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Mainstream RP Bios

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Doctor Oak, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    Atma [HEAVY WIP]
    Name: Atma Ranza

    Gender: Male

    Species: Human

    Hometown: Lauma, City of Time (CRP Dimension)

    Age: 27

    Height: 5'9

    Weight: 150lbs

    Hair: Brown, unkempt

    Eyes: Dark blue, almond shaped.

    Clothing: Robes (black, red), satchel

    Identifying Marks:

    Musculature: Ectomorphic, unremarkable.


    - Cautious


    - Devoted






    Family: Mother, Father (Both deceased).

    Love Relationships?:
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  2. Re: Mainsteam RP Bios

    I have quite a few, but I'll use at least one of these three in every single RP I join here.

    (Credit goes to Dandare Rastaban for this image)
    Name: Jynx Middata
    Gender: Female
    Species: Black-winged warrior (If the RP allows it)
    Hometown: Quiet tribal village known as Pachakal
    Age: 15
    Height: 5' 11"
    Weight: 57kg
    Hair: Light blue, short
    Eyes: Blue
    Clothing: Black top with gold decoration, blue hook gloves, blue hot pants, silver shoulder and leg armour, black boots
    Identifying Marks: Black wings (if black-winged angel; otherwise none)
    Musculature: Slender
    Personality: Jynx is lighthearted, cheery, optimistic and sometimes childish. She likes to play around, but has a strong sense of justice and a sturdy moral compass and fights when necessary, but only when absolutely necessary, like life and death.
    Skills: Enhanced speed, strength and stamina. Flight (if black-winged angel)
    Past: Jynx comes from a tribe that specialise in healing magic and enhanced physical ability. At least half of this tribe are winged, the younger winged ones having coal black wings.
    Jynx's coming of age ceremony drew shock. According to the stars, she was destined to travel far from the clan, just like her brother Schvaeley. So she did. She met up with Schvae once more and they journeyed to different places, eventually stumbling across a modern boy called Shikasho, who had a mysterious Garnet stone and a hydrokinetic affinity.
    Family: Schvaeley is her brother
    Love Relationships?: Shikasho. Maybe

    (Credit goes to Dandare Rastaban for this image)
    Name: Schvaeley "Schvae" Middata
    Gender: Male
    Species: Tribal Warrior
    Hometown: Pachakal
    Age: 18
    Height: 6' 2"
    Weight: 62kg
    Hair: Black, short(ish)
    Eyes: Blue
    Clothing: Red T-shirt, black jacket, blue jeans, silver chest armour, trainers
    Identifying Marks: His height, marks on his back where his wings would be if he had them
    Musculature: Athletic, though still rather muscled
    Personality: Schvae is a very up-front person. He's blunt when he needs to be, and almost never uses sarcasm, unless for a laugh. He likes to fight, but won't do anything unecessary. He's rather lax and gets on well with Shikasho.
    Skills: Schvae specialises in Earth and Fire magic. He also has enhanced speed/strength/stamina
    Past: Schvae belongs to the same clan as Jynx. He was told on his coming-of-age that he was destined to travel around and meet new people. He's known as the Warrior Gypsy, as he travels from place to place and never settles, as that is his destiny. He met up with Jynx when she was destined to travel alongside him. Together they met Shikasho, a modern boy with a special piece of garnet with unknown origins.
    Family: Jynx is his sister
    Love Relationships?: None

    (Credit to kemu for the pic)
    Name: Shikasho Nettaiya
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Hometown: Modern buzzing city
    Age: 17
    Height: 6'
    Weight: 56kg
    Hair: Black, tied in a spiky ponytail
    Eyes: Brown
    Clothing: Grey T-shirt, Dark grey hoodie, dark grey trousers, trainers
    Identifying Marks: Hoop earrings, sometimes followed by four female sprites (shown in the pic)
    Musculature: Slime, athletic
    Personality: Shikasho can't really be bothered. Ever. He's lazy, lax, and thinks everything is a drag. Or at least used to. Meeting two people from an ancient tribe changed that. He tries harder, but is still lazy quite a bit. He enjoys things more, but generally doesn't bother. He likes to sing and play keyboard, and is in a band with a few friends, including Schvae and Jynx.
    Skills: Manipulation of sound, Akuaganetto magic
    Past: Shikasho has lived alone since before he can remember. He's lived all alone, in a pretty roomy house. He met Jynx and Schvae and gladly took them in after hearing they came from an ancient tribe. He even invited them into his band, <Name Not Finalised>.
    Family: None that he is aware of, he considers his friends his family, in particular Suzaku, who is like a father to Shikasho
    Love Relationships?: Jynx. Probably

    I hope that's alright :3
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  3. Re: Mainsteam RP Bios

    Name:Odette Bisset


    Species: Witch

    Hometown:A quaint island in the south, she tends to keep shop there, but occasionally takes long trips to collect things.


    Height:6'0" (Happy Karu D:<)

    Weight:148 lbs

    Hair: A rather dark blonde sort. Her hair is around neck length, and is straight. She wouldn't say it's silky smooth, but it certainly isn't ratty.

    Eyes: Of the hazel variety.

    Clothing: Although she makes her clothes, she tends to wear a white bowler hat with a red pattern reminiscent of ocean waves at the top and where the rim begins. She also wears a white sleeveless dress with a red band running across the point where her chest area ends. The dress has multiple layers, although only the top one is different, having the same oceanic red pattern running from the bottom of the dress up the left side to the band. Along with this, around the area of her wrists, she wears a long cloth that loops around her back to the other wrist. On the lower end, it's wavy and has the same pattern already noted. On the other side, it's straighter. It has the added property of being able to stretch as far as her arms need to go.

    Identifying Marks: None in particular, other than that cloth, really, she seems to be fairly ordinary.

    Musculature: She's fairly slim for the most part. Not like supermodel beauty girl, but she likes to think she looks just fine.

    Personality: Odette does her best to be kind to strangers, while keeping a distance between them, just to be safe. Of course, if they aren't nice, she certainly won't be. People she know well find her to be caring, if not sarcastic and a little mean. When in the company of multiple people, she's fairly aloof, sitting back and maybe sewing something together, leaving the work up to the others. If she has an idea, she'll pipe up, but for the most part she has a soft, quiet, voice.

    Skills: Odette is a witch, but she doesn't cast spells or anything like that. The woman much prefers to knit enchantments or curses into her clothing, or place such things upon accessories she'd crafted. Other than that, she uses protective magic to lessen blows inflicted upon her. On the other hand, she isn't very strong, but her clothing gets around this through the enchantments she places upon them. Unfortunately, if the clothes become ripped or torn and such, they lose their properties. Although Odette doesn't use them often, when she does fight, she enjoys using chakrams tied with ribbons that impart 'gifts', as she calls them, when they make contact. Not like those huge chakrams that that Axel guy uses, but more like the smaller ones you can spin on your finger. They're enchanted to make a boomerang type arc and return to her after being thrown.

    Past: Odette came into this word with a gift, her grandmother could just tell by looking into her eyes. During weekends when Odette wasn't helping her parents or in school, Odessa, the grandmother, taught her to sew. Although her first creations weren't...wonderful, she didn't give up, and slowly improved.

    When she was around 15, her grandmother told her she was a witch. Odessa was getting on in years, and felt the need to pass on her gift, so Odette received it. She taught Odette how to imbue special gifts into her clothing, most of it by thought. To be able to do so, though, Odette needed to be able to know how it felt. For an example, Odette couldn't make clothes or little accessories that make the wearer burn because at the time, she had never been burned herself. She didn't know how it would feel, so she would not be able to make it correctly.

    At 20, Odette decided to open her own tailoring shop. She gave the people who came in what they deserved. The rude people's clothing became cursed as she fixed them, and the kind people got fortunes in theirs. As such, the shop got mixed reviews, but Odette didn't mind, she called it karma. They kept coming back anyway, as the majority of the people there were farmers or some other kind of hands-on workers, and their clothes needed help from time to time. There weren't many other tailors anyway, and Odette was one of the better ones.

    The shop was often closed in its later days, for Odette was fussing over her grandmother, who had to be moved to intensive care from some unknown sickness. Every time Odette visited, Odessa always smiled and tried to hold her hand. They both knew she was dying, and they had talks for hours at a time about anything, just to hold it back. One day, though, Odette simply just cried. For hours on end, and all Odessa could do was just tell her it would be fine. The next morning, she passed away. For a few days, she locked herself away in her grandmother's old sewing room, imagining, wishing things could be different. She attended the funeral, and decided to avoid speaking about it again. With that, she took her grandmother's old hat upon her head and returned to her shop.

    Nowadays, Odette ventures off the island when her curiosity gets the better of her, sometimes to look for new cloths and materials and the like. She also took up fighting to protect herself, and adorns each of her chakrams with love. She had decided to never turn down a helping hand, and never let another opportunity pass her by. She still has fun sewing and making clothes, and took some time to make little cursed accessories to slip onto the enemy's person when they aren't looking. She lets them keep it.

    Family: Although they don't exactly count, she has a few felines she's taken in from the street life. Odette would obviously have family, to be frank, they all live on the same island, but the main person of note is her grandmother, Odessa, who is now deceased. She taught Odette how to sew when they were both younger.

    Love Relationships?: Odette has no time for love when she's busy, well, not looking for love!
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  4. Re: Mainsteam RP Bios

    Name: Mar.I.Onette





    Height:Medium height for his age

    Weight:Slightly lighter than average 14year old.

    Hair:Blonde and usually Deidara-esque


    Clothing: Casually, he wears a black hoodie with white jeans. Mar is always seen with his backpack, which carries a plethora of magical trinkets and compound ingredients. For battle however, Mar dons a black vest, fingerless gloves and ties his hair into a pony-tail. He stores a dagger in his pocket lest his mana runs short.

    Identifying marks: He's never seen without his backpack.

    Muscleature: What muscles?

    Personality: Usually socialable, but suprisingly paranoid. If someone is acting in the any bit suspicious, Mar will usually act on edge.

    Skills: Mar is accomplished in Illusion magic. This class of magic involves tricking, tiring and angering the opponent while scampering around the place. In addition to illusion magic, Mar knows one extremely draining spell, retrieved from the Cthulu ruins. He rarely uses this as the only time he did, he collapsed.

    Past: Mar was born to Chard Onette and Marisa Onette. His Father was an archaeoligist, his mother a charity worker. His father reguarly both himself and Mar's mother to his excavation sites. One such time at the Cthulu ruins, Mar found a shard of pottery inscribed with rune. After reading the rune out loud, the rune revealed itself to be a spell. Mar unwillinly had reawakened it, thus allowing it to imprint itself in Mar's memory. Curious, he recited the spell, only to collapse under the severe demand for mana.

    Other than this isolated incident, Mar had a reasonably peaceful life. At 12, he was accepted into Endworld national academy of magical arts. After passing with good results for his Illusion exam, Mar became drawn into the Tournament. The Tournament was a worldwide competition, the winners becoming the Three Prime Forces of Endworld.

    family:Two parents and a pet Hokeymon.

    Relationships: None
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  5. Re: Mainsteam RP Bios

    Name: Xandra (Short for Alexandra)

    Gender: Female

    Species: Demigod (Daughter of Hades)

    Hometown: Ecruteak City

    Age: 15

    Height: 5’ 7”

    Weight: Average

    Hair: Black and curly.

    Eyes: Amethyst.

    Clothing: Tattered black dress reaching to her knees with black tights and black flats. She has a black laptop bag, which holds her black laptop and she always has her iPod.

    Identifying Marks: She always wears black chain jewelry. Her necklace has a black onyx star on it. It helps people identify her. She always carries a dark pink switchblade.

    Musculature: She’s pretty strong; she can lift some guys over her shoulder and carry them.

    Personality: Despite her looks, she’s very bright and happy. She seems to emanate a ghostly aura. She’s a huge flirt although she has a boyfriend. Xandra collects numerous things, such as coins and rocks. She gets explosive when people mention her brother’s lack of battling skill. Sometimes she is over-confident and that causes her to lose battles sometimes.

    Skills: She’s a really good computer hacker. She can also write poetry, fiction, and is a good singer. She can also draw pretty well, but not professionally.

    Past: Her father supposedly died after her brother was born, but he’s Hades so he can’t die. She was raised in Johto with her mother and brother and became a trainer at twelve. She has all the Johto badges and is shooting for Champion.

    Family: Her mother Carolyn, her father Hades, and her brother Xander. (Xander will be featured in another post. ^-^)

    Love Relationships: She has a boyfriend in Cianwood City named Derek. But she constantly flirts with everyone to take advantage of them.
  6. Re: Mainsteam RP Bios

    Name: He goes by Dark Soul, or Dark for short. His real name remains hidden.

    Gender: Male.

    Species: Elemental/Human

    Hometown: PokeCharms Island.

    Age: 15.

    Height: 1.78 metres.

    Weight: 59 kilograms.

    Hair: A dark brown, reaching his shoulders at the back.

    Eyes: A bright gold.

    Clothing: He tends to dress in black colours, for no real reason, other then that he dislikes the cold. His normal summer wear consists of a pair of jeans, a black, cotton t-shirt with short sleeves, a black leather belt with a case of the same material clipped to it, that holds a Browning Hi-Power Mark III, and black sneakers. His winter outfit adds a blue bodywarmer, boots instead of sneakers and a scarf/hat to that. He also has two different sets of armor; A black one, consisting of armor plates with integrated chain mail, armor boots, modern gauntlets and a black cape, and another one designed by Kasumi, consisting out of armor plates in different colours (Mainly turquoise and red), boots of the same colours and a turqoise scarf. Tunduli also designed him a deep purple suit, which he cherishes and uses for special, official occasions.

    Identifying marks: He has a silver necklace with a diamond set into it around his neck, which he uses for storing energy that he uses when he needs extra power in battle.

    Musculature: Average.

    Personality: Dark Soul might seem like a quite serious person, but deep down, he's fun-loving and an adrenaline addict. He is distant to strangers, but shows his true side to the people he knows well and likes. In battle though, he quickly turns aggresive and is usually the first to attack.

    Skills: Dark Soul has elektrokinetic and pyrokinetic abilities, although he rarely uses the latter one and is much more skilled with electricity. He has his way with a variety of weapons, such as firearms, swords and his large halberds. Due to his frequent nightly tours trough the city, he is quite good at parkour.

    Weapons: A Browning Hi-Power Mark III semi-automatic pistol, that, apart from regular bullets, can also fire lightning bullets when he channels energy trough it, a large halberd with a diamond blade and lightning decorations on it (He can turn it into an energy signature to retract it, and summon it when he needs it. The halberd also channels electricity, and is an ancient relic.) He also has a katana and double dao’s, but rarely uses these anymore.

    Family: None that he knows of.

    Love Relationships: No concrete ones.
  7. Re: Mainsteam RP Bios

    For Charms RPs.

    Name: Blazikid.

    Gender: Male.

    Species: Half Pokemon human.

    Home: The Second Grand City of Charms, though he has a temporary place in the side of a volcano.

    Age: Appears fifteen.

    Height: 2.1 Metres

    Weight: 65 Kilograms.

    Hair: Brown.

    Eyes: Blue, but turns red when angry or in Blaze mode.

    Clothing: Red shirt, Black Hoodie, Blue grey denim Jeans. Black running shoes.

    Identifying marks: Has feathers on Chest and legs. Blazi, His alternate form, has Blaziken Talons and Claws.

    Musculature: Looks average, but is really strong.

    Personality: Kind, but you do not wants to be near him when he's angry. Is a complete Pyromaniac. Loves to fight, and loves making friends.

    Skills: Is a Pyrokinetic and an Umbrakinetic. His flames a purple-ish red, and can summon a two handed sword with a ruby in the hilt, a darkness powered .44 magnum, and a whip made from the tail of a creature from the charms fallout. Blazi has the same abilities, but can only use the weapons and the flames one at a time, unlike Blazikid, who can use both at the same time. Blazikid also has the ability to transform his entire being, Body, heart, mind and soul, into a flame the equivalent of a supernova. Can regenerate body parts using the same technique. Takes a while to reform his entire body.

    Past: Blazikid doesn't tell anyone of his past except of how he became part Blaziken. He volunteered for a project to become part pokemon, and once the small Nanobots had given him his Blaziken half, he escaped from the holding facility and left the pokemon world altogether. He stumbled apon a small city called Pokecharms, and after looking at it from afar for a while, he joined, and discovered the joys of being a Charmsian. He discovered his Pyrokinesis soon after he joined, as well as three will-o-wisps that he came to love. When the Fallout came, he battled the monsters and fought, and helped restore the City to it's former glory. Soon after the Fallout, loud explosions and flashes of light came from his room, and when they looked the next day, everything was singed, and Blazikid now looked different to his self before the Fallout. He now discovered his Umbrakinesis, and that his flame had become purple, as well as his Will-o-wisps. He then discovered when he entered chat, he transformed into Blazi, his alternate form. He was stronger, but didn't wield his fire and darkness well. Blazikid thought that with the tail he had severed from a creature in the Fallout, he could make a really good whip, and while it was being made, he thought up of his other two weapons, the magnum and the Sword. He now lives peacefully in 'Charms, and is a fully fledged resident, happy with whatever comes his way.

    family: Dinova, Indie-Reeper: Adopted (kinda) Brothers. Tunduli: Adopted (Again, kinda) Cousin.
  8. Re: Mainsteam RP Bios

    Name: Nick "Blarg" Leadinghawk

    Gender: Male

    Species: Human

    Race: Native American

    Hometown: a big city

    Age: 18

    Hight: 5' 4"

    Weight: around 130 lbs.

    Hair: Dark brown, almost black, spiked

    Eyes: Green

    Clothing: gray System Of A Down t-shirt, baggy faded jeans, black DC shoes.

    Identifying marks: nothing too significant.

    Musculature: Short and stocky, but built pretty solid

    Personality: Can come off as a (for lack of a better term) ass hole, but trusting to people he knows. Cocky, but insecure. Also has (sometimes debilitating) OCD. Doesn't really care what others think of him.

    Skills: Great hand-to-hand combatant, especially with melee weapons, decent drummer, fast runner, and good endurance, very street smart, good with his hands in the sense that he can use pretty much anything as a weapon.

    Past: Has been expelled from most schools due to reckless behavior, was nearly killed in a car crash. Nothing else really interesting

    Family: Broken, but is in touch with sister.

    Love relationships: none yet.
  9. Re: Mainsteam RP Bios

    Never Tickle A Sleeping Dragon!

    Name: Nathan Smith

    Gender: Male

    Species: Wizard

    Hometown: Ede

    Age: 11

    Height: 1. 62

    Weight: Average

    Hair: Very white and quite spiky.

    Eyes: Sky blue.

    Clothing: He likes regular jeans and cotton t-shirts, colour doesn't really matter.

    Identifying Marks: Wears a leather necklace, inlaid with three shappires, a big one in the middle and two smaller ones next to it.

    Musculature: Above average, because he's a very active athlete.

    Personality: Nathan is a calm person, who likes hanging out with his friends. He hates getting embarassed and is very protective of others. He won't be the first to deliver a hit but he does his uttermost best of trying to protect others from foes, aka he hates bullies.

    Skills: He is very good in charms, average in spells and bad in curses. He is a fast swimmer.

    Past: Nathan is a half-blood Dutch wizard. His father is a wizard who married a pretty white-haired Muggle, Nathan's mother. Nathan spent most of his youth doing sports and school. He didn't have a lot of friends but he liked the ones he had.

    Family: His father, Johan, his mother Cynthia, and his grandfather Peter. Johan is easy to hang out with and has a good sense of humour. He is always optimistic. Cynthia is a more serious, but loving- and loveable- person. She knows about the wizard world. Peter is a wise men, who prefers to be left alone. He also know about the magic world, but is a Muggle, and he's not very fond of magic.

    Pets: A Stygian owl called Styx, who is 40 centimetres tall. Styx is a big and strong owl, who is very loyal to Nathan. He loves treats like bacon or chicken, but hates getting put inside a cage. Due to this, Nathan keeps him on a leather shoulderpad when travelling.

    Wand: 30 centimetres. Wood: Holly, quite bendable. Core: Veela's hair, which is excellent for charms.

    Love Relationships?: Who knows :p
  10. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Re: Mainsteam RP Bios


    Race: Ryuga

    Age: 18

    Height: 6'2''

    Weight: Roughly 160lbs

    Figure: Tall, obviously, and very slim. He has the toned body of a gymnast and has a certain catlike grace to his posture. He's not "oh em gee skin and bones" but he generally looks skinnier than most people.

