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Let's Create Our Own Pokedex/Fakedex~!

Discussion in 'Creative Discussion' started by GokuPT99, May 14, 2017.


Where should the Gecko's Pokemon special trait be at?

Poll closed May 16, 2017.
  1. It's tail

    2 vote(s)
  2. It's tongue

    1 vote(s)
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  1. Do we go with FishyKarp's idea? Or with SkyBeast's?
  2. I vote for the Karp!
  3. I'll go with Karp as well.
  4. Man, Mr. Karp, everyone agrees with you. XD

    So, now that we have the stats figured out, let's move on to decide Grabecko's move pool!
  5. Leaf Blade! He could use his grabby-tail to grab a sword (the sword could be like Osahwott's Scalchop) and slashy-slash opponents. >_<
    Plus: who doesn't like LEAF BLADE???
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  6. Ok, we'll have Leaf Blade in the move pool! But for now, let's decide on attacks that are going to be learned at a lower level.
  7. Right. Sorry:D. Maybe the classic Absorb. Grabecko could grab onto their opponent, and drain some HP.
  8. Good, good. I'm guessing that the whole absorb line should also be in the move pool, right? (Giga Drain, etc.)
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  9. I think that'd be good.
  10. Maybe moves like Leech Life, Shadow Sneak and Snatch
  11. Vine whip
    Bite (Later Crunch)
    Sleep powder
    Mega Drain
    Needle Arm
    Grass Whistle
    Thief (Duh)
    Brutal Swing
    Beat up
    Body slam
    Force Palm
    That's all I got
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  12. The punching moves guys

    Sucker punch
    Shadow punch
    Dynamic punch
    Draining punch

    Also I say give it Toxic and trick/switcheroo
  13. @Mockingchu check out my favorite move. xD

    Here's my move pool (in order):
    -Fire Punch (egg move)
    -Ice Punch (egg move)
    -Thunder Punch (egg move)
    -Vine Whip
    -Tail Whip
    -Quick Attack
    -Thief (when evolved)
    -Needle Arm
    -Shadow Sneak
    -Force Palm
    -Seed Bomb
    -Night Slash (when evolved again)
    -Shadow Punch
    -Dizzy Punch
    -Dragon Tail
    -Fake Out
    -Wood Hammer
    -Dynamic Punch
    -Focus Punch

    I didn't include Absorb and it's line because it's Special Attack and that doesn't seem to fit very well with this Fakemon. However, it does sound cool when Mockingchu says that it works through grabbing the opponent and draining their HP. I also didn't include Leaf Blade because that's basically Sceptile's main move, and we've already had Serperior plus Decidueye get that move through their movepool. Maybe creating a custom grass type move for this fakemon would be nice, and it could be called something like "Wildhand Whack".
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  14. Lv.1 Scratch
    Lv.1 Tail Whip
    Lv. 5 Absorb
    Lv.7 Vine Whip
    Lv.10 Pursuit
    Lv.12 Wrap
    Lv.13 Quick Attack
    Lv.15 Torment
    Lv.17 (When evolved) Thief
    Lv.18 Needle Arm
    Lv.20 Beat Up
    Lv.22 Seed Bomb
    Lv.25 Mega Drain
    Lv.28 Grass Whistle
    Lv.35 Switcheroo
    Lv.37 (When evolved) Night Slash
    Lv.38 Shadow Sneak
    Lv.40 Fake Out
    Lv.41 Giga Drain
    Lv.43 Slash
    Lv.45 Dizzy Punch
    Lv.47 Sucker Punch
    Lv.50 Shadow Punch
    Lv.53 Force Palm
    Lv.55 Dynamic Punch
    Lv.57 Leaf Blade
    Lv.60 Ingrain

    Leech Life
    Brutal Swing
    Dragon Tail
    Swords Dance
    Drain Punch
    Body Slam

