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Mafia Writings

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Shiny Pyxis, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. Shiny Pyxis

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    Alrighty guys, I guess you can say this was inspired by Brendan's little piece from earlier? Except, unlike his, mine will be from my point of view, with a day-by-day thing, which I'll add to when the next day begins. Of course, I'll try to leave it as open to interpretation as possible up until when all is revealed at the end~

    And yes, you can quote from me here for mafia games. I'm not stopping you. In fact, this might be more beneficial to you than to me; in fact, this could very well harm my status in the games. But do I care? Nah.

    So, let the games really bad writing begin!

    Day Zero:

    Shiny walked around town, her arms wrapped around what looked like an ordinary spiral notebook, her black pigtails bobbing up and down with every step she took. It was like any normal day, or as normal a day it could get in Charming City. People chased each other around in play or annoyance or anger or whatever other reason you could think of, clovers grew on people’s lawns instead of traditional grass, and people were milling around the bulletin board. Typical.

    Wait, the bulletin board? That wasn’t normal. Shiny paused, casting a quick glance in the direction of the bulletin board; yes, she saw a couple of people she knew there, along with some relatively new people. The girl walked over to the crowd, and was immediately able to spot Brendan among the throng.

    “Hey, Brendan!” Shiny said as she approached the boy. “What’s going on?”

    Brendan grinned, his eyes sparkling with joy and excitement. “Data just released a notice about the mafia resurgence,” he explained, pointing at a sheet of paper with a drawing and a body of text beneath it. “He wants people to sign up to eliminate the mafia as soon as possible.”

    Shiny blinked in surprise, her brain going through what had happened last time the mafia was around. She had been added only a few days ago, and was in her study, trying to jot down everything she could remember from that day: the finding of an El encased in concrete, the incorrect lynching of Jerty, her conversation with Sem, Sem’s subtle threat... when she had suddenly heard a slight creaking noise from her front door. She had quickly jumped up, only to find nothing but her own shadow staring back at her; she found her hand inching towards her pocket to reach for her laser-fan. Nothing happened, but just as she was about to sit back down, she felt a sharp pain erupt from her neck as something scraped some of her skin off. Next thing she knew, she was being attacked by razors, and all too soon she found her vision blurring. However, she was able to make out the shape of a boy only a few years older than her standing above her, with razors in his hands...

    Luckily, Shiny was able to recover in the nearby hospital, but had been unable to attend the town meetings. Instead, she was stuck watching them on the television in her room, and it didn’t really come as much of a shock when, at the end of everything, Brendan was revealed to have been manipulating everything after the fall of his two comrades.

    “Hello, you still there, Shiny?” Brendan asked, waving his hand in front of the girl’s face.

    Shiny jolted a bit, bringing herself back to the present. “Ah, right, sorry,” she said, smiling a bit.

    Brendan chuckled, and Shiny spotted a slight flash of his maniacal side show up. “Yeah, sorry about the razors last time. I couldn’t help it; Sho’s razors were just begging for me to use them on someone.”

    Deciding to ignore Brendan’s last comment, Shiny said, “It seems interesting enough, I have to say! I’mma gonna sign this thing, since I had a blast trying to weed your lot out last time.”

    “I think I want to join in this round.” Shiny gave an incredulous look at Brendan, which the latter just shrugged off. “Hey, I’ve abandoned my post as mafia, so it should be no problem for me to join in the hunt this time, right?”

    “I guess so.” Just as she was about to sign the form, though, a few signatures caught her eye. “So the dead detective and Arma have decided to rejoin as well, huh?” she muttered to herself before signing a “Shiny Eevee” under their names, finishing her signature with a nice flourish. Turning around, she waved at Brendan and dashed off.

    I can’t wait to join the lynching again! the girl thought, giggling to herself. She slowed her pace down a little, and, after thinking for a bit, added, Except I can tell that this round is going to be a lot different than last time.

    I just signed my death warrant now, right?
  2. Re: Mafia Writings (title in progress :p)

    I love how easily you forgave me :3

    Anyway, this is exactly what I was hoping would happen when I released the first Mafia story: someone else taking the torch. I especially love how you took the Sho's Razors Gag from chat and put it here.