    Hair Color: Blue

    Eye Color: Blue

    Hair Style: Fringe swept over to one side, sometimes over one eye. Short and spiky at the back.

    Clothing: Typically loose fitting pants but tighter tops. Generally seen wearing baggy jeans or cargo pants and a t-shirt or wife-beater.

    Weapons: Constantly carries the Bahamut Blade around, and had an enchanted guan dao that hides in a pocket dimension. Sometimes uses guns, as seen in Summoner Style.

    Friends: Zebedee, Natalie, Prime (tentatively), Sly (to some degree), Hector, Al, Miko.

    Acquaintances: Kuro, Thyra, some of the SPS, Rick, Alex

    Enemies: As far as I remember, no one

    Powers: Yoshimitsu, above all else, is fast. His biggest attribute is his speed, which he converts into brute power when fighting by packing all of his attacks with a huge momentum. He's perfectly capable of keeping up with traffic flow on a motor way when sprinting. The speed translates into a fast fighting style that leaves little room of reaction.

    Yoshimitsu can use the power of Light. Light is a pure positive force, charged by his emotions, manifest into a Holy power. It's very adaptable, but mostly takes the form of spiraling beams or fist-sized bolts that explode on impact. He can also use it defensively, creating small shields to nullify magical, elemental and non-physical attacks.

    He also has summon monsters. Currently he only has Bahamut, a blue dragon that has a humanoid body. While he typically only consults Bahamut and rarely summons him outright, he can summon Bahamut into various objects for different effects (as seen in Summoner Style).

    Personality: Yoshimitsu is very much an impulsive, happy-go-lucky character. He can come across as sober, calm, angsty or angry but he is more curious and generally positive most of the time. As shown in The Hell Gate, he is curious about unexplained events, while Summoner Style shows that he can be very thoughtful and The Cat's Meow shows him being overly impatient and intolerant. However, Yoshimitsu's Story shows that he's typically a happy character who gets his kicks from adrenaline and company.

    History: Yoshimitsu was constructed in his home dimension from scratch, originally designed to be part of Lord Dran's Elite Guard. During his construction, his brain was given military information and advance combat strategies, to go with his abnormally strong body. However the Ryguas' similarity to humans means that, despite being deliberately built to be stronger, he shares many of the weaknesses of humans.

    As soon as Yoshimitsu's body had finished construction, his mind went haywire and he broke out of the laboratory. During his rampage, he broke out of the castle, left the city and entered a portal to this dimension. Because he had not known his purpose, nor given any information on normal interaction between individuals, he lived the next few years as a feral child. He lived through scavenging and theft. Through observation, he started to learn about human interaction and learned how to talk and socialise. Because his brain was designed to be a learning machine, he learned easily and quickly. Additionally, because his brain was programmed to survive, he had no issues with living as the homeless child he was.

    During construction, Yoshimitsu had been given certain abilities. He had the ability to manipulate elements to a minor degree and was created faster than any of the other Ryuga. However, because he never needed to use these talents, it was not until he was twelve that he realised he had these talents. The talents had stayed dormant, but grew as Yoshimitsu had.

    At the same time Yoshimitsu took up Pokemon training and excelled, proving himself to be an adept trainer. He quickly assembled a strong team that he treated with care and affection, forming bonds with various Pokemon trainers.

    Even at such a young age, his mind was more advanced and much more similar to that of a late-teenager. During his travels, he met a boy called Vincent. Instinctively, the two disliked each other. However while Yoshimitsu was content to ignore this boy, Vincent was not the type to let the dislike stay passive. He ended up murdering Yoshimitsu's Pikachu, the pokemon that Yoshimitsu had for the longest and was his closest friend at that point. Yoshimitsu vowed that if he ever met Vincent again, he would repay the favour.

    At the age of twelve, Yoshimitsu decided to test his abilities and challenge a dragon named Bahamut, who was rumored to be the strongest dragon alive. During this attempt, he formed a strong friendship with Hector Cruz, and slightly weaker relationship with Al. Though he did not know, Vincent was aiming to challenge Tiamat and had enlisted the help of Miko. Along the way, they met and fought again. However, Hector and Al talked Yoshimitsu out of fighting Vincent by telling him that beating Bahamut would prove him stronger. Reluctantly, he agreed and they made their way to Dejurrin Island. While on the Island, Yoshimitsu acquired a summon monster called Golem, a giant rock golem (funnily enough). He then, accompanied by Hector and Al, descended into the island and found Bahamut's lair. At the same time, Vincent and Miko found Tiamat. After a pair of difficult fights, it transpired that Bahamut and Tiamat would lend their aid to the warriors strong enough to defeat them. It was then that Yoshimitsu acquired the Bahamut Blade. However, the Tiamat Blade had already been given to Hector, and hence Vincent did not acquire the sword.

    Having finally had enough of Vincent's antics, Yoshimitsu accepted a final battle challenge against Vincent, winner take all. It occured on Dejurrin Island, the fight moving around the island as it progressed. The final moments of the fight took place on a chunk of ice that had broken from the island, where Yoshimitsu finally killed Vincent. Much to his surprise, two ghostly things left Vincent's corpse. The first, it transpired, was Tiamat which went straight to Hector. The second entered Yoshimitsu, but then it seemed to vanish and Yoshimitsu did not think of it again.

    A year later, after many adventures with his new friends, Yoshimitsu learned of a Wind Tiger named Kapora. An unexpected desire flared within him, and he set off in search of the tiger. Along the way, he noticed his personality change but found he was not sorry about this fact. A realization spread through him as he remembered the ghostly thing that had entered him a year previous. He was pursued by Miko and Hector, the former wishing to help him acquire the summon monster while the latter wanted to know why his best friend was snubbing him. During the fight against Kapora, Hector challenged Yoshimitsu and Miko joined the fray. Yoshimitsu revealed that another soul was occupying his body, Vincent's soul. It gave him new powers and a much stronger body, along with a new alignment and a dislike of Hector. At the end of the fight Hector left in disgust, Yoshimitsu had a third summon and he had joined Miko and the South Pole Summoners.

    However this new personality was not Yoshimitsu, and his true self managed to overcome the old one. While he could not deny his new name nor the second soul in his body, his true personality overcame the false one. When he learned that Hector's brother had been held captive and his life threatened, Yoshimitsu rushed to his friend's aid. During the fight, Golem was stolen from him and together he and Hector were forced to destroy it. However, they won the fight. Hector's brother had still been killed, but the pair renewed their friendship and Hector took up his brother's sword.

    During a training session, Yoshimitsu found himself on the wrong end of Hector's Kamiyami Blade. Hector used the sword to remove Vincent's soul from Yoshimitsu's body.

    The years of adventuring had a second effect on Yoshimitsu. He could not find any direction for his life, and felt that he did more harm than good in many cases. Ultimately, he commited suicide. He left his possessions and summons to his friends, apart from Bahamut and the Bahamut Blade which he kept with him at all times.

    This death was short lived, however, as the Blood Magician Dente revived the warrior and fused Vincent's soul with Yoshimitsu's in Yoshimitsu's body, once more creating Yisimentsu. This time, however, the two souls had been joined and combined into a single one, with appropriate effects on Yoshimitsu. Now he was a completely new person. Once again, he and Hector had a rift in their relationship. Yoshimitsu followed his new quest for power, quickly gaining more and more powers and strength. This new found Yoshimitsu was ruthless and indiscriminate.

    However, a mage and an old friend of both Yoshimitsu and Vincent chose to intervene and created a seperate body. He seperated Yoshimitsu and Vincent's souls and placed Vincent's in this new shell. The body itself was a perfect human body, and resembled Vincent's original body remarkably well. Despite their conflicts before, Yoshimitsu and Vincent now understood each other and formed a close friendship.

    During their friendship, they found an island that bended itself to their will. They chose to set this island in orbit in the skies, only going their when they needed peace and quiet. They called it Mist, named after the weather conditions they found it in.

    Shortly after, Yoshimitsu learned that his home was not in this dimension. Together, they went to his home dimension and met Lord Dran. They left quickly, having no desire to serve this Lord. However, things were not so simple. Lord Dran was determined to have Yoshimitsu as his servant and destroyed the home he and Vincent had. The two ended up on an airship with a friendly crew, and enjoyed their life there.

    During their stay on the airship, Yoshimitsu began to act oddly and took off without warning. Vincent pursued, but in the end he could not keep up with Yoshimitsu. Yoshimitsu created a new world out of the island called Mist. Vincent went to this island, and ended up fighting with Yoshimitsu. Ultimately, he had to kill his friend. It later transpired that Yoshimitsu was being controlled by Lord Dran.

    During an invasion from the Ryuga Race, a select group of Ryuga went to Yoshimitsu's grave. Using a complicated ritual, they brought the body back to life but locked Yoshimitsu's memories away. Yoshimitsu, not knowing who he was nor why he was being ordered around by people he didn't know, left his race in search of answers. Only afew days after revival, he found himself in a city being attacked by giant white phoenix. He felt an irrational urge to fight the phoenix in order to save the innocent bystanders. Assisted by a powerful stranger, they brought down the phoenix and the stranger took it as a summon monster. Yoshimitsu departed.

    The next day, a second supernatural entity found him. He was assisted, once again, by the dark haired stranger. Once again, the stranger took the winged unicorn as a summon. However, this stranger also claimed to know him. He went with the stranger to Mist. The stranger then summoned a blue dragon, and Yoshimitsu felt a wealth of memories return to him. He recognised the stranger as Vincent, his best friend, and the dragon as Bahamut.

    However, something was amiss. The island once again began to bend itself to Yoshimitsu's will, but a castle had appeared on the island. Yoshimitsu could not will it away, so together he and Vincent entered the castle. Presented with a choice of up or down, Yoshimitsu went down while Vincent ascended the stairs. The castle, it transpired, was of Ryuga origin and forced both boys to relive their memories of each other. While Yoshimitsu learned the truth of his existence, Vincent's darker side had been unlocked and the dark haired boy left the castle without a word to Yoshimitsu.

    Yoshimitsu now is hunting Vincent down in an attempt to end things. In the year between Vincent's departure and the present day, Yoshimitsu learned what happened to Vincent and why he reacted as he did. Now Yoshimitsu has realised that there is no way to save Vincent and he knows how it must end. He will stop at nothing to save Vincent, but if he has to kill his former friend, he will.
  11. Re: Mainsteam RP Bios

    Might as well, I might not even use this for RPs and just for a Fan fic I'm planning, but its a good IDea of mine for now.

    Name: Ace Martin

    Gender: Male

    Species: Human

    Hometown: Tokyo

    Age: 16

    Height: 1. 80

    Weight: Average

    Hair: Black and spiky, but has a black cap he occasionally wears.

    Eyes: Sapphire blue.

    Clothing: Black short sleeve jacket with grey shirt underneath, dark blue jeans and red converse low top.

    Identifying Marks: Scar shaped like a V on his right hand, on which he occasionally wears a glove.

    Musculature: Unknown, he usually lets his partner do the fighting.

    Personality: Calm but unknown, as he never gets too close to someone.

    Skills: Wields the Human Spirit of Fire, and is capable of adapting his Digimon to any occasion.

    Past: After having several dark Devimon invade his home at the age of 5, he was 'chosen' by the devimon to be an exchange for the lives of Tokyo. Though his parents denied at first, the devimon struck them down and took Ace, who, at the age of 8, escaped them and they're leader ChaosGallantmon, and wound up meeting with a rabbit digimon Terriermon, now his partner, after obtaining a Green Digivice Burst. He now battles to protect the digital world from any threat, but continues to move back and forth between worlds.

    Family: Both of his parents were killed when they refused to co-operate with the Devimon, and too ace to the Digital World. He is aware that somewhere he has a little sister and grandparents, but he is unable to find them even with his geological knowledge.

    Love Relationships?: None, but there is a girl who is occasionally seen in the digital world with a partner Lopmon who he seems to take intrest in now and again.
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  12. Re: Mainsteam RP Bios

    Name: Drago

    Gender: Male

    Species: Anthromorphic Dragon

    Hometown: Soul Island, very tropical

    Age: 17

    Height: 4'3"

    Weight: 140 lbs.

    Musculature: Kinda stringy, as he's a pretty fit from all the running, but not overly muscely

    Hair: "Oh is this some kind of joke!?! Why I oughta.." is what he would say, as he and his brothers are reptilian creatures, meaning they have no hair or fur. Instead, his body is a turquoise blue color, and on top of his head are two, shark-like rays that kinda sway to the left. He also has a light gray belly and two, rather small bat-like wings (black). He also has a long tail, almost as long as his legs, with a half arow point.

    Eyes: Kinda a crimson-ish Brown. When he transforms, his eyes sparkle like rainbows.

    Clothes: Like most guy species of the "Sonic fan world", he doesn't wear much, except for gloves and shoes. So, he wears black, fingerless gloves with a red wrist grip and red finger wraps, and on his right arm he wears black atheletic tape that work like a match grip ( basically, his gloves are made of a fire proof material that light up when Drago swipes his hand across the tape. It only works when he has enough Mana); red shoes with a slanted silver "D", black rubber soles (similar to tires), blue socks (much like Knuckles' brand socks, only slightly longer, and under the socks is more black atheletic tape that come's up to right below his knees on both legs; and a gauntlet-like glove that fit's over the point in his tail, made out of leather, with white atheletic tabe crawling up his tail. Designed with a racecar in mind, at least that's what Vee said. He also wears a shark tooth, beaded together by orange beads.

    Identifying marks: nothing out of the ordinary

    Personality: He is a hero at heart, not blinking an eye in the sight of danger. He also likes to be cool, and is probably a good role model, however he is known for his hyper fits (when partying, going to get sugar or caffeine products, or when he and his brothers eat a Taco). He is rather quirky, as he is silly when he wants too, but this makes him an easy person to befriend. He absolutely loves adventure and he loves running and sparring with his brother, Spike.

    Skills: He can run rather fast, mainly because when he was little, he wanted to be fast like Sonic, even though he's one fifth of the speed of sound. He has some knowledge of martial arts, as he knows many acrobatic moves and uses his tail like a third leg. He also has the ability to call upon an ancient Dragon energy source, known as Mana in their world. With it, in small amounts, it can act like propane and help spark a fistfull of fire. In medium amounts, he can illuminate a cave using a pinkish energy in his hand, and can also power up old mechs and open ancient doors. In large amounts, which can get dangerous, he can power up a large ship, or he can use the energy (combined with a stressed feeling of Love, fear, or mortal danger) to transform into a mode known as Zephr Mode, which turns his entire body silver, makes his eyes glow like a rainbow, and turns his small, bat-like wings into large, Angelic-like wings. However, he only has so much control over mana, and it can easily be cancelled out by electricity or fire.

    Past: Ten years ago, he and his brothers witnessed the murder of their parents by the hand of a man simply known as The Black Rose. Since his father wasn't around, he and his brothers took up their own specialty, Drago's being martial arts and speed. Later on, he met another Dragon known as Kodar, who was approximately three centuries old, who taught he and his brothers how to fight using the mistical force called Mana. As life passed, he eventually befriended a fox named Katelyn, who eventually became his girlfriend and babysitter to the immature trio. THroughout the years, he's made friends with Chaos envoys (people who are secondary encarnations to the Chaos Emeralds), as well as discovering his routes on the dragon homeworld, Dragos. Eventually, he combined the powers of mana with his father's spirit, and took on a form powerful enough to seal away The Black Rose. He and his friends have been on several rescue missions, including helping the Envoys defeat the Necropires (Enhanced clan of Vampires).

    Now, he and his brothers: Spike and Vee, are traveling through space with a Aquasian Jellyfish named Juan and of course Kaitlyn. They are traveling through space to rescue a small solar system known as Tropicosca ( a small, twelve planet solar system with mainly Tropical planets, such as Aquasar) from a group of Insect-like Aliens, while on the side trying to clear their father's name of a murder Her supposedly commited twenty years ago, while also trying to avoid Rodo, a space monkey/ detective, who is on the hunt for their heads.

    Family: His parents, Duke the Dragon, and Maren the Lizard, were both killed, so now all that remains of his small family is his 19 year old brother/best friend, Spike, and his little 14 year old brother, Vee the Velocicopter rex (a mix of dragon and lizard). It's also rumored that they have an uncle somewhere in the galxy known as Gallic.

    Love: He has Kaitlyn the fox as a girlfriend, who is practically a sister to Spike and Vee. In the past, he and his brothers fought over who would have her, but eventually "love" favored the Dragon and Fox.

    Name: Spike

    Gender: Male

    Species: Anthromorphic Lizard (sorta like a Guitar (a spiked lizard) in appearance)

    Hometown: Soul Island

    Age: 19

    Height: 4'4"

    Weight: 150 Lbs (also varies depending on how large or how many weapons he makes)

    Musculature: Same as his brother, but maybe a little puffed out chest.

    "Body": No hair, His entire body is orange (with his black, upside-down triangle belly as an exception). His head is quite simple like his brothers, as it is round with a box-like snout coming out. Unlike his brothers, however, his ears kinda float above his head (THey are extremely tiny). He also has a zizag-like tail, with two spikes coming from the tip. He has two spikes coming out of his legs and arms, as well as four small spikes on his back, hence the name, Spike.

    Eyes: Purple. A dark purple.

    Clothes:: He wears golden, fingerless gloves, with a dark purple wrist grip and finger ringlets, and on his left arm, he wears white atheletic tape; he wears golden colored shoes as well, with purple soles lined with a special compund that allows him to work bone through his feet without ruining his shoes, as well as dark purple warm-up socks (like what Goku or Rock Lee wears) laced with blue X patterned belts. Je also wears a necklace, only his is a chain one with a Wyvern's tooth.

    Identifying marks: Besides the spikes, nothing out of the ordinary.

    Personality: Spike is almost like his brother Drago, but he also acts wise. He is, however, the easiest to aggrivate, so he would more than likely jump into battle if you called him "Mr. Needles". He also takes brotherly insults badly too, and has been known to get into fights for people calling Vee a nerd. He also loves to fight, and sometimes misjudges his own strength. He, however, is also prone to randomness like his friends, and has been known to tease his little bros. about their lady friends, even though he is currently in a single-sided relationship with noone.

    Skills: Spike has a unique trait that makes him a powerful opponent to anyone: Calcium manipulation. Since he is the son of a dragon, he was born with the ability to lengthen, extend, or create weapons out of bone (which appear to be a black, steel-like substance). This also means that he can withstand blows that would hurt normal people, such as a knife stab. He has been known to copy video games to create weapons like a Moon Cutter, Buster Blade, or even use a Million Weapon attack (after which he is worn out). He can use this skill without much strees, however his bone are slightly more fragile when he fights like this.

    Past: He was extremely, mentally scarred by his parents' death, and so he vowed for revenge the second he had the opportunity. Growing up, he learned how to fight from his father, Kodar, and a cyborg panther named Scythe, who taught him how to transform his brittle, earth-based bones to iron-clad steel. He fought alongside his brothers and friends, being able to temporarily defeat The Black Rose using a special move: One million blades. He also fought the Wyverns and took out the Luitenant, Pachi. He has never been apart from his two brothers in any adventure, as they are the "Ultimate Trio", as put by the Chaos Envoys.

    He greatly values his family history, as since he was the oldest, his father and mother always told him many secrets of the dragons as well as many ancient lores, so he is well equipt with Knowledge about Ancient Ruins or Treasure Hunting.

    Now he travels with the others through space, helping as the team's mucsle. He helped to liberate a Planet in the Tropicosca system by defeating the Kraken as well as taking out an enemy mech.

    Family: His two bros and an Uncle.

    Love: He has a crush on a celebrity, but his heart sometimes wavers to Katelyn.


    Kingdom Hearts charrie.

    Name: Dante

    Gender: Male

    Species: Borderline human, losing his heart slowly

    Hometown/world: He doesn't remember, but he crashes in Radiant Garden now and then.

    Age: 18

    Height: 6'0"

    Weight: 180 Lbs.

    Hair: Black, but kinda spiked in the back, giving it a wind blown look. He also has red stripes on the standing hair.

    Eyes: They used to be blue, but since he is slowly dipping into the shadows, his eyes are yellow.

    Clothing: He wears a blue-jean jacket with a white fur-collar; a white, v-neck t-shirt which come under his jacket; black pants with a two hip belts on his right side and one on his right, and an atheletic tape-wrapped knee; and dark-brown boots.

    Musculature: He's normal.

