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Hidden Ability Unova Starter Event Now Live

  1. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
    Staff Member Moderator

    A new event for Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire has now gone live via Mystery Gift. The event allows Pokémon fans the chance to get their hands on each of the Unova starter Pokémon in their fully evolved form with their hidden abilities.

    The Pokémon are obtained through codes and are as follows:

    To get ahold of Serperior with its hidden ability Contrary then enter the code POKEMON497 into the Mystery Gift option.​
    To get a hold of Emboar with its hidden ability Reckless then enter the code POKEMON500 into the Mystery Gift option.
    Finally, if you're looking to get a hold of Samurott with its hidden ability Shell Armor then enter the code POKEMON503 into the Mystery Gift option.

    This event is live worldwide and currently doesn't have a known end date, although considering the fact it uses codes the chances are it will stay live for quite awhile. Nevertheless get your starters while you can!​
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Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Demelza, Feb 10, 2015.

    1. Shiny Lyni
      Shiny Lyni
      According to Pokemon.com, the event ends on Nov. 30th in the US. I don't know of this is different for others around the world but yeah ^^;

      I got Serps and Bacon a couple of weeks ago, but for the past few days the Samurott code hasn't been working for me. Might try again later today and see how that works out.
    2. Takinas
      Wow. Login for the first time in days and I get this with this kind of update. It's really neat of Nintendo to do events like these. Granted I'd be more interested in the Kanto starters since you can't get them outside of trading in these two according to serebii.
      Now I just need to get a copy of the game to actually enjoy this news.
    3. Shiny Lyni
      Shiny Lyni
      @Takinas Well, considering how people can get hidden ability Kanto starters without the need for events in this generation (Friend Safari Pokemon and all that), it's not likely that they'll have an event to release the Kanto starters this way. I'd personally like a way to get the HA Hoenn and Sinnoh starters myself since they're Dream World Exclusive, and I never had Gen V, but eh :x
      Takinas likes this.
    4. Takinas
      I didn't know about the Friend Safari portion. I don't actually have the game yet and only know what information I can find. Thank you for clearing this up. Dream World Exclusives make me sad because I got White long after they shut down it's wi-fi access. I wish you the best in someday getting the Sinnoh starters as you wish.
    5. Shiny Lyni
      Shiny Lyni
      @Takinas friend safaris are only in X and Y, though; you can't get HA Kanto starters (or Kalos starters, for that matter) in ORAS except through trade, so depending on which game you decide to buy, you might not end up being able to get said starters.
    6. The Voltagonist
      The Voltagonist
      Gaaaahhhhhh! The Unova starters are by far my favorite starters! ♥ Their hidden abilities are also pretty spiffy, so I can't wait to get them for myself!

      Also, it's kind of funny that the day after I hatch my own HA Snivy, this event suddenly pops up! XD
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    7. Aaronimations
      i have emboar and seproir but i just need samurot
    8. Scar-demon the Umbreon
      Scar-demon the Umbreon
      YESSS!!! SNIVIER IS BACK FOR OR, AND W.B. IS BACK! Sorry Flaming beast, I really like le other two~
    9. Sy Kage
      Sy Kage
      I've been waiting to receive and email with the Samurott Code yet I haven't gotten it yet. Now I'm another step closer to completing the Pokédex! :)
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    10. Linkachu
      I finally stopped procrastinating and grabbed all three of them. If I ever retrain any of the three (and the chance of me raising yet another Oshawott is very high) I'll definitely be raising one with their hidden ability. ♥
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    11. MinecraftBros
      my first pokemon game i owned was pokemon black 2, I'm having a nostalgia heart attack! XD
    12. Gustavo Paredes

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