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Ask to Join Indigo Plateau Kanto Leauge

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Ry_Burst, Jan 30, 2017.

  1. Discussion/Sign ups link ---> https://pokecharms.com/threads/indigo-plateau-kanto-leauge-disscusion-and-sign-ups.15455/

    Ry walked up to the front desk. "Welcome to the Indigo Leauge, are you a participant?" the woman asked Ry. Ry nodded and handed the women over the counter his badge case, along with his trainer ID. "Okay, please submit the Pokemon you will rotate for the tournament."

    Ry quietly submitted the names of his Pokemon. Luckily he only had 12, which was the limit. He submitted all his pokemon and gave a nod towards the woman. "Okay, here is a pager. It'll let you know when you have a battle and when. and this is the key to your room in the Pokemon Leauge Village." She said handing him a key with the number 205 and a small device. "Thank you," Ry said taking the items and walking out the door, after retrieving his things.

    It was a bright sunny day. The sun shone on his back and he was ready to win the Leauge. "Let's go everybody!" Ry shouted tossing out his team. A Haunter, Sceptile, Infernape, Beedrill, Hitmonchan, and a Gyarados all apeared. "We should get some special training in," Ry told his team. His pokemon cheered.
  2. Darrius walked up to the desk and spoke to the woman at the desk.
    "Hello, I'm here to register for the Indigo League." he said, showing his trainer card and his badges to the woman.
    "Yes, very good. please fill out this form for me, indicating your Pokemon to be used in the tournament." she said with a smile. As Darrius did so, he heard a familiar voice shout out, with a chorus of Pokemon cries follow it. He grinned, immediately recognizing the voice. Once he finished filling out the sheet, he passed it to the woman.
    "Alright, you're all set. Here's your room key, enjoy your stay in the Pokemon League Village." she said with a smile. Darrius smiled, said his thanks, and headed off in the direction of the shouts.

    He slowly approached Ry and his Pokemon.
    "Hey Ry, long time no see. How have things been?" he asked with a smile.
  3. Roy noticed the young trainer run past him after his arrival to the front desk, he smiled, "The competition shall certainly be interesting, huh Meowstic?" He said to the little Psychic-type on his shoulder, she simply responds with a smile.