    Personality: Dante beleives that his heart may leave him any minute, so he is almost emotionless. However, he still laughs at jokes, and loves to fight. He also hates heartless, seeing them as monsters who could speed up the process of loosing his heart, so he fights them to free their captive hearts.

    Skills: Dante is an ex-student of the Keyblade academy, which is a school for young Keyblade Warriors, which was established long after Sora's time. However, since he was a student, he knows a little magic, as well as some summoning skills, whicxh he rarely uses.

    Weapons: Burning Heart: A Keyblade which was forged out of his own heart. It has a red, block gaurd, like most Keyblades; a black-steel blade with an orange trim on the edge of the blade, followed by 3 small, black teeth on the front; and a red, ribbon like chain.

    Past: He doesn't remember much of who he is anymore, as his heart is fading away. He beleives that the Heartless's captured hearts may be able to help heal his own, so he is constantly roaming to places just to kill some.

    Eventually, he met a girl named Reima, whose life he saved. She doesn't exactly understand why he lacks feelings, but still likes to stalk him when he's not looking. For some reason though, Dante feels warm inside when he sees her.

    In the past, he was apparently a student at the Keyblade Academy, which is the only way a man like him could ever receive such a blade. However, for reasons he can't remember, he left, leaving behind his worries, and eventually got knocked out somewhere, as he has problems remembering. He almost lost his heart when one of his closest friends turned into a Nobody, which deeply angered him. As he travels, he is looking for a way to keep his heart, as well as to what his purpose is.

    Because of this, he's met some odd people, many from different worlds. Although he sticks out like a sore thumb, he eventually finds allies. Along the way, he's also met many powerful warriors, who has helped to train him. However, because of his quest for power, his inner Heartless is always looking for a time when he's emotionably weak, so he can wreak havok; but he's usually able to keep this in check by not showing any emotion.

    Dante is now currently traveling, on his motorbike, through a special World, one that is said to connect all Worlds.

    Family: Said to have a father.

    Love?: Some speculate that it could be Reima, but he denies it all.
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  13. Re: Mainsteam RP Bios

    Name: Tristan Moore
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Canvas City, Tresdes
    Age: Fifteen
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 150 lbs
    Hair: Blonde, mid-neck length. Rather messy and tendril-like. Two large "tendrils" fall over his nose.
    Eyes: Wide & black.
    Clothing: Navy blue hoodie and basic slip-on shoes. Gray pants.
    Identifying Marks: Has no right eye; instead, the eye socket is filled with tentacles, the longest over shoulder-length. Fingers are also large and similar to the eye tentacle. Left side of his hair has two small, thick, curly tendril-like stubs.
    Musculature: Average
    Personality: Laid-back, caring. Extremely friendly, even though he's pretty much an outcast. Hard to offend.
    Skills: Fingers can change length at will. Can move his eye tentacle unconsciously. Surprisingly a good dancer.
    Past: Not much can be said about his past. His mother gave birth to him and his sister when she was fourteen. Tristan was an outcast for a couple of reasons, one due to being part tentacle monster. Another reason was due to the fact that he and his fraternal twin sister are different species from each other, although their mother had only been with human men. As such, he is protective over the people who are genuinely kind to him.
    Family: His mother is named Teresa Moore. His younger fraternal twin sister, a lolicon mecha, is named Lilith Moore. He loves them dearly.
    Love Relationships?: None whatsoever, due to the whole "outcast" situation.

    Name: Lilith Moore
    Gender: Female
    Hometown: Canvas City, Tresdes
    Age: Fifteen
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 130 lbs
    Hair: Long, blonde, & straight. Constantly put in two high ponytails, making it above elbow length. Long, choppy straight bangs.
    Eyes: Giant & purple. Sparkly.
    Clothing: Pale lime green kimono, mid-thigh length with long, baggy sleeves. Purple obi and giant collar wide enough to cover shoulders. White underskirt. Purple knee-high robot boots. Giant pale lime green bow right over her bangs.
    Identifying Marks: Extremely shiny eyes & sparkly cheeks. Cannot take off her boots as they are her actual legs. Lack of nostrils.
    Musculature: Average.
    Personality: Like her brother, it is hard to offend her. Sympathetic & also drawn to genuine kindness. Doesn't really know how express herself, so she will constantly perform odd actions to portray them.
    Skills: With a click of her heels, she can hover in the air in a style similar to Astro Boy. Can also hide various useful objects in her sleeves.
    Past: It is unknown how her mother was able to give birth to her, due to the fact that she is part mecha. However, being half human, she is able to grow like her brother, just at a slower pace due to being part lolicon. As such, she looks more like a 12 year old rather than 15. Although she and her brother were outcasts, she receives less bullying due to her "perfect" appearance. Every year on their birthday, she needs to be upgraded and charged in order to function and age properly.
    Family: Her mother is Teresa Moore. Her brother is Tristan Moore. She loves them dearly.
    Love Relationships?: None whatsoever, since even she doesn't know whether or not she is able to reproduce.


    Name: Anna Kindle
    Gender: Female
    Hometown: Sphelim, Mann
    Age: Twenty
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 132 lbs
    Hair: Dark brown, waist-length
    Eyes: Blue
    Clothing: Pastel colored dress (mid thigh-length in the front, knee length in the back) and knee high socks, with dull brown ankle-length boots and bolero (sleeves past knuckles)
    Identifying Marks: the white rose on each of her boots, always seen with her expensive looking, knee-high, blonde ball-jointed doll named Vale
    Musculature: Average
    Personality: Polite and kind, although timid and easily broken-hearted. Constantly feels extremely lonely, so she often talks to Vale and treats him like an actual human being. Would do anything for him. Occasionally hints the possibility that Vale can actually move on his own.
    Skills: Can mend clothing and cook. Has a nice singing voice, although Vale is the only one that hears it.
    Past: Anna was born into nobility, her father being a baron. She had always dreamed of playing a rebellious role and wanted to run away for a long time, but was unable to do so due to her meekness. She constantly prayed for a day such as that to happen, and coincidentally, it did. Anna's home was invaded by a group of unknown men, called the "Spirit's Thorns," and she was kidnapped by a masked man who took her into a forest and lived with her there, teaching her how to cook and live on her own. She never saw his face, only his eyes and hair. Eventually he disappeared, after of which she went looking for him, only to find herself in a small city. Working in various odd jobs, Anna spent all her hard-earned money on Vale instead of an apartment, due to the fact that Vale resembled the masked man. She has been ridiculed and laughed at due to the fact that she treats Vale as a human being, and she has often been called insane.
    Family: Her strict, overbearing father is a baron. Her mother, a baroness, is temperamental and a perfectionist. Shortly after her kidnapping, they put up a ransom for anyone who found their daughter. However, due to the fact that they were never really close to their daughter, they eventually took in a fraud. Anna has had faithful encounters with them, although they do not recognize her. She doesn't really care.
    Love Relationships?: Anna was infatuated with her masked kidnapper. It appears she still hasn't gotten over it as she clings onto Vale.
  14. Name: Bryan Umbron

    Gender: Male

    Species: Demon

    Hometown: ‘De Hoge Veluwe’, a national nature domain in The Netherlands where a part of his clan resides including his family.

    Age: 15, in human years.

    Height: 1.80 metres.

    Weight: 62 kg.

    Hair: Dark-brownish, fuzzy.

    Eyes: All yellow with a little black pupil, aka demonic.

    Clothing: Jeans, a brown leather t-shirt and leather boots, also brown. He also has an armor suit, which resides at home.

    Identifying Marks: Two silver bracelets with the Umbron symbol on them, around both of his wrists.

    Musculature: Quite muscled, but not extremely.

    Personality: Bryan is the heir to the Umbron throne, and knows it. He behaves like nothing can touch him because nothing really can. He can be a normal, friendly person if he wants to, but in reality he is an impulsive, slightly aggressive and always enthiousastic adrenaline junkie.

    Skills: Bryan’s good at Combat and Survival skills, as well as Smithing Arts. He has a natural feel for balance and he is more agile then most demons.

    Powers/Weapons: Bryan is okay at wielding any weapon, but he is especially good with his large, two-handed onyx scimitar Daemonus that also resides at his home. He also wields magic quite well.

    Past: Bryan was born from the leader of the Umbron Clan and a human with magical qualities. He grew up in the Umbron Clan culture and learned all about warfare and the world as seen by demons. He became a warrior like his dad, and when he was old enough, he enrolled into Bloodstone Academy where he currently lives and learns.

    Family: His father and mother; He has no siblings.

    Love Relationships?: Violet d’Aquon, a demon-water elemental hybrid that is part of a high-placed family within the Umbron Clan. Bryan grew up with her and they’ve always loved each other.


    Name: Violet d’Aquon

    Gender: Female.

    Species: Demon/Water Elemental

    Hometown: National Park ‘De Hoge Veluwe’

    Age: Fifteen, but she is two months younger then Bryan.

    Height: 1.72 metres.

    Weight: 52 kg.

    Hair: Raven black, long and straight.

    Eyes: Like Bryan’s, yellow with a black pupil.

    Clothing: Regular jeans, usually grey or black cotton T-shirts, a leather belt with studs and one silver bracelet with the Umbron symbol on it.

    Identifying marks: Her skin has a blue tone, which is unique for a demonic creature.

    Musculature: Slender, oddly.

    Personality: Mentally, Violet is twice the demon Bryan is. She is stone-hearted, and finds clan honor the most important thing in the world. If the situation calls for it, she can act like a friendly, happy young girl.

    Skills: Violet is a very intelligent girl and she’s very good at things that require a lot of brainpower like philosophy, mathematics and strategy (The latter one being the reason she’s never been defeated in a game of chess). Despite that she is hardly muscled, Violet is known as a beast at combat, being one of the best fighters of the entire academy. Bryan thinks this is the result of combining the quickness, agility and wavy moves of water elementals with the power and stamina of demons.

    She is also a very good swimmer of course, and is able to hold her breath underwater much longer as most races.

    Powers/Weapons: Violet’s main weapon is a long katana, to make the most out of her speed. She has the power to control water, although not as well as real water elementals.

    Past: Violet sprang from a relationship between an important Umbron demon lady and a Water Elemental from the Northern Sea tribe, a tribe that lives in the cold waters of the Canal and Northern Sea near The Netherlands and that the Umbron Clan is allied with. Her birth was big news in the demon and elemental world; Some called it disgusting or race treachery, others found it amazing and a forebode of better relationships with other races.

    Bryan and Violet grew up together, and Violet enrolled into Bloodstone Academy at the same time as Bryan.

    Love Relationships: Bryan Umbron, heir to the Umbron throne.
  15. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Name: Sem
    Race: Aquamor/Spirit
    Gender: Male
    Body’s Age: 372 Real Age: Has existed as a quasi-conscious elemental spirit for several millennia.
    Height: About one meter when standing on his hind legs. Two meters long including the tail.
    Weight: 40lbs
    Figure: Otter-shaped.
    Hair Color: Fur is gray.
    Eye Color: Dark teal
    Clothing: Sleeveless black top with decorative zippers and buckles.
    Weapons: Usually wields a pair gunblades, but they can shift into another weapon. If not using gunblades then he’s typically using a serpent sword. He also wears a raindrop pendant around his neck, which has several abilities from healing, to summoning water, to summoning beasts.
    Powers: Water elemental. Sem has had a lot of time to master his gift and is a powerful elemental. He can control water effortlessly in any of its forms, whether solid, liquid, or gas. He can also mimic water, making him an extremely difficult opponent to even hit at times. Like many elementals, Sem can be god-like in power when at his best.
    Personality: Quiet and reserved. Sem is usually fairly calm and does worry too much. Despite his age, being around Sorena makes him immature and playful at times, so he’s not always serious. He has had many experiences and is familiar with loss and death, but he has also had many positive experiences and he likes to give a helpful word when he can to those who are struggling.
    History: Sem has existed for several millennia as a spirit who wasn’t entirely conscious of the world around him. When he wasn’t sleeping he spent his time observing the lives of living creatures, but he could not communicate with them – not that he felt a desire to. He lived peacefully as a presence amongst the waves.

    Discovered by Sorena, she was able to communicate with him and sparked within him a new curiosity for the creatures that walked the planet he was a part of. He desired to learn more, and so she provided him with a body. The body belonged to a species of creatures that had nearly reached extinction, the aquamor. They were nearly identical to otters, save for the fins on their bodies.

    Sorena took Sem in and taught him many things such as speaking and necessary social skills. Once Sem discovered that he could control water, she helped him develop this ability. They lived together and were rarely very far apart, being the best of friends. Both of them lived quite simply for two hundred years, but after a series tragedies which I have yet to figure out, Sem was exhausted with life and slept for a nearly a century. After waking up he got used to living life again and is slowly building himself back up.

    Name: Sorena
    Race: Human witch.
    Gender: Female
    Age: Don’t even.
    Height: 5’10”
    Weight: 140 lbs
    Figure: Tall for a woman, and is quite beautiful, except her clothes distract from her refined sort of beauty.
    Hair Color: Silver
    Eye Color: Sapphire blue
    Clothing: A slim, black Victorian-style gown with coal gray corset. Sleeves are long and loose, and a black cloak covers her upper-chest and shoulders. Atop her head she wears a witch’s hat with a blue sash tied around the hat-ring. She also wears identical silver rings on her middle fingers, both inlaid with a sapphire. On her feet are a pair of black leather, high heeled boots.
    Weapons: A magical weapon that is commonly in the form of a sword. It is made of silver and inlaid with sapphires. The metal is slightly luminous, having been made from the most pure silver ore from a moon, magically cured and forged in the flames of a newborn star.
    Powers: Sorena, because of her age, is one of the most powerful magicians around. She specializes in several fields of magic that all come together to earn her the title of weather mage. She specializes in magics that directly relate to the weather, such as lightning magic, which is her forte. Aside from lightning she is skilled with water, air, and other magics that lean towards natural disasters, such as earth magic. Despite what she specializes in, she has a foot hold in most areas of magic, but is not nearly as proficient in them as she is with her weather and disaster magic. She skilled in casting unholy magic, but refuses to do so.

    Around the age of fifty she experimented with a very dangerous magical concoction that was made up of several smaller concotions. Even more dangerous was that she drank it herself. The spell froze her body at her current age of fifty and raised its every aspect to the very peak of human limits. She can outperform an Olympic runner, in terms of both stamina and actual speed. Sorena can easily lift several hundred pounds and has perfect balance – she can run full speed on surfaces as narrow and unstable as a wire. She is extremely agile and she has a lot of endurance. Her eyesight is as perfect as human eyesight can be, as well as her hearing, and her sense of smell.
    Personality: Sorena is quite outgoing and happy. She really has no care in the world and is very easily distracted by most anything. Sorena is very easy to get along with if you can get past the fact that she’s strange and slightly bonkers. Her scatterbrainededness drives Sem insane, but he secretly loves it on a deep level. Sorena is capable of being serious and focusing, and she has had innumerable experiences in her life, making her an unlikely well of wisdom. Accessing that wisdom is the problem, but Sorena usually always means good and will help a person in need. She doesn’t like being called old.
    History: Born to parents who were also mages, Sorena was deeply involved in magic from an early age. She attended one of the most prestigious magic schools and was one of the top students. She and her friends were all asked to join and lend the military their magical prowess. Sorena excelled in weather and disaster magic, which was very useful in war. Her best friend, Vivian, was an accomplished plant and holy magic user and was incredibly useful as well.

    After retiring from military service Sorena decided to pick up other fields of magic as well as potion-making. During this time her friend Vivian began to drift away, which Sorena later discovered was because her friend had somewhat lost her sense of reason through too much exposure dark and unholy magic. Vivian tried to get Sorena to learn dark spells as well, but Sorena eventually stopped, realizing that if she went any further there was no turning back. The exposure to that magic was the cause for Sorena's current scatterbrainedness. She plead with Vivian to stop, but the plant-mage continued on in her exploration of the unholy.

    Years passed and Vivian returned with delusions of immortality. Witches and warlocks often had extended lifespans, but neither Sorena nor Vivian showed signs of this. This caused Vivian to panic, and so she more fervently searched for the answer to everlasting life in her own fields of magic

    It was found out that Vivian was part of a group of magicians that were all well versed in dark magic, and were all fervently searching for immortality, and had begun experimenting ways using demons that they summoned. The magical community comprised of those with normal lifespans were split over the issue, and caused a magical war. Sorena fought against Vivian, and eventually managed to defeat her friend herself, though she had lost several other friends in the many battles that took place.

    The years that followed were quiet, and they were a time when Sorena was not her typical bubbly self. She was able to completely master her fields of weather and disaster magic as well as getting footholds in other areas, most notably gray (support), light, and holy magic, in honor of her fallen friends.

    Still, she seemed to get worse instead of better as the years went on. The death of her friends and the battle in which she killed Vivian weighed heavily on her thoughts. It was around the age of fifty that she discovered a recipe for a potion in an old tome that claimed to grant immortality. Also in the book were various spells that augmented ones natural abilities.

    At first it was simply a challenge to see if she could properly brew the mixtures, whether or not they actually did what they claimed was a nonissue. Once she had a variety of mixtures successfully made she went about the task of combining them, which was difficult and not advised for persons who were not very well practiced. Sorena was well practiced and appreciated the greater challenge it presented her. She did successfully merge the potions and was left with a super-mixture of sorts.

    The witch was then left with a potion that she wasn’t sure what to do with. She knew that she could sell it for enough money to buy a country, but then she toyed with the idea of drinking it herself. Knowing very well that it could kill her, in her darkest moments she decided that she had nothing to lose, and so she drank the Mary Sue potion.

    Her body burned for days. She had never felt so much pain before. However, once it was all over, she found that she was very much alive, with her senses, strength, mental capacities, all raised to magical-human limits. Sorena temporarily forgot her woes, and got used to her new abilities. She took classes to sharpen her physical combat prowess and took up the sword, excelling quickly and mastering several forms of martial arts in a little less than a decade, by which point she figured that she really had stopped aging.

    With a limitless future before her she went back to mastering new magic and refining magic she already knew. She decided she would live on for her friends, as they would want her to. Slowly but surely she returned to the happy and carefree Sorena that people knew.

    She moved several times and has spent many years simply wandering, but she finds happiness in her simple lifestyle. Upon finding Sem she found a new friend in him, which finally put her at peace.

    Name: Lysis Fox
    Race: Advanced human.
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20’s
    Height: 6’
    Weight: 157 lbs
    Figure: Pretty tall as far as women normally go, with very well toned muscles. Her figure is shapely and she’s overall very attractive.
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Midnight blue
    Skin: Pale with olive undertones. Has a tattoo of a red R on her midriff, above her right hip.
    Clothing: Lysis keeps up with the current fashion-trends and what she wears depends on where she is and what she’s doing – but she always makes a point of dressing well.
    Weapons: Her main weapons are a pair of magically enhanced semi-automatic pistols with 10-inch barrels. They fire very large rounds and can bring down a creature as large an elephant with ease. The pistols were protoypes and were, in fact, stolen by a magician and enhanced with a “never-ending clip”, allowing Lysis to be your typical video game character that never has to reload. She can also dual-wield efficiently, thanks to being naturally ambidextrous and an enhanced mind able to keep up with multiple targets.

    Aside from those weapons she has a third firearm, which thanks to Sorena, is several weapons combined. Anything, from a revolver to a modern rifle to an antique cannon, can be summoned at her whim. She carries a hunting knife that acts the same way for bladed weaponry, but she has a much fewer number of those. Random weapons may also be summoned such as a staff and even a spear, as well as a hunting bow and several types of grenades. She has a seemingly endless arsenal at her fingertips, allowing her to adapt to any situation.

    Lysis also has several different kinds of magically enhanced ammunition to deal with foes such as magicians and elementals.
    Powers: Lysis is a natural born psychic, capable of telekinesis as well as telepathy and teleportation. Her telekinetic prowess is great and very refined, but is focused into her body, which generally results in enhancing her strength. While capable of the traditional abilities that telekinesis grants, she rarely uses her powers in that way and prefers to focus them on her own body. She can also generate bursts of psychic energy and focus the energy into shapes, such as in that of a sword. Her teleportation powers also contribute to her reputation as a dangerous and lethal combatant.

    Due to her past Lysis easily falls into the super-soldier category.
    Personality: Bordering on narcissism, Lysis adores herself and considers her well-being a priority above that of any other person, even one she cares about. She enjoys a comfortable and luxurious life, and lives for adrenaline rushes. Lysis loves combat, as it invokes a certain thrill in her. She also loves parties and dancing, and can be frequently found in clubs dancing away and entrancing anyone watching her.

