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Ask to Join Hecatoncheires Academy (Roleplay Thread)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Pokéboy098, Sep 25, 2019.

  1. Gianna sat there and took notes like the rest that didn't really want to raise their hands. She got finished and wrote on the top "Things The Other Students Know About History That I Don't" and began doodling on other spots. She made squares, circles, octagons, and irregular shapes. As she was doing so her fingers turned to gold and back repeating that several times. The sun was shining on her fingers that would probably accidentally blind someone for a second or two if they looked at her.
  2. Tyler tapped his headphones. “Your recording right?” He whispered.
    “Indeed I am.” Violet responded.

    Tyler grinned. “Good, now I can take more in.”
    Tyler didn’t really know much about facts or stuff. He got in because he just used simple logic. Multiple choice for example. It obviously can’t be this answer cause it’s not even related. After you eliminated two, you were left with two, and there was a 50/50 chance of getting the question right. This normally gave him decent grades, but on the exam to get in, he lucked out. He didn’t remember stuff really, that’s why he recorded it to attempt to study. He didn’t know anything about the subject they were talking about.
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  3. OOC: Sorry, alerts cut out. Can someone please fix that @AllPokecharmsAdmins? :D

    “Well, that’s enough teaching for your first day,” Mrs. Theodora said as she walked around the room passing out papers. “Here are some get-to-know-you worksheets. They will only be shared with me, so you can write whatever you want and on them. Please fill them out before the end of class. Once you are done, turn them in to me and you can do whatever you want for the rest of class, but there shouldn’t be much time left.”

    Milena looked down at her worksheet. It was all stuff Mrs. Theodora knew about her already, but she filled it out anyways. Then, she walked up to Mrs. Theodora, being sure that she was the first to turn it in.

    Mana received his worksheet and read over it aloud, but under his breath, as he filled it out, “What is your favorite color? Maroon. What class are you best at? History, maybe. What is your power? I can light myself up like a lightbulb.”
    Under this question he drew a little scale of one to ten (marking it at a 1), and wrote in his own question: how useful is my power?
    Once he was done, he realized that he hadn’t been paying much attention to what the teacher had actually been saying, and as a result he didn’t know where to turn it in. By this time, Milena had already turned it in, and Mana didn’t want to stand around searching for a place to turn it in and looking like an idiot, so he waited until another person turned it in so he could see where he should put it.
  4. Allie looked down at the worksheet. She paled.
    There were quite a few questions about her power on there.
    And that terrified her.
    Pulling out her pencil again, she wrote out the answers in neat cursive.
    Name? Allison Silverstone.
    Species? Ice Luxien (Luxien glacialis).
    Power? Cryokinesis and mental enhancements.
    Favourite Color? Teal.
    Best Class? I have no idea.
    She answered the rest of the questions in a similar manner, before handing in her worksheet.
    She took care to make sure that no other student saw it, because she’d gone into detail about her lack of control over her power. She turned the assignment in quickly.
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  5. Super Lazy Man

    Super Lazy Man Previously Lazy Millenial

    The questions on the worksheet didn't seem to worry Kikao, in fact, he filled out the paper with ease before turning it in , going back to his seat to wait for the time to go to his next class , "i really don't want school at the moment.." he thought
  6. Gianna filled the worksheet out quite quickly. "Name: Gianna Ula", "Your favorite color: Orange" etc. She then wrote a note on the bottom of the paper, "I am usually quite talkative, but I am so out of it if you see me this way please do not pick me to answer a question." She got up and began walking she had the intention of turning it in but she tripped on something and fell. Her face flushed and her body contorted ready for the laughter to ensue.
  7. Damon and Ariana received their sheets, and then saw the girl who smelled of metal trip, which slightly worried Ariana, otherwise they continued on their sheets, Which had questions like name, race, abilities, and other things like. They then finished their sheets and turned them in, returned to their desks, keeping their wings in check.
  8. When the girl tripped, Allie pushed her seat back quicker than usual. Focusing hard for a moment, she was surrounded by a blue aura, before teleporting over with an audible sound.
    “Hey, y’okay?” she asked. She offered her hand, intending to help the girl up.
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  9. "Y-yea I'm fine." her face was red as a strawberry, she took Allie's hand and turned in the paper. "Thanks so much, I was really expecting everyone to laugh." she laughed awkwardly a bit. She stook out her hand to Allie for a handshake, "I'm Gianna, what's your name?" she smiled and her hand flashed from gold and back in slight nervousness.
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  10. Tyler looked down at the paper with confusion. Why answer this when you can just see for yourself? So he answered it like this.
    Name: Tyler Blaze
    Favorite Color: Why do you need to know this?
    Powers: Rather not tell
    Power strength: Rather not tell.
    He simply wrote all of this down, and handed it in. Tyler sat down and turned on the music again. He began to anticipate the next class.
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  11. Damon looked up when the Ice Luxien had teleported to the girl who smelled of metal, according to him. He saw the interaction between the two, Ariana perked up, noticing that Damon had looked up.