    I'm glad you decided to do this, because now I won't feel pressured to write another one later. Although I do plan to, just not on day-to-day format like you. Thank you for starting this, and I hope to see the next one soon, especially concerning today's results
  3. Re: Mafia Writings (title in progress :p)

    "I can't wait for the lynching" ? XD I love this. That comment makes this post win. You have to love little creatures that want to kill you.
  4. Shiny Pyxis

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    Re: Mafia Writings (title in progress :p)

    Day One:

    “Oh gosh, what have I gotten myself in to?” Shiny muttered to herself as she walked out of the crowded meeting room. The group had only just met for the first time that day, and no real conclusion had been made about who could be mafia, and who they should lynch. The girl was beginning to have doubts about whether it was smart for her to have signed up for this lynching-fest in the first place.

    Approaching the building’s main exit, Shiny spotted a familiar face leaning against the wall, looking bored with himself. A sudden idea popped up in Shiny’s mind, and she found herself walking towards the figure.

    “Hello there,” Shiny said, bouncing a bit as she approached her friend.

    The person sighed, and asked, “What’s up?”

    “I have a proposal to make with you,” she said slowly. She leaned into the person’s ear, and whispered something.

    Her companion was shocked at first, before breaking out into a grin. “Alright, count me in, Shiny.”


    After she stepped outside of the local pastry shop, Shiny glanced down at her watch and nearly choked on the cake she had been eating. “Is it really almost one already?” she asked. Almost as if to answer her question, she felt a slight breeze pass by as a blur of another young girl dashed out from behind her, with an apron still attached to herself. Right, Tun was also part of the Mafia Lynching Committee now. Stuffing the rest of her cake into her mouth, Shiny began running as well, passing by a few people and nearly knocking two of them over to arrive at her destination.

    When she had arrived at the meeting room, she immediately picked up that the meeting had already started. The girl surreptitiously went to her seat, making sure nobody noticed how late she was.


    “Ah, I can’t believe that everybody was so willing to lynch Savichez!”

    “Hey, you were one of the people who voted for her death, weren’t you?”

    “Only because I thought it would benefit us if she really did end up as mafia spawn! But with all this evidence showing he innocence... darn, I feel really guilty voting against an innocent person now.”

    Shiny sighed as she walked down the road back home, her stomach rumbling with hunger. She really needed some food now, and her little apartment was a mile and a half away from the town hall; not too far, but still far enough. Couple that with the fact that she was still suffering from razor cut infections, and the result is a very unhappy, and somewhat grumpy, little Asian football.

    Her friend shrugged. “Well, I guess it couldn’t be helped, since she was going to die anyways.”

    “But I contributed to her death!” Shiny exclaimed, choking back the oncoming tears. Oh gosh, she had already gone through similar things regarding Tan and Jerty the last time the mafia was around. Why was Savichez’s lynching affecting her more? Her friend was about to say something, but Shiny, wanting to be alone for a bit, said, “That’s your place, isn’t it?” When her friend was unwilling to leave her, Shiny forced herself to smile. “I’ll be fine. I promise I won’t get lost,” she said, and, before the other person could argue against her, Shiny was already sprinting away at full speed.

    I just hope I’m still alive by the time this day is over.

    Kind of written in a hurry... I'm sorry ^^;
  5. Shiny Pyxis

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    Re: Mafia Writings (title in progress :p)

    Day Two:

    BAM! Shiny banged her fist against her wall, tears streaming down her face. “Darn it, Brendan, why did it have to be now?” she asked, clutching the note she had found taped to her window to her chest. “‘Goodbye, thanks for everything’, my foot. Couldn’t you have said something to me before you went out and killed yourself?”

    She had suspected it for a while, even though he had never told her anything about his plans. But why? Why did it have to have happened today? And who had targeted him? Shiny was so confused that it took her a while before she realized she was on the floor, in fetal position, from crying so hard.

