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Ask to Join Hecatoncheires Academy (Roleplay Thread)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Pokéboy098, Sep 25, 2019.

  1. Hecatoncheires Academy was one of the toughest schools in the world to get into, but Mana had known he would get in from application. The test wasn’t too hard for him, and he hadn’t had to put much effort in. However, there was one thing that bugged him about it: the teachers seemed like they didn’t want him in the school. Every teacher he had had before this year had liked him, but the teachers who gave out his test thought that he didn’t put enough effort in.
    “Eh, what does it matter?” He thought as he walked through the doors to the school with his bags, “I got in anyway...”
    The doors were accompanied by huge marble columns in Greek style, but obviously not authentic. As he walked through, he was greeted by a glass chandelier and a teacher, whom he would later find out was called Mrs. Azzahra, who directed him towards the side of the school where the dorms where. He found his dorm quickly and dropped his stuff off at it, then he sat down in a common room and read over his schedule, completely ignoring all of the other students entering the school.
    Milena Morrow was also confident in the fact that she would make it into the school from the start, but for different reasons. Milena was the daughter of Mr. Morrow, a teacher at the school, so she had basically been around the school and staff for much of her life. This meant that no matter what she got on her test, the staff were a little biased. She entered the school through a back door for teachers about 15 minutes before any other student arrived, and set down her stuff in her dorm. She then waited on her bed for other students to arrive, looking out the window and people-watching.
  2. Xavier's mouth hung wide open as he stared into the gaping entrance of the large school- his eyebrows raised and pupils small, corners of his mouth just the slightest bit upturned to hint at a smile. A rather cartoony expression that wouldn't have fit most people, but ti fit Xavier quite well. In fact, any body who could see could read the earnest excitement on the boy's face. And while some kept their heads down, shy in the unfamiliar place, and others turned their nose up, arrogant and mighty, Xavi stood like a 5 year old among them- hardly able to keep his excitement from bursting out. In fact, he was having some difficulty controlling his winds, which tended to get wild when he experienced intense emotions, as the smallest gusts picked up at his feet and brushed leaves across the floor. After another impossibly long breath, Xavier closed his mouth and his face tightened to a determined appearance.
    Honestly, it was quite possible that Xavier didn't belong in such a prestigious school. He was very smart, like most of these kids, and he hardly had any previous training with his ability; but, he had sloppy, raw power that tended to cause trouble wherever he went, so his parents were more than happy to get rid of him. Xavier's steps were small, eyes wandering and getting distracted every couple of seconds, but he walked quickly and excitedly. The boy nearly didn't realize as he almost collided with a woman at the door, stopping just inches from her. Not being able to find the words for an apology, the boy did the next best think and gave an exaggerated smile and quick nod before dashing after the other students who were arriving. Xavi bumped into several people, unable to keep concentrated on what was in front of him. A poor decision to explore the dormitory got him lost several times, but a whole new surge of happiness raced through his body when he opened the door to his very own dorm. Xavi practically threw his bags into the room, his eyes growing wide after the release and he shot his hands out quickly. With the rapid gesture, a small tornado formed beneath one of the bags, which appeared to be fragile, while the other bags hit the floor around it. Xavier walked towards the bag and sighed, picking it up as the tornado dissipated- the young male placed the bag on his bed and sat next to it for a moment off of his feet. Xavier patted the bag beside before jumping to his feet with a huff and marching out of his dorm- now where was he supposed to go again?