    After submitting the names of the six Pokemon he planned to use, he decided to head outside and get a little training done, sending out the six Pokemon, a team consisting of Mawile, Sylveon, Venomoth, Arbok, and Volcarona in addition to Meowstic. "Since we're here, we might as well get a little training done ourselves. It would be pretty embarrassing to get knocked out in the first round." Roy said, leading the group to a small field not too far from the main building. In order to pump up the team, Roy turned on some Metallica prior to beginning his training.
  4. "Oh hey Darrius," Ry said facing his friend. "Meet Shadow, you haven't met him yet," Ry gestured towards the Haunter.
    "Haunter!" Shouted Shadow enthusiastically.
    "So i'm guessing you are entering the tournament." Ry asked. Fuego and jet, the ones who knew Darrius the best out of Ry's other current party members gave a wave.
  5. Darrius smiled, waving at the Pokemon he recognized.
    "Yes, i'm here to compete in the Indigo League. I figured I'd bump into you here. Seen any of our other companions from a few months ago?" he querried to his friend. He was curious and excited to potentially see some of the other friends he'd made in Kanto.
  6. "Not yet," Ry said. "I'm gonna drop my stuff off in my room in the Pokemon Leauge Village. You already signed up?" Ry asked. He returned his pokemon to their pokeballs.
    "Then I'm gonna train. You should come along with us." Ry added, slinging his bag over his shoulder.
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  7. "Yes, i'm all signed up, and I'd love to accompany you. It'll give us more time to catch up." Darrius said with a chuckle and a smile. He followed alongside his friend as they ventured through the Pokemon League Village.
    "I think Kanto does it up the best for their League tournament. Kalos definitely makes a close second. though." he said, glancing around at all the shops and food stands about.
  8. Ry broke off into a run, "let me put my stuff up." he shouted. After a few minutes he returned.
    "Okay let's start things off with a battle to warm up." Ry said sending out Shadow.
    Ry took some steps back to get ready to battle. 'You're up Darrius!" He shouted. Shadow stuck his tounge out and went "Haunter."
  9. Darrius smirked.
    'Eager to battle as always it seems. Glad Ry hasn't changed.' Darrius thought, pulling a Pokeball from his belt.
    "Come on out Mufasa!" he shouted. The Pokeball burst open, and a Male Pyroar appeared, and let out a prideful roar.
    "You can have the first move Ry, since you've always given me that pleasure in the past."
  10. "Shadow use Toxic and follow up with Thunderbolt!" Ry shouted. The Haunter rushed into the sky and fired a blob of purple energy at the Pyroar. Then he swung around behimg him, surrounding himself in yellow electicty and fired straight for Mufasa.
    "Okay, so he has a Fire and Normal type, so ghost types will be useless. So my best bet is to trap him with Toxic and Thunderbolt. Either he gets poisoned, or he get hit with damage that might paralyze him." Ry thought to himself.
  11. "Mufasa, roll to your left then use Dark Pulse!" Darrius commanded. The lion did as commanded, rolling over like a dog to dodge both the toxic blob and the thunderbolt. He then pulled himself up, and fired a spiral of purple and black energy from his mouth towards the phantom.
    "I'll admit, that was a cleaver strategy. Something I would expect from a trainer of Ry's calibur. With him around, winning the Kanto League will most certainly be a challenge." Darrius thought to himself.
  12. "Protect!" Ry shouted. Shadow created a wall of energy to block the oncoming attack. "Now use Thunderbolt!" Ry shouted. Shadow flew into the air and fired another blast of electricity at the ground, ripping the ground and upturning patched of earth. "Now Psychic on the dirt!" Shadow's eyes glowed pink and the rocks and dirt rose up and flew at the Pyroar.
    "Okay, I need to stop Mufasa's movements." Ry thought to himself.
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  13. "He'll want to immobilize Mufasa." Darrius thought to himself.
    "Use Flamethrower! Torch the dirt!" he shouted. The regal Pokemon did just that, letting a jet of flames fly from its mouth, scorching the dirt, and continuing towards the floating Haunter.
  14. "Shadow!" Ry shouted as the flames engulfed Shadow. "You okay," Ry asked Shadow. The Haunter nodded. "Okay Thunderbolt again."Shadow charged up his energy and fired a blast of electricity from above Mufasa.
  15. The bolt fell and struck Mufasa, causing the large lion to roar in pain.
    "Mufasa, use the static from the thunderbolt and use Wild Charge!" Darrius called. The lion did just that, cloaking itself in electricity and charging towards the floating Ghost Pokemon.
  16. The attack hit Shadow but Ry shouted, "Now Toxic!" The Haunter shot a close range Toxic at the Pyroar.
    "This has to work," Ry thought to himself.
  17. The toxic sludge covered Pyroar, and purple bubbles started appearing over his head as he slumped down.
    "I hadn't anticipated a move like that. You're as sharp as ever Ry. I'm glad I'm friends with a Trainer like you." Darrius thought to himself.
    "Mufasa! Can you stand?" he shouted to the lion. It shakily stood up, panting from the combine recoil from Wild charge and the toxic damage.
    "Let's finish it. Dark Pulse again!" Darrius called. The large lion fired the spiral pulse of purple and black energy at the floating ghost yet again.
  18. "Protect!" Ry shouted, as Shadow formed an energy shield.
    "I can't let a move like that hit," he thought to himself. He looked at the torn up battlefield. "That's it!" He thought to himself.