    Despite her self-serving personality, she is capable of caring for other people, though most who get that close to her soon retreat from her upon realizing that despite this, she is rather morally gray – neither striving for good or evil – only her own interests. Still, she has recently come to realize that her selfishness is a flaw, which causes conflict for her in certain situations.

    She is generally quite sultry and quick-witted, but not really nasty. This attracts certain people to her, but she is generally easy to get along with as long as you’re someone who doesn’t detest shallow people, which is how she seems at first.

    While she doesn’t hate or even dislike men, she recoils from the idea of marriage and commitment, and doesn’t believe that she needs a man to take care of her physically or mentally or otherwise. She has a habit of defying the woman stereotype, and takes pride in it and who she is. This attitude was generated because of her past, which, as terrible as it was, rarely occupies her mind nowadays.

    Despite her love of her dangerous lifestyle, she violently fears her own mortality, and bemoans the fact that she will grow old and her beauty will fade.
    History: Lived a fairly ordinary life for her first five years and was unaware of her psychic powers. Once she turned five she was taken from her parents and her home and placed in a facility where she immediately began training her psychic powers as well as beginning to train her body.

    Children were randomly separated into twenty-six groups, each represented by a letter and then a word that started with the letter. The words were fairly elementary, and something you would find on an alphabetical chart for children. Lysis was part of the R group, also called the Rocket group, and had a red R tattooed onto her soon after she arrived

    The training was moderate at first to get the children used to it, but quickly became much harder, so much that several children didn’t even make it through the process. It was a method of weeding out the weak – the owners of the facility only wanted the best. Lysis noticed rather quickly that most of the ones that didn’t make it were the girls, and vowed to herself that she would succeed and be the best, better than even the boys.

    By the time she was nine Lysis was skilled in wielding several varieties of weapons, especially firearms, and was a very good markswoman. The children were allowed eight hours of rest – the rest of their days were devoted to the training of their bodies and their powers. Education was supplemented through the use of psychic devices that merely implanted the information into their minds. Several skills were also given to them in this manner, such as the basics of a certain martial art, which allowed the facility to bypass a lot of time that would otherwise be spent on teaching the basics.

    This method of imprinting was the base for every skill that the children were taught, from martial arts, to marksmanship, and swordsmanship. This also enhanced the childrens’ performances in activities such as swim, track, gymnastics, dance, parkour, driving, music, and foreign languages. The facility was even able to instill certain changes in the childrens’ memories, such as being able to make them ambidextrous, though Lysis was naturally thus.

    Learning to play instruments and learning new languages was required. Lysis chose to learn the piano and the violin, and speaks several languages. Everything the children were taught was with purpose. Each skill came together to create a powerful foundation for the childrens’ combat prowess. The strength, speed and endurance gained from activities such as weight training, running, and swimming combined with agility and balance brought forth from things such as gymnastics, dance, and yoga, created a deadly blend when added to the various forms of martial arts, gun and swordplay, and parkour. The combination created soldiers that were fast and powerful, highly responsive, with sure movements and grace that allowed no errors.

    Combat training was quickly made live in the later years, which made every day a fight for survival where the children, now adolescents, were placed into teams and sent against each other. Out of the several hundred with which the facility began, only a few dozen were left in the end. Lysis was among these, and was considered the best of the lot by many.

    Being torn away from her home had devastated her, along with all the other children in the facility. After only a few years she learned the awful truth that this had been planned for her before her birth. Her parents were both psychics, and it had been determined that a child from them would make a perfect candidate for the program that Lysis was in. Her parents had been paid a lot of money to have her and raised her for five years knowing they would be giving her away. This truth brewed in her mind for several more years, ultimately resulting in her current self-obsession.

    The program had yet to continue, where there would be further weeding out, but the teens had all decided by then that enough was enough. A brutal war was waged within the facility soon after, with the subjects versus the facility’s staff. Ultimately the super-soldiers proved to their teachers and instructors that they had succeeded in creating a deadly army, and the facility was destroyed. Several of the children died during the fight, but those left alive for now free and left to fend for themselves.

    Many had decided to stick together in groups, but Lysis had decided to go on her own. She was now seventeen, and decided to move into a large city. The facility had been in the middle of nowhere, and it was the only place she knew for twelve years of her life. Using the skills of precision and stealth that were given to all of the facility’s subjects, the young woman amassed a large amount of wealth through acts of thievery, whether it was from museums, bank safes, or the wallets of the rich. She also became a well-respected hitwoman, which gave her access to several useful individuals. Once she had her money she was easily able to pay for fake identification, a birth certificate, and other necessary documents. As far as the world was concerned, Lysis Fox had died when she was five, and didn’t exist.

    With her identification in-hand she was able to establish bank accounts and purchase several luxurious homes around the world. She began and continues spending her time as she likes, her fortune amassing a lot of interest while sitting in the banks. She occasionally takes on jobs when she feels “action-sick”, but will more often than not seek out people she can test herself against.

    She recently became acquainted with Sorena and Sem, and has come to consider them friends. Lysis is rather grateful to Sorena for combining several of the weapons in her collection into one, and the act alone was enough to endear her to the old hag.

    Name: Vivian
    Race: Human witch.
    Gender: Female
    Age: Undecided, but appears to be in her 30s.
    Height: 5’8”
    Weight: 130 lbs
    Figure: A somewhat average figure with a sort of subtle beauty.
    Hair Color: Auburn
    Eye Color: Emerald green
    Clothing: A green, long, loose-sleeved blouse with a pair of black jeans. On both of her middle fingers are identical golden rings, each inlaid with an emerald. On her feet she wears brown leather, high heeled boots.
    Weapons: A scythe that also acts as a scepter of sorts, through which she channels some of her magic.
    Powers: Vivian is a plant mage of a very high caliber, and used to also be very skilled in casting holy magic. Since delving into black magic, her holy magic has corrupted, and is now part of her immense arsenal of unholy spells. She is also skilled in light and dark magic, and an excellent charm-forger.

    Due to her charms that she places on the very fabric of her clothes through a combination of her plant magic and charm-casting, she has been able to create articles of clothing that enhance her physical abilities, such as speed and strength. The largest reason for it was in order to keep up with Sorena, her once good friend.

    Also, as a powerful sorceress, Vivian has some knowledge in most areas of magic.
    Personality: Vivian was once good and decent, a devout practitioner of plant magic, one of the magics most commonly thought of as least-violent. She also devoted herself to learning and mastering holy magic, sub specializing in Light magic. Her original personality was quite loving and righteous, ready to give it her all in order for justice to prevail.

    As the years passed, however, Vivian came to realize that all of her selflessness was giving her nothing. Beginning to question her morals, she sought her own answers as to why she existed. Her breaking point was when she found herself unable to protect those around her. It was then that she sought more powerful magic, quickly falling into black magic. She brought Sorena in with her, and while Sorena eventually forsook the evil magic, Vivian continued on, losing more and more of herself as one by one every virtue and moral she ever believed in was corrupted and broken.

    She became a truly selfish being, absorbed in herself and her vanity.
    History: Much like the many mages she went to school with, she was born to parents who were also magical. She attended a prestigious magical academy along with Sorena, and they were soon good friends.

    Vivian excelled in her chosen fields and was eventually scouted along with Sorena to serve in the army. During her service she began to question herself and found herself in one situation where she could not protect those around her.

    After she and Sorena were discharged she began to search for personal truths and more power, eventually discovering black, or unholy, magic. The magic warped her, changing her morals and beliefs, and creating a truly vile thing out of her.

    Soon coming to the realization that she was to continue aging and eventually die, she searched fervently for a way to escape. Some magicians were blessed with a longer life-span than what was normal for humans. Vivian was aging normally, and feared the idea of her time on earth eventually coming to an end.

    Falling into a dark sect of the magical community she searched for ways to immortalize herself, eventually stirring up a war within the community between those who believed that while her methods were deplorable, her reasons were just. The others thought that that she should not defy what the laws of nature had placed on her.

    Sorena joined on the fighting, and was against Vivian, but neutral on the issue at hand. Sorena instead knew that if Vivian won it would prove to be disastrous for the entire community and the rest of the world. After many battles Vivian was killed by Sorena, and the war was over.

    Vivian remained dead for many, many years until being revived by a different unholy sect. Her resurrection was unknown to Sorena for the longest time, but Vivian was greatly intrigued to find out that Sorena was still alive, permanently so.

    Vivian now continues to increase her power and search for immortality, since her resurrection only brought her back to life and her aging now continues as it should.

    Name: Kieran
    Race: Angelic Human
    Gender: Male
    Body’s Age: 13
    Actual Age: 19
    Height: 5’2”
    b]Weight:[/b] 100lbs
    Figure: Toned musculature but otherwise average.
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Purple
    Clothing: Varies, but whatever’s currently “in”
    Weapons: None.
    Powers: Kieran’s powers work through his emotion, specifically his melancholic emotions only. He can manifest his sorrow to become a black energy or substance, allowing him to be fairly versatile while at the same time extremely limited. If any emotion other than sadness is more dominant than he can find it very difficult to use his powers, if at all.

    His passive abilities include an increased chance of unlucky things happening within a certain radius of his person. People will also be a bit more somber in his presence, though they may not even notice it.

    As a human blessed with angelic abilities he can sprout a pair of wings and fly.
    Personality: Outwardly he is outgoing, happy, and a party-er, though this is a mask to cover his rather severe and sometimes crippling depression. He is grateful for his friends and is very supportive of them, trying to be there for them when they need him.

    He truly does love music and dance, as the atmosphere it generates stimulates him, causing him to feel genuinely happy, along with being in the presence of those he cares for.
    History: When Kieran was still even in the womb there was a curse placed on him. The curse was powerful and unholy in nature, and ensured that any sort of horrible thing imaginable would happen to him over the course of his short life, filling him with pain and sorrow that only a few had ever experienced at his age.

    Near the end of his life his parents, whom he loved despite the fact that they were the worst sort of abusers, both physically and mentally, disowned him when he was twelve. He tried to go back to them time and time again, and eventually witnessed them being murdered. Being found by the murderer, he was abducted and abused in even more heinous ways before finally being murdered himself.

    Finding himself between the old world and the afterlife, his horrible memories were erased and he was given a chance to discover who he was and define himself through a new life. Being granted powers, as well as angelic properties such as wings he could summon and dismiss at will, along with immortality, he was sent back to the mortal world.

    Kieran is still burdened with the sorrow he had before dying, but now he does not know the cause of it, but occasionally has flashes of recall. He doesn’t know that he had been cursed, but he has decided to try to live as happily as he can.
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  16. Name: Chadwyck Felling

    Species: Human Kinetic

    Home: Outside of Chicago

    Age: 24

    Height: 6'1"

    Hair: Varies depending on hair dye, most often a shade of black or brown

    Eyes: Hazel

    Clothing: Black biker-cut jacket with various zippers, tee-shirt, jeans, and black leather boots.

    Identifying marks: None

    Musculature: Well-built, toned

    Personality: Easy going and relaxed, Chadwyck prefers to just take things as they come. Granted, he likes to have a plan in most situations, but if things begin to deviate, he easily adapts and makes do. Friendly, ever loyal and faithful to those he considers his closest friends. He's also a bit of a show-off, liking to feel the thrill of battle and test his abilities against the strongest opponents, even those stronger than himself since he'd never admit to being outmatched.

    Skills: Pyrokinesis and electrokinesis, complete mastery over his elements. Master swordsman, and adept at hand-to-hand.

    Past: Chadwyck never intended to be a warrior, his life was simple and he enjoyed spending the day helping his father at the shop where he worked fixing cars. Everything changed on the day that his hometown was attacked; by members of a corrupt military faction. The town rested on a large, untapped source of oil that had been recently discovered. In an effort to seize the black gold and cause unrest within the nation, a military general who had gone rogue ordered his soldiers to destroy the village and everyone in it, claiming that the town was a center for revolutionaries.

    Chadwyck first discovered his kinetic abilities at the age of ten, when the soldiers came to his town. He watched as his family was slain before his eyes and it cause him to lash out in the purest expression of hate and anger, manifesting itself into flames and sparks of electricity. The soldiers surrounded him to make the kill; when a lone swordsman appeared seemingly from no where. He slayed several soldiers, taking Chadwyck up under his arm and escaping into the mountains.

    Chadwyck came to trust the man like a father, and the man likewise thought of Chadwyck as a son. When Chadwyck was eighteen, it was time for him to seek out and destroy those responsible for the destruction of his town. His actions would later lead to civil war, himself becoming the unwilling figurehead of the rebellion.

    The man who had raised him was an enchanter, but his enchantments could only be placed on weapons. He forged many blades in his long life, and Chadwyck returned to him when he decided that he needed a sword of his own; he knew that he'd need it for the fight ahead. The man forged the massive sword that Chadwyck carries, enchanting it to be incredibly sturdy, durable, and able to channel Chadwyck's own abilities.

    During Chadwyck's fight against the ones responsible for his town's destruction, he came into contact with Liam Monroe, whom the government had hired to kill Chadwyck. They clashed many times during Chadwyck's attempt at revenge.

    The second person that Chadwyck met during his mission was Serah Johnson, a girl who was the same age as Chadwyck's own sister would have been. She was in need and Chadwyck saved her life, the two immediately took to each other like brother and sister.

    After Chadwyck dealt with his past, he needed a future, which he found in various oddjobs living with Serah and Liam; now his two closest friends in the world.


    Name: Julia Myrrin

    Species: Human Spellweaver

    Home: Manhattan

    Age: subjective age: 28 actual age: unknown

    Height: 5'7"

    Hair: Silvery-blonde cut just above her shoulders

    Eyes: Forest Green

    Clothing: Casual Dress: various tee-shirts, arm warmers, lace choker/necklace, a skirt with matching leggings and Converse low-tops.
    Formal/sometimes-she-feels-like-it Dress: Black dress, short jacket, lace gloves, high heeled boots.

    Identifying marks: None

    Musculature: Toned-slender

    Personality: Warm and inviting, but a bit awkward around people as most of her life has been spent isolated from others. She enjoys company, but finds it easiest to think when alone. She has clear morals and will pursue whatever she believes to be the right course of action; even if others will tell her that it's wrong.

    Skills: She's an exceptionally powerful mage with a proficiency in elemental magics. Excellent with melee weapons, most notably her sword.

    Past: She was raised in the court of a king, her father being an apprentice to a powerful sorcerer who served as the primary spell caster for the kingdom. When she was six years old, there came the Great Purge, where wielders of dark magics began a genocide of benevolent mages. Her father, along with the rest of the spell casters in the king's court, was slain. A friend of the family, and the last remaining apprentice, took her and cast an extremely high level and dangerous spell; displacing them both from the time stream.

    While within the Time Lock, neither of them aged, but the strain of the spell took its toll on her "uncle" with each passing day, but he would not re-enter them into the time stream until he could be sure of her safety. He taught her to control her magical potential, and taught her basic to intermediate sorcery. Until the day finally came that he could no longer sustain the spell that held them out of the time stream.

    The strain of the magic killed her uncle, who ensured she made it somewhere safe before he passed on; an orphanage. She was adopted by a normal family who remained oblivious to her magical talents through her entire life and she left for college. While studying at NYU she paid a visit to the library where, as chance would have it, she stumbled across a tome that drew her toward it from its magical aura. The book introduced himself as Adam; the Arcane Dictionary of All-things Magic. Greatly increasing her knowledge of magical art, her power grew exponentially under Adam's teaching.


    Name: Unknown, goes by the name Angel de Tenebrae

    Species: Human Elemental

    Home: Manhattan

    Age: 29

    Height: 6'

    Hair: Ink Black

    Eyes: Emerald irises, the rest of his eyes are black.

    Clothing: Black hoody, black, torn jeans, black leather, fingerless gloves and combat boots. He wears his hood up at all times and keeps his face covered by a full-face, black and white harlequin mask.

    Identifying marks: His eyes, and scars that cover his entire body.

    Musculature: Lean, well toned.

    Personality: Reclusive and distant, Angel long since gave up his humanity. He sees no reason to attempt to be inviting when people will only flee once they learn what he really is. He is brave and courageous, and a kind friend beneath his aura of disinterest.

    Skills: Umbrakinetic, bearing darkness within his own body. He can control any manner of darkness, and use shadows as doorways. Also skilled in the art of hand to hand combat and melee weapon use.

    Past: Angel's family wasn't related by blood. The boy that they raised as their own was actually borne of darkness. Still, when they discovered the black-eyed child they took him in. Feeding him and caring for him like he was their own son. His mother and father loved him more than life itself.

    A dark clan of unholy mages sought the boy and his gifts when he was nine years old, and his parents refused to give him up. The entire family was slain, but the boy managed to escape. He spent his life on the street, growing up hated by anyone who got close enough to learn of his dark abilities.

    He grew up living off of what he could steal, eventually he found refuge with a family who was magic sensitive, who gave him the best chance he could have at a normal life. When he came of age, he sought out after the ones responsible for the slaughter of his family.

    Eventually he came across Julia, and they discovered the same dark magic was at work behind the deaths of both of their families, and they formed an alliance, and over time, a friendship. Now they work together, seeking to destroy any source of evil as a paranormal investigation company: Terra Investigations.
  17. Name: Sandy Simza
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Species: Third Eye Gypsy

    Appearance: Sandy has curly, medium length brown hair and clear white-blue eyes. He is the shortest in his family at 5’8” and weighs about 150 lbs. Sandy normally wears loose fitting, comfortable clothes and prefers to be barefoot whenever possible. He has an affinity towards all sorts of accessories and usually has an assortment of brightly colored cloth wrapped around his wrists. Owning more bandanas than anyone he knows, Sandy usually finds a way to incorporate those into his outfits. Though his family doesn’t mind when Sandy wears rings, bracelets and necklaces, or even if he decides to paint his nails, they have refused to let him pierce his ears.

    Personality: Sandy has a hard time staying in the present. Often lost in thought or not really paying attention to anything in particular, he doesn’t have many friends. He has a high stamina and isn’t offended easily, and can be alone for a long time without feeling lonely. Sandy is somewhat material, and keeps a close eye on all of his possessions. He is kind, and although not too attentive to most things, he always makes sure to listen to other’s problems and do what he can to help. Sandy is often quiet, but isn’t very shy and feels comfortable around most people, even if he doesn’t know them very well. He strongly believes that people should get what they deserve, good or bad. Sandy never forgets, and he knows how to hold a grudge.

    Background: Sandy was adopted into a family of witches when he was one and a half years old. His parents told him they always sensed he had great magical potential, although compared to his two older brothers, Aspen and Geo, he always seemed to come in last place. Aspen and Geo, were natural witches and rarely had difficulty learning any kinds of magic. Sandy, however, had the magic, but couldn’t apply it to much other than basic beginner spells. His mother and father told him that all he needed was practice and he’d get the hang of things eventually, but reminded him that they’d love him even if he didn’t.

    It never occurred to Sandy or his family that he might not be a Witch, because he was still able to cast some spells and that was a magical ability that only Witches were known for. Although he didn’t necessarily seem like much of a Witch, nobody ever questioned it too much. And so, for much of his life, Sandy and everyone else thought of him as a rather sad excuse for a Wiccan.

    Powers: As a Third Eye Gypsy, Sandy possesses all the powers of a regular Gypsy, as well as having powers unique to one who has the Third Eye. While most of his powers are untapped and dormant from lack of practice, Sandy is able to cast minor spells, an advanced Third Eye power. As a Gypsy, Sandy is unable to get lost, has the ability to read karma and palms, and can receive visions through crystal, water, tea and the stars. As a Third Eye Gypsy, Sandy can activate another’s karma immediately, can view things remotely, can place curses on any individual, though this may backfire if attempted on someone whose karma is pure. Sandy cannot misplace objects that belong to him, and is able to share and give visions to other Gypsies. With practice, he can come into advanced abilities that are out of reach to newer unskilled Gypsies like himself.