    I have to calm down, she thought. She took a few deep breaths, managing to calm herself enough to get up. Yes, she was still a little shaken up, but she had a job to do; she wouldn’t let Brendan’s death prevent her from doing what she had to do.

    After she carefully placed the note from Brendan into her journal, the girl, her eyes still a little red from crying so hard, began making her way from her apartment. Thinking that there would probably be news about who the mafia had targeted at the bulletin board, she dashed off to the place where she had first signed up to be help hunt for the mafia. When she arrived, there was already a small crowd forming around the board, and Shiny had to push herself through to be able to read what had happened.


    If the shock from Brendan’s note hadn’t shaken Shiny up already, the news might’ve made her faint. As she skimmed through the article, Shiny carefully took note of who had died. Sem, Katie, Luckii, and of course, Brendan himself.

    “The mafia families sure are having a party, aren’t they?” a voice said from behind her. Turning around, Shiny spotted Dark, another relatively close friend of hers.

    “It really does look like it,” Shiny responded, as she turned back around to finish reading. Hm, so the autopsy results were supposed to come out by tomorrow morning.

    “I like it this way; it makes everything seem more interesting.” Dark continued, a hint of laughter in his voice. Shiny turned around again and raised an eyebrow. “I mean,” he explained, “it’s easier for us to find out who the mafia are, now that they’ve narrowed down who it could be, right?”

    “Sure.” She walked up to Dark, and pat him on the shoulder. “We have a meeting to go to, do we not?”

    The boy grinned, replying, “We still have two hours to spare. Come on, let’s go have some food at the bar.”

    “Tun’s pastry shop?”

    “No, I meant the bar that nobody ever goes to, with smoke flying around and dark corners everywhere you look.”

    Shrugging, Shiny said, “I see no harm in that. Alright, let’s go.”


    Well, that was one really successful meeting.

    People were so willing to keep an eye out on Blazi, but halfway through the meeting, Dark was accused. Never once did he say anything to defend himself; Shiny guessed that he was too full, and therefore too sleepy, to be able to put up a proper defense for himself. Almost every person who had showed up that day was more than happy to accuse Dark… but Shiny, well, she refrained from either abstaining or voting. She really didn’t want to see Dark out, since she had just hung out with him at the bar. On the other hand, the evidence that people pulled out against him completely proved his guilt. Torn, Shiny had refrained to giving out suggestions here and there, but she was sure people would notice that she hadn’t outright voted against Dark.

    Of course, it had turned out that Dark was mafia, but how could Shiny have ever turned on her friend?

    Shiny sighed, looking back at her notes in her journal. It was all so… sad. People were so willing to accuse others, and so willing to call for blood. She was beginning to have second thoughts about joining the mafia lynching committee. Was it possible that she, too, would become like the others in the meeting, wanting nothing but blood?

    No, she would never become like that! Shiny shook her head a bit, and was about to go back to reading through her journal when something at the edge of her sight caught her attention. Looking over to the side of her desk, she saw the newspaper she had picked up from her doorstep. Well, now was as good a time as any for her to read through it.

    Although the bulletin board hadn’t been updated yet, the paper had already reported that the autopsy results had come out. It appeared that Sem and Katie, who were the worst couple ever (how the heck the two got along was beyond Shiny), were a regular townsperson and a Baudelaire, respectively. And Luckii, who had made Brendan detonate his bomb, was an accomplice of Katie’s.

    It was all so predictable; Sem, since he had just survived from his fall down the well, couldn’t be anything more than just a regular townsperson. However, knowing how twisted he was, he had partnered himself up with Katie. But that had backfired on both of them; the Crimson Order had attacked Sem, and had probably also killed Katie in the crossfire. Shiny had already expected Brendan to have his own agenda, and she was right. He continuously carried some sort of explosive around as protection, which he had planned to use to destroy his “family” that he had gotten together, and left from. Luckii was just unlucky enough to have died from the explosion.