    The gentle shaking of the car had managed to lull Nikolay to sleep, or was it the buzzing of the engine, or the soft playing music in the front? At any rater, Nik did not intend to wake up for any reason, not even when they arrived at his school. His new school. THE SCHOOL. Which somehow, the boy- who seemed uninterested in everything- managed to be accepted into. He must've earned a high test score, he tended to be naturally apt at things he had no preparation for. After a solid couple minutes of prodding, the boy's eyes slowly opened. Nik looked about, his purple gaze still tired and confused. When he quickly determined he knew where he was, he let out a short sigh before gathering his single bag into his arms and slumping out of the car. The driver, who had no relation to Nikolay, seemed uncomfortable with touching the boy- though Nik didn't seem to even notice. With a one sided goodbye from the driver, Nik and the man parted ways ans Nikolay suddenly looked very lonely.
    The boy rubbed his eyes and yawned, tucking his bag under one arm and dragging his feet towards the school. "It'd been a long day-" he muttered dully to himself as he made his way towards the building. Nikolay followed the small flow of people, keeping his eyes focused on the floor- one would wonder how he knew where he was going- or on the heels of the person in front of him.
    Upon finding his room, a quick and unexciting process for Nikolay, the boy opened the door and gently closed it behind him. He let his bag roll out of his arms and onto the ground before taking slow steps towards his bed. Nik groaned as he fell face first onto his mattress and immediately began to finish the nap he had been interrupted form earlier.
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  3. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Kikao, despite not showing much emotion, was absolutely amazed about the school, "alright, now that i am in this school, i CANNOT slip up...man that is going to be hard!" Kikao thought , he walked and was greeted by a teacher , that teacher told him where his dorm was, and, like everybody else, went there to put his stuff down, he went to the main area and started reading his schedule.
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  4. Allie entered the school, levitating slightly off the ground with her wings. A trail of snow followed behind her, not that she'd noticed.
    Her bags were levitating at her side with telekinesis, and her eyes were glowing a pale blue. She finally came to the ground in the main hall.
    She looked around, a bit confused. There was a lot going on, and she wasn't sure who to talk to.
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  5. XanthousXatu

    XanthousXatu Previously SwiftSwoobat

    Seo Yoshisuki looked up at the school, sighing. This was going to be either a nightmare or another socially outcasted school year. Let's face it, he never really had much friends in his old school, or at least if you count their status... Seo looked at the marble pillars, pointing out their flaws in his head. He was being really pessimistic today, that was for sure. He took a deep breath, opening the door. Oh, snow, great. He sped-walked through it, then slipped backwards onto his head. What an anticlimactic rollercoaster this year will be...
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  6. Tyler hopped up on the steps to the giant school. It had to admit, it was impressive. And it was freakin though to get into. All those study sessions...
    Music pounded him through the black headphones he was wearing from under his sweatshirts hood.
    “We’ve got a loong way to goooo...but I’ll follow you, through hail rain or snooooow...”
    The Rock and Roll music played a electric guitar riff, and then played the same lyrics.
    He pushed his red rimmed glasses farther up his nose when he got to the top of the steps, and examined the people around him. There was a teacher telling students where to go, so he followed the ones who she had informed. He set his bag of belongings down in the dorms, and strutted out to the main hallway. A new song was playing by the same band.
    “We’re living our lives like it’s all we got, we’ve gotta make a difference if we like it or not.....”
    Tyler tilted his head towards the ceiling, and the light glinted of his red eyes. He brought his head back down, and then lightly bumped into a fairy like creature. He brought down his headphones quickly. “Oh, sorry bout that. Didn’t see you there...” Tyler said quickly, adjusting his glasses. He then looked down to her floating baggage. “Whoa. That’s pretty neat.” He added.
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  7. Leonardo sighed as he looked up at the school, clearly he wasn't excited even tough this school was meant to house the best of the best, he only managed to get in because of his family... but he didn't view that as a good thing, but rather something extremely vexing. "Well... at least I won't have father breathing down my neck while I'm here... although I would love to see my sister again." The vampire muttered to himself as he put his hands in his pockets and began to make his way into the school.

    Once inside, he nodded at the teacher whom pointed him and the other students to where their dorms were, His bag seemingly levitated behind him, but on closer exception showed a strange purple ethereal hand held the strap of the bag and tailed Leonardo. He managed to easily find his dorm and wasted no time as he walked inside, the vampire set his bag down on a nearby chair and decided to sit on his bed, hopefully he had enough time for a little rest before he unpacked and looked around to see what his dorm had to offer.
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  8. Slightly startled, Allie dropped her baggage by accident. She turned around, smiling.
    "No problem! I should have been more aware myself." She laughed, making light of the happening.
    "My name's Allie. What's yours?" she asked.
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  9. Damon

    Damon flew towards the door with his wings, which he received from his father, and landed when he got there, opened the door, and headed towards a staff member who seems to directing students, almost ran into and shocked what looked like a fairy and a seemingly normal human, but he smelled of fire, according to Damon.


    Ariana ran into the building and headed towards a staff member, who was trying to direct a different student. She found her dorm, dropped her stuff off and walked up to a young boy who kinda looked like a person and a tiger.

    She introduced herself with a bit flirtatious tone, "Hi, I'm Ariana, what is your name?"
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  10. DoggoKing22

    DoggoKing22 Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing

    Joseph arrived a little bit late, zoning out while looking at the school from the outside. Considering the size of this place, he thought the building was very beautiful, especially the marble columns. He placed his hand on one of the columns, leaning in to try and bite into the column, but quickly retracted away realizing it was school property. Joseph walked inside the main hall of the school in awe by the amount of people walking around, for he has expected there to be a lot of people, but not this much. That’s too many.

