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Ask to Join Hecatoncheires Academy (Roleplay Thread)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Pokéboy098, Sep 25, 2019.

  1. Gianna let out slight breathing through her nose which resembled a small laugh. She had laughed at Tyler's sarcasm. She then went back to thinking to herself, "Why did I laugh, I'm just drawing more attention to myself, I can't even talk right now," her heart was beating slightly faster as she did not want to be noticed.
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  2. DoggoKing22

    DoggoKing22 Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing

    Joseph walked inside and sat next to Sable in the back of the classroom. Seeing that class hasn't started yet, he decided to talk with the witch until it starts. "Um... I honestly don't know what I like to do. Although I have been spending some of my free time playing in once-a-week Smash Bros. tournaments when I'm at home. The good news is that I'm starting to get better and better each week when I attend. So I'm guessing eating sediment and playing games is what I like to do......oh, and training with my power. That too." He started to feel more comfortable when he was around the kid. Well, until he saw the "late minute transfer students". That's when he started to go back to tense mode. The reason for this behavior? The cheetah-looking girl (Kalia). Joseph started to feel his tail coming out of his body, so he acted quickly by taking his rock bag and eating almost the entire bag. The tail started to go away, along with his shaking. He leaned back in his chair and looked up at the ceiling, thinking to himself. Come on, man. Of course, there has to be a cat as a classmate. This school is definitely torturing me. That amount of rocks eaten will be good for now until the end of class.....I hope.
  3. As Damon sat in his seat Ariana noticed that the guy from earlier sat down next to her. Damon looked over at Tyler, with a small glare, which caused Ariana to whisper "Calm down" in his ear. Ariana noticed three new people, what looked like a bipedal cheetah (Kalia), and two boys, one was short (Sable), and the other was tall (Joseph). The Half Angel waved to the boys, Damon glared at them.
  4. "Oh cool. I love to play Mario Kart. Have you gotten the new app yet? It is a lot of fun." Sable had a smile on his face as he spoke about the game he enjoyed.
    Looking around he was not happy when heard the hostility from one of the students. The guy looked to be half dragon. "Hey lizard boy why don't you think before someone turns you into a frog or something. Randomly growling is not the way to make friends in a new place." Sable may be small, but he was not afraid to stand up for himself. Turning to the girl he said. "Hello it is nice to meet you. My name is Sable Cromwell."
  5. (WHOA WHOA WHOA, alerts died again...)
    Allie had entered the classroom, levitating slightly off the ground still. She found an empty seat, pulling out her school supplies.
    She sat down neatly, waiting for class to begin. She wasn't sure who to interact with, so she decided to keep to herself.
  6. Tyler was listening to music when he looked over and saw the dragon boy glaring at him.
    He smiled back, and then tapped his headphones.
    “Violet, let’s change it up. Happy tunes mark 5,” Tyler said, and stood up.
    “Now playing Happy Tunes Mark 5. Inverting headphones, volume max.”
    Tyler’s headphones rested on his shoulders, and were exposed so the music could be heard. Then the song came on.
    “Lean on me, when your not strong, and I’ll be your friend. I’ll help you carry on...” Tyler pointed to Damon and continued to dance.
    “For, it won’t be looong, till I’m gonna need, some body to leeeaaan on...”
    Tyler continued around the room and then directly to Damon’s desk, and the song changed. “Cause I’m happy clap along if you feel like a room without a roof, cause I’m happy...clap along if you feel like happiness is truth, cause I’m happy...clap along if you know what happiness is to you, hey hey...clap along if you feel like that’s what you want to do...”
    Tyler moved away from Damon, and then back to his own desk, half dancing now, and eventually came back to his seat, and couldn’t help but smile. That boy was going to kill him.
  7. DoggoKing22

    DoggoKing22 Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing

    Joseph thought it would be a good idea to think of something else since what he was thinking right now made him uncomfortable. Blame his relationship with cats that made him act up. “Y-yeah. I like that series. I have the new game. And like you said, it’s really fun.” He said to Sable as he also did a small wave back at the girl who was waving to them. He didn’t pay attention to the boy next to her. He also noticed someone dancing to some familiar songs he knew, which made Joseph question his decision of going to this school, along with his sanity.
  8. "Hi, my name's Ariana, don't worry, when he opens up, he will be less hostile, he's Damon, the opening up will take about a month." Ariana responded, "Otherwise, how's your day going so far."