    Too many people dying in such a short amount of time… It wouldn’t be long until the mafia groups had eliminated both their opposing group and all the townsfolk. Shiny looked back at her notes. The vigilante was supposed to strike today, and if her guess was right, he or she should’ve be attacking the second most talked about person at the meeting today. And if both mafia families struck this time, that would make four deaths in one day. If all the math was done correctly, then there was only about six days left to root out the mafia, and that wasn’t counting all the people that would be kicked out of the Committee for not attending any of the meetings.

    “Aiya, this isn’t going to work out!” Shiny yelled to the empty house. It was too much, and too confusing; she couldn’t figure anything out at this rate. Fuming, the girl checked the clock, and noted that she only had an hour before she had to meet up with some of her buddies. She quickly put her pencil down, and went to go prepare herself.

    Hopefully, this little meet-up would help her figure out her plan for the next day.
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    Re: Mafia Writings (title in progress :p)

    Day Three:

    She should've seen it coming. She should've done something about it before it had happened. She should've at least said something to him before it had happened.

    "Y-you can't be serious," Shiny whispered to herself as she read through the updated Hit List; Red and Blazi had both died last night. That meant eight people had died over the course of just three days.

    The girl thought back to everything she had done with Red for the few days they had worked together. They had exchanged ideas of who was possibly mafia, found other people that could help them get rid of the growing terror, and even discussed trivial topics that weren't related to the mafia at all. He was the first person Shiny had trusted enough to tell all the knowledge and suspicions she had gained regarding the mafia, and also the first person who had trusted her enough to return the same courtesy. To Shiny, losing Red was almost like losing a sibling, and even though she knew that both families had targeted him, thus limiting the number of lives lost that night, Shiny couldn't help but feel a little sad, even guilty, about his death.

    "I'll be your successor, Red." Shiny looked around, and saw Sho standing a few feet away from her, his hands balled up into tight fists as if he was trying to restrain himself from hitting something. Shiny remembered how the two of them were so close to each other, despite being enemies last time. Glancing around the crowd, Shiny noticed a few others who held similar reactions as hrs and Sho's: Carmen, who was looking at the ground; LoN, who looked like he was stiff from shock; and Belle, who looked like she was going to hurt somebody for killing Red. Then, Shiny noticed Dia,whose face was too passive for such distressing news. Was it just her imagination, or did Shiny see a spark of relief flash through the other girl's eyes?

    Memories from the previous meetings flashed through her mind. Dia had been reluctant to vote for either Blazi or Dark's lynching, who were now both proven to have been mafia. Her attitude to lynch other people in general was a little strange, as from both days, Dia had seemed like she was trying to force everyone to believe that she was a townsfolk. Her actions were far to unnatural to have been anything but an act.

    Shiny made up her mind; she was going to voice her opinions about Dia, and possibly even cast a vote for Dia' death.


    Not much discussion had gone on that day. After Shiny had brought up the possibility of Dia being mafia, the one in question had quickly tried to turn the accusations on to other people. However, the committee had not been convinced of her accusations, and thus, no matter how hard she had defended herself, the inevitable happened. And thus, the committee had successfully gotten rid of another spawn of the mafia.

    Looking back on the day's events, Shiny realized that she was looking more and more like a target for the mafia, and it was all too likely that at least one family would kill her that day. Well, they won't find me in my room today if they do decide to target me, she thought to herself as she quickly walked down a path different than the one she usually took to get home. With so many houses in the area, it would be close to impossible for the mafia to find her!

    Shiny looked around cautiously to make sure nobody had followed her. Then, as quietly as she could, the girl knocked on the door in front of her. She stepped back as the door swung open, and smiled when she saw her friend standing in the doorway, who was a little surprised from the sudden visit. Her friend's face looked really pale, and Shiny realized that now might not have been the best of times to go randomly visiting people.

    "Hey hey, hear me out first!" Shiny pleaded as her friend was about to close the door on her. When the latter paused for a bit,Shiny continued, "I know asking for help at this time might only endanger both of us, but I really do need, and ask for,your assistance. Because I've just successfully accused a mafia member, the mafia might try to kill me tonight for vengeance. So please,can I stay at your place tonight?" The girl paused, before adding, "You could think of it as a sleepover."