    Since Joseph didn’t know what to do, he decided to sit by a wall, farther from the rest of the students, and set down three bags. One bag having his school supplies, the second bag being his luggage containing his clothing, and the third bag....is rather unusual. It was a small drawstring bag made of leather and rope that Joseph set onto his lap and opened. Inside the bag were.....rocks? There were different kinds of rocks too. Smooth and round ones, spiky and jagged ones, big ones, small ones. You name it he has it. But why does he have rocks in a bag?

    Well, believe it or not, that’s actually food.

    Yes. Joseph eats rocks.

    Does it sound bad? Probably. Are the rocks useful to him? Well no, but actually yes. He took one of the rocks and chomped right into it by using sharp, dinosaur-like teeth, like a normal person eating an apple. Joseph minded his own business as he kept chewing the pieces in his mouth.

    ........Is that the reason why he tried biting into one of the columns outside?
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  11. (Actually, the school only has 400 students. It only looks big because each student has their own dorm and the dorms are in the same single building as the classrooms.)
    Milena stopped watching out the window of her dorm as soon as the herd of students thinned out, leaving only a few tardy stragglers behind. She went into the common area and looked at the clock on the wall. “Wow, it’s already 7 AM!” She exclaimed under her breath so nobody else could hear it, “I’d better get going...”
    Milena walked out the door of the common room at a brisk pace, and went towards the gym, where the ‘new student welcome’ would be at 7:30. She couldn’t afford to look bad by being late.

    Meanwhile, once Mana had finished reading his schedule and found out that the next thing to do was to follow signs to the gym, where a new student welcome would be taking place, he looked at his watch. It seemed to him that 30 minutes would be plenty of time, so he got up and looked around, silently judging everybody. His whole life he had proven to be a good judge of a book by its cover, and he could easily tell lots about people by their hand gestures, looks, speech, etc.
  12. DoggoKing22

    DoggoKing22 Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing

    (Alright. Fair enough lol.)

    Joseph watched as the students started to walk towards the gym as he got up and followed behind. But before doing that, he was told that he had to go to his dorm first to drop off his belongings, making him go the other direction. After finding his dorm and leaving his bags, besides the bag with rocks, in there, the student quickly ran back to the rest of the remaining students and began following to the gym again. At this point, Joseph finished eating the rock in his hand, and began taking nibbles from another one that was in the bag.
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  13. Sable was almost late for his first day. If it were not for his spellbook and the help of his Aunt who used her powers to bring him to the front of the school. Being someone who really did not mind being late, he walked to the front of the school slowly. He was taken back by how beautiful the school was, though he had to admit it was no where near the one he attended before.

    Walking in the front doors he was met with one of the staff. She directed him to the direction of his dorm, where he took his things. His cat Salem was riding on his shoulder. Being a familiar, Salem had a few abilities as well. He can turn invisible and allow Sable to see through his eyes. Which has come in handy quite a bit. He was glad he was able to bring the cat with him. Though he could have just summoned him whenever he wanted to, it was nice to have the permission for it instead.

    With all of his bags put into his dorm, Sable walked out and followed the other students to the gym. Where he nearly walked into a tall student who seemed to be part reptile. Being only 5'3", Sable was very short come to the over 6 foot tall guy. To make matters even worse, Sable had a small build that could almost be considered petite for a guy. Sable was not really intimidated by the kids size, he was just more then a little excited.
  14. “My names Tyler-“ He said, but he cut himself off when he saw people leaving and going somewhere. “See you round!” He said, and left.
    He put his head phones back on, and he submerged back into his own world. He strolled around, moving foreword quickly, matching the upbeat music pounding his ears.
    He made his way to the gym, and sat down on the bleachers, anticipating what was about to happen.
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  15. Allie noticed the students heading to the gym, and decided to follow. Once again picking her baggage up with telekinesis, she hovered off the ground and took off toward the gym.
    She found an empty spot on the bleachers, sitting down. With telekinesis, she unzipped her backpack, levitated her headphones onto her head, and closed it again.
  16. Leonardo heard the sounds of footsteps from outside and went to the door to check it out, he saw some students all walk in the same direction. "Where's everyone going?" The vampire asked one student. "We're to go to the gym for a meeting assembly, best not to fall behind." The student replied. Leonardo summoned a transparent purple hand to grab his bag and walks out of his dorm to join everyone else, he let the spectral hand disappear only to hold his bag with his real hand.