    "Use Thunderbolt prison and use the rocks to enclose Mufasa!" Ry shouted. The Haunter let loose bolts of electricity that bounced off stones to surround the Pyroar. "Now hit him and!" Ry shouted. Shadow sent the bolts to spin, decreasing the room Mufasa had to move. When he was completely trapped, a bolt of electicty shot towards Mufasa coming from all sides.
  19. "Now Mufasa, Overheat!" Darrius shouted. The lion unleashed a supernova heat blast from it's mouth, blasting away the electricity and barreling towards Shadow.
    "Now that I have an idea again as to what to expect, coming up with counters is natural again. Brute force usually gets me through things like this." Darrius thought to himself, as flashed back to their battle in Vermillion City and smiled.
  20. Ry smiled as Mufasa passed through Shadow and Shadow disappeared. "You see the beaten up battlefield helped me hid the real Shadow. A flurry of Haunters rose into the air. "That was a Double team and what you saw right there was a distraction." Ry shouted making a fist and raising it in the air. "Now use Thunderbolt!" Ry shouted. The Shadows fired a blast of thunder straight for Mufasa.
    "Shadow's getting worn out, I need to end this quick," Ry thought to himself.
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  21. The bolt struck home, and the lion collapsed, unable to continue.
    "You did good Mufasa. Come on back and take a rest." Darrius said as the Pokeball recalled the fainted lion.
    "What now? Am i allowed to use another Pokemon? Or is that it? I don't much mind either way, I'm having fun." Darrius said to his friend with a smirk on his face.
  22. "I think that's it for a warm up, but let's heal our pokemon, and I can show you the way we train!" Ry said smiling, recalling Shadow. Ry ran towards the Pokémon center. "Come on, I haven't showed you the Ry method!"
  23. Darrius laughed and ran off in pursuit of his friend.
    "I never imagined I'd meet a guy like Ry on my journey across the world. But i"m glad I did." Darrius thought to himself, and smiled as he followed Ry to the Pokemon Center.
  24. Ry walked inside the Pokemon Center to heal his team. When he heard the soft ding of the healing machine, and retrieved his pokemon. "Okay when you're ready follow me into the forest." he shouted as he ran into the forest. He walked into a clearing. He sent out his Pokemon.
  25. Darrius took a moment to heal his Pokemon, then followed Ry out into the woods.
    "I wonder what the Ry method of training is." Darrius pondered silently as he approached the clearing. When he saw all of Ry's Pokemon out and about in the clearing, he took that as a note that he should bring out his as well. One by one they appeared from their Pokeballs. Storm the Raichu, Havoc the Salamence, Mufasa the Pyroar, Nessie the Lapras, Daisy the Venusaur, and Sol the Absol. They all let out their various cries, and began stretching and looking about the clearing.
    "Alright Ry, show me the method you use. You've had me curious for a while now." he said.
  26. "Okay so we need to work on their indivudal strengths so what i do is i assign sparring partners." Ry explained. He nodded towards his pokemon, who commenced to spar lightly with one another. Shadow went with Sting, Gyra went with Baxter, and Jet went with Fuego. Ry smiled as his pokemon worked hard. He walked around, suggesting possible strategies and combos they each could indivudaly try. He would work with them on certain moves trying to help them prefect them.
  27. Darrius laughed, realizing that this style certainly didn't fit him and his Pokemon.
    "That's certainly an interesting method of training, and I mean no offense, but I don't think it's for me and my Pokemon." He said to Ry.
    "It makes sense that this is how he trains his Pokemon. They're all in sync with each other as well as him." he mused to himself, as he sat with his Pokemon, leaning against Daisy, who basked in the sunlight.
  28. After signing up for the league Levi decided to look and see what competition he might have. "This place is pretty big, I didnt realize there would be this many contestants..." he said to himself before going outside to if there might be a fight to watch. "Ya know, im glad to be here but its the league starts boooorrring!" he whined before walking into the woods to see what pokemon might be around the league. Even more saddened by not finding anything new, he decided to leave but heard familiar voices off in the distance. After following them he came into a clearing where two of his old friends where standing. "Been awhile," he smiled while walking up to Darrius and Ry.
  29. "Hey. if it isn't Levi," Ry exclaimed, seeing his old friend enter the clearing. Fuego, Baxter, and Jet gave a slight wave. Ry walked over to him. "Good to see ya again, you entering the leauge?" Ry asked. "We already have and are training." he said with a smile.
  30. "I signed up awhile ago but ive been walking around checking out the competition....nothing SUPER impressive but there are some pretty decent trainers around here" he said with a big grin at the prospect of having multiple fights. "I hope you guys have gotten stronger, ive gone through some serious training but still expect a good fight" he crossed his arms giving a slightly cocky look.
  31. Darrius rose from his seat and approached Levi.
    "Good to see you again buddy." he said, then extended his hand to Levi.
    "I counted on him and Ry being here. People to keep me on my toes, keep my team sharp."
    "Looks like the real competition is shaping up right here." he said with a laugh.
  32. Landon continued walking and following a path to the Indigo Plateau Stadium. 'Well I'm finally here' Landon thought to himself as he began running towards the entrance overfilled with excitement. When Landon entered the building he was amazed as to how many trainers and Pokemon there were, Landon walked over to the front desk, "Hi, I'm here to register for the Pokemon League," Landon said to the receptionist as he handed her his Badge Case and Trainer ID.

