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Google Maps Launch Pokémon Challenge

  1. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
    Staff Member Moderator

    iPad Pokémon Challenge Screenshot.jpg
    Every year on or around April Fools Day some interesting Pokémon related things tend to appear, and this year is no different. Google Maps have announced quite an interesting treat for the next couple of days in the form of Pokémon Challenge.

    The Android and iOS apps for the Google Maps service have been given an update which allows users to access a special mode which fills the maps with Pokémon. Your task, if you wish to take it on, is to find and capture every single Pokémon.

    To go along with the release Google Maps also released a rather nifty trailer for Pokémon Challenge which you can see below. For those of you taking on the challenge, we wish you luck!
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Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Demelza, Mar 31, 2014.

    1. Shiny Lyni
      Shiny Lyni
      Wish they could keep this up longer :<
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    2. KanadeParade
      Might give it a try.
    3. Necrospawn
      If only, I had a few more days and way of transport. D:
    4. Teapot
      You don't need to actually go to the places, just tap them in the iOS or Android Google Maps app. :)
    5. Sy Kage
      Sy Kage
      I won't be able to do this. WAAAAAH! I wouldn't be able to finish it if I tried, anyways. Deadline tomorrow?
    6. NekoshiSyney
      I wish they'd actually make something more like in the video xP that would be awesome. Also trainning your pokemon and battling people you crossed by xP
    7. Gliscario39
      I've found 33 Pokémon, and my parents have both found somewhere in the twenties. (Hint: Chatot in Tokyo)
    8. Shiny Lyni
      Shiny Lyni
      There are a LOT of Pokemon you can find very close to each other in Japan. Found at least 30 there myself
    9. Carmen Lopez
      Carmen Lopez
      Ha, Dragonite was the first one I caught. This is actually pretty cool and you can actually see some really nice applications for it in the very, very slim chance that this could be fully implemented (so slim that it's wishful thinking). I.e. have the Pokemon where the habitats they'd actually live in like in the video. For example, I'm in Louisiana so it would be pretty cool to be able to catch a Croagunk in the bayous around here.

      As people have mentioned, imagined this combined with Google glass lol. As if we needed anything to make us less productive.
    10. Linkachu
      I haven't had the opportunity to properly look into this yet (hoping to check it out a bit after work before it's taken down) but that video is one of the greatest things that I've ever watched... XD
    11. Magpie
      I was upset to find that my phone wouldn't update to the newest version of Google Maps (insert phone rage here), but thankfully my mum's ipad came to the rescue and I just did it on that :D Caught all 150 but sadly missed out on Mew due to an unforeseen circumstance. Super fun :D
    12. Gliscario39
      Magpie, you know the people who catch all 150 Pokémon have a chance to be hired at Google. Does that mean...
      Holy shit it does.
      We have a Charmser at Google.
    13. Teapot
      You know that entire video was an April Fool's joke, right...? The job offer isn't actually real :p
    14. Gym Leade❂ Greek
      Gym Leade❂ Greek
      why only on april fools ??? i didn't get the chance to upload it as i saw the video on april 2nd . will it be released again or was it just for one day and then done forever ? i want to play it so bad it's unfair
    15. DragonDare

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