    Upon arrival, he wasted no time to find a seat and let his bag rest between his legs, wile he waited for the assembly to begin, he decided to quickly check his phone for any messages only to find none, he smiled as he put his phone back, glad to know he wouldn't have any distractions from what might be an important speech... and welcoming speeches usually were.
  17. Damon and Ariana

    Damon felt something by his tail and turned around, finding nothing, however, Damon still looked around with a small glare.

    Ariana walked towards the gym when she saw Damon and whispered, "Calm down, Damon."

    He calmed down and the two went to the assembly waiting for the welcome speech.
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  18. Tyler looked upon the students that were coming in. He saw a vampire, and the girl he bumped into. He smiled when he remembered her. He could tell she was a kind one, she didn’t yell at him or anything.
    Unlike most people to him...
    He tapped the left side of his headphones, and then said, “Violet, play sick beats mark 1.” A
    Second later, a female robotic voice responded. “Now playing sick beats mark 1. Volume level at max.”
    “Thanks Violet,” Tyler said, and the music started playing. Digital music rushed through his ears, and he tapped his foot to the beat. He didn’t know it, but the music could still Ben heard around him. He didn’t care though. He wasn’t anticipating the meeting or whatever was going on. Heck, Tyler wouldn’t be paying attention. It was practically a miracle he still learned with the music, but he learned by sight. A visual learner. He saw something be done, he could copy it. That is, if he was watching or paying attention. Which was almost never.
    He leaned back, and continued to wait.
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  19. Damon and Ariana were at the assembly waiting for it to start when he supposedly smelt fire. Damon went towards the source, wings furled, Ariana followed.

    "Hi, I'm Ariana, and the man, or rather Half Dragon, is Damon." Ariana introduced herself and Damon, and then whispered into Damon's ear, "Keep calm."
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  20. Tyler looked around at everyone, and then jerked back a bit when he saw the two people who suddenly appeared. He tapped the side of the headphones and said, “Violet terminate music, run diagnosis.”
    “Already on it.” Violet replied. “One is part dragon, they have great noses, and probably smelled out you.”

    “Damn,” Tyler said quietly, “that’s pretty cool.” He took off his headphones.
    “Uhh, hi? I smell like smoke eh? Anyway, it’s nice to meet you.” He said.
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  21. DoggoKing22

    DoggoKing22 Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing

    (If I remember correctly, Sable’s cat is invisible at this point, so I’m gonna roll with that.)

    Joseph felt a little nudge on his back, making him quickly put the rock he was eating in his pocket and turn around to see what was up. He noticed a relatively short student who looked like he was younger than him, but also older at the same time. It was weird. Joseph gave the small student a faint smile as he tried to say with his raspy-like voice, “H-hey. You almost got yourself hurt. P-please be careful next time. Okay?”
  22. "Same here," Ariana responded, "He's the one that smelled you out, not me, I am actually the Half Angel."

    She nudged Damon, who looked at him, then at her, then back at him.

    He responded with, "My name's Damon, Damon Felix."

    Ariana unfurled her feathered wings, and then furled them.

    "I also have the ability to heal wounds," Ariana explained, "but if I overuse that part of my powers, it will tire me out and Damon will worry, which is not a good thing for us."
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  23. "Yeah yeah. I will be fine. It would not be the first time I would have gotten hurt." Sable had a small smirk on his face. Though he had to admit the guy was nice. He seemed concerned which is weird coming from someone he didn't even know. "Though thanks for caring. My name is Sable Cromwell. Sorry almost running into you."
  24. DoggoKing22

    DoggoKing22 Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing

    “J-Joseph. Joseph Haijono. Or if you want, y-you can just call me JoJo for short. Pleasure to meet you.” The student tried to say to Sable as he attempted to relax his tense body. A small portion of his mind thought it was a bad idea to talk to the student and act like nothing happened, for he would think he would hurt Sable by using Dinoformation. Since Joseph was new to the school, he didn’t really trust anyone at this point. But this Sable guy was being nice to him, so he let it slide this one time. He had one of his hands in his pocket, feeling the texture of the half-eaten rock. He wanted to eat it to calm himself down, but he thought it would be embarrassing at this time. “Um...w-why don’t we go grab a seat in the gym so we can talk more? Standing is starting to hurt a lil bit.” He asked the other student.
  25. Milena saw most if not all of her classmates talking to each other and decided that this would be a good time to introduce herself to someone. Getting up from the top row of the bleachers, she looked around for somebody to talk to, or at the very least sit next to. She saw one boy (Leonardo/@Red Gallade) who actually seemed interested in what the speech was about, so she went over towards him.
    “Y’know this speech really isn’t as important as you would think. They never say anything new,” she said to him as she sat down in the spot next to him. Not even waiting for a response, she continued, “My name is Milena. I’m the only student in the whole school who is related to a teacher, so I’ve seen all of this stuff already several times. Most of the teachers introduce themselves in their own classes.”