    "Damon, try not to scare them, please, you have already been threatened to be transformed into a frog today." Ariana whispered out of worry.

    "Ariana, I don't plan on scaring anyone else today." Damon whispered.
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  12. Allie gave a slight awkward laugh as well. She was also a bit nervous. Tiny crystals of ice formed on her other hand, purely out of nerves.
    “I’m Allie. Nice to meet you. Don’t sweat it... I’m pretty clumsy myself.” She laughed again.
    She returned the handshake, brushing her hair out of her face with her other hand.
  13. When Leonardo was handed his paper, he shrugged but showed a light smile at what he had to do. Before he got to writing, he flinched at the sight of a girl who fell over, he wanted to check on her, but someone beat him to it, so the vampire brushed it off and proceeded to write the paper.

    Leonardo Brando
    Species: Vampire
    Power: "Spectral Summon" I can create a purple ethereal form of any solid object, but struggle with more complex ones. I can also fly.
    Favorite Color: Red
    Best Class: As I haven't experienced the other classes, I cannot say yet (Although I might like music)

    When Leonardo's paper was written, he leaned back in his chair and summoned a purple ghost like hand which picked up his paper and brought it to the teacher.
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  14. Ariana saw the hand out of the corner of her eye and looked shocked, she wasn't expecting a ghost hand to turn in the paper. Damon's head popped up and saw the hand and whispered "A spectral hand, possibly means a vampire, who seem to have a neutral relationship with the dragons."
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  15. DoggoKing22

    DoggoKing22 Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing

    Name: Joseph Haijono. If you want to, just call me JoJo
    Species: I look like a normal human on the outside, but I’m actually part reptile. More of a dinosaur than reptile, but they’re basically the same thing when you think about it.
    Power: I have a power I like to call “Dinoformation”. Basically it means I have the ability of transforming into any species/types of dinosaur, which really depends on the type of situation I’m in when I have to transform. The only downside is that after a while, I won’t have control over my movements and actions.
    Favorite color: I don’t know why you need to know this, but whatever. It’s Emerald Green.
    Best class: I don’t really know what my best class is. But if biology is one of the classes in this school, then that class because I know a lot about reptiles and amphibians.

    Unaware of his surroundings, Joseph finished the paper that was handed out to the class as he was almost about to turn in. Until he forgot something. He flipped the paper over and wrote something on the back.

    One more thing I would like to mention. If you ever see me sitting in the back of the classroom eating rocks during class, let me know so I’ll explain. I want to explain on this paper, but I don’t feel like writing it out.

    After writing the small paragraph, he got up and turned it in, walking back to his seat and siting down.
  16. WildFlower

    WildFlower Previously Slatzsly

    Kana had many questions about the history's of other people, and was writing as much as she could in his textbook. She wasn't sure about all of these backgrounds, so clearly she had to research these somehow later. " Interesting Information, I should learn about these more.. " She said, scratching her head, and biting her pencil. She was worried when she grabbed the paper, and saw multiple questions.