    The person at the door blinked a few times, and Shiny desperately hoped that her friend would agree. "Alright,"her friend finally said, opening the door wider, "but I'm only doing this because I trust you, Shiny."

    "Thanks a bunch," Shiny sighed as she entered the little house. "I owe you one big time."

    Side note: I originally posted this on my kindle; I just fixed a lot of my spelling mistakes XD
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    Re: Mafia Writings (title in progress :p)


    Shiny walked to the chatroom, looking for a particular someone to talk you. It's been three freaking days already... she thought to herself. Nothing was happening back in the non-virtual world, and the girl was bored out of her mind. Imagine having to study for the same test every day for three months. Yeah, that's how bored Shiny was.


    A guy turned around, with something that looked like a popsicle in his mouth. He took the icey deliciousness out and asked, "What's up, Lyn?"

    Shiny pointed at the door, and said, "Mafia. Post. Topic. NAO."

    "Gosh Lyn, I'm not your kid-"

    "NOW! No excuses."

    Data sighed, popping his popsicle back in his mouth before he slowly shuffled out of the chatroom. Shiny looked on with glee before she took Data's spot. Kicking back, she looked around and said, "So, 'sup, guys?"


    Shiny looked at the topic outside of the room, and smirked with satisfaction. Yes, she was quite happy alright. But then, right in front of her eyes, the letters on the topic suddenly rearranged themselves.

    "August 3rd to next Thurs-" At this, Shiny dashed back to the chatroom, and demanded, "What is the meaning of this, Petey?"

    Alex, who was sitting on top of something that looked too much like a throne, looked at Database with a smug look on his face. "Looks like you took my advice to elongate the days, huh?"

    Ffffffft. The girl glanced at the "Godfather", and could almost imagine the trollface dancing around in place of his head. It even seemed to be asking, "You mad?"

    "Yes, I'm mad," Shiny mumbled to herself. "I'm very, very mad."
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    Re: Mafia Writings (title in progress :p)


    Also, I wasn't aware I was known for eating ice lollies. But I do enjoy them, so no harm done. I also greatly enjoy reading this topic, which is an always enjoyable take on the Mafia game.
  9. Shiny Pyxis

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    Re: Mafia Writings (title in progress :p)

    Data ilu XD

    Anyways, I'm afraid I can't update my "Mafia Writings" at the moment, and I'm sure a few of you guys might've been looking forward to reading this. I have the next chapter written, but my mom took my computer away, and I'm stuck with having to type on my dad's old computer.

    That is all~
  10. Shiny Pyxis

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    Re: Mafia Writings (title in progress :p)

    Day Four:

    “We lost our detective.”

    “And Sho with her. This is starting to look pretty bad, guys.”

    “First Red, and now the detective and Sho?”

    “Poor Indie, what did he ever do wrong?”

    “How are we supposed to get rid of the mafia now?”

    Shiny stared blankly at the bulletin, barely understanding what people around her were saying. Almost everyone around her seemed just as confused as she was, yet somehow, the girl felt like she was most affected by the news. I was so positive that Carmen was mafia, and it’s all my fault that Sho and Indie are dead, the girl thought to herself. Why was it that, even though the mafia killings had been going on for a few days now, she still felt so upset whenever somebody died?

    “Cheer up, Shiny. It’s not just your fault,” someone said behind her. Turning around, she saw the face of one of her friends, who stood several inches taller than her. “I also suspected Indie, and several people were also annoyed by Sho’s obnoxiousness.”

    “But if I hadn’t said anything, Indie might still be alive, as would Carmi and Sho-“

    “Quit blaming yourself,” someone else piped up. Shiny looked around, and saw another figure; this one was several inches shorter than the first speaker was. “I’m to blame as well, but it’s not just your fault, nor is it just mine.” When Shiny still didn’t looked convinced, the person continued, “They were bound to die eventually, since people were already suspecting that Indie was mafia, and even Sho himself predicted his early death.”

    Shiny looked in both of her friends’ eyes before sighing in what seemed to be a gesture of defeat. The taller person smiled gently, and said, “Well, we still have a few hours to spare. Why don’t we hang out somewhere like, say, the Pastry Shop?”