    Family: Sandy lives with his adoptive parents who are both experienced Witches. His two adoptive brothers, Aspen, 18, and Geo, 19, are powerful Witches as well, and have always been interested in the craft. Aspen shares a closer bond to Sandy than Geo does, although he still feels he can’t quite connect with him as well as he wishes. Their family is very close, even with Geo no longer living at home, and despite being different Sandy has never felt out of place. Although he is a bit curious, Sandy has never tried to figure out who his birth parents are and knows absolutely nothing about them.
  18. Name: Tobias Aurelio (Theme Song)
    Title: The Geokinetic Knight
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Height: 6’3’’
    Weight: Around 200 lb
    Figure: An average body structure – has more muscle development in the arms, however.
    Hair Colour: Dark Brown (long and curly, too)
    Eye Colour: Dark Brown, the same colour as his hair.
    Clothing: Has a cowboy hat which strongly improves his sense of hearing greatly, and wears an aqua blue shirt, which is covered by a brown leather trench coat, which has the sleeves rolled up to the forearms. He also has ripped navy blue denim jeans. He also wears large black mountain boots.
    Weapon: Tobias wields a weapon by the name of Foresharn (Just imagine the same weapon, without the parts of the blade that are sticking out but filled in to follow the main outline of the sword) . It’s primarily made of strong alloyed steel, and has quite a large blade and hilt, ended with a sharp point. It’s a blade known for being quick and easy to use, whilst delivering powerful blows. It is also apparently known to have been forged by The Legendary Earth Goddess, and was used previously by a brave knight who had control over the earth itself.
    Powers: Tobias has the power to control all types of earth, and nature to an extent. These abilities give him the title of a Geokinetic. Tobias has also been known to control metals, and oddly enough to a very minimal extent, lightning. As it is very power draining, Tobias avoids controlling the two as much as possible.

    Tobias also has a technique called Nativus Conpello – it allows the user to convert stored energy into an attack – he can take his normal energy gained by eating food and resting, and cover parts of his body in an aqua blue, transparent light which can easily rip things apart. Tobias can also use his emotions to create energy – he normally does this when his angry side takes over, and the energy is coloured crimson red. This technique when used in large amounts is very draining on Tobias; he uses it with caution.
    Personality: From a glance, Tobias is a confident and happy young teen who isn’t afraid to get into a brawl. At times, he is also viewed as quite arrogant. However, behind that solid rock case is a sensitive, serious, yet nervous personality, which is rarely shown. He also has a terrible temper, and can burst into a fiery rage if frustrated enough. His rage has helped a lot. Because of this, he is training to control his anger and convert it to raw energy.
    History: Tobias was born in a realm known as Edola in the Ferrum continent, which in it’s past was believed to have been inhabited by elementals, humans with the ability to control the powerful building blocks of the world. He lived in a small village with his parents, and mostly played with his friends. The boys he was friends with often teased him for being quite a nervous person and not very confident.

    By the time Tobias was 13, he and his friends had heard that a small rock holding masses of energy had been discovered by architects in the village, and was being kept in the local museum that went by the name of ‘The Genesis Stone’. Apparently, if digested, the nutrients contained in that rock would be absorbed into the bloodstream and grant the person who swallows the rock incredible powers. Scooping up this opportunity, his friends dared him into taking the rock for himself that evening. For once, Tobias brought up a droplet of courage and faced the dare. Tobias snuck into the building at the dead of night, and ingested the stone, before creeping back home, to bed.

    The next morning, Tobias awoke to find parts of his skin had transformed into solid rock, and wouldn’t come off. Slowly, realisation has dawned upon him that the rock had really taken effect – he had become a Geokinetic.

    The Earth he could now control and spawn around him at will acted like a protective barrier. He suddenly felt a lot more confident – he now had something he could rely on. In secrecy that day of discovery, he showed his friends in secrecy his newly discovered powers. One of the more silent ones of Tobias’ friends, inside felt jealous. He wanted powers of his own, and that day he had spied clouds in the distance – storm clouds. They carried on playing that day, and as soon as the rain kicked in, the silent boy dashed to the highest hill in the village, thrusting his hands up towards the now forming lightning storm, his mouth wide open. He was trying to eat the lightning.

    As Tobias and friends came to see what he was doing, it was too late. The lighting covered him, and he collapsed onto the ground. As Tobias went over to him, ignoring the small sparks covering his body, he wept in sorrow. They decided it was best to go back to the village and tell people of what happened. The boys heard nothing of that child since then.

    Later on in the year a large, powerful knight from the kingdom clad in armour, by the name of Rune, came to the small village, to investigate the mystery that was the disappearance of The Genesis Stone. When he came across Tobias, he asked him to become a knight for the Edola kingdom. Surprisingly enough, his parents actually approved of the idea, and let him be on his way. The King of Edola was informed of Tobias and his abilities, and was sent to the armoury Rune had trained in.

    After a few training sessions, it became aware to the knights that Tobias was skilled with the blade, and showed much prowess with it. Because of this, Rune presented him with the blade known as Foresharn, used by a knight in the past that had abilities just like Tobias.

    Through the three years of then and now, Tobias has taken part in a war for the Ferrum continent and done several missions with them, and has now left the Edola knights to make his own path, and become the best swordsman he possibly can.
  19. [​IMG]

    Name: Gabriel Harper (Net Angel H-357)

    Theme Song: Johto Wild PokeMon Battle- Anime Version

    Gender: Male

    Species: Net Angel (Humanoid, except with angels' wings.)

    Home: The Internet.

    Age: 16

    Height: 1.82 M

    Weight: 57 KG

    Hair: A golden blonde.

    Eyes: Grey.

    Clothing: Brown shoes with two straps (He's terrible with shoelaces), black jeans, a long-sleeved T-shirt with black and white stripes, a white jeans-vest over his T-shirt and a silver necklace with a rectangular hanger to it, that has an onyx core. It's his Holy Oracle communicator. This is his normal wear, but seeing as he is a Net Angel, his outfit changes sometimes when he switches between dimensions.

    Identifying marks: In every forme, he has glasses of some sort. Normally, a pair of light brown shades.

    Musculature: Lean. However, seeing as he is a Net Angel, he still has superhuman strength, stamina and speed like all Net Angels.

    Personality: Gabriel is an overall friendly boy, with a strong sense of justice. He has an optimistic view on life, and is usually quite absent-minded and easily distracted, and seeing as Fuego is equally happy-go-lucky, it's usually up to Fulgura, who is very down-to-earth, to keep them from straying too far.

    Skills: Gabriel wields a huge sword, called Superior (Latin for 'Situated Above'), made of gold with a diamond core. Apart from standard swordmanship, the diamond core also channels energy beam attacks. He also has a shiny golden horn, simply called Gabriel's Horn, which enables him to use soundwave attacks. Fuego is a pyrokinetic fox, able to whip up firewalls, while Fulgura can use lightning attacks, being a Thunderbird.

    (He can also summons shrimps, due to Mozilla SeaMonkey. >> )

    Past: Non-existent, really. He was created in 2005- But because time passes differently in the Internet, he has lived for sixteen years- In various formes, seeing as Angels are reborn when they die.

    Family: Angels are created, not born; Therefore, they have no family by blood. But most Angels see their kind as some sort of brother/sisterhood, and Gabriel sees his friends as relatives.
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  20. Name: Benjamin Jackson (a.k.a., Ben/Benny)
    Theme Song: undetermined
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Home: Traveling Space Dome
    Age: 18
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 180 lbs.
    Figure: Average muscle for a man his age, but the muscles in his arms are more developed due to his use of heavy equipment in battle.
    Hair Color: Drak Brown
    Eye Color: Blue
    Clothing: blue T-shirt; black jean pants; sneakers; rectangular glasses with black frames; long white labcoat; brown backpack/jetpack
    Weapon: Benjamin has a large variety of weapons in his arsenal, including bombs, cutterangs (bladed boomerangs), a pair of photon pistols, the Whallop Hammer (a giant mallet composed of nanobots), a jetpack, a force field, and many other gadgets and devices.
    Powers: N/A
    Personality: Benjamin is a rather gentle and kind person, only choosing to fight when necessary. Though, he can sometimes come off as a bit of a know-it-all, he tries to help his friends in any way possible.
    History: Born and raised on a space colony, Benjamin's home was attacked by a group of bloodthirsty space pirates. He managed to escape the wrath of the marauders by ducking into his prototype space ship, the Comet Cruiser, but crash landed on a nearby planet. There, Ben met his future travelling companion, Yushako.

    After Yushako and his family nursed Ben back to health, he explained that Seiyume (Yushako's home planet) had been invaded by an evil robotic intelligience known as SERVO (Steering and Elevating Robotic Vehicle Operater), for he hoped Ben could help in some way. Ben was shocked to hear this, for SERVO was the steering program used on his space colony's space ship. Despite this fact, however, Ben agreed to help Yushako in any way he could.

    Ben and Yushako then decided to team up and use their combined skills to (temporarily) defeat SERVO. After disarming SERVO, Ben tried to reprogram him back to his original settings, but SERVO managed to hack into a nearby escape pod and use it to fly out into space.

    After the affair with SERVO, Ben and Yushako decided to follow him out to space in an attempt to defeat the evil program once and for all.
  21. Name: William 'Craft' Blitz (Theme Song - See Through)
    Gender: Male
    Species: Net Angel
    Home: The Internet
    Age: 17
    Height: 6'2''
    Hair: Wavy, Chocolate Coloured.
    Eyes: Dark Blue
    Clothing: Wears a brown jacket with one large white stripe and a smaller yellow stripe going through it at the middle, where the zip is, with deep blue jeans and black leather trainers. On the top of each of his hands, he also has steel alloy circular objects attached into his hands which emit a sky blue light, which carry both parts of his Oracle Communicator - a holographic keyboard and monitor, and is also used for transferring items through his program. No matter which form he takes, he'll always have his blue - tinted goggles arounds his neck.

    Identifiying Marks: The Mysterious Symbol totooed on his neck, although seldom shown, is a way of proving his identity as on of the members of 'Craft', a group Net Angels who battle with a certain program.

    Musculature: Above average, but appearance isn't everything.

    Personality: Will is very expressionless and silent, but is really a kind person. He is also seen to be very mature and smart, despite his age.

    Skills: Will is one of the few Net Angels who uses the program Minecraft as his combat tool. He has access to the game through his mind, and whatever items he finds in game, he can transfer into The Internet to be used to his advantage. For instance, if he crafts himself an Iron Sword in game, he can fight with it in The Internet.

    Past: Will was created in 2004, and used another program before Minecraft was created. He was commended for his skills, and was invited into the group 'Craft', where he was bestowed with the program Minecraft.
  22. Name: Nickname: Moonstone Nightstalker Real name: Isabella Nacton

    Gender: Female

    Species: Night elf Druid (World of warcraft based)

    Hometown: None, nomad since birth.

    Age: 17

    Height: 6'0"

    Weight: How rude of you to ask! Average for her age group, 1/4 of her mass is muscle

    Hair: A snowy white color, it runs down straight down to her mid-back.

    Eyes: A harsh glowing blue that matches the early morning sky.

    Clothing: Wears a tight black tunic that cuts off at the end of her rib cage and reveals a black lace undershirt. A belt that branches off into three separate pieces, one above the waist, one at her waist, and one under the waist. A ruffled black mini skirt with tight lace leggings under them. Military boots reaching up to her knees. Lastly a long black cape that reaches to the back of those boots. (Black, I guess would easily sum this up.)

    Identifying Marks: There are two straight slash marks on her back around her shoulder blades. These marks were created from a past incident where she sprouted wings belonging to her inner Succubus, Lithia.

    Muscular Build: Stronger then most of her kind, grew up among tough males and had to adapt to her situation strength wise.

    Personality: Moonstone once had a very carful nature and was very timid. But after being exposed to the terrible world known as reality she became more and more dangerous. Her guard was up twenty-four seven. Though she is still a very brave and kind person she won’t show you her true self unless you manage to achieve her full loyalty.

    Skills: Can bend nature at will. She has three magical Trents (Living trees) that can be summoned to help her, this kind of power of course comes with a cost, when she summons these three Trents she is unable to move, making her vulnerable to attack if her Trents would allow anyone to touch her.

    Past: As a child Isabella was blessed with an incredible Will power, this meaning that she was invincible to any kind of curse or disability her enemies might try to put on her. This gift was extremely helpful in Isabella’s life. Fore it allowed her to survive a terrible disease that killed her family and friends. After being the only one to live after they infection that killed the only ones that cared for her, she was found by a leader of a clan known as the H.A.M, (Runescape reference...heh) Humans Against Monsters.

    This leader took Isabella to his clan and raised her to fight against monsters that endangered the people of the world. She showed incredible progress, learning more then any of her peers in the shortest amount of time. At the age of ten, Isabella was able to transform herself into a large feral cat and a dire bear which was unusual because these transformations were normally learned at a much higher rank. After several years of working with the H.A.M, which had changed its name to the Mana Knights, Isabella was given the nickname Moonstone, this nickname was originally the Mana Lord's but was given to Moonstone for her dramatic rise in the ranks.

    Once Moonstone reached the age of sixteen, it was suggested that she leave the Mana Knights and experience the life of a real teenager. Being surrounded by people over the age of eighteen all her life, she was afraid and clueless to how anyone her age was expected to act. Giving this new experience a try, she found her way to a small village called Goldshire.

    Goldshire made a very big first impression. Drunken men and women dancing wildly in the tavern. People dueling each other randomly for the right to be known as "The tougher man/woman". But not everything was quiet insane as that. Just behind the Tavern was a quiet lake away form all the madness. This lake was called the Crystal Lake, known for its crystal clear waters and beautiful color. At this lake, Moonstone found the group that she was looking for. This group was another clan known as "The Nightstalkers". It was a royal family completely made up of Druids that was neither to wild nor to quiet for Moonstone.

    The leader of the Nightstalker clan was a young prince named Ruel, he was known for his various ways of charm and heart break. Moonstone guarded Ruel and protected him from other worldly evil; sadly this job wasn't easy because Ruel was really a magnet for trouble. After working with Ruel for a long time, Moonstone quit being a guard and just remained friends with Ruel. The two got along well enough that Moonstone was invited to Ruel's castle.

    During the time of Moonstone's visit to Ruel's castle, it was Mating season for all animals, Druids were informed to stay out of there Animal formations. Ruel was in his cat formation being patted by a Human that was also invited to the castle. Moonstone saw that this was most likely why she was chosen to be a guard; he never played on the safe side. The night at the castle was turned sour quickly after the arrival of another Druidest that was in her cat formation. She was known to be deadly, and she called for Ruel. While the guard instincts were kicking it, Moonstone forgot that she would need to stay out of her cat formation and did so trying to fight off the other cat.

    After doing so, Moonstone began to realize the mistake she had made, and the ways of the Mating season took its tool, pulling Moonstone a Ruel together. A few months later Moonstone had given birth to her young child, Katherine. Moonstone was happy with this change and was glad to be with Ruel, but Ruel thought other wise. He had watched the child with Moonstone, but eventually left her for another Druidest.

    Moonstone, being unfamiliar with the feelings of love and betrayal felt hallow and vulnerable. This weakness was perfect for the succubus known as Lithia; she feed on Moonstone's misery and slowly took away Moonstone's soul, altering her personality and appearance. When Lithia was able to take full control, she began to cause trouble to the people in Goldshire, but thanks to a Demon hunter, Moonstone was able to take full control over Lithia and force her soul to become intertwined with hers. Moonstone needed Lithia to stay alive; because Lithia had eaten too much of Moonstone's original soul. So at a cost of half her soul, she gained the abilities that Lithia held, including her wings, and now had a new darker style that made her more beautiful then before.

    Moonstone made further achievements and was now going to be crowned the new Mana Lord. She had to met up with the old Mana Lord at Dalaran on Northrend. While she traveled to Dalaran she had the pleasure of meting up with two respectable people, Tiffany and Marcus, who helped her fight her way through various tragedies.

    Not much stood in there way, but when they finally arrived at Dalaran, they found out that the whole Mana Knight clan had been slaughtered by Wild rogue Worgens that were after the power of the Emerald dream, which was an endless dream were the Worgens were once sealed away in. The Emerald dream was protected by the Mana Knights and three Emerald dragons.

    After a long fight to save the Mana Lord, Moonstone found that the leader of the Worgen clan was a young man named Christopher, Tiffany's ex husband. He had managed to kill the Mana lord and steal a jewel he held that was the only way to enter the Emerald dream. Much struggle was given in order to defeat Christopher and take back the jewel.

    Moonstone was left shattered; she had only one member left in the entire Mana Knight clan, She, The new Mana Lord. Two souls, Broken hearted, alone, Fearless, Strong, lost, these words were the only things that could define Moonstone and now, with nothing left to lose but her pride, Moonstone had to find a way to rebuild the Mana Knights, Just how exactly was the problem.
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  23. [​IMG] / [​IMG] / [​IMG]

    Name: Verona Watson (Her Theme, Gorgeous Guardian.)

    Gender: Female

    Species: Net Devil, the polar opposite of a Net Angel.

    Home: The Internet

    Age: 16

    Height: 1.78 M.

    Weight: 57 KG.

    Hair: Long, straight, and a bluish black.

    Eyes: Blue, with a tinge of grey.

    Clothing: Like Net Angels, a Net Devil’s clothing changes from time to time when they enter another dimension, but Verona’s clothes are always mostly black and punkrock-like. The first picture of the three above is her winter attire, the second one her PokeCharms attire, the third one her regular clothing.

    Identifying Marks: She always wears big and usually colourful earrings.

    Musculature: Lean.

    Personality: Verona is an incredibly silent and calm girl, who hardly ever speaks. She never expresses any happiness, sadness or anger, nor any other emotion, trough facial expressions or words. She does this on purpose; She’s actually really explosive, but once she does actually explodes, she goes completely berserk. For this reason, she has taught herself how to stay neutral under any circumstances.

    Verona is considered exceptionally beautiful, both by fellow Devils and Angels, and she is aware of it- But she doesn’t actually care about it; She wears just whatever she finds, fits, and is black. This creates awkward moments from time to time, when her clothing is either completely ridiculous or way too risqué.

    Skills: As opposed to Gabriel wielding Mozilla, Verona wields the power of Internet Explorer. She can use the power of lagging, which slows down time around her enemies, as well as low security, which lowers her enemy’s defense and makes her able to summon viruses faster then other Net Devils.

    (Note; No offense to fans of Internet Explorer; I actually prefer Explorer myself. Courtesy to StellarWind Elsydeon for the power ideas~)

    Weapons: Verona has a long-range and a short-range weapon. Her long-range weapon is a chakram, a lethal metal throwing disc, shaped like the Internet Explorer logo, with razor blades along the edges. It automatically returns to her, like a boomerang. Her short-range weapon is a pair of Katara’s (Yes, like Zuko’s girlfriend >> (Actually, she isn’t, but she should be.)), essentially knuckle braces with a broad, razor-sharp knife on top. The knife is thirty centimeters long, but very light, good for hacking, slashing, stabbing and defense.

    Past: Verona was created only recently, like all the other Net Devils. Therefore, she has no real past, apart from lurking in sites full of blood, gore and creepypasta like the other Devils.
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  24. [​IMG]


    Name: Jasper Alsbeth

    Gender: Male

    Species: Human

    Home: Planet Jericho

    Age: 24


    Weight: 175 lbs

    Hair: Black, Shaggy and feathers backwards

    Eyes: Rust colored, one is robotic

    Clothing: blue, military cargo pants with black combat boots, cut off black gloves, midsection is wrapped with bandages. He also wears a large, blue overcoat.

    Identifying Marks: large scar running down the left side of his face, robotic left eye.

    Musculature: Lean but well toned

    Personality: Jasper is cynical and a smart alack. When under pressure he remains calm and collected. He has been known to have a short temper on occasion.

    Skills: hand to hand combat training as well as training with most military weaponry and very little experience with Tekrin weaponry.

    Weapons: Whatever he can get his hands on, carries a sidearm with him at all times.

    Past: Jasper was four when Jericho fell to the Tekrin invasion. His father was a member of the UEM stationed at Jericho. He was off duty and spending time with Jasper and his wife when a Tekrin ship glassed the city. Jasper survived, losing his left eye from exploding debris and causing serious bone fracturing along the socket and the left side of his forehead. Retreating UEM soldiers gathered him and other surviving refugees from the city to an underground bomb shelter for safety.

    Jasper's left eye was replaced with a robotic one and the bone around the socket was replaced with metal plating. Since then Jasper has been surviving in the shelter, learning how to fight the Tekrin and defend what is left of the refugees.
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  25. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    Name: Gillian "Gill" Maclaren

    Species: Human

    Home: Jericho

    Age: 19

    Height: 6'3

    Weight: 215 lbs

    Hair: Dark brown, almost black. Relatively short, with a scraggly tuft jutting from the right side

    Eyes: Brown

    Clothing: A fading green shirt with holes riddled throughout it, and torn jeans. Dons a belt in the design of the tartan patterns of his ancestors

    Identifying marks: A bunch of scars lining across his arms and legs from all the close encounters he had with both the Tekrin and nature in general in his struggle for survival.

