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Mainstream RP Bios

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Doctor Oak, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. Oh wow, if I could only find a roleplay for this young lady.

    Name: Mir is her nickname, but her real name is Fern.
    Gender: Female.
    Home: Flounder Heights.
    Age: 15, as she has full control over her abilities as an Octoling.
    Species: Octoling. You know, those kids from Splatoon and Splatoon 2 that are only available as DLC? Those guys.
    Height: Somewhere around 5 feet tall.
    Weight: Slightly lighter than the average Inkling or Octoling.
    Hair: Usually in a ponytail, her preferred tentacle/hair color is green. It can change, but it's not likely.
    Eyes: She has blue eyes.
    Clothing: She usually wears either Fake Contacts or a Bobble Hat (the contacts being more likely), a Zekko Hoodie, and Moto Boots.
    Identifying Marks: As with all Octolings, she has tentacle hair. She also has black markings around her eyes that don't connect in the middle, unlike Inklings.
    Musculature: What muscles? She barely has any.
    Personality: Mir is a silent observer, opting to watch her enemies and strike when the time is right. She has a tendency to hum the Calamari Inkantation, because she absolutely adores the music. For some reason, she loves looking at her reflection in a mirror. Not because she's vain, it's because she's interested about the other side of the mirror. She loves soda and drinks it near constantly.
    Skills: Seeing as she's an Octoling, she can turn into an octopus at will. Her three main weapons, in order, are the Undercover Brella, the Bamboozler Mk II, and the Goo Tuber. She's a good shot with chargers, but her favorite weapon class is the brella.
    Past: When Mir was born, she had an insatiable love for electronics, as all Octarians have. When she was on an outing with her squad, she found something off about a cliffside's face. It seemed like the boulder that most never questioned was blocking something. Getting her squad to help push the boulder out of the way, the young Octoling found something that took her breath away.

    Reflecting Cave.

    Mir was astounded. While her other squad members simply shrugged it off, Mir felt like she had found heaven on Earth. Every day after, she'd spend most of her time away from her squad tinkering in the cave. She ended up building a teleporter for easy access to the cave. She felt at home in that cave.

    Then came the fateful match against Agent 3 and DJ Octavio.
    Mir enjoyed that day. And it wasn't just the inkantation, either. The flashing lights, the slinging of ink, even the DJ's own beats were beautiful. A few weeks after, Mir defected to Inkopolis, inspired by the battle to become the freshest Octoling out there. In her new home in Flounder Heights, she hooked up the old teleporter to Reflecting Cave so she could go back at any time.
    Family: She treats her friends in Inkopolis, including her former squad, as her family.
    Love Relationships?: She still hasn't found a crush, and probably won't for a long time.

    Wow this took a while.

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