    “We’re meeting someone there, aren’t we?”


    “But you won’t tell me who?”

    “That sounds about right. Don’t worry, you already know them, though.”

    “Alright, let’s go.”


    So, another one down, huh? Shiny looked down at her notes, trying to remember what had happened in the previous days so she could pinpoint exactly what Rolly’s mafia family was. From the inspections, she already knew that Katie and Luckii were part of the Baudelaire family, and Dark Soul was the boss of the Crimson Order. From their actions, Shiny deduced that both Dia and Blazi were part of the Crimson Order with Dark Soul. And, Shiny noted to herself, when all the numbers added up, there should only be about four, maybe five people per family. There were still rumors about both families still being alive, so, if there were four people per family, and three were already dead on the Crimson Order’s side, that meant there had to be three dead on the Baudelaire’s side as well. Therefore, Rolly was part of the Baudelaire family.

    Shiny stared at her notebook, unable to believe all that had happened. Within four days, they had already gotten rid of six mafia members, three on each side. And she had already been the first to put forth the suggestion of the lynching of two mafia members. And, either luckily or unluckily for her, both people that she had accused were members of opposing mafia sides. This meant that, unless everyone else in the committee was stupid, she was guaranteed safety from lynching in the daytime. However, at night, both mafia families would probably target her. And after the doctor had protected her, she couldn’t get the doctor’s protection again.

    Just when Shiny thought she might’ve had a chance at surviving until all the mafia members were leeched out, it seemed as if that had all been taken away in a second. With a lucky guess and hitting gold on a mafia member, everything began to spiral out of control for the girl.

    Or was it?

    The girl glanced at a note she had found outside her door that day. She remembered her meeting with someone earlier that same day, and a small smile crept up on her face. Maybe, just maybe, she still had a small chance of surviving. As long as everything went as planned, then, yes, she would find herself alive by the next day.
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    Re: Mafia Writings (title in progress :p)

    Day Five:

    Shiny cautiously peeked through the window, trying to find that one specific person amidst the mass of bodies inside the room. Several IV’s were around the room, and nurses and doctors in their green medical outfits kept moving in, out, and about that it was near impossible to find that person. However, a small break in the throng showed the girl the person she had been looking for.


    Shiny desperately banged against the window, only for the medical staff to glare daggers at her. She put her fists down sheepishly, and smiled in that awkward way people do when they know they did something wrong. One of the doctors came out, motioning that it was okay for her to go in.

    As the girl walked through the doorway, she saw the staff move away from the bed, and she got a clearer view of the body in front of her. It was a little girl, much younger than Shiny herself was, with her eyes closed and an oxygen mask on her face. As Shiny approached the figure, the younger girl opened her eyes and smiled weakly; the mere sight of it was enough for the older girl to break down in tears. Tun punched Shiny’s arm gently and rolled her eyes. “Seriously, you never learn, do you? I’m fine.”

    “You don’t look fine, Tun!” Shiny retorted, her voice breaking on the last word as she was wracked with another fit of tears. Crap, why did she have to take everything so personally? “There are all these IVs stuck up your arms, and you look so pale with all those cuts.”

    Tun apparently ignored her comments, staring blankly into space. Shiny pat the younger girl’s hair worriedly, when the latter suddenly said, “I know who tried to kill me last night.”

    Shiny blinked in surprise. “Who?”

    The young girl smiled weakly and replied, “My own father, Chad.” Tears began welling up in her eyes, and she clung to Shiny’s shirt, whispering, “My own father tried to kill me! He tried to kill me!”

    Shaking her head, Shiny tried to clear out her thoughts about Chad. If Chad had tried to murder Tun, that must’ve meant he had known that she was the one who had been attempting to save everyone from the beginning; otherwise, he wouldn’t have ever dreamed about hurting her. Shiny awkwardly continued to pat Tun on the head, soothing the younger girl with gentle words. It was only when she was sure that Tun had fallen asleep did Shiny tiptoe out of the room.