    Damon calmed down and explained himself, "I'm not exactly trusting you guys yet, that explains the glares."

    As he said that, Ariana noticed a fourth person, and a trail of ice leading up to the person's seat.

    Ariana greeted, "Hi how are you, my name is Ariana, and the guy next to me is Damon, he's a little mistrusting right now, give him a bit and he will be ok."

    The Half Dragon spoke up, "Hi I'm Damon."
  9. "Well seeing as we are all stuck here with no way of going anywhere else growling should not be the first thing heard from you. Just because you have your guard up does not mean you can be a prick. Sometimes it is better to wait and see what someone is like. Then if they do something to you or your friends they will never see the crazy come out. Besides that is the best way to make sure your point comes across the way you want it to." Sable was not someone who trusted easily, but he could open up a little to let others try and break down his walls.
  10. DoggoKing22

    DoggoKing22 Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing

    “Sable has a point. It’s unnecessary to growl at people you don’t know...” Joseph mumbled to himself as he took out his phone and played Mario Kart Tour since he started to become bored. He started to have thoughts as he was playing, It’s only been around 10 minutes, I think, and I’ve already met 3 people. The angel, dragon, and Sable. That’s two more people I cannot hurt by my power.
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  11. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Serone, who had sat himself in the front of the class to pay more attention to what would be taught, began getting annoyed at the amount of noise behind him in the class. He took note of the transfer student but wasn't the type to acknowledge them verbally. However he was going to verbally acknowledge the person dancing around the class.

    "I'd suggest you sit back into your seat before the teacher gets here. There's no reason to want to get in trouble within the first hour of being in the school," he said to Tyler.
  12. As Leonardo began to get vexed by the amount of noise his class made, he got out some earphones, his phone and began to listen to music, afterward, he summoned two spectral hands and began to do the pat-a-cake clap with them in beat to the music, as the music was loud enough to be heard slightly by any students close to him, the music turned out to be Busy Earnin' by Jungle.
  13. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Kalia looked around and sighed, putting in some headphones and listening to some music. The young cheetah started humming along to ‘Rhythm of the night’ her ears flickering.


    Luke stared up at the ceiling, his mind on the moon. He’d often fall into daydreams headfirst, but it was relaxing, and a good way to regain energy.
  14. Nik woke up with a bit of the start. How long has he been asleep. Oops. The boy peered out his door as he rubbed one eye before casually walking down the empty halls. Where was everybody? Nikolay let out a sigh- he didn't even want to be here. When a crowd of students started rushing towards him, the boy instinctively turned permeable. The must've just been released from an assembly, most people still tried their best to avoid them but some were freaked out when they managed to walk right through him. Nik, with a still tired expression, grumbled to himself before turning around and following the crowd. According to some muffled chatter, they were on their way to first period. First he had Ms. Theadora, the history teacher. Nikolay walked into the classroom sluggishly, lifting his pale violet gaze for a moment before letting out a hot breath of air and making his way to the back of the classroom. Nik found a seat in the back and slouched into the chair, sinking his butt so it hung off and he could use the back of the chair as a head rest. Tipping his head backwards, the boy stared blankly at the ceiling.

