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Let's Create Our Own Pokedex/Fakedex~!

Discussion in 'Creative Discussion' started by GokuPT99, May 14, 2017.


Where should the Gecko's Pokemon special trait be at?

Poll closed May 16, 2017.
  1. It's tail

    2 vote(s)
  2. It's tongue

    1 vote(s)
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  1. Anything with "Plantation" makes it seem like health regen. I dunno, I just imagine a field of Leech Seeds
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  2. Maybe that could be its ability Mass Plantation? Regen to Grass type allies?
  3. That seems like an ability, generating something like Grassy Terrain. Not very startery
  4. I know I know just taught ID give it a shot maybe it could be an ability for another Pokemon tho
  5. For move name I'd suggest "floral steal"

    And for ability, "Speed-Twist", as a reference to the story "Oliver Twist" which I believe involved him joining a gang of pickpocketers, and the description could be that whenever the pokemon causes a foe to lose their held item or have it swapped out then the pokemon's speed is "twisted" to become higher than usual, basically gets a speed boost from knockoff, thief and switcheroo
  6. Dontcha think Floral steal is too happy go lucky of a name for a Dark Type Pokemon? (Or at least that what I'm assuming?)
  7. Then how about Thorn Grip? The user hits the target with a thorny vine (or in this case the tail temporarily grows thorns), the vines latch onto the foe's item if the user has none and steals it
  8. Anyways, Wildhand Whack ended up winning, so we can all forget about the "Pickpocket Pinch" idea.

    Now, let's move to the last step, let's decide on the ability/abilities of Grabecko's evolutionary line.
  9. I'm thinking a new ability called "Master Theif" which let's Grabecko steal his opponents pokemon when entering battle if Grabecko has no item.
  10. Sounds great!

    Overgrow is obviously gonna be an ability.
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  11. Overgrow could be for the first 2 stages then the final stage can have Master Theif
  12. Let's make Master Thief it's second ability, and maybe add a hidden ability. How about "Pick Up"? Grabecko seems like it might pick up stuff from the ground with it's tail.
  13. Pick up sounds great for grabecko. Also, we need to move on to the next stage of the branch of evolution
  14. If everybody agrees that the ability should be Overgrow and Master Thief, and the Hidden Ability Pick Up. Then we can move on to Grabecko's evolutionary line.
  15. I guess i'm getting ahead of myself, but second stage name could be Bandit and gecko like Bandiecko.
  16. Bandecko
    Something like that

    We already have the moves the evolutions
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  17. And so Grabecko's first evolution will be named Bandecko!

    How should Bandecko look like?
  18. Ok, ok Let me summarize this It's Signature Move is "Pickpocket Pinch", first ability for the first two evo. Is Overgrow, (and Maybe the second ability could be Run Away... Cuz thief thing) The first ability of Final Evo is Master Thief. (And maybe the second Ability for the final Evo could be Quick Feet following the Run Away Ability). Am I getting this right?
  19. Well Pickpocket Pinch or Wildhand Whack
  20. Oh wait Wildhand Whack actually won so oopsies imma move on now
  21. Nope, you're not getting it right, even so, we already moved, we're now discussing Bandecko's apearance, how should Bandecko look like?
  22. @Ivan19 that's not how this thread works. We come up with everything together. Also we are already working on 1 fakemon and we aren't supposed to move on to the next fakemon yet.
  23. Thank you, SkyBeast.
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  24. Oh, well... No problem:up:
  25. So, does anyone have ideas for the appearance of Bandecko?
  26. Well I'm thinking Bandecko could be a longer, thinner and dark version of Grabecko

    I'm still thinking it should go "Snatchecko" and then "Bandecko"

    Also after finishing the Grabecko line, I was thinking maybe we could split into two groups to work on the other evolutions, just to be more efficient. Obviously Goku would still have the final say in everything. After all, we've got multiple artists and quite a few people here working on this
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  27. I agree, I'll sketch it out, after that, we can move on to the next and final evolution!
  28. Is this still open or did everyone give up
  29. I know, right? I want to suggest some of my ideas but this forum is really dead.
  30. Me @poimagic
    I wasn't getting alerts, but for some reason thought of this thread this morning, and came back to look at it.
    @GokuPT99 considering this has puttered out, could I just sketch the 'mon myself? I'd credit... well... this entire thread? Also, random question for those of you who have seen my Ginga Fakemon, should I make more of them? I have plenty of ideas, I just don't know if anyone would be interested in seeing them.
  31. Maybe you could make a whole new thread like this?
  32. Well the thing with making an entire regional 'dex of Pokemon, is that it'd take a long time and inevitably it'd die out, especially since Goku hasn't been on for two weeks. Although I did hope this would survive longer
  33. I guess it was fun while it lasted though....
  34. Yeah I read through it all and it looked cool. I drew all the Pokémon for myself.
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