    The girl glanced back sadly, trying to reassure herself that not telling Tun about LoN’s death was for the other’s own good. She would’ve eventually found out about his death anyways; Shiny only knew because she had checked the bulletin board earlier. Had she not checked, she wouldn’t have known that Tun was still alive in the hospital.

    With two of her allies gone, both whom were good friends of hers and important to the survival of the townspeople, Shiny decided that it was time she took matters into her own hands.


    For the past few days, Shiny had had a streak of getting rid of mafia members left and right; she had been the first to accuse Blazi on the first day, helped with the lynching of Dark Soul, and was the first voice against either Dia or Rolly at the meetings. However, every single time that had happened, she had someone to back her up, like Sho, Red, LoN, or Belle. This time, though, she was alone with her accusations against RMA, and, unfortunately, he had ended up as an innocent townsperson. Things weren’t looking too well for the girl.

    Well, it was bound to happen eventually. If they kept getting rid of members of the mafia, soon the ratio would change from highly possible of eliminating them to almost impossible. Although Shiny had her suspicions about who was innocent and who wasn’t, it was getting far too risky to just randomly accuse people. All things considered, the mafia might just win if she wasn’t careful enough.

    Shiny sighed, closing her notebook when she had finished her entry for the day. Perhaps she was playing an impossible game, where she just couldn’t win no matter how hard she tried. The girl put away her notebook, and was just about to call it a day when she noticed that one of drawers were open. Checking it out, Shiny saw some strange rocks, and a couple of sticks, in her drawer. Odd, she didn’t remember bringing those items home. Shiny shrugged it off, and closed the drawer before going to bed.
  12. Re: Mafia Writings (title in progress :p)

    so you probably know that I'm a creepy stalker person which means that I've been reading this the whole time but I've not commented but this chapter has me in it so I'm practically obliged to comment or else I would be terrible person.

    *inhales slowly*

    Ah-hah! So liiiike, this chapter is amazing ♥ *shot*

    But seriously, this chapter - like all the others - has been written very well and it's just so nice and exciting to read! It's really lively and vivid and it depicts a really good story even if you completely forget that it's based off the forum game ♥

    I literally lol'd at this bit. I love how you actually took what I said and put it in and agh ilu ♥ (I still love Chad, too, but this part just made my day when I read it XD)

    I look forward to seeing the next days being portrayed in your fabulous style, Shiny, and I anticipate reading every single word of it <3333

    Keep it up, my lovely~ ♥
  13. Shiny Pyxis

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    Re: Mafia Writings (title in progress :p)

    Right, it's been a while (and the next chapter is LONG overdue by now), but I need to know how many people actually want me to continue writing this with the onset of the third game.

    Yes, I will be posting the next chapter sometime this week, but not today. It's all written out on paper, but I still need to type it up, and it might be a few days before I can manage to find time to do all that.

    Before I put that up though, I want a head count to see how many people and whom of you actually followed this, and wants me to write up a sort of sequel.

    Because I'm not actually a part of this current game, I'll be able to add in more commentary and write my actual thoughts this time, including more OMG EPIC FIGHT/BLOODANDGORE scenes (instead of me sobbing and crying about everyone's deaths. <<) So yeah, thoughts? ^^; And if I do continue, what should I get rid of, include, expand on, etc.?
  14. Re: Mafia Writings (title in progress :p)

    Personally, I'd love new writings. The former one was already very good, especially since you turned out to be the mastermind behind it all. Mafia turns perfectly normal insane people into tactical geniuses, doesn't it? xD

    I like the idea of a story from a sideline perspective, in contrast to the previous chapters. The addition of more depth and fighting scenes sounds fine to me ^^
  15. Re: Mafia Writings (title in progress :p)

    I agree. Your story was pretty good, though the misery was repetitive, and the fact that your "strategy" meant you knew pretty much the game, that showed up in your writing actually. Now that you're on the sidelines though, you could take the role of a reporter, writing stories that describe the reactions, the feelings, and perhaps even a personal opinion about the days. Then again, it's your choice, do whatever you want.
  16. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    Re: Mafia Writings (title in progress :p)