    Xavier bounded down the hall as soon as the assembly was released. he would be the first one to class! Yes, what a good first impression. Everyone would know that he was here to be the very bes- Xavier's large grin slowly faded as he stared into an empty classroom. The boy shut the door and took a step backwards before reopening it as if he were going to see a different scene. "Aw, man!" Xavier let out a loud groan before spinning on his heels and sprinting the opposite direction- having no clue where he was actually going. "Oh yeah!" the boy exclaimed out loud, earning him a few awkward glares, though Xavier ignored the looks as he dug through his bag and pulled out his schedule. Upon identifying the room number- the boy began his quest to find hi first period class. After some time, Xavier found the room and stepped into it- red faced and panting. However, he sported a goofily large smile when he looked across the room, nearly forgetting to sit down. The boy soon sat, finding an empty chair in the front of the room- and his legs bounced with impatience as he watched the minutes tick by on the clock.
  15. WildFlower

    WildFlower Previously Slatzsly

    Kana entered the school as fast as She could, Phone and Suitcase in Hands, Backpack obviously on her back, mini tornado's at the bottom of her shoes, making her having a little bit of extra speed. She was clearly late, and wasn't expecting to be added to the school this late. Kana tried to go through the school's hallways, clearly lost when she finally got her phone to work. Kana looked at a Campus map. She practically flew to her dorm and Pushed her bags in the room.

    Kana started to go back toward the hallways, eventually finding her first class. " History of the magical world is around here for sure. " She had to use more tornado's to stop her speed, and fell back. She did her best to land on some quickly casted snow, melted it with a little fire, and ran into the classroom, jumping into a front seat, books already being taken out of her Backpack, and Pencils + pens. She was already terrified by the obvious glances of her classmates.
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  16. Tyler looked down at the boy who had spoken. “Violet, terminate.” Tyler said, and the music quieted down to nothing. He flipped the headphones back into their original position, and sat down, waiting for the others to arrive, and saw one girl come in a while later than the others. He shrugged, and told Violet to play Sick Beats Mark 2, and the music started playing, this time not for the whole class.
    He was still curious about the boy who had advised him, and the dragon. He knew he should have a limit to friends because he had the opportunity to hurt them, but he just needed someone to hang out with him.
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  17. "Hmm." Damon looked up to find a female had taken a seat several rows in front of him. Ariana noticed that too, and the fact that Tyler's music stopped playing. He looked around the room and found that most of the class is here. Ariana looked around and asked, "Where's the teacher?"
  18. Milena entered the room a bit later than she would’ve liked, but she knew Mrs. Theodora would be okay with it. Mrs. Theodora pretty much didn’t count absences or tardy students; she was really super kind. There weren’t many seats left in the front of the class (Milena’s area of choice), so Milena sat down next to the smartest-looking girl in the front, a bit smaller than her with short blonde hair, reading glasses, and a tan coat (Kana). She was hoping that having a smart seat partner might help her get a smart partner for projects as well.

    Mana sought out a seat in the back of the room, but there were none left apart from one, which would as right next to some sort of cheetah person. In a quick and probably hasty snap judgement, he decided that he would rather sit in the second row to the back than sit next to a cheetah. When he sat down in a seat that was sufficiently isolated from everybody else, he pulled out a notebook and began doodling. He wasn’t very good at drawing anything except maps of fantasy worlds, but those sufficed for entertainment.

    Mrs. Theodora walked into the classroom behind all her students. She obviously wasn’t prepared for the day, so nobody was surprised when the first thing she said to the class was, “You can have free time for the next 5 minutes, I need to get some stuff ready.”
    She walked over to Milena, seeing that she was all settled in with her stuff out on her desk and said, “Could you go refill this coffee from the teacher’s lounge for me?”
    Milena agreed, but before she could go, the teacher said, “There is a rule this year that new students can’t go around the halls alone. I know you aren’t new, but I still have to send someone else with you,” then redirecting her attention to the class, Mrs. Theodora continued louder, “Who wants to go to the teacher’s lounge and help refill my coffee?”
  19. Damon raised his hand, while Ariana gave him the most confused look she ever gave.
    "This will help me, I am trying to make a couple of friends." Damon whispered to Ariana while hand raised.
    "Ok," Ariana responded.
  20. “You sir, with the dragon wings. What is your name?” Mrs. Theodora said while smiling, “You go with Milena here and refill my coffee. She can show you how to get to the teacher’s lounge.”