    Musculature: Slightly bulky, though he is still quite strong.

    Personality: A sensitive man with a hard shell that hides this trait. He strives to hide the fear he has deep within him, and becomes heavily defensive if one questions him about it.

    Skills: Self taught himself to be evasive and adaptive in nearly any environment he's placed in. Has basic combat knowledge and fantastic aim with most weapons.

    Weapons: A pistol his father gave him while they were being pursued by the Tekrin.

    Past: Lived in hiding for fourteen years with his parents, Earthlings who had gotten themselves stuck in Jericho during the attacks, and a handful of others from his village, though he was unaware of why until recently. The group ventured from place to place, making small living areas for themselves and living in certain places for as long as they could before they were exploited. Gill considered this just a normal way of life for many years until around the time when he was 14, when the Tekrin finally reached the group and attacked. Gill was told to run, and he hastily obeyed. After watching one by one of his friends fall to the Tekrin, he soon found himself alone, fighting for simply the chance to live another day.

    I wish I could draw...I really do, but unfortunately, that just isn't possible, so hopefully I described him in enough detail.
  26. [​IMG]
    (except she doesn't smile. At all. :|)​

    Name: Euphemia Joseph
    also known as: Euphie; to those who know her well.
    Net Angel H-263

    Species: Net Angel

    Home: The Internet

    Age: 16

    Height: 5'6"

    Hair: A sort of sweet pink colour at the top, but as it gets to about chin-height it begins to fade into a deep purple very gradually. Very straight hair; stops just below her elbows.

    Eyes: Light blue; almost a little bit grey and icy.

    Clothing: Usually some sort of t-shirt and a pair of 'hot pants' (just pretty short shorts :V); as well as leggings or tights. On her feet she wears either baseball boots/converse or ankle-boots. She tends to wear fingerless gloves quite a lot; and sometimes scarves. Always wearing a headset; blue headphones and a microphone that can be switched on and off by a button on the right headphone; her Oracle Communicator.

    Identifying marks: She never smiles. Like, ever. Sometimes she smirks, but it's VERY rare that you'll see her smile. Through her pretty much constant icy cold stare and emotionless expressions elsewhere in her face, she is rather pretty. Especially when she smiles. But you'll probably never see that. ♥

    Musculature: Maybe a tiny bit muscled, but all in all slender and quite petite.

    Personality: She's quite stubborn, and can be really cold and emotionless at points. She has the tendancy to edge into conversations with little sarcastic comments, but really, usually she means no harm at all. She's extremely intelligent and sorta cynical sometimes and isn't very creative as she thinks more to the scientific point rather than enjoying herself or spreading her mind. She does, however, have the ability to see the other side of the argument, but for the most part her side is the right side - in logical arguments, at least. In terms of creativity, she's a bit too scientifically minded.

    Skills: Well, she's pretty good at persuasion. If someone is sure that they are correct, she can usually use her vast knowledge to try and turn them around. Also pretty good with a weapon; such as her MSPaint weapons.

    Weapons: The MSPaint tools; being a huge yellow paintbrush she can pull out of nowhere, a matching yellow pencil, a large re-fillable bucket of paint, a similar-sized rubber and an expandable lassoo made out of dotted lines that she can use to 'select' foes and pull them closer or move them a little bit further. All of these she pulls out of hammerspace; and she can't use them all the time, and can only wield one at a time.

    Past: Euphemia tends not to talk much about her past; but she was and still is friends with angels from back then, namely William and Gabriel.
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  27. [​IMG]

    The dog is grossly 4kids'd.

    Name: Mika Genesi (Net Angel G-332)

    Theme song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYVlx3vnu8I

    Gender: Male

    Species: Net Angel

    Home: The internet

    Age: 15

    Height: Medium to tall for his age :>

    Weight: Light

    Hair: Dark Brown, and worn messy and shoulder-length

    Eyes: An unnatural green

    Clothes: Mika is very conscious of his appearance, and changes his appearance more than most Angels. His casual wear though, is a brightly coloured t-shirt, with a heavy black jacket with lots of unnecessary buckles. His lower half is green jeans (yes, green). His Oracle Communicator is an angel wing tattoo on his right arm.

    Identifying marks: Mika, whatever the trends, always wears some item of green.

    Muscalature: Thin and un-muscled, but as with Net Angels, he possesses super-human abilities.

    Personality: Mika is very consicous of his appearance, and is very nervous when meeting people for the first time. He is naturally shy, but sheds this trait when in the company of friends. When in these situations, Mika is kind and sympathetic to others. Despite whatever he does, Mika always is compassionate towards his travelling companion, Insanity Wolf. Mika is ,deep-down, scared of being lonely. Take away his friends, and an insane furiosity is let loose from the otherwise quiet boy.

    Skills: Mika is, weapon-wise, a perculiar angel. Influenced by fighting games, he chops and changes meme-based moves into various categories, such as "Up special". Mika's companion is likewise, perculiar. Insanity Wolf has reached a berserk and unpredictable mental state, which allows him to fight savagely until Death's door, at which he will desert. Mika and Insanity Wolf are good friends though, and sometimes go for private fighting practices. The outcome of this is yet to be shown.

    Past: Created in 2006, but has aged differently due to the Internet.

    Family: None, but he regards his friends as though they were his own.
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  28. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Phones (Rozen Fermall)

    Race: Human

    Age: 19

    Height: 5'0''

    Weight: Roughly 120lbs

    Figure: Very slim, to a point where his ribs are the most prominent feature of his torso. It's emphasised by his height. His arms have a good bit of definition, but overall he's still very skinny.

    Hair Color: Dark brown

    Eye Color: Blue

    Hair Style: Messy, but with a loose side-fringe. Styled around his headphones.

    Clothing: This. He wears a high-necked top that covers his chin and his mouth, black with two blue stripes, one on either side. His jeans a faded black, and his heeled boots are a dull grey. He is always seen with his blue headphones, which is why he earned the name "Phones".

    Weapons: He has an assortment of pin badges, but his weapon of choice is contained with a silver one. It transforms into a chainsaw sword, which can be activated into a chainsaw by pressing a button on the side of the guard.

    Friends: N/A

    Acquaintances: N/A

    Enemies: N/A

    Powers: Phones has little in the way of physical prowess outside of being able to swing around his slightly heavy weapon. However, he can focus his power through his assorted pinbadges (once he has practiced enough) for various effects. Currently, he can use a pinbadge modelled after a flame to spawn a line of fire where he points, and he can cause a jagged pillar of ice to rise up from any spot he chooses.

    Personality: Phones is the classic example of a loner. He spends a lot of time on his own and isn't fond of the company of anyone. Because of this, he tends to be quiet a lot of the time. He is often snide or rude with comments, or non-committal. However, similarly, he struggles to take comments aimed at him, either taking them to heart or becoming confused. Because of this, he can be a lot more vulnerable than his outward appearence suggests.
  29. Daseo Breach

    Race: Human

    Age: 21

    Height: 5'9"

    Wt: 185 lbs.

    Musculature: He is in shape, but not insanely in shape. About normal for someone who works out.

    Hair: Looks a little like Cloud's from Advent Children, except it's black and more spiky at the back.

    Eye color: Blue

    Clothing: Daseo wears a black, collared Y-neck shirt that hugs his body a little; a pair of blue jeans covered by brown chaps (with black frills) that cover him like pants (except from his zipper down to his knee on the inside, as well as his back pockets); a red leather gun hoster extending from his belt and tied around his right thigh; black, fingerless gloves; and black boots with silver tips.

    Weapons: He keeps a hand pistol with a green diamond embedded in the chanber (which is visibly visible from the outside) as well as another diamond in the magazine chamber. It's all around color is black, but it also has a silver trim. This weapon is an Arsenal Craft weapon known as Atomic Luna, and it chanels energy from the gems into a powerful shot that's even more powerful that a 55 calibur bullet, but slightly slower in speed. He has a sword at hand as well, but the blade is silver with a black edge, it has a cup like guard that extends into a d-shaped crescent guard with black as the main interior trim. The blade was just a gift from Daseo's father, so it's used as a secondary weapon.

    Skills: Daseo is an excellent shot, and has various cooking capabilities. Other than that, he also has the ability to tame any canine like species.

    Personality: Daseo is rather reluctant to work with others, therefore he is rather closed up with his feelings. However, he enjoys the smaller things in life and can show a gentle and sarcastic mood sometimes.

    Past: After watching his town burn down in flames, Daseo had no choice but to become stronger to survive in the Curavian Desert. Over time, he has become a mercenary, doing whatever jobs he can do to get by, except for murder, which he refuses to commit. Now he just travels the desert from town to town on a hover bike.
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  30. Hi folks! Here are some of my characters...sorta a mix between fan characters and completely original characters. Despite how their profiles sound, please note I'm not very fond of PvP combat (specifically, two main characters going at it for some reason!). I'll do it if it's necessary to advance the story, but I generally try to avoid it.

    Also, I'm usually not overly serious in my RPs. The same goes for my characters! I just like to have fun~


    "Come, follow me to my workshop! And bring that wallet with you~"

    Name: Jessica Black
    Title: Miss
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Species: Anthro Fox
    Homeworld: Midgard

    Occupation: Biochemist, Merchant
    Personality Traits: Enthusiastic (borderline obsessive), Confident, Intelligent, Short-tempered, Greedy.

    Hair & Fur: Primarily lavender fur, with white as secondary. Lengthy neat hair to match.
    Facial Features: Green eyes.
    Body Shape: 5 ft. Small, slim frame

    Clothing Style: Very 'steampunk' inspired, Jessica wears a thick, grey-blue coloured waist-length coat. The coat is always buttoned up, and sports fake white fur around the collar and cuffs. A brown leather utility belt is strapped around her waist, hanging from which are dozens of tools and vials full of multicoloured liquid substances. Below that, she wears a dark grey belted skirt, and white thigh-high socks, complete with black doll shoes on her feet. A pair of goggles sits atop her head whenever she's not wearing them. All of her gadgets and accessories give her the appearance of carrying too much, and being constantly 'weighed down'.

    To add to this effect, Jessica is frequently seen pulling along a metal cart, filled with junk and potion vials. The cart is attached to her waist belt via two custom hooks, so she can continue to move around with free hands. It is worth noting that she also has a basic, but well-tempered sword on her waist at all times.

    A little about her: Jessica is a biochemist at heart, and a merchant by trade. She's considered a child prodigy by her peers, however though she spends much of her free time in her little shack she calls a laboratory...it would be a lie to suggest her experiments go off without a hitch.

    Indeed, much of her work deals in unwelcome explosions, and the horrendous side-effects of her prototype creations. You see, Jessica specialises in potion-making. She creates a wide range of substances that can help or harm...potions ranging from the mundane 'health' drink, all the way to the pseudo-magical Luck or Love potions.

    Of course, at some point in her hobby, she realised that she could potentially make a good living out of it. So, she travels the world searching for exotic raw ingredients to use in her experiments, to further improve her biochemistry as a whole...and make lots of money in the process!

    Selfish, greedy, yet somehow adorable at the same time, Jessica is both loved and hated by her friends, or as she likes to call them, 'customers'. If you've got money on hand, you've got her attention.

    Signature abilities:

    As a mercantile Biochemist, you can guess that fighting is hardly Jessica's forte. However she isn't completely useless in a scrap. As well as a (very) basic ability to swing her sword around, she has a couple of specialities for use in dire situations.

    -Cart Revolution: Utilising a hidden motor beneath her cart, Jessica spins her cart in a 360-degree windmill to damage surrounding threats. The more heavy and full of goods her cart is, the more it'll hurt. Typically sends people flying on impact. She can perform this attack vertically or horizontally.

    -Potion Toss: As the name implies, she uncorks and throws a vial of potion at her target, who is then splashed by the substance as it pours out. She can throw healing and other beneficial potions towards her friends; but she can also throw harmful potions, such as poisons, at an enemy.

    -Coin Strike: Opens and throws a bagful of solid gold coins at her enemies. Usually used in tandem with Cart Boost to serve as a distraction while escaping. For reasons you can probably guess, Jessica hates using this skill!

    -Cart Boost: She jumps into her cart and, using its hidden motor, ignites a 60-second boost in speed, which turns the cart into an escape vehicle...or sometimes a makeshift battering ram.


    That's it for now. Do let me know if there's a problem anywhere, I'm always willing to change things if necessary!
  31. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Name: Linda Sorrel, or just Lyn; some people might also call her “Lyni”.

    Race: half nymph, half human

    Age: 19, but usually looks to be about 12

    Gender: Female

    Height: 4'9 (19: 5'6)

    Weight: 95 lbs (19: 123 lbs)

    Hair: Black with violet highlights which reach down to her shoulders, usually kept up in a pair of high pigtails (with the help of some sky blue ribbons). Has a few stray strands of hair at her widow’s peak which refuses to part to either the left or the right with the rest of her hair. When she's in her 19 year old form, she keeps her hair down and replaces the ribbons with a light blue hairband.

    Eyes: violet

    Clothes: White, long-sleeved t-shirt decorated with light blue and purple sequins around the collar and shoulders in the shape of swirls and, on her back, wings. Most of this design, though, is covered by a sky-blue cardigan. She wears dark blue jeans and white sneakers, and occasionally wears a lilac scarf and gloves when it gets too cold.

    Personality: She enjoys acting like a child due to her small stature and young appearance, though she does have a more mature side. That being said, though, Lyn is naturally curious, stubborn, selfish, and rebellious, and often gets into trouble due to her brash attitude. She sincerely cares for her friends, though, and is thus very supportive of them. Lyn also seems to have sharp eyes and is observant, though she lacks the ability to analyze anything she sees.

    Natural abilities: Very flexible, reacts quickly, and has a powerful kick/punch for a girl.

    Supernatural abilities: control over temperature and water, which she uses interchangeably, usually in the form of ice. When she's too weak, she reverts to her "human" appearance as a 19 year old; she is also able to use this form in a whim, though it renders her powerless if physically stronger.

    Special weapons: water-whip, ice fan, a steel fan which can separate into throwing knives, a crimson dagger which is the only remains of her brother

    History: Because she was unable to control her powers well when she was younger, Lyn was avoided by her peers and neighbors when she was younger. At first, it was only because of the (literally) cold atmosphere she had about her, despite her warm personality, but after an episode of teasing from her classmates when she was five, she awoke her inner magic and accidentally froze a few kids. After that, the teasing became outright bullying, and, unable to handle the situation anymore, Lyn ran away.

    She was later adopted into the household of another part-nymph, Jazz, and learned how to better control her powers from him. He also taught her how to play various instruments and things people would learn at school, like reading, writing, and math. She eventually got into an argument with him and left his care. After a few years, she ended up meeting the person she now calls her "brother" and took up the role of a wanderer in society, not quite knowing where she fit in and just going wherever the wind takes her.

    Family: Karu L. Pop, who she met after running away. She fondly calls him her older brother.

    Love Relations?: Since she had taken herself up as a wanderer in society, she had no interest in getting into a relationship, feeling like such things would only tie her down in one place. However, once the Birth in Blood tournament started, she began having second thoughts about being single, and started dating Michael for a bit. They eventually broke up, and it's still a sore spot for her.

    Name: goes by Helen Brighten

    Race: Spirit trapped in a human body

    Age: over 200 years old, body is 17

    Gender: Female

    Height: 5'9

    Weight: 130 lbs

    Hair: Light pink, naturally straight but became slightly wavy due to constantly putting it in a ponytail. Said ponytail drapes over her right shoulder and goes a little below her collarbone. Also has bangs that she keeps out of her eyes with a pair of gold-colored clips.

    Eyes: bright blue

    Clothes: Enjoys making her own clothes, especially school uniforms (though she actively avoids making sailor fukus so she appears less "weeaboo"). Tends to use dark blues, blacks, and greys a lot, though sometimes she does use reds, greens, and other colors.

    Personality: Cynical and untrusting of most people, she prefers being a loner and has few friends. She thinks first before she acts, usually overthinking and sometimes even having slow reactions. She loves video games of all sorts, though she also plays board games and card games just to pass time. In the past, she was quiet due to feeling alienated from her peers thanks to her perfect memory, and oftentimes observed things from a distance. She only acts if things benefited her directly.

    Natural abilities: Perfect memory recall, high stamina

    Supernatural abilities: n/a due to being stripped of her spirit powers

    Special weapons: n/a

    History: She was originally a light spirit without a name who avoided contact with humans, thinking of them as unintelligent creatures. Using her powers, she would make herself invisible and hide from the humans so that they wouldn't disturb her. One day, however, a young girl noticed her hiding due to the strange way the water was being reflected in the sunlight, and tried to approach her. The two became acquaintances, though it took the spirit several years before she finally warmed up to the girl.

    One day, while the two were hanging out, several men appeared and abducted the girl, having heard of her perfect memory and hoping to use it for their own benefit. It took the spirit many months before she found the body of the girl in another country, having been used as a spy before being found out and killed. Desperate, the spirit tried to revive the girl with her powers, only to accidentally trap herself in the body and having her memories as a spirit effectively wiped away. However, she retains the girl's memories and takes up the girl's identity, though the personality is still her own (the spirit's).

    Family: None, though the body she has belongs to a girl who has both parents living and a brother younger than her by seven years.

    Love Relations?: none at the moment.
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  32. Such insolence...

    Name: Zenith Goria
    Title: Mr
    Age: Appears 23
    Gender: Male
    Species: Fox - Vampire

    Occupation: Musician
    Personality Traits: Polite, Occasionally flirtatious, Serious, Calm. Sometimes acts superior to those he dislikes.

    Hair & Fur: Primary jet black fur, secondary white. Short, neat black hair that gives him a somewhat posh demeanour.
    Facial Features: Green eyes, Fangs visible outside his mouth.
    Body Shape: 6 ft 1 in. Slim and sleek figure.

    Clothing Style: A black tailcoat tuxedo, with a relaxed aura; a plain white shirt unbuttoned at the top, with a loose black tie. It gives him a slightly scruffy appearance, though somewhat countered by the relatively new-looking top hat that sits upon his head. Sometimes he is seen with a cane, though he does not appear to need it as a walking stick.

    Marital Status: Married.

    A little about him: In reality 74 years old, Zenith is a vampire who was turned on the night of his 23rd birthday. He makes a living as a musician who specialises in string instruments. In a world where the existence of vampires was common knowledge, he is forced to regularly move home. Why? Because his peers always eventually begin to notice his lack of aging. And vampires are not well thought-of in society...

    Born in the floating city, Cloudrift, Zenith's early life consisted of moderate training in the use of light firearms and bladed weapons; training that has been enhanced by the abilities of a vampire. Vampires of his variety do not follow the most commonly-believed rules; he is not particularly weak to sunlight or fire, and certainly not crosses. However, his two genuine weaknesses are silver and water, due to their purifying qualities. Vampirism grants him improved speed and reflexes, and the ability to travel long distances by splitting his body into a colony of bats, which reconstruct themselves on arrival.

    It is worth noting that he can use these 'bats' for other purposes, such as information reconnaissance, and even to perform small tasks that require a great deal of subtlety.
  33. Name: Rizzo Rex von Schnitzelmacher (Or Rotorblade)
    Title: Mr.
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Species: Weasel
    Birthday: 31st January

    Occupation: Engineer, Scientist
    Personality Traits: Jumpy, Fretful, Ambitious, Animalistic, Cocky (Sometimes)

    Hair and Fur: Scruffy, unkempt grey fur, which is lighter around the muzzle and toes. The fur of his tail is slightly bushier, but in a very straggly, uneven way. He has a jagged, gash-like scar across his right shoulder, where the fur has not regrown. His fur is occasionally matted with oil.
    Face Features: Dull, watery blue eyes, a slightly pointed muzzle, large-ish, floppy ears with pointed tips (they don't look like rabbit ears), no "hair" in the human sense of the word, a small, wet nose, some teeth in his mouth are slightly sharper than most, but the teeth are small and don't protrude much.
    Body Type: A little under 2 feet tall, skinny and scrawny with not much meat or muscle, his hands are humanoid, with jagged claws, the fur on them being a little lighter and sparser than on other parts of his body, revealing some purplish skin. His feet are three-toed, digitigrade paws with equally jagged and untrimmed claws. His chest has a thicker pelt.

    Clothing Style: Rizzo incredibly rarely wears a shirt; if he did, it would be a plain white one. He wears a pair of tattered jeans with a hole ripped in the back for his tail, and a length of rope serving as a makeshift belt. On his head are a pair of luminous purple goggles with black rims, definitely the most expensive-looking piece of apparel he has.