    Kana looked down at the worksheet. She was slightly worried.
    There were quite a few questions she didn't want to answer this obviously, because of the possibility of some type of question.
    This wasn't actually " his " strong suit. Pulling out her pencil out of her mouth, she wrote out the answers in a neat yet simple form of writing. Name? Kana Marisa. Species? Humanlis Spronum. Power? Weather Manipulation - With Energy usage. Favorited Color? Solaria. Best Class? It most likely depends on my teacher. Kana surprisingly Calmly answered the easier questions quickly, already done with her quiz. She was rather surprised by this herself. Not wanting to let any other student guess about her powers - especially the specific weakness - She stood up, and walked to the bin, setting it down and walking back.
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  17. Xavier stared at the paper beneath him, turned his head left and write as other students got started. He really wanted to read their papers- when was the fun going to start? The room was fairly quiet, with everyone working, and he couldn't help but wish the class would speed along already. Xavi sighed as he began writing on his own sheet.
    Name: Xavier Rosthing
    Species: Human... I think?
    Power: Metal Manipulation
    Favorite color: Do I have to pick one?
    Best class: Lunch?
    Xavier was rather proud of what he had thought up, though it lacked details and his hand writing as less than pretty. He never was one to show much in a classroom anyways, he assumed the teacher would get to know him eventually.

    Name: Nikolay Yahatov
    Species: Human
    Power: Phasing- I can make my body permeable an phase through solid objects with ease
    Favorite color: Maroon
    Best class: Literature
    Nik sighed at the piece of paper in front of him, repeatedly tapping the eraser of his pencil as his eyelids began to fall slowly. The boy had woken up when the teacher began handing things out- a skill nobody knows how he hones so well. And though Nikolay woke up right on cue, he turned in his paper and then zoned off on his desk, almost asleep, once more.
  18. Gianna smiled at Allie, "Seeing as you are probably the first person I have talked to would you want to be my friend... or acquaintance if you want to get to know me better." she laughed awkwardly again. Gianna let go of Allie's hand in patience waiting for the answer to her question. She thought to herself sarcastically, "Yea real smooth Gianna you are a real social butterfly."
  19. Mana watched as a few people turned the worksheet in, and eventually got up and handed it to Mrs. Theodora himself. As he was walking to his seat, the bell rang, and he grabbed his stuff and left the classroom, heading over to his next class, according to his schedule, “the science of Powers”.
    Mana sat down near the back and waited for the teacher.

    The bell rang, and Milena walked over to the science of Powers as quickly as she could. She sat down at the front of the class and pulled out her stuff.

    Mrs. Theodora heard the bell ring and said, “Goodbye, class! Tomorrow we will begin our first lesson on mythology.”

    Students began walking into Mr. Drew Scott’s classroom. He knew full well that the only reason he wasn’t fired was because he couldn’t be fired, so right now he was leaning back with his feet on top of his desk, bouncing a ball on the ceiling, and ignoring his students. He didn’t want to deal with them until the late bell rang.
  20. Damon and Ariana had collected their stuff and went towards their next class. When they arrived, Milena was the only other one that wasn't the teacher there, Damon waved at Milena, and Ariana walked up to her.

    "Hi, I'm Ariana Silver, Half-Angel, and Damon's childhood friend!" Ariana exclaimed.
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  21. Leonardo blinked as the bell rang to dismiss class and went to look at his schedule, his next class was science but raised eyebrow when Mrs. Theodora explained that tomorrow's lesson would be mythology, a lesson that Leonardo seemed to like the sound of. The vampire joined a few of the students as they made their way to the classroom and wasted no time when it came to finding a seat closest to the door, a force of habit that he gained even in his first school.

    When he sat down, he drummed his fingers on the table and summoned some spectral arms to do the exact same gesture as his regular arms... fingers included.
  22. As more students walked into the classroom, a dragon and an angel spoke to Milena. She replied, “Nice to meet you. My name is Milena.“

    Mr. Scott caught the ball for the last time and went up to the front of the classroom, waiting for the late bell to ring.
    (If you don’t want your character to be counted late, please post between now and 3:00 PM EST tomorrow.)
  23. "We've already met, but she wanted to meet you, Milena," Damon explained, and then headed to his seat, in the exact middle of the room.
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  24. Sable had finished his worksheet about himself and turned it in. He had sat pretty much quietly until the bell rang. Being tired of walking, he spoke a spell and appeared in a seat in the back of the classroom. Taking out his phone he started a game and played it.
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  25. Allie smiled. "Of course. I don't know anyone here either, so that'd be awesome."
    She noticed the time on a clock, and her eyes widened. "We should get to class. We don't want to be late." She motioned for Gianna to follow, smiling.