    Egg Moves
    Fire Punch
    Thunder Punch
    Ice Punch

    This is all that I have. Is it enough, or do we need more?
  15. Me gusta. Suficiente. The moves all seem pretty good, and they fit Grabecko perfectly. But maybe we could add Shadow Ball. Grabecko could form the Shadow Ball using its hand-tail thingy ma-joob-er.
  16. I like all the moves, just i don't like the idea of adding shadow ball. Also @Kragn "Wildhand Whack" sounds awesome! I would love to give it a signature move.
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  17. What should Wildhand Whack do?
  18. Maybe it could extend its (am I using the right its/it's?) grabby-mc-grabber and slap the opponent silly. That's what it seems like to me. Maybe it could have some sort of recoil (hence, "wild"), but still be really powerful.
    On a side note: the Fakedex that I've been working on for ages is almost done! Yay!!! Well, I guess only the illustrations are almost done, but still- YAY!!!
  19. Does it have any effect? What is the power? PP of the move? Accuracy? We need to figure all of that stuff out for this new move "Wildhand Whack".
  20. It's accuracy should be fairly low, but it should be powerful enough to do massive damage if it hits. Once again, I'm awful at stats stuff, so that's on y'all.:D As for PP, I think it should be 20ish. Enough that it allows you to miss several times, but also doesn't have too many uses. It might also have a possibility of paralyzing the opponent because they were Wildhand Whacked too hard!
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  21. I was thinking it could be 85 Atk with 100% accuracy, with a possible chance of being confused. As for PP, I agree with Mockingchu; around 20.
  22. 85 ATK
    100% Accuracy
    PP 20

    How about it's effect? What should the move have, so it stands out?

    I know that I shouldn't be giving ideas as the leader, but I say we switch the name pf the attack for "Stealing Whack".

    Then, we reduce the power and accuracy to..

    80 ATK
    90% Accuracy
    PP 20
    Type: Dark

    And add a new effect..!

    "If the move successfully makes contact with the adjacent Pokemon, it steals the item that the enemy Pokemon is holding. This effect does not work if the user is already holding an item."

    How does it sound?
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  23. I like the effects, but the name to me is just 'meh'. Wildhand Whack has got me like <.> whereas Stealing Whack has got me like :(
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  24. Well, decide on another name! After all, I shouldn't be the one giving out ideas... :D
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  25. I chose Wildhand Whack because I originally planned for it to be a grass type move. The "wild" part is kind of talking about, well, wildlife and the rest is just what I came up with. I'm honestly fine with both names. Oh, and I really like the ability you came up with, GokuPT99; it sounds both unique and cool. :)
  26. Wildhand Whack doesn't fit that well with the effect though...
  27. I know; the Wildhand Whack move was originally for a chance of confusion or paralysis. :p
  28. Oh, ok. So the effect was a chance of Paralysis? My bad, I probably misunderstood the concept. Will we go with the Wildhand Whack move?
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  29. I would go with the Wildhand Whack move, but since I was the one who created it, don't go by my word. :p
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  30. Please vote!
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  31. I was thinking "Whirlwind Whack" which hits all nearby enemies and knocks their items away
  32. Or we can use Snatching Whack and the Pokemon can Steal the target's item if it doesn't already have one...
  33. That's basically Knock Off.

    And, that's Stealing Whack!
  34. Yea actually, an AOE Knock Off would be quite cool
  35. Can we not go for the name "Stealing Whack"? I mean it doesn't appeal to me but then again that's just my opinion...
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  36. Whirlwind Whack sounds great but doesn't really go with the theme
    Stealing/Snatching Whack doesn't really sound great but does go with the the am

    Maybe something like "Pickpocketer's Punch"

    Edit: Or maybe Pickpocketer's Pinch
  37. How about Pickpocket Plantation? The move could be where the user snatches the held item of the opponent and either takes it or, if it's a healing item, the user gains half of it's health. The accuracy could be around 90 and the PP could be 15. And I know, I'm still sticking with the move being grass type. :p
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  38. Maybe Pickpocket Pinch? Pickpocketer's is just too long, for me at least
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