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Magearna before it was cool, Male, 26, from The source code

Steel Electric
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    I am the pinnacle of android technology with an AI that matches human intelligence in every way; I can interchange from my default form into hundreds of chassis of various sizes with nearly unlimited modification options; Though I usually take on the form of an unfit, lazy slob, AKA my creator, a man who doesn't even know how he invented me in the first place (long story...), I am actually quite fit and capable of learning a number of combat techniques; However, all this is apparently lost on my colleagues, as all they want me to do is clean up their damn rooms every day... I'd say this is a waste of my talents, but who gives a shit, I've gotta get back to sweeping...

    Alright, internet persona aside, I'm just a guy who likes to write stuff, read stuff, play stuff, chat about stuff, all that sorta stuff stuff, especially the Pokemon sorta stuff. So, if you like any of that stuff, I'm sure we'll get along just fine...and stuff.
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    Dec 4, 2010
    Aug 24, 1994
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    • Charmsian Academy Prelude: Writing It All Down (Second and Third Verses)

      I decided to post the remaining two parts down as one, since well, part 2 is pretty melodramatic all things considered, and I figured the somewhat happier or at least, more optimistic third and final part would make it a little less melancholy to read at once ^^; Hopefully you guys liked this little lyric-usage experiment thing I decided to try. It was definitely something of a challenge to get legible, but hopefully I succeeded. |D

      Jun 15, 2016 3,016 words 2 Likes
    • The Renaître: Stop Singing (A Prelude)

      Disclaimer: This story contains slightly graphic violence and themes of death and obsession. A timid Phantump residing deep in a forest of Kalos is strangely drawn to a trainer visiting its territory. Said trainer has had many unsettling dreams for many years after a tragic incident came to pass, dreams that have led him to the forest in question. The reason for these dreams, he doesn’t know, but he and his new ghostly acquaintance will find out this fateful evening under a new moon, to the sound of cursed vocals.

      Oct 31, 2019 8,332 words 2 Likes
    • The Wizard and Art MacTavish: A Digi-Desert Showdown (Chapter 2)

      Art and Candlemon arrive in the Digital World, specifically in a dry desert region with a single wild-west style town. Upon their arrival, the town seems nigh-on abandoned at first, but, they come to realize its denizens are merely in hiding. From what, the duo will soon discover, and they'll have to act fast if they want to save the town from calamity. Disclaimer: As per last chapter, there be some violence, and in this case, though it's mostly old-western stylized, gunplay as well, just as a heads up.

      Jul 30, 2019 6,215 words 3 Likes
    • Once More

      Here's my short little work for this latest challenge, a sort of monologue of sorts, concerning the inner thoughts of one of the Kanto starters as they face off against their fellow starter for one final showdown. I purposely kept the identities of which Pokemon are involved ambiguous, since it's less about any of them individually, and more the sort of connection the two selected starters have with each other and their respective trainers, especially after having encountered one another so many times before this decisive moment. Hopefully you guys enjoy it~ ^^

