, "Hmm, what should I even get? I think there's too much strange food for a guy like me that's been used to farming for years on end here! I don't think I've ever seen that brown thing that's got this yellowish thing in between it, and well... I can't even get started on those stripy things that have some oil on them..."

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