    "Alright, Landon now would you please fill out this form of the Pokemon you will be using during the tournament," The receptionist said as she handed Landon a form with twelve slots to fill in.

    "I can only use up to twelve Pokemon at a time during the League," Landon said as he filled out the form, carefully choosing which Pokemon to put in. When Landon finished he gave the receptionist the form and in return she gave him his Badge Case, Trainer ID, and a room key for with the number 217.

    "Well aren't you bold using only 10 Pokemon," She said in surprise as she inserted the piece of paper into the machine, "Well your ready for the Pokemon League, Good Luck!"

    Landon left the building for Trainer's Village before it finally hit him, he forgot to place down the last Pokemon, "Well looks like I'll have to do with these 10," he said to himself as he entered the cabin. Landon could feel a buzzing coming from his pocket, he checked and it was his Pokegear. "Hello?" he asked as he picked up, "Yeah I made it... No I did not get lost... Okay... Thanks... Bye," he hung up the Pokegear and sighed, 'I would have been dead had I not picked that up' he thought to himself. Landon placed his bag in the cabin and went out to go and train, locking the door behind him. Landon began walking around the Trainer Village until he saw someone in the distance, he began running and calling, "Hey Darrius!"
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  33. "Wow, the competition is going to be tough," Ry said laughing. He turned to his team. "But thats the way we like it!" His team gave a cheer. "Okay folks who's wants to train with us?" Ry shouted. Before he got a response, he turned to Fuego and began to lightly spar.
    "Okay, use the Thunderpunch, and Blaze Kick combo we've been working on." Fuego nodded and used Blaze Kick to propel himself towards Ry and he punched Ry with an electifyed fist. Ry flew backwards and hit a tree.
    "Wow, you keep getting stronger," Ry said standing up, brushing off the dust. Fuego gave a smile and a thumbs up.
  34. "Hehe, I dont plan on training right now. My pokemon have trained harder than ever and they need to rest before the pokemon league." he said while messing with a necklace to make sure it was under his shirt. "Also we're opponents now, might as well save some tricks for the battle eh? Im gonna go check out some more of the competition, see ya later." he said with a grin before walking away. Mt. Silver was the hardest training ive ever done, theres no way I can lose now....
  35. Ry shook his head smiling. "Some people here have worked hard to be here. But what about me?" Ry thought to himself. His mind flashed back to his battle with Blue. It was an intense battle, both of them giving it their all. But Blue had said Ry won due to luck.

    "I'm gonna go look around," Ry said. he stood up and walked towards the woods, after returning his team to their pokeballs. After a while of walking, he reached the a creek. He took of his shoes and stood barefoot, in the rushing water, that wasn't very deep. He closed his eyes. "In Kanto, evryone's much stronger. I need to be ready." he thought to himself. He sent out Jet and Fuego. He began to talk with them.

    After a while Ry stood up. "We need to be ready guys. We gotta give it our all." he said making a fist. Then he looked up. The sun was beginning to set. "Oh crud, well miss the banquet, let's go!" he shouted as he pulle his shoes on and ran towards the main hall, with Jet and Fuego trailing close behind.
  36. As Darrius exited the wooded area, he heard someone calling his name.
    "Hm? Oh, it's Landon. Hey Landon!" He shouted back, and met the trainer halfway.
    "How have you been friend? I'm on the way to the banquet. Walk with me." he said, smiling at his friend.
    "Landon is here too. That's awesome. It's like a rehash of our adventure through Kanto. This is going to be a LOT of fun." he thought to himself, smiling all the while.
  37. Ry slid into the main hall, with his pokemon close behind. He stood up and returned Jet and Fuego to their respective pokeballs and sat down at a table. A man in a suit stood up and spoke into a microphone. "Attention trainers, now that you are all signed up for the Pokemon Leauge," He stopped to allow the occasional cheer from the crowd. "But tonight and tomorrow is a time for celebration and time to prepare, so i wish you all the best of luck." the man left and Ry, along with multiple trainers stood up to pile their plates wth food. Ry did the same and sat back down, just beginnng to eat.
  38. "I've been great Darrius," Landon said, happy to see an old friend, "Looks like you made it to the Pokemon League too." Landon walked alongside Darrius into the main hall where all of the trainers were, 'Man look at all of the trainers' Landon thought as he marveled at all of the trainers and Pokemon, when something caught his eye. "Hey that's Ry," Landon said to himself, as he began to run over, "Hey Ry!"
  39. Ry looked over with his mouth full of noodles. "Oh hey Landon," he mumbled. he chewed and swallowed. "You finally made it huh," he said smiling. "Come on and get some food!" He shouted waving his hands.
  40. "Yeah, Ry is here, so is Levi, I believe." Darrius said to Landon, as the two trainers approached Ry.
    "Yo Ry, I found another friend of ours." he said with a chuckle.
    "Levi, Ry and Landon. Who else are we missing? Robby, and a few others. I can't remember." he thought to himself.
    "Did someone say food?" Darrius asked, snapping out of his thoughts when someone mentioned food.

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