    Mana decided to wait in the common room until it was nearly empty before heading over to the gym, which he memorized the quickest route towards as he followed the signs. He sat down in one of the remaining places on the bottom row of the bleachers, mostly because he didn’t want to have to put his legs in someone else’s space, not because he wanted a good view or anything like that. He saw a few other people with headphones in and silently wished that he had a pair. He looked up at a balcony that overlooked the gym and saw somebody up there. Curiously, he tried to judge them, but couldn’t really tell much about them from that distance.

    Suddenly, the principal of the school walked up to a podium in front of everybody and said, “Please silently take a seat! I see that there are a few of you still trickling in from the dorms and drop off, but I’m going to begin anyway for the sake of time.” The mysterious man on the balcony visibly grimaced at this comment about their tight schedules, but the principal continued all the same, “Welcome to Hecatoncheires Academy! My name is Ms. Precipe, and I am the principal of this school. You should have all been handed out your schedules already, so I won’t go over that. However, there are a few school events that are not on your schedules. Student council elections are in 2 weeks, so you have this week and the next to comparing with posters. Boys soccer (or football for Europeans) tryouts are this week on Thursday and Friday, Girls’ Volleyball tryouts are next week on Tuesday and Wednesday, and the homecoming dance is December 12 (today RP time is September 15, most of these dates don’t really matter though). All students are now dismissed to their 1st class of the day.”
  26. Damon headed to where History of the Magical World is being held, and found out he was the first one there, so he got a seat, exactly in the middle of the room. Ariana had followed him in and took the seat to his right. They sat there waiting for the rest of the class, Damon on look out for anyone.
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  27. DoggoKing22

    DoggoKing22 Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing

    Overhearing what the principal said to the students nearby, Joseph changed his mind about what he said to Sable, “......Or maybe not. The principal said to head over to the first class, so I guess we should head over there then. Let’s go.” He started to walk off to his first class at a slow pace so he didn’t leave Sable behind. Still feeling the rock in his pocket, he managed to break a piece off and secretly ate it. Ok, Haijono. This young man is your first friend in this school. Don’t mess this friendship up. Make sure this kid doesn’t get hurt by dino you, otherwise you’re screwed. He started to make mental notes in his head for the future as he chewed the piece of rock.
  28. "You know you do not have to put up a front with me. What ever you have in your pocket you get out. I will not think of you as weird. Trust me not much will freak me out. I have seen it all, well if you count meeting and talking to a 30 foot gold dragon who liked to eat candy it all." Sable had to laugh at his own memory of meeting Mr. Fishy. It was a great day brought on by a miss fired spell. Walking with the dino, Sable made sure to take stalk in the way the big guy handled himself.
  29. Gianna had trickled in with the rest of them going a little unnoticed for the duration, she had no social energy and was overall stressed. She began walking towards the first class along with the rest of them with an emotionless look on her face. She began to turn her fingers to gold and back in complete boredom. She found the class and sat down in the second to last row. She sighed putting her bags down next to her seat and got out a pencil.
  30. DoggoKing22

    DoggoKing22 Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing

    Joseph froze at the statement Sable made. Seriously? Take the half-bitten rock out of his pocket so it can be seen in public? No way that is going to happen. That’s a new form of embarrassment for the dino. “Umm....y-you sure about that, dude? I don’t think it’s a good idea for me to do that.............then again.........” He said to him as he processed the situation in his head for a while longer, making him have his final decision. He took a deep breath, “F-fine I’ll do it. But this will be our little secret. Capiche? I don’t want you to go around and tell it to other people, otherwise I’m gonna have to do bad things to you I shouldn’t do at this age.” The hand in Joseph’s pocket slowly came out holding the chewed rock. At this point, his face was starting to turn a faint red with embarrassment.
  31. Damon was trying to get his tail to work with the desk while Ariana pulled out both of their stuff, waiting for the teacher and rest of the class. He smelled metal, which was strange. His tail whacked him on the head, snapping him out of his thoughts. After she pulled both of their stuff, Damon started sparking.