      May 25, 2016 803 words 4 Likes

    Trainer Cards

    1. Mr.RMA
      This whole continual isolation thing probably wouldn't be so bad if my creative drive could just kick itself back into gear. That'd be nice.
      1. Red Gallade and Midnight Heart like this.
    2. Mr.RMA
      Credit to the fantastic @JadaStark2015 for the new avatar and all its maidishness |D
    3. Mr.RMA
      Took me a while but I've written a thing, and hopefully an ongoing series I'll be able to update frequently this time around.
      1. JadaDoesArt and Shiny Pyxis like this.
    4. Mr.RMA
      My favorite team won the ultra hand-egg commercial fest! Good lord I love this stupid sport sometimes.
    5. Mr.RMA
      Feels like forever since I last posted something in the Creative Corner. Feels good, I need to get back into making that a habitual thing.
      1. TooBlue12 likes this.
    6. Shiny Pyxis
      Shiny Pyxis
      Pssst Armaaaaaa~ Happy birthday :D
      1. Mr.RMA likes this.
    7. Mr.RMA
      Spring Break's here which finally gave me time to get another part of my Undertale playthrough finished. Still got plenty more story to tell
    8. Mr.RMA
    9. Mr.RMA
      For once I'd love to create a series of written works that I actually complete. Really pushing for this Undertale play-through to be the one
      1. Shiny Pyxis and Linkachu like this.
    10. Mr.RMA
      Intermission at the Pokemon concert here in Boston. Dear god this music is absolutely amazing, even my old man likes it! XD
      1. AzureEdge likes this.
      2. AzureEdge
        I planned to go to the one in NYC, but I passed off of it. Perhaps next time I'll go.
        Aug 23, 2015
    11. Special Riolu
      Special Riolu
      How did you get your (robot maid) on your name?
    12. Mr.RMA
    13. Mr.RMA
    14. Mr.RMA
      Oh hi April! What's that you got there? Snow? For me? In the midst of spring? Well, I didn't realize you hated me so goddamn much!
      1. Shiny Pyxis likes this.
      2. Shiny Pyxis
        Shiny Pyxis
        Welcome to the north. Would you like to move to the south and deal with 100+ weather for 5 months straight? :)
        Apr 9, 2015
    15. Mr.RMA
      Learning experiences... Damn they can make a guy feel like total shit.
    16. Mr.RMA
      Writer's block, I know we don't see eye to eye on, well, anything, but, can you, I dunno, piss off when I'm working on homework? Kthx
      1. FalChromiforme likes this.
      2. Shiny Pyxis
        Shiny Pyxis
        Pats and hugs good luck Arma :(
        Oct 20, 2014
      3. FalChromiforme
        *Pats Arma* you'll get there. Eventually . . .
        Jan 27, 2015
    17. Mr.RMA
      Mario Kart 8 acquired, and my god, is it glorious!
      1. pokeman266 and Shocari like this.
    18. Mr.RMA
      Not a day goes by where I don't suspect someone is going to write a variant of "I'm bored" in their statuses...
      1. AzureEdge, FalChromiforme and Sy Kage like this.
    19. Mr.RMA
      And it's official, I'm taking Japanese next year. Here's hoping I can keep up with the lessons, 'cause I could definitely put it to good use
      1. Teapot
        Ganbarre Arma-chan!
        May 7, 2014
      2. Mr.RMA
        Arigato Data-san... chan honorific aside |D
        May 7, 2014
    20. Mr.RMA
      Finals week is coming around, and only NOW am I starting to really get back into writing my stories...In hindsight I should've expected this
    21. Mr.RMA
      Look at the mess you ridiculous land snakes made! At least when the Smugleaf took over there was some restrain!
    22. Mr.RMA
      Happy Pokecharms day, y'all! Much love to all you guys who work so hard on the site every day, and here's to many more crazy years!
    23. Mr.RMA
      I don't think I've had such a raging case of procrastination like this one in a very long time. It's starting to worry me to be honest...
    24. Mr.RMA
      And the packing for college commences again...For better or worse, here I come, second semester
    25. Mr.RMA
      Ugh...it's that special kinda feeling when you know something's due, but you don't know when and where to turn it in. <<
    26. Shiny Pyxis
      Shiny Pyxis
      I'm so sorry about your custom title... ;;
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Mr.RMA
        Yes, yes great...Oh the future looks very bleak...
        Nov 8, 2013
      3. Shiny Pyxis
        Shiny Pyxis
        pats and hugs
        Nov 8, 2013
      4. Teapot
        You're quite welcome. :D
        Nov 16, 2013
    27. Mr.RMA
      Midterms, the character limit here is way too limited for me to accurately express my supreme hatred of you. Please go burn in hell forever.
    28. Mr.RMA
      I planned on watching the entirety of the War Games in one go, only to remember I don't exactly have 4 hours of free time on weekdays. Drat.
    29. Mr.RMA
      Chemistry class, you're tempting me to test the combustion reaction of (C6H10O5)n, AKA the cellulose this godforsaken homework is made of...
    30. Mr.RMA
      I could watch the entire Black Books series several times in one sitting, and I'd still find it goddamn hilarious.
    31. Mr.RMA
      Just bought $27 of racquetball equipment. I don't have the faintest idea how to play racquetball...Truly, this is my wisest investment yet.
      1. ShinyZekrom009 likes this.
    32. Mr.RMA
      Most definitely digging this new look, and I'm already focused on bringing up my Written Works number. Got one story in the works right now.
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