    Once she reached the classroom, she found a desk with open seats on either side of her. Waiting for class to begin, she pulled out her pencil and notebook and started drawing again.
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  26. Gianna headed to class and sat down next to Allie smiling. She sighed hoping not to anger the teacher but by the signs of it, she was almost late. He didn't seem like he would care anyway and took out her notebook and began doodling again waiting to have notes to write. She tried not to laugh at what she accidentally drew. A funny-looking monster with googly eyes completely on accident.
    (I think the time should be extended seeing as I wanted to wait for a reply from Eeviumz and had school and Theatre to go to.)
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  27. XanthousXatu

    XanthousXatu Previously SwiftSwoobat

    In the very long ago past...

    Seo Yoshisuki angrily got up, rather annoyed. It seemed the angel who created the trail shows no acknowledgment of his existence. He scoffed, looking around for Seto. She got here first, of course, though seemed to be out of sight. Before he got a chance to talk, it appeared everyone was heading to the gym. Sighing, he enter with them.

    A few minutes later, he got out, along with the rest of the students, who began filtering out into groups. Seo frantically rushed for his classroom, noticing Seto in the distance. He hid his face, trudging along faster. He made it to the classroom, panting like a dog. He made his way in. They had to fill out a form, why not?
    Name: Seo Yoshisuki
    Species: Why.
    Power: I can force people to speak unwillingly, pretty neat I guess...
    Favourite Colour: A dark tone of green with a minute shade of indigo to it at the perfect combination of which it looks completely green.
    Best Class: English Language Arts
    He turned it in and the bell rang, and he took off. He just wanted to get this day done as fast as possible. To be honest, he forgot what class he was in. It seemed as if everyone from his previous class was in this, very odd... He went to take a seat in the front. He sighed, clearly exhausted. Seto walked in the room as well, looking rather skeptical...

    Seto Yoshisuki took her seat in the back of the room, and took her neatly organized filer and binder along with her at all times. She tidied up before looking up at the teacher. Her... power... of sorts has been 'malfunctioning' lately. It started to give her migraines at any second, and adjusted her personality. She didn't feel like herself, but didn't know anyone who had the same power as her. She felt exiled, even around her brother, who seemed rather peculiar today.
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  28. DoggoKing22

    DoggoKing22 Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing

    Seeing that class is now over, Joseph grabbed his belongings and trotted over to his next class. When he walked into the next classroom, he saw Sable in the back of the room again, so he sat next to him again. “I’m guessing one of your little magic spells is teleportation? I thought I was gonna get here before you. Guess I was wrong.” Joseph giggled a little bit as he took out his supplies he needed for class.
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  29. WildFlower

    WildFlower Previously Slatzsly

    Kana quickly grabbed her things, trying her best to put them in her backpack as she zipped it up carefully. The bell had rang, of course. It always rang eventually for a school day, wouldn't it? She could see a crowd and followed them to what seemed to be " The Science Of Powers ". She did her best to get to class before the bell. Of course, she made it into class as the bell rung. ( Unless I'm excused for the slight inactivity that's happened. )

    This time, she could see the class getting filled up, and walked toward the middle of the classroom, pulling out a different colored Textbook, and Some new pens and pencils. Of course, if she was going to be late, she had to prove she could be a good student. Kana looked around the classroom, seeing very familiar faces from the first period, So she assumed this would mean all the new students had same classes.
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  30. (Ok, I gave you guys plenty of time if you didn’t want to be late.)