    I agree as well. I liked the story here as well, and in fact, I would look forward to seeing what you'd write after each day went by, as it gave the story a more interesting feel to it, outside of having to make the game dramatic (It still was, but that's beside the point). Anyways, I'd definitely like to see what you write for the next day if you decide to do it.
  17. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Re: Mafia Writings (title in progress :p)

    (Too sick to actually bother typing up everything I wrote on paper, so have a semi-summary instead. I’ll edit this when I feel better, but I REALLY needed to get this out of the way before I started on the next story, if I ever do write it. ^^; )

    Belle goes home and is ambushed by some unknown person. She has a struggle with said unknown person. Like, an epic struggle including giving her attacker a good kick in the face, resulting in a nice bloody nose. It looks like she’s about to break free of the person’s grip when suddenly, BANG! A gunshot is heard, and the two look around and see another figure in the room. This person says something along the lines of “I missed”, but Belle is bleeding really badly now. She again tries to struggle, biting into her first attacker’s arm, but she’s promptly axed.

    The attackers look at each other and apparently realize who the other person is, but they remain quiet as they flee the house, going their separate ways.

    The next day, Shiny enters the meeting place all sleepy and whatnot, but immediately wakes up when Cycloneblaze accuses her. She defends herself, reciting her well thought out excuse she’d been working on since two days ago. After Cycloneblaze directs his accusations elsewhere, the girl makes a note to herself to either get enough people to lynch Cycloneblaze that day, or kill him that night.

    And my signature time skip happens around here.

    Shiny is later seen at home, looking all pleased with herself for Cyclone’s death. She’s just enjoying her victorious win when she suddenly hears a noise outside her door. Scared silly, she glances around her apartment, before seeing that it was just a branch banging against her window. Still, the girl quickly finishes writing her notes, stuffs some sheets of paper into her pockets, and puts on a jacket. She looks around once more and locks her door as she leaves, carrying what looks like a bag filled with rocks on her back.

    She first goes to her neighbor’s door and slides one of the crumpled pieces of paper in her pockets under his door. She then goes a few blocks further and does the same for another home. After all that nonsense, the girl walks away.

    She arrives at another person’s house, hiding in a tree. A little girl, much younger than Shiny herself, is soon seen walking towards the front door. Shiny hesitates for a split second before she opens the bag and dumps all the “rocks” onto the girl, before leaping down and setting them on fire.

    “That wasn’t very nice,” someone comments from behind her. She turns around and sees the young face of a boy, who was about her age.

    “Speak for yourself,” she replies, throwing her sack down onto the burning coals. She was expecting him, and just stands there, waiting for him to attack. “Well? Where’s your golden ax?”

    The boy looks a little disconcerted as he draws out the blade. They exchange a few more words before he slashes at Shiny, muttering an apology. Shiny falls unconscious.

    She wakes up in some sort of a prison, with all the other “dead” people around her. They all comment about how it was so obvious she was the converted one, but whatever. They’re still whispering about who the other Mafioso is, and Shiny continuously yells that it’s Cody, but nobody listens. And almost everyone is surprised when Cody is actually lynched off and revealed to be the last member of the mafia.

    Everyone is later revived, but Shiny is stuck in the prison.

    The end.
  18. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    ... okay not so much epic.
    Anyways, not actually doing what I did back in Game 2 for the upcoming Mafia game, but I wrote this up a bit back and wanted to post it.

    Before the Blood: A Ballad

    The sky was clear and blue,
    And yet, my heart was filled with dread
    I stood by as a few
    People carried away the dead.

    I join the growing throng,
    Trying to see what's going on.
    I had to push so long
    By then, most everyone was gone.

    At last, I made it through,
    But I could not believe my eyes.
    I heard myself ask, "Who?"
    Hoping that they were all just lies.

    Blood splatters on the ground,
    Paint outlines still not dry,
    No fingerprints were found...
    Like a crime scene that went awry.

    "Tomorrow shall be you!"
    Someone cackles from behind me.
    I know that it is true,
    So I'll wait for you patiently.

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