    Marital Status: Single

    A Little Bit About Him: Rizzo was born in a secret scientific research facility owned by his father, a human geneticist named Günther von Schnitzelmacher. Günther had been a captain in World War II, later becoming the head of security in several different top secret research facilities; he moved into genetics and biology after the war, having learnt about biochemical weaponary during his stay at the research facilities. Yet, he had decided to move into less destructive fields. Rizzo was created around 48 years after the war (his father having extended his lifespan through his great knowledge of science)as an experiment into creating non-human sentient life. Although Rizzo was mostly created using a combination of musteline genes, some of Günther's genes were spliced in to give him human intelligence; as such, he has (proportionately) a very small amount of human DNA, giving him Günther's eyes and much of his intelligence, but nothing else.

    Rizzo was not treated particularly fairly by Günther, who did not consider him a son, (technically speaking, he wasn't) living in a cage most of his life. The scar on his right shoulder, in another example of his unfair treatment, was caused by the taking of a tissue sample that was a little too big. He learnt much about science, and was a keen inventor from a young age, working closely with members of Günther's staff, who also served as teachers. Although he learned much, he eventually tired of the strict disciplinarian nature and frequent wrath of his father, and, when he was 16, began to develop a transdimensional teleporter in secret. Although it was incredibly shoddy and volatile, and indeed, could've landed him anywhere, it landed him in a transdimensional hub called the lobby.

    He was a general annoyance there, his cocky nature and love of making volatile substances and inventions not settling well with most of the residents, but he did make friends with some of the other dimensional travellers who frequented the place. His father pursued him for a while there (using rather aggressive tactics, and hoping to use some of the other strange sentient species he discovered there for his research), but eventually gave up. It was a fair while later that Rizzo met another scientist who could make him tall; having consulted some friends who assured him this was a good idea, he took the step and became about 6 feet tall, far larger than he had previously been. Yet, he now had to fight the various animalistic tendencies that remained from when he was smaller.

    He did have a girlfriend, a fox, for a while (as he was eventually dumped), which had him try harder than ever to curb these animalistic tendencies; he did learn more about the "real world" during this time, and got himself a job on a normal world, working for the first time outside of a scientific research facility, yet, he often had a nostalgic yearning for the old times, at least as far as his work and physical form were concerned....
  34. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    Name: Michael Tourniquet DragonFire

    Gender: Male

    Species: Human

    Hometown: Columbus, Ohio, USA; Earth

    Age: 19

    Height: 6’3

    Weight: 215 lbs

    Hair: Dark Brown; usually kept short

    Eye Color: Light Brown

    Clothing: His most common attire consists of a green t-shirt and khaki slacks, along with blue sneakers.

    Identifying Marks: He has a distinct green and red marking on his right hand that starts at the tips of his fingers and runs down in a veiny pattern towards his forearm. This mark self-applied, a device meant to keep his robots under his command through a sort of artificial bond- The device constantly emits a signal that keeps the robots energized and obedient to their master, the emissions only going out if Michael’s bloodstream is functioning normally. If Michael were to die, the signal would cease, and the mark would begin to glow, reattaching itself to whoever next makes contact with it.

    Musculature: Bulky

    Personality: In his normal condition, Michael is a kind and sympathetic, albeit socially awkward individual who usually means well and tries to stand up for his friends and/or allies, though his sensitive nature often causes him to cower away from particularly conflicting moments if he can find a way out of them. While he often berates himself for his flaws, he rarely condemns others for theirs.

    Skills: Michael doesn’t bring much to the table when it comes to skill or power, despite his size suggesting otherwise. As a basic human, he lacks any supernatural abilities or superhuman skills, though he’s still a decent fighter against his fellow homo sapiens, and he can often prove himself a crafty one if placed under a dire situation. While under the control of his “other half” however, things are a little different… Meical possesses an unbelievable intelligence that allows him to create a number of inventions otherwise considered impossible to make by Earthling limitations.

    Past: The physicians who helped bring Michael into the world had noticed from the very beginning that something was off about his brain, though they couldn’t quite make out just what the issue was. It was therefore ignored as some benign mutation and never brought up to the rest of the Tourniquet family, who believed their son to be a perfectly normal, healthy baby. For 18 years, this proved to be just what they got, as Michael grew up with the basic sort of suburban childhood anyone in his situation would expect to go through… albeit without many acquaintances in the process. Of a rather awkward sort, Michael never had many companions in his early years, a few willing to stand his presence every now and then, but none really close enough to be called true “friends” of his…that is, aside from one. A somewhat geeky child named Ray Darraray was the closest thing to a best friend Michael came to have, and the two often played with one another during their elementary school days. Middle School ended up separating the two however, and Michael didn’t hear anything from Ray for the entirety of those three years.

    High School reunited them, but Michael noticed that Ray seemed to behave…rather differently than before, and not just in the simple way one did when they matured. Ray would shut himself away from others, look at any and all passersby suspiciously with shifty eyes, and constantly just rush off without a word in mid-conversation, disappearing for the rest of the day. Michael found this attitude quite odd coming from his old friend, but, he didn’t want to impose in order to find out the reasons for the change, instead keeping focus on his studies and other gradually changing factors of his own life.

    Senior year eventually came and went, and Michael, still coming off the excitement of graduating and getting accepted into his college of choice, found himself staying up at unbearably late hours of the night just contemplating over what he planned to study, what he planned to do once he got his degree, and how his future would be so wondrous and amazing…and just how he wanted it to turn out. He had no way of knowing that he was soon going to make a single decision that would completely shatter these future plans of his, and yet, still manage to bring him a future that was wondrous and amazing in its own right.

    One particular summer morning, after another near-sleepless night, Michael stumbled into his kitchen to tiredly make himself breakfast. His own sense of judgment temporarily impaired, he simply grabbed a number of random ingredients from his fridge and put them all together in a plastic cup, forming a rather unsavory, distasteful mush of a liquid substance for his next meal. A mere sniff of the horrid mess was enough to bring an unpleasant shock to Michael’s system, and, inadvertently, activate the so-called benign mutation in his brain, causing him to black out before awakening…as his long dormant, intellectual side. The other part of Michael’s brain was now in control, still the same man, the same soul, but with a significantly reduced humanity, running primarily on the once-inactive part of his mind, which was mostly cognitive, calculating, and logical, with very few, if any, emotions. This side of Michael would end up being known as Meical, and he suddenly had a very specific inclination to build something…Something the world had attempted to create before, but had failed ‘til then to achieve to such a degree: A truly human AI nestled within a near perfect android replica of a human being. The droids would be classified by Meical as Automated Robotic Mechanized Attendants, or ARMAs.

    The first ARMA, initially named as such, but later renamed RawrMA, was an apparent success, but a slight fluke in the creation’s circuitry caused its human mind to degrade and render it insane. Wishing to remedy this, Meical set to focus even more diligently on his second creation, an ARMA codenamed Mr.RMA, who would soon end up taking his model classification as a nickname. Nearing the end of RMA’s testing process, Meical felt his mind begin to fade as Michael began to reawaken, eventually collapsing before waking up as his normal self again, completely unaware of making or even knowing anything of his scientific triumphs. He would very quickly find out, and just as quickly come to realize the danger he was now in. Meical’s work had managed to attract a number of researchers who were a part of a massive, anarchic syndicate known as D.R.I.L.L., an organization wishing to exploit the ARMAs’ technology to satisfy their own ends, and, learning that Meical had installed a failsafe that would keep the robots under his command as long as he was still alive, they went about planning his assassination. With RMA’s protection, Michael managed to evade a number of attempts on his life, as well as deactivate his corrupted RawrMA unit before his misadventures culminated in a showdown with one of D.R.I.L.L.’s most promising representatives, as well as a child prodigy…his old pal Ray. It was at this point that Ray revealed he had come to learn about Michael’s unique brain condition by means of an unnamed higher-up, and simply remained his friend through high school to keep watch on him and report any potential findings, being the one who ordered the assassination attempts in the first place. RMA and a crestfallen Michael managed to defeat Ray and his prototype robot, a highly advanced but emotionless machine still lacking the proper AI to reach the ARMAs’ levels, believing Ray to have not survived the encounter after he disappeared from the sight of the skirmish, small pools of his blood being the only indicator he was even there.

    Knowing that more syndicate members would eventually come after them, Michael and RMA had to make the difficult decision of leaving Michael’s place of residence for good, leaving his family completely in the dark over his disappearance to keep them safe, allowing himself to go officially missing, and eventually, presumed dead by authorities. Living a nomadic lifestyle from then on, Michael and RMA began their travels to nowhere, occasionally joined by a less malicious but still insane RawrMA , living where they could for as long as they could before moving on to live somewhere else, struggling to keep D.R.I.L.L. off their tail in the process.

    Family: Marie Tourniquet (Mother); Howard Tourniquet (Father); Aubrey Tourniquet (Sister)

    Michael has always been in good standing with his family, his love for them having no boundaries. It is because of this that, after D.R.I.L.L. issued a bounty on him, Michael reluctantly chose to sever all communication with them, hoping that their lack of knowledge concerning his location would keep them from being targeted by the syndicate.

    Love Relationships: Having always just assumed that the right girl would just show up sooner or later, Michael initially didn’t show much concern for romantic relationships. However, once he reached young adulthood, he began showing concern that he would never win the heart of another, a perceived fate only worsened by his fugitive status. He initially felt like any and all endeavors of love would be pointless. This changed upon his meeting with Lyni Sorrel, a half-spirit friend of Mr.RMA. The two carried a brief relationship, but after the dramatic events of the Birth in Blood Tournament's finale, as well as a conflicting feeling that the two weren't quite meant for each other, the relationship came to an end. Parallel to this breakup was the beginning of a new relationship with Dwayna DragonFire, whom Michael felt inexplicably attracted to almost immediately after their first meeting. They ended up being mated not long afterwards.
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  35. (This character's family and love relationships are not based off of any past rp's)
    Gender: Female
    Birth Place: Tokyo, Japan
    Age: (I dont really know how to do cat years...so she is about the age of a 19 year old human)
    Eyes: Bright blue
    Identifying marks: A scar over her left eye
    Personality: Friendly, angry and aggressive when her friends are harmed in any way. Can become rather upset if you remind her of her past. Usually feeling slighly sad.
    Family: Arrow (father), Cinder (mother), Midnight (sister), Shadow (brother)
    Love relationships?: None at the moment
    Musculature: Mostly thin
    Height: Average in all forms
    Weight: Below average in all forms
    Past: (yes...this is one of those back stories many people use....entire family killed, some how survived, never forget that day. o-o eh....) Raven was born in Tokyo, Japan and she lived with her family; Arrow her father, Cinder her mother, Midnight her sister and Shadow her brother. Only when she was months old, they heard a mysterious snarling nearby and they all looked around, terrified. Suddenly, Cinder's pupils grew slim and her eyes were wide with terror. Cinder pinned her ears back and glanced at her children and mate and "Run..." was all she whispered. Raven seemed confused as to why her mother was terrified but she soon heard loud barking nearby as though that was the answer. Cinder stood there, terrified.

    (If you dislike violence, I suggest you skip this paragraph....and the next few....) A pack of massive dogs have attacked! Cinder didn't move but she unsheathed her claws, ready to fight off the enemy. But she was too late to respond to what was happening, as a husky with a scar across his face has attacked Cinder quickly, biting her neck hard and swinging her around as though she were a toy. The husky soon let go, tossing Cinders body away and it snarled, baring its bloody teeth at Arrow as though he was the next target. Arrow unsheathed is claws instantly and charged at the husky, his eyes blazing with fury like a wildfire.

    The husky growled and avoided Arrow, who landed on his paws safely and glared at the husky. Raven and her siblings were blind in terror and ran to cover, shivering in fear as they had wittnessed their mother get killed. Arrow snarled in rage and leaped at the husky, who caught Arrow in his jaws and shook him around as well. Blood spattered the ground as Arrow was bleeding quite a bit. The husky dropped his body onto the ground, blood pooling around his body.

    The two other dogs of the pack, two other huskies, charged to where Raven, Shadow and Midnight were hiding. Midnight looked at Raven. "It's about time i said good bye, sister...." she whispered in sadness, sorrow clouding her eyes. Raven pinned her ears back. "W-what do you mean, Midnight? What do you mean by good bye? You aren't leaving me! You can't leave me!" She whimpered.

    Midnight smiled slightly. "Life is but an illusion...." was all she whispered when she charged out of her hiding spot. Raven reached for her sister, tears falling from her face but her brother held her back. One of the huskies, a dark grey one, glared at Midnight with bright amber eyes. It snarled at her and charged at her, tackling her and pinning her to the ground.

    The husky bit down hard on Midnight's throat and shook her as well. Midnight smiled at Raven. "Goodbye, sister....I'll miss you....." She mewed in sorrow. Raven yowled in fear. "No! D-Don't die, Midnight!" she whimpered.

    The husky dropped Midnights body to the ground and left it. Shadow ran out of his hiding place and charged at one of the huskies. "Don't worry, sister, I'll protect y-" He was about to finish, but he was cut off by being bitten hard in the neck and tossed away. Raven pinned her ears back as far as possible. She crawled out from her hiding place and charged at the huskies, only to stop dead in her tracks and turn around to flee.

    The pack chased her and soon cornered her. Raven whimpered and turned around to see the three massive dogs towering over her. One of them lunged at Raven, crushing her paw and tearing her apart. The other two soon joined in and attacked, blood dripping onto the ground. Suddenly, she felt a sharp pain in her left eye and could no longer see from that eye as she had been blinded.

    (If you have skipped those paragraphs, this one you can return to the story. Oh, and if you want this part to be much more sad(even though its not really that sad...) I suggest listening to Sorrow from Okamiden or Thank You from Okami.) After the attack, Raven was crouched over a pile of dead cats as it started to rain. Blood still dripped from her scar, but she didn't mind it as tears had begun to fall from her eyes. "W-why," She whispered in horror and sorrow. "Why did this have to happen? Is life itself against me as well? Am I just something that was never meant to exist? To suffer the consiquences of existing? What have I done wrong that I dont understand?" She whimpered. "What am I? Who was I meant to be?.....Why am I here in this world of suffering...?" She sighed, sorrow clouding her eyes.
    Skills: Can change forms (ranging from a cat form to a phoenix form. Basically a form of anything though she must collect the soul of them and can only stay as the complex forms like the Phoenix for a certain amount of time.) and she knows many spells from healing spells to dangerous spells. She only uses the healing spell to heal her friends from injuries. (yes...I am aware that this character may sadly be a Sue..)
    Other features: A pair of pitch black wings that are usually hidden from sight. (She looks like my avatar.)
    More about them: Raven is rather unusual. She is blind in her left eye where the scar is and she tries to be as friendly as she can be. She has a few friends, but not many. She has joined one of the four forest Clans after teleporting to a randomly selected area. She just happened to join ShadowClan.

    Moons later, after being known as Nightraven, she became Nightstar after the leader, Silverstar, died. She was a highly respected leader and her personality was rather close to Firestar's. She has witnessed the deaths of many cats like Jaystorm, Firekit, and Ravenpaw. She has protected her Clan with her life, and surprisingly, she never lost one! She then left the Clans after a while for she felt she didn't belong.

    Name: Arrow
    Gender: Male
    Birth place: Tokyo, Japan
    Age: Around the age of a 45 year old human (Yes, he is quite old at the moment cx)
    Eyes: Bright green
    Identifying marks: A scar across his shoulder, black striped fur
    Personality: Usually happy but can become the total opposite if any harm comes to his children or mate.
    Skills: He only knows a few spells, not many.
    Family: Cinder (mate), Raven (daughter), Midnight (daughter), Shadow (son)
    Love relationships: He fell in love with Cinder after a few years. After a while, he confessed his love for her and she confessed her love for him. He was shocked and a few years later, they became mates.
    Musculature: Slightly bulky
    Past: When Arrow was young, he was thought of as unusual. He had light grey fur with black markings, dark grey paws and a white arrow shaped marking on his head; that is how he got his name. Others usually stayed away from him, or made fun of him due to his distinct markings. He got used to being disliked until, when he was equal to the age of an 11 year old human, he met Cinder. Cinder defended him and always cheered him up when he felt down.

    When he was equal to the age of an 16 year old human, he suddenly had a weird feeling for Cinder. Later on, he discovered he had a crush on her. He never wanted to tell her because he was very afraid to know her response; Would it be annoyance because she didn't like him? Would it be delight because she had the same feelings for him? He was too scared to get her answer.

    A few years later, when he was about the age of a 19 year old human, he confessed his love for her. Cinder seemed shocked at what he had said, but she soon told him how she felt. Years later, at around the age of a 27 year old human, they became mates and soon, Raven, Midnight and Shadow were born. They lived a happy life together in Tokyo, Japan until the dogs attacked. Arrow had died defending his children in the attack and he failed at defending them as well.
    How he looks: Grey fur, black stripes, dark grey paws, a white arrow shape on his head and bright green eyes

    Name: Cinder
    Gender: Female
    Birth place: Tokyo, Japan
    Age: The same age as Arrow, her mate.
    Eyes: Bright amber
    Identifying marks: A torn ear and a scar across her face
    Personality: Usually happy but, just like Arrow, she can turn on you if you even come close to harming her mate or children.
    Skills: She knows very few spells.
    Family: Arrow (mate), Raven (daughter), Midnight (daughter), Shadow (son)
    Love relationships: She fell in love with Arrow.
    Past: (This one is the same as Arrow's past but with Cinder soooo......I wont be doing it o-o)
    How she looks: Dark grey fur with bright amber eyes

    Name: Midnight
    Gender: Female
    Birth place: Tokyo, Japan
    Age: the same age as Raven
    Eyes: Bright blue
    Identifying marks: Bright blue markings; a swirling mark that starts at her forehead and goes around her left eye, blue paws, blue tipped feathers on wings, blue tail ring in the middle of tail, a blue dot between the tail ring and the blue tail tip and blue ear-tips
    Personality: Usually happy or excited but will become angry and aggressive if any of her friends are harmed in any way
    Skills: She knows many spells, like Raven and Shadow
    Family: Arrow (Father), Cinder (mother), Shadow (brother), Raven (Sister)
    Love relationships: N/A
    Past: (The same as Raven's but with Midnight instead.)
    How she looks: Black fur with blue markings

    Name: Shadow
    Gender: Male
    Birth place: Tokyo, Japan
    Age: The same as Raven and Midnight
    Eyes: Dark green, blood red when possessed by a Dark Forest spirit (Yes, that's a Warriors reference cx)
    Identifying marks: A scar across face
    Personality: Usually grumpy or annoyed and will attack any enemy no matter what if they come near
    Skills: He knows many spells, like Raven and Midnight, but they are much more powerful than Raven's (Of which were usually the strongest) when he is possessed by the Dark Forest spirit
    Family: Arrow (father), Cinder (mother), Midnight (sister), Raven (sister)
    Love relationships: N/A
    Past: (The exact same as Midnight's only with Shadow instead)
    How he looks: Black fur with dark green eyes. (Possessed) Black fur with blood red eyes

    Name: Spirit
    Gender: Female
    Birthplace: ThunderClan's camp
    Age: Unknown
    Eyes: Spirit has heterochromia; a mutation(?) that makes something have two different colored eyes. Her right eye is blue and her left is green.
    Identifying marks: A scar across her shoulder and a torn ear
    Skills: She doesn't know any spells, but she does know how to fight well and knows exactly when to strike.
    Family: Mother: unknown, Father: unknown Brother: unknown Sister: Soul
    Love relationships: N/A
    Past: Spirit was born in the ThunderClan camp. She was born blind, unlike her sister(or twin I suppose...), Soul. She was terrified as she wandered around the nursery. Her Clan name was Silverkit, and her sister's was Moonkit so they were separated and both nakes were given for the silver fur they both share. She was more happy than Soul usually, but Soul was more serious.

    She bumped into someone, but didn't know who they were. "Don't worry, Silverkit. It's me, Frostkit!" the other kit mewed. "S-sorry..." Silverkit replied nervously. She was also rather shy. She wandered through the nursery, soon bumping into her sister.

    When they became apprentices, they came across someone who they thought were very suspicious. It was a dark brown tabby with one amber eye and one blue eye and a scar across his nose, and he was named Tigerfrost. When the two kits were wandering with their mother, they felt like they were being watched. Suddenly, they heard a yowl of fury, and the mother was killed. They stood there, terrified, and Silverpaw was rather confused.