    Milena waited by the door to the classroom, empty coffee cup in hand, for her companion.
  21. "Damon, Mrs. Theodora." He responded, and then walked up to Milena, who was standing at the door.

    "Hi, I'm Damon," Damon told Milena, "You ready?"
  22. Tyler was confused by this new rule. Contradictions came to his mind as to how this rule was faulty, and how he could bring it out. Before he knew it, his hand was raised, posed to ask a question. “Uh, Mrs.Theodora, can I ask a question completely regarding school?”
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  23. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Kalia shrugged, smiling and looked around at her new classmates. She pulled out a pencil and notebook then started to doodle.


    Luke groaned. But why? He slumped further into the chair, almost about to fall off, so he sat up straight. Having missed the first part of the day, he hadn’t actually met anyone yet; something he’d wanted to do, alongside making friends of course.
  24. Allie pulled out a notebook, and flipped to an unfinished drawing. She took out a pencil, and began to work where she'd left off.
    She heard about this new rule, and her head tilted in confusion.
    That didn't seem logical to her. In her old school, new students could do as they pleased on campus as long as they weren't going anywhere they weren't supposed to.
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  25. DoggoKing22

    DoggoKing22 Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing

    That’s a weird rule, but at least it makes you have more friends. Joseph was thinking to himself as he was trying to not rage at Mario Kart Tour in public. He was having trouble on a certain track that he couldn’t get 5 stars on, so he decided to stop playing for now so he can calm down. He needed something else to do besides rage, so talking to Sable would be a good idea. Plus he was Joseph’s new friend, so of course he had to socialize with him. “So... Sable, right? You said a while ago that you’re a witch. Does that mean your power something to do with spells?” He said.
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  26. Gianna like all the rest of the students in the class was confused, she of course in the commotion and business of the day she hadn't noticed she forgot some of her things she would need for her next class. She sighed as she would probably have to go with someone. This could be a way to find friends or gain enemies. Her fingers tapped her desk over and over in impatience. She sat there just wanting the class to end but the 5 minutes seemed to go on forever. She decided then to take out her phone and began playing on it. A strategy game called Polytopia.
  27. “Hmm... I guess that rule makes sense. They wouldn’t want people getting lost on their way back to class or to the bathrooms (the rule only applies during class periods, and probably only for the beginning of the year while everybody is getting to know the way around. Between classes you can go wherever you want.).” Mana thought aloud.

    “Yeah, let’s go,” Milena replied to Damon. As she started walking out into the hallway, she turned left and looked along the doors for the first one on her new left with no number or markings of any kind. She couldn't help but be a little intimidated by the dragon-person, but figured striking up a conversation was the best way to fix that. “So, Damon, which class do you think you’ll be best at? I’m best at math, but I know our teacher, and he is the worst in the school. He is the only teacher who doesn’t like me.”

    After the students had left, Mrs. Theodora addressed Tyler. “First tell me your name so I can get to know you. Then tell me your question.”
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  28. "Probably the history of magical creatures, since my dad was a dragon, and he told me a lot about other magical creatures too, since he met so many." Damon responded, on alert.

    He kept his wings furled up to keep them out of the way of Milena and anyone else who might be in the room.

    "Ariana was a really close friend of mine in my childhood, I didn't get out too much." Damon explained.
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  29. “I don’t have any close friends at this school yet, assuming teachers don’t count. I’m the daughter of one of the teachers here, so I’ve known most of them for a really long time.” Milena said as she located the door and entered. There weren’t any teachers in there already, so she didn’t have to explain why she was there. The coffee pot was already full, so she just poured some into the cup and said, “Well, that was quick. Back to class we go...”
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  30. "Yeah my name is Sable. Though to answer question. My power is not spell casting. It is actually a bit different then that. I was born into a family of witches. Which mean since birth I was able to cast spells. My powers are a bit different. I am able to control fire, speak to magical animals, and also help plants to grow and do things like entagle someone. I hope that answers your questions." Sable had to smile at the misconceptions of being a witch.
  31. Damon walked out with Milena and asked, "I have two questions, one, Which teacher is your parent, and two, what's it like around here during free time?"
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  32. DoggoKing22

