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Let's Create Our Own Pokedex/Fakedex~!

Discussion in 'Creative Discussion' started by GokuPT99, May 14, 2017.


Where should the Gecko's Pokemon special trait be at?

Poll closed May 16, 2017.
  1. It's tail

    2 vote(s)
  2. It's tongue

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  1. Hello everyone! I'm GokuPT99, but my name isn't that important right now. I always dreamed of creating my very own Pokedex/Fakedex, but I never had the chance to do so. Now that I have the resources to create this Pokedex, I decided to not only create it myself, but to create a Pokedex as a community. That's what this thread is about, we will create a Pokedex Pokemon by Pokemon, little by little. How will it work? Let me explain...

    The process of creating one Pokemon isn't always easy, nor short, so here's the sequence that we will be using to create each Pokemon:

    1. We will first decide on a concept.

    2. After, we will decide on a design.

    3. Then, we will decide on the type/types.

    4. Later, we will decide on the name.

    5. After, we will decide on the stats.

    6. Then, we will decide on the move pool.

    7. Lastly, we will decide on the ability.

    As mostly every thread, this one also has rules, read them before jumping in the thread, breaking any of this rules because you're "new" isn't an excuse.


    - Before you join, catch up with what we have already done.

    - This is a thread for only Pokemon Creation, nothing else. If you want to talk about something else, don't do it here. This is purely for Pokemon Creation.

    - Avoid fights, we're here to decide as a community.

    - Don't insult for no reason, use positive criticism.

    - When the thread leader (GokuPT99) isn't on for a day in Pokecharms, then that day nobody will decide on anything, nor talk. No progress will be made the days in were the leader isn't online.

    Now, I will explain with detail how this thread will work...

    - First of all, we need to follow the sequence of a Pokedex, starting from the Grass Starter, then the Fire Starter, etc.

    - Evolutions will also be created as a community.

    - You may request ideas on Pokemon, but it has to be related to with what we're trying to decide right now, let your Pokemon idea be vague, simple, and flexible, because it probably won't stay the same as you intended it to be. You may not create a whole Pokemon yourself and then request, we create the Pokemons as a community.

    - The decisions that we will make will be decided with voting. We will obviously get an incredible amount of ideas and requests, which means that we will only decide on 5, and then we will vote for one of those 5 (or less).

    Now that you have read how this thread works, you can catch on, and then hop on the current conversation. Each finished Pokemon will be uploaded in the Creative Corner and maybe on DeviantArt. For now, this is exclusively for Pokecharms.
  2. Grass Gecko.
    Black gecko with green swirls (think "Starry Night" by Van Gogh) and bright green eyes.
    Grass Type
    Name: Geckard (gecko-garden)
    I got nothing more. It could be the grass starter. Also- not sure if this is the right format that you want. Please tell me if it's not so I can know in the future.
    Lastly, I'm a terrible artist. I've made a few of my own Fakemon and posted them (check them out if you have time), but I had to use a How to Draw [certain animal] and then made a design on the base animal. Plus- I have a terrible phone cam, so it's hard to get good lighting and be able to post them.
  3. Don't worry! I will be the one drawing every Fakemon/Pokemon that we end up creating!

    Let's first start with the Grass starter concept, and thank you for bringing it up!

    The first concept that we have is a Gecko, great!
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  4. Oh i kinda have one
    Concept: gila monster with fire tail (Because i'm that fucking original that i needed to put that thing)
    Design: (concept art i made,can change: http://sta.sh/01bcx979n7yr)
    Types: Fire/Poison
    Name: Morsugi (yeah that fucking name is trash,it may be changeable)
    That is all i've got,it's not the best,also i made it on like...10 minutes??,i know it's not the best but i guess i tried??,this pokemon it's supposed to be the fire starter so yeah...
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  5. Thank you for your idea!

    So a Fire/Poison Gila Monster Starter? I guess I can work with that.

    But first, let's flesh out our Grass type Starter. Do you think that a Grass Gecko is a good idea for a Grass Starter? Or do you have another idea for a Grass Starter?
  6. I kinda guess the grass starter gecko is a pretty good idea,i can actually work doing a concept art for it if the creator is right with it i guess.....
  7. Ah, don't worry about that. I will be in charge of designing every Pokemon. You guys just decide on the basics.

    It looks like the Grass Gecko will be the Grass Starter for now, let's wait and see if someone else brings a new idea, if it doesn't happen, then we will we move on to create the appearance of this Gecko.
  8. I think the Fire Gila is good, but considering the Grass starter will probably end up being a lizard as well, maybe we could try something else.
  9. Mockingchu has a GREAT point. Thank you for briging it up. :up:
  10. Hmm, this sounds pretty cool! Here's a water type starter idea of mine:

    -A Water Bird
    -Is a Water or Water/Flying type
    -A type of bird that is an excellent swimmer and can go in deep waters
    -Coloration is a light blue and lavender with an optional eye color
    -Has high speed and defense

    As for asking about the grass starter, I think Mockingchu's Fakemon is really cool, but it being a gecko kind of sounds likes Treecko; the Wood Gecko Pokemon. Maybe making it stand on four legs and having a different shape from Treecko's would help. Also, for the artwork, I specialize in drawing with paper. I've already drawn Fakemon before, so the drawing itself isn't necessarily an issue on my part. :)
    #10 Kragn, May 15, 2017
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  11. A water bird? Sounds like it could actually work out! Thanks for the suggestion, Kragn!