    The late bell rang, and Mr. Scott stood up and said, “This class is my favorite class of the day, because I get to teach without teaching. My name is Mr. Scott. In this class, you will learn the science of powers, but since nobody really knows how powers work, I can’t teach it to you. Instead of me teaching you, all you will do this year is experiment with your powers so that you can figure out how your powers work for yourselves. You only have two grades in this class: each week you must turn in a paper with one thing you learned about your power, and at the end of the year you must cooperate with all of the other students to present everybody’s power and how it works. I’m done explaining. You can go ahead and do whatever you want, just turn in the paper on Friday.”

    Milena got up and walked over to Damon and his friend. She had known this class wouldn’t teach her anything, but she didn’t think it would be this bad. “So, do you have any idea what we should do?” She asked him.

    Mana was interested in this concept. He decided that he would start experimenting with his power, and soon enough his hand began to emit light until eventually it was nearly impossible to see.
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  31. Experimenting with my... power? Oh boy... Well, at least it's a free A. I can find plenty of ways to be interesting.
    As she thought this, she unintentionally started to make it snow in the classroom. She didn't realize it at first - due to being attuned to cold temperatures - but she felt it when she noticed the white flakes on her desk. Turning a faint red, she made it stop, glancing down and hoping no one had notice.
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  32. Leonardo smiled. "Nice, so in other words, I can just show off my powers and try to see what other complex things I could make." He thought to himself, he looked up when he saw someone create... snow? So he decided to make a spectral umbrella for starters before he manifested a spectral hand which seemed to grow big enough to hold him... but he raised his regular hand in the hope that the teacher would answer his question. "If I may ask, what if someone's power affects a wide or long range, wouldn't some students wish to test that?" The vampire asked.
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  33. Super Lazy Man

    Super Lazy Man Previously Lazy Millenial

    "That's a good question he just asked and , surprising coming from a guy who can make hands out of nothing " Kikao thought, as he was seated the closest seat to the doors, that wasn't taken ,mhe continued listening
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  34. DoggoKing22

    DoggoKing22 Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing

    "T-te-test my powers out? Noooooo nonononono. There is no way I'm gonna do that. I'm gonna hurt someone if I do it for too long, and I'm not taking that chance." Joseph said to himself as he leaned forward on his desk and hid his face with his hands. He was then reminded of the bipedal cat he saw walking in when the first class started. He squished his face against his desk, thinking to himself. Yeah. No way I'm going to transform............although I would like to see if I can be able to form into a different 'saur other than the one I always form into. I haven't formed into a different one since I was 3 because of some trouble I was having. There's a chance I can do it again.
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  35. "If I used my powers, I'd either scare, surprise or fry the entire class, and She can heal, but if she uses that too much, it will cause trouble." Damon explained to Milena, "What's your power?"

    "My main powers are flight and healing, and I can sense emotions." Ariana explained.
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  36. WildFlower

    WildFlower Previously Slatzsly

    " I'm Not exactly sure what I can do for this grade, especially with diversity.. " she said to herself, looking at her hands. What could she try to do for such an experiment? She managed to look around for something to experiment on, and looked at a bottle of water on her backpack. She pulled it out, spun the cap, and controlled the water out. " Maybe, I can try to.. " she quietly mumbled, and attempted to form the water into a object she could possibly hold.
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  37. Gianna smiled she was pretty ok at writing and could always learn about her powers. She had noticed Allie red in the face with snow on her desk. "Are you ok?" she whispered as to not allow others to hear her conversation. She didn't want to embarrass Allie more. "If you want I can go grab some tissues or paper towels."
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  38. It snowed for a moment, and then stopped, which caused Damon to look around, found what seemed to be the source and the girl who smelled like metal. He was trying to figure out how to talk to her, since he noticed, but again, his tail whacked him in his head. He then turned his eyes back to Milena, with slight embarrassment.
  39. “Interesting.” Milena responded. “It isn’t like my powers are dangerous or anything, but they are re really kind of useless. Not to mention I know how they work already, so I can’t really experiment with them. Basically, I can imbue life force into inanimate objects.”
    Milena looked at a nearby fountain pen. The pen began bouncing on its end. Then it stopped when she looked back at Damon and Ariana.
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  40. "I also have the ability to sense emotions, if I focus intently on the target, let me test it out." Ariana explained and then stared at Milena.

    She found mistrust in Milena, much like when she first met Damon.
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