    DoggoKing22 Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing

    "I was close, but not too far off. That's a pretty neat power you have there." Joseph smiled at Sable when he answered. Seeing that his new friend talked about his power, he thought it would be fair to talk about his own power. "My power, like other shape-shifters, is turning into a certain animal. But I wouldn't really call mine an animal, considering the fact that what I form into are extinct reptiles. Tell me, when was the last time you've seen a dinosaur?"
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  33. "Two years ago when I said the wrong spell and summoned one by accident. Let me tell they are more intelligent then we are led to believe. What the problem was that no one could hear them. They thought of humans as animals because of it. We did the same." Sable may look like someone who does not know much, but he his actually very intelligent in a lot of matters.
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  34. DoggoKing22

    DoggoKing22 Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing

    “So not too long ago then. Great, because today is your lucky day! You’ve just met another one! My power is shapeshifting into different kinds of dinosaurs. And they’re the reason.....” Joseph took out another rock from his small bag and chomped into it, grinning a little bit, “...why I eat rocks. The only problem is that I’m probably one of the few surviving dinos in this world. Well, besides my family. And I haven’t made friends with another one before in my lifetime.”
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  35. “My dad is Mr. Morrow, our teacher for ‘controlling your powers’. During free time, from what I’ve seen it is mostly just people hanging out in the dorms and common room.” Milena Replied, “There are a few sports teams and clubs to join if you are really bored.”

    They finally got back to the classroom, and Milena walked up to Mrs. Theodora and gave her the coffee, then she sat back down. The teacher took a sip and said, “Ok, now that I have my coffee, we can start this class. My name is Mrs. Theodora, and I am going to teach you history of the magical/superpower world. Can somebody raise their hand and tell me one thing they know about this subject?”
  36. Sable rolled his eyes. Raising his hand he answered. "The history of the magical world is more vast and complex then the fiction that humans are led to believe. Most great mind have come from the magical community. Take William Shakespeare for an example. He was a great witch who wrote about the creatures and people he knew throughout his magical journey. Most of his stories were true to a certain extent, though some of the more wilder tales where just that, him basing his stories on others."
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  37. “You are completely correct, human history and magical history are two completely different topics, and consequentially this class will be unlike any other history class you may have taken,” Mrs. Theodora replied, adding, “You’re Sable, right?” before silently making a mark next to his name. She hadn’t told anybody that it was for a grade, because it wasn’t, but the motion of that mark made everybody think it was, which immediately caused certain students’ hands to jolt upwards.

    “Does anybody else have any magical history facts?” Mrs. Theodora asked again before looking around the room and seeing a new hand raised, “Milena?”

    “I know that a lot of ancient mythology is actually just their way of trying to explain the powers that people had,” Milena said, “Take Aeolus for example, the god of wind in Greek myths. He used obvious aerokinesis, but the ancients didn’t know that.”

    “Good job, Milena,” Mrs. Theodora said again, “Although it might seem boring, a lot of our class will be spent studying mythology in the context of history. In fact, since we go in chronological order, most ancient mythology will be the first stuff we do. Does anybody else have a fact they would like to share?”
  38. Allie raised her hand neatly. “Magical history goes back much farther than human history and is recorded in several different ways, particularly among different races. My race’s history is stored in our Royal Nexum, for example, providing a way for us to see any portion of our history with ease.”
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  39. Damon was listening intently to the facts, taking notes, and so was Ariana.

    Ariana raised her hand, "The Angels apparently have a huge book of record that goes back a very long time, I have never seen it, but I've heard of it from my mother."
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  40. DoggoKing22

    DoggoKing22 Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing

    Joseph sat there surprised at how many people knew about the subject. Since he didn't know that much, he said nothing. When he first knew about this class, he got interested. But as the time went by in class, he regretted it. It was a little bit difficult, but Joseph will be able to get through it. He took out his notebook and took notes on the subject, taking small bites out of a rock.

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