    It seems like everyone agrees on the grass type starter being a Gecko, one standing in four legs, and with a design that is very, very different from Treecko's. Does anyone else have any other ideas for this Gecko's appearance?
  12. Perhaps this Grass Gecko could have some kind of emphasis on its tail or tongue

    Or maybe it could look like moss and would hide in forests on big rocks
  13. I was hoping you'd see this Kragn! :D
    Glad you're here. As for my Gecko Fakemon, I was thinking it'd be a slender quadruped.
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  14. Great idea, FishyKarp! But, what emphasis do you think it should have? And this is a question for everyone.
    #14 GokuPT99, May 15, 2017
    Last edited: May 15, 2017
  15. i kinda have the idea that the grass gecko would kinda have straight on its tail so it could destroy rocks with it,and maybe because of this power could evolve into a fighting type for its final stage (and destroying rocks makes sense because grass/fighting has a x4 advantage to rock type),or maybe have a straight on its tongue and steal food,and then use it to fight with it,also,other ideas for the final evolution is a dark type (like, when i was reading the design and it said "think of starry night" the idea of a dark type popped up into my head because...dark types are associated with night if .that makes sense i guess....)so it won't stand in 2 legs like most fighting types do and it won't look like treecko's evolutionary line.
    #15 Freesmileys, May 15, 2017
    Last edited: May 16, 2017
  16. I've made a Poll to decide where the trait should be at! Please vote, so we can decide on a location, and move on!
  17. So, we will have a Gecko Pokemon with a very specifically unique tail! Now we have the idea of having a very strong tail that the Gecko uses to break rocks, does anyone else have other ideas?
  18. Maybe the tail could be like a drill or be really long and could grab onto objects
  19. i have an idea, since the design mentioned having swirl patterns and glowing eyes it could be Grass/Psychic, and to add emphasis on the mystical vibes the design is giving in my opinion the swirls can be a Neon color while the body is a normal dark shade of color

    also it can use its tail as a hypnotizing pendulum kinda like what Hypno use but instead of the round thing a odd looking flower maybe?
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  20. Everyone has amazing ideas..!! Congrats on you all, you guys have amazing imagination, I bet that this Pokemon will end up one of the most unique Fakemon ever created!! Now, since everyone has such amazing and interesting ideas, let's decide this with another poll..! This one will be much larger. Please vote on your favorites..!!
  21. So a reptile that lives in forests and hypnotises it's prey?

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  22. Umm hi, Im making my own pokedex too if youd liike i can add some of my Resona pokemon
  23. No thank you, Nerdy Ninja! :D

    If you read the rules above, you'll see that this is a collaboration Pokedex, we don't just add Pokemons randomly like that, we create our own Pokemons as a group.

    If you could catch up with us, and then help us with what we currently are in need of, it would really mean a lot!
  24. Also, we have a tie in our Poll..! Would you be kind enough to be the tie breaker, Nerdy Ninja?
  25. I think having it as a drill would be cool but since its between the hand and pendulum, im gonna have to go with the hand, i love pokemon like aipom and pykumuku
  26. And so, the Gecko's tail shall be long, and useful for grabbing on things!

    Ok, now we shall decide on a type. I'll go with only Grass since I really want the Starters to be mono-typed in the first stage, we can add a type with it evolution, but for now it's only grass. I will start creating a drawing for this Pokemon, whenever I finish it, I will show it to you all!
  27. Can we start on another one? I like Kragn's idea about a fluffy bird for the water starter.
  28. For the time being, start thinking of ideas, but please do not start with the next starter, we still have to finish the grass start evolutions, for now, start thinking of a name for the Gecko Pokemon.
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  29. Hmm, maybe just leaving it a grass type for the first stage is a good idea. Next, maybe adding the dark type like Emotionless Freak suggested would be cool. Fun fact: Geckos are nocturnal, which would fit with this grass starter perfectly. I don't really have any ideas for a name though. :p
  30. well it uses a tail fro gabbing so maybe something simple like Grabcko ik it sounds dumb but its all i got
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  31. Actually, I've got an idea; maybe the name could be something like Geclen: combination of "gecko" and "clench". Sounds kind of ridiculous but, eh..
  32. Gelench? Glench?

    Also if we have a Dark Type and a grabbing hand, perhaps the evolutions could be like a thief kind of thing
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  33. I had a idea with Gecko and grab to be Grabecko (pronounced Gra-Becho) or snatch and gecko to be Snacheko (pronounced Sna-ch-echo)
    #35 PirhanaPlantMain1245, May 18, 2017
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  34. @Mr Fishykarp cool; I was actually thinking that! In fact, it would be cool if this grass type was high in speed for stealing, and high in attack for grabbing. Of course, it's just a thought. :p
  35. I'm almost done with the design, and you guys are coming up with the greatest ideas! Thank you all, props to you!
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  36. @GokuPT99 after you finish the Fakemon design, would you mind if I was able to sketch it out? This might just be my favorite grass starter Fakemon! And yes, I'll tag you, this thread, and your design if you want me to. :)
  37. Fantastic! I see no problem with that, Kragn!
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  38. hey, maybe the final evolution could have like a theif sac over its back, and a burgalur mask, being a dark type and all
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