    "Calm down." Ariana whispered to Damon and then noticed a girl next to her, "Hi, I'm Ariana, and the guy whose tail whacked himself in the head is Damon, I'm a Half Angel, he's a Half Dragon, warning he can smell a lot better than most people in this school."
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  32. "That's it. I thought it was going to be something more exciting. You eat rocks. It is not that weird. Look around at the people in this school. Everyone is different. No two poeple are the same. No one is going to fault you for eating a rock." Sable had a smile on his face to show that he meant what he said. He maybe blunt, but he did have a good heart when it counted .

    "Look around, you are talking to a witch. There is a hlaf dragon and a half angel who just went into our class, then there was that vampire kid who was in the gym. I am pretty sure he is in our class as well. Besides if someone starts judging you, let me know. I will take care of it." Sable had a look of determination on his face. He would let someone be bullyed for something that was apart of them.
  33. DoggoKing22

    DoggoKing22 Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing

    “L-listen, man. Rocks somehow act like fuel to my power, so it's not my fault for eating them. I just....feel weird when I eat rocks in public. So that’s why I try to hide it. I did actually have people in the previous schools I’ve been to call me weird ‘cause of this, which made me send them to the hospital for a couple days and made me have multiple detentions. Sure I get it, rocks aren’t real food and they’re not edible, but they taste good to me.” Joseph mumbled in a certain tone for only Sable to hear. For no reason, the embarrassment was getting to him.

    And what’s the best way to end the conversation? Changing the subject.

    “You know what? Let’s just forget about this and get to class.”
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  34. "Sure. But still if one guy can drink blood why can't you eat a rock every now and then. I will do as you wish and not bring it up. Though I know who come to if I want to get rid of the stone pillars outside of the school." Sable had to laugh he thought the image of the principal's face would be very funny.
  35. DoggoKing22

    DoggoKing22 Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing

    Joseph couldn’t help but chuckle at the joke Sable made, “You do have a point there. Eating rocks is just as fine as someone drinking blood. I’m guessing I don’t have to keep it secret now.” He made it to the door of his first class. Feeling a little bit excited for class, he opened the door and smiled at Sable, “After you.”
  36. "Thank you." With that he walked into class and sit in back of the class. It is not that he does not like to learn, but there is not much he hasn't learned from reading in his spellbooks on magic. He made sure to save a seat for his new friend. "So JoJo beside muching on cobblestone, what do you like to do?"
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  37. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    With that speech, the half tiger left the gym for class, he noticed a few new people like him going somewhere and, what do you know? He entered the classroom and put his tiger ears down, to hear less people as he sat on the chair the closest to the door that wasn't taken.
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  38. Bumbletime

    Bumbletime Previously Finch~

    Luke rushed into class, out of breath. He’d woken up way too late, and let’s just say his walking pace helped in no way possible. “Being a last minute transfer student isn’t helping” He muttered. The boy sighed, then slumped into a chair near the back of the class, half paying attention and waiting for something to happen.


    Kalia walked into the class, clutching her books. “Sorry if I’m late, I’m.. Also a transfer student” the young cheetah said. She looked around, trying to find a good place to sit. She eventually sat in a seat next to Kikao, taking out all the things she would need and shoving the rest back into her bag.
  39. Leonardo remained mostly silent throughout the entire assembly, save for when a girl anmed Milena spoke to him about taking this too seriously, which he reluctantly agreed and merely nodded at her in response. "Leonardo." He replied before he heard the assembly and watched as everyone began to get up to head to class, he did the same and picked up his bag. "Here we go..." He muttered under his breath as the vampire made his way into class and went to sit in whichever free seat was closest to the door.
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  40. Tyler didn’t pay any attention during the assembly. Violet took it all in.
    He didn’t care for Lon boring speeches like other people if there were any. He wanted fun teachers. Good teachers. Hopefully they had some here.
    The principal stopped talking finally, and Tyler tapped the side of his headphones.
    “Violet, map out path to class.” He said.
    “Calculating...map produced. Exit gym...” Violet responded.
    A few minutes later, Tyler found himself outside his first class....history.....
    The class with the most lectures from experience.....
    He walked through the door casually and sat down in an empty seat next to Ariana.
    “Hey,” He said as he sat down, “cool place right?”
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