    They raced back to camp, warning their father of what happened. Not long after, they were wandering with their father, who's throat was slit by Tigerfrost. They raced back to camp, this time Tigerfrost chasing them. They were outside the camp, and Tigerfrost had caught up. Moonpaw had her throat slit and Silverpaw was killed the same way Scourge killed Tigerstar.

    Silverpaw was lying on the ground. This was they day both would become warriors. Her eyes began to close and all went black and silent. Suddenly, a cold tail touched her shoulder, and her eyes opened, looking around. She looked down, and saw her body on the ground, bleeding, eyes closed and that she was the spirit of her body.

    She looked up to see a cat with a white outline and light silver fur that shone with starlight. Their eyes were lightly colored. She soon realized it was her sister, Moonpaw. "Soul?" Silverpaw mewed. Moonpaw nodded.

    "Follow me...to the land of spirits...who'll help fight the dark that'll arise...." Moonpaw whispered. Moonpaw leapt into the air, Silverpaw following. As soon as Silverpaw crossed the border between the real world and StarClan, her pupils became slits and soon they faded away into nothing. "Welcome to StarClan...the land of Spirits who'll fight for their world and ours..." Moonpaw whispered. Silverpaw saw the outlines of her family and others who had died.

    Name: Soul
    Gender: Female
    Birthplace: ThunderClan's camp
    Age: unknown
    Eyes: Soul also has heterochromia. Her right eye is green and her left is blue
    Identifying marks: A large scar across face
    Skills: the same as Spirit
    Family: Mother: unknown, Father: unknown, Brother: unknown, Sister: Spirit
    Love relationships: N/A
    Past: The same as Spirit
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  36. Steven Universe OC
    Gender: Female
    Species: Gem (Fusion of a Moonstone and a Turquoise)
    Birth place: Homeworld
    Age: 254 years
    Height: 6'3"
    Weight: Not entirely sure how to answer this, considering a Gem's body is made of condensed light, yet they're still able to be affected by gravity...
    Hair: Mostly sky blue with strands of white, reaching her waist in length. Wavy.
    Eyes: Hemimorphite has three eyes, one hidden underneath her hair. The lower two are crayola blue while the hidden eye is a floral white.
    Clothing: Hemimorphite's outfit consists of a powder blue, sleeveless empire-waist dress with a white streak along the seams, along with a darker shade of blue forming a floral pattern along the lower part of the skirt. She wears sky blue sling back heels, and has two silver bracers on her arms. A circle shaped hole is made just under the bust, exposing Hemimorphite's gem.
    Identifying Marks: Hemimorphite's skin is baby blue throughout her entire body, and her pupils are cat-like slits.
    Musculature: Hemimorphite's body is pear-shaped, with somewhat defined muscles along her arms and legs.
    Personality: Hemimorphite is a fusion of a friendly and supportive Turquoise, and an analytical, intelligent and tactical Moonstone. She is one of those people who seem to just know what to do in every situation, regardless of how absurd it is. She is an excellent planner, always taking every possible outcome into account, making sure to include even those who do not seem to have any potential into her tactics. Outside of that, she is a very open and accepting gem, and feels like she is more herself being Hemimorphite instead of Moonstone and Turquoise.
    Skills: Her weapon is a chain-blade (Fusion of nun-chucks and a dagger), and she also has the ability to form orbs of energy from moonlight. She is also a surprisingly good cook.
    Past: The Moonstone and Turquoise belonged to White Diamond and Blue Diamond respectively. The only time they had together was when the two Diamonds had meetings. Moonstone was White Diamond's head tactician, and Turquoise was Blue Diamond's scribe. When they had free time, they would chat and get to know each other, going on about what happens in their respective realms, and other small things. When the Crystal Gems Rose Quarts and Pearl attempted to attack Blue Diamond, Turquoise managed to escape, fleeing to White Diamond's palace and alerting them of the situation. She was brought to White Diamond, explaining what happened in detail, before having Moonstone take custody of her.
    During her stay, the two grew even closer, becoming good friends as Moonstone comforted Turquoise, eventually the two deciding to dance. That's when it happened. In a burst of light, they fused, becoming Hemimorphite, albeit a strange looking one, as they had not sorted out their form yet. Unfortunately, they drew attention to them, White Diamond quickly decreeing Turquoise banned from her realm. However, instead of unfusing, Moonstone took charge and fled, running into the nearby forest and hiding out there.
    Hemimorphite took some time to change and tweak their form, becoming how they look now, before meeting the Crystal Gems. They were almost immediately accepted after explaining what had happened, eventually going with them to Earth to protect it from Homeworld. Now, they wander around, learning everything they can about the Earth and its inhabitants.
    Family: N/A
    Love Relationships?: Does being a permanent fusion count as a relationship?

    Name: Roy Severias (I use this name a lot it would seem.)

    Gender: Male

    Birth place: Unknown, but it is presumed to be Ylisse.

    Age: 36

    Height: 6'2"

    Weight: 150lbs

    Hair: Grayish-white, it reaches the base of his neck.

    Eyes: Slanted brown eyes.

    Clothing: He wears a large brown jacket, underneath he has a white shirt and brownish-
    white pants.

    Identifying Marks: He bears the Mark of Grima on his left hand.

    Musculature: A very average build, he isn't the strongest, but he isn't the weakest either.

    Personality: He is generally a quiet and calm person. He is a very honest and blunt person, almost never sugar coating things for people. Roy also has a knack for strategy and can read his opponents quite well.

    Skills: He has a high level of skill with swords and tomes, however he struggles against opponents with lances. He excels against opponents that wield axes.

    Past: Not much is known about his past. He is the son of Validar and the vessel for the Fell Dragon. He was found in a field by the Prince of Ylisse, Chrom and his sister, Lissa. After helping them defeat some bandits, he was named Tactician of the Shepherds.

    Family: He is married to the manakete Nowi and fathers two children, Morgan and Nah.

    Love Relationships: He shares an incredibly strong bond with his wife, the two are almost never seen apart. He also shares a very strong bond with his children.
  38. Name: Kaleb Aryn Advent

    Gender: Male

    Birth Place: Issaquah, Washington

    Age: 17

    Height: 5'10

    Weight: ???

    Hair: Dark, chocolate brown.

    Eyes: In a roleplay with magic, his right eye is a fiery red, while his left eye is an azure blue. In a normal roleplay, his eyes are just brown.

    Clothing: He usually just wears a yellow hoodie with a pair of black, dark grey or navy blue sweatpants. He also wears a pair of brownish-orange glasses (he's near sighted).

    Identifying Marks: In a magic rp, his two glowing magic eyes would probably give him away if they weren't closed all the time. Otherwise, his bright yellow hoodie.

    Musculature: He's not all that strong at all, really.

    Personality: Kaleb is usually pretty quiet around people he doesn't know, but he'll eventually open up if you get to know him, and he can be a pretty nice guy. It can be hard to anger him to the point where he snaps (an easy trigger is mentioning "The Accident"), but anyone who's seen him like that does not want to go there again. Those people usually end up scared of him afterwards, and you'll see why in the next section. He's quick to trust, but said trust is hard to get back if lost.

    Skills: This is where things get good. See, Kaleb's mismatched eyes aren't just for show. They give him magical strength, but only when they're open.

    -Fire Magic
    His red right eye gives him the power to create and manipulate fire at will. He often uses this to make flamethrower-like attacks, or hurl fireballs at opponents.

    -Electric Magic
    His blue left eye gives him the power to manipulate electricity. Using it, he can cause lightning strikes, or send streams of lightning from his hands. As a side note, he can charge mobile devices in seconds just by holding them.

    Unfortunately, all of this power comes at a cost. Whenever he uses his magic, it's only one of the two at a time. If he opens both at once, all that power messes with his head, and he kinda goes on an out-of-control rampage until he's either knocked out or uses too much energy and passes out.

    Past: Aaaand this is where things get not so good. See, magic is a part of his family tree; both his parents and all of his grandparents could use magic. His father was fluent in the arts of fire magic, and his mother was great with electric magic. When Kaleb was born, and it was discovered he wound be able to use both elements, his parents couldn't believe it. It was rare for any magic user to be able to control two elements at once. He was practically treated like royalty.

    Then, things started to go downhill.

    When he grew into his teen years, his magic ability began to show at a growing rate. His powers were becoming greater and greater with each passing day, until, after 2 weeks (which was a rather alarming rate, to say the least), he couldn't handle them anymore. Long story short, the house was destroyed in an explosion of fire and lightning. No one in the house survived other than Kaleb.

    He later ended moving in with his grandparents' (on his mother's side) house in Redmond. There he found out he could somehow still "see" with his eyes closed. Coupled with the knowledge that his powers were only active when his eyes were open, kept his eyes shut at all times. Incidents still occur, but thanks to his grandmother's magic ability being to suppress the magic ability of others, they haven't been as... severe as the first one, which was now called "The Accident". He still blames himself for it to t his very day, and he's very sensitive about the topic.

    Family: He lives with his grandparents, Debby and Merlin (yes, his name is just a coincidence). As implied above, his parents were killed in "The Accident."

    Love Relationships?: He hasn't found "the one" yet.

    Normal (for magic roleplays):
    New Kaleb.png
    Eyes Open (this won't ever happen with both eyes at once):
    Open Eyes.png
    Rampaging (this is what happens when both of his eyes are open at once):
    Uncontrolled Kaleb.png
    No Magic (for non-magic roleplays):
    No Magic.png
  39. Universe: Team Fortress 2

    Name: Marija "Mara" Adelhaide Friedrich

    Title: Ninja-Girl or Melee Lady (Her symbols are two swords cris-crossed, facing downwards, with a line right in the middle and shurikens all around).

    Gender: Female

    Birth place: The forests of Rottenburg, Germany. In a hunting cabin.

    Age: 38 (born in 1934. The world she's in takes place in 1972.)

    Height: 5'04" (1.63 m)

    Weight: At least 160 lbs (72.6 kg), due to the metal on her bones. Would be 130 lbs (59.0 kg) without it.

    Hair: Black and straight. Goes down to the base of her neck. Very soft.

    Eyes: Hazel. Turn gold when Felicie is activated and taking control.

    Clothing: Has a (team color) sports bra and booty shorts, the bra having the team's symbols on the cups. She wears dark moccasins. She has strips of leather along her sides, which are held together with a buckle strap around her waist. The strips hold her shurikens in little pouches that easily conceal the shurikens and make it easy for her to fling them out. She has two sword sheaths for her swords and then loops for her bo-staff. She has clips for her clawed gloves right underneath the sword sheaths. She has loops of belts that go down her thighs and wrap around them. They have throwing daggers on them, sheathed. She has another loop-like holster on the small of her back to hold her Barracuda, as well as another loop behind it to store a battery for her usage. She has thin biker gloves that make room for her other gloves. She has a slit in her right thigh with a fleshy pocket for her motorbike key.
    When on her bike, she has a stylish helmet with a visor that helps protect against the sun's rays and sand/dirt/glass so she can see.

    Weapons: Twin vibro-swords that conduct electricity, at least 8 shurikens, bo-staff that extends and shrinks, 4 throwing daggers, clawed gloves, the Barracuda: a special, designed gun that used to be a sawed-off shotgun when she found it in the Amazon (not the website and will only use it when she has to and can't exactly reach the opponent if they're flying in the air), and a rechargeable battery pack at the base of her spine: one hit would discharge the contents of the battery, shocking her and anybody she makes contact with.

    Identifying Marks: Several scars on her face, as well as scars all over her body from being tortured.

    Musculature: Quite toned from being a mercenary for 27 years.

    Personality: This is complicated... She has 8 different personalities, and some of these personalities have names.
    1) Mara, her normal self, is quite calm and a little childish at times. She has all the regular emotions a regular average human has and she does have a bit of a short fuse. She's cocky when up against people she feels are dumber than she is and she's arrogant when she's with people who she thinks aren't as good as she is. She hates using projectiles, as she thinks it's not as fair since she's such a crack shot at it. She can miss from time to time, though, but she is a pretty good marksman. Other than that, she feels like she can't trust herself, since her other, more devious personalities would love to wield a gun to terrorize everyone with it. Plus, she would rather give people a chance before she runs up to them and decapitates them.
    2) Her insane side (no name) is the most trusted personality Mara has, even though she's psychotic. She can't feel emotions (well, none of Mara's other personalities can), but she indirectly can sense emotions by Mara letting her feel what she's feeling. Although, she's quite brutal and loves bloodshed, and will almost always use a particular weapon to deal the most blood pouring out of someone's body.
    3) Her sadist side (no name) is quite... Sadistic. She always has something in her mind on how to torture anyone and anything, even Mara's friends/family. She also mocks people who try to torture her for being a horrible torturer, and she gives them tips on how to be better. Luckily for her, she's a sociopath. And because of that, she has a leash. Still the 2nd personality Mara can trust.
    4) Sheila, her animal side. She doesn't talk, just growls, grunts, screeches... She also hates weapons and prefers using her bare hands. She can get quite cheap by attacking people in the gonads, or biting their necks to try and bite a piece off. She'll even go on all fours or be hunched over when "standing up". With how brutal and untrustworthy she is when seeing enemy from friend and vice-versa, she's kept in a tight cage.
    5) Black Rose, her sexy side. She talks in a permanent "I'm going to make you swoon" kind of voice and walks like she owns the stage. She doesn't care who sees if she flaunts her body, and loves attention. She's the reason why Mara wears scandalous clothing almost all the time, and she's the only one besides the insane side that can directly affect what she does without her noticing. She taunts people with her body and callous remarks to their own appearance and their behavior. She still shares all the memories and smarts from Mara (being in the same brain), so she isn't completely dumb, either. She's on a bit of a tighter leash than the sadist side, but can still roam free if Mara lets her.
    6) Combat Sado-Masochist side is a side that is more brutal than Sheila and the sadist side combined, and she will use any kind of method/weapon to severely hurt someone, even if it means the objective will have to wait for her fun-time to end. When she gets hurt or when she hurts someone, she giggles with glee and will even hurt Mara's friends/family. She's in another cage, a tighter cage than the one Sheila's in.
    7) Felicie is her robotic side, the endo-suit's personality. She has the same robotic, monotone voice as a robot, but she does have the objective close to mind and controls the Australium in Mara's body. She's in charge of her fast regenerative abilities and her armor. If she sees an opportunity to power-up, she'll do it, much to Mara's chagrin. This "power-up" is basically making more Australium and making spikes that pop painfully out of Mara's body, for protection. But it hurts. On another note, she also used to be a human herself, being 5 years older than Mara. Her consciousness was just transferred to a core centered on the chest of Mara. If this core breaks and Felicie dies, Mara will painfully and slowly die due to the Austrailum poisoning and the shards of protective, metallic dome-shaped glass surrounding Felicie piercing her heart, if given the chance.
    8 ) Bleeding Claws, her brutal side, only using her clawed gauntlets to dismember people. She appeared when she was initiated in a gang called the Bleeding Phoenixes, and is the one that usually breaks out of her "cage" to take control of the body to do some gruesome acts. Despite of this, she is not the most untrusted personality, as there are worse ones, she just has no regard for the safety of Mara's friends.

    Skills: Has gone to college for a major in Psychology and a minor in Engineering and Mechanics, as well as a major in the human anatomy. She knows what and where to cause pain and kill, she knows if someone is acting suspicious or hiding something even to her face, and she has a great understanding of machines and robots. Due to her now sensitive skin and multiple personalities keeping track of things, she can kind of sense if someone is nearby and invisible. This only works if they are invisible and if they are living. Invisible robots won't be seen. Her senses are more acute due to the Australium. She also can't break her bones, or even fracture them. She can also kind of wield electricity with the help of Felicie "guiding" the electricity, and it may also make her stronger and faster, but lose her mind and sense of reasoning to compensate. Too much electricity and she could lose consciousness.

    Past: She had an abusive father and she didn't learn English or German until she was 5. Her father killed her mother right in front of her with an old WWI pistol. The sound carried throughout the forest and their closest neighbor, who was out hunting at the time, came in and protected Mara by killing her father. This was when she was 4.

    She was taken into their family and got bullied by the neighbor's daughter and her friends. She almost killed her after snapping from the bullying. She then got taken to get a psychiatric test done. That's when they found out that she has mild insanity, schizophrenia, chronic insomnia, multiple personality disorder, general paranoia and anxiety.

    She then got sent to a mental asylum when she was 6. She had no friends, and nobody took care of her: Guards abused her; Got electrical shock therapy almost every day, which caused her to have a higher chance of splitting personalities but made her more resistant to the electricity. She began to work out and level up her stealth skill (hah, Skyrim jokes).

    When she was 10, she found out there were scientists underneath the asylum that were experimenting on the "socially acceptable"; that ones that were supposed to leave and have a full life. She became "socially acceptable", so she left to avoid getting experimented on. She then found a runaway trying to get away from Soldier (from TF2) while on his spree of killing all the Nazis from WWII (he didn't stop until 1949. This is 1948). The runaway was actually a sensei of a dojo. He taught her the way of martial arts and the bo-staff. Then he died from exhaustion and malnutrition. She began to follow her mother's footsteps and become a mercenary at the age of 11.

    When she was 14, she taught herself French to get into high school at 15. She still had no friends in high school. She went into a gang when 16 and got her clawed gloves, as well as going completely nuts. After a few months, she got a hold of herself, only to get caught by the very same scientists.

    They infused her bones with Australium and gave her scythes, long claws, spikes on her joints and back, horns, among other things underneath her skin. They also gave her an endo-skeleton, called Felicie, which came from the consciousness of a child, that was 5 years older than Mara. They wanted her mad and put a hunger chip on her stomach, which caused her to have lots of stomach cramps if she doesn't eat raw human flesh. Anything else and she'll puke. There was a gap in between her brainwashing sessions and she that's when she escaped. She saved herself from eating people by making an inhibitor chip, and was able to make one quite quickly due to her heightened intelligence. Went back to school and surprisingly went through high school quickly, due to the heightened IQ from the Australium.

    She got into college and completed all of her courses in Mechanics, Engineering, Psychology, and Mathematics when she was 20. She then made herself a motorcycle at the age of 25 after she got into America (although, this took her several years to siphon the Australium from her blood and create a motorcycle engine out of it. She had to do this very convoluted process I don't want to explain).

    Before she created her motorcycle, she got raped when she was working at a strip club at the age of 21. She was running away from everyone who despised her after they all figured out she was pregnant, as she was quite known for her decapitations and doing the most contracts before anyone else could get to them. They found her and basically beat her babies to death while she was still pregnant. She finally gave birth to twins (brother/sister), but they were still-borns, due to Mara's malnutrition and the beatings. A guy nearby offered to cremate her babies, and she agreed. She has a necklace of her baby's ashes in pouches. The people who had hurt and killed her babies fled to America, so she followed them and killed them all by the time she was 28. She has been creating exo-suit blueprints after she turned 32 and created a prototype that allowed her to fly like a bird and run like a raptor.

    Family: Father (dead), Mother (dead), Schwartz (Black, Male German Shephard; alive), Ruby (Male Ruby-throated Hummingbird; alive).

    Love Relationships?: None at the moment. She ends up falling for people who are insane like her or share her same kind of sadistic fantasies.
  40. XP Kame

    Gender: Male

    Birth Place: L/A

    Age: 18

    Height: 6'1"

    Weight: 120 IB's

    Hair: Brown/Blue

    Eyes: One hazel, one blind,

    Clothing: Has a red jacket nomatter what, a strap for a backpack, but there isn't a backpack, a gray turtle neck, and black jeans, (Nike purple shoes)

    Identifying Marks: Freckles, and a scar on his cheek.

    Musculatre: Sometimes buff, sometimes not, it depends if hes angry.

    Personality: Playful, Quiet, Gets the job done, Very strong, but very slow, hurtful, Helpful, and served in the army.

    Skills: A black belt fighter from Karate, if angry, the white eye turns sightly darker, can beat 5 foes with one attack, but has to recharge it for 10 minutes after it is blown, and can jump far up in the sky, AND can shoot energy beams (Kinda like Dragon Ball Z) if food is in the way, he will stop at nothing to eat it

    Past: When he was a boy, his family died in a car crash, and 3 years later, he found out the killing was on pourpose. He then took karate classes, and at the age of 11, he beat 6 yellow belts as a Orange belt, he has killed one person in his life, on accsident, but he restored his honor, he killed a prince, so he told the king, the king was angry, but XP easily beat him. Now, as a 18 year old, hes still on the hunt for the man who killed his parents.

    He says as his family died, his heart did too, and now hes souless and emotionless.

    When XP finds the killer, he won't know what he will do to him, but it won't be good.

    